THIS NATION Just Had A MASSIVE Protest AGAINST Islam… Horrified Media Censors The News

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

While European Union nations such as Germany and even France are allowing the engineered “refugee crisis” to flood their nations with hostile Muslims — and demanding that all E.U. countries welcome their “fair share” of the disastrous flood, one nation is standing against the insanity.

With massive crowds as large as 170,000 strong, Polish patriots marched through their capital to demand an end to Islamic immigration — the “largest demonstration in Polish history.”

Poland isn’t just going to take the Islamization of Europe without a fight. They are sick and tired of letting their culture be stolen away from them…so this is what they did.

First check out this incredible photo:


Did you hear about this on CNN? You did not, because they completely censored it from American eyes, lest they be inspired to stand up against Obama’s sinister plans to import up to 200,000 so-called “Syrian refugees”, despite the FBI’s warning that the Feds can’t properly screen them.

Check it out:

Described as the ‘largest demonstration in Polish history’, over 100,000 Polish nationalists took to the streets yesterday in the city center of Warsaw against immigration into Europe and the European Union—and in particular against the latter’s demands that Poland “absorb” Muslims who have flooded into Germany over the past few months. Protesters referred to the immigrants as “invaders”.

The massive demonstration—the largest such event yet in Poland—comes only two weeks after the populist Law and Justice party, described by the controlled media as “right wing”—convincingly won elections in that country, forcing out the previous administration which had not taken a firm enough line against the invasion of Europe.

Here is some incredible footage of the demonstrations, which lasted for several days, and which are only now being reported in the U.S. after days of m

They showed incredible solidarity with the French victims of Muslim terror:

The chants of the crowd show you why the media was so desperate to censor the news:

What could be more in opposition to open-border Progressives than Christianity and nationalism?

Share this if you think more of Europe — and America — should have the same attitude…


    Bless them

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  • Ken

    Good for them. These folks might do better to fix the problem at home not export it to our shores.

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      • Deborah Horvath Rowden

        go away……not the place for this, Pamela Balmer!

        • PoliWach

          I too, get really angry when people do this. Seeing it quite a bit lately. Free advertising. The ‘host’ shouldn’t allow it.

          • chris

            why get angry – its great to see. Good on them.

  • You_R_Responsible

    Proud of my ancestors…. you survived the Nazi’s and you will survive Islam. All you have to do today is start deporting these invaders and close your borders. Do not let them do to you what Germany did – learn from history!

  • anon

    Poland will have to let go of the EU if it wants to truly keep its country from being invaded. The EU acting ‘as one’ (with exception of the UK) will not be able to survive unless it has unity. Germany has pretty much let go of any unity with this ‘invasion’.

    • Stephen Clayforth

      Poland has already removed the EU flag from its official buildings. Perhaps the next step is for them to remove the EU from their country the same as Britain is going to do!

    • PL

      We know. we are burning dummies of Merkel now 🙂

  • Ed Ferrugiari

    The Crusades Part ll has started. In Poland. Yes it has. Interestingly enough, WWll started when Hitler invaded Poland. Our entire western civilized world should be at war against Islamic invaders.

    • AMP2020

      We can thank the political middle for letting this happen by ignoring legitimate grievances of the people.

    • PoliWach

      Leaders of western nations have treated their own people with disdain. Favouring terrorists over their own. I don’t get it.

      What really is a disgrace is that, Countries like Saudi Arabia are filthy rich but do nothing to help the refugees. Why should western nations do what the Arab nations should be doing.Check this out below. Muslims are ‘supposed to’ help the needy.

      • chris

        Because its a global Islamic invasion – the Muslims are meant to invade countries around the globe, according to the teachings of Islam PoliWach.

        • David Blake

          Muslim women must also have their share in gaining their freedom. It’s time they wake up. They are the only women in this planet who could not sue for rape as their testimonies are never accepted in their court. I could not really see why at this modern age their laws are still in the prehistoric era.

          • Saleem

            This is just your ignorance. Women can sue for rape and the rapist is given severe punishment which can be death

          • Alexander Wells

            only if there are four witnesses.. what a joke

          • SteelBriar

            Really? Since when have 4 Moslem men EVER defended a rape victim?

          • alittleunwell

            You know it’s the women the Muslim men left behind that are fighting in their home lands. As for gaining freedom over Sharia law, they have no power until they leave Islam. The can’t understand the truth and the freedom of Christ because Islam is all they’ve ever known. The men will never allow them to be free.

      • David Blake

        They dont need to do that. Refugees already have their muslim faith. They are more focused in wiping out Christianity.

      • K. Bekei

        Bleeding heart liberals always care for criminals, peverts and their rights over victims, why should this be any different. They claim its to help refugees of war, but that’s not who’s flooding Europe. More can be done with aid than bringing them into our countries and bankrupting us. Uneducated, poor people from underdeveloped countries with a backward religion and culture cannot mix in the western world.

        Saudi Arabia says no because they don’t want to deal with them. They know they won’t integrate even there. We need to stop being accommodating, that’s all.

        I swear it’s like all these leaders are vying for the same Nobel Peace prize.

      • b j

        These “immigrants” are not Muslim, they are Moslem

        • SteelBriar

          I always use the word Moslem. It’s offensive to them.

    • InfinityPixel GAMING

      I agree. Western (and Far Eastern) civilization must defend themselves from the dangers of Islam. I said Far Eastern civilization as China and Russia are members, and they (especially China) has been plagued by Islam quite a lot more than the West.

    • K. Bekei

      It will be very difficult with so many of them living amongst us, many sympathizers to Isis. There will be a civil war, and when it comes those Muslims wishing to leave should be given a heads up and an opportunity to leave. The rest, well only the US has its citizens armed to the teeth and can fight or defend themselves against any violence. My worry is Pakistan or some other country selling them a nuke. Then there will be a bloodbath which I’m hoping we can avoid, but I’m sure these zealots really want.

      • Gordon Bennett

        Well, let’s hope it happens sooner than later because within a decade or two the demographics will no longer be in our favour.

        • Merk

          With progressives at the helm, it won’t take decades and the islamists won’t need their previous “sufficient numbers”.

          • Gordon Bennett

            With any luck the historical Brexit victory will help put paid to all the nonsense the indigenous peoples of Europe have had to put up with for the past number of decades.

  • Stella

    Everyone is allowed to be proud of their heritage. Islam is the only faith that is trying to REMOVE every other heritage/culture off the face of the planet, so they can keep pretending they are the only ones who ever existed. Time to stand up to the bullies.

  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Poles at least fought back; France laid right down for Hitler. Good work, Poles.

    • RonKeffer

      that is more than we are doing at present. We need to close our borders

      • JPR224

        The governors have already stoop up to that trait in the WH. Now Trump is forcing the GOP candidates to do the same things. Ours is coming. Don’t worry.

    • Stephen Clayforth

      Just as they are doing with the Muslim terrorists.

    • Annette Baber

      Except for the French resistance who risked their lives fighting back…

      • Richard Dean Anderson

        Agreed, and we’re on track to see the same thing all over again….

    • David Wilkinson

      Rght there Richard.Twice we baled out the French and look what they did and are still doing.Hollande has said the paris outrage will not halt Frances comittement to a multicultural state.They have the largest Muslim population in Europe and have only themselves to blame for allowing the islamification of thier country .Insane policy because as most intelligent observers know the muslims will not accept multicultures but will rule with one nation of islam iron fist.

  • Ben

    If the Poles can do it what is stopping us?

    • Greg

      That’s simple. It’s our “Muslim in Chief.”

    • Joan Bryan

      A Muslim President.

      • Ralph

        Supports women’s right to choose, gay rights, eats bacon, drinks beer and shaves. Worst muslim EVER 🙂

      • Elisabeth

        Best comment ever!

      • reasontruthandlogic

        Except he is not muslim.

    • Ralph

      Maybe because most Americans are not neo-nazis.

    • Sanna

      Idiots that will shout “racism”

      • Windygirl

        It’s been shouted and asserted so often that it has lost it’s “power” and now people are proudly saying they ARE racist and everything that goes along with it.

        • reasontruthandlogic

          Noone has to say they are racist just because they oppose an invading oppressive mediaeval and insular culture. To give in to the the baseless accusations of being racist, xenophobic, far-right, etc. it to reinforce people’s reluctance to openly support restrictions on muslim immigration. This is also not about being against the right of a handful of genuine refugees to asylum, if they apply through the correct channels.

      • di from Oregon

        It’s not about race, it definitely is about good vs. evil, that’s for sure.

      • ToxicThistle

        Like the Moslems do? They’re on a raping, murdering Jihad and their religion tells them it’s okay to do that. They show no kindness or tolerance for anyone else but demand it from others. What hypocrisy.

    • David Wilkinson

      Yes indeed Ben ! Why can’t we do it .I have been trying to get support from all patriot groups to amalgamate with a common goal of showing our resistance to the evil invasion of islam.

    • JPR224

      We’ll be doing it soon enough but in different ways. Then again, we’re not at the frontlines like they are, so the urgency isn’t quite the same. But the sentiment is. Just look at our governors, look at what Trump has forced the GOP candidates to do. It’s coming.

  • John Susko

    They need to come reclaim Hamtramck Michigan.

    • Do you think that CAN be done?

      Wayne, Luvsiesous

      • PoliWach

        Certainly not under Obama’s watch!

        • I keep asking myself, “Besides the 8 million votes he paid ACORN and others to ‘bank’ each election, WHO voted for him?”

          The ones who voted for him need to pay the bill.


    • PoliWach

      Hell, ya. Most American citizens don’t realize how bit by bit, they are invading.

  • DonKar

    I was never more proud to be of Polish ancestry

  • Lou Ann Strozyk

    Bless the Polish people. They’ve been beaten down so many times, over the years. They have more moxie than we have here in the U.S.

    • Sanna

      F* the polski. Millions of these “patriots” abroad. Happy to invade the whole eu in 10 years, benefit from it, but do not bother to follow the pledges like taking refugees. Scum that invaded uk, whatever you go you see arrogant polski faces n ridiculous language.

      • Mike

        No-f* you bitch! ! You’re just repeating bs of lefties’ propaganda . Only little per can’t of polish emigrants claim any benefits and don’t forget they work for it unlike muslim parasites. You may not like poles for your own personal reasons but don’t wipe your face with this proud nation or I’ll wipe my are with your face!

        • chris

          Polish people are great workers and have been thru hell. Good on them for standing up for themselves and their country.

      • 303 pilot

        You’re just fuc…ing dumb bit**h,if you think that we have any responsibilities for so called refugees…they showing real face,when beheading your soldiers in the middle of a day in London or murdering hundreds in Paris.And BTW you stupid cow,if you dont know how to use polish language-dont fu…ing do it.Hope one day,one of your’s belowed refugees will show you respect he have for you…with his in your ar..e,try then moaning about poles taking benefits,you blind bit…ch

        • Anonymous

          Better hope no one blows your head off someday!

      • David Wilkinson

        bless the polish people !You are a racist leftie fool who for your own racist reasons hate the poles our traditional friends who escaped the nazis and came to fight for England in the last world war .The polish free air force fought the germans at far reater risk to themselves than our own pilots because if downed over germany they would have been shot as traitors by the fascists they were fightin against.The huge polish demonstration is not racist because islam is not a race but an evil cult determined to islamicise europe and the world .The poles are doing what any intelligent political observer nations should be doing and opposing this evilness swarming into .Europe.But in any case we can not take upon our shoulders the burdens of the economic migrants the majority of which are young men who should be fighting for thier countries and demonstrating against the corruption ruining thier economies.You are an uneducated person by your comment,If our young men had fled this country in 1939 when we had to fight against a far superior enemy,you would now be speaking german as your mother tongue,

        • Windygirl

          Well said.

        • di from Oregon

          Well said indeed!

        • chris

          well said David Wilkinson! Its great to see the Polish people standing up for their country, good on them.

      • Anonymous


      • Leeada47

        Spoken like the incompetent troglodyte you are.
        Why should they take these “Refugees” ??? who will destroy Europe…
        And Polish is an older language than the English you think you speak.
        What an ugly decerebrate you are…

        • PoliWach

          Yesssss! Just look at the name. Sounds muslim to me.

      • PoliWach

        So far, Muslims have not ‘invaded’ any western nation. The leaders of these western nations have invited the scum into their Country. That was not fair to their own citizens. Good for the Polski for making a stand. ALL WESTERN NATIONS NEED TO DO THE SAME. This situation is getting way out of hand.
        Three cheers for Poland!!

        • chris

          well said!Muslims have invaded western countries – wake up. Atrocities are already occurring in Australia.

      • InfinityPixel GAMING

        Let me guess. You are Muslim.

      • ToxicThistle

        F**k you, you twat. The only good Moslem is a dead one. Enjoy your female genital mutilation, Moslem scum.

      • reasontruthandlogic

        Poles come here for work while it’s hard to find in Poland. Recently half of them returned because their economy improved. Even if they came here to stay they integrate rapidly, are very highly skilled on average, and don’t have a third world birth rate. But the main point by far is that none of them have an extremely aggressive politico-religious ideology which is about imposing an authoritarian, anti-democratic, anti-progressive, misogynist and generally intolerant mediaeval culture on the rest of the world.

    • saleem

      This is vested interest of Poles and nothing else. As soon as Poland was accepted in EU, any polish who could walk or toddle rushed to England like hyena. England had to accept them in the name of European brotherhood regardless of their capabilities. In fact Poles are jealous of Muslim immigrants who were more capable of Poles. This is a fact, admitted by many British doctors of consultant level

      • Dan Warren

        Your swarthy muslim ancestors were destroyed by the Polish cavalry over and over and over again. They were very afraid of the Poles.

        When the Poles crushed the muslims at Vienna, they were so emasculated they never came back. Their Sultan leading the siege of Vienna RAN for his life, leaving his homosexual lover behind to be killed. The whole muslim army was destroyed. And, when the Sultan got back to Turkey, he committed suicide, as he was afraid to show his face.

        Poles are the best muslim killers in history.

        • saf

          Don’t worry about Muslim don’t wake up 3.7 militans uk Muslim
          Just worried about uk in ore out

          • Dan Warren

            Oh yes, it is very true. The ruler of the ottoman Empire called the Polish King “?the Lion of the North’, and was very afraid of the Polish King and his Polish Warriors.

            The Muslim scum were totally defeated by the Polish Warriors and other Slavic Warriors, such as Vlad the Impaler, who had the Muslim scum impaled on sharpened posts which lined the roads leading to his fortress.

            After the Poles crushed the Mslims attempts to invade Europe, the Muslims crawled back to theirbackward deserts, and were afraid to ever try invading again.

            Then along comes the Leftists, amd they invite this Muslim scum into Europe.

          • Greg

            Vlad Dracu(Dragon) the Impaler was not Slavic but Romanian King. Romanian are not Slavic people.

          • Dan Warren

            The whole Balkan area was conquered by Slavic Tribes, including Romania, and Greece….even some islands in the Aegean Sea. Later, over centuries, some Slavic tribes adopted the languages sourounding them, and in other places the original people’s adopted the Slavic language.

            Thus Romanians have a large amount of Slavic blood.Their language is Latin derived with lots of influence form the Slavic.

      • Hey Muslim, learn to speak English you’re a British Immigrant right? At least learn your parent county’s language properly. You’re a disgrace.

      • Lolo

        Muslims are more capable… because they dont work in EU ?

      • jordan74

        Saleem, you must be joking. They are not jealous, polish peoplework very hard in the UK, they pay for everything, they live quiet and they are calm, not as muslims, who are ignorant and kill everybody, they do not work, they do not pay. They only sit and make the world worse. That is the different between polish people and muslims.

      • Portugal

        Poles are jealous of Muslim immigrants who were more capable of Poles???

        What a stupidity. Muslims, whom I know are mostly loafers.

    • Gordon Bennett

      Is moxie another word for “balls”?

  • Ralph

    Neo Nazis.

  • Ralph

    Dozens of demonstrators in the western Polish city of Wroclaw participated in burning effigies of Jews fully equipped withpeot (side-curls) and black hats, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Wednesday. YOU SUPPORT THIS ?!

  • SouthronCross

    Go Poland! Thanks for standing for Christianity, and, for freedom.

  • sandyaz

    King Sobieski saved Europe once. The Poles may be the ones to take up the fight first this time.

  • Christus_Regeln

    It is important to recognize that liberal media act similarly regardless of their national boundaries.

  • B Patterson

    Poland’s history is marked by onslaughts by any and all foreign leaders who wanted to rule the world. Their size marked them for “the taking”. Yet, they never surrendered because they believe that they can overcome time and again with God. It takes a lot of gumption to stand up against the EU and the ‘refugee invasion’ and we could use a line or two of their playbook. We have a lot more freedoms than they do but they aren’t afraid to stand united in their convictions.
    Hello, I KNOW that we can do the same, so why don’t we?

  • Stesta Rawks

    if you can’t find sanctuary on your own continent it might be time to change the way you think.

  • Excellent. Tweeting and facebooking – and blogging if I can manage it!

  • ramhornjoe

    Good finally one country standing up for their people, Americans should pay attention and follow their example and become a united force against Obama and any Tyrants that want to import terror to our shores….make no mistake if we don’t our grandchildren will rue the day we laid down and allowed our Great Nation to be taken over by islamic extremism.

  • Gregg K

    When I was much younger I always used to hear people make jokes about the Polish. Ever since they pushed back communism and established their destiny I have remained very impressed with them. They know what is right. If there is a joke, it’s on us.

  • triangle whip

    Poland kicked muslim ass more that once see polish Hussars..

  • disqus_KXqeZMikzj

    wish I could have this translated–

  • Paul Michael

    Who’s the “dumb” ones now… 😉

  • Leftism is a societal cancer

    God bless the Polish nation!

  • Stickman

    I can’t help thinking if Poland is so good, why do we have so many ( Polish Immigrants ) in GB. Why don’t they go back to Poland and stop the ( Muslim Immigrants ) entering their country. I am not against Polish workers in my country but it is hypercritical to object to genuine refugees entering a Homeland! You have left or would leave if you could.

    • Szybciej Znakomity

      in from poland and you are sadly confusing two seperate things. working and living conditions are not so great in poland, so people leave to work in other countries, get money, send it back home. save up for a few years in GB, then come back to poland with some capital, maybe start their own business, maybe leave again when the money runs out after a few years. the point is that they go to the UK because they get paid more for doing pretty much the same jobs they could do in poland, but for about 5x more the money.
      polish people work hard abroad to get enough money that they can get back. yes, some stay for ever and make new families in UK, some stay there just for the unemployment benefits (less than 1% according to british stats) but most of them want and try to go home after they earned enough.

      as for the second part poland has enough people to defend it against the muslim scum. mark my words, if these animals will be forcefully placed in our country, there is enough of people that dont give a shit about the government, police, army, authority. and they will straight up murder the scum. it will be done because these patriots will only care about their country and the safety and survival of their families, not their own safety.

      we did this before, (numerous times, just read up on history) and we will do this again if need be.

      if you are getting triggered by me calling things how they are, i wonder if you are getting triggered as such when you read news about people being beheaded in saudi arabia for “commiting the act of apostasy”. women being stoned to death because of “adultery” (while their partners are served 100 lashes, very fair innit?). how about crucifying a teenage boy that was falsely accused of calling for a revolt against the country via one snarky tweet? yeah, that did happen. a month ago. im not even going to go deeper into afganistan, iraq and syria, but you can find out on your own how people are treated there. in that region, civilization stopped evolving in 450 AD. i say let them destroy themselves over there, deport them back. we dont need them doing their dumb shit in europe. we dont need another london, another madrid, another paris.

      stay strong europe

  • DonKar

    I checked with a friend in Warsaw about this item. His reply is below.

    Hello there,

    that’s quite an interesting article, thanks for sharing! First of all, it’s mostly lies, very little facts 🙂

    The pictures are from the November 11. That is an independence day in Poland, independence gained after the WWI, once the country was back up again in 1919, run by the hardcore socialist Józef Piłsudski (funny and ironic coincidence, don’t you find it so?:) From year to year such marches take place. And they were worse in 2011 – 2014. Every year there are around 200 people taken into custody for the destruction of the city property (street fights, demolition, in 2013 they’ve burned a security staff building of the Russian embassy by throwing Molotov cocktails at it). That year they’ve also burned down few police cars and one TV station vehicle. Many injured. This year, it was one from the article, it went more or less calm.

    The other thing, it was not an anti-islam or anti-migrant march per se. Many of those demonstrators have worn celtic crosses, swastikas and other symbols of the third reich; quite a sad thing to see in the country that suffered the most from the Hitler’s regime.

    The number: the police state that around 40.000 people were there, and the organizers counted So I’d say it was something in between, but no way it was 130.000 and oh, it was not the biggest demonstration in Poland. Also, one of the footages shown in the article is not from this year – they were marching elsewhere. It was in fact pretty scary for me – most international companies and corporations working in Poland has advised their foreign staff to stay at home and not go out, due to fear of the violence outbreaks taking place past years.

    The other thing is the Law and Order party they talk about in the article. They call them populist and say that ‘controlled media’ call them right-wing. That party is pretty scary. They have been in power for some 2 weeks now (parliamentary simple majority and their cabinet as well as the president) and things that are happening are really hard to grasp. To be brief: the guy in charge of military believes that Poland should attack Russia and take back a part of Ukraine’s territory that belonged to Poland from before 1914 (such as Lviv), the guy in charge of the Ministry for Transport had his driving licence taken away twice for severe traffic law violations, the minister in charge of the intelligence services has been found guilty by the court of law (the charges include misuse of power and corruption) for 3 years in prison and 10 years ban for public service – of course, president pardoned him after he was sworn into office, but BEFORE the appeal court could rule out either on his favor or otherwise. Last night they’ve changed the whole law about the Constitutional Tribunal and it’s judges (the body that considers the law if it’s not contradictory to the constitution) and now the judges will all be from their party. Which means now the separation of powers is only formal. So it is all a bit messy, as you see 🙂

    • David Wilkinson

      Left wing bullshit.Poland has a huge movement against especially Muslim migrants ,and i laud them

    • Asia

      Are You Polish? This march was indeed because of independency day but many subjects were connected due to so called refugees. 80% of media in Poland belonges to German companies and they create bad reputation of such events. They called is fasists pt even nazi (srsly!!!) I take part each year in this march with my baby boy and husband as many Polish families and i must admit that this year there were more people compare to previous years. It is common that Numbers are underestimated but this year there were ober 100k people. Incydent that You described -russian embassy it was a typical probovation of civil platform party. You can find lots of materials in the internet

  • Rob H.

    Thank you, Poland.

  • Tomek Duda

    been there. It’s a march for the Independence Day of Poland. It’s
    organised every year. People just walk with Polish flags, sing patriotic
    songs- manifest the joy of having the freedom we didn’t have for 123
    years (1795-1918).
    Unfortunately, there
    are some “hooligans” who come here, too. Or strong nationalists. Some
    come just to fight with the police. Luckily, this year there were not
    many bad accidents.
    I don’t think there were 170
    thousands people walking. I’d say (based on different sources) something
    between 50 and 100 thousands.
    The motto of this year’s
    march was “Poland for Poles” (“Polska dla Polaków”)- quite
    nationalistic. Some people were shouting some racist thing, even
    And yes, some were agains EU and many were agains immigrants. But, once again, it was no the theme of the march.

    You can take a look at some pictures I took:

  • waterwillows

    The rat media and their traitor ways. This should have been headlined and reported. Go Poland go!

  • GGbox

    The spirit of Sobieski lives!!

  • The Poles are smarter than Merkel?

    Nice move.

    Wayne, Luvsiesous

  • di from Oregon

    OMGosh, these polish people have it right, we better be learning from them! NO MORE MUSLIMS, DEPORT THE ONES ALREADY HERE, unless they have denounced Islam and converted to Christ Jesus as Savior!

    • Windygirl

      They couldn’t be trusted to actually denounce Islam, they are sneaky liars in the first place. Better yet just deport.

      • di from Oregon

        There is a test, one cannot say that Jesus Christ is Lord of their live if He is not is what I understand from scriptures.

  • islamroastschildren

    Sadly, the ONLY way to STOP the E.U. from polluting the Continent with the Islamic CULT is to start KILLING POLITICIANS by the hundreds until the proponents are all disposed of and buried.

  • Brogan

    John Sobieski, Vienna 1683

  • I am Hungarian (living in California) and I am going back there for a month, next spring as I am not sure how long will it be safe and pleasant to visit Europe. I am mainly going back east (Hungary and Romania) but it seems that the West is digging its own grave. What is taking place in Europe just makes me sick. It is an invasion and the media is censoring the bad news and totally ignoring the people’s(TAXPAYERS) will and welfare. It just boggles the mind. Orban (I never liked him) is my hero now!
    RIP EU I am counting your days now….

  • notaracist

    Why has there been nothing about this on our media ? This could be crucial to our leaving the EU

  • roppu

    Right now, in times like this, it would be good if the russians still owned half of europe. This would have not happened if russia would have had any saying in this, merkel and her stupid ideas and obligations “because we did WWII hurr durr”. World war 3 has started and we allowed it

  • stephen fenton

    Barry SOTERrOr (former Illinois President, R.R.) = (Benedict Arnold Replacement /American Criminal Kenyan) baRAQQA hussein OSAMA IS>IL.(linois) (p)Resident in “Moslem Mansion”! NO RETREAT-STEPHEN-NO SURRENDER (REVELATIONS 5:5 = ACTS 7:55)

  • Isaac Ben

    Hey Europe, you traded 6 million Jews for 25 million Muslims. How’s that working out for you?

  • Craven Moorehead


  • David Blake

    Let’s not forget that muslims wont stop with terroristic savagery til they achieved their goal – that is to bring the whole planet under their muslim rule – its written in their koran.

  • InfinityPixel GAMING

    You guys, if you want to stop Islam and you are American, nominate Donald Trump as a presidential candidate then vote for him! I will not take sides in the Islam problem as I am Canadian and Trudeau is “pulling out” of the fight in Syria…

  • Shaghayegh Hend

    I just noticed you had a whole section devoted to Immigration and Islam WOW you guys are obsessed dicks.

  • Alex

    I for one wish we English people would take to the streets like the Polish people. The UK now is a lost cause. We are now completely over run with Muslims. Muslim women have four times as many children as English women. So the problem will continue to grow and get worse. The majority of these people contribute nothing. This is a growing poison around the world. Doesn’t matter where these people are placed they are never happy and always blame other people. Poland is a beautiful place you have plenty of churches you have no place for Muslim mosques. Don’t give into any EU pressure. It’s not too late for Poland ! One Muslim in your country is still too much. Not wanting Muslims and refugees doesn’t make you racist it makes you clever people. Just look at the UK and France. Stay strong and United and keep them out.

  • bschec7

    Deep respect for Poland. They overcame Communism, these islamic pussies will be easy.

  • nash oudha

    The real danger to Europe is coming from the Polish, they want to replace secularism with backward 1st century Christian values. there is no such a thing of Islamization of Europe

    • DonKar

      What backward muslim country are you living in. It is because of Christianity that that the world has remained moral and sane over the past few hundred years. If muslims are allowed to dominate the world, we will be living in a immoral, brutal, unloving, hellish world. If necessary, another crusade to push them back to Africa or destroy them altogether would be order. If it takes Poland to spark it, then let it be done.

    • The real danger is scum like you who are invading Europe. Take your filthy Muslim faith back to the arablands where you belong. And hopefully a meteorite strike sand sinks the entire Arabian seaboard.

  • Kraig Stanley

    Dont tell me that this nation doesn’t have the right to be pissed, either.

  • ASarchus

    Congratulations to the people of Poland. I salute you.

    All the free peoples of the World despise the barbaric totalitarian death cult of Islam. They are having their fun right now but the World slowly but surely turns and soon enough they will be dealt with like any other plague of vermin. The same is true of the traitorous politicians who invited them in to pollute the West in the first place.

    What is truly strange though is that now Hollande, Merkel and Cameron have all made impassioned speeches about the utter and abject failure of the multicultural experiment and yet their only cowardly and weak response is to allow the wholesale invasion of Europe to continue.

    Meanwhile the mad Muslim Obama continues his destructive assault on the US before he leaves and blames everything on the bogus pseudoscience of global warming.

    Canada and Australia are full to bursting with barking insane multiculti far left fascist greens and will continue to invite Muslims in their endless hordes while they watch Europe in flames.

    The real enemy of western democracy is these ‘progressives’ and they must be dealt with and quickly.

  • boucle

    Very wise people to stand up to all the crime and muslim BS.
    Wish we were stronger an smarter for survival.

  • Dan Warren

    where is my post

  • Bond Summers

    Looks like Poland and the northern Baltic states are the countries to visit to see indigenous Europeans without the Muslim presence. Sweden, Britain, Germany, France,…. to some degree are on a losing path

  • Abdulla Mtp

    cool 🙂 .. looks like people are against non educated, poor, pissed off people of underdeveloped parts of some muslim countries.. why dont ya people understand real Islam as you can see in countries like UAE, KSA, Southern India and Terrorism are two different things?

    I’ve seen a video that a caught Al Quaeda Militant hv been questioned about Islam, he doesnt even know about Namaz or Prophet Mohammad(pbuh), although still roaring that he’s a muslim and Allah is the god ..

    As I ve seen in internet so far, I understood Poland was an above average in racial/communal violence among other EU countries..

    Though it was my dream since childhood to study MBBS in Poland, the country I’ve loved, I really need to rethink to change it to Georgia.

    Sorry for bad English, Im Indian, which doesnt required to use Engilsh. 🙂

  • H Augustin

    The Poles are a mentally underdeveloped nation with tons of psychological issues and a huge chip on their shoulder. That I think is what is really behind these irrational protests (it’s not like that many people want to go their post-communist, sauerkraut-eating paradise country anway!). They know very little about democracy and behave exactly the way you would expect from a nation that spent decades under the Russian boot. This inability of a nation that was not so long ago considered ‘subhuman’ to learn from its own experience is astounding. Reminds me of the Jewish Israelis to some extent. The Polaks have a lot to learn and a lot of catching up to do to reach the level of civilization of their Western neighbors and former opressors.

  • Western patriots fighting back against Western tyrants and the Moslem invader barbarians forced upon the West.

  • nmgene

    I like muslimes better, they are the slime you wipe off your foot !!!!!!

  • Dennis Savage

    If you want to know what is happening in the EU then read Albert Pikes plan for WW3 and then you will know, the elites are working to this blueprint.

  • Ken

    Islam is not compatible with Christian society as it seeks to subjugate and kill or enslave all other religions. ..says lie as we are below the truth and enslave the Christian as they are only good for slaves…etc. etc .

  • zoda

    The USA and other countries need to stop bombing these people, then their would be no reugees


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