TRUMP DOES IT AGAIN!… Goes Off on CNN Reporter at Fundraiser


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Donald Trump did it again!

Trump held a fundraiser tonight in Norton, Massachusetts with hundreds of supporters and veterans. CNN asked the first question and asked about the few protesters outside. Trump let the CNN reporter have it!

From Jim Hoft:

Well, I don’t see a lot of protesters. I see thousands of people. And there are a few protesters. And, I figured you’d ask that question because you know, that’s the way it is. CNN is terrible. CNN. Are you with CNN. Are you with CNN. You people do not cover us accurately. So they have a few protesters outside. And thousands of people. And the first question from CNN is about protesters. Yes.

And the crowd loved it…

Trump  is single-handedly re-balancing the lopsided treatment Republicans have gotten from the liberal press for decades. Jeb Bush is routinely torn to shreds by media piranhas, and ends up tongue-tied and cowed.

But not Trump. It is really something to behold.


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