This Marine Combat Vet Has a Message for the Thugs Trampling on the American Flag


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A disgusting new trend is spreading across the internet called the “Eric Sheppard challenge”. If you haven’t heard of it yet, be prepared to be outraged.

As TRN reported, Eric Sheppard is a racist thug wanted by the FBI in Georgia after his gun was found on campus during a series of protests. Sheppard is a member of the New Black Panther party who calls himself a “terrorist against white people.” He remains at large.

Instead of calling for Sheppard to turn himself in, Black “protesters” across America have taken to YouTube to “support” him by attacking America — trampling on Old Glory, and yelling “Fuck Yo’ Flag!.”

A University of Michigan student Erica Walker started the challenge with a repulsive video:

Hundreds of videos of mostly black protesters desecrating the American flag in every way have been uploaded to YouTube with the hash tag #NotMyFlag” — and denouncing America as a “racist,” “genocidal,” and “terrorist” nation.


A U.S combat veteran named Shane Lawler saw this obscene challenge, and he posted a message of his own. His powerful — and a little profane — can be seen below:

He posted the video just yesterday, and already it has over 2 million views.

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  • Rocman

    Wonder who made the sign for her obviously not smart enough to write/ crosshairs Erica your in them

  • Mike Stern

    Anyone who desecrates the American flag should be deported.

    • Dev

      I don’t think you can deport a citizen, even if you want too.

      • birdbrain2

        Maybe not but you sure can make it where they will beg to leave my country.

        • Paul Williams

          and you;’ll be begging me to stop wiping my ass with your face.

          • Pat Terrien

            Big talk, behind your computer screen. Bwaaaaa You try to sound so scary !! Or NOT. What a loser.

          • Paul Williams

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      • retbubbleheadss

        send them to a war zone and drop their butt’s

      • mike h

        But u can send them to jail

        • Pat Terrien

          They LIKE jail. Three free hots and a cot. What do they care?

  • tom

    kick them out of school, stop the welfare payments

    • harriet

      That’t one of the problems the blacks don’t take advantage of a free education. They say why bother, it won’t help them anyway. Waaaaaaah, waaaaah. Drug dealing pays good

  • agranon

    Why is this all about black people. Still hatin over the Civil War, damn.

  • retbubbleheadss

    There are laws against desecrating the USA flag ,so why are these people not being arrested and tried?

    • dawn

      Cuz now the govt calls it freedom of speech. Lies, lies, lies. It’s disrespecting OUR Country and all of US who have fought and died for CENTURIES for this flag.

  • Bo Treat

    The government can trigger anarchy and riots by attacking black people.

  • Heather Blackwell
  • Harriet

    You blacks are either dumb as a box of rocks or your in denial. You don’t even know your history. Fact is “in the beginning” or starting in Africa, tribes raided other tribes, took captives and sold the ca

  • Harriet

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  • Gerianne Bruce

    stupidity is ugly too.

  • Gerald Taupier

    I wonder why many white people are racist? How many black people who hate our flag are being supported by the government.

  • David Criola
  • David Criola
  • Wiggle D

    Hell yes!

  • Richard

    If and when I see somebody Defacing or Burning or Jumping on a AMERICAN Flag They are sure in Hell going to the Hospital in a heart beat

    • Pat Terrien

      You’re the Man Rich !!! Good for you.

  • triangle whip

    If you think the US is such a racist country, please find another country that will cater to your race. There are plenty of people from other countries willing to take your place. And you are just as expendable..

  • Mark

    doesn’t look like her fat ass missed very many meals, if you don’t like this country and what it stands for do like he said, go somewhere else, see how well you get fed there.

  • Blabby Bob

    If you don’t respect our country, get out! If you’re here illegally, get out! I think this applies to most of our politicians today!

  • Ted Fiorito

    If Shane is recruiting, I’m enlisting!

  • Ted Fiorito

    If Shane is recruiting, I’m enlisting!

    • Michael Smith

      Yeah as long as the U.S. has a military with people like Shane I wouldn’t be too worried about some flag desecraters.

  • Linda Ziniel

    If you want to disgrace the flag get your sorry ass out of this country !!!! If you don’t want to leave them draft them into the service so they can learn respect for a great country .

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  • Lou Cifer

    There are no chains on these fucktards keeping them from leaving the country they hate so much.

    • cojar

      Should have kept the animals in chains. Prolly the reason why their black “brothers” sold them to white people in the first place.

  • Sheila

    That fat black bitch needs to get the hell out of this country. I’m sure she has had her way paid by hard working flag waving people who are sick and tired of trash like her. If the blacks hate our flag they need a one way ticket to Hell.

    • Jason P. Levy

      I’m curious, why is the fact that she’s black important enough to mention? What makes you believe she’s “had her way paved” by anyone? vis-a-vis a one way ticket to hell, does that ONLY apply to black people?

  • Pat Terrien

    Why on earth would the blacks respect the American Flag? They are AFRICAN and they probably want their own flags flying. It’s a well known fact that negro’s respect NOTHING but breeding with each other, and welfare freebies. Their total disrespect ………only proves what real Americans (not the black trash “americans”) believe about the thugs.

  • Streetlaw1

    Restoration not reparation!

  • John Sullivan

    Liberia. They can all go to Liberia.

  • vet37

    If anyone complains about this stepping on the flag video….it’s a piece of cloth folks. We can make them by the millions. And the first amendment makes this all stupid anyways. They can say and do what they want to the flag. They did not swear an oath like military members do to protect that flag so they can do what they want. Also veterans are civilians on their eas date from the laws they swore to obey while enlisted so any vet who does this may be a prick but he/she sure as hell should not be judged nor prosecuted.

  • James

    It’s just a flag, get a grip.

  • Jason P. Levy

    Yeah IDK… Seems like people are more concerned with the flag itself than with the freedoms it represents. If anything I see this as a sort of affirmation of everyone’s freedom. Its symbolic speech meant to highlight people’s disappointment/anger with some American institutions’ perceived failure to live up to America’s promise. The flag is just a flag. You can’t hurt or offend it.

  • disqus_BT68PJqA20

    classy comments here……NOT

  • cojar

    These negroes need to be stripped of citizenship and deported to whatever country would have them. Since I seriously doubt any country would want them, then the next best alternative is to drop them in ocean and allow them to swim or sink.


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