These 16 States Banned ‘Sharia Law’ – Is YOURS on the List?


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Muslims are determined to push their religious doctrines on the American people.

Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and several airports have kicked out blind passengers with guide dogs (dogs are “unclean” in Islam). Somali Muslims on welfare have demanded that their free food comply with “Islamic requirements”. Muslim groups have demanded that their women be permitted to wear full face and body-coverings, even on drivers licenses.

And Muslim pressure groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) have pushed to force Sharia Law on our courts and law enforcement — with some U.S. judges insanely agreeing to comply. A New Jersey judge recently cited Sharia Law in refusing to grant a Muslim woman a restraining order in a horrible case of sexual assault and abuse, because her husband said his abuse was acceptable “according to his Muslim beliefs.” In Texas, a group of unlicensed Muslim “judges” have set up an “Islamic Tribunal” which they say will “resolve disputes” in law, family and businesses using, of course, Sharia Law — not the U.S. Constitution.

Well some states are fighting back. 16 U.S. states have introduced legislation to ban or restrict Sharia law since 2013.

The list was compiled by the radical, terror-linked CAIR — which meant it to condemn the states, but to most Americans, it will bolster those states as somewhere they would want to live.

Ironically, CAIR claims they oppose Sharia Law in America. So why is it that any time a state wants to ban Sharia from inside its boundaries, CAIR fights it and cries “Islamophobia”?

Because they want Muslims to only be subject to Sharia, not our laws. Herman Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas CAIR branch was most revealing when he brazenly said: “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.” 

Well the following states are saying: “No Damn Way”.

Alabama became the latest state to ban Sharia law when voters overwhelmingly passed a measure adding an amendment to the state constitution. CAIR said that the motion was “virulently racist” and “outright hostility towards Muslims.” Alabamans apparently didn’t care what they said.

The list of all 16 states are:

  • Alabama (two bills)
  • Arkansas
  • Florida (two bills)
  • Indiana (two bills)
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi (four bills)
  • Missouri (two bills)
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma (seven bills)
  • South Carolina (two bills)
  • Texas (six bills)
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming (two bills)

And hopefully in 2016, the list will get longer.

It depends on you. Tell your state reps you want Sharia banned in your state next.

  • Dave

    Of course my state of California will never have the balls to do this.

    • Bob Wilkins

      It’s California, they’d probably welcome it with open arms.

      • Tex

        You sir, are correct.

      • Howard Wright

        There’s a reason why I moved to Texas.

        • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

          I was surprised to hear how tolerant Texas really has been with the muzzys. Thick as thieves in the northern part of the state. I was seriously disappointed. I thought Texas would send them back to tolerant countries, whether dead or alive.

        • Daryl Ann Guy

          There’s a reason why I moved to South Carolina from CA,

          • Tex

            You’r a Californian?

        • Monika Solomon

          Me too! Became a ‘citizen’ (ha-ha) three weeks ago! I got out of Seattle and moved down here. I’ve never felt safer!

    • jun

      I am sure lllinois will neither. But there’s a glitter of hope now that we have new Rep. Gov. Rauner.

    • Tex

      I was stationed in SD for two years. The worst time of my life. I hate that state and hope it breaks off and sinks. By far the worst state in the union.

      You however, seem pretty level headed.

      • Howard Wright

        Believe me, they’re far and few between and leaving in droves.

        • Tex

          Oh, I’m fully aware. Where do you think these maggots are going? STRAIGHT OVER ON I-10, TO AUSTIN, TX. My hometown area. It’s like a god damned plague, no joke.

          Please, take care of them before they leave California. They are ruining my state.

          • Rose M. Wheeler Almeida

            Yeah, i would have to unfortunately agree with you Tex….my husband and i took a trip to Oklahoma last 4th of July, and we were appalled, thought we we’re in Mexico. ..they were everywhere! !!! So disappointed …we were definitely the minority, but hey our traitorous government got to keep “We the People’s” borders open to all illegals! What a shame…

          • Tex

            Exactly, it’s getting worse and worse every day. You’re spot on with the Government comment.

            I’m sick of it.

      • Dave

        I’m 46 and was born and raised in L.A., which is the worst part of the state. I actually like SD better than L.A. But it’s still liberal hell unless you go really far up north. I’m trying like hell to get out of here though and I agree with you that CA should fall into the ocean and take all the Mexicans and liberals with them.


          Southern Ca is liberal? Could have fooled me. Seems very mainstream.


        San Diego is not a state.

  • catb55

    I guess it is too late for Michigan … since I am sure it is already in Dearborn. Glad I moved to Florida … they are on the list with two bills.

  • Formercanuck

    Even CAIR should realize… Islam isn’t a race, it’s a religion, and America has laws that must be followed. Religion doesn’t buy an exemption, or people would be using excuses such as “an eye for an eye” in murder cases

  • Larry Notton

    CA Governor Jerry Brown, will play the wheels off this issue, before acquiescing to the Lefties!

    • Steven Hanson

      Hate to tell you bud, but us lefties would tell the Islamic people to pack sand too if they don’t believe they have to follow the laws of the land

  • Andrew

    Forget about it just being a state to state thing. The Fed should grow some balls and make it national.

    • Patt Turrell

      seems as though our gov’t (and, California) no longer understand what it means to ‘have the balls’ to do the right thing

      • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

        Or Arizona from the looks of the list. But we do have the right to carry…

        • Cecilia Robarge

          Love right to carry…

        • J Smith

          Oregon has the right carry as well…but unfortunately that could all change after Ovomits visit today….

        • ladi

          Write your Representative and Senators. That’s what I’ve been doing demanding they pass such a law.

      • Daryl Ann Guy

        That’s why I left CA…..

        • DAV_USN

          Me too, 22 years ago.

        • Randall Benson

          me too.left that rat hole forty years ago.

      • Arny.Plumb

        Many in our government “have balls” however they mostly occupy the space between their nose and chin usually attached to some lobbyist.

    • Tex

      With this clown running the show? Congress would get vetoed prior to Obama combing his fro, the morning of.

    • Jeremy Lambert

      The federal government will not intervene, ever. I suppose it is the hypocritical ideology of separation of religion and state. It applies to Christianity but not Islam. Religion should not, repeat, should NOT usurp the U.S. Constitution. Maybe our government officials have turned a blind eye too that and we are all in for a fight to sustain our way of life that the founding fathers intended.

      • TN Toad

        There is nothing in the constitution about separation of church and state. It bans the establishment of a state church. Not the same thing. We owe Earl Warren for the myth of separation of church and state.

        • Jeremy Lambert

          I appreciate your feedback and knowledge of history. As a retired US Army vet I have sworn an oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In my earlier years of my career it never sunk in my head what that really meant. And Earl Warren is a special case altogether. That would take a totally different arena for that topic.

          • DAV_USN

            Thank you for your service, I did 12 USN and have never forgotten my oath……and never will.

          • Jeremy Lambert

            I thank you for your service, as well. I am grateful for all my brothers and sisters in the armed forces.

          • Ferrari fan

            I did 12 in the USAF, got out shortly after Obama was elected. Not entirely by my choice (asthma/emphysema), But I could not in good conscience continues to serve under him.

          • DAV_USN

            I agree with you, I would never go in under odimwit.

          • Tracie J. Sheffield

            Thank you for your service!!

          • Silentpies

            May I ask if say Muslims ended up getting political power and say made up half the us army, what would happen if a Muslim pesident ordered us Muslim native troops to kill citizens( whites)?

          • eagle keeper

            One good reason to reject Shariah law. Keeping the constitution is very important to our way of life. IF we want things to continue as they are right now. The future is in our hands. I hope enough of us want to protect America for the future. We don’t need the fox in the hen house.

        • DAV_USN

          You are correct, but you also left out an important part. “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”.

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          Which leads to another misconception about free speech. You are not guaranteed the right to say whatever you want, just that congress will not pass laws stiffiling it.

          The constitution also says nothing to the right to a fair trial, it does lay down what should lead to it though. The point is that you are not guaranteed a “fair” trial as is stated regularly.

          In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

          • kikz2

            i’d also add, ‘or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….’ if …….its doctrines are not in diametrical opposition to the founding principles.

          • Jeff Allen

            you have the right to due process which gives you the right to a fair trial

          • DAV_USN

            Due process is not always fair, look a.t oj. Look a.t the innocent people that have been sent up. Due process, certainly but you are not guaranteed a fair trial or nobody innocent would go to prison.

          • Jeff Allen

            oj was guilty as hell

          • DAV_USN

            That’s my point, it was not fair to the victims. Due process is not alway fair.

          • Jeff Allen


          • Arny.Plumb

            If you read it correctly it states that the FEDERAL Government may not create a religion, which one might argue the welfare nanny state really is a religion, but it does NOT prohibit states from enacting or banning religions on a state by state basis thanks to the 10th Amendment. No state may be compelled by the Federal government to recognize a religion even under the 14th Amendment because doing so violates the 1st.

      • Scott Depledge

        Unfortunately, our current government has far surpassed the “turn a blind eye”. “When our enemy is our leader, what then?”

        • Jeremy Lambert

          You make a great point, Scott. What the elite and those in power do not want you, me or anyone else to know is that a people who are United is the greatest threat to their facade of control. The Congressional leaders (if you want to call them that) are puppets to a far graver threat to our way of life. Jefferson knew it. Jackson knew it. Lincoln knew it. Many people do not realize there was an assassination attempt on Jackson. Follow the money and you will find the people who are responsible for destroying our Constitution and allowing this facade to occur. Divide and conquer….so far, they are winning and winning big.

          • Publius

            The threat to America has been since ww2 the Supreme court.

          • Chip Allen

            Federal Reserve as well along with the UN.. Defund both of them..

        • Jeremy Lambert

          I did sidetrack from the main issue on this board, but nothing happens on a scale like this unless the “higher ups” gain to profit from it.

    • Mourning Warbler

      I think you’re right, but it seems they only want to do that when it will give them more power to take state rights and protection away from citizens.

    • Rob Winburn

      As long as Obama is there, for he is Islamic. It won’t happen

    • Cecilia Robarge

      Amen Andrew….

    • Polly

      I agree. States shouldn’t have to do this. The gov’t should grow some balls. Shouldn’t even be a option.

    • izzyeddy

      With President Zero at the helm, not happening.

    • borntoride1974

      Feds do not have balls. They are all like meow!

    • Michael Steinberg

      I think they did that a few hundred years ago. It’s called “the Constitution”…

    • voncile

      I agree with you Andrew, but this will never happen while any Democrat sitting in the Oval Office.

  • RonzoL61

    I’m not holding my breath for MA to join that list.

    • Just my opinion

      I can’t believe Massachusetts isn’t on the list. I hope our State smartens the F**k up.

      • RonzoL61

        Do you really expect the state that elected Liz Warren to the Senate to smarten up?

  • katie

    Arizona needs to be on to listing am suprised we aren’t already!!!!!!!!

    • Hojn

      Give it time. I’m sure they’ll be on there soon.

    • InformingTheLowInfoVoter

      Sadly the illegals are overrunning your state…and you keep giving us John McCain…so I don’t see any hope coming anytime soon!!!

    • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

      But we do have the right to carry.

  • Wiggle D

    Sharia Law is hostile in itself and cannot be compatible with American laws. Adapt or go home. That means you, mystery lady operating a car without her husband in public.

  • 44219

    No one in Albany has any balls to do that either ……..we have Nazis that legislate in the middle of the night

    • Dukeman

      Fortunately, I moved to Florida back in 1972. It’s sad to see what has happened in my home state since I left.

  • Tex

    I cannot even believe this is an issue in America. WTF have we let happen here? We’re being invaded and liberals are too busy looking at rainbows.

    Sharia Law? Are you serious? This is a valid issue in 2015. Unreal….

    • Dana Robinson

      Absolutely! Facepalm, I hope we can recover from the slow destruction of our Country. The next President has a seriously tough job ahead to restore America back to THE land of the free, and the home of the brave

      • Tex

        Well put Dana, I couldn’t agree more.

        • Dana Robinson

          Thank You Sir.

          • Tex

            Yes mam! It’s nice to see a level headed, beautiful woman on the right side of the fence.

            I just completed my first year of Law School and I swear, EVERY female I go to school with, is a raging liberal. Not shocking, considering I’m in a overwhelmingly blue state (Hawaii).

          • Dana Robinson

            Yikes, I visited my husband in Hawaii when he was stationed there. It is not somewhere I’d want to live. Sooooo many homeless people, and meth. I was surprised. Come to Georgia, you’re sure to find a thousand more like me…and thanks again for the compliment, I might have blushed a little hahaha

          • Tex

            Nice, what branch? That’lI tell me what side of the island.

            I was stationed in Warner Robins for two years. I love GA.

          • Dana Robinson

            He was Army, he was a Chinook guy at Schofield on Oahu. We’ve been civilians for 2 years, we’re both from Georgia, and luckily ended up here, but South Georgia, I miss Dahlonega and the mountains, this is a different world down here, but his job is excellent. Thank You for your service.

          • Steve

            You just spoke to a racist liar! If indeed he did serve, I owe him thanks. But, considering I went back and forth with him about his racist words and he told me his “real” name and what he does, etc… and I do a little research on him, it turns out…he lied about who he is and what he does. Thus, even his so-called service is in question now. Just saying Dana…

          • Dana Robinson

            Oh, ok that’s your opinion, it’s the internet. I’m not sweating it.

          • Steve

            And you’ve got every right to “not sweat it”…I just wanted you to know the dude giving you high compliments, IS part of the problem in our beloved country. And I thank your husband for his service. “All gave some…some gave ALL”.

          • Tex

            STFU, you know nothing of the military nor the people that serve it. Keep us out of your mouth, lefty.

          • Dana Robinson

            Thank You Sir.

          • Tex

            This guy is a raging lefty, that has been following me around for quite some time. Sorry he decided to involve others. He literally called my school.

            Total coward.

          • Steve

            I literally called you out as the racist douchebag that you are! Period. Your racist rhetoric is pathetic, and scary, and you think that if anyone happens to disagree with your vitriolic bullsnot, then they must be a Lefty??!! Classic. Again, read my debates with peeps like: GOPvsUSA or “reality” or “wsay” on DISQUS. All REAL Lefties… And with respect to me “following” you for “quite some time”, pleaze tough guy…

          • Tex

            As I said, please come meet me. After I deal with accordingly, I’ll teach you not to attempt to belittle one’s service or life. You’ve virtually verified my status at UH. Now come verify my abilities and service to my country, PUNK.

          • Steve

            Have you been checked for all kinds of crazy?! Seriously. So this whole thing starts with you making racists jokes/comments, me calling you out, you calling me a bunch of name, I took the bait and called you a douchebag, a big, BIG, douchebag, and now…I am belittling your “service and life”?! Again, Tex Jensen, are you crazy?! Won’t you just give me your REAL name and this will all be over. Period.

          • Tex

            Yes, you “calling me out.” You running your gums to me, then trying to question my service and then contacting my law school, like a bitttch. Who does that?

            Them you have the audacity to call me crazy? You have no idea WTF you’re spewing about. This will be over REAL QUICKLY, just provide me your name. BTW, idiot, I told you what I drive. Four door, gold colored Duramax. Texas plates. Hard to miss in this little area. Come find me though guy.

          • Steve

            Not running gums, just calling a racist a racist. Who does that? Me. You see, I’m done with NOT confronting rudeness. And you Tex, are rude. And racist. And a liar. Again, if you’re so cool with your words, stand by them by giving me your name. And lets remember, I only contacted YOUR supposed school because YOU BRAGGED ABOUT GOING THERE! You dragged them into this, not I. I just thought they would like to know that they have a potential rager on their campus.

          • Tex

            “Confronting rudeness?” By calling my school and trying to get me into trouble? Man, you are one spineless little twerp.

            Rager on campus? Hardly. I’m a lot of fun and one of the nicest guys to be around. I just don’t like liberals and I don’t like mouth cowards. I consider you both. You just threw strike number three, it’s go time! You’ve awoken the best inside! You better call animal control now! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

          • Steve

            Okay, so this will be my final response, as clearly you are NOT going to stand by your words and tell me your real name…so that the peeps you brag about learning law from can know the wonderful type of future lawyer they are churning out. You know, the type that will “destroy” (your word) me. Just one question though, what do you mean that I’ve “awoken the best inside”?? Cuz obviously what is inside YOU is rage and hate. And a nice amount of cowardice too, seeing that NOW you’ve made your account “private”. Whatever.
            Look, lets get these facts straight. I am only writing back to you in order to help society. Peeps that speak from behind computer screens the racist vile words you have, need to be confronted. I do this to BOTH sides of the aisle btw. Like when I go back and forth with Progressives on their attempt to re-write history, or their blatant attempt to “fundamentally change this country”, or their view that if you disagree with them you must be: a racist, homophobe, women hater, etc… I simply reject their analysis and offer facts vs. feelings. As I’ve simply rejected your use of a word that YOU KNOW FULL WELL does nothing but harm those that hear and -for that matter- use the word (n word). However, what you do is tantamount to throwing gas on a fire…you only enflame it and your rhetoric is bigoted and has no place in the court of law. Of which, is a place it sounds like you plan on spending uber hours in.

          • Steve

            Typical. Crickets from the guy who loves to scream and yell racial remarks…after I break truth down.

          • Tex

            Sure, whatever you think, pu$$y.

            Are you attention deprived? Lonely? There are dating sites for people like you.

            I’ve told you where I live. I’ve told you my school and you’ve pretty much verified. Now you’re just seeking my attention. Sad. You’re obsessed. Weird. I find it normal though, this is the only way for you to feel empowered. You’re a weak, spineless little man andy you’d get crushed in every other aspect of EVERYTHING if you were to come find me. You’re clearly aware of this.

            Either come over and deal with this as a man, or continue the only way that fits your scrotum size; behind a keyboard, fully hidden. You’re no longer worth the unlimited internet.

            And not to mention, I thought that last “paragraph” of hot garbage, was your “last?”

            What a loser…

          • Steve

            Lawyer up and break down what I said oh wise one! You simply cannot, because I give you no cause to think I’m half of what you claim. Interesting how you claim to have me be the hidden one, but YOU cannot stand by your racist filth and tell me/us your REAL name. I can give a ratz rear end what car you drive Mr. 4 door, Gold, Duramax with Texas plates. Tell me your name you gigantic boil on the back side of humanity.

          • Tex

            I stopped reading past your first to second sentences, long ago. You’re a pussy assss troll, that has a nothing better to do with your worthless life, than try to push someone to give you their name in hopes you can somehow feel valid with it.

            WHAT A TOTAL LOSER; TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD, ONE INTERNET PERSON THAT DOESN’T AGREE, AT A TIME! *super man theme music skipping in the background*

            *Yaaaaawn, as I said maggot, come find me. You’ll get my name once you find me, I promise. The best part, I have given you WAY more than you have given me. Who’s the scared little twaaat here? Like I thought little Yankee girl.

            Please continue, poser troll. You’re clearly too scared to make your presence here. I’ve won, you’ve lost. And now, you’re desperate for anything. WIMP, and weak.


          • Tex

            Trust me, I stopped reading past your first to second sentences, long ago. You’re a pussy assss troll, that has a nothing better to do with your worthless life, than try to push someone to give you their name in hopes you can somehow feel valid with it.

            WHAT A TOTAL LOSER; TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD, ONE INTERNET PERSON THAT DOESN’T AGREE, AT A TIME! *super man theme music skipping in the background*

            *Yaaaaawn, as I said maggot, come find me. You’ll get my name once you find me, I promise. The best part, I have given you WAY more than you have given me. Who’s the scared little twaaat here? Like I thought little Yankee girl.

            Please continue, poser troll. You’re clearly too scared to make your presence here. I’ve won, you’ve lost. And now, you’re desperate for anything. WIMP, and weak. Now go iron tomorrow’s cape and make sure your mom is still sucking down her Marlboro’s upstairs.

            Pathetic, stalker faggggot…

          • Steve

            Way to stay classy! 🙂

          • Tex

            Way to avoid the glaring truth! 🙂

          • Steve

            Oh come on first name Stu, last name Ruggler. The TRUTH was written for you. The TRUTH was ignored BY YOU! You simply never respond to a real attempt by me to have you understand where I am coming from…shoot I even gave you background on me. And IF you do your due diligence by reading my other posts, you will see I am not even close to what you presumed about me…and you presumed things about me due to YOUR racism. Period. Dude, you got a problem. You truly need help. And to criticize me for calling you out on your problem, is a problem in and of itself. Again, way to stay classy!

          • Tex

            See there “Steve,” what you have failed to realize this entire time; NOBODY CARES WTF YOU THINK.

            Especially after you pull some bittch move, and contact my school’s admission department. Law School was hard enough to get into, then you add some prodding twit to the equation, and well, you lose all credibility and interest of others.

            I can see how you have copious amounts of time on your hands.

          • Steve

            Two days with sick kids…=’s “copious” amounts of time tough guy. And if Law School was tough enough to get in to, getting your racist arse kicked out should be a breeze then. You, Tex the Liar, are the complete problem packaged in a 20 something that doesn’t even know what he doesn’t even know. Tell me your real name and this ends…otherwise your dumb arse will be taking the bus everywhere due to being paranoid that your Duramax will be spotted by Elisabeth at the Admissions Department. And I bet an ever decreasing paycheck due to Obama that you have been “extra” nice to all them there n word peeps on campus this past week. Haven’t you?! …and the rub is…I am living rent free between your racist ears…as seen by your saying, “NOBODY CARES WTF YOU THINK”. Clearly, you do.

          • Tex

            Wow. You are a delusional bug. Is this how you feel relevant? You conjure up scenarios you try real hard at creating, then salivate in their false existence? WOW. You are a special kind of pathetic.

            As I said boy, come find me. That will solve all your desires and concerns.

            For the record, we don’t have that many blacks on campus. The ones we do are intelligent, normal black people acquiring a mediocre education. Once again, you’re a slow minded dunce that is incapable of logic or listening.

            Kids? Hahahaha, you found a women stupid enough to breed with your tiny pecker? Hahahahaha, you must of spent a ton on her roofies.


          • Monika Solomon

            Don’t screw with a Texan because we will seriously fuk you over. Would you confront someone in real life like you’re doing? If you would, I’m betting you’ve attended many anger management classes and you’re setting a really nice example for your children there. Why don’t you just back on down from trying to be an internet cowboy and go play with your cats.

          • Dana Robinson

            Wow! Sounds crazy, again I thank you for your service sir

          • Tex

            Why don’t you meet me and we can prove what’s what and who’s who? You go around trying to belittle my name? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a maggot!

          • Tex

            Nice, that was a solid MOS. I love GA! My wife and I went down to Florida and spent a couple days in Valdosta. Great place.

            I miss GA. We’re actually headed out of Hawaii shortly. Headed for Arizona. I’m transferring schools.

            Of course, I miss the military. Been a civilian for a couple of years myself; constantly finding myself wanting to strangle people. I almost went Army, then my father (third gen Marine as I’m 4th) treated to disown if I did! Hahaha, it’s all relative though, I love our military. I volunteer here to support our Vets. They love my “Texas BBQ.” Hahaha!

          • Steve

            You lie! You are NOT a law student!! They have never heard of Tex Jensen at UH Richardson’s School of Law. Period. And I use that word in the context of when it USED to mean something. Or, did you lie about your real name when you challenged me to meet you somewhere off Ward Ave. in HI. Or whatever street name you supposedly live on…

          • Tex

            Are you critically ill? It is HIGHLY illegal to disclose one’s name and status within a University. You’re clearly lying. Whom did you speak with, “STEVE.”

            And go away maggot, you’re a total douche.

          • Tex

            Are you critically ill? It is HIGHLY illegal to disclose one’s name and status within a University. You’re clearly lying. Whom did you speak with, “STEVE?”

            And go away maggot, you’re a total douche. As I said, come to Honolulu. I’ll show you many things, one , where I am a student. Try again tool bag.

          • Steve

            Um, you are. The liar, that is. 1. I called the UH Richardson School of Law and left a message at Elisabeth Steele Hutchison’s office. Her assistant called me back two days later. 2. The number I called -originally- was 808-956-5557, as this is what was posted at your supposed school of law via something called the internet. 3. When Hutchison’s assistant called me back we talked for approximately 15 minutes about my concern that a COMPLETE AND TOTAL RACIST RAGER was on their campus and they should know about who uses their name whilst posting utter racist hogwash. When I had to leave the conversation to attend to my children’s bath time, she asked me to call her back at this number: 808-956-7986. Which I did approximately a half hour later. 4. By this time, she has done a thorough search of ALL peeps registered at said school. She could not find a Tex Jensen. Shocker. She then asked to see your racist rants. I directed her to your posts. And while still on the phone with me she read where we started… I believe it was your hate filled answer to the question, “How do you stop the n word from drowning? You don’t”, YOU SAID. So, again, you are the liar. Not me. I’ve never reached out like this before, but I am SOOOOO tired of peeps saying, “There were NO warning signs”… Well dude named Tex Jensen…YOU ARE THE WARNING SIGN. Period.

          • Tex


            Of course you won’t though, you’re too scared and would rather try and ruin someone’s education. Don’t worry, I have two friends that are good with computers.

          • Steve

            Are you threatening me?! Keep it up and you’ll need these two friends to bail you out… Look, you just keep digging your hole deeper…first you told me you live off some other Ave. now it’s McCully?! Why don’t you give me your real address and phone number and your REAL name, or your student ID #? Simple enough. Is it because you know full well that YOU crossed the line and would be embarrassed and put on warning (academic probation at the least and probable expulsion) at your school due to you posting racists stuff that includes their school’s name?! Yep…old Tex resorts to the stuff you claim only Liberals do. Threaten, lie and threaten some more. What are your two friends going to do?! Again, are you threatening me?

          • Tex

            Threatening? Hardly. More like promising you. Why don’t you give me your info, you phuck? Let’s get this thing started.

            McCully is a street/shopping center, RETARD. It’s known as a point of reference, dip stick.

          • Steve

            Seeing as I’ve only been to Honolulu once, I hardly know to what street/section you are referring. And seeing as I have a rational mind and you’ve already stated that your got two computer peeps, I hardly will operate like you and give out personal info. Suffice it to say, you have a HUGE problem. And the problem is YOU.

          • Tex

            Considering you are a Google hero, I assumed you’d already have known that.

            Rational mind? Hahahahaha! You go chasing down a name form the net and waste people’s time, because you don’t agree with another persons views = LEFTISM. Agree or be punished. Well, like the rest of everything you do = FAIL. Sorry, better luck next time.

            I have a “HUGE problem?” Are you threatening me? Is that a threat?

            Just let me know if you’re headed over here. I have met one guy form this board. He sped off. I hope you don’t do that, I really want to meet you.

          • Steve

            Geesh, good luck passing the boards Tex Jensen…seeing as your reading comp is lower than toe jam. I said your problem is YOU. So, no, I’m NOT threatening you. Why would I do that!? I am not a violent man, nor do I wish to have something come to blows or worse. You are threatening YOU and are threatening your future -btw- with your racists rants. I am actually challenging a fellow American, presumably someone who has fought and served our nation (for that, I say thank you from the bottom of my free heart), presumably someone who now attends Law School, that cannot use racist rhetoric and be found educated. Period. I highly doubt someone flew over to the paradise that is HI just to “meet you” and instead “sped off”. You get 4 Pinocchio’s on that one…do you write for the NYT?! 😉 Again, man up, tell me your name if you wanna act like what you’ve said is cool…

          • Tex

            Are you threatening me? Is that a threat? <—– Me joking.

            You're too funny. You think I'm the only person in Hawaii with internet service? This liberal lived in Hawaii Kai and invited to meet me. I gladly obliged. I was actually to buy the douche a beer and discuss politics.

            What's your name?

          • Steve

            I just hope, for his sake, that he didn’t swim over to your island and was Black and needed assistance. Cuz, as you put it, “How do you save a n word from drowning?…you don’t”. How classy of you Tex. Whatever. If you don’t got the stonez to tell me your real name and stand by your words, you are the very thing you seem to hate. A ideological coward.

          • Tex

            This is why I don’t like people like you. You live as if there is only two sides of the fence. There’s no middle ground.

            One of my BEST friends here, is in fact black. He’s from Brooklyn of all places. We see eye to eye on nearly everything when it comes to black people. That’s what you fail to understand. It’s all in, or all out with people like you.

          • Tex

            And I don’t respond to you, because you are a worthless piece of schit. hardly worth the unlimited internet.

            But seriously, who’s the liar again? Phucking moron….

    • John S.

      Don’t blame liberals. Seriously. I live in WA, a very democratic state. IT’S ON THE LIST.

      • Tex

        I lived up there for four years. My father was an Engineer at Boeing. Washington is one of thee most liberal places (outside of California) you can live.

        And for the record, your state passed one bill. Let’s see how long it lasts. I am impressed, however.

        • tammy

          I live in Washington, the liberal oasis. I was shocked it was on the list. I live on the less liberal side of the state, the other side makes all the rules and forces their liberal dogma on us.

          • Tex

            I was, as well.

          • steve

            Ditto from Oregon, ruled by Multnomah, Clackimas and Yamhill co’s.

        • Daryl Ann Guy

          I noticed that what happened to “Don’t mess with Texas? “

          • Tex

            What are you talking about? You noticed what? And what does whatever you’re referring to have to do with our motto? Please elaborate.

      • calypsodancler

        I live in Washington as well, but I am NOT a liberal apologist.

  • 1AmericanKat

    their religion and beliefs are not above the laws of our country and we as Americans need to make sure that this doesnt happen. if the reps for your state dont agree to this, then we need to take a stand and take back our Country…

  • Lillie Baugh

    Illinois is not a state to be messed with we are broke they don’t want to come here anyway no money for them to steal lol

  • InformingTheLowInfoVoter

    Figures Jerry Brown wouldn’t do this…that fossil wouldn’t know a good idea if it bit him where the sun don’t shine!!

    I’m sad for my state (California) because it was once such a shining example of Conservatism…

  • Cliff Gridley

    The only law I’m following is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights everything else I’m shootin at…

  • wpjokari

    here in WA I think it’s the anti-female mutilation bill by an (R) female rep, but that’s it nothing else..

    • Nspirals

      it’s a start.

  • William Stevens

    If you do not know your enemy, he will defeat you in everything. If you do not Ban Sharia Law, there will be anarchy on the streets where it is not banned. Trust me. Islamic Law is not a religion and must be banned completely. Islaminfection will happen if we do not stop it now.

  • Nspirals

    I truly want to believe that Sharia Law, nor any other community law, will never be held superior to federal, state and local laws in America. That said, bill or no bill, my community is armed and will not adhere to any law not voted on by legitimate, duly-elected governing bodies. Try this stuff in Georgia and see where it ends up, or wise up and keep this chicanery relegated to those who live in fear. – Yours truly, a proud infidel.

  • Dana Robinson

    Wtf Georgia, we’re the only state in the South who hasn’t done this. What a shame. Ban Sharia law and get rid of Common Core, stop being the California of the South. I LOVE Georgia, but it’s becoming a Liberal lover

  • Brian Beard

    Islam is a Theocracy, not a religion.

  • John S.

    Everyone blaming liberals makes me sick. I’m from Washington, a very liberal state. We were one of the first two states to legalize weed. Gay marriage was right up there too. I usually agree with the Democratic sides on issues, but my state is up there on this list, and I guarantee this will get passed.

    Stop blaming liberals, and start blaming STUPIDITY.

    • Hank Smith

      Whiner. Most liberals are against everthing that is Godly and good. Learn how to take the harassment.

      • John S.

        Why, because I don’t believe in your bullsh*t religion? Keep it to yourself. Religion has nothing to do with logic. It’s quite opposite, as a matter of fact.

        • Hank Smith

          No boy. It is my mission to harass you. Suck it up buttercup. I ain’t done yet.

        • Hank Smith

          Well for someone who will not believe that you have a spirit, you seem to spend a lot of time and effort bashing those of us that do. Why spend so much time and effort and stress hassling us? I promise I will leave you alone and you can have the last word.

    • calypsodancler

      Liberalism IS stupidity! Something YOU seem to be very proud of!>>Fellow Washingtonian

  • John K

    and yet most of those states still have blue laws

  • Paul Herman

    Thankfully Indiana has two bills against it.

  • lehpron

    Foreign laws shouldn’t succeed our own, otherwise why have our laws?

  • Chris

    Of course Minnesota will never make a list like that. This is a haven for scum illegals and mussie waste!! The Libs have taken over the democratic party here. Minnesota has some of the rudest people in the country and so many of them think they are better than everyone else. “Minnesota Nice” is the biggest joke slogan EVER!! So many here are so fake it isn’t even funny!!!

  • Bee Cee

    C’mon Delaware….get on the stick.!!

  • Armed Grandpappy
  • spinelli34523

    most of these are southern states. in the South’s first War, they only thought they were right. This time their battle is just and they won’t lose

  • Daryl Ann Guy
  • Mark Muylaert

    Now we know which states to move to.

  • miny moe

    Was hoping to see Wisconsin on that list!!!!!

  • HarryTheCat

    I can’t believe that Tennessee hasn’t stepped up to the plate on this issue.

  • pat

    I’m moving to one of these 16 States!

  • Winkle

    this needs to be done at the federal level . Going to check if Minnesota is as smart as Arizona we have a democat for a governor so I have my doubts. Do any of the states doing this have democrats for governors? Just checked Surprise-Surprise, Minnesota is NOT on the list. Dayton get your act together and get us on it.

  • arnie

    Where is our DEMORAT state of OREGONE?

  • sistermarybling

    This is enough Americans need to come together and fight this bs. I don’t go to Islamic regions and make demands. GTF on board of GTFO. There is a big mosque in our downtown and has to be guarded. If enough people come together we can push this bs out.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Kansas had better be added. and yes Andrew you are right it should be a federal thing too.

  • Joseph Dennery

    I’m shocked not to see Louisiana on this list…!

  • Harriet

    Of course sharia law should not be part of our nation. What did these people think when they moved here? Was their intent to slowly invade our laws with their their crappy laws. Please go back to your own countries. It is likely most of your aren’t citizens anyway.

  • Oran

    What we really need is for someone in the US Congress to stand up and offer a bill that would outlaw sharia law nationally

  • Jesse

    And Christians haven’t done the same thing? 🙂

    • Twitter Egg

      this country has religious freedoms. Sharia Law is about control. Muslims control everything they get their stinking goat loving claws into. I do not want to live in a country where I am told what to do and what to wear. The Muslims can stay where they belong and practice their bizarre cult like actions. They are evil, they have no place encroaching upon the freedoms of the citizens of the USA. Do your homework about MUSLIMS and SHARIA LAW

      • Jesse

        Up until a few years ago, I couldn’t purchase alcohol on Sunday in my state. I doubt the Atheists did that. It was probably a form of control so I’d have to go to church. Gay people can’t get married b/c the Bible says so. Though I agree that abortions are wrong, the most any religious person can muster as a counter argument (which I’ve heard) is b/c GOD doesn’t like it. Even though abortions happen numerous times in the Bible. Let’s not forget the recent law that would have allowed normal tax paying citizens (gays) the right to be refused emergency services simply b/c they were gay and the official didn’t like it religiously. I can’t put up certain billboards b/c some people will legally ban them (like the belief that God isn’t real). An Atheist can’t run for certain offices or testify in court in some states. An atheist can’t be in the Boy Scouts of America. Oh yeah, just a simple Google search brings up the NUMEROUS results of Christian ministries which are funded here, go to African countries (like Uganda) and pass laws which have anti-religious people jailed/killed. How long ago was it that we were shooting up Sikh temples b/c we thought they were mosques? I can go on. The point is, we don’t need the Muslims to screw up our country. We’re doing a pretty good darn job of it ourselves. We constantly go around with our noses in the air, not paying attention to anyone around us and then assume that we know EXACTLY what’s going on.

    • Sitting_Duck

      Give em time.!

      • Jesse

        It’s already happened. Before this year, it was illegal for me to buy beer in my state on Sundays. . .

  • Mean

    You will Never see the gutless bastards in Albany NY pass any of these laws!


    What?? My state NY, or our neighbor VT isn’t on this list? Why, I’m just Shocked!!

  • Cecilia Robarge

    When will liberal California join this group to ban sharia law????? Probably never; the liberals will love being under such a religion. duh… Can’t fix stupid….

  • Polly

    This shouldn’t even have to be discussed. No way. We are Americans and this crap is unacceptable. They should ALL be deported back to their country and they can do what they want. They come here and want to change our country into some devil worshiping country. They shouldn’t even be allowed to cover themselves from head to toe and walk on American soil. To hell with them and Allha. Go wrap them up in bacon and ship them back to their homeland.

  • Dang Right

    Yea Texas!

  • videosho

    ban Sharia Law, and Obama, then maybe we can take our country back

  • Porphyry

    “Above the law?” Only if someone ultimately strings you up.

  • Texas 72

    They need to go back to the country that they came from.

  • Midnight Jinx

    Looks like the south is rising again and taking a few Yankee states with us.

  • William Stearns

    Sharia law is governent the church of Islam. Our Constitution forbids the establishment of a state religion and so any application of Sharia Law in the United States is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Enough Said!!!!!!!

  • Treefrog
  • drew7282

    I’ve heard interview between reporter who changed his faith from Islam to Christian. The Muslims told reporter straight, “we are coming here for only one reason, to take your country away from you, whether you want this or not. It was the most spooky interview I’ve ever heard. If ISIS won’t be deal with soon, big problems will come soon.

  • PP Longstockings

    They and all other states, including all European states, should also ban Islam outright, along with Muslim immigration.

  • Dianna Davis Jones

    Lets get Kansas on this list….NOW!

  • Ronald E. Rowley

    Rule one: Never cave to any demand made by a muslim.
    Rule two: For any muslim grocery, make them sell pork products under threat iof deportation.
    Rule three: Require all muslims to celebrate St. Patricks day by having a beer, deport non-compliance.
    Rule four: Deport any that are left.

    Best thing to do, of course, is not allow entrance to our country.

  • Melanie Schielder

    the bill proposed by ACT for America is called “American laws for American courts”

  • Jess Schane

    I will be insisting my state bans this garbage. They are NOT above our laws, our constitution, and DEFINENTLY not ABOVE US. If they are so inclined to live with animalistic behaviors, they should, perhaps, return to thier countries where sharia law is welcolme. And that man who beat his wife and got away with it, I’m hoping some American man will beat him like he beat his wife, maybe even an American woman.

  • Harriet

    The desire to maintain your culture is not racist.

  • Oingo Boingo

    It’s really symbolic because there is only one law of the land

  • WhatMeWorry

    The Constitution Trumps that law. All bow down to the Constitution or suffer the wrath of my blade as it separates head from body!


    Pretty sure we just need to keep following our laws, not creating “anti-Sharia,” laws just to take up space in the law libraries and courtrooms…

  • Chip Allen

    Need to make Sharia Law illegal in all 50 states. Then CAIR will have no choice but to leave and disassemble. Take our country back America..

  • MrNuminix

    It just amazes me that this would be allowed anywhere in the U.S. I have seen the Russian minority meme that has been going around on Facebook regarding Sharia Law and while I don’t agree with everything Putin has put in place regarding other matters, I did however believe in this. If only we would just adopt this on a national level… After all, not being racist with this, those that practice Sharia Law came to the United States, not the other way around. It would only be appropriate that our law system would not deviate to accompany their religious law system. Let them practice it in their own homes, and when it comes down to a matter of where they violate our laws as opposed to their own, that the original law of the land supersedes that of Sharia Law. If we continue to allow them to practice their own individual legal system, we are only asking for trouble. Nobody is above the law no matter what belief you may hold!

  • DNA(splicer)

    Fuck yeah Texas, MURICA. Seems like when America goes to shit and if ever there is a civil conflict again Texas will be the bastion of freedom and american heritage while the rest falls apart. I will be glad to fight till the end to keep Texas alive if this happens

  • eagle keeper

    If they can’t come here and live under our constitution and rule of law, we shouldn’t have to change ANYTHING to accommodate them. Who have we changed our basic tenets guiding our way of life for to date? Nobody that I can think of?? So why would we throw a monkey wrench into the works now? If the A C L U won’t allow prayer in school for Christians will Shariah meet with the same resistance from the A C L U? If employers are bowing to their prayer needs why not school systems too? Perhaps then they can’t deny Christian kids to pray in school too??

  • Cathy Tucker

    Thank you Indiana!!

  • Lynnz

    Muslim cabbies kick out blind man with dog because dogs are filthy ?? Now that’s funny since they love to make love to a goat and goats are very nasty.


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