This Incredible Trumpet Rendition of the Star Spangled Banner Brought An NFL Player to Tears



Trumpeter Chris Botti took our National Anthem to a whole new level with his performance during Monday Night Football last night.

Botti’s beautiful rendition even brought Colts WR Reggie Wayne to tears and had former Giants defensive lineman Michael Strahan lost in humming it, until the camera broke his spell.


It’s wonderful that this one song still retains the power to make us (briefly) forget our differences and remember how great this nation really is.

God bless America.

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  • yardoe

    Just beautiful Chris Botti!

  • badman400

    Bravo! Music and patriotism crosses all boundaries and divisions. If only we would ignore the media and government who constantly try to drive wedges between us. One day we will awaken to the fact that their hope is to divide and weaken us a people. Let the sound of our anthem and the tears of this American tell the truth that the media and the politicians will not.

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