Trump-Hating CBS Reporter Posts SICK Tweets After UK Terror Attack

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Just minutes after mass fatalities were confirmed at the Ariana Grande concert terrorist attack in Manchester, England, a CBS reporter named David Leavitt thought it would be super funny to mock the victims.

In a shocking tweet, Leavitt wrote:

But he was just getting started.

And he clearly knew what he was doing, because he even mocked those who (rightfully) attacked him:

No, not at all. Just 19 kids blown to bits by a suicide bomber. I’m sure their parents would appreciate your “humor,” Dave.

After a likely freak-out call from CBS News, Leavitt finally sent out this half-assed apology:

Like most “reporters,” Leavitt is also part of the so-called ‘resistance’ against President Trump. He just admits it.

He has this tweet pinned to the top of his twitter feed:

And posted this classy tweet the other day:

He also wished Trump would die:

Any reporter on Earth would have been fired by any media outlet for this single tweet about Barack Obama. But of course wishing for the death of a President-Elect Donald J. Trump is just fine and dandy to America’s enemedia.


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