Trump Protester Wearing KKK Hood Meets Black Trump Supporter… Does NOT End Well For Him

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Donald Trump was all over Arizona today, and enraged Communist Bernie Sanders Supporters, illegal aliens and Muslim agitators protested and even blocked roads to try and stop him.

At Trump’s rally in Tucson, some sick protesters even wore KKK hoods while stomping on American flags, while calling Trump a “racist”:


Trump had to stop his rally to order their removal, and was disgusted by the sight:

While police were leading the KKK hood-wearing, White protesters, two of them went past a Black Trump supporter while pumping their fists in the air:


That was a BAD move, the little puke soon found out, as the Black Trump supporter unleashed some instant karma upon him:


It was caught on video. Liberal narratives to dissolve in 3…2…1..

After issuing his epic beatdown, the man quietly turned around to be arrested by cops and accept whatever comes his way.

Can you say “legal defense fund”? I knew that you could.

Can’t wait to hear the liberal media/GOPe/FoxNews/TheBlaze/RightScoop Trump-haters TRY and fit this into their “Trump’s Violent White Supremacist Supporters” narrative.

Good luck with that…but you know they will try and blame Trump for this anyway.

  • MTW

    It’s disgusting and a
    total outrage how the media (including FOX news) and the establishment
    has totally villainized Donald Trump! He has not said anything that does
    not need to happen for this country! WE NEED A WALL ALONG THE SOUTHERN
    NEED THE STRONGEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD! I have been watching all the
    news stories, pundits and debates very close every day from from day
    one!! I can’t believe all the shit that is so twisted, slanted and down
    right lies that the media as well as the GOP establishment has
    perpetrated. Mr Trump is totally correct…the media is so
    dishonest…which is why we are having all the protests and anti-Trump
    sentiment. The media and the old GOP establishment are to blame…they
    have sensationalized Mr Trump in such a negative way in order to inflame
    and stir up this unrest to try to stop him! They are afraid of
    him…they are afraid he is going to expose their corruption! It’s no
    secret that these protests and outbursts in Mr Trump’s rallies are
    organized and paid for by the far left liberal groups like “”
    and are being helped by thugs from racist/hate groups like BLM. These
    disruptors are assholes and are the true instigators! This country is
    in trouble…it’s in trouble because the far left liberals are ruining
    it and the old GOP establishment is helping! THIS COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE
    ONLY FREE SPEECH THEY BELIEVE IN IS THEIR OWN! I hope the day comes when
    we can literally draw a border down the middle the United States and
    have two separate countries! The far left liberals can have the western
    half (since California is a lost cause anyway) and the common sense
    conservatives can have the eastern half! Then we can see which one
    survives and prospers!

  • Gordon Anderson

    Think of all of the people who attended or tried to attend a Trump rally and were interrupted in the protestors. Who do you think that they will be voting for ?
    Guerilla Marketing #101.

  • r8rfanizme .

    I am not one to condone violence, but that dirtbag deserved what happened to him.
    black dude, I wish you the best of luck before the judge.

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  • Marie

    Trump should bail out the guy that beat down the kkk moron

    • Wiggle D

      Now, that would send a real message.

      • Jessica Davis

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    • W Dawes

      He will, we might not hear about it for a long time, but he will.

    • Michelle Castañeda

      Everyone would start beating up the protesters.

      • Bonnie Knudson

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  • Scotty P

    Obviously the KKK jerk-off is another MoveOn dick who feels the Bern.

    • John Smith

      Yeah, well it’s hard to tell if they are real kkk or fake kkk. It’s better to stomp them all just to be on the safe side. Can’t tolerate racism. Hate the hate.

  • William Bush

    Guy shouldn’t have attacked him. He was already being escorted out. Now he has to pay for it. Too bad.
    I’d love to knock some of these racist Demorats around, but we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard than them. Unless they swing first, don’t beat ’em. Once they swing though, let out Hell and beat them to a bloody pulp.

    • Patricia Lowry

      “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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    • yerbullshit

      Bullshit. Time to start showing the LibTards we are DONE with their crap!

      • William Bush

        Like I said, we Conservatives are better than Liberals. We need to act like it. There’s nothing manly about assaulting a guy being escorted out of a rally.
        I’m not saying don’t stand up, don’t be firm, but when the cops are already dealing with the issue, throwing punches isn’t the option to take.

        • Richard M

          We’ve been acting better than them for decades and all we’ve done is dug ourselves into a hole. It’s getting about time to stop turning the other cheek.

          • Ghost Wolf

            We must be the ones that uphold the law as the Socialists are seen to violate it.
            The media is at war with us – so they will use any misbehavior on our part against us ruthlessly. What matters most is getting our candidate into power so these indoctrinated, leftist moonbats will no longer bedevil us and policies can be put in place to prevent their despicable behavior in the future.
            Just don’t lose your cool and end up having your image repeatedly shown acting violent on the MSM for a week straight. If anything, provoke them to attack you first.

          • William Bush

            I didn’t say turn the other cheek now did I? Read my comment again.

        • John Smith

          Yeah well, it’s all water under the bridge, let it go. What’s done is done, move on.

      • usaok59

        Conservatives almost always take the high road, that’s our nature. But when you are fighting pure evil then self protection..hell, survival.. means we have to meet them on their level. Otherwise we lose.

        • weikamis

          I 100% agree with you….. Donald Trump is doing exactly that.. He wants to be assertive and handle fire with fire! This is what too many Americans do not understand? ISIS, IRAN, MUSLIMS/ISLAM, etc. are THUGS and our country’s leaders must wake up and treat them as such!!!

    • weikamis

      That which you say may be good for yourself……BUT, what you do not realize is that in all probability, that lowly evolved entity with the KKK on his head has no real clue of the devastating symbol he was presenting in the presence of Black Americans. In my opinion it is equal to if some low life garbage did the same with a Nazi Sign at a Jewish event!

    • Richard M

      You know what….I”m about fricking tired of ‘holding myself to a higher standard’. BS It’s getting time to seriously knock some heads. We have turned the other cheek for so long, it’s damn near too late. I’m sorry to say, if we don’t get Conservatives into govt, this Country is pretty much gone. We are fighting against 50% or more of the country, we are fighting against the communist like media and we are fighting against globalists like Soros, we are/will be fighting against a federal law enforcement conglomerate in the DHS, FBI, NSA, and a whole bunch of other initials. I knew way back when Bush started up the DHS that it was a huge mistake. I just hope there are enough patriotic senior military left to command the forces under them.

      Yeah, you could say I’ve sat here and watched Conservatives turn the other cheek for so long that it’s almost too late.,

      • Sitting_Duck

        There are NO patriotic senior military left to command the forces.
        The only Hope the country has is the NCO’s an Troops are still patriotic.
        After all they are the none who have to help its protect the country from Obama’s Private army. (DHS, FBI, NSA, and a whole bunch of other initials)

    • phatazz

      Klan hood was a “trigger moment”. Isn’t that what how the democrat crowd describes their feelings when other people say stuff that hurts their feelings? Guess the Trump supporter should have complained that there weren’t any safe spaces for him to seek refuge. LOL

    • John Smith

      The black man was triggered by the sight of the kkk advancing on him, it’s perfectly understandable. I can’t find him guilty of anything other than self defense.

    • fayn2madness

      Word is, the guy being escorted out spit on the black guy.

  • kabviper

    He stomped shit out of dude

  • James Bond

    It is an easy way to attract violence. Those white hoods must incite vitriol anger in anyone that knows what it stands for. The chance of that idiot being pummeled grew geometrically when he walked into a stadium with thousands of people. The face that only one man went off on him was amazing!

  • Bill Clary

    You see that other Jackass pull his hood off in a brisk fashion? I believe he got the message, presented in a way most Libtards have to shown! LUV!

    • John Smith

      Libtards are weak little faggots. They know when to keep their mouths shut.

  • BigDogJunction

    I can’t wait for the massive rallies they’re going to hold in Washington D.C. over the summer. They’re going to make OWS look like Sesame Street.

    You all remember the debauchery and filth of OWS don’t you?

    Public urination, defecation, indecency, sex. Drug abuse and overdoses. Assaults, rapes and even murder.

    Bring it, libs. Bring EVERYTHING you have. I am SO going to enjoy the show and coming November.

  • notearsinheaven

    I am not a Trump supporter but I feel bad for the black guy. NO one should be wearing that get up in any kind of public place and flaunt themselves to black ppl because of the history. I do support the confederate flag because it is history to me but NOT this at all. THAT is rubbing someone’s face in it and sorry he is now going to be punished for the STUPIDITY of some (rhymes with word and starts with T). I alway say it is the liberals who are racist. IF they had any sensitivity at all to black ppl they would NEVER do that.

  • Joel Nelson

    Holy fuck. I knew there were super Trump supporter pages that tried to paint him as a saint, but jesus fuckin’ christ, this is possibly the worst fuckin’ thing I’ve read in my entire life. When we all talk about the narrow miss this country almost had happen in electing Trump 20 years from now, we’ll shudder in remembering that people actually liked him.

    • Wiggle D

      We’ll be shuddering down line if any of these candidates win. Sanctus Espiritus help us all.

      • Richard M

        I guess you’re another Bernie/Hillary supporter. There’s a world full of failed socialism/communism and yet you people still want to do it. Go somewhere else and do it. I’m sure N. Korea needs some help. Hope you like that tree bark soup while you’re there.

        • Joel Nelson

          Your assumptions are fucking retarded, keep them to yourself. Wiggle said ALL of the candidates. If you don’t like the fact that someone else hates your candidate as well as all the others, that’s called fascism. You want the world to bend to your will and thinking. And when you do, we go to another World War, only this time WE’RE the bad guys. I won’t even ALLOW myself to be commanded by some orange orangutan with a hair piece, told to go fight in the UK, Africa, Russia, etc. I won’t die for your ideals. If Trump gets elected, we’ll BECOME North Korea, because that’s how he’ll run it. I don’t condone the actions of the people in this video, but it makes me wonder, who set the video up? Were they ACTUALLY protestors? And if they truly were, did you even HEAR the protestations they had? No, because you believe your candidate is Jesus himself.

        • Wiggle D

          Yeah, because I see the hell in all candidates, that makes me a Bernie/Hillary supporter. (/sarcasm). You are no better than those liberal hippies. Grow up already.

    • Lisa Chantel Hill Wade

      So, you support people squelching the Constitutional rights of others? You condone the protesters wearing the KKK hood? This is all about stupid liberals demanding that everyone think the way they do. You are disgusting.

      • Joel Nelson

        And you’re an idiot. I dislike Democrats, but Republicans are worse. At least liberals want to change the country’s thought process for the good of others. Republicans just want to go back to the back water ways when women couldn’t vote, different skinned people had their own separate areas and where America spends it’s vast resources down paths where they can’t go. I’m appalled that any of you can even THINK that Trump is a good person. You’re sheep, and everyone is scared of you because you’ll follow, blindly, an obvious despot and tyrant who will only lead to destruction and ruin. History repeats itself, and he’s just the same as any other tyrant that has come about in the last 10,000 years.

        • Biff

          The fear of a Trump presidency is strong in you, lefty. Sorry you’re going to lose your free stuff, but we can’t afford you anymore.

        • Jim Simmons

          “Republicans just want to go back to the back water ways when women couldn’t vote” — Bullshit, and you know it.

          “different skinned people had their own separate areas” — Like the liberal blacks are doing to themselves across the country?

          “where America spends it’s vast resources down paths where they can’t go” — Because of all the taxpayer money Obama and his administration have given “green” companies?

          The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies:

          Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*

          SpectraWatt ($500,000)*

          Solyndra ($535 million)*

          Beacon Power ($43 million)*

          Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)

          SunPower ($1.2 billion)

          First Solar ($1.46 billion)

          Babcock and Brown ($178 million)

          EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*

          Amonix ($5.9 million)

          Fisker Automotive ($529 million)

          Abound Solar ($400 million)*

          A123 Systems ($279 million)*

          Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*

          Johnson Controls ($299 million)

          Brightsource ($1.6 billion)

          ECOtality ($126.2 million)

          Raser Technologies ($33 million)*

          Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*

          Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*

          Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*

          Range Fuels ($80 million)*

          Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*

          Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*

          Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*

          GreenVolts ($500,000)

          Vestas ($50 million)

          LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)

          Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*

          Navistar ($39 million)

          Satcon ($3 million)*

          Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*

          Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

          *Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.

        • Lisa Chantel Hill Wade

          No, liberals are demanding that everyone think the way they do. If anyone disagrees with them they riot and cause chaos. I think for myself and I am not trying to legislate my opinions for everyone to follow. I also do not shut down the freedom of speech even when that speech is hateful. To voice hate is not a crime, it becomes a crime when someone, like BLM or the KKK, act on that belief. The only tyrants are those lik BLM or any other group or person/s who call for the killing of police and other human beings. All of you that spew this vitriole and act on it are the true fascists.

    • Richard M

      Joel, go suck on an exhaust pipe. You’re just another loser that wants to drive another nail into this countries coffin. Fricking air thief.

      • Joel Nelson

        Me? Drive a nail in the coffin of this country? Buddy, you’re already on that path yourself. But you’re too high horsed and self centered to realize that maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong. But no, you’re special, your ideals are all that matters, because you’re a unique snowflake and no one else is like you. As I replied to Lisa, Democrats are bad. But Republicans are worse. Let’s just go ahead and lock all the non-white people up. That’ll do it! Then we’ll be safe! Fuckin’ idiots.

        • Biff

          Democrats are bad, Republicans are worse, but comrades are super cool.

        • Promethea

          After reading a few of your comments here, I’m left wondering how you manage to survive in a world which you clearly misunderstand. You spout a lot of nonsense without any reliable or sensible prose to support it. So I have only one question for you: are you really this stupid or are you just being paid to appear so?

          • Joel Nelson

            See, the biggest problem is how I didn’t realize how far right conservative this site was. I started commenting on posts about anime and other inconsequential articles that were very, very biased and wrong, but I didn’t actually think it was this bad. Reading your comments and the comments of others on this site are terrifying. You knock on me talking about coarse language, but you yourselves can’t exactly tell me why Trump would be so amazing. Or any Republican candidate. I dislike Democrats, but many Republicans these days are far worse. I am independent, and your own candidates will usher forth the worst civilian revolt in the history of America. But what do you care, with your high horsed, smug attitudes. As long as everyone else conforms to your ideas, they can suffer, right? *shakes head* I’m appalled that such extremism still exists in this country. In 20-fucking-16. Since joining the military, I’ve made something of myself, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let you fucks take over. We don’t need fascism.

    • Biff

      What is it you comrades say? Haters gonna hate.

    • Promethea

      Thank-you for demonstrating with your course unrefined language the mindset of the typical leftist “protester”. FYI, we will be re-electing president Trump 4 years from now. If you’re feeling the Bern a bit too much, you might want to get checked for STD’s.

  • don e lee

    Where is Black Lies Matter when you need them?

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    This is what these “Protests” are all about,,,causing riots, etc then this Marxist in OUR White House will have reason to enact Martial Law. This was stupid,,,he should have just drug him outside. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

  • SineWaveII

    Wow. That guy got the “progressive” beat out of him.

  • Chris Muller

    Notice how quick the asshole girl yanked her hood off !

    • John Smith

      Nothing like seeing you comrade getting his head stomped to put your cause into perspective.

  • John Balling

    How come the Confederate Flag is illegal, but a kkk cone hat is not? That is a real symbol of discrimination.

    • DiskusSux

      Why should ANY of it be unlawful? Free speech includes ugly speech.

    • Biff

      To liberals, the symbol doesn’t matter, just the ideology of the person using it.

  • DiskusSux

    HERO. Give that man a medal. I do not know WHY the system lets these communist funded agitators run amok. Their rights END where ours BEGIN. These people should have been rounded up and arrested immediately upon acting up. Instead, they’re allowed to be assholes, and to piss all over everyone else’s rights.

  • phatazz

    Guess the democrat party still wears the hoods of the Klan like they did back in civil rights movements of the 1960’s. I thought they were only wearing hoodies and plastic masks now days. Didn’t hear anyone blaming the civil rights movement for the stupidity and hateful action of the Klan back then. Why now?

  • John Smith

    Any kkk at a Trump rally will be stomped, we don’t cotton to racism.

  • RKelley

    This is what needs to happen every time one of these pussies pulls this shit.

  • Delicate Flower Trump

    Nice phony headline considering the person the criminal Trump voter assaulted was wearing an American flag tshirt.

    Don’t believe me? Watch the video taken from about 4 feet away

    • Ghost Wolf

      I saw footage of him taking off his mask while his girlfriend kept hers on until she saw him getting clobbered. Liberals should know better than to violently trigger blacks – but many likely haven’t spent much time living anywhere near them to understand this.

  • Nicki Calif

    I will never agree with any violence, but I certainly understand the anger of the Trump supporters. They are frustrated and up to here with the agitators and criminal element coming to disrupt, agitate and incite violence. This has been going on for months and months!! How about the riff raff stay out of rallies unless it is their own Clinton or Sanders rally…or even Cruz’s. This is becoming too much for some to continue to take. I pray it stops.

    • Delicate Flower Trump

      Did you watch the video that proves this is a fake story?

      • Briez

        Nice try, sunshine. But I call BS on you.

  • Delicate Flower Trump

    Looks like Trump supporters are hyper sensitive to the KKK comparisons. I wonder why

  • A Freedom Fighter

    Donny Trump is the type of person that supports racism, bigotry and hate and cannot peacefully coexist with others in his demented little world. Then he wonders aloud why his “brown shirt” followers act out with violence.

    Trump openly advocates this type behavior with public statement condoning the use of war crimes and torture. He tells us that to win wars we must kill innocent women, children and families. He acts out and reacts based on lifestyle and appearance, rather than heart, honor and character. He cannot understand civility, progress, equality or American values.

    Trump didn’t want to distance himself from endorsement by the Klu Klux Klan because he is dependent on those type of lowlife for his base support group. It’s clear that Donny boy is completely lacking the necessary diplomatic skills that a world leader should possess.

    Perfect candidate for the GOP, don’t change a thing!

    • Sitting_Duck

      Whats wrong with that??
      You got to war to kill people. Not Kiss them
      Didn’t your “Women’s Studies” and “Gender” professor teach you that
      Just asking.

  • Michelle Castañeda

    All this is bullshit. The KKK guy should be in jail to.

    • Sitting_Duck

      Find a Tree and a length of rope
      That way he will find out what real KKK’s are about.
      Not the Pussies that are pretending today

  • HadEnough

    Good. We Need More People Like This Black Trump Supporter.

  • Sitting_Duck

    Nothing like a set of Steel toed boots to fix thugs like him..
    Dont smack him with your fists. A: it hurts your Fist.. B: All the cameras are on his face..
    Kick him in the Groin or stomp on his Gonads.
    First: The Pain will Focus his mind not to try it again.
    Second. The fool will not breed any evil spawn.
    Third. The cameras won’t see you castrating him.
    But the will see The Agony and Ecstasy of stupidity on his face. It will focus the minds of these thugs in the future.

  • Eriq Hudson

    Look at his assbucket partner sneaking his hood off when he sees his buddy getting a prolific asswhippin’; hmm, did this send a message to the paid protesters that are purposely funded to come to these functions strictly for the purpose of creating havoc?

  • HDwidow

    Great one!! Good job, I don’t condone violence but what those guys did was very deserving of a butt kicking!!

  • Ball Buster

    Why wasn’t that slimeball libtard in cuffs to start with and the hood removed? The man who beat his ass should be honored with a special dinner at the WH when Trump moves in.

  • Debbie Forthun Kitchen

    Just a thought, maybe everyone else is not the problem in AMerica…maybe it’s you! ISIS, KKK, Hitler, Mexican Drug Cartel are all the similar type of people. Trump has been VERY VERY vocal about protecting our boarders from two of them so WHY does that make him a bully and a reflection of the other two? HE SCREAMS protect the innocent, law abiding American no matter what your color, religion. It’s time to be an just an AMERICAN. YOU MUST LOVE ISIS if you think TRUMP is pro KKK or Hitler or you are just an idiot. ISIS lovers need to move to Syria so you can all practice beheading each other. KKK hood wearers? figure out which states have assisted suicide and take advantage, flag stompers? Get the f@ck out of the US to anywhere but preferably China, or North Vietnam. You want to disrespect America? True Americans want you to leave. You… are not welcomed any more… that is who is supporting the TRUMP movement. They may not love everything about Donald Trump but they are definitely more tired of you. TRUMP 2016


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