The White House Wants to Cancel Thanksgiving and Replace it With….WHAT?


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Obama is so keen on trashing American culture and knocking down European and Christian traditions that he now wants to eliminate one of our oldest holidays.

His administration’s latest “idea”? Eliminate Thanksgiving as an official national holiday and replace it with “Immigrants Day.”


You heard right. A conservative activist from Maryland named Susan Payne heard the plans on a recent conference call led by Cecilia Muñoz, assistant to the president and director of the Domestic Policy Council.

Muñoz is also a former legislative director for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the Latino Supremacist group.

La Raza has routinely attacked Thanksgiving as “racist” and “White supremacist”. In 2011, TheBlaze exposed La Raza studies in Arizona schools that taught students that the U.S. should abolish Thanksgiving in favor of a “National Day of Atonement.”

So this should perhaps not come as any surprise now that La Raza’ s former official now sits at the right arm of the president.

The White House conference call Payne attended was meant to inform activists for illegals about what the White House was planning with the President’s amnesty rules.

Payne says that on the conference call the President’s Domestic Policy director said that one of the plans, seriously-discussed, was to rename Thanksgiving “Immigrants Day.”

“I was about ready to blow my top when I heard that,” Payne said.

Incredibly, the “idea” met with “strong approval” from Obama’s senior aide Muñoz and support from the others on the conference call.

Above: Obama Domestic Policy Director (and former La Raza official) Cecilia Muñoz

Payne went on to say that the purpose of the President’s conference call was, “How can we make life better for an illegal alien? And basically kicking the citizen out to the curb.”

Top Right News was able to confirm Payne’s account. It is truly insane that such a suggestion would be anything but laughed out of bounds on a White House conference call. and it is unimaginable that the American people would stand for it. But the fact that the concept would be discussed seriously, and openly, at the highest levels of the White House is deeply disturbing. Such is the radical nature of the pro-amnesty La Raza groups that have this president’s ear.

NOTE on Snopes: Perhaps at the prodding of the Obama cabal, the liberal husband and wife team (and former Democrat activists) who run the fact-checking website Snopes decided to try and debunk the story by focusing on a fundraising email that wildly exaggerated it, claiming that Obama had already “prepared a draft of an executive order.” Payne claimed no such thing, and neither did our sources, who did confirm that the idea received the endorsement of the White House.

Yet Snopes ridiculously declares the entire story “FALSE,” based solely on the exaggerated account, adding to their reputation of coming up short in delivering all the facts in an unbiased manner.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    We need a strong leader that would cancel all the damage this imbecile did…I see only one person who could save us from total destruction and his name is Donald Trump…ALL others are too weak…except for Cruz…Both of these guys could/would eliminate the damage by E.O…

  • Bill Pierson

    This is FALSE !! Check out .WE have enough lying, you people should be ashamed!

  • Obama’s trashing of American and Christian traditions continues. Can you imagine him doing this with a Muslim holiday?

  • Tina

    Obama can kiss my ass! Attacking the citizens of this country in favor of illegals is sickening enough, but now he wants to give them our holidays too? This is getting out of control!

  • gooseman

    which “Indians” would that be? There were many “Indian” nations on this continent, mostly intent of conquering and enslaving the others, and here’s a news flash for you, most came some somewhere else,and those came from somewhere else, otherwise we’d all be crowded around the place where the first homo sapiens was developed. England use to have a series Danish kings, then a series of French ones, Spain used to be mostly light complected blond haired people until the Moors (muslims) started their raping and pillaging. The Aztecs and Incas killed the Mayans who had killed the Olmecs who killed …
    The world is a history of conquest, and no one living today owes anyone else an apology because one set of ancestors were better at it than another, because second news flash, every society is a history of conquest and bloodshed, some just better than others.

  • Frank Grasha Sr

    Stop changing or eliminating ! Everything as it was is best Leave it alone or go start your own country !Somewhere else !

  • Jeff Rodgers

    first fight for gays — who is having the first baby.

  • Jeff Rodgers

    If you are taking a role in your childrens lives— he ISN’T TALKING about YOU!!!

  • rachel

    Obama needs to stop trying to change names of holidays just to fit other people. He if he is going to start that, he needs to be impeached.

  • Dusty Roads

    This post is bullshit!

  • Sara

    When Anja J said, “He wants this country to no longer exist as an english speaking, european originated country”, that was a reference to The United States of America, which was created by European originating people. There was no Unites States before then, just North America.

  • retired_geek

    The most important thing that is going to be replaced in this country is that flops-eared clown in the White House will be replaced by one of the GOP candidates!

    But I am going to ask how a story that has todays “dateline” on it has replies that are 8 months old – TNR, are you “recycling” again?

  • Jeff Allen

    but only one of them is really a parent. the other is just a stand in

  • sgb1

    I think we all need to reflect on what we are grateful for. This holiday supports that notion.

  • Bill Moon (Blackfoot)

    All of these bleeding heart,non American Patriots need to trot their happy butts into the third world countries with the ones they feel so sorry for and try to make changes in those countries.Not commit anti-American acts against a country and its citizens that they are supposed to be a citizen of.They are no better than illegal immigrants and Muslims.Get out of AMERICA and STAY OUT!

  • Crypt

    We are happy you served in the military, it was probably the one useful thing you’ve done in your life. Now with that being said before you call someone an idiot you should check what you are posting to keep yourself from looking like a dumbass.

    • jay2010master

      Well at least I did one useful thing in my life unlike you.

  • Just Me

    So sick of Everything getting changed in our Country by This man and his government . I will Not comply , it will stay Thanksgiving Day –(along with all the other holidays) — in my Life no matter what they call it. … I will not acknowledge anything they change ……Our Country was a Great Country in which we all got along -until This man came into office and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop him from destroying it . But in my Life I will continue living it the way it was before he came to office ………I will Stand up with those who stand with the Constitution of Our Country –which he has failed at keeping, with the Oath he took when he took office. He is NOT my president , he doesn’t keep his promises (Oath) so he’s not fit to run our country.

  • 5ini5ter

    Never gonna happen. Thanksgiving is bigger than obama and his cavalcade of moronic anti-American minions.

  • CraxyD

    Pretty sure I saw this exact article last year

    • retired_geek

      I went back and looked at the archives – you are right – back in March 2015. Of course, I was stupid and replied to the comment before the lightbulb went off. I guess with the debate and all it must have been a slow news night for TNR

  • W Dawes

    Maybe people should start throwing their trash over the fence at the White House. Apparently, it has become a dump.

  • William Stearns

    Thanksgiving is and always has been “Immigrants Day” as it celebrates the survival of the Colonists after the first year in a country where things did not go well for them. Through the help of the indigenous natives they were able to grow crops and were befriended by the locals. Upon surviving the first winter and harvest season they invited the locals to a celebration but the colonist were the immigrants. It is a shame that no one today really understands there history. It is the survival against harsh odds that defines America.

  • Phillip Newton

    Marrakech, (the proper spelling), has taken you away from the real problem. You are of course right, but that does not matter, Merralash, (improper spelling) wishes you to go running hither and thither from one stat to another, completely forgetting where you were and that this is about the big “O” and his partners in crime doing whatever they can to break this nation apart. Ask yourself whither this story is true or not and why you would automatically believe it to be true. The answer to that question is actually quite simple. President Obama has done nothing but work at dividing us for seven years, so it is only logical that he would do something that will divide us more.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Yup, anything to remove our foundings and why they came here,,,that is if he even knows. It was NOT about immigration alone,,it was about freedom of religion but then this moron wouldn’t known. Shameful…thanks Obama Voters,,,”Hope” you are happy with the “Change”.

  • You_R_Responsible

    I’m thankful that we have term limits for the president and I’ll be forever thankful when the WH door hits this one on his … as he leaves.

  • bertasis

    So sad some people just don’t get it!!

  • ginger viking

    That any of the posters below actually believes this complete garbage shows you the general IQ of the readership here! I clicked through from a conservative friend of mine’s Facebook page, but honestly, are you all that STUPID?

    Go ahead and flame and then we’ll see in the next few weeks if any announcements come from the White House about this. Buffoons.

  • Fred Smith

    And the Indian Chief said to his son as the pilgrims landed at Plymouth “look son here come the “white backs”

  • Larry Darling

    I think we should replace obama with a true American Hes a goat fucker that eats camel shit

  • Connie Rogers

    Being that I have NEVER had Thanksgiving at the White House (what an oxymoron) I am not surprised that this could be a possibility, especially after seeing how he has worked diligently at deceiving the American people & giving away our weapons (to drug cartels & terrorists) our money (funding islamic nations & terrorists worldwide) & wasting money that he never made (vacation after vacation after vacation) & allowing the financial stability of our country fall into a horrible state – VA Hospitals underfunded, Health Insurance costs tripled, the Banks & Wall Street robbed citizens of our savings in our 401K’s, total disregard of our constitutional rights & immigration laws so that he can usher in a massive quantity of jihadist soldiers under the guise of “refugees” that even stupid people can see the pictures are all healthy young men – fighting ages with no women or children or elderly – did those COWARDS leave their families behind or are they actually invading Western Countries to be in place when their call to arms is issued worldwide???? THIS MAN IS AN ISLAMIC RADICAL TERRORIST WHO HAS DECEIVED EVERYONE THAT WILL NOT SEE HIM FOR WHO HE TRULY IS….

  • brendainminnesota

    Thanksgiving is indeed religious. We are giving thanks to God.

  • olddog

    how about (D)eport LIEbearls (D)ay..OH THE JOY!!

  • Alan

    Some things just should not be destroyed.

  • Esther7779

    I understood the article to mean, that a father wasn’t living in the home, not that the father had absolutely nothing to do with the child, or that the child didn’t know the father

    • Esther7779

      or more specifically, the father/mother weren’t married, nor were they living together, hence the child would be “fatherless” in the home…doesn’t mean that the father doesn’t have visitation or pay child support

  • eastedie33510

    Perhaps we should have a national holiday declaring Americans be freed of Obama and all of his muslim immigrants. National Evacuation Day….send them all back or to hell.


    I foresee an Obamaisfugginggone national holiday.

  • Threedawgs

    The worthless American people are and have set around while a bunch of crooks ran off with their heritage, their money, their inalienable rights and the dignity they never had. They are just as much or more to blame than their oppressors. They are still doing it. See how many of these miscreants stand up and put their hand over their hearts when the national anthem is performed at sportingevents. To be patriotic is the exact opposite of loving freedom. It is a moronic response to love oppression, impoverishment, and murder of humanity. Morons!


    Not Alinsky Day? Go play with your Selfie Stick Jackass before YOU get stuffed.

  • Bacon

    Aren’t Americans glad they voted in Obama, TWICE!

  • T Mee

    And if it is a chicks-with-dicks couple, they celebrate BOTH!

  • T Mee

    I have seen some lesbians that look like they could be fathers…

  • T Mee

    The injuns have their casinos, they have more than made up for what the white devils did 400 years ago.
    Before white man came, there were no taxes, no debt, and women did all the work.
    Then white man came and thought he could improve on a system like that.


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