Trump Just OWNED the Media at Epic Press Conference – And They are in Full PANIC Mode

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

There are press conferences, and there are press conferences.

Forget the boring, stuffy affairs where reporters stiff as White House furniture lob predictable questions at the president or press secretary in the hopes of getting a ‘gotcha’ comment or two.

President Trump gives the press ‘gotcha’ comments, all right: full-throated, unabashed and in their faces. His quotes don’t make headlines. Trump is the headlines.

So, at the “press conference” Thursday afternoon, or more aptly, the “press assault,” Trump unveiled a barrage of counter-attacks to “resistance” journalists who believe speculation and rumor-mongering are a substitute for hard news.

After announcing his new Labor Secretary nominee, Trump then followed with an unscheduled, off-the-cuff, 1 hour and 17 minute TrumpFest against the media.

Trump absolutely destroyed them, and they knew it.

He literally left them saying…”WOW”:

And now they are in full-freakout mode.

But Republicans and Trump fans were LOVING it…

Oh yes, they DO get it, and they are panicking.

And this was Trump’s FIRST press conference. This is just getting started, folks!

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