3 Thugs Break In and Try to Rape a Young Girl. But Grandpa Had Other Plans, and It Involved a Gun


by Bill Sampson | Top Right News

Three armed men broke into a home in North Carolina on Friday night and demanded money from the homeowner and his wife. After holding the man at gunpoint and ordering him to open his safe, they attempted to gang-rape his 19-year-old granddaughter, according to police reports.

That’s when the 67-year-old grandpa took matters into his own hands.

As reported by CBS affiliate WBTW, he grabbed a gun and exchanged fire with the intruders. He was hit several times. The three wounded suspects then fled in his Cadillac.

One of them, Jamie Lee Faison, was later found dead in the stolen car.


His partner in crime, Jamar Hawkins was taken to the hospital, where he later died of massive internal bleeding from a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen.


The other thug, Brandon Stephens, was arrested after he showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds 2 hours later. Stephens, as it turned out, had been considered a fugitive, wanted on prior warrants for various violent offenses.


The unidentified hero was reportedly in critical condition after having been airlifted to a hospital. A family member posted the following on Facebook:

“He is out of surgery but is still critical in ICU!! Thanks everyone for all your prayers just keep them coming!!! But the intruders have been caught!!!”

This story, like many others, begs the question: What might have happened to this man and his wife – let alone their granddaughter – if he were not a law-abiding gun owner, armed and ready to protect his family?

Thank God — and our Founders — for the 2nd Amendment!


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