Thug Finds Out the Hard Way Why It’s a Bad Idea to Rob a Donut Store


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

An would-be robber tried to hold up a Dunkin’ Donuts at gun-point in Philadelphia on Monday.

Wouldn’t you know it, but two cops just happened to be sitting in their squad car right in the parking lot (what are the odds?), and immediately noticed the man was wearing a Halloween mask. The man drew his gun and told the clerk to open the register — but within seconds, the officers appeared in view, guns drawn, and subdued him without incident.

It was a good catch, as it turns out the same man was responsible for another armed robbery at a Family Dollar in the same neighborhood.

And, to top it off, the guy was brandishing a BB gun.

As the daughter of a Sheriff, I can attest to the fact that cops do in fact love donuts, and we used to joke that a local donut shop was safer than Fort Knox.  Clearly this BB-toting robber didn’t get the memo.


[h/t PPD via YouTube]

  • Ed Woodson

    That’s just too funny.

  • Med1

    Poetic justice!

  • Tex


  • Golfer1113

    Idiots in the news !!!! Too bad he probably will get an idiot lib judge and be right back to it. Thanks to the officers in this country that try to stop crime and put the criminals in jail. Just wish the judges would follow up and keep them there.

    • Herman Vogel

      Yup, no one was hurt so it’s all good,,,Bullspit Liberals.

    • goon squad

      Only a idiot would brig up politics here. You people have nothing better to do with your time. Old and senile you are the ones who go out to the polls in the biggest numbers. YOU ruin this country and point fingers like big babies….

      • JudgmentDay

        Ever wonder why the old people aren’t liberals? Because they’ve been there, done that, and seen how stupid being a liberal actually can be. They’ve also seen what the liberals want to do with their money that they depend on to survive. We’re not living in a utopia where everything is free and no one pays for anything because we’re all supported by one malevolent being that takes care of our every whim, because unicorns and Santa don’t really exist. Someone has to buy their food, and medicines and keep their utilities turned on, and if they have something to give back at the end of it all most do freely to help those that need it. Liberals would rather take it from everyone at gun point, give a small amount back to everyone and the corrupt political party that controls everything live high on the hog while being supported by retarded dumb ass goons like your pampered no working ass.

        • goon squad

          You are correct, I am pampered but I also work hard for what I have. I’m 24 and have already have a mortgage in a nice 3bdr house. I work very hard but im still young enough to know that politics had nothing to do with this story, yet you got butthurt at what I said rather then the ignorant OP…. Its the old people who think they are always right but are wrong more often then they are right. You are a fool to think the left and right are so different ,when they only have small social issues that are different. This will make the weak minded think they have a choice or they are not at fault because it was the other party. Both sides are corrupt they both work for the same bankers and corporate interests that fund both sides while feeble little people like yourself both point fingers at the other guys.

          • JudgmentDay

            Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I don’t check the account this is attached to often. So forgive me for that please. I agree that both sides aren’t very different. I never said they were. The difference is though the left want your money, your land, your servitude and your guns so you can’t say no. Where as the right want your money, your land, your servitude but would rather you keep your guns so that you can protect yourself from criminals or at least feel safe even if you’re not really any safer with the gun. The right at least is up front about wanting all those things from you and is willing to do it through the courts or any other means that doesn’t, at least for now, resort in violence and race, sexualaity or other forms of war among the American people. The right are more concerned with putting the people to work so they can tax them to death. The left on the other hand would have them live on the street and die off while bringing in a batch of newly gullible idiots ready to work for sub-standard wages from third world nations because they’re easier to control. Their fleeing to America to escape the poverty and violence of their nations make the left seem like a cake walk to them for now. While the right knows it’s better to control the masses you know than the ones who really don’t fear you because you’re not executing them in the streets like the Mexican drug cartel victims. If you think the Mexican government isn’t corrupted by them you’re crazy. They control the government there as well as the American leftist. They’ve been working towards these type of goals for years. I’m in my 40’s and when I was in 5th grade we discussed how if NAFTA ever passed it would begin the downward spiral of the American economy it was just a foot in the door to the leftist idiots that got it passed into law for their slow takeover of Mexico as part of the United States. Even back then groups of children knew this. Next is Canada. You’re blindness to these types of things is childish. You think old people are stupid because you think they are wrong most of the time. The problem is you are to young and stupid to realize they learned from their mistakes and those of others just like you will one day. They’re not as wrong as you think they are, they’ve lived it and learned it the hard way. You will too one day I just pray someone calls you a dumb old bastard when that day does finally come.

      • Golfer1113

        JudgementDay said it pretty well. I guess it is ok with you for people to go out robbing others at gun point? When you see all these cases where the CRIMINAL has a 16 page rap sheet, even a fool would be able to see that the key should be thrown away. Politics is not the point, it is the stupidity of the judges that keep letting these criminals go free knowing they are just going to do it again. If I was a liberal I would not have said a thing so how am I ruining the country trying to stand up for law and order?

  • RHaav

    I love it, I believe that donut shops are not a gun free zone.

  • Ednar

    Wonder if Al Sharpton would call this racist b/c the mask was white?

  • Ezekiel Bandini

    THANK YOU! I really needed a good chuckle this morning!

  • Lenny Dudley

    watch the video…shit head walks right past the police car

  • John McMickle

    Never rob a donut or coffee shop. There will be police in the area all the time. even if they are not there when you rob the place, when they show up and the business is closed for the investigation they will be even more motivated to track you down. the other criminals in the neighborhood will turn you in just to get things settled down.

  • Sam From Texas USA

    Everybody knows not to rod a donut joint. Idiot

  • Steve Roberts

    Dumbest criminal award # 3,438….Try getting a job at a donut shop or dollar store instead! You make a LOT more money, and you get to wear your own clothes instead of County issued ones!

    • Ernie Mann

      Is the perp’s name GOON SQUAD ?????

  • Backdoor Barry

    Genius! Rob a cops best friend, a doughnut shop!

  • jimmy jack james


  • Chewable Germ

    Racist cops!

  • Time for World’s Dumbest Criminals #50 with your hosts Leif Garret, Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges! Prepare to be royally mocked for NOT seeing the cops parked at the entrance!

  • Jazzkid

    He has a hyphenated Last name. …his parents must be so proud.

  • Herman Vogel

    Let me guess, he needed to money to finish his Masters degree and turn his life around because he was such a Good Boy….Right?

  • malady

    Thanking the cops for what? Eating Donuts while on duty? But glad they were there.

  • Ralph Midgetman

    If I was inclined to rob someplace a ‘donut shop’ would be near the end of the list right before trying to rob a police station.

  • Mike Martin

    Yo…..i’m gonna need to get those sprinkles to go!

  • Robert Lott

    It wasn’t fair the perp only had a bb gun.

  • Behning Brad

    It never occurred to him to actually apply for a job instead of robbing the place.

  • gregorianchant

    Black male. Of course!


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