THE FIX IS IN: George Soros Causes OUTRAGE With SHOCKING Prediction About Election…


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

During an interview with Bloomberg News, Democrat mega-donor George Soros openly admits that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will win the popular vote in a “landslide,” but says a President Hillary Clinton is already a “done deal.”

In the interview which is now surfacing, the billionaire powerbroker Soros says with certainty that Trump will win the popular vote in the country, but says that won’t make him president because the Electoral College vote will go for Clinton.

When the interviewer asks if it’s a “done deal” for Clinton as president, Soros says “yes,” nodding his head. Check out the interview segment here:

What does Soros know that We The People do not? Has the Electoral College already been “paid off” for Hillary, no matter what the popular result?

Stay vigilant, America.


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