Two Businesses in Ferguson Riots Escaped Looting. Why They Did Should Be a Lesson for Politicians

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Over the past two nights, dozens of businesses along West Florissant in Ferguson, Missouri were ransacked by rioters, including Target, Dollar General and WalMart, and looted and a QuikTrip was burned down.

Here’s what’s left of the QT:


And here’s what WalMart employees went through:

walmart huddled

Hundreds of business owners and employees had to cut and run or hide in terror as waves of rioters arrived.

But not everyone was cowering in fear. At two businesses the owners (and some employees and friends) were standing firm, right outside, ready to take on all comers. Why? Because they were armed to the teeth.

At Riverfront Tattoo, owners Mike Gutierrez ( below left) and Adam Weinstein (third from left) brought AR-15s, body armor and lots of high-capacity magazines (the type Obama wants banned) to guard their store against mayhem:

riverfront tattoo

And rioters passed them right by.

And over at Mally’s Supermarket,  had men with concealed 9mm handguns and revolvers, lined up and ready to defend , right on West Florissant:

And the lesson for politicians, and all Americans (particularly liberal gun-grabbers) is that being armed — and armed to the teeth — is the ONLY defense against a rioting mob. There were police everywhere in Ferguson Sunday night, and not one of those stores were protected against looters. But the two businesses above WERE spared — because they were able to arm themselves.

The lesson should have been learned for good after the 1992 L.A. Riots, when only shop owners in Koreatown were spared because they defended their stores with force of arms:

The right to bear arms must be sacrosanct, but so must be access to unlimited magazine capacity. As Tyler Kee of The Truth About Guns reminds us:

At any point in a discussion with a gun control advocate about the need for magazine capacity restrictions, feature tests, or any other arbitrary restriction, flash the pictures of these riots. Show them what happens when mob mentality takes over. The people in these examples worked hard for the life they have. To deny them the best tools possible to protect it is criminal.

Amen, brother.

Gina is a proud Texas Mom of 4, an avid hunter and vigilant defender of our Constitutional rights

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  • 3VWdriver

    GOOD for Them. Just using good plain ole COMMON SENSE.

  • Brad Benson


  • GoneFishing

    How many business owners there were gun-control advocates. Change of mind, anybody?

    • ElmerJFudd

      probably not.

    • Bill Steinbach

      Most of the lefty lemmings will just blame the officer’s gun for all the damage. “The looters are simply victims of society”… I can hear them already… SMH

      • Bill

        You are sooooo right!

      • Michael

        The Looters are victims of themselves?

        • SMH

          You’re right, they are their own worst enemy.

          • Analyzer123

            Yes they are SMH. That’s why Al Sharptongue doesn’t talk about all of the black killing black incidents as in Chicago.

          • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

            Even the NAACP talks about this. Fact!

  • Lee Ames

    Guns! Is there nothing they can’t do?

    • don

      You don’t get it… IT IS NOT THE GUN…. it’s the perseverance to stand with it

      • Ryan Reddell

        I think Lee gets it.

  • TommyR

    We’re closed. Decide different, you’re dead.

  • Behning Brad

    I carry everywhere. It’s just natural to be armed, hoping for the best, but always ready for the worst….In most instances, merely showing an attacker that you are armed is enough.

    • Quintin Trout

      Because most are cowards who only feed off the weak!!! Like most bullies, they go home crying to mamma when someone doesn’t back down!!!

      • Nico

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        • Quintin Trout

          LOL, you are just proving everyone right about you, your a troll who was getting butt slammed and a cum dumpster while in prison and now your trying to take it out on people in the comments section. You are a sorry pathetic little boy, you need to go troll somewhelse you sorry little man.

          • Nico

            Quinton you sweet little throat yogurt specialist.

  • ElmerJFudd

    Now when is Holder going to go after them for violating the rioters civil rights??

  • Short Timer 25

    Target gets what it deserves. Gun free zone? How’s that working out for y’all.

    • Michael

      F*** Target! When they denied the Marines from collecting Toys for Tots at their stores, I’ll never do Business with them again…..

  • Rboo

    Love the pictures. Only way to stand your ground against an out-of-control-mob. That has got to stop, those were teenagers I saw on those videos. Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed at protest and maybe their parents need to be teaching them a little better.

    • Bubba

      You are right, but it probably is not going to happen. That would make themselves RESPONSIBLE for their actions !! They don’d do the responsibility thing.

      • Rboo

        You’re right, because if the parents were teaching these kids right from wrong they wouldn’t act like a bunch of wild anmals in the first place. But wat’s going to happen I they are going to stop allowing protest for fear of riots.

      • Analyzer123

        Yeah Bubba, they don’t take responsibility of their actions, but they demand white folks take responsibility of theirs actions, based on their story before the real facts are produced.

      • Scott Downey

        I just want to see the people that are upset over this whole thing arm themselves and march on the Ferguson PD. Then and only then will there be justice for young Brown.

    • DMCRN

      That’s a joke! Their parents are looting, too! How are these looters going to feel when these looted and burnt out stores REFUSE to rebuild in their communities, and the ones that survived leave town in fear of their safety? These people are their own worst enemies, and they’re not even smart enough to realize that…

    • kitty925

      The Baby Mommas probably gave them a list of what to steal.

  • Tina Goforth

    same things happened in Georgia during the 60’s, giant race riots and business owners and home owners defending themselves, hey Obama citizens are getting fed up

    • DMCRN

      And Detroit–that’s when ALL of the businesses LEFT…

  • Tabitha Dowling

    That’s what happens when you have gun free areas and subhumans who will use anything to steal and cause mayhem. I hope the entire city, including the politicians, learn from that.

  • CaoSong

    The worst thing about these riots is they’re making the whole point look bad… this started as a peaceful protest, and now it’s this… people intentionally fanning the flames so they can riot and loot.

    • DMCRN

      Peaceful protest? I NEVER saw any of that…

    • Bonnie

      So true, where is there justice? What gives any human being a right to attack anyone because they are made. If someone makes you mad, you have to right by law to touch them in any way. The best thing to do is be the better person and walk away.

  • Luis M

    Enough said brother! Actions speak louder than words!

  • James Smith

    Thats right,strong Americans exercising their right to bear arms and defending what they worked for. They stood guard all day and night and waited for the plague to pass over them.

  • Micha-el Harbert

    Dont be shooting any black folks….

    • georgehilton

      why not? Its good fun…………

  • kazoober

    what would blacks steal from a tattoo parlor anyways??

    • Bill Steinbach

      Money. Piercing jewelry. Equipment can be pawned. Not to mention, general damage was done to many other buildings regardless of property being stolen.

      (My answer refers to any race, by the way.)

      • Wiggle D

        Will people in neighboring pawnshops trust an African American after this little stunt?

    • Nevir

      What would they steal from a QT gas station? That’s right they burned it to the ground for fun….

      • kazoober

        I saw them taking out cases of beer.

        • Nevir

          Miss my point much? I wasn’t saying there is nothing to take there, though I can see how you missed my sarcasm. The tat equipment and even the ink is expensive. As well as all the books of tattoo art and who knows what else. My point is that they could have destroyed it just for fun. Did burning the QT down get em anything? No….

    • Christian Brown

      what makes you think they could think it through that well?

    • CajunRay

      Not much but they were also just destroying stuff.

    • Glenn H

      It certainly wouldn’t be ink, I think you have already used it up,lol

    • DMCRN

      There’s probably nothing in there they would want to steal, but they would tear it up and tear it down….

  • makes my heart proud

  • Nevir

    The problem with Liberals is they believe the moral thing to do it allow these monsters to have whatever they want if the alternative is stopping them by force.

    • Marc83

      Yep. You’ve got us dead to rights. Good work deconstructing that straw man.

      It’s not like any liberals own guns, believe in personal property, or disapprove of using a community tragedy as cover to loot and pillage. Nope. They just want to take away everyone’s guns, form a drum circle, and listen to the Grateful Dead while the rioters hold sway over society.

      Must be fun reducing everyone you disagree with into a caricature. I guess it beats having a debate and exchange of ideas. Doubtful the answer to society’s problems is either an unarmed or a fully militarized citizenry. Pretty sure the answer lies somewhere between those extremes. I’d like to see this country get back to forming some base line consensus on weighty issues such as this. Background checks to deny guns to violent offenders, felons, and the mentally ill.

      • Lostlittleboy

        Too much common sense Marc83 stop it you’ll confuse them.

      • cptphdoif2

        “Doubtful the answer to society’s problems is either an unarmed or a fully militarized citizenry.”. Ancient Athens and our founding fathers would beg to differ with you. FWIW. My hope for humanity is for universal carry and the universal distribution of the means of economic production – much like ancient athens. War would require drafting citizens into an army and standing armies would be a thing of the past. Sure you’d have the odd old west style shooting. But in a world where anonymity is decreasing and cameras are everywhere, people would be unlikely to get away with those types of crimes and therefore less likely to commit them. Meanwhile you’ve traded organized militaries with all the historic damage they do for individuals who think for themselves about what is and is not a threat worth mobilizing for.

      • Nevir

        Then exactly how are you a liberal if you hold all these conservative positions?

        You want background checks? Well it’s your lucky day! We have them already for all firearms purchased from a dealer. Why not say what you mean? you want a national gun registry as that is the only way to ensure background checks on all private sales.

        As to the mentally ill issue, if you are too sick to be trusted to own a gun why the hell should they be allowed out on the street at all?

        News flash, most murders are not committed using a firearm, but the only way to defend yourself against a mob like this is with one.

        • Marc83

          Gee, thanks for telling me what I meant to say, but didn’t!

          • Nevir

            Then WTF do you mean, since as I pointed out we have background checks?

          • Marc83

            Laughable ones with the exemption for “private sellers’.

            However, I made no recommendation one way or the other as to where the public should come down. That policy prescription was one of your own imagining.

          • Nevir

            Private sellers are exempt because the only way to enforce such a thing would be to have Federal Firearms registry, which you claimed to oppose.

          • Marc83

            Reading comprehension would be helpful here. I neither advocated for or against a registry. Any commentary in either direction has solely taken place on your part.

          • Nevir

            You advocate for background checks on private sales but want to deny you are in favor of the only mechanism that makes that plausible? Typical Liberal, you want to have your cake and eat it too.

          • Marc83

            Typical, self-serving conservative. Putting words in someone else’s mouth and deliberately misrepresenting what they said.

          • Nevir

            Then what is your plan?

  • Shawna Segovia

    Sad thing is the people that are stealing are just stealing. Not because this young man lost his life. This is not the way to prove the cops were in the wrong. It is just making the people that are doing the stealing look very low class and I myself wouldn’t listen to a thing they have to say. Stealing is not a way to make a point. Buy your stuff!! This poor kid deserves better from his so called people that are pissed. Make a point but do it the right way then PEOPLE will listen!!

    • Bonnie

      Shawna, they did the same thing during the Rodney King riots. And the so called law was allowing these people to attack people driving by. They should have had the military in there when the riots first started and they were just looting stores. And the rest would have never happened. It’s just an excuse to act like what they are trying to prove they are not by doing what everyone expects them to do. We don’t need to say anything because a picture or video says a thousand words.

  • Robert Hurita

    As it should be.

    • Wiggle D

      Too bad they will want us ‘over-entitled’ white folk to cover their damages.

  • Tom Parson

    Remember when white people rioted cus OJ was acquited? Oh yea, me neither.

    • buba smith

      I remember that lots of white folks were in there houses looting the refrigerator

      • Alfred


        • alwaysright21

          how many raccoons does it take to make a raccoon stew? … one, butt he has to wear an apron.

          • ElevenAlpha

            Man you are the holy grail for conservative-minded folks.

          • Jeffrey W Brown

            Not all conservatives are racist like this a$$clown. Careful not to stereotype all of us the same way you are fighting for others not to stereotype you.

          • J C Leslie

            Stereotypes are created by vocal majorities. If you don’t want to be grouped with racist scum, don’t group yourself with them.

          • CyrusT

            But then you will be labeled Uncle Tom.

          • PowerDriverLT4 .

            That’s why I’m not a Democrat any longer.

          • Luke Timothy

            So black, asian, gay and other stereotypes are created by “vocal majorities.”???? Do you realize you are making the point the stereotypes are true? I think you need to review your logic, perhaps you will learn something about yourself!

          • chris87654

            There is no stereotype of low-class blacks anymore – this has just been proven again. When they exercise their 1st Amendment rights (and then some… as we’ve seen), normal people need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

          • PavePusher

            One guy is a “vocal majority”?
            I must have missed the memo…..

      • solomon

        I remember when a bunch of white rioted after they lost a hockey game. And then again after they won a baseball game. I’m pretty sure white folks lead the league in riots.

        • rsolid

          Ok then whites 2 blacks 2000. !

        • Looked real hard and researched it, did ya?

          • Michael M.

            He doesn’t have to look hard. Searching for Top 10 Worst Sports Riots will get you tons of pics of entitled white thugs destroying property over their team losing or their team winning. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they won or lost.

            So sure; you didn’t see white people rioting over that one time (that never directly effected anyone without the last name of Simpson or Goldman). Because we riot the most… over nothing at all… Win or lose.

          • larry1dart

            While it is true that people some times riot after a sporting event, that also includes black people as well depending on the team. I dare you to show me ONE time white people rioted over a court case or a black cop shooting a white person. And by the way, these sports riots are done in the one day whereas the blacks and their riots last for weeks. White people stay home and light candles when there is a blackout. Minorities go shopping and lighting car fires.

        • ZombieReady

          My life is much happier now, once I realized that democrats are brain damaged and simply treat them like little kids and don’t waste my time arguing with them, life is much simpler. The race war they want, won’t end good for them.

        • dghboy

          Not really bc I remember all races in those roots so it doesn’t count

    • Nyarlathotep

      Remember when white people had a history of being enslaved, lynched, and raped with impunity for about a hundred years by black people and forced to live lives picking fields of cotton for absolutely no money by a bunch of rich black dudes? Oh yeah, me either.

      • Niggerfaggot

        Remember when white people sold their own race into slavery? Oh yeah, me neither.

        • READ A BOOK


          • H. Zayre

            Some, but not nearly as many as Africans.

          • Scott Downey


          • Jennifer Baltzley

            Actually the first white settlers in the Americas happened WAY before the Americas…I think they were the Vikings…Norse of origin and none of them were slaves…they were all warriors and sailors and Adventurers…

          • Marie Parish Weathers

            And we know that how? Did they start settlements here, Did they interact with the natives?

          • J C Leslie

            Actually, on the occasion that the Norse took prisoners during raiding parties, they would keep them as slaves, whether they themselves were Norse, Saxon, Anglo or Celt. If you’re going to speak, gather some knowledge first.

          • Karyn Bowman

            You’re right. Some of those early white settlers had what was known as ‘bond servants’, people who worked for something like seven years to pay off their bond. There were also the convicts who were sent away from the UK to the US or Australia.

        • Quintin Trout

          So I guess your a product of common core, some of the very first settlers in this country were white slaves!!! You obviously are an ignorant dumbass that probably dropped out of school and if you were in Missouri we would see your dumbass rioting with the rest of the animals!!!

          • I think you are talking about the Irish settlers. We were not “slaves” as such, but we were treated as bad or possibly even worse. A “master” was more likely to beat someone they got for free than someone they paid money to get and to beat them worse . I wasn’t there so I only know what I read (not school history books). My heart skips a beat everytime I go to an antique shop and see an ancient sign for sale “Irish not allowed”. And here I am with 5 different bloods that include Irish and probably north African.

          • H. Zayre

            No. Many eastern Europeans came here as slaves. The word Slave comes from the Slavic peoples.

          • Nico

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            As usual you still don’t have anything intelligent to say, your a troll plain and simple. And your not even a good or original troll, your a wannabe who hasn’t made an educated comment on any subject. So have a good day in your cell and have fun with your day prison bitch!!

          • Nico

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          • Quintin Trout

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          • Nico

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          • Nico

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          Actually SIR,,,that did happen. When the slave ships came to America, offloaded black slaves,,they then took on white slaves who were kidnapped and were taken to other regions of the world and sold just as black slaves were sold in America….BUT,,,for us to ever co-exist we need to get past what happened 150 to 300 years ago. WE can NOT change that but we can at least teach our children to be more respectful of all races and religions.

        • Kevin O’Quinn

          I guess that depends on how you look at it.
          Quite a number were taken by force, in chains and sold as slaves to live and work under a master. They were beaten badly and held against their will to work without pay.
          But because they were labeled as “bonded servants” instead of “slaves” I guess that made it all right.
          The only real difference was that because their skin was white, when they ran away, they could hide out and pass for free folk much more easily.
          So, much like the way things are done today, it is all a matter of how it is packaged and labeled. Believe it or not, political correctness has been around a long time.

      • Chris Cleveland

        no I don’t remember that happening. that was a long time ago. do you remember it happening? No you don’t either.

        • Scott Downey

          Pepperidge Farms remembers.

      • Delphinus13

        News flash for you. Slavery ended 150 years ago. There is no one alive today who experienced it first had. Some of the slave owners were black. Regardless of the history lesson, it does NOT justify the looters’ actions.

        • Karyn Bowman

          Sadly, the end of slavery did not end racism in our country. Otherwise, we would have never needed the freedom riders.

      • Andrew M

        Don’t forget the black slave owners too; but, that would actually require you to read history. Nor the way the Irish were enslaved for 800 years and treated worse than slaves in the U.S–but that too would require reading skills too.

        • Karen Taylor

          and those slave owners were DEMOCRATS!!! Remember that!!

        • Karen Taylor

          and those slave owners were DEMOCRATS!!! Remember that!!

          • Callista Bernard

            Democrats also wrote the Jim Crow laws. They were the KKK. They were the ones blocking blacks from attending college. They create problems, then promise to solve them. People have been buying into it for generations now. You never hear a Demcrat tell black folks.. You have all you need inside of you, to become a success. NEVER. Its always–we have this table scrap, or this table scrap to help you out. OH thats the guy I want to elect ! Michelle Obama said ” This is the 1st time, Ive felt like an American”—— Who’s fault is that ? Its no one’s fault but hers. And she and the President should know better than others, since they were handed undeserved opportunities, because they were Americans

          • RJ

            Those democrats became republicans, and is what is now the Republican party. Always trying to re-write history…

          • Evan Wilbanks

            Wait wait wait.. Really? So when did that happen? Exhibit A: Robert Byrd – Democrat from West Virginia, a member and RECRUITER for the KKK. Left a few years prior to running for the House of Representative seat in 1952. He left the KKK and ‘denounced racism’. So I suppose it’s only OK to say you’re not a racist (when you actually were) when you run for office as a Democrat???? He served for over 50 YEARS! Oh and he filibustered the Civil Rights Act, only to later support it when it was “Politically convenient”. All things are political in the Democrat Party. It’s all about appeasement to gain a vote. Proof is in the pudding. Lyndon Johnson was a racist, but he pushed for Civil Rights because he wanted the black community to vote Democrat forever. Here is a little article from MSNBC about LBJ to support this.


            So I ask you? If Abraham Lincoln (the founder of the modern day Republican Party) abolished slavery, then how does that make Democrats of the ‘old days’ Republicans now? I don’t see that. There is racism on BOTH sides of the aisle. No one is ‘Re-writing history’ the proof is there. Jim Crow Laws, Filibustering the Civil Rights Act. Democrats will do ANYTHING to gain a vote. Whether deep down they truly support it or not. THINK before you speak. I’m a Libertarian Conservative and I’m not happy with the Republican Party and the Democrat Party is so far lost to me that I will never vote for another Democrat EVER again.

          • alexal

            i think you’re taking the words democrat and republican a little too literally. democrat and republican (as political parties) have switched back and forth between viewpoints several times. the words you’re looking for are liberal and conservative. conservatives, by nature, try to maintain the status quo. liberals aim to change and adapt. at times, yes, the republican party has been more liberal, at times the democrats have been more conservative. abraham lincoln was most certainly a liberal, not a conservative. kkk members are most certainly conservative. unfortunately, there are many kkk chapters that are alive and disgustingly well in the usa today. you’re under the impression they’re still voting democrat?

          • Jim

            It is a fact most members of the KKK still vote Democrat. As recently as 2010 a former member of the KKK was serving as a congressman. Funniest thing I ever seen (Only because I know my history) was in the last couple presidential elections were self proclaimed Democrats wearing the ‘Vote or die’ T-Shirts. I’ll let you figure out where that originated from, wait… I’ll tell you… The KKK.
            Democrats can not touch the racial equality voting record of Republicans. It’s about Racial equality, not racial preference.

          • alexal

            Yes, a former kkk member was a congressman and a democrat. Keyword former. It’s a gross past, no doubt, but towards the end of his career Robert Byrd was a supporter of minority rights and wouldn’t have been winning any kkk votes. Of course I would agree that a few years of back pedaling doesn’t make up for the fact he supported treating humans like animals earlier in life.

          • J C Leslie

            Much like KKK members support Chris McDaniel?

          • J C Leslie

            Actually, it’s a fact that most KKK votes republican these days, and have for the last 50 years. I think it’s hilarious how conservative idiots always pull Byrd’s name out when this debate comes out, even though he abandoned the KKK in order to JOIN the democrats. And yet, if you step aside from the racist views, the KKK espouses the exact same political views as the TEA Party. Bible, gun rights, anti-gay marriage, pro-life, you name it, both parties have it in common. In fact, if you look at how most TEA members look at Muslims and “illegals”, you could say Brown is the new Black.

          • Jim

            And for 50 years huh? So when the Republican Party was pushing the Civil rights act through a vehemently opposing democratic congress… They were voting for the repubs? Now we all know you are simply pulling numbers out of no where.
            The tea party wants equality, not reliance upon the government hand outs. What is going on right now in Ferguson is exactly what KKK members want. Blacks destroying their own neighborhoods, keeping themselves down. Making themselves out to look like the criminals the KKK believes them to be.
            Racial equality will never be achieved until racial dependence is gone.

          • ElevenAlpha

            you know damn well the democrats of the Jim Crow era became the Republicans of today. LBJ said it best. “By signing this Civil rights Act, I’ve lost the South for a generation”

          • alwaysright21

            no buckboy he said, “I’ll have those n!99ers voting democrap for the next 200 years.” problem is this country is finished in 2, and you along with it ape nose.

          • ElevenAlpha

            The South Will Rise Again!!! yeehaaw. am i right?

          • alwaysright21

            your ugly blackface will get smashed in n!gger boy. then we’ll spit on your aids ridden carcass

          • duanesawyer

            Let’s be honest with everyone here , fucknuts, we both know you can barely get out of that lazy boy to wipe your own ass. I doubt anyone or anything needs to fear you, outside of a bag of cheetos.

          • Jimmy Jaz

            duanesawyer is a sloppy party bottom

          • duanesawyer

            Hmm, party bottom? I’m not going to cast aspersions on what sort of porn anyone watches (or sexual behaviors one engages in), but I highly doubt that is a term that one learns without exposure on a very close and personal level. Now I understand why you call yourself Jimmy Jizz.

          • SocietasDraconistrarumlit1

            LBJ was a Democrat, And said we will have these neqquirs voting Democrat for the next 200 years as he fathered endless entitlements.

          • Jim

            Yup, that’s when all the democrat congressmen switched to republican and republican switched to democrat… Oh wait… That didn’t happen. You are blind to the facts if you believe democrat policy is equality amongst people all colors. Those policies divide. Geared to keep the poor reliant upon the handouts instead of hand ups. MLK’s dream was equality. ElevenAlpha, I hope someday every one will be judged based on their abilities and skills instead of the color of their skin. Today there are too many policies that counter that idea. Remember, ‘vote or die… And when you vote it better be democrat!’ Type that in google… Have a history lesson on me.

          • Marga Watrous

            Jim, what hand-up are you proposing for the poor? Maybe I missed it, but I’ve not heard of any training programs going on in the poorest communities in the poorest states and recruiters coming in behind to place them in jobs that pay a living wage. Or industry relocating to these poor areas to provide decent jobs that people can make a decent living at. Unless a way out is provided people will continue to rely on the hand-outs, because that is all there is. And since no one wants to spend money on programs for the poor to give them that hand-up, nothing will change. It is a shame that the policies that helped those in dyer need did not come with programs to teach them how to become self reliant. We are now in about the 3rd generation that only knows the hand-out way of existing.

          • Jim

            Yes.. You have missed the over two dozen education and job training assistance programs available from the 799 billion dollars (2012) dedicated for helping the poor.

          • phungi20

            And maybe they need to create their own way out of poverty, just like virtually every other successful American has for almost 240 years.

          • Jim Turner

            Are you kidding? Here’s what he said:“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

          • J C Leslie

            You do realize when all that happened, right moron? I said 50 years. Do the math. Republican support for the civil rights movement ended in the mid 60’s. That’s 50 years ago.
            What the TEA Party politician wants is big fat checks from corporate lobbyists. That’s all they’re interested in. They know they can stir up hateful fools to get it and achieve short-lived political power in the process.

          • Jim

            My god… You just made all that up. None of it is true. I deal in facts while you deal in fairy tales. Democrats are the richest politicians and raise so much more money than the GOP it’s not even close. Much like Hillary Clinton saying she was dead broke when millions of dollars was pouring into their bank account.

            You math is atrocious. And your claim that republican support for civil rights movement ended 50 years ago. Many offshoot Civil Rights bills have been introduced and passed by republicans.

            You seriously have no idea of any history do you? Of either party. Is it really too difficult for you to learn something new even if it does not align with your fairy tale world you live in?

          • alwaysright21

            Hispanics despise blacks and are starting to show it. see L.A. they will slaughter them enmasse, they have no “white guilt”

          • John

            Boy, you sure paint with a broad brush. You’re calling TP people the same as KKK? Wow. Gun owners too? Wow. Heterosexuals too? Wow. You’re an equal-opportunity bigot!

          • J C Leslie

            Did I mention Gun Owners or Heterosexuals? No. The fact remains. The TP is the KKK with a new name. All the hate, all in the name of “freedom”, all mostly focused on BROWN people instead of BLACK, and entirely so a few hatemongering politicians can gather fat checks from Koch Industries.

          • phungi20

            So what about Strom Thurmond? When he was unsuccessful at securing the Democratic nomination for President, he formed the Dixiecrats, and ran as their candidate. They stood for Segregation and Jim Crow, just like the Democrats did. Later, he got a clue, renounced his earlier views, and became a Republican.

          • J C Leslie

            You’re confused. The “Dixiecrats” WERE the racist scumbag offshoot of the Democrat party, who when abandoned by the party for being conservative scum became card-carrying members of the GOP. After founding the KKK and being shunned by all of society for decades, they founded yet another new group, the TEA Party.

          • J C Leslie

            By the way, if you look Thurmond up, you can see that he himself was a card carrying Republican when he died.

          • hugs4u

            no the old KKK and aryan nation people are the new tea party people.

          • Jim

            I have replied without hate and stated facts twice as to why the Aryan nation does not like conservatives or tea party especially… But the facts must be too much for this message board.

          • Michael M.

            Vote or Die was the slogan of Puff Daddy’s efforts to get young people to vote. He is a representative for “Citizen Change”. — searching for “Vote or Die + KKK” only brings up a huge collection of extremist Fright-wing Conspiracy sites pushing the same load of crap you’re selling.

            If you want to be taken seriously as a party you have to be truthful.
            If you want to be taken seriously as a person; spouting conspiracy theories is not your best approach.

          • Jim

            Vote or die and when you vote make sure it is democrat!

            Must be nice living life with your eyes wide shut Michael. It is not a conspiracy that slogan was originated by the KKK. It’s not some conspiracy that KKK was founded and still ran by democrats. It’s not secret that so many democratic reforms are geared at handouts rather than hand ups and equality. But you live how you want. I am not trying to convince you otherwise to be honest. I don’t care because I busted my ass and retired at the age of 38. Call it white privilege or just hard work.. But somehow my neighbor that retired at 37 did it while being black. One of the best and honest men I have ever met.

          • Evan Wilbanks

            You could consider Abe a ‘liberal’ in his thinking from a purist stance, however, the “liberals” of today are not that the same ‘liberal’ they are statists. They want ulimate government control. I’m sorry that’s not liberating.

          • Marga Watrous

            I’m a liberal and I don’t want ultimate government control. What I do want is for the laws to be equitable, meaning it should apply equally regardless of your financial, religious, or race status.

          • Jeffrey W Brown

            How wonderful living in that fairly land would be. (seriously, it’d be great).

          • duanesawyer

            How wonderful it must be to live a life free of facts and reality-based knowledge. Must be a blessing, I however, am not so goddamned insipid.

          • Jimmy Jaz

            duanesawyer is a FOOL

          • duanesawyer

            My such a potty mouth. I bet all your boyfriends love to hear your dirty talk in the bedroom, Jizzy-Jimz…

          • phungi20

            I think everyone should be taxed the same, regardless of financial status. Do you agree? Or were those just some words you typed to feel good about yourself?

          • PowerDriverLT4 .

            And criminal status too I hope.

          • Robert

            So you are neither Republican nor Democrat then, right?

          • hugs4u

            i am a liberal and i damn well do want the government to inspect and control the companies that put profits over responsiblity. like the car company that thought paying lawsuits was cheaper then fixing the problem or the egg company in iowa, who knowingly had no problem shipping out bad eggs and making people sick and killing a few. .

          • duanesawyer

            Lincoln is a classic liberal as you are defining them. Fought AGAINST State’s Rights, issued Executive Orders WITHOUT Congressional Approval, and waged a war in response to state leaders that did not agree with the government. You can try to parse it any way you like, but Lincoln has nothing in common with the conservatives and Republican party of today.

          • Jimmy Jaz

            duanesawyer knows very little about U.S. History

          • duanesawyer

            Well, Mr. Power Bottom, any time you think you have the stones to prove me wrong, by all means do so. You are proving to be a great source of entertainment for me, so please, come and spout some more of your hilly billy heroin and crystal meth fueled trailer park knowledge. Anxiously awaiting your next response, Jizzy-Jimz. Probably not awaiting it as much as your next brother-fucking session though….

          • Don B Reedekulous

            Gratuitous assertions unsupported by facts. You are most certainly a recent public school graduate.

          • alexal

            And your need to bulldoze over my assertions, nullifying them because you assume I’m young, and not actually address my points, leads me to believe you’re a middle aged white guy used to getting his way just by being condescending. Am I right, sweetcheeks?

          • alwaysright21

            watch your mouth f@ggot. you are duly noted

          • alexal

            LOL I am honored :*

          • alwaysright21

            oh my mistake, filthy sheboon

          • alexal

            proud of it! lucky for us, my attractiveness has no relevance to anything on this article. i do have a hard time keeping mirrors in the house…they always break when i look in them. sometimes men turn to stone if they look me directly in the eye, so i’d advise against that.

          • Big George

            You cannot be a real person. lol. No way. no one really speaks like this in the 21st century. You must be trolling.

          • Bryon Wackwitz

            I didn’t know a bundle of sticks used to make a fire had a mouth. Lol…you internet tough guys…lol.

          • duanesawyer

            DAMN! Somebody just had their ass handed to them, lol. I feel like I need a Jim Ross soundtrack to describe the beatdown we just witnessed.

          • Jimmy Jaz

            duanesawyer thinks he’s Hip

          • Jimmy Jaz

            duanesawyer needs eight days to form a halfassed reply

          • duanesawyer

            And you are most certainly a junior high dropout. What was the matter, having to write in complete sentences too much for your itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny racist asshole mind? I bet you’ve been highly successful in life compared to the rest of your mongoloid family. You’re probably head fry cook assistant by now I’d imagine.

          • Don B Reedekulous

            Did it take you 3 months to come up with that pathetic bit of drivel? I rest my case.

          • Jimmy Jaz

            duanesawyer preps Black Bulls for his wife

          • duanesawyer

            Nah, you and your “dad” usually drain them dry before them even make it over to my house. We’re never gonna make this porn if you don’t cut one of them a break for a night or two.

          • Jimmy Jaz

            Good Come Back JizBag

          • Yipicya

            I think you are rationalizing bullshit. Your problem is that you think keeping minorities in ghettos or reservations is helping them. It isn’t.

          • alexal

            Eeesh, if that’s the way I’m coming across then I need to seriously re-evaluate how I express my opinions. I am all for ANYthing that helps impoverished/segregated communities get access to the education, jobs, resources, and basic need fulfillment that everyone is entitled to.

          • Yipicya

            Instead of telling us on the reservation what we should be offended by (See Washington Redskins) how about addressing educational, vocational and drug/medical problems. Seems the only time we hear from you is election time with your 2000s version of the Great White (Liberal) Father taking care of us poor ignorant indigenous peoples

          • alexal

            You’re right. I’m sorry.

          • Seth Davidson

            If one murderer votes Democrat does that make all Democrats murderers?

          • Thill

            I can tell you that the kkk members I know are all Democrats and all union members and hate the Republican party.

          • BD

            I think you are a bald faced liar. No member of the KKK would ever vote for a Democrat… the two are diametrically opposed to one another.

          • J C Leslie

            I bet they’re all green with blue polka-dots, too.

          • BD

            Well said… it is not “Dems vs Repubs”, it is “Libtards vs Contards”… ALL politicians are politically motivated and do what is expedient to keep power… it is an ugly game, and they all suck. The solutions: Public funding of elections, free airtime for debates, rules on accuracy in campaign advertising, no more lobbyists and rich dudes buying influence.

          • Juggles

            Well said and I couldn’t agree more.

          • Nicola Walters

            1. You made up the meaning of a Libertarian Conservative. Don’t worry about it…

            2.Only problem is that almost every Republican claims not to be racist, but is. Does that make every Republican liars too? Your argument is sad.

          • Evan Wilbanks

            1. Libertarian Conservative is not a made up term. It simply states that I agree with many Libertarian viewpoints and Conservative viewpoints.

            2. The fact that you automatically assume that ALL Republicans are racist shows how narrow minded you are and well, truthfully, racist yourself and full off hate for no reason.

          • Evan Wilbanks

            ‘Are’ not ‘is’.

          • Don B Reedekulous

            Your rebuttal us filled with logical fallacies.

          • J C Leslie

            You do realize that Lincoln also considered himself a radical progressive liberal, too, don’t you? In the 1800’s, hell, all the way up to the late 1950’s-60’s, the Democrat party were the conservatives and the Republicans were the liberals. There was a major inversion of party values around the time of the civil rights movement. That’s why the ONLY Democrat name you can come up with after the 60’s who might have been associated with racists like the KKK was Byrd, who yes, left them because he had his eyes opened by his kids in respect to racism. Even Strom Thurmond left the Democrats and joined the GOP because his racism was no longer welcome among the Dems.

          • PowerDriverLT4 .

            Amen to those words, seems like the uneducated never get those.

          • Luke

            The republican party also signed the anti-ku klux Klan act in1871 if i’m not mistaken. The democrats have been racist and haven’t changed their core values. Where do ya’ll think the term Dixie Crat and Southern Democrat came from? They supported and stood for the Kkk its all there in history if people would take the time to research and learn something for themselves instead of going by what someone told them.

          • Michael M.

            The founder of the modern Republican Party is Reagan.

            Lincoln died almost 150 years ago.
            It’s time you stopped taking credit for his work.

          • Summerwarmth

            It seems to be the Democrats who are rewriting history or at least trying to rewrite history.


          • J C Leslie

            It would seem to be that, if you chose to believe bald-faced propaganda meant to MAKE you believe that.

          • Jim

            HAHAHAHA!! Who is trying to rewrite history now? You are ignorant.

          • Ecclesiastical1

            @RJ … and you base that on what?! ..smh idiot.
            Do your research….
            Republicans have always been a platform to “empower” people to excel, no, not by enslaving them into handouts for their votes, but for giving a Hand UP, and rewarding efforts to start and run businesses…

            but then again a Hand UP requires WORK to reach up and EFFORT to climb up out of a pre-programmed stupor…

            I challenge you to leave Lazy behind and become more self reliant and less government dependent… then you will have REAL PROSPERITY and Satisfaction.

          • RJ

            You are correct not by enslaving, but by in slaving people…As for as challenging me to become less government dependent, tell it to ALL YOU RIGHT WINGERS WHO WANT TO PUT OUR MILITARY GOVERNMENT FORCES IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

          • Yipicya

            Actually not, merely a way for the Democratic Party trying to cover up their racist past. It’s not Republicans that keep Indians on reservations, poor or blacks in the ghetto on welfare. That would be people like you.

            PS only one dixiecrat left the Democratic party…. Mix in a history book, racist

          • J C Leslie

            Actually, by taking away education reform, jobs programs, welfare, SNAP and every other program meant to uplift underprivileged youth out of the ghetto, the Republican party is EXACTLY who is keeping them there. If you think leaving them to starve in the gutter is what’s going to help them, you don’t deserve to live.

          • SocietasDraconistrarumlit1

            Half truths. The hard core racists are still Democrats. Learn about Michigan, Wayne County, Detroit. One of the most racist and Democrat places left. Other than maybe Chittown….

          • Seth Davidson

            bad spin nobody believes it.

          • Cow Cookie

            Robert Byrd was a democrat and a former KKK grand dragon until the day he died.

          • Alex Smith

            RJ recheck your history bub Lincoln was affiliated with the Republican party which well ummm FREED SLAVES… I think you are trying to rewrite history and doubt you have ever read anything of that nature…THNX

          • illuminatedascension

            Democrat was originallly the racist party now its republicans things change whats your point? They are 2 cheeks of the same ass. There is no doubt that the republicans are the overtly racist party of this decade if you are disputing that you are either stupid or a racist.

          • Yipicya

            What do you think is more racist?

            Keeping people in the ghetto/reservation by not giving them access to the best levels of education, (schools who teach and are held accountable) because you are beholden to teachers unions?

            Or allowing them options to pick schools that will help them up and out of the circle of poverty?

            Encouraging the circle of poverty in minority families by making it easier for young minority males to support their families by NOT supporting them, thereby allowing baby mamas to get WIC, AFDC, Welfare etc. All of which doesn’t add up to a livable wage?

            Or encouraging them to stay together by economic empowerment zones, job training and tax incentives?

            The problem you have is you love minorities, alright. You love them in ghettos and reservations. Out of your eyesight unless they are mowing your lawn, washing your car or serving you drinks at the casino. As people, you consider them subhuman animals, incapable of living on their own without the Great White (Liberal) Father telling them how to live and throwing them some breadcrumbs so they don’t starve to death, right away

          • MrUniteUs1

            Southern Democrats also denied Constitutional and Civil rights including the right to vote up until the 1960’s. Then most became Southern Republicans.

          • Marga Watrous

            You mean the Dixiecrats that later became the Republican Party? I thought that was who you were talking about.

          • Rick E

            LOVE THIS, with 1 small change: ALL politicians create problems, promise to fix them, and never do.

          • LiBerty

            hmmm… Since when does it matter if you are Republican or Democrat if slave owning is the question? If you’re an asshole it doesn’t matter what ‘political party’ you are a member of.

          • Jean Valjean

            Yes, but that was back when the “Democrats” were conservatives and the “Republicans” were liberals.

            When you acknowledge that fact your point falls flat.

          • MrUniteUs1

            Yep Southern democrats. Southern Democrats also denied Constitutional and Civil rights including the right to vote up until the 1960’s. Then most became Southern Republicans.

          • Sierra Girl

            Karen, you do understand how the party labels completely shifted, correct? The personalities stayed the same.

          • BD

            History, little darlin’… the Democrats where the Conservatives back then… times change, eh?

          • J C Leslie

            And those DEMOCRATS were CONSERVATIVES who later joined the GOP!!! Remember THAT TOO!!! Learn a little non-revisionist history, moron.

        • Anthony Peetz

          Lets not overlook the tribes that defeated and sold other weaker tribes to the slave traders. Nowhere in the world do blacks have a good life without the white mans help. Blacks are still living in mud huts, swatting flies from their AIDS infected offspring and praying to a God, that the evil white devil sends money to UNICEF or that the white devil delivers more foreign aid. But, the ungrateful animals here can only bitch and moan, they dont know how good they have it. As far as slavery goes, there aren’t any slaves or slave owners alive, society is 149 yrs past it, the blacks have no link to it, anymore than any white American living today.

          • Das Boot

            Don’t forget the Lord’s Army in central Africa, and similar factions who steal children from their families and force them into military service. Then they often times force them to murder their families so they have no one to come back to, or they chop the limbs off their family members so they can’t come after their children. Wonderful people those Africans.

          • Nicola Walters

            Don’t advertise your stupidity.

          • major Bubba

            And now they have offered us Ebola. Gee thanks.

          • Nicola Walters

            You’re so silly – white people don’t help black people. The only thing you were right about was the “white devil” terminology.

          • Evan Wilbanks

            You so right. Whitey is always out to get the black man….. (sic) *rolleyes*

          • alwaysright21

            n!99er alert.

          • ElevenAlpha

            spoken like a true conservative.

          • alwaysright21

            a true truck tire nose monkey boy is trying to control its inner chimp. why not show your true colors downlo n!99erboy?

        • Duayne Howard

          Thank you. I was going to say, it was actually blacks who started selling slaves to America…

          • CURTIS VENABLE

            There seems to be a belief that the SLAVE TRADER ships mostly came from what is now America. Actually most if not all of those ships were from predominately europe . Another little know fact it seems is that when these ships unloaded black slaves they also TOOK ON white slaves who were kidnapped and they were taken to other regions of the world and sold just as black slaves were sold here. The people who were rioting in this incident seemed to be mostly younger individuals. That means that their parents passed down the notion that black people were OWED something from white people. I was very lucky in the fact that my mother and father NEVER looked down on anyone because of color and they were Hard working church going DIRT FARMERS and the taught us FIFTEEN children to respect everyone. I left home at the age of 17, I never got any help from anyone but I have by my own hard work and using the beliefs that my father taught me been able to read a peaceful and productive life. I served my country for 22 years and I hold myself and every other person ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.

          • louis valeriano

            you are my kind of man.

        • illuminatedascension

          Sir I dont recall irish slaves being torn from their land and brought halfway across the planet having their entire history and identity replaced with a sense of self hatred. This is not to trivialize whatever you think your people went through but our story here is unique in all of history so you can go elsewhere with that nonsense.

          • J C Leslie

            You should maybe study New York in the 1800’s. The Irish came of their own accord. They were still considered no better than slaves at the time. And the Chinese who built the transcontinental railroad were treated even worse.

        • Guest


        • John Partridge

          LOL i live in Texas and i know more whites that can’t read well than any other of the races i know… and there were a handful of black slave owners… that’s like comparing the population of the smallest town of Alaska to New York… Also, The Irish were slaves also to whites… so your point is mute. I generally try not to pick sides in these kind of things because arguing on the internet isn’t going to solve the world problems… If people want to live with hate in their hearts then there is nothing any of us on the internets can say to stop that. Ignorance is ignorance, and you sir, are ignorant.

        • givingUpontheUS

          Thank you… why do the white people know this and the blacks dont… oh eff me, that’s right… one must know how to do that thing called read… research.

        • Shaun Mckenna

          Look up Irish slavery! Blacks owned us÷

        • GetYourFactsStraight

          That’s right Andrew M. they forget that the first actual slave owners were black people and they sold their race(people) into slavery. What about the Native Americans, they were also enslaved,raped, murdered,etc. but do you here them whining about it all these years later ? What about other races, why do black people think they are the ONLY race that has ever been treated bad? They’re a lot of racist people in this world and the sad thing is most of them are black. They hate white people because they think we owe them something, we owe them nothing, what our ancestors done has nothing to do with us in the here and now, if they;re gonna hate all white people because of that then they need to hate their own people as well.

        • Nyarlathotep

          Really? So you’re telling me that Irish people were not allowed to marry white “native” american women, but blacks could?

      • Das Boot

        Remember when that was 150 years ago, before you, your parents, grand parents and even great grand parents were even alive?

        • Karyn Bowman

          Remember when a black teenager was beaten to death for whistling at a white woman? Yeah, that happened in the 1950s, not so long ago. Or when Black people were given tests so they could vote or when the national guard had to protect black students attending a white school? That was in the 1960s. How about a black man knowing if he spoke up about anything could result in a burning cross in his yard or a noose around his own neck? Or that in the Southern states blacks weren’t allowed to own guns. Nope, can’t imagine why black people would have any latent anger.

          • Justin

            Oooohhh, I understand your logic! We should understand and rationalize why blacks hate whites because of what a minority of whites did. So, if we are to follow your logic, it is safe to say that since blacks are responsible for over 50% of crime in the USA that every black is a criminal. We should also apply your logic and say that since blacks beat out whites per capita in being leaders of welfare/government benefits (snap, cash assistance, HUD vouchers) that ALL blacks are nothing but government giveout leeches, This is using your logic, not mine.

            Meanwhile, when that horrible slave trade that was going on, there were these less talked about Barbary pirates who enslaved a 1.5 million whites. While on the other side of Africa, your fellow blacks were selling each other like fruit, having them shipped across the ocean to the North and South America. Do you know where the majority of those slaves went? South America, with a mere >1 million going to the USA. But you already knew this right? Oh, ok.

          • LadyScot

            Remember a few years ago when a bunch of black kids beat a white kid to death? The fact is, there is always crime on both sides. Using slavery as an excuse is a cop out.

          • alexal

            Well said, Karyn.

      • Susan Hopkins
      • Dana Davis

        That’s been happening for years in South Africa. You also seem to ignore the fact that there was white slavery in America, too.

        • Anthony Peetz

          And now a little research will reveal the mass slaughter of whites in.present day south Africa. No one bats an eye at that.

      • Eric

        Read your history Nyarlathotep. Black people in Africa enslaved other black people and sold them to blacks, Arabs and whites. Hundreds of thousands of white people were also sold in Africa and by Muslims. Most of the came from ships and southern Europe. Before the Civil War there were just as many white slaves as black slaves. Poor white people were forced out of Europe and sold to people in America. White slaves were sold in the north where they lasted longer in the cold and black slaves were predominately sold in the south where the heat is more comparable to Africa. Thats the biggest reason the north was against slavery. It was harder to condone seeing someone of your own ancestry in bondage. Slavery continues today in Africa where black people are still enslaving other black people. But who predominately riots and loots?

      • Das Boot

        Here’s another one; remember 150 years ago when the population of the US was 1/10th what it is today in 1865 (that’s the year abolition of slavery became law)? Remember when only about 6% of total households in the US owned slaves? This means NOT ALL whites owned slaves. In fact, a very small fraction of them did, and the likelihood of the VAST majority of whites today even being related to those that did is slim to none. The US experienced more immigration booms post-slavery as well, particularly from European nations, which means the white population became even more dilute with non-slave owners. So please, do us all a favor, and stop playing victim for something you were never a victim of, and also stop blaming those who where not there or even likely related to those who were. We don’t owe you anything.

        • Jennifer Baltzley

          Remember reading that we are now a MINORITY?!? We come in behind Hispanic and Black populations…

          • dedicated teacher

            Are you saying there are less whites in America than Hispanic and Black combined? You need to check your census information, Whites still make up 72% of the population, 12% black, and Hispanic 16%.

          • alwaysright21

            that’s 100% what about t Asians Indians and Arabic, n!99ers don’t count I guess

          • J C Leslie

            Way to swallow that conservative fear-aid.

          • alexal

            And yet somehow white people still have more privileged access to education, jobs, etc. than any minority group in the US. Racism is still rampant (just read some of the comments on this very page).

      • Doug Collins

        Yea …how many years ago? No one alive today was part of that get over iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Quintin Trout

        Remember when it was black slavers selling black folks to anyone who stopped with a ship and money?? Yeah didn’t think you would, why not look to your ancestors first before condemning others for doing the same???

      • David Barton

        How about any one that claims to be anything other than american go back to where ever the first part is, whether it is Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or oh yea African. And by the way I am willing to bet not one of the “African Americans” can name an actual country in Africa they are from.

      • Loretta Hanna Balentine

        Research white slavery… it existed. Just not focused on or taught. Was the poor from Ireland, Australia, and even parts of England. Same story as slaves from Africa……. the poor sold by the wealthy of their native land.
        I don’t remember it since it was too many years ago….but it existed just the same. Do some research and get back to us

      • Adam Maxwell

        Um you may want to RE READ History you Moron! Because my Ancestors were Enslaved raped and Forced to breed with yours for over 150 years! They are known as the forgotten white slaves! Better known today as the IRISH! Also you need to read who the First Slave owner in the history of America was! Because he was BLACK!!

      • SeRiOuSLy!!??

        and don’t forget the whites enslaved during the barbery coast, indentured servants and the fact of having slaves and slave trading still happening in africa and middle east.

      • Dennis211

        Actually white people do have a history of being enslaved….I would suggest you take a look at every Empire starting with the Ancient Empires and work your way to modern times…..You will find that EVERY race of people has a history of Slavery…..I would suggest you educate yourself

      • H. Zayre

        Well, then you either senile, a liar, or a goddamn fool? Which is you??? Watch and learn you ignorant ass know-nothing chump!

        • woss

          I love it when a guy gets in front of the camera, talks for 8 minutes and says absolutely nothing…..

      • 3500 black slave owners, in America alone. That doesn’t include all the ones in Africa.

      • Stephen Zorn

        Barbary pirates captured whites and made slaves of them. Reading is a good thing before you start to make a point.

      • Jennifer Baltzley

        The slave owners that abused their slaves the most were Democratic voters…Republican voters that owned slaves and actually treated their slaves reasonably caught flack about it. Really need to read up on the whole 1800’s and before that…Slaves were not mistreated until Democratic lawmakers realized they thought they could get away with it.

      • woss

        whats that got to do with today? Most people who engage in looting aren’t educated enough to know the history of this country.

      • Thomas Morgan

        that would be the Irish and Chinese …….. oh and lets not forget WHO first enslaved and sold those slaves in the first place ……… OTHER BLACKS

      • Ghost_Babel

        That’s a great excuse for failure.

      • KChandler

        Yeah it just didn’t happen in this country, that is why this country came about. Slavery is wrong and it has happened to every race and even more in particular to women of all races but in this country legal slavery does not exist. I do not understand how anyone feels they are entitled to a hand out because of something that happened in previous generations of their family especially when it has happened in almost all families throughout history to all races and nationalities. If someone died by death penalty in a state that no longer has the death penalty, is their family owed something because a wrong was committed? No, at the time it was done it was legal, is the death penalty right or wrong, that is up for debate but if it is legal then technically no wrong was committed. Am I saying slavery was right, no of course not, but it was legal. The law was changed therefore you move to change laws where injustice happens and you move forward, you don’t stay rooted in the past, because if you do then all those brave men and women that fought to change it, fought for nothing. They fought to move forward so that is what should be done. Also don’t forget slaves were and are sold into slavery by their own people the buyers and the sellers were and are in the wrong, one side is not more guilty than the other, but unless it is happening now, you are owed nothing it is part of history leave it there. I want to know how many generations before we get stronger and unite?

      • Casey H

        Remember when Native Americans would riot because they never got over the fact that mostly white people nearly wiped out their entire population.

      • Brandon Kelley

        I’m Irish, Indian, and Polish. Do we need to have the discussion about a rough past for our ancestors? I don’t hold any of that against anyone. Let’s not judge by the color of skin, but the content of one’s character. Or should I be racist based on what I see a group of people doing or maybe act foolish because of the bad that happened to “my people” in the past.

      • disqus_fXjYHEEksA

        White slavery or White Slaves may refer to:

        The capture and enslavement of as many as 1.25 million white Europeans beginning around 1530 to 1780, probably exceeding the trans-Atlantic black slave activity during the first 100 years.[1]
        Europeans, abducted from Italy, Spain, Portugal,France, England and as far away as Iceland were enslaved in lethal occupations in quarries, heavy construction and as rowers of the corsair pirate ships. Women were sold into sexual slavery.[2]
        The enslavement by North Africans in the Arab slave trade of peoples other than black Africans, such as Europeans, especially during that trade’s early days[3]
        A term for human trafficking and sexual slavery.

      • chris

        Hence you forget the Roman Empire days. White were slaves for 500 years. You should actually thank the black government that sold black ancestors to America. Your ancestors had it tough. So did mine. I’m Scottish. I’m Czech. But the fact is a very bad thing brought you to a country where only hatred, blame and doubt can hold you back from living a rather enjoyable life. Instead of playing the highly overused race game, roll up your sleeves and get a piece of America. Don’t want to? It’s not whiteys fault, it’s not the immigrants fault, it’s not your teachers or parents fault., its yours

      • Marty11us

        And remember the white Irish slaves that served beside their black brethren? And the many black slaveholders? Check out the Movie America – it will open your eyes to what is left out of the history books and why.

      • Jim

        Remember when some of those above white slave owners in your comment were actually black? I do. Remember when a little farther back in history that the color of your skin did not keep a person from becoming a slave? I do.

      • MarkAV8R

        So, I guess if your great-great grandfather was a slave, you get a free pass to loot, pillage and plunder (white people, of course, but I guess Koreans will do in a pinch).

      • Henry Williamson

        Check your memory then, every race has been a slave, but i dont remember because i was never a slave.
        If you haven’t been a slave or felt the direct impact of it then stop bitching.
        You are free live with it.

      • alwaysright21

        _./._ mr. Raccoon says, “quit calling us n!99ers!”

      • Excuse me, But just take a trip down memory lane in the Mediterranean North African Coast, There were thousands of white slaves during the middle ages and after, Slavery is still practiced today by Muslims in Africa, and the Middle East ISIS, You do know who they are?

        Ever race, color creed has been victim to slavery, And in case they the PC Teachers didn’t tell you, 750,000 Men in America died to end slavery during the Civil War, Now remove your head from where the sun don’t shine.

      • Zachary A Muller

        NONE of you were even born when slavery was going on. Even your parents and grandparents were not born!!!!

      • Dusten Gardner

        do the moors count as black wait yes they are and they help white slaves in northern africa for several 100 years if you look at the history of asia minor and africa you will see people of all races held in slavery for 1000s of years

      • Reef Blastbody

        Let’s also not forget that the coastal tribes in the African nations who made war on their neighbors specifically to take captives to sell to the Portugese, and fought very fiercely against any encroachments by the Portugese to cut them out of the loop and capture slaves directly.

        Without the enthusiastic support of those two groups, there would not have been a slave trade. The Portugese were the #1 supplier of slaves to the European nations and their colonies and the fledgling USA.

        Of course, no one ever mentions the role blacks played in selling their own countrymen into slavery when the topic is brought up.

      • USMC Gunny

        Umm, Nyarlathotep, read your history partner. During the Islamic Expansion into Europe, the muslims hauled hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of White Europeans into slavery.

        The word “slave” comes from the word Slav (eastern European, usually associated with Russians), those pretty Eastern European girls were REAL popular in the various harems and brothels in the Islamic world. No telling how many of them disappeared into God-awful, horrific lives that probably didn’t last long.

        Slavery has been a part of the human condition for a lot longer than it hasn’t been. The world only started getting a conscience about it in the last 250 years or so, by the way, the anti-slavery movement started in England, White Christian England.
        One the things you are forgetting is that Africans were actively involved in the trade. Also that before the first European showed up to buy slaves in Africa, the Arabs had already been slaving in Africa for 300 years. A whole lot more went north to the Arab world than came west to the New World. Slavery is still practiced in Africa, and in the Islamic world today. Of course you probably don’t care about that, because you can’t blame that one on us icky ol’ palefaces.

      • Jean Valjean

        I don’t think any of us has personal memories of these things to remember.

        However, I do recall from my history lessons that it was black Africans who captured and sold other Africans into slavery.

        So then, white people did not “enslave” black people. Some merely bought and sold Africans who were already slaves. The actual enslavement was done by blacks.

        In fact, slavery was so common in Africa that it’s very likely that many of the original slaves who came to the Americas had enslaved other Africans before they themselves were captured and enslaved. Irony?

      • Figures

        LOL get over it. No one alive today has anything to do with that.

      • alwaysright21

        mr. Raccoon says, “quit comparing us to n!99ers!”

      • Aaron R

        I don’t remember when black people had a history of being enslaved, lynched, and raped with impunity for about a hundred years by white people and forced to live lives picking fields of cotton for absolutely no money by a bunch of rich white dudes, either, but neither does anybody else who’s currently alive. If your post is some sort of blanket excuse for black people doing stupid things (I’m not trying to say all black people do stupid things or white people never do stupid things or anything like that, so put the race card down) it’s a ridiculously weak one, and if it’s not, I have no idea what it is.

      • SocietasDraconistrarumlit1

        Remember when the Cro-magnon’s wiped out the Neanderthal because they were different? I want reparations for the Neanderthal.

        Now go directly to H E double hockey sticks and learn the history of mankind.

      • Guest


      • Sean Dew

        Romans enslaved whites(Britain and Western Europe) for 1000 years, then the Muslims took over for 800 yrs after Rome fell, until the crusades pushed them back to their desert. it’s history look it up….400 years? piffle. …. Oh and Africans enslaved each other and sold Africans to Arabs who ran the slave trade and still own slaves (see Slavs) today (was still legal in Saudi Arabia in 1970) …truth hurts huh??? slavery was a world wide phenomenon we are the only people to go to war to end it , and we were one of the first to do so, that’s right “evil” America!!

      • Ballistic45

        Yeah, I remember that, now we call them Democrats and they are still enslaving the White Man to support them, we should all target the Black Community and rob, loot and destroy it, Oooops, I forgot, Blacks are robbing, looting and destroying their own neighborhoods… I wounder why they are doing that? Idiots….. Must be because they feel guilty of how they treat whites, the racist……

      • Jim Turner

        Remember when black people ran wild, looting, raping, robbing and killing? I do because it happens every day RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!!! NOT 150 YEARS AGO!!!!!!

      • Kamron Shepard

        Remember when that was long enough ago that none of those people are alive today? Remember how it was other black tribesmen in Africa that sold them into slavery in the first place. Remember when that defense became a broken record?

      • JJ

        We have all been slaves at one point or another my brother. We all continue to be slaves today to our own government. You shouldn’t be stuck on the past and look to the present . I HAVE BEEN WRONG MORE TIMES BY BLACKS BUT I DO NOT HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT. WHY?? BECAUSE YOU DIDNT DO IT TO ME .

      • Cow Cookie

        Benjamin Franklin was sold into indentured servitude when he was 14. He ran away from his bondage when he was 17 – moved to Boston as an escaped slave, and started his own newspaper after becoming an apprentice to a pamphlet printer.

        And one of the greatest acts of Heroism took place on a British ship when a company of men, led by a black man, stole papers and gave vital intelligence to the American Revolutionary Army.

        American history is more than what you’ve been sold by the plantation owners at the democrat socialist party. Learn it.

      • fredbailey

        It happened in Africa for over 100 years.

        They kidnapped white Europeans.

        Your race baiting ain’t working- the spots have worn off the race card.

      • Mike Hall

        Servants typically worked under an indenture contract for four to seven years to pay off their passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues. Showing that slavery was not permanent……..they were released after a contracted period with many of the indentured receiving land and equipment after their contracts expired or were bought out. Here is the first black slave owner.

      • usc1801

        So something that happened over 140 years ago is an excuse to go loot and burn down businesses? Is that going to be your excuse for life? IS that going to be your excuse for 70% of blacks being born out of wedlock, performing so poorly in schools, shooting one another up, and looting everything you can get your hands on?

      • Debbie Forthun Kitchen

        You need some history lessons as you are completely out of touch with the world. Slavery has occurred for 1000’s of years, all races, all nationalities, all religions. Blacks don’t have the corner on slavery just the 100 year pity party afterwards.

        • Nyarlathotep

          How am I out of touch with the world? I asked one simple question. I didn’t say anything about how white people didn’t have it rough to. You’re fabricating a perception of me and what you think my beliefs are based off of one hypothetical question. And it’s driving you guys nuts. This is awesome.

      • Sinth

        Sounds to me like you don’t have a grasp on European history. For centuries North Africans and Middle Easterners enslaved Europeans whites. There was even considerable internal white slavery. Ever heard of the great Irish slave trade? Somebody should probably stop watching TV and do their homework.

      • Mitch Peoples

        Uh, remember when AFRICAN AMERICANS made deals with the Dutch traders to sell out their own kind as “slaves”, starting the phenomenon? I thought not. Do you remember when AFRICAN AMERICANS came to the “new world” as free men or indentured servants working to pay for their voyage? I thought not. It wasn’t until the greedy King of England forced the settlers to enslave the AFRICAN AMERICANS in order to produce more goods for export back to England. I thought so. Let’s take some history lessons!

      • no

        actually, sir, whites were slaved to african tribes 100s years before america was even thought of…

      • WARIII

        Yes as a matter of fact , the Jews(who are caucasian) were enslaved in Egypt(who at that time were mostly black) for 400 years.

      • WARIII

        Oh, and don’t forget, the vast majority of blacks captured in Africa were captured by other blacks and sold to muslims, wjo sold them to the British. And NO I am NOT rewritting histoery.

      • Rick E

        And that was an incredible injustice and a horrible era of American history. However, that’s ancient history. How about the fact that African tribal leaders sold their people into slavery? I’m sure that you know no one who was, and that your grandparents know no one, who was a slave. Just like I know no one, and my grandparents knew no one, who was a slave owner. The more you hide behind that excuse for your actions, or lack of action, the more you perpetuate a victim mentality. The more you convince yourself and act like a victim, the more your going to be treated as a second-class citizen. I don’t know about you, but this is the very image that all of my black friends are fighting to erase. There are no victims in 2014, unless they made themselves one! Don’t like your situation? Pull up your big boy pants and do something to change it! Black, white, green, or polka-dot you can get an education loan, or serve in the military and get Vet Affairs benefits, to pay for an education (and be in hock up to your a$$)–same as me!

      • JB

        There were actually Irish slaves first in this country and were sold for less than black slaves. Read your history! White people have been slaves too. But we are over it. Only difference.

      • john d

        You don’t remember it either because you were not there you dumb f_co.

      • givingUpontheUS

        Ah yes…. the good ole days…. when blacks worked… never a day since

      • Alex Smith

        You obviously have not read very much history Nyarlathotep…In early Ireland Whites were enslaved by the Moor’s of Africa which would also explain a lot about the Irish hatred towards Africans in early America…Please people pick up books and read before you speak so that you can stop making an ass out of yourself and me as Americans…Thnx

      • Nate
      • mensatoo

        Actually YES I do the history that blacks want suppressed, they were indenture servants from Europe and cheaper to obtain than black slaves. Servitude could be 7-20 years and you were just about as poor as when you started . So how is it that Slavery still exist in Africa , oh and did any of the Chiefs who sold the slaves to the traders ever get prosecuted ?

      • Albert C. Lenox

        Of course you can say for sure some of your relatives were there? That is history and how does it affect people today? Are you picking fields? Whites can say the same thing all of the Irish, Italians and other immigrants were paid low wages and forced to live in ghettos. However, they managed to strive and grow it was not from handouts it was from hard work.

      • dan

        but that makes you the fool. because history told me that it was your own people that sold you to the spanish but then again, nobody talks about the irish being enslaved years before the blacks were were….

      • wormhd883

        Remember when the red skin ( I.E. my people ) were slaughtered and in slaved to different place’s. I believe we were the first slaves …. yet we are not sitting here whining about it , a lot of our people still struggle yes, but a lot have gone on to college made better of themselves and some have come back to their people to share their learning , i.e. Doctor’s , teachers , medic’s… We are a proud people and have tried to better ourselves.. If the Black man better’s himself his brothers and sisters of color call him Uncle Tom… why because they know how to get out of the world that they don’t want to be in …. All of this was non-since

      • Dale Starling

        Get over it that is ancient history. You were never enslaved, raped or picked cotton. And remember it was blacks who sold other blacks as slaves. Just think had that not happened you would still be running around naked from lions and tigers in Africa. So be thankful for what you have and be a contributing member of society instead of being part of the problem.

      • wantingpeace

        Please search your history Lynching has been around for years, Irish slaves, Italian slaves, English slaves, etc. Slavery has been around for many years before America was discovered. We can only look at the past as a learning experience and make a brighter tomorrow. I hope that we all see that the media wants a race war instead of peace. We must do something to have a better future for our youth. We are all the same in God’s eyes.

      • Steve Hartsock

        Then you better read some African history.

      • Jonny

        If you actually paid attention in history class, this was done in the middle east a long time ago. Maybe not picking cotton, but some form of agriculture. Besides, who the hell cares? People need to stop living in the past. Frikkin’ Ferguson riots… I hope we all realize that our country’s government is still in turmoil, and these riots have accomplished NOTHING.

      • jim

        I think you need to go back and check real honest history instead of what the liberal media puts out as history. Slavery came from Africa they had slaves a long time before any were imported to America. The Romans had slavery long before America was even discovered. If there was a way to go back and make an accurate count I think you would find many more Whites were slaves

      • Bizdaddy

        You remember being enslaved? How old are you?

      • dghboy

        Actually whites were and still are slaves in Africa and the Barbary coast it was only in 2007 when it was made illegal they take women t be sex slaves and men for hard work

      • Joanie

        Yes. The Irish were the first slaves .look it up on the Internet .they were brought cheaper then then black slaves and were treated much worse .you all need to read more

      • 2ndKentucky

        Ummmm, yeah, they were”t in slaved by the blacks but never the less
        I do do remember them being called the, “Stink’in Irish!”

        It ‘s been recorded in history that black
        Slaves in early NY once remarked that they were being treated badly – almost as bad as the IRISH and they wouldn’t stand for it!

    • Festus Allcock
      • KChandler

        this would have been a good starting point for research for a lot of people that have no clue, except for the language. I stopped it before it is over and won’t show it to a child or share it. Clean it up so it can actually be useful

    • jules

      It’s not about race. It’s about young men growing up without fathers in their homes. THAT’s who commits violent crime. Race is irrelevant; culture IS the reason — these rioters were brought up without fathers to reign them in.

    • MrUniteUs1

      Remember white people on the jury also voted to acquit Simpson.
      Personally I thought he did it. So did a friend of mind who was kicked off the
      jury. He’s a Black man. They said he kept staring a pictures of Simpson in his house.
      He said he wasn’t staring at Simpson he sees Simpson everyday in court. He was looking at some of the sports heroes and other celebrities he saw in the picture. I lived in L.A. at the time. I told reporters that I thought Simpson did it, during and after the trial but the media only wanted to interview Black people that thought he was innocent, the louder and less educated the better. Polls show that 30% Blacks thought he was guilty and 30% of Whites thought he was NOT guilty. I recall seeing a group of White and Black law students cheering the verdict, then the camera zoomed all the way in so you could only see Black students. That was NBC.

    • Shalove2

      No,White folks riot every day in courtrooms and banks and real estate offices and schools.Quite riots of white supremacy and white skin privilege. Giving harsher sentences to Black than white men for same or lesser crimes, denying loans to qualified Black business people or to Black folks seeking mortgages, red lining and subprime when you qualify for standard failing schools and failed students. Yeah white folks most certainly rioted when OJ was acquitted before he was and still to this present time.

    • Francis Akg Nyarku

      Nah, white people in America only riot over important things. Like losing at a football game….Or winning, even.

    • Mitch Peoples

      Rioting IS wrong., just ask all the damaged and destroyed businesses in Ferguson. Two wrongs NEVER make a right. But are you intelligent enough to know that leather shrinks when exposed to blood upon the drying process? OF COURSE IT DIDN’T FIT. What an unbelievable crime of injustice against the victims. But O.J. continues to suffer for his initial crimes. God, karma, call it what you will. It always comes back around; in this world or the next.

    • simpleones814

      Probably because it wasn’t due to institutional racism. If OJ lost the Super Bowl, then whites throw down! It’s all about priorities…

    • Uther

      What happened to the good ol’ fashioned sit ins lmao. If you have hate in your heart… let it out….

    • brianmc3113

      No, they just riot for “good” reasons …. like when their favorite team wins …. or loses, for that matter. Or when they are drunk at a pumpkin festival, like just recently. Now go shove a red hot fire poker up your asz you POS

      • Tom Parson

        Wow, what a well thought out and literate response. Do you kiss your mommy with that same mouth, you know, after she brings you cookies and milk all the way down those stairs? LOL LOL

  • Manly Vernon Baker

    So … did only non-blacks lose their jobs when the stores were looted and burned?

    • Bonnie

      no, everyone that worked there lost their jobs because there was no more store to go to. What a great way to help with unemployment and the economy.

  • Wiggle D

    Niggasynthesis at it’s finest. We’ve tolerated the violent monkeys for far too long.

  • dan3333333333

    The looters were a bunch of liberals.

    • Justanaveragejoeinmd

      They looked just like Obama.

      • Lostlittleboy

        Highly relevant statement- A scholar among the lowly commentators you’ve chosen to grace their presence with.. any other intellectual statements you’d care to share?

        (that’s sarcasm btw I know you’re such a scumbag you probably thought I was serious)

    • Marc83

      Yep. I’m sure they were all politically involved liberals with well defined positions on national policy positions. Not like they were just random criminals or anything.

  • Steve Novotny

    They have the right to protect what is theirs. Why can’t the libtards understand that? How many people were in fear of their lives because of the actions of this riotous mob? Had some of them been armed the situation would have been different. Even then the libs who were protected by those who chose to defend what was theirs would still be against gun ownership.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Walmart employees cowered???? Did not one of themnthink to get a gun from sporting goods????

    • Justanaveragejoeinmd

      And they would have been fired.

      • NickRepublic

        Fired, then sued, brought up on charges, then been the subject of a WalMart press release which would state in part “…cannot condone the actions of…”

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        That would just be stupid, I would think, protecting the store from vandalism and theft. Smh. But that’s the world we live in.

    • Toni Welnhofer

      If they did that, they’d be caught & charged with stealing…lol

    • MusicGuy314

      I may be wrong, but I don’t think that particular Wal-Mart sells and guns or ammo.

      • Dr. Obvious

        I bet they sell machetes

  • Sam Durham

    Those people are animals all they understand is a show of force and the use of force if needed. That’s why we can NEVER disarmed !

  • Codgewife2

    And blacks wonder why no one wants them around..and then Sharpton the race baiter holds a conference and fuels the flames…where is Jesse Jackson…oh I forgot he is visiting his son in prison.

    • Lostlittleboy

      Because there’s only one bad race of people who’ve ever done something bad to any other race of people.. let me help you out-

      • Rboo

        That’s not hard to do, now go to google and type in black hate crimes against white. Because it goes both ways. Black men rob, murder, rape, beat, white men & women I would say as much or more. But it doesn’t get as much press. But you better believe they have footage because I just saw it the other day. So smartass, go check it out.

        • Lostlittleboy

          This isnt difficult.. the whole point was to say there IS no such thing as one race who only does bad things to any other race-the fact that it even needed to be pointed out to the other dumbass is absurd in and of itself but of course you didn’t say anything to his biased view. It goes without saying to someone with common sense but then again that says something as well that it needs to be mentioned here doesnt it.

      • Quintin Trout

        Ah but you always must bring up the past, why not show the present and see that most of the violence being committed world wide is coming from the minorities( blacks, muslims, islamists)???? Whens the last time you heard ” white mob rioting and looting because a black man shoots a white teen”, you don’t hear it because most whites take responsibility for their actions and not go around blaming another race!!! Why is it the last three riots we have had in this country have been from blacks, and they caused more damage than the initial reason for the riots??? Grow up and learn to take responsibility for yourselves, remember you are the ones showing the world what animals you are!!!!

  • Mark Hess

    If this were white supremacist or white bikers or white mobs the National Guard would be called in. Its because they are black the PC sentiment let’s the negro lawless mobs get a free pass

  • Mark Hess

    Well known that blacks in groups get that tribal mob mentality of lawlessness. That’s as a whole. You know its true. And cannot say otherwise. Period

  • Jkc

    Animals on the loose

  • disqus_rC9x7dle3x

    and the race baiters will come to stir it up more.

  • David Michael

    The liberals are defending the rioters because they are “right” to be angry and rioting is the only recourse they have. To people who think like that, there is NO reasoning, especially where guns are concerned. They probably think it’s unfair that the rioters DIDN’T have guns.

    • CajunRay

      I understand their anger but they are focusing it in the wrong direction. I’ve never understood the “I’m mad do I’m going to burn down my own neighborhood” concept. That’s not something white people do.

      • Wedge

        That’s not something white people do.. no its actually, *that’s not something anyone with a functioning brain would do*! I agree with your philosophy, but many blacks are looking around at the same time asking WTF are you doing?

        • CajunRay

          My point is that when it happens, it’s in the black community. Even people in the community who normally wouldn’t get caught up in mob mentality and *almost* can’t control themselves.

      • richard scalzo

        Outsiders are coming in to do that. All those arrested, check their home town. Bet it’s outside this community.

        • CajunRay


  • Bubba

    That’s what happens when you let these people out at night. They destroy their own house and blame it on anyone else. That way none of it is their fault and the taxpayers take the hit for rebuilding. The good guys have every right to defend their business, with force if needed.

  • MsSilverado

    Good for them! More power to them.

  • RVNMike

    Now the cops and politicians will go after them.

  • Amy Parker

    This is going to have to be the norm. Some are becoming more savage and illiterate each passing day.
    I found an article yesterday about “Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About” at The article is a tad lengthy, however informative (and utterly sickening!)
    My question: Why aren’t we protesting these horrendous black on white crimes? Some of the incidents described are actions that the biggest scum bag, animal hater wouldn’t perform!!!!

    • thestormy

      Another good source is World Net Daily. Title: White Girls Bleed.A detailed account of black gangs attacking white people because they are white. On one on one attacks,always gangs on 1 or 2 people. Cowards all !!!

      • richard scalzo

        That’s the best source you can find? They are a joke.

    • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

      If it happens enough martial law will be declared, and that is what this administration wants.

    • DMCRN

      Because NOTHING happens! That’s NOT the way Obama and Holder want it! It’s shameful–but so are they….

      • richard scalzo

        The state has a majority in both houses of Republicans. So what have they done for the state? Keep blaming the WH for every state issue.

        • Jim

          Not in this district and not the governor.

  • buba smith

    Good for them same as i did in Miami when we had that happen here with looters. Police are good but mostly only after something happens and are not going to able to stop mobs or looters( to many looters and very few police)

  • Mark 2112

    gee, another riot, more damage done all caused by those damn Amish kids!

    • bob_h

      I thought they were Scandinavians…

  • Robert L. Rice

    only armed people,stop thugs

  • Toni Welnhofer

    its sad, but this is what gives Black Ppl a bad stigma. Yesterdays article said this town is 70% black. So this is how your treat the ppl in your community, who have businesses in your town? Why is it their fault what the police did. Wheres your common sense ppl? You might as well go join the terrorist in Iraq if this is the behavior you seek for your own justice. This is America, a peacefull protest of the wronging of a cop killing a kid is acceptable. But trashing ppl’s livleyhood, and useing this terrible incident as an excuse to ruin & steal from your town is absurd. Another commenter is right, you dont see white ppl doing this ever. Im not a racist, I believe we all are Americans. And its time we started acting like one, All of us! We have bigger dangers ahead, you shouldnt waste your aggressions on innocent ppl!

    • DMCRN

      These are the same people who are going to wonder why they have to drive so far to get groceries, why they have to drive so far to get gas, why there is no corner store for their kids to walk to, why there are no local jobs for their teenagers. I know….

      • richard scalzo

        No they aren’t. Because most aren’t from the town. Just like the media that rolls in, creates a story, then leaves. The town residents themselves have stated they are from outlying cities only there to take advantage of the situation.

  • Lois Elmore

    These people are looking for all the freebees they can get. They don’t care about the man who died….they just want the free stuff. Thanks to the give aways our federal government gives, they are trained to want more free and not have to work for it or pay for it. Sorry…but they don’t care about the dead. Raiding is an excuse and blaming other people is their way of life.

    • richard scalzo

      These looters probably aren’t from the town. Nothing more than an opportunity to steal.

  • Daniel Reuter

    America’s only hope is to return to Jesus Christ and repent from abortion or murder, same-sex marriage, the abundance of sexual immorality, drugs, etc. or lawlessness will continue and attacks from with in and without (terrorists) will rise and America will fall.

  • Luciusleftfoot

    What would one loot from a tattoo parlor? Hepatitis?

    • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

      Tattoo shops makes a lot of money and people usually pay with cash.

      • Dber

        And the equipment is worth a lot.

  • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

    Rioting, looting, complete destruction of businesses…..Obama must be salivating at the thought of more of this happening so martial law can be declared.

  • janmit63

    When are people ever gonna learn this crap is not gonna help any thing. What needs to be done is to make dam sure this murdering cop is brought to justice. I am so sick of all these killings of our innocent African American brothers & sisters. We need to united & love one & other.

    • DMCRN

      I’m not sure we know the full, real story. The cop says the kid was trying to get his gun. Witnesses say the kid had his hands in the air. The history of these cases tells us, that “witnesses” will say whatever it takes for the family to sue the city and get a chunk of cash. Their opinion is–“let the blacks get away with as much as possible.” Case in point: O.J.

      • JanetMermaid

        Recent history proves that cops will lie to protect their own asses. Video evidence has contradicted more than one recent story sworn to by a cop.

  • Brenda Golden

    Lead therapy will cure those who want to riot.

  • Dianne Hastie

    Amen ! This is the way Americans should be lined up when Obama’s army comes to confiscate our guns.

  • Nathan Wells Leonard

    I guess Target lived up to it’s name…….

  • Serrecko

    Oh noes. I can see the lawsuits now. The ACLU will sue the store owners that defended their property with guns, based on NOT allowing their stores fall prey to the looters. This indicates they are racists for not letting their stores be looted by blacks.

  • richard scalzo

    What were they going to loot from a tattoo parlor?

    • Dr. Obvious

      break windows, break equipment, steal tattoo guns…

    • ross mcglockness

      cash. i’m sure most of that business is cash.

  • kitty925

    Hope business owners refuse to re-build in Ferguson and the ones that are left should move out. Let them fend for themselves with no grocery stores, gas stations, etc. and they will whine about no “oppuhtunities”.

  • Wayne Varner

    Sad but this is why the second amendment was put there. The local police could not handle it. These thugs riot and steal. The only chance is to arm and defend. The mob will not come there.

  • Shawna Segovia

    But black people are NOT slaves today!! So they need to quit acting like it is them that are slaves!! I did not do that to their ancestors so I personally do not owe anyone anything!! They are just stealing!! This is not the way to protest against bad police!!

  • gypsie

    The 2nd Amendment doing its job!

  • CommSense

    The Militia should be protecting these businesses from the thugs and criminals

  • disqus_maK7ytzFbL

    That’s STL ink.. not riverfront tattoo

  • H. Zayre

    Perfect silver lining to this black (no pun) cloud in Missouri. It is PROOF POSITIVE that everyone should get they gat, and all anti-gat mouthpieces need to set the F down and shut the F on up!!!!! AMEN?

  • Stuart Stephens

    I am sick of ignorant people spouting off about history they know nothing about,white slaves in this country were “indentured servants” until they worked off their debts they were slaves ,Blacks were bought from slave traders many black many Arab,because they were prisoners taken in intertribal warfare and worth more alive”as slaves” than dead they were bought by dutch,Spanish .English and later Americans because they were stronger and didn’t die like the indians who could’nt hold up against simple diseases the europeans carried the muslims who took europeans as slaves were mostly Semites a few were black and a few were white.


  • Duayne Howard

    ‘They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak
    English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk…

    Why you ain’t

    Where you is

    What he drive

    Where he stay

    Where he work

    Who you be…

    And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk.

    And then I heard the father talk.

    Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except
    these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming
    out of your mouth.

    In fact, you will never get any kind of job making a
    decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to
    get an education, and now we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around.

    The lower economic people are not holding up their end
    in this deal.

    These people are not parenting. They are buying things
    for kids. $500 sneakers for what??

    And they won’t spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.

    I am talking about these people who cry when their son
    is standing there in an orange suit.

    Where were you when he was 2??

    Where were you when he was 12??

    Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn’t
    know that he had a pistol??

    And where is the father?? Or, who is his father?

    People putting their clothes on backward, isn’t that
    a sign of something gone wrong?

    People with their hats on backward, pants down around
    the crack, isn’t that a sign of something?

    Or, are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up?

    Isn’t it a sign of something when she has her dress all
    the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body?

    What part of Africa did this come from??

    We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans.
    They don’t know a thing about Africa .
    With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all
    of that crap, and all of them are in jail.

    Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer
    the white person’s problem.

    We have got to take the neighborhood back.

    People used to be ashamed. Today, a woman has eight
    children with eight different ‘husbands’ — or men or whatever you call
    them now.

    We have millionaire football players who cannot read.

    We have million-dollar basketball players who can’t write
    two paragraphs.

    We, as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working
    at Wal- Mart with seven kids… you are hurting us.

    We have to start holding each other to a higher standard.

    We cannot blame the white people any longer.

    – Dr. William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

    It’s NOT about color…
    It’s about behavior !!!

  • Le Cajun du foux

    Good for those store owners. More stores would have been spared if more store owners pulled their head out their butts. Nothing in this world is free. There is always a price to be paid. Security is not free not even from the government, especially from the government. There is a cost to be paid in both taxes and liberty. You want security, then you fight for it otherwise you are a door mat and there is a world full of nasty people out there that are more than willing to wipe their muddy feet all over you. The one sure way to both liberty and security is to walk softly and carry a big caliber shooting iron, preferably sever of them and a few thousand rounds to punctuate your instance to be left alone.

  • Stephen Zorn
  • itsmesunny

    This is NOT about race for you who are posting about that. This is about the emerging police state and the police academy’s that breed out of control law enforcement. Police departments and Sheriff departments.

    Maybe you all ought to look at the training .pdf’s at the training academy’s nation wide. Look at the one in your state. They are all online. Anyone who opposes this kind of garbage is considered an enemy of the state. This kind of twisted philosophy is what is being taught right now. Many towns/cites have already been given MRAP’s. Does your town/city have one or more? Look it up.

    This is about a show of brute force – completely UNconstitutional – being used to maintain the power and control of the police state and the submission of the rest of the people.

    These people that this story is about were/are smart. They used their heads and stopped their stores from being looted. Why??? Because they were armed. It’s so simple.

    This incident and incidents like happen over and over throughout history – towns, cities, states and countries. And that is how countries and empires are brought down.

    Armed people can protect themselves and if you do not, this is what will happen.

    The second amendment
    protects all the others. If you lose it, you can kiss the rest goodby.

  • Skyler Miller

    Not only should we have the right to bear arms, we should have the right to expel these mongrels from our neighborhoods. Go back to Africa and form your communist utopia, the working whites don’t want to be a part of it.

  • Manuel Sereno


    • JanetMermaid

      You are YELLING and you cannot spell or punctuate. Your argument is invalid.

  • Ghost_Babel

    Remember when white people caused their own problems and blamed everything on everyone else, rather than getting up off their asses, developing work ethic and making their own life better instead of waiting for a handout?

  • DisgustedAmerican

    That same protection occurred in the 60’s riots, in Little Italy, Baltimore. The rooftops were lined with store owners and family, armed to the teeth. Nothing was touched.

  • metroeco

    Do you believe that 2nd amendment rights and Open Carry belong to black people as well? Will you respect their right to walk peaceably through white neighborhoods with assault rifles?

    • Alan Thomas

      That right belongs to all people, black or white as long as they can pass a federal background check like anybody else. And carry responsibly…

    • Jake

      Yes. Yes I will, and the moment you (regardless of your color) try to burn down my house or business I will put you in the dirt.

  • pec3

    But this is why Obama wants these guns banned and the low capacity magazines, so they can have their free stuff.

  • alexal

    an unarmed boy was murdered by a policeman and you guys are concerned about gun rights? i’m speechless. gross.

    • Jon Fye

      1. He was 18, that’s a full grown man not a boy. 2. It’s been reported he was attempting to disarm the officer, which would warrant the response by the officer if true.

      • JanetMermaid

        It’s also been reported he was NOT attempting to disarm the officer. You’re believing the first story because he’s black and you’re not.

        • Don B Reedekulous

          Statistically the fact that he’s black tells us he has a propensity toward violence and frequently (constantly) exercises poor judgement in critical situations such as dealing with authority figures.

        • Jake

          He never said he believed it, he said it was reported. I don’t know which side was true, but I know that rioting, looting and burning buildings with people still inside them doesn’t solve a problem and makes you worse than either the officer or the suspect

    • Jon Fye

      I do believe there are more questions than answers however, such as why did the officer approach them to begin with etc. The point this article is making however is the only private property that was not looted, belonged to business owners who were armed. The unarmed ones were looted and burned to the ground.

  • Jean Valjean

    If you want to know how pro-gun politicians really think about guns then just ask them when they are going to repeal the laws which prohibit guns in government offices. If guns make us safer then they should be more than happy to allow them not only in schools and hospitals but also courthouses and legislatures. If they oppose allowing guns in those places then they aren’t as committed to gun rights as they claim.

    • Don B Reedekulous

      Were you dropped on your head at birth? Conservatives say carry a gun wherever! The “compromises” are necessary in order to deal with fools.

      • Jean Valjean

        Oh. So politicians get to ban guns in any place they might congregate or work but everywhere else is fine because guns make us safer?

        But if guns make us safer then why can’t we carry in state and federal buildings?

        And besides, if they ban guns then only criminals will have guns right? So, criminals aren’t going to listen to a gun ban in a state or federal building so it’s a useless law anyway and prevents law abiding citizens from exercising their God given 2nd Amendment right.

        So, I think we should put up or shut up. Either guns protect Americans and should be allowed everywhere or they don’t and they should be banned.

        I’m absolutely against banning guns of any kind, but it’s a slippery slope when we say it’s OK to ban them in state and federal buildings. It’s our right to keep and bear arms anywhere and these rights shall not be abridged. They are inalienable.

        Yet, for some people (Big Government) we allow them to ban guns. I think that makes us hypocrites.

  • Don B Reedekulous

    Ok so some of you want to say all republicans are racist. Fine. Let’s all agree this is true. Look at what the democrats who are running wild in Ferguson are doing and tell me what should be done about it? Understand the media are already hiding pertinent facts in the case so don’t bother offering that as a possible response. Do we pass a law giving black people immunity from punishment from laws, rules, and just plain common sense? Do we implement apartheid in the US? Do we continue to encourage illegitimacy, accept illiteracy, and celebrate diversity in the midst of this socially unacceptable behavior? What should we do dems? Republicans are all racists! Great! What has to happen to stop blacks from killing each other and burning down their neighborhoods! Maybe the solution is to start calling Republicans Effing Racists instead of just racists! Liberal name calling has always been so effective I’m surprised we are not living in Utopia but the reality is liberalism is a blight on humanity.

  • v leo

    lets not forget that democrats also voted tom keep blacks enslaved it bwas republicans that led the way to freedom. they also voted against blacks having weapons

  • kwame_nakumba

    So basically their saying we all should be bearing arms, unless you’re black.

    • Pookiedr

      There does appear to be black men in these pictures that are armed and ready to protect their or others property. The problem is not the color of the armed person, it is their intention(s).

  • What a stupid take away.

  • tonya
    • Damian

      Great Message.

  • Coz Mo

    I lived in OC during the Rodney King riots, just down the coast from Long Beach, which was the south end of the rioting. The Koreans and Vietnamese in south LA did the same thing, hanging out on the roofs of their businesses with guns. I bought another rifle for myself as well. I got yer no justice no peace right here, pal!

  • autumnblue

    Um… what are you going to loot in a tatoo parlor?

    • Damian

      There are a lot of valuable things to steal in any store. I am sure those people that owned the store weren’t interested in thugs acquiring their property.

    • Jake

      Um… what are you going to gain by burning down a convenience store?

  • DI Perez

    The people commenting on apparently drank the Koolaid. So much ignorance, so little time.

  • Three guys with shotguns would have been just as effective but then you goobs wouldn’t be having the type of masturbatory assault weapon experience shown here. Enjoy.

    • coolreasoning

      If there’s multiple assailants it’s best not to have to hold your fire until they get into shotgun range. Shotgun’s also have very low penetration compared to a rifle. If someone is hiding behind a car shooting at me with a pistol I would just as soon have a rifle.
      But what would a anti-gun criminal loving idiot like you know about firearms?

    • GoneFishing

      An “assault weapon” is any object I assault you with…including my dinner fork.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Unarmed protestors also protected some of the stores from looters.

    • Damian

      Right, those were the morally sound people that deserve our thanks and respect, the other opportunist thugs deserve what ever they get.

    • coolreasoning

      All of those stores were significantly damaged.

  • SocietasDraconistrarumlit1

    Since when did standard capacity magazines become ” high capacity magazines?”

  • Jerry Buchanan

    and now more will vote for another black president dang!

  • Bruce Louis Warren

    Why don’t they riot when some “gangbanger” kills an innocent child or adult.

  • John Dunkelburg

    That the Right To Self-Defense is the guarantor of human dignity and freedom is the first and most importance of these three examples of mom-and-pop local business owners defending their livelihoods from out of control rioters when the police refused to carry out their duties.

  • Higher Power Supreme

    I wouldn’t even waist my breathe on these idiots. We are GODS and they fear us. Speak with authority over them and they will bow down to submission. P.E.A.C.E

  • Marga Watrous

    The tatoo parlor was passed by the first night, too. What do you loot from tattoo parlor?

  • BD

    Seriously? You really believe 9 men with (multiple) 10-round magazines would not have deterred the looters just as well? You DO NOT need a 15-round or more magazine… that is ludicrous.

    • Russell Vance

      And if 200 people come running in? If it is the same, what is the problem?

      • reddot1

        if 200 armed men come running at you firing the same weapons, whats your survival probability?

  • redmondgal

    I’m reading all these comments about who did what to who back in history but this is idiotic when people give themselves permission to steal from stores and damage property that doesn’t belong to them. Doing all of this crap doesn’t solve anything. Never has, never will. It’s mob mentality in its criminally finest form. Sad.

  • solomon

    This is the stupidest “article” I’ve read all day.

  • Johninnebraska

    How, exactly, do CONCEALED weapons deter looters? Being concealed means that the guns CAN’T BE SEEN! Who is going to try to avoid something which they have no idea is there!!

  • DD

    Remember when the black people in Africa sold the black people in Africa to the white people in America? Remember when Spike Lee gave the wrong address out in the Travon bullshit. Remember when obama said Travon could have been his son?. Remember when a First Lady was actually a lady and not some fat ass big mouthed bitch with horse teeth and a strappon dildo that she wore her high yeller husband’s ass out with.

  • aorobert

    It’s funny when people think police are there to protect them.

  • reddot1

    cause and effect – this has nothing to do with gun rights, this is about unreasonable gun use by police. the effect is rage against authority in any form. if everyone, including the rioters had guns, as advocated by this blogger, the result would be a lot of dead “guards”.

  • Fran Bello


  • scumbuster

    Sharpton, jester jesse and other race baiters etc. have caused black folks to become spoiled brats who don’t think
    GUILTY can ever be negra. If it looks so then riot and loot, that’s the race baiters answer. My answer, lots of guns and ammo and a willingness to use them.

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    Blow their ****ing heads off or ventilate their chests with 45-70 bullet and they’ll get the message.

  • Sam Wade

    We all know why the police didn’t protect and serve the community, they just let the —— vent their anger and look the other way and let it happen that’s why we have such crimes today, cause the police only take the more serious murder crimes first and do not actively pursue the everyday pedee crimes and don’t even solve half of them, so arm your self is the best way to stop the crime because the police are never there to stop the crime after it committed.

  • bastonboogie

    How do I speak to a mod?

  • Come posso fare? Non voglio lasciar andare,hogan prezzi io lo amo, e voleva stare insieme per sempre!
    hogan rebel donnaMa lui non mi ha dato alcuna possibilità, non prendere le mie telefonate, non restituiscono
    i miei messaggi, QQ mi ha tirato nero, si stima che il spaccio hogantelefono
    immediatamente cambiato. Davvero non posso accettare, save me!

  • Charles Swann

    Knows how they felt.. Have had three nights of shooting sounds in my neighborhood. I have a Semi-Automatic rifle beside the front door when I am in the living room and am keeping a semi-automatic handgun at the door and beside my bed and with me when I am moving about. I a pretty confident that my neighbors immediately near to me are not a problem but we get alot of street traffic. They are the ones I worry about. I figure if I have a gun at hand I will probably not need it but if I did not have one I would be dead before I could get to one. I am going to and from the mailbox with a gun on my hip cocked and locked. No sense carrying a gun without a round in the chamber to use immediately when needed. Bottom line is folks if you protect yourselves the police can concentrate on other more immediate crimes involving those unable to protect themselves. Remember 9mm is much closer than 911.

    • Barrack Obola

      How dare you arm and ready to defend yourself against my mobs.

      If I had a son, he would be just like Brown. But better looking like me.

  • my name is not hussein

    Mob rule requires the same level of response.

    Better armed and live then a dead statistic.

  • Rick

    Why didn’t any whites riot after the O.J. trials verdict was read.
    I guess I miss my opportunity to get that bug screen t.v. for free.

  • Ivan Salis

    this just goes to show only those who can protect themselves will be spared by mob violence like this.

  • wormhd883

    Well done guys ….. protect what is yours , know one gave it to you , you built it , and don’t let anyone take it from you …. I say again ” WELL DONE !!! “

  • George Vreeland Hill

    On the first of the month, these idiots will realize that burning the welfare office to the ground was not such a good idea.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • chris87654

    Yo yos… unlimited capacity magazines aren’t needed, but a lot of people defending property with guns are. If one or two guys think they will mow down a large tribe of these protesters, they’re wrong. It’s numbers. If it’s just a couple of urban youths, then a CCW will take care of it – they be running off as soon as the owner pulls the weapon.

    And aside from this, during the “impending insurrection” (other reason some say we need 30 round mags), the government will just drone your bee-hind.

  • Earl Turner

    You may choose any two:

    a. Freedom
    b. Civilization
    c. Black people

  • rtry9a

    democracy is two wolves and a lamb discussing dinner plans, justice is a well armed lamb.

  • cantodd

    A third business was untouched.

  • frank papcin

    you need your guns because the police just watched them burn the place down.

  • Reemus

    Ungrateful, bigoted, under-educated, overrated black people think that the white man as a whole is to blame for all their troubles. Hey, you gotta blame someone. How do you starve a black man to death, hide his food stamps in his work boots. If it wasn’t for the white man BUYING your ancestors from other black men, you would all be starving or dying from Ebola right now. Talk about dense as a race, walked on diamonds for thousands of years and never thought to pick one up and polish it up some. It took a white man to take it away from you. The native Americans are about gone. If they would have bowed to a white master, they would be here in the numbers we see black people. They were too proud as a race to be slaves and were destroyed. Live free or die free. A black man will submit to being a slave rather than die. No need to thank me for my ancestors caring for and feeding yours but as a race, we owe you nothing. You want respect, quit acting tribal. If you want to avoid problems with the police, STOP BREAKING THE LAW.

    • bruce livingston

      They’re not entirely to blame for this mindset, it’s peddled to them by the media outlets and grievance mongers who make a living off of racial division.

  • Tom Taylor

    I don’t see this is as black or white. It’s about a community rioting and looting itself. How does destroy your city help. This people are uneducated and making this a racist problem. If a three hundred pound man is beating me. I would do what ever it took to stop him. Gentle giant my ass. Any man that throws a punch like that takes his on fate in his hands. Anyone of you would have done what ever it took to save yourself.

  • Tom Taylor

    We need to see this as a American problem. As long as everyone sees it as a black and white problem. It will not go away. I didnt own any slaves. None of the blacks were slaves in their life time. Quit using that excuse and educate yourself. And the world will except you.

  • Kaleb Phillips I think that pretty much sums this up.

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