This Walmart Shopper Saw A Firearm Holstered Under A Man’s Shirt — And Did The Unthinkable


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

When one customer entered a Florida Walmart on Tuesday, he was barely able to make it past the front door.

That’s because, when 62-year-old Clarence Daniels walked into Walmart, as captured on video, someone came up behind him and threw him to the ground — thinking he must be a “bad guy” — because he had a gun!

Fox 13 identified the would-be “hero” as Michael Foster, who restrained the elder Daniels even more, once he was on the ground.

Some other shoppers were convinced by Foster  to help him with the pending “citizen’s arrest”. They even took away Daniel’s holstered firearm that was under his shirt. Then, Foster called 911.

Foster was in for a big surprise, when the authorities he called arrived and put — not Daniels — but himself into the back of the squad car.

That is because Daniels had a concealed carry permit. And during the scuffle witnesses said Daniels was yelling out that he had a license for the weapon — which Foster completely ignored!

Foster is being charged with one count of battery. But his reckless actions, ignorant of Florida gun laws, could have resulted in something much worse had the firearm accidentally discharged during the fracas.

This is what happens when hysterical anti-gun groups continue to demonize lawful gun owners and popular concealed carry gun laws.



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