Trump Meets With Families of Americans Murdered by Illegal Aliens


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

2016 Presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump met with family members of Americans killed by illegal aliens in the wake of a multiple deportee felon confessing to shooting and killing young Kate Steinle in San Francisco, California. He reportedly spent nearly two hours behind the scenes listening to their tragic stories.

Then, in a heart-wrenching press conference, Trump put the families front and center, using his new spotlight to force the media to cover an issue they have buried for a years.

On a personal note, as someone who has covered such stories for a long time, I will say this is the first time I have ever seen CNN cover the victims of illegal alien crime in a live, national broadcast. Whether or not Trump can win the nomination, what he managed to do this weekend is remarkable.

Here are Trump’s comments at the press conference (full video is further down):

Sabine Durden lost her son Dominic Durden to the actions of an illegal alien three years ago come Sunday. After participating in Friday’s meeting with Trump she told Breitbart News about her experience inside the meeting:

Mister Trump met with the families in a separate room. He listened to each one of our stories and was visibly shaken and touched. We got hugged and he promised to continue to fight for us and our kids. We then went to a separate room where the press was staged. He addressed them and then gave each of us time to share our story. The press tried to pin him down on his previous comments. He stood his ground. I had a coke bottle that read HERO on it and I told him that he should have it. He is my hero because he was the only one who got attention to this truly important issue.

It was such a pleasure and true honor to meet this man. A legend and someone to bring America back.

Leading up to the meeting Durden was extremely excited. Afterwards she also remarked of Trump’s patient listening ear saying it energized her to continue sharing her story and the important message of the need for border and immigration law enforcement.

The families of Jamiel Shaw Jr., Sabine Durden, Don Rosenberg, Lupe Moreno, and Brenda Sparks, all who have lost loved ones, were included in Friday’s meeting.

Above: H.S. Football star Jamiel Shaw; Kathryn Steinle – both murdered by illegal aliens that were released by “sanctuary city” policies before their deaths

Trump has come under fire in the mainstream media over comments made about illegal immigration since the announcement of his candidacy. He has since risen to number one in polls of the Republican field for president.

Trump will address attendees at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada and later at a stadium venue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here is video of the full press conference…


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