This Marine Combat Vet Has a Message for the Thugs Trampling on the American Flag


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A disgusting new trend is spreading across the internet called the “Eric Sheppard challenge”. If you haven’t heard of it yet, be prepared to be outraged.

As TRN reported, Eric Sheppard is a racist thug wanted by the FBI in Georgia after his gun was found on campus during a series of protests. Sheppard is a member of the New Black Panther party who calls himself a “terrorist against white people.” He remains at large.

Instead of calling for Sheppard to turn himself in, Black “protesters” across America have taken to YouTube to “support” him by attacking America — trampling on Old Glory, and yelling “Fuck Yo’ Flag!.”

A University of Michigan student Erica Walker started the challenge with a repulsive video:

Hundreds of videos of mostly black protesters desecrating the American flag in every way have been uploaded to YouTube with the hash tag #NotMyFlag” — and denouncing America as a “racist,” “genocidal,” and “terrorist” nation.


A U.S combat veteran named Shane Lawler saw this obscene challenge, and he posted a message of his own. His powerful — and a little profane — can be seen below:

He posted the video just yesterday, and already it has over 2 million views.

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