This ‘Old Man’ Gives a Young Beach Bully a Lesson in How to Treat Women

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

There’s some things in life you simply should not do, and one of them is call a man’s daughter insulting names — especially when he is standing right in front of you.

One 25-year-old man named Carlos had to learn this the hard way last week in Florida, and it was all caught on video.

The clip begins with Carlos unsuccessfully propositioning, then profanely insulting a group of women on the beach. Then the father of one of them comes over to calmly ask why Carlos is so upset. Dad keeps remarkable composure while the beach brute continues his immature behavior. But then matters quickly escalate when the young creep threatens the older man and starts calling his daughter, including other girls on the beach horrible names:

“I’m going to knock this old ass dude out, bro. I’m f**king 25 years old, and you’re all stupid c**ts and stupid dykes”

Then, being the punk that he is, he decides to take a swing at the ‘old ass dude.’

BIG mistake, Carlos:

After standing his ground, he takes one quick jab to the kids face, which hilariously leaves him on the ground for an insane amount of time. He isn’t just punched, he is knocked out, and knocked out for good. Someone, presumably one of his friends, tried to help the young trash-talker up, but he must have been hit good because he just continued to lay there.

That’s a lesson he won’t soon forget.


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