They Told Her ‘God Doesn’t Belong in America’ – Her Response Gave Me the Chills


by Beth Callen | Top Right News

There is no doubt that Christianity is under attack in America, with atheists groups trying to remove any vestige of faith from the public square and attacking anyone who is brave enough to stand up and speak openly about their belief in God. One girl has had enough, and when she was told that God doesn’t belong in America, she had a stunning response.

The Bible says “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” (Proverbs 22:6). If America is going to survive for generations to come, we must have a moral revolution in our nation. And that revolution begins at home and in our children and youth.

As we have seen from great leaders of old, God often uses children and young people to bring about a cry that will wake up nations. Samuel, David, Daniel, Esther, Josiah… these people stood up from a young age and answered the call of God to be like John the Baptist, “a voice crying in the wilderness” to prepare the way of the Lord.

Karis Peters is one such girl who is standing for modern day America when she spoke at the 2015 ACE International Convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She recited a revised version of Carman’s “We Need God In America Again”. And boy do her words ring true and timely for our nation today.

We need more people to be courageous like this young girl, and be unapologetic about their faith — and unwilling to hide it. This is a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, and we shouldn’t let people blathering on about the non-existent “separation of church and state” take that away.


[h/t QPolitical, Right Wing News]

  • LaFlare1017

    I’m sorry but her voice makes my ears bleed. Also the statement that the US is #1 in violent crime is just a lie(plenty of places in south america, the middle east, and africa with more violent crime), same with #1 in illiteracy(see: africa), same with #1 in divorce(we are number 10), honestly, how can you be so stupid to believe any of those “facts”?

    While I like her overall message, she repeatedly violated the 9th commandment, which sorta makes her a hypocrite when speaking on religion.

    • James L. Williams

      I’m not going to go and check your facts, but it looks like you just compared the “country” of the U.S with “Continent” of Africa. In which case you have to clump all of North America together too. And when you do that with Asia, Europe, etc. I suppose that yea, you would get a different result then what this girl got.

      • LaFlare1017

        No matter how you compare you will get a “different result”, as the girl’s “statistics” are made up, plain and simple. They are a “result” of her imagination and/or uninformed influences in her life.

        There is no individual country within the entire continent of Africa which has a literacy rate better, or even close, to the country of the U.S.

        The best rate of any individual country in Africa is nearly 10% worse than our rate. There was no need to list each country in Africa. There are a few countries in Africa where 2/3s of the entire population are illiterate, Africa is notoriously underdeveloped, which is why the word “africa” alone would make people understand what I was reffering to.

        As the violent crime statistic, the US may be #1 in convictions and incarcerations, however if you look at the numbers for rate of violent crimes committed(which is what we are talking about), we are not number #1. If you look at murder rate for example, the US is in the middle, there are about 100 countries with higher murder rates.

        I will give her a pass on the violent crime statistic, as maybe she read something related to convictions, or maybe she read something only referring to developed nations and not 3rd world countries. But as far as divorce and illiteracy, there is no way to skew the data to make it sound like the US is #1 in either.

        It’s not that this girl got a “different result”, it’s that she just stated assumptions.

        Maybe she read that stuff on a blog or heard an adult say it, but obviously, she did not research what the actual statistics were.

  • PhyllisJThompson

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  • Keith

    It is sad that this childhas been subjected to so

    • Carol Flett

      This child has had a wonderful childhood. She has learned how to love all those who are saying so many nasty things about her on all of these comments. Think about it for a minute. Isn’t that so much better than learning to hate.

      • Paul MacKay

        This child is kind of crazy and makes no sense.

      • Keith

        no, being brainwashed is not a good thing. Having some relationship with reality instead of myths and legends is valuable when learning to deal with the world. It helps to have a understanding of personal responsibility instead of blaming the Devil when things go wrong or praising some imaginary god when your hard work pays off.

        • Buypass

          Dump God and your rights belong to the State.
          How do you like that Kulak? You don’t need to
          eat from now on. The commissars need your stuff.

          • Keith

            God isn’t making sure you eat, hat is ridiculous. Getting out of bed and going to work is assuring that you have what you need. Giving god credit for your hard work and blaming the devil for your bad luck is only a way to not take responsibility for yourself in the world.

        • William Owen

          Get off this website. You do not belong here. I will follow you and tell you this as many times as it takes. You have no right to demand how people believe. You are a chauvinist of liberalism. Just because you do not believe in god does not mean you have the right to tell others they shouldn’t either. Do you tell that to the muslims that vote democrat?

          • Keith

            I believe in God, I just don’t believe in indoctrinating children and making them into Christian automatons.
            I have a right to my opinion and saying it to anyone is not harmful in any way. they can take it and learn something from it or they can decide that it is not for them. That is how free will works. But Children raised like this child was has they free will taken away from them.

          • William Owen

            Here is something to consider, if liberals fight so hard to remove god, do you think it is possible there will be people just as vigilant to keep god involved? The harder liberals push, the harder the more staunch Christians will push. I was pretty angry at some of your earlier statements, I am calming down after you clarified yourself a little.

          • Keith

            You know, I am not a liberal, but there are many of them in the church I attend. Believing Liberals hate God doesn’t make any sense to me. Liberals want to help the poor, it seems that most Conservatives like it when food stamps are cut and people are taken off of welfare.

          • William Owen

            I understand what you are saying but allow me to point out a little bit of logic as to why this phenomena happens. My mother is currently on disability SSI and she receives food stamps. She is missing body parts and is unable to work. She is one of the few I believe deserves assistance as she is unable to fend for herself otherwise. There are so many people out there though who abuse the system. The conservatives, including myself, call them welfare leeches. Conservatives want to clean up the system. Liberals do not. We want it to run more efficiently so it consumes less tax dollars because ultimately those tax dollars come from tax payers like myself so in essence it is a form of forced charity. If I am being forced to give charity, then I want the charity to go to the right people. I feel government has become so corrupt and bloated that the government will just give the charity to whoever they want which even includes people who are not even citizens of this county (illegal aliens). This is why I am a conservative. I am tired of seeing people have 3-5 children just for the sake of government welfare. I am sick of seeing illegal aliens jump across the border and then gain benefits from particular areas that do not check identification thoroughly. I want to make it clear though that I do not mind at all charity and benefits going to the people who truly need assistance. These are truly disabled or elderly people. This is part of the reason I really would love to see all welfare, food stamps, and any of benefits the government hands out all go to privatized companies because those companies would probably handle the money much better because they would be on stricter budgets than the free for all the government has gone into.

          • Keith

            There you go, that is the problem, no liberal wants waste or fraud in the system. It is silly to believe that. But waiting until that is all cleaned up to give folks the benefits they need is rediculous. Fighting fraud and abuse is an ongoing job.

          • eastedie33510

            Thanks, William. Perfectly stated.

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  • Paul MacKay

    She mentioned Thomas Jefferson in her first sentence and apparently has never read a single word that Jefferson said regarding organized religion.

    That kind of ruins her credibility.

    • Buypass

      And who wrote The Declaration of Independence?
      Have you read that? God the Creator has his fingerprints
      smeared all over it as Jefferson demands be acknowledged.
      No God? No unalienable rights; organized religion or not.

      • LaFlare1017

        Belief in God is not the same as beliefs about organized religion, not mutually exclusive.

      • Paul MacKay

        Oh there’s a God. Everything had to have come from somewhere. That just can’t be denied. However who that God is is a question Mr. Jefferson often asked.

        You are aware that in the version of the bible he wrote all miracles and other super-natural mumbo jumbo were removed?

        He’d be considered a heretic by the current right-wing fanatical Christians.

        • Buypass

          I have no issue with Jeffersons beliefs so long as it
          is known that he did believe in God as reflected in the
          Founding Documents. I think the point the girl made
          on Jefferson is perfectly valid on that basis.

          • Paul MacKay

            She was clearly stating that he believed in the style of Christianity that her and her fellow religious fanatics believe in.

            Mr. Jefferson was quite out-spoken about his opinions on religious fanatics.

          • Paul MacKay

            He believed in a different God then she does. Now I only know how he thought from his writings. I haven’t invented time travel (yet!) but the God she is ranting about is the exact sort of view of God Mr. Jefferson feared.

            There’s a good reason the separation of Church and State is on the books. It’s because of people like her.

        • Fast Eddy

          Ah fanatics? Or bible believing Christians? God did the miracles proclaimed in the bible, or else why even read it?

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