U.S. Air Force Allows Rainbow-Striped U.S. Flag at Arizona Base


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

A former senior Airman was stunned when he saw an American flag on an Arizona Air Force base that had LGBT-styled rainbow stripes rather than the alternative red and white stripes mandated in the code.

Brian Kolfage, writing in the Blaze, said he saw the flag flying at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon.

Title 4 clearly states the American flag:

“shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight starts, white in a blue field.”

Kolfage wrote:

“The flag I saw is a parody of the American Flag with 50 white stars in the uion, smeared with the rainbow colors as the stripes. The moment the flag took on the union starts is where it becomes a violation, with my understanding of the U.S. Code.”

Kolfage notified the 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office, which told him they would review the issue. “We take seriously our responsibility to abide by federal law and defend the Constitutional rights of all citizens.”

Kolfage receive the following message from the office three days later:

“The installation commander carefully considered the opinions of legal professionals and the law. The display in question is not an altered U.S. flag; therefore, its display does not violate federal law. No action will be taken.

The office issued same statement was issued to the Washington Times.

Kolfage wasn’t finished. He continued in his article in the Blaze:

“I sure hope Airman around the globe read this, and bust out their flags whether they be a big Christian cross, Santa Claus, Gadsden, Medical Marijuana, Rebel, NASCAR, pink unicorns, or whatever they feel they represent,” he wrote. “Even if you’re for straight marriage go ahead and fly that flag if it’s what you truly believe.”

“And when the Air Force instructs you to take it down, refer them to this article and then contact me. I’ll personally ensure your rights are not infringed upon,” Mr. Kolfage wrote. “If you’re proud of your sexuality, then please represent it, but do not do it at the sake of insulting our nation’s flag. Please have some respect and go buy a regular Lesbain Gay Bisexual and Transgender pride flag.”

[Source: TPNN]

  • Lady TeaWitch

    Wow ~ They are that DISRESPECTFUL of the symbol of our country and allow the Mex. flag to fly in Calif. schools taking down “Old Glory” then complain when the confederate flag flies! What idiots!

    • Daniel Spain

      Disrespect was flying a flag of oppression on many capital buildings in the south, heritage my ass. It needed to come down to honor the side that actually won.

      • Robert Swift

        That’s your opinion. Your a hypocrite. It’s okay to desecrate the U.S Flag, destroy the Confederate flag, but the disrespect to the U.S flag by combining it with the rainbow flag is okay. You just contradicted yourself and made yourself look stupid. Go tell some of the blacks that are sticking up for Confederate flag as a “heritage” symbol, and we’ll see what you get. If people go out and start burning the gay flag, I’ll bet you’d be pissed and call it hateful. But, when you defend destroying symbols based on what YOU decide, and what YOU think, what goes around, comes around!

        • Daniel Spain

          only word I agree with is its your opinion….thats all.

      • Christina_Reed

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      • yerbullshit

        Daniel you are a fool. But you are allowed your opinion.

    • Ruby_Murphy


  • altos

    That is a disgrace. The base commander is an idiot.

  • Disabledmilitaryvet1

    I would have gone up there and taken it down and put the real flag up.

    • Robert Swift

      I had another solution for this rainbow flag, similar to what they like to do to the U.S Flag! Tucson is a joke, controlled by Liberal Idiots. The entire City Council, and County. They are also for the sanctuary city crap, homeless. They even spent our taxes on a stupid trolly car. (Got to be like the Communist’s in San Francisco). Yes the base Commander much be a real little bitch, if you have a definite violation of the UCMJ, and refuse to enforce it. Of course, at the same time, they’re court martialing Christians, and stopping Christian prayer. What does that tell you?

      • Libralee

        Now that they have the Confederate Flag removed from America, they will be coming for the Flag of the United States of America next………………….They next will be the Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty. How far can Americans let this go? The White House is hoping for an uprising so he can declare “martial law” and not have to leave office…………..

    • independent_az

      So you’re a fascist with no respect for private property. Got it.

      • Disabledmilitaryvet1

        Not private property if flying on a base and you are the Communist. I protect the U.S. flag against all enemies foreign and domestic.

        • independent_az

          From the picture it looks like it’s on someone’s porch at on-base housing. You have no respect for private property or the law. You a domestic enemy of freedom.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            You are an enemy of the U.S. You fascist/communist. Once again anything on a base is PUBLIC PROPERTY. For private it has to be privately owned by an individual.

          • independent_az

            That flag is private property. It is owned by an individual who put it outside their on-base housing. Just because it’s on a base does not make it public. It appears you are also an enemy of reality and reason.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            The illegal flag making fun of American flag is not private once it is on base.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            Also you do not comprehend anything. North Korea and ISIS is waiting for you to move there. They love Communists and NAZIs

          • independent_az

            Clearly you do not comprehend the irony of your comments.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            Clearly you are a dufus and moron.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            Clearly you never went to college and have the IQ of a flea.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            You might want to learn to read and learn things.

          • Disabledmilitaryvet1

            You have a very small brain.

          • Mike

            They reside on a US Government military base, it is NOT “Private property”.

          • independent_az

            The base is not private property but the property of the people living in on-base housing is still private property. That flag IS private property.

          • rob copeland

            Base housing is not private property. It IS government property. PERIOD!

          • independent_az

            LOL. I never said base house was private property. Of course it is government property. However, the belongings of the residents, like this flag, ARE private property…PERIOD.

      • rob copeland

        Base housing is NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY. I lived on base housing for several years. You tell them its private property. Then tell them what you will or will not do and then tell them to leave. Good luck.

        • independent_az

          Yes, the base housing is not private property. I never said otherwise. When you lived in on base housing your own property was still your own private property, wasn’t it? You go tell someone living on base that all their belongings no longer belong to them just because they live on base. Go ahead.

  • Tim

    What about the Confederate flag?

    • Disabledmilitaryvet1

      I would have taken that down if it was on a Air Force base as well. The Confederate flag can be on Civil War Monuments, Civil War soldiers graves for the South, National Parks(Battlegrounds used in Civil War), etc… but not on any active/reserve used base.

  • Pissed off

    Tell me how many soldiers have fought and died for our freedom? Is our flag not a symbol of those who gave their lives for our rights? The “gay” flag is one of the most disrespectful things that could ever be flown on base where true soldiers live and work. This commander and his advisers are sorely mistaken. This is just so wrong.

    • Brett Tulloss

      Hey pissed off, How many homosexuals have died defending the country? What is a true soldier?

      • SunflowerSurfer

        How many soldiers of Confederate background have died in defense of our country? Yet the Confederate flag must come down and this travesty is allowed?

        • Brett Tulloss

          That is easy. ZERO, They were traitors to the country. Wow do you even know what the Civil War was? It was the United States of America (The good guys) vs. the Confederate States of America (the traitors the withdrew from the United States).

          • Daniel Spain

            Soldiers of the cofederate fought against the majority of America that was mainly anti-slavery.

          • dyhart

            That’s your side of the story. They were all Americans in the end.

            Don’t forget, slaverly existed after the war and the NORTH had said slaves.

          • rob copeland.

            You boy are a true idiot of the first class.

      • Pissed off

        Your question is irrelevant as I was talking about all soldiers that fought and died for our freedom. We do not like it when people walk on or burn our flag, what is the difference when they change it in any way. This is very disrespectful to all soldiers.

        • Brett Tulloss

          Do you believe that No homosexuals died in defense of our country? Is there another way to show Pride? YES. Does it violate the rules on this base? Apparently not.
          Just because you don’t agree with something, does not make it wrong or illegal.

        • Chuck

          My son-n-law is in Kuwait. In the air force. This Is about as low as it gets .

      • AC

        I would have to say Zero! I would have to say Americans died, not black, not white, not gay and not straight!!!! Just Americans defending this land and our freedoms under the AMERICAN FLAG!!!!!!

  • ChemicalDeath


  • yo

    Tears for Queers.

  • Stir_ the_ pot

    What. The. Hell.

    Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t flinch.

  • LaFlare1017

    I don’t have a problem with gays but the American flag should not be modified in this way or in any other similar way. I don’t care if someone has a rainbow flag, just don’t combine it with an American flag, keep them separate.

    The American flag is meant to represent all americans, not just some, there is no need to modify the flag like this.

  • ThomasHTillotson

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  • White Devil

    What is the world coming to ? Is this some kind of joke ?

    • Daniel Spain

      Isn’t hate a strong word.

      • White Devil

        Your really not worth my time but…it’s called freedom of speech. I have my thoughts and opinions and you have yours. Relax yourself lil man.

        • Daniel Spain

          I just make a statement. like I will again pop a damn Xanax.

  • Al

    How sick can this whole flag thing get. You can’t display a Confederate Battle Flag but you can display this repulsive mockery of the US flag and the US Air Force says there is nothing wrong with this. Well, I am offended by this and feel that it should be removed immediately and the installation commander be court marshalled for allowing it in the first place!

  • Buypass

    Time to quit.

  • Scotty P

    That flag is…FABULOUS!!

    • SunflowerSurfer

      Never served did you? Or at least not with honor.

      • Scotty P

        It was a joke. Thanks, and STFU

        • SunflowerSurfer

          Would you like my address so you can ‘try’ and shut me up? Will be more than willing to show you what 26+ years in active combat units teaches a man.

          • Scotty P

            yeah. Give me your address.

  • TimothyGWarren

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  • Bill Cosby

    “Alternating” red and white stripes is the proper term to use, not “alternative”. That makes it sound like the proper flag is an “alternative” one.

  • larry anderson

    dont get your way act like a baby

  • Helgeorge

    just like the confederate flag was taken down..this should be torn down…this is completely disrespectful to the America flag..outrageous……….

  • william C

    NO NO NO. THIS IS SICK! Let the gays create their own flag without desecrating the American flag. WTF is wrong with the USAF?

    • Daniel Spain

      How is flying it at a private residence desecrating the American flag? Maybe the person who lives there in gay or has gay friends. Just because it has the 50 stars is not desecrating Amica’s flag. As it was explained to me this is just to show there is now equality in all 50 states.I fly that flag but below Old Glory.

      • william C

        He was replacing the red and white stripes with the rainbow colors, That is wrong. Get your own damn flag!

      • Robert Swift

        Does desecrating or insulting the U.S Flag have to be a job by a 4th grader to be “desecration, or altering?” What difference does it make if you have a company do it, or a 4th grader? The desecration rule was made because the majority of people at a given point in time would be offended at having it mocked or altered. You are offended, (your opinion of the Confederate flag), but have NO problem flying a symbol that you very well know will offend. Your an agitator, and a hypocrite.

        • Daniel Spain

          I fly Old Glory abouve the gay colors, do you consider that disrespectful?

          • Robert Swift

            Not at all! Perfectly legal!

  • Karl Dulle

    America….. gone……. ps that offends me…

  • Mark Gatton

    I want to know what base, commanders name and address so van voice my displeasure. Im an Air Force veteran and find this truely disgusting.

  • Kent

    Well, what do you expect when the Navy allows sailors to march down the streets of San Diego in full uniform after the military allowed gays to serve and even gave them extra days of leave to travel to states where gay marriage was legal to get married?

  • Daniel Spain

    I think It shows unity since there are gays in the military. Its not like the United States flag was permanently removed. Let your flames commence in 3…..2….1.

  • Georgia Lee

    This is so B.S.!!! What about all the women who got discharged in the early 70’s because they were gay??? Do they get reimbursed for the duration of the time they enlisted for ? Oh no, that would be unheard of!!!!! Well SO IS THIS!!!!! I’m glad I no longer serve in the U.S.A.F. because this only belittles the entire military to fall so low and forget what PRIDE really means and stands for. Not this idiotic flag flying on base, that’s for damn sure.

  • Robert Copeland

    The people whi allowed this flag do not represent the true American Patriot. What is does represent is a bunch of queers and queer lovers and people with no moral standards. They can not possibly believe in God. PERIOD! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LindaEFisher

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  • Nonya

    THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!….they need to take this flag posted and shove it up Obama’s ASS

  • STLB

    I don’t agree. In fact, I’m offended by this. Personally, I feel the two should not be combined. Nor should any other form of “flag” be combined with the US flag.

  • Hal

    The Air Force I was so proud to serve no longer exists.

  • John

    You can’t argue with gays, especially Daniel

  • Jennifer Wells

    I think it looks great! I like the message of acceptance in the USA that it shows

  • They should put a unicorn on that flag and hand out sweet sticky rainbow candy to one and all!

  • johanjimy255

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