‘THIS IS FOR ALLAH’: At Least 6 DEAD and 20 Wounded in Ramadan Attack on London Bridge

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Less than two weeks after 22 people were killed in an ISIS terror attack at a concert in Manchester, England, horror has struck yet again in the heart of London — the second attack in the nation’s capital this year.

A gang  of five Muslim terrorists wearing “stab-proof vests” drove a B&Q van into pedestrians at 50mph on iconic London Bridge Saturday night, before attacking revellers with hunting knives.

It was earlier reported “up to three” people had died. Now the latest report is far worse.

We now know “at least” six people are dead and 20 hurt  – amid a second incident at nearby Borough Market which armed police have responded to.

One man said to be one of the terrorists has been pictured lying dead – after being gunned down by cops – outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market.

Two explosions – believed to be controlled explosions by police – have been heard outside The Sun offices in London Bridge at 1:23am and 1:25am.

One witness said three men were shouting “This is for Allah” — before being CUT OFF by the BBC anchor interviewing him, who quickly cut to another location without comment.

OUTRAGE quickly followed…

Clearly the British establishment remains intent on deluding its citizens on the magnitude of the Islamic threat to the UK as a result of decades of insane immigration and refugee policies.

Several victims had their “throats slashed” by the Islamic assailants, including the man led away below with severe bleeding. There is one report the unidentified man died en route to the hospital:

In the Koran, 8:12, Muslims are told to “smite the unbelievers at their necks.”

From the Sun:

A third huge explosion was heard at 1:28am near The Shard in London Bridge as multiple fire engines are parked outside.

A fourth massive blast has been heard in the vicinity at 1:49am.

Witness Erick Siguenza told BBC News that one of the gang screamed “This is for Allah” as he went on his stabbing rampage.

Staff at a packed pub in London Bridge locked the doors as the gang tried to smash their way in. Witnesses saw one man stabbed in the chest five times.

The gang had metal canisters strapped to their chests and at least two were gunned down – believe killed – by armed police, witnesses said.

Another suspect is believed to have been shot and killed by police as the remaining two suspects remain on the run.

Met police have confirmed that the attacks in London Bridge and Borough Market are “terror incidents.”

Above: Police attend to a critical injured bystander

London streets, bars and businesses are in a “state of chaos” with police storming pubs like the one below:

Hundreds of people were also held by police for questioning during the chaos:

Police arrested one suspect thus far, whose name had not yet been released:

Although no claim has been made thus far, ISIS account did make these posts earlier today urging Ramadan attacks on European civilians:

President Donald J. Trump quickly sent his support to the people of the UK, and also reminded America why his proposed travel ban — now in the U.S. Supreme Court — is so critical to the safety of the nation:

This is a developing story…prayers to the victims and the people of London.



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