The Moment This Church Gets Struck by Lightning Will Startle – And Then Amaze You


by Beth Callen | Top Right News

A church in a Maine was recently struck by a massive bolt of lightning and a firefighter across the street caught the shocking moment on camera.

Carl Bouley is a firefighter for the Grand Isle Fire Department and his camera was rolling the moment a bolt from the blue crashed down on St. Gerard-Mount Carmel Parish on Wednesday.

What’s even more amazing is how the Church was barely affected by the stunning jolt.

WGME reports that, despite the remarkable cascade of sparks off the gutter, the church suffered only “minor electrical problems” and that no one was hurt.

The strike itself is pretty impressive. It’s loud and explosive; it’s awe-inspiring and terrifying.

This same church was hit by lightning in 2007.


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  • TubifexWorm

    God has spoken! This church must be abandoned!

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      WOW, you ARE dense, aren’t you? They abandoned the church in Chicago, Detroit and DC…that Didn’t turn out well….ya know.

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