The Entire ‘Racism’ Narrative in the Eric Garner Case is Destroyed By One Fact That Changes Everything


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

“Racist White cops” “Black Lives Matter”

#CrimingWhileWhite #AliveWhileBlack

For two nights we have once agains seen the Media-Democrat-Activist complex explode about “RACISM” after a Grand Jury refused to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking out Eric Garner, who later died from heart complications.

As with Ferguson, dozens of media pundits weighed in on race. President Obama declared the justice system “unequal,” and Attorney General Eric Holder pounced on the case as one motivated by race and worthy of “civil rights” prosecution.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio even declared that “hundreds of years of racism have led to this,” and angrily told how he instructed his own Black son to “act differently around police”.

Twitter hashtags quickly went viral – internationally – expressing the supposed racist nature of the officer’s action, including #CrimingWhileWhite, #AliveWhileBlack, and #BlackLivesMatter.

There’s only one problem with this racial narrative: it is utterly destroyed by a key piece of information that the Grand Jury knew — but the media would not reveal.

As reported by the New York Daily News:

Pantaleo who applied the lethal chokehold on Eric Garner was supervised by an African-American female NYPD sergeant.

“Having that Black sergeant in charge of that crime scene takes race out of the equation. As awful as Pantaleo’s actions appear on that video, at no time does that Black sergeant order Pantaleo to stop choking Garner.”

Whoa. Let that sink in for a moment. There’s more. From Kristinn Taylor:

The Black female police sergeant who was in charge of the arrest is not shown in the countless TV replays in the media of cellphone footage that showed White male police officers confronting and taking down Garner but she is said to be seen in the original video (the Grand Jury saw).

Why haven’t we seen that unedited video in the countless media showings? Can you guess?

From a police report reported by PIX11 in July, the sergeant’s name is revealed to be Kizzy Adoni.

“The female sergeant, Kizzy Adoni, made a similar statement in the report. She “believed she heard” Garner say he was having difficulty breathing. Adoni also said “The perpetrator’s condition did not seem serious and he did not appear to get worse.”

Here is Adoni in a photo from the scene:



The national media’s rush to push its divisive racial agenda has once again blown up in their collective faces. Just like it did with the Duke Lacrosse case. And the Trayvon Martin case. And the Ferguson case. And now, the Eric Garner case.

Call it excessive force. Call it involuntary manslaughter. Call it justified force against a resisting suspect who had 31 prior arrests, who died from his substantial health problems rather than a chokehold. These are all legitimate arguments to bring to the table for discussion.

But not race. This case has nothing to do with it. And the continued media-Democrat focus on it is clear political manipulation to distract from Obama’s recent shellacking in the midterm elections and deeply unpopular executive action amnesty for illegal aliens.

And the media blowing this case into a white-hot racial issue stands in sharp contrast to their censorship of the the brutal street-lynching of a White driver near Ferguson on Sunday — after a Black mob screaming “F**k the White people…Kill the White people” beat Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic to death with hammers in front of his newlywed wife.

That was a crystal clear hate crime murder. Yet there are no international hashtags to protest Begic’s lynching.

And I find it interesting that the media isn’t asking this question: why was Eric Garner even bothered to begin with? Why did Pantaleo’s Black female supervisor decide to arrest Garner for the nonsensical “crime” of selling cigarettes on the street?

Because New York City has the highest taxes on cigarettes in the world. And Because the same Bill DeBlasio who hysterically blamed racism for Garner’s death himself has dramatically ramped up enforcement of such petty crimes in order to increase taxes, while cancelling the successful “stop and frisk” program that reduced crime to record low levels in the decimated Black communities.

Those cops were there harassing Garner because of Democrat tax greed, not because he was Black. Where is the outrage over that?

UPDATE: Radio host Mark Levin confirmed this story, and discussed this matter in an excellent commentary tonight:

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