This ‘Test’ PERFECTLY Explains the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

by Jason DeWitt 

There’s a world of difference between Democrats and Republicans. But explaining that those who are not politically-aware can be a challenge at times.

Thankfully, we have a sort of quiz one can take to help sort it out — and (if you are a conservative) — enjoy a laugh along the way.

Let’s go…




How true was that?

Make sure to pass this along to a friend, so they can enjoy a hearty laugh as the far-too-long “political season” swings into action.


[h/t The Federalist Papers]

  • Bob Wilkins

    While there are extremes and exceptions to everything – this is in general much more true than not.

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    • ElmerJFudd

      I agree. I sell Trump shirts at a local flea mkt. I’ve had people demand I remove them. I offer to order a Hillary or Sanders one for them but they never want one.

  • John McMickle

    That should piss a lot of liberals off. Liberals cannot stand the truth.

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      • Jim Van Riper


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      • BuckTard

        Just report these trolls

    • arnie

      Never have and never will…till they RUIN OUR COUNTRY!

    • I wonder how many people realize that the Republican Party was actually LIBERAL when it was originally founded.

      But that would mean actually reading history instead of regurgitating the Party Line.

      • John McMickle

        I am well aware of the changes in position. However I am an independent, so I really do not care about the parties.

        • Steve Tanton

          No one is really independent in a two-party system. Independents by-in-large end up voting Democrat – they just don’t want to admit to anything. If independent means one does not vote, then I may concur with you…but I doubt it.

          • John McMickle

            I will vote for a Democrat a month after hell freezes over. However I am not and never will be a registered member of any party. I would prefer to have a viable third candidate that was a true conservative.

          • Tamas

            The reason for independents voting for democrats is that they are not biased by any brain-washing bullshit, listen to both sides and realise that one side just doesn’t make sense to they vote for the other. I’m NOT in the USA… but I am following things there closely and the level of ridiculousness of the republic party is overwhelming. So if I had to vote now, it would be a no-brainer.

          • jackjack

            If you are not a voting member of the USA. shut up, we don’t care what you think. and never will.

          • Tamas

            See that’s EXACTLY the problem. Non-voting people and independents can give UNBIASED opinions, which you SHOULD care about and listen to – but then of course you should make your own mind up. But if you are proud of not caring about what unbiased people think, that just mean you’re an idiot…

          • jackjack

            If you want to follow like a lemming go ahead. you can’t vote so no one cares. why would anyone listen to a non voting person. your opinion doesn’t matter, you don’t vote. so don’t pretend that it does. Independents and some democrats are following this election and are leaning to trump/cruse. We have to save this country from the left

          • John McMickle

            The Democrats are spending like there is no tomorrow. It is time to reduce deficit spending even if it means the social welfare programs have to be cut or eliminated.

          • White ghost

            I agree but that will never happen, instead, they will cut COLA for seniors, raise taxes on working people, raise property taxes etc.
            The system is ass backwards

          • shawn

            I suppose that you get your “Bullshit” from the press here also. If that was all I had to listen to I would be dumb enough to vote Democrat too.

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        You couldn’t be more wrong…try again. You need to follow your own advice about reading history…regurgitate that, troll.

        • The truth hurts, don’t it? Just because you blind yourself to historical fact doesn’t mean you can make it never having happened.

        • GuestPoster

          And I wonder now many people realize that it was members of the democratic party that founded the KKK and were it’s first members.

          But that would mean actually reading history instead of regurgitating the party line.

      • Steve Tanton

        They still are liberal, they espouse classical liberalism. The Democrat Party has pretty much always espoused big-government federalism over states rights and personal liberty. Today they are Marxist.

        • And yet it was the DEMOCRATS who were opposing federal involvement in state affairs during the Civil War era.

          Seriously, have you EVER cracked a history book in your life?

          • Mike Stern

            But it was the Democrats that voted to KEEP slavery.

          • ElmerJFudd

            And one of their recent heroes Is Richard KKK Byrd. Look how he rose in the senate.

      • Jeff Allen

        its funny how you democrats spout out how the rebublican party was once the liberals without seeing how you are actually insulting your own party. because in essence you are admitting that the rebublicans were once the flawed ones, but now who holds that title.we ndont care about the past what matters now is the future

        • Who says I’m a Democrat? I’m talking about HISTORY. BOTH parties are running this country in the ground as they move increasingly to the extremes, and this country is fucked so long as the conservatives and liberals — regardless of which party is which — retain their stranglehold on American politics.

          • Jeff Allen

            i will agree with that, i think its time we the people take our country back

          • White ghost

            That is exactly why we need Trump.
            He’s not a career politician

          • Trump is a fascist whack job and he will DESTROY this country. He’s precisely what we DON’T need.

          • Rattschidtt

            Your boy Obama has already done that



  • Ken Darby

    Spot On !

  • Sean Goertz

    You misspelled Libertarian.

  • Jesse

    My grandmother was a full-fledge Democrat and was nothing like this LOL. She took care of her own problems. She took care of her brothers and sisters growing up. Her pistol was with her wherever she went, she avidly supported gay rights but didn’t flaunt the issue, spent her life talking each and every one of her grandkids through their problems and coming up with creative solutions. My sister remembers being told that if she didn’t kick a bully’s @$$, my grandmother was going to kick hers. She didn’t attend church much but it didn’t stop her from having philosophical discussions about religion and how you were to hate the sin, not the sinner (remember that discussion after 9/11, had asked how we were supposed to love people like that). She always took care of herself and her needs and didn’t depend on anyone. She had a deeply held respect for Democrats though. She despised Republicans. To her, republicans were the cause of all the social problems of society. My aunt took her to a Mary Kay meeting once. The speaker started bashing Hillary Clinton. She stood up in a room full of people and gave the speaker a piece of her mind. My aunt liked to have crawled under her seat. While Bill was still president she said that one day, she knew Hillary would run and she would be the first in line to vote for her (I think she would turn in her grave if she saw what her party was doing now). I don’t know where modern Democrats come from but the old timers wouldn’t fit your mold so easily. I guess they just don’t make em like they used to. 🙂

    • Douglas Sanderfield

      ALLOT Of truth in your comment… What they CALL the DEMOCRATIC party today, is NOTHING like the one from years ago They USED TO want the best for Our Country & Our citizens, NOW it’s ALL about how much they can get away with & how much they can steal. . I do know, that even though there’s corruption in both parties, most of the republican candidates are still trying to do what is BEST for all of us & they STAND by our constitution. They’re NOT trying to change it to fit their own agenda.

    • gbp91

      wow, she is a republican but thinks she is a democrat? i am glad she behaves correctly, but sad that she votes for what is wrong with america…….that is the hoodwinking and lies that spread like a bad cold

    • gjm11653

      I was a Democrat for 40 years and so believed in the Democratic working man party. I have recently switched to Republican because the old Democratic party is gone. It is a mentality of give and give and take and take. I want people to have a hand up but Democrats keep giving hand outs. The worst thing is some of the most wealthy in the country are Democrats but they won’t give what they have for hand outs, they want the little man who works their ass off to give more of his hard earned money as hand outs.

      • Roger Coke

        I figured that out about “em years ago! They have great ideas on how to spend YOUR money, but NEVER put in a dime out of their pocket!!!

      • arnie

        Thanks for joining us….The Republicans…..I saw the light many years ago when I started my own business……DEMS….take, take, take!

    • Mel

      These were democrats of my fathers time..Kennedy era Democrats. Today the Democrat party has basically been taken over by the Communist Party, they just don’t identify themselves as Communist.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    you liberals might want to apply cold water to that burn.

    • Dan Wild

      I’m screen-capping this for my collage.

  • BPZ427

    lol!!! if this isn’t the biggest bunch of propaganda I’ve ever read. sheeple of the Republic march in order and get your Hitler moustache. LMAO!!!!!!

    • PAI

      The irony of you calling people on the right “sheeple” and then equating Hitler to your argument. You’ve got to be smarter than what you just put up here…

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        No…they’re really not smarter than that…unfortunately.

    • Mel

      Totally incoherent statement, must be a Liberal on drugs.

    • calypsodancler

      Just the ramblings of a disease ridden liberal mind, the drugs just make them feel good about themselves.

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  • gbp91

    this is so true that even though the dems understand they will still be mad…….like children they are

  • Roger Coke

    Sums it up in a nutshell!!!

  • Johnnie McHan

    100% Conservative…but GOP needs to select a strong candidate-not Romney, Bush, or any old blood. We need another choice that will reach every American. Someone with strong Constitutional knowledge, military savvy, common ground with allies and a backbone—another Reagan.

  • Dan Wild

    I graduated college and I’m suddenly hanging out with fourth-graders again. Are all your egos adequately stroked yet?

    • PAI

      Unless you teach fourth grade, there may be something wrong with you.

    • Mel

      Graduating College today is the equivalent of the 4th grade from our generation.

      • Dan Wild

        Oh my~

        Hold while I bend the knee to my Boomer overlords.

        I am unworthy!

      • PAI

        Mel, explain the $20T debt your generation has racked up for those like me, born in 1978 and inheriting this mess when I surpass middle age?

        • Johnnie McHan

          Ask the man in the White House you admire so much–check it out. iThe debt skyrocketed after he started his rearranging the Constitution and allowing trillions to be spent on foolish green companies, war with no strategy, illegals, forced health care that ruined millions of lives, loss of jobs, disrespect of our Allies and giving power to the UN they should never possess over America. There is much, much more but you need to learn it the hard way and you will. Before he is though all will suffer.

          • PAI

            Wow, I never thought I’d see the day someone said I admired Obama. The debt started in 1969 under Nixon not seeking a balanced budget from Congress, and every year since there has been no balanced budget (including the fake Clinton ones using the SS fund to balance it). The older generations started this slide by just telling the next generations that it’s their problem. Then, for that, I get told that I am uneducated compared to them. Still shaking my head with you thinking I like Obama…

          • Johnnie McHan


    • calypsodancler

      Let me guess, Liberal Arts Major?

      • Dan Wild

        Computer Science, not that it matters. It’s all Marxism anyway, right? One day you’re learning how to pad networked data models and the next it’s all Communist Manifesto this and Mein Kampf that.

  • Jose Luis Trujillo

    Yes, it is true. Liberalism as proposed by John Locke was destroyed by the new cadre of Neo-Liberals. The leadership of Democrats today, manipulates and uses minorities, unions and pseudo genders using the excuse of fighting for their rights. I used to be a Liberal, I feel more in tune with the Conservative ideology as preached by President Ronald Reagan. Once I learnt the true meaning of “roughed Individualism” I came back to my senses, Thank you Mr. Reagan.

  • Mischief Banes

    BS. If a Republican was gay, he’d deny it and try to pass anti-gay legislation

    • Winston Null

      That is completely stupid. Also thea huge problem with the Gay movement , you completely demean anyone that does not pump the company line{Rainbow), absolutely no respect that someone else sees things differently. You would try and tear down any Republican who was gay. Same thing black leaders & media does to Republicans of color. It isn’t right. To think one party is right for all is naive.

  • Oh get off high horse, because I’m sure Democrats can make just as nasty of a list about Republicans if they were so inclined. Which by the way, I see a LOT more nastiness out of Republicans than I do Democrats.

    BOTH parties are running this country into the ground, because they’re so focused on toeing the party line they’ve forgotten this is a government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE. The moment Republicans and Democrats BOTH began to place the party interests above the good of the nation they BOTH lost the moral high ground.

    • Winston Null

      I completely agree. I am pretty much a Reagan man. Loved the man even though I am not so high on the religious right though. I have many many cons to Republicans on this list. Given the opportunity the religious right WOULD impose their beliefs. They do not mind whatsoever telling all women what they should do. Republicans would have no problem interjecting on many many rights given opportunity. A bit hypocritical. Great post. It is quite bothersome and I have trouble finding hardly any candidate to get fired up for.

      • LadyScot

        Honestly, we could care less what women do as long as you are not killing your babies. If you want an abortion and cannot make up your mind before the sprog has arms and legs, then you deserve to go through childbirth. And besides, why should you be coward enough to take the easy way out? Your mama didn’t.

        We don’t care if you don’t want to own a gun. Stop trying to force YOUR ideals on US. Pot, meet kettle. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  • SMH2much

    Haha, very accurate! I was once a liberal until too many what? Wait! moments woke me up.

  • Winston Null

    It is quite humorous describing the former Democratic party as being good and they just went left. You do realize these were the Democrats that fought tooth and nail against Civil Rights?
    The Republicans have blood on their hands also. This list smacks of a ra ra post. We are better than you type thing when in reality Republicans just want in your life in different ways

  • Guest

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  • Lawrence Frank

    Right on!!

  • Lucy Blue

    Why are the trending now headlines so creepy? “Protect your kids with a sex offender” and “my dad’s trick to seducing 19 year olds” on a pic of some lady squeezing her nipples? Wtf


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