U.S. Air Force Allows Rainbow-Striped U.S. Flag at Arizona Base


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

A former senior Airman was stunned when he saw an American flag on an Arizona Air Force base that had LGBT-styled rainbow stripes rather than the alternative red and white stripes mandated in the code.

Brian Kolfage, writing in the Blaze, said he saw the flag flying at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon.

Title 4 clearly states the American flag:

“shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight starts, white in a blue field.”

Kolfage wrote:

“The flag I saw is a parody of the American Flag with 50 white stars in the uion, smeared with the rainbow colors as the stripes. The moment the flag took on the union starts is where it becomes a violation, with my understanding of the U.S. Code.”

Kolfage notified the 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office, which told him they would review the issue. “We take seriously our responsibility to abide by federal law and defend the Constitutional rights of all citizens.”

Kolfage receive the following message from the office three days later:

“The installation commander carefully considered the opinions of legal professionals and the law. The display in question is not an altered U.S. flag; therefore, its display does not violate federal law. No action will be taken.

The office issued same statement was issued to the Washington Times.

Kolfage wasn’t finished. He continued in his article in the Blaze:

“I sure hope Airman around the globe read this, and bust out their flags whether they be a big Christian cross, Santa Claus, Gadsden, Medical Marijuana, Rebel, NASCAR, pink unicorns, or whatever they feel they represent,” he wrote. “Even if you’re for straight marriage go ahead and fly that flag if it’s what you truly believe.”

“And when the Air Force instructs you to take it down, refer them to this article and then contact me. I’ll personally ensure your rights are not infringed upon,” Mr. Kolfage wrote. “If you’re proud of your sexuality, then please represent it, but do not do it at the sake of insulting our nation’s flag. Please have some respect and go buy a regular Lesbain Gay Bisexual and Transgender pride flag.”

[Source: TPNN]


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