Could This Letter From Bill Clinton Cost John Kasich the Ohio GOP Primary?


by John Urban | Top Right News

Ohio Gov. John Kasich tells GOP voters lots of things as he campaigns on the stump, among them that he can “make great deals with Democrats,” and that he is a “defender of the 2nd Amendment.”

But a letter — from former President Bill Clinton — unearthed just days before the critical Ohio primary reminds voters Kasich made a deal to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans on one of the most critical votes on guns ever — the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

This is a letter Kasich does not want voters to see…and it could cost him dearly on Tuesday.

In the May 5, 1994 letter, then-president Clinton applauded Kasich’s “courageous” vote on the bill written by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), to keep the falsely named “assault weapons” out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.


Dear John:

Thank you very much for your support of H.R. 4296, the assault weapons ban. These weapons have contributed to violent crime and traumatized our nation’s communities for too long. By your vote today you have taken the first step towards getting assault weapons off the streets and out of the hands of criminals.

I applaud the bipartisan nature with which our victory was achieved and comment you for your courageous vote.

With best wishes,

(I enjoyed our visit last night)

Kasich — then in the GOP leadership — was one of only 46 Republicans — mainly gun-hating Northeast RINOs — who backed the ban.

The vast majority of Republicans (131) voted against it. In the Senate, Republicans opposed it 36-7. even with the Democrats in the majority, the bill barely passed the House 216-214, and was signed by Clinton.


Then-Rep. John Kasich shaking hands with Bill Clinton in 1994.


The law proved so unpopular with Americans that it almost singlehandedly cost the Democrats the Congress in the 1994 elections…handing Republicans the U.S. House for the first time since 1953.

But John Kasich was on the wrong side of this victory.

He later claimed he regretted the vote. But his subsequent votes prove he remained an enemy of the Right to Bear Arms for many years to come:


Notice how when the now GOP-controlled House passed a bill to repeal the ban…Kasich voted with only 29 other Republicans against it.

Now GOP primary voters — especially gun-owners — will have to ask themselves…is this the kind of “great deals with Democrats” they can expect from a President Kasich?

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Kasich is just a spoiler, he needs to drop the heck OUT and stop screwing up the REAL Candidates.

    • Lou

      Has Ohio ever had an honest Governor? I am almost 80 and cannot remember one. The FBI can always get Ohio to play ball because they have so much dirt on the Ohio political families; mostly drug running and money laundering.

      • Jessica Fansler

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  • Fred Smith

    These spoilers have no intention of winning, they are merely building up their “war chests” at the expense of highly uninformed voters. IMO any campaign donated money at the end of their run should be turned over to the federal government with a mandatory requirement it be used to pay down the debt, then lets see how many really want to run.

  • Cantilever

    Open borders, more illegals and amnesty is what kasich has in mind as job one.

    Interesting that Soros Fund Mgmt is sending a nice chunk of cash to johnny.
    His loyalties aren’t to the people of Ohio. The only people in the US he’s loyal to is illegals.

    Do your part Ohio…don’t give this f *ck stain kasich your vote.

    TRUMP 2016!!

    • Gladysgmoran1

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  • Zaphod Braden

    Lehman Brothers Kasich is definitely not “Honorable”

  • mistel

    Wondering who “unearthed” the letter? Bill Clinton comes to mind since he is backing Trump, and Trump and Kasich are in a tight run.

    • Cozette

      Wow. What’s your source on that whooper? If Clinton were going to support any GOPe candidate it would be Cruz. Statistical primary model shows Trump with a 97% chance or better of beating Hillary. She would beat Cruz. Easily. Also the other GOPe candidates. All the fat cats know this. That’s why they’re so desperate to take him out before he gets the nomination even tho he’s bringing in so many new voters. The elites know Trump is for real no matter what they tell us. If he was lying they wouldn’t be trying everything to stop him.

      • Glen Corona

        Dr Ron Martinelli Forensic Criminologist says if a person is being investigated by FBI on one count of crime then the person will not get any jobs. Hillary is being investigated by 150 FBI Agents on 100`s of crimes and she`s running for the top Cop Job for the USA.

      • mistel

        The one thing we can agree on is that Trump is for real. What we would not agree on is the reality. My reality says that Trump is wealthy and isn’t going to go against other wealthy friends if elected, and in fact, will bring the oligarchy to the forefront. My reality says that Trump has few morals and isn’t going to sprout any if elected. My reality says he has always been a liberal Democrat, isn’t going to have an epiphany and become a conservative or a Republican. My reality says that Trump is a narcissist and can make most people do and say and believe whatever he wants them to do and say and believe. That’s what narcissists do, you know. My reality says that Trump called Carson a paedophile in November, now Carson supports him. My reality says that Trump has publicly stated he wants to date his own “hot” daughter, so sexual perverts Carson and Trump should get along just fine. Or not. My reality says that Trump has made headlines during his 70 years on this earth as a loser and a despicable human being, but with the Apprentice show viewers were indoctrinated with a new and improved Trump. Hallelujah.

        • Aware of history

          Hey mistel – seems Trump just keeps rolling along since you last shared your extraordinary ability to foresee the future so good . . . why is that ? ? ?

          • mistel

            I stand by any Comment I’ve posted. For any Comment you deem to be a prediction, I remind you that the game isn’t over yet. And just bec Trump is ‘rolling along,’ that certainly is no indicator of the future. We don’t know what the GOP electors will decide re nominees, whether he’ll keep rolling along or not. Most of us did not foresee the gullibility of Americans who would be bamboozled by this narcissist, especially coming right after the narcissist obama. But to prepare you, a narcissist cares only for himself and is a master manipulator at achieving his goals. The second part, and where you come in, is that a narcissist detests those who support him because, after all, to him they are too dumb to see through him. He has no respect for them. (Pls know that I myself don’t consider his supporters dumb, but misguided.) Not a prediction, just textbook.

          • John Parke

            guess your wrong again mistel or mistake.Trump 2016.hahaha LOL

          • mistel

            That LOL for Trump 2016 can turn out to go either way. For the sake of our country I hope you’re right. But I doubt it. By the way, what conservative thing has he done since he lost accountability to Cruz? I can’t think of anything, either. In fact, he immediately said he’s not like most Republicans bec he supports a minimum wage more than $15. He’s revealed other liberal policies as well since Cruz left. But that’s what liberals do, you know.

          • Aware of history

            Doesn’t take a genius to realize the game isn’t over yet, but so far you’re two months late and several dollars short. Your expert opinion re gullibility and narcissism seems to be putting you in the minority so far. Might you get your opinions on narcissism from your true expert Obastard that much smarter minds have pegged and the SOB (short on brains) has so apply demonstrated ? ? ?

          • mistel

            These days I’m usually in the minority when Trump supporters rule. Obama has a malignant narcissistic personality, and some say Trump does also, but I see only narcissism. However, the two are identical in so many ways aside from the personality disorders — that’s what is so troubling about support for him. No doubt you’re familiar with ‘You hate it in obama, but you like it in Trump.’ It could mean another 8 years of irrational behavior. Most of us would have preferred a break with a rational president.

      • mistel

        I’m curious about that 97% chance of beating hillary. Political percents seldom get above the 60s. How about long-term predictions? For example, consider that when trump wins a primary with a 40% or so win, that means 60% doesn’t like him. How will that translate in Nov? And as low as hillary may or may not be, by the time the media gets thru with trump, he’ll be lucky to get 3% vote. While it’s true he has 7 months to hone his narcissistic skills, one of those ads will hit home with a group and his rating will drop. Some of those groups are pretty big.

        • mistel

          Let’s not forget the Dems who voted in Republican open primaries in order to ensure a Trump win. 24% sticks in my mind. They surely won’t be voting for him in November. Gosh, if Trump’s support keeps dwindling, he may end up in the negative.

  • Luis Cabrera

    Time for John to pull out of the race ,he is bad for the GOP

  • Glen Corona

    I read a news report Kasich doesn`t have enough signatures to run for President in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

  • Brian

    The more you know about this seeming “nice guy” the less you’ll like him. Just another POL

  • Guest

    Not that this guy has a chance in heck of ever getting in the White House except with a tour group, it is good to see his voting record aired for all to see.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    F this turd

  • Burford Clunchman

    He’s the Democrats’ favorite Republican.

  • polarisgold

    Love the way the letter was signed The Honorable John Kasich…..PLEASE tell me what is honorable about scumbag politicians???

  • hiskid1964

    Kasich your done

  • American

    I knew this clown was a liberal all along, no vote for this fool from me.


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