Two Bad Guys With Guns Burst Into a Restaurant – Too Bad They Did It in Texas

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A customer is being called a hero after pulling a gun on two armed robbery suspects at a Houston restaurant. And it underscores how critical are concealed carry laws to public safety.

The robbery attempt happened just after 8 p.m. Saturday at K&S Seafood Bar and Grill in the 7000 block of North Gessner Road.

Koy Sam and his wife were in the process of closing their Houston restaurant for the day when two armed robbers stormed in. As one of them forced the couple to the floor, the other one hit the cash register and demanded all the Sam’s cash from their vault.

But then a customer — who remains unidentified, and who was in the middle of his meal, decided to take matters into his own hands.

The customer, also armed, held one of the would-be robbers at gunpoint until the police arrived. He fired at the other suspect as he fled, grazing him, and hitting the front windows of the store. Mr. Sam had nothing but praise for the man:

“He was amazing. He absolutely kept us all calm, made sure everything was okay.”

But what if the Sams listened to radical anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action — as Target, Jack-in-the-Box, and others have done, and posted a  “NO GUNS ALLOWED” sign at the entrance?

The ‘hero’ customer would have had to leave his gun at home, or in his car, or dined elsewhere at an establishment that reflected his values.

The question is, what would the robbing thugs have done?

A: Obeyed the “no guns” sign and left to rob a different restaurant that allowed guns

B: Ignored the sign and robbed the restaurant anyway

Well, duh. This is how easily the rhetoric of anti-gun fanatics collapses like a house of cards.

Thankfully, we Texans will never have to worry what would have happened, thanks to our concealed carry law that allowed ond brave armed customer to save the day.

  • Starcitygal

    Should not have fired at the retreating robber! He may get charged for that. But otherwise Good Job!

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t get so hasty on it, since the text did say that both were armed, he might have been pointing a weapon at him. Without knowing the details a little more certainly, i wouldn’t fault him for it.

      • Starcitygal

        That’s exactly why I said “may” be charged –

    • Proud Texas Resident

      I thought about that, too. Here’s the conclusion(s) I came to: The bad guy still had a gun. The bad guy was still armed and a danger to the public at large. The bad guy didn’t run fast enough.

      • Starcitygal

        He was just grazed. The bullet broke a window. Shooting at the fleeing robber was endangering the public

    • Cabezon

      Robber gets a free pass because his back is turned? He is escaping during the commission of a felony and a public danger.

    • bobfairlane

      Damn, you’re stupid. The “retreating” robber could have fired another dozen shots when he got a second, or on the way through the door. Don’t play!

      • Starcitygal

        And you sir are a fool.

        • bobfairlane

          Death to robbers!

  • Al Parsons

    Pulling an armed robbery is a FELONY and if the fleeing robber was still in the restaurant then the armed citizen DID have the right to use force. If he was outside, that’s another story.

  • Brian McMichael

    Love ccw laws. And open carry like AZ

    • Forazda

      Time for caifornia to step up to the 2 amendment

      • Thomas Meadows


        • foobeca

          It’s not gonna be long before Texas is written off, just as California and Florida have. It’s inevitable when you have of tens of millions of Marxism-loving turd world people invade the place.

  • ShamanBlair

    Texan here. For as long as we live, we’ll fight the gun grabbers. Thank God for that armed customer! Liberals? ES&D!

    • foobeca

      Yet you’re allowing the invasion of your state by hostile and alien people that LOVE Marxism.

      • Thomas Meadows

        They are not allowing it,OVOMIT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • foobeca

          And what exactly are Texans or anyone else doing to stop it??? NOTHING!

          • ShamanBlair

            Fool-beca–you have GOT to be a troll, or just plain stupid. Blocking your drivel from now on. You’re not worth the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

        • Will

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      • ShamanBlair

        I am NOT “allowing” ANYTHING! How dare you make such a dumb accusation! I do what I CAN to fight our dictatorial, Marxist STATE. I vote–& I use mail so there’s a PAPER TRAIL (unlike with the computers). I pray. I comment frequently on social media. I have NO money, but I do write to Congress & various pro-American organizations (both here on this computer, which was a GIFT from a friend, as well as in the mail when I can get stamps), & I talk to everyone in PERSON about what’s happening.

        So knock it off, this blaming us VICTIMS! I NEVER HAVE & NEVER =WILL= vote for ANY far left cretins–especially BO!

        Judgmental, much?!

        • foobeca

          Yes, you and everyone else don’t do a damned thing to stop Marxism. Voting doesn’t do a damned thing and that last election couldn’t be any more proof of that. It was mere days before the Republican turncoats betrayed their supporters after the election. Obamacare is being fully funded and the Rethuglicans support Obama’s white genocide plans because it’ll help corporate profits. Not only do they not impeach him for breaking immigration law, but they don’t impeach him over giving guns to Mexican drug cartels and to Al Qaeda. I mean if you don’t get impeached for that, what the hell do you get impeached for?

          There’s plenty of peaceful things that people have refused to do like stop paying taxes or a general strike along with *other* measures. We have *EXACTLY* the government and the tyranny we deserve.

          • ShamanBlair

            You don’t deserve an answer, but I’m still blocking ANYTHING you write, troll. If you’re so hell-bent on being self-righteous, please tell us what the hell YOU have done / are doing to end this madness?

            I thought so.

            Out, damned troll!

          • foobeca

            LOL, this isn’t Facebook. You can’t block people here. I’m as guilty as everyone else, but the crux of the problem is the prisoner dilemma. Why should I stick my neck out when no one else is????

            Let me know when you actually want to have an intelligent discussion.

          • ShamanBlair

            Fool-beca is STILL pestering me in my =private email,= & he just tried to tell me he (she? It?) “can’t be locked HERE (on this thread.)”

            But I’ve blocked =everything= HERE that he/she/it posted. So much for any intelligence S/H/I claims to possess. LOL!

            And of course, I just DUMP any posts h/s/i EMAILS me. I MIGHT bother to read it, but I usually don’t. It’s idiocy every time. He’s a waste of skin.

          • foobeca

            So not only do you not have an argument, but you’re delusional too. How does one go about getting someone’s personal email from Disqus?

          • Joe

            Just what have YOU done Fool Beca?

          • foobeca

            Go read up on prisoner dilemma, then maybe we can have an intelligent discussion. Oh, and the subject is NOT me.

          • mogul264

            OK, fugly foobeca, I’ll bite. Go ahead and give YOUR solution to ‘stop Marxism’? BTW, nuking Russia is out!

          • foobeca

            Cultural Marxism is alive and well in this country. Russia is now corporatist. We stop Marxism with Balkanization, autarky, closed borders, and expelling enemies from the free states.

          • jansav

            What fantasy land do you live in?

      • Ayatollyahso

        As law abiding citizens would; Nobody has to like it but the govt.’s agenda runs counter to the will of the people. Not my fault; I vote.

        • foobeca

          And do you really feel, especially after the last election, that voting has *ANY* effect at all other than being a reality TV show for ugly people?

      • Dr Moon

        Hell you elected them.

        • foobeca

          Who did I elect???

      • jansav

        how are they supposed to stop it.

        • foobeca

          National guard and/or militias on the border, no welfare for illegals, penalties for people that rent to and hire illegals, arresting federal agents…

          • jansav

            The state can do none of those things. Get real. The feds would shut that sh*t down faster than a jackrabbit on meth. You truly do live in a fantasy world.

          • foobeca

            It can do all of those things, if it had the political will and wasn’t being subservient. If it acted like the sovereign state it’s supposed to be, it could do it and tell the Feds to pound sand.

            But the right wing has been emasculated and is content with the soft genocide of whites…

          • jansav


  • Pamela Van Sickle Giedd

    Awesome everyone should carry it’s our Rights !! Thank you RESPECT!!

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    Well done good and faithful servant!

  • OzCop

    Wait…this is in Houston? Home of the most liberal mayor in the entire state of Texas? She will not be happy about this…Swat may pay him a visit…God bless him…

  • Timothy Jones

    To all criminals, there’s a big chance you’re not the only one who has guns. So ask yourself, is it worth your life? If al sharton shows up, one might accidently go off.

    • Bo Treat

      i’m all for stealing to survive…but stealing for leisure is despicable

      • bobfairlane

        If you’re going to steal, steal from bigger thieves, then, like corrupt pols. hahha

    • foobeca

      Not really. Even people who have guns rarely carry them with them 24/7 and the bulk of the app. 1 million crimes committed in Texas each year are *not* stopped with guns.

      • Brett Bader

        No but it helps when someone is behind you willing to step up and protect you and I !

        The ones that were wont be committing
        any more crimes for a while .

      • Scrap iron

        Where do you get your statistics?
        One million crimes a year in Texas.
        Does that include white collor crime?
        Does that include traffic misdemeanors?

        CCW holders almost ALWAYS carry.
        Many guns cannot be easily carried (like shotgun).

        • foobeca

          FBI Uniform Crime Statistics. The Texas Dept. of Public Safety also publishes them.

          I can’t find any reliable statistics on how often CCW/CCP holders carry a weapon. I know that personally most do not have a weapon on them all the time, especially when they work somewhere that doesn’t allow weapons or have to frequently visit places were guns are not allowed.

          Personally, I’m lucky that I live in a constitutional carry state.

  • spent

    I think the owner voted for obama….now the reality sat in, pdq.

  • Sam

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  • Rick Gray

    They said two “Bad Guys”, clearly not two “Bright Guys”. Confirms again how stupid some criminals are, it is Texas you know.

    • bobfairlane

      Not Texans fault that Bad Guys keep moving here.

  • Patrick Bembry

    Robbing anyone in Texas sounds like a bad idea

  • Rastafarian

    Hmmm…didn’t hear about this story in the mainstream media. But I’m not surprised. They don’t want people to hear about the uses of guns by the public to stop crimes. No, the msm is only interested in news that fits their agenda. Anyway they’re still too busy trying to start a race war and whipping up violence against Police.

  • Nutbar Mcloony

    When people behave thuggishly in other states, there’s often a comment along the lines of “oh please come and try that crap in Texas and see what happens.” It looks like there’s some truth to those comments.

    • foobeca

      There’s 860,000 property crime offenses and 106,000 violent crimes in Texas per year. The overwhelming majority of those are *NOT* stopped by people with guns. It also has more crime than average when compared to other states. Not saying that people don’t have the right to defend themselves, just saying that Texas is not a utopia.

      • hubcapUSA

        Well, its certainly not California or New York, that’s for certain.
        GO TEXAS!

      • Brett Bader

        Texas , Love it ! or leave it !

        • Brett Bader

          7th Generation Texan .

  • Htimez2

    Why are they praising police action, they did NOTHING! Thank god that armed citizen was there or we would have some dead bodies and I bet then they would not be praising police action.

  • carlcasino

    America is #4 in Murder world wide. Take out The States with the most restrictive gun laws and we are 4th from the bottom.

  • Invictus_Lux

    Don’t ever interrupt a man’s dinner with this kind of crap.

    • MichaelYBurson

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    • jansav

      I wonder if he left a tip?

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