The Entire ‘Racism’ Narrative in the Eric Garner Case is Destroyed By One Fact That Changes Everything


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

“Racist White cops” “Black Lives Matter”

#CrimingWhileWhite #AliveWhileBlack

For two nights we have once agains seen the Media-Democrat-Activist complex explode about “RACISM” after a Grand Jury refused to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking out Eric Garner, who later died from heart complications.

As with Ferguson, dozens of media pundits weighed in on race. President Obama declared the justice system “unequal,” and Attorney General Eric Holder pounced on the case as one motivated by race and worthy of “civil rights” prosecution.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio even declared that “hundreds of years of racism have led to this,” and angrily told how he instructed his own Black son to “act differently around police”.

Twitter hashtags quickly went viral – internationally – expressing the supposed racist nature of the officer’s action, including #CrimingWhileWhite, #AliveWhileBlack, and #BlackLivesMatter.

There’s only one problem with this racial narrative: it is utterly destroyed by a key piece of information that the Grand Jury knew — but the media would not reveal.

As reported by the New York Daily News:

Pantaleo who applied the lethal chokehold on Eric Garner was supervised by an African-American female NYPD sergeant.

“Having that Black sergeant in charge of that crime scene takes race out of the equation. As awful as Pantaleo’s actions appear on that video, at no time does that Black sergeant order Pantaleo to stop choking Garner.”

Whoa. Let that sink in for a moment. There’s more. From Kristinn Taylor:

The Black female police sergeant who was in charge of the arrest is not shown in the countless TV replays in the media of cellphone footage that showed White male police officers confronting and taking down Garner but she is said to be seen in the original video (the Grand Jury saw).

Why haven’t we seen that unedited video in the countless media showings? Can you guess?

From a police report reported by PIX11 in July, the sergeant’s name is revealed to be Kizzy Adoni.

“The female sergeant, Kizzy Adoni, made a similar statement in the report. She “believed she heard” Garner say he was having difficulty breathing. Adoni also said “The perpetrator’s condition did not seem serious and he did not appear to get worse.”

Here is Adoni in a photo from the scene:



The national media’s rush to push its divisive racial agenda has once again blown up in their collective faces. Just like it did with the Duke Lacrosse case. And the Trayvon Martin case. And the Ferguson case. And now, the Eric Garner case.

Call it excessive force. Call it involuntary manslaughter. Call it justified force against a resisting suspect who had 31 prior arrests, who died from his substantial health problems rather than a chokehold. These are all legitimate arguments to bring to the table for discussion.

But not race. This case has nothing to do with it. And the continued media-Democrat focus on it is clear political manipulation to distract from Obama’s recent shellacking in the midterm elections and deeply unpopular executive action amnesty for illegal aliens.

And the media blowing this case into a white-hot racial issue stands in sharp contrast to their censorship of the the brutal street-lynching of a White driver near Ferguson on Sunday — after a Black mob screaming “F**k the White people…Kill the White people” beat Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic to death with hammers in front of his newlywed wife.

That was a crystal clear hate crime murder. Yet there are no international hashtags to protest Begic’s lynching.

And I find it interesting that the media isn’t asking this question: why was Eric Garner even bothered to begin with? Why did Pantaleo’s Black female supervisor decide to arrest Garner for the nonsensical “crime” of selling cigarettes on the street?

Because New York City has the highest taxes on cigarettes in the world. And Because the same Bill DeBlasio who hysterically blamed racism for Garner’s death himself has dramatically ramped up enforcement of such petty crimes in order to increase taxes, while cancelling the successful “stop and frisk” program that reduced crime to record low levels in the decimated Black communities.

Those cops were there harassing Garner because of Democrat tax greed, not because he was Black. Where is the outrage over that?

UPDATE: Radio host Mark Levin confirmed this story, and discussed this matter in an excellent commentary tonight:

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  • CC

    When I saw the video and he said I can’t breathe what part of that wasn’t understood. This is not about racism just a lack of training in the police departments all over the USA

    • John McMickle

      If you can’t breath you could not talk. In order to talk you must be able to exhale. If he had said I am having an asthma attack, then EMT’s could have been called, or if he had one his inhaler could have been used.

      • Sheela McGuire

        He said I can’t breathe. Which could translate to maybe stop choking me.

        • Stan Bryars

          The only thing uttered more by criminals than “I can’t breathe” is “I’ dint do nuffin”

        • John McMickle

          He should not have resisted to start with, if he had gone peacefully he might be alive today. With all his medical problems he was a walking time bomb. If required to walk up several flights of stairs it is likely he would have suffered a sever medical situation, with maybe the same end.

        • Dr. Joe

          If your talking, your BREATHING.!!!

          • Gary

            Uh, yea, breathing out!

          • solo1

            Experimented saying I can’t breathe. Took a deep breath and was able to say it 4 1/2 times before needing to take a breath and I wasn’t in a choke hold but I was lying down. Said it loud and soft. Got a lot more out in one beath when speaking softly.

          • He was taking a breath in between each time he said, “I can’t breathe”
            Seriously, try saying “I can’t breathe” eleven times without taking any breath.

    • Ty

      A real strong choke hold you can’t speak nearly as.clearly as that. The officer barely had him in a hold at all he was just to fat and his heart couldn’t take the exercise of RESISTING ARREST!

    • See this is the problem with everyone who encounters a cop saying “I can’t breathe” as soon as they start doing anything. He literally started saying that from the moment he went down. Like it was rehearsed. And in order to keep saying it like he did, he had to be able to breathe in to get enough air to say it eleven times.

    • Reuisaac

      When I was youn I used to wrestle with my brother. One of his tricks when I was winning was to start shouting “You’re hurting me!” or “I can’t breath!” I would then release him and as soon as I did he would turn and attack with his better positioning. If my little brother of 9 could think of this ploy, couldn’t a grown man? However, that is a moot point. The issue on topic is of the cop was racist and there is no evidence of that.

    • solo1

      Unfortunately, society hasn’t been trained very well.

  • John McMickle

    Typical media behavior tell half of the truth.

    • Inge Winkler Sisk

      Typical race baiting by the media, but not only by the media but also the President.

    • Bryant Hill

      Your right, typical media behavior, they tell half of the truth. BUT, what is anyone going to do about it? Talk about it? Yeah, that feels good to say what you feel, write what you feel, but what happens? NOTHING!

      • John McMickle

        Do your own research and form your own conclusion from multiple sources. Use the internet to look at the reports and local news coverage, it is generally more truthful than the national media.

        Stop buying that paper that you feel is misleading people, circulation drops they will get the message. Stop watching that news channel that you feel is not telling the truth, most of the time when ratings drop they get the idea.

    • Molly B

      Half? You give them a lot more credit than they deserve.

  • Sheela McGuire

    Even if its not a race issue. There is still the issue of police brutality.

    • Todd Woodell

      Or….I can’t breath translates to: Loosen your grip so I can get loose and escape.

      • Greg Swhier

        Stupid statement!!! He weighed 350#. Very poor health, Could barely walk!!

        • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

          then don’t resist arrest…

        • Todd Woodell

          Did you even watch the video? He was struggling to get loose and he was a strong man, but never mind, you know everything and were there watching right?

        • Barry Zaremba

          I’m sure no one has ever lied about their physical condition to get loose.

    • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

      that is crap. he was breaking the law… he had been arrested 31 times before… 9 times for doing the same thing he was being arrested for this time. If you are being arrested, don’t resist! How is the cop to know this fat criminal had asthma and heart disease because of his obese condition

      • Juliet Christian

        how was he breaking the law by standing there? He had a court date coming up. they were just harassing him. Oh, yes and he was fat. wtf is wrong with you people? go put your white hoods back on

        • IndyMason

          Actually, he was breaking the law, he was selling cigarettes without a NY sales tax stamp or a license.
          That being said, I think the police should have handled it differently and this mans death is a tragedy that could have been avoided. I don’t think a choke hold was warranted to apprehend this subject, they could have tased him if he got to belligerent.
          We have enough racial tension without comments like “put your white hoods back on”. It goes both ways.

        • A.B.

          Why does everything have to be “race related”? Juliet, get off your soapbox! White hoods?…Really??? With a few exceptions I have not seen many racist comments. Just some people who’s opinion differ from yours. So because if someone disagrees with you, that makes them a racist?smh Who do you think you are to be the all wise voice of reason and truth? BTW I think the cop in Garner’s case should have been indicted….i just don’t think he did ANYTHING motivated by race.

          • solo1

            It appears the female sergeant didn’t have a problem with what was taking place. Didn’t hear if she did or didn’t try to stop it. I am not well versed in ranks but I think sergeant outranks the officers????

          • Barry Zaremba

            She was the supervising sergeant. She was in charge.

        • Jack Savage

          He actually up until the point in time when they started to harass him was doing nothing. In fact he was not selling cigarettes that day. He had actually just broken up a fight and just wanted to give a statement and go home. He didn’t even have cigarettes on him. for whatever reason they decided to take him into custody in addition to the two people who had been fighting, and no one’s ever been able to state why

          • solo1

            Then it appears he didn’t have a positive repore with police, 30+ arrests.

            I had 2 brothers who were, at times, up to no good. They were known by the local police but I don’t think they had anywhere near 30 arrests between them. If and when they were stopped they liked to give the police a hard time verbally. Myself, along with my siblings, didn’t want to get stopped for fear the cops would assume we were like our brothers. Our last name was well known.

          • Jack Savage

            30+ arrests, 8 misdemeanor convictions.for loose cigs. You feel that warrants death? (I am not saying you do, I m askjng) Additionally, the cop rolled the chokehold in the video, which for maryial artist it is known to agravate, even dislocate the esophagus, not a good thing with an asthmatic.

          • Barry Zaremba

            I’m sure the GJ heard the reason.

        • joe mama

          Are you the same Juliet Christian that was against illegal immigrants in Wisconsin because according to you, “they broke the law”? So you are okay with only enforcing some laws? Typical liberal hypocrite. Just looked it up. YES THAT IS YOU!!!!

        • Gail

          You are nothing but a black, racist biotch!

        • bigmurr

          We have an uninformed voter here. Get a clue Juliet

        • solo1

          From what others have posted regarding this issue HE WAS SELLING CIGARETTES ILLEGALLY! SHOP OWNER CALLED POLICE DUE TO THIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Plus, I am sure the shop owner didn’t appreciate this activity, it would cut into his profits!

        • Jimmy B

          You are a racist, for sure!

    • solo1

      What are the statistics on police brutality? Anyone know? Curious.

    • Molly B

      That was not brutality- that was a serious scuffle, due to a huge human being deciding (stupidly) to take on 4-5 officers of the law. Had he complied with their orders, he would be alive and fine today, and no doubt selling ciggies back on the corner.

  • lspiderl

    its not about race its about police abuse

    • IndyMason

      I’m not even sure it’s about abuse. I do feel they handled it wrong, but I don’t think abuse for the sake of them just being bad cops was the case, I think it was poor decisions that led to a needless tragedy.
      That being said, I feel the officer was wrong applying the chokehold and he should be punished accordingly. I too, am surprised he was not charged, but I do not have all the facts.

  • Buypass

    Somebody tell Mike Savage please.

  • Vietnam Vet

    I believe a lot of people are missing the point. It’s not whether he could breathe or talk, rather (to me) WHY did he resist arrest? A citizen of any color will NOT resist arrest and walk away. IT won’t happen.

    • Juliet Christian

      no, the point is that there was no reason for him to be harassed in the first place. He had an upcoming court date. If you knew anything at all you would know how POC are constantly harassed and it’s sickening. I’ve seen it first hand. You can be an angel and still get the crap beat out of you.

      • Ishmot2

        Because POC are the ones that argue with the police, and if he had a court date doesn’t mean you continue to break the law.

        • kevin

          What you mean to say is, uneducated people who have something to hide or prove, argue with the police.

          • Biff

            Regardless of skin color, There is no good outcome to fighting with the police. You won’t win

          • Ghostdog

            So people of color are all uneducated? People of color all have something to hide. I think we’ve got a race baiting troll here.

          • Steve V

            People who fight with police are “uneducated” at the least. Skin has nothing to do with it. It has to do with conduct…

          • Vietnam Vet

            No Ghostdog. Your selective interpretation trying to make Kevin’s comment a racial issue is racebaiting.

          • tammy

            Those that are educated and do not fall for thee poor me mentality, obey the law and cooperate with the police. As one guy said, those people who are burning, looting and causing trouble in Ferguson, are not blacks but are scumbags.

          • Lolly

            I wish I could like your comment more than once, Kevin. Part of the problem could be that some parents are teaching their children to have this inbred hate and distrust for police or any people of authority. There will ALWAYS be someone who has authority over you. It is just smarter to learn to respect them.

          • mamabear1966

            Or at least PRETEND to respect them if/when you encounter them. You can dislike them all you want, but you’d better pretend that you like them and respect them if you end up having to deal with them at some point.

      • You do realize that the officer in charge happened to also be a POC

        He said, “I can’t breathe” starting from the moment he was taken down. Apparently before when he was arrested, he did the same thing. As soon as they started to take him down, “I can’t breathe”

        And if you can SAY you can’t breathe, you can breathe.

        • Juliet Christian

          What difference does it make who was in charge? She’s no better than the zealots that attacked him. People have had enough of police tactics and the double standards. My son has asthma and he tells me he can’t breathe when having an attack. It’s like drowning and you will fight to breathe. But that shouldn’t have even got to that point.

          • Gail

            They are not freaking doctors. If he was having an asthma attack he would not have been fighting like he was. He would have not been resisting and struggling to breathe. Some people think they have the answer to it all and do not know anything.

          • Oh is she not a POC because she’s a cop then? Here’s the thing. He was able to breathe in enough to get the air to keep saying “I can’t breathe” eleven times. Try saying “I can’t breathe” eleven times without breathing in.

            He shouldn’t have tried to fight them off. PERIOD. When they tried to arrest him, he should not have yanked his hands back. When they took him to the ground he tried to crawl off. HE was using his strength to fight against the cops, albeit in a slow fashion. Fight with 5 cops and you will lose.

          • Barry Zaremba

            The reason it matters is they’re calling the incident an act of racism. Clearly it is not.

          • EQ4ALL

            There’s not enough facts in the world to convince you otherwise. You have your mind made up and have blinders on.

          • Karen McDonald

            The difference is having a POC in charge negates the “racism” accusations. Originally the story was about an African American man who resisted arrest and was put in a choke hold and died from excessive force from WHITE officers. GET OVER IT!!! One person who commented said…excessive force, maybe…involuntary manslaughter, maybe…RACISM, NOT!!!!!

        • RB

          I was in the hospital. They pumped me full of fluids. When I tried to go to sleep I stopped breathing. I walked to the nurses station and told them “I can’t breathe.”. I said it several times. They didn’t believe me. My abdomen was swollen. I said it again and put my hand to my throat. One male nurse took me to X-ray. I was in congestive heart failure. I couldn’t breathe, especially when laying down, but I could still speak. How does your statement apply to that situation, Dr. Tommycat?

          • Jeff Haskell

            You felt like you couldn’t breathe, its not the same as actually not breathing. You need air coming out to talk, you can speak as long as the reserve is in you, but once it’s gone, you can’t speak. You could breath enough to talk. That’s not to say you were in big trouble, just like this guy.

          • Brenda

            I have asthma, and trust me, you can talk when you are having difficulty breathing. What they need to do is have a way to test a person’s oxygen saturation. So many Marcus Welbys on the internet talking about this as if they know what they are talking about.

          • drkervorkianjr

            You were breathing, it may have been difficult or uncomfortabl. But in order to speak you must have an open airway and air exchange. Mr Garner was complaining in full sentences and loudly. He had air exchange, he was breathing.

          • Navybuckeye

            If you can speak, you can breath. You can’t speak with out moving air through your trachia…not possible. so you were breathing. You might of had pressure but you were breathing.

          • tammy

            His problem appeared to be heart related, not respiratory. People who are having heart issues, many times have difficulty getting air in. Alone with his weight, he was a heart attack waiting to happen. Maybe the police need to use a different technique when handling the obese. The number one contributor, though was breaking the law, a stupid law, but a law never the less.

          • Actually I did help my mother with studying for her RN so I do know a bit about medicine(though admittedly not an actual nurse or doctor). You were able to breathe. You were not being choked to death as people are claiming. Your airway was not obstructed, so my statement of “If you can say you can’t breathe, you are breathing” still applies. You had a non-airway related issue which was the CHF. The edema should have been a clue to the nurses though, but with today’s obesity problem it can be hard to tell.

            And while I expect officers to be good at their job, they do not have even my rudimentary medical knowledge.

        • LogicalThinker

          Well, then I guess he must not have been choked to death then. Case closed

          • Navybuckeye

            He wasn’t choked to death. He died of cardiac arrest.

          • Possibly why the Grand Jury refused to indict. I don’t know for a fact. I haven’t looked at all the evidence provided to the GJ

        • Town Hall Editor

          I agree. He should have been more eloquent and precise with his speech such as, “I’m having labored breathing that is causing my systemic system to go into organ failure.” “You’re killing me,” would have sufficed too.

          • Say “I can’t breathe” eleven times without breathing in.

      • kevin

        I’m a POC and have zero issues with police

        • gailannr

          What does POC stand for? Here are 314 acronyms for it. Which one is yours? Three hundred and fourteen!!!!!!! Maybe you POC people could take the time to spell it out when there are 314 meanings for it. I hate acronyms!


          • gene

            I agree with you that people use acronyms too much. I figured this one out, though: People (or Person) of Color.

          • gailannr

            yes, I did too, by reading a few more replies. Thanks Gene

          • John Kmetz

            Could mean PIECE OF CRAP.

          • fuckyou


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          • Terry Melvin

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          • Jack Adams

            Did you just compare people of color to pieces of crap?

          • ConnieSBrooks

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          • Dave Wukusick

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          • dyhart

            So many in fact that the page can’t load. Oh wait, somehow you managed to hit a D before the H.

          • Celebrate Homogeneity

            Colored. Person of Color. “Colored” is considered racist. “Person of Color” is not.

          • jason1776

            NAACP …

            National Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People … words are not racist … people are … offense towards words is a personal problem … mischaracterizing words in such a way is why certain words “cannot” be used any longer … a word that meant a class of people of all races has been turned into a derogatory term toward a single race that STOLE the term and made it ONLY about them …

          • wjshelton

            You don’t know much about history or linguistics, do you?

          • colindenronden

            Black isn’t a colour, black is lack of colour. White is a mixture of three colours, so white people are the people of colour.

          • C BREEZY

            Plus white people change colour when they’re sick, angry, hot, cold. Black people stay the same.

          • Rhoni

            I have always argued this.. White people are the “colored” People. We turn red when hot, embarrassed, sun burnt . We turn black and blue when injured , Green when sick, brown when tanned.. We Literally Change colors.. The word Colored should never have been attached to black and should not be a racist term but we the people are the ones who make a word something it’s not..

          • Autumn Riley

            white and black are both shades when painting. I think you might be thinking of light when you talk about white and painting when you talk about black…and your comment was stupid.

          • colindenronden

            Your comment is absolute nonsense. Painting is using substances which are reflective of various frequencies of LIGHT – it is all about LIGHT stupid! No one painted these people’s skins. Shades are relative intensities of LIGHT. If you lived in a world where there was no LIGHT you would not be able to see any paintings. Go and learn some physics because every time you open your mouth IGNORANCE comes out in letters four feet high. Think about it, who are the most non-reflective people, blacks or whites? Do you want to include refraction and transmission in all that, or black body radiation?

          • Cranky Steven

            Person of colour.

          • RITA S Morris

            I­­­­­’­­­v­­­­­­e b­­­­e­­­­e­­­­­n ­­­­m­­­­a­­­­­­­k­­i­­­­n­­­­g­­ 8­­­­­­­­­­­­­5 b­­­­u­­­­­c­­­­­­­­­k­­­­s e­­­­­v­­­­e­­­­r­­­­y h­­­­­o­­­­u­­­r s­­­­­i­­­n­­­c­­e i s­­­­­­t­­­­a­­r­­t­­­e­d t­­­­­­o w­­­­o­­r­­­k o­­­­v­­­e­­­­­r t­­­­h­­­­­­­e i­­­­n­­­t­­­e­­r­­­n­­­e­­t 6 m­­­­­o­­­­n­­­­­­­t­­h­s a­­­­­­g­­­o… A­­­­l­­­­­­l i h­­­­a­­­­­­­v­­­­­e t­­­­­o d­­­­­­o i­­­­­­­­­s t­­­­­­­o­­ w­­­­­o­­r­­­­­­­­­k a­­­­­­­­­t h­­­­­­o­­m­­­e­­ s­­­e­­­­v­­­­­e­­r­­­a­­l h­­­o­­­­u­­r­­s e­­­­­­­a­­­­­c­­­­h d­­­­a­­­­y a­­­n­­­­­­d d­­­­­o s­­­­­i­­­­­­m­­p­­l­­e w­­­­o­­­­­r­­­k i g­­­­­­e­­­­­t f­­­­r­­­o­­­­m t­­­­h­­­­­i­­­­s c­­­­­o­­­m­­­­­p­­a­­­­­­n­­­­y t­­­­­h­­­­­­a­­­­­­t i s­­­­t­­­u­­­­m­­b­­­­l­­e­­d u­­­p­­­o­­­­n o­­­­n­­-­l­­­i­­n­­­e… I a­­­­­­­m v­­­­e­­­­r­­y e­­­­­x­­­c­­­i­­­t­­e­­­d t­­­­­­­­­o s­­­­­h­­­a­­­­­­r­­­­e t­­­­­­­h­­i­­s j­­­­­­­­­o­­­b t­­­­­o y­­­­o­­­­­u… ­­i­­­­t­’s i­­­­n­­­­c­r­e­d­­i­­­­­b­­l­­­e!

            -> RE­A­D H­E­R­E W­H­A­T I D­O <-

        • hope4ever

          Doesn’t matter the color, if you don’t give respect or resist arrest, or assault police, you’ll regret bit.

          • Ryan McQuary

            he did none of the above though….no color was not involved….but the police broke the law…

          • carla

            Get your facts right. They did NOT break the law.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong. If he is minding his business and isn’t harming anyone and isn’t about to harm anyone, there is ZERO reason for them to touch him. NONE.
            “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right, and only the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” State v. Robinson, 145 Me. 77, 72 Atl, 2nd.260, 262 (1950)

            “A citizen illegally arrested “cannot initiate the use of force” and neither do “words alone justify an assault.” However, “when the officer initiates the assault by physical contact, which is usually the case, and there is an unlawful arrest, the citizen has the right to protect his liberty to the extent of killing the officer.” See Green v. Kennedy, 48 N.Y. Rep. 653, 654 (1871) and/or Hicks v. Matthews, 266 S.W. 2nd. 846, 849 (Tex. 1954)

          • franel

            he was doing something. The police did not just happen upon him selling cigarettes…..local businesses called the police because he was harassing their customers. After 31 arrests, you would think that he knew the drill….put your hands behind your back and don’t resist!

          • GibbyD


          • len

            he was a large man, he resisted, This was technically not the choke hold that is banned, the choke hold that is banned i one in which you use the batton to the neck to bring down, he was put down in a headlock a wrestling move similar to a sleeper hold if you watch the video the hold was for no more than 10 seconds you cannot b choked in ten seconds, secondly when you exclaim you cant breath you are in fact breathing, the autopsy showe no damage to the throat, he died from heart , blood pressure and asthma which the officer did not know, you cannot let up on a suspect just because they complain, you need to handcuff them first then they can be assesed, it was the felons fault for not complying, dont judge unless you have been in that situation, police work is a very tough and mostly unthankful job, and as for that asswipe deblasio trying to make this racial, let his kid walk thru bed sti at 2 am and then let me know who he fears police or thugs.

          • GibbyD

            false !!! This was a choke hold and it is banned from the police force. Mr. Warner was not a threat to anyone . This was excessive force . Stop making excuses for bad cops !!! .

          • HateIsAChoice

            Garner*. Eric GARNER. If you’re going to try to post an argument, at least get the man’s name correct. To not take a moment to verify, kind of nullifies any point you might try to make, in the eyes of the reader.

          • jcb

            Guys, if you are going to respond to a comment that is later deleted because of censorship, it kind of nullifies any point you might try to make… LOL

          • GibbyD

            If you will read all my other posts , then you would know that I knew what his name is and that I spelled it correctly in those posts , If all you can do is correct my typos then it, ” kind of nullifies any point you might try to make , in the eyes of the reader.”

          • Jeff Lachance

            Sounds like your all butt hurt and cant rhink of anything better so you attack spelling which he didnt spell anything wrong anyway…..

          • drevulphd

            the grand jury found it was not a choke hold!

          • GibbyD

            then the grand jury got it wrong . If you have eyes to see then you know it was a choke hold .

          • Dave Wukusick

            Grand Juries have a hard enough time doing their jobs… pay and (again) no respect for their decisions. I’m not a professional on choke holds, but if their is no damage to the throat or neck area, probably not a choke hold…… Telling someone you can’t breathe; try talking without breathing; can’t be done. Should the officers be held accountable, probably…..for what ? I’m not sure, but his health issues probably had more to do with his death than the cops…..

          • GibbyD

            Choking is when air and blood is restricted and or cut off from the lungs and brain . Before the blood and air was completely cut off , Mr Garner said he could not breath , MEANING HE WAS SLOWLY BEGINNING TO LOSE ENOUGH AIR AND BLOOD FLOW. When it got to the point that no air and blood were going to where they should be , you notice HE SAID NOTHING !!!!!!! This lack of air and blood flow triggered other heath problems and let to his DEATH !!!!

          • Gerald

            The NYPD has it’s own, much broader, definition of a choke hold and this definitely was one.

          • Jack Savage

            ME called it homicide. GJ just called it justifiable

          • Jeff Lachance

            Ok genius first off when youre talking air is coming out. When you try to inhale air is going to go in. Whilst being choked you can breath out, but no way you can breathe in. Besides that point you dont even need to touch the esophagus to choke someone out. I can put you down with 3 fingers on your neck. You would fall out in about 15-20 seconds, and if i kept the pressure there you would certainly die….

          • blondie5422

            Oh so NOW you lknow better than 23 people in th GJ huh??

          • EileenP

            A number of experts (martial arts, police officers) have confirmed that what was done in that video was NOT a chokehold, but a take-down manuever.

          • GibbyD


          • gingerpal

            This is probably a maneuver the cops routinely use with no problems; how are they supposed to know he’s going to black out. If they guy didn’t die there would be no discussion about the method. So, he died, later, on the way to the hospital, probably as a result of the altercation. He would be alive if he had just did what they asked. I don’t think we should be putting any more pressure on the cops, they do the best they can. The visuals are discomfiting and so the reactions are emotional. Understood. But, get real.

          • GibbyD

            If the police officer’s life was in danger or that of anyone else because of Mr. Garner , then what the officer did may have been justified . IN THIS CASE MR. GARNER WAS NO THREAT ans thus it was excessive force . Are you really telling me that you or they can not figure out that if you restrict blood and air flow to someone , that that may cause their death ? REALLY ? YOU GET REAL !!! YOU CANNOT JEOPARDIZE SOMEONE’s life in order to arrest them when they are NO THREAT TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE !!! Do you want to be choked from air and blood flow to the lungs and brain when you try to question officers who try to arrest you for unpaid parking tickets ?

          • GibbyD

            parking tickets , J-walking , selling black market cigarettes . Does that warrant officers of the law risking taking your life ?

          • Jack Savage

            Read this article, then follow the links. Interesting read…


          • Jack Savage

            Read this article, thefollow the links. Interesting read…

          • Goldfinger

            Get a grip dude, you’re about to have an aneurism!

          • Gerald

            Not by NYPD standards of a choke hold which is much broader. By their own written standards he was put in a choke hold.

          • Jack Savage

            Citation please.

          • Jeff Lachance

            She cant cite anything. Ive been in martial arts for 25 years. That was absolutely no doubt about it a choke hold….

          • Jack Savage

            Not asking your background, and yeah similar training, does it not look like he rolled the hold?? With his bar hand?

          • Jeff Lachance

            Thats funny because the name of thay move is the rear naked CHOKE!

          • Jack Savage

            A chokehold that was rolled? Do you agree?

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong. They just didn’t want to charge a pig, even if he murdered someone on camera.

          • Jeff Lachance

            And the grand jury is coached by the da…..

          • blondie5422

            No.YOU Are wrong Gibby. He died from extenuating circumstances.NOT a choke hold, which wasn`t even used there, It was a HEAD lock !

          • GibbyD

            That is like saying someone died from landing from a 1000 foot fall but forgetting that he fell because someone pushed him. One thing led to another. When you restrict the flow of blood and air to the lungs and brain , BAD THINGS INCLUDING DEATH CAN HAPPEN . IT HAPPENED !!!

          • blondie5422

            You are delusional !! EVERYBODY on this blog is trying to tell you the REAL facts, and yet you deny, deny .deny !! Wake up and STOP living in denial !! Guess you must REALLY hate cops huh?? Just want to throw them “ALL under the bus ” ! YOU go out and do their job ,and THEN you can make a comment ! As for Garner..once again…………… he may have dropped dead at the scene even if the cops DIDN`T come. He was a heart attack or stroke just waiting to happen. A ticking time bomb.Any excuse to blame the cops who were JUST doing their job ! And ordered by a black female Sgt. never the less !!

          • GibbyD

            And so since you are also gong to die someday , it would be alright for a police officer to choke you and trigger trauma that will lead to your death ? Mr. Garner was not a danger to anyone . There was no need to choke him and initiate health problems that would lead to his death . I know the facts and I know the law . I have relatives and friends who are law enforcement officers . I appreciate the work that they do . I have said that I believe Wilson is innocent and also the civilian night watchman Zimmerman . Those shootings were justifiable . The actions that led to the death of Mr. Garner though were not warranted and the civil suit will prove that .

          • Jeff Lachance

            The nazis were just doing their job….

          • Gerlad

            A head lock is consider a choke hold by the NYPD. Their definition is much broader.

          • Jack Savage

            ME called it homicide…..GJ just called it justifiable

          • blondie5422

            So YOU suppose you know MORE than a GJ of 23 people huh?? Ok,… go.drink some more Koolaid….SMH !

          • Jeff Lachance

            Dumb blond…. thats called a rear naked CHOKE!!!!!!

          • blainehwl

            If you think you cannot be choked out in ten seconds, you are ignorant of the difference between a blood choke and an air choke.

            Google is your friend.

          • Jack Savage

            Damn.. someone with intelligence, and Im guessing training

          • Jeff Lachance

            Any and all full shokes are banned dumbass

          • blondie5422

            It was NOT a choke hold,,,it was an arm/head lock.,TWO different things altogether. Also……..if he couldn`t breathe,,,,he CERTAINLY couldn`t SAY anything. So how could he SAY he “couldn`t breathe” when OBVIOUSLY he COULD if he was TALKING! ??? If a person is being choked.,,,,,,,words will not come come out of their mouths!

          • GibbyD

            As his neck was becoming compressed and before his air was completely shut off , he was able to say what he did . You notice that he did not say anything after that because the air and blood was blocked from the CHOKE HOLD . This caused cardiac distress and other complications that led to DEATH ! If I would put you in the same choke hold and did it long enough , you would die too .

          • blondie5422

            And I suppose you`re a forensic pathologist??? Thought not!! Don`t believe everything you read or hear from Main STREAM “BS” MEDIA ! He died on the WAY to the hospital in the AMBULANCE……much later than when the officer had him in the headlock.

          • GibbyD

            Did you see that I said anything about Mr. Garner dying at the scene ??? THOUGHT NOT !!! What initiated and caused Mr. Garner’s death was the choking he received at the hands of the police . They knew he had existing health problems and are negligent because there was no need to choke him as they did . He was not a danger to anyone . The choking triggered other health issues that led to his death .

          • blondie5422

            Like I said…you are NOT an expert, and were not there. He died of CARDIAC ARREST……NOTHING to do with a head lock, that never exerted any pressire on his windpipe..THAT is FACT. Believe what you want. I`m done .Like beating a dead horse here .

          • GibbyD

            I do not have to be an expert in order to read the medical report . The death was triggered and caused by what the officer did by choking Mr. Garner . If the officer had not choked Mr. Garner then Mr. Garner would not have died of cardiac arrest . Choking does not just effect the ” windpipe” but also blood supply . Anyone should know that .

          • blondie5422

            He WAS NOT choked !! THAT is my whole point!! What you read is BS lies., .and HALF truths!! OMG are you dense!

          • GibbyD

            I am not “dense” but you are young and thus naive to believe that what the officer did to Mr. Garner, did not cause the trauma that led to his death . Whatever your spin is about the definition of the word “CHOKE” , does not matter . . What matters is that an officer of the law used unneeded force on someone that was not a physical threat . There needs to be a limit on what the police can to those that are innocent until proven guilty. There needs to be restraint by the police not to risk the lives of the citizens they serve. When someone is choked , it applies to both air and blood supply . When either of those two things are stopped or even restricted , physical trauma and death can occur . One thing led to another leading to the death of Mr. Garner . If the police officer would not have taken Mr. Garner down as he did , he would be alive today and continuing to be a husband to his wife and father for his six children .

          • Jeff Lachance

            Talking about lies and you believe whay the fraternal order of pigs jas to say!?!? $?!?! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong. Police went there because there was a fight between Garner’s friend and another man. Garner broke it up but the fascists saw him, knew him from the other times they kidnapped him for no reason and then instead of writing him a ticket for a VIOLATION, NOT a crime, they chose to use force fr NOTHING. And its our duty to resist a false arrest. Why not give him a citation???? Hopefully someome you love is brutally murdered so you can cheer their murder and scream at their body, “you should have just licked the pigs’ boots like I do”!

          • Adan Starr

            He was harming the businesses that he was standing in front of. That is who called the police in the first place.

          • drevulphd

            what illegal arrest he was doing something illegal ( selling untaxed cigarettes) then resisted arrest?

          • SheFlungDung

            First you say that he’s minding his business and isn’t about to hurt anyone….as if that’s a reason to not charge him with his original crime and the subsequent resisting charge. Then you cite a 1871 case and another out of TX.

            If you put so much weigh behind the law, why not in the system? The Grand Jury did not find cause to pursue criminal charges.

          • Jeff Lachance

            Well selling loosies isnt a arrestable offwnse so whay was he resisting arrest for?

          • GibbyD

            The officer was in the wrong and I hope he will be sued in civil court because the officer VIOLATED the police force rule that said they COULD NOT use choke holds !!!! Zimmerman was innocent and Wilson was innocent . The officer that choked to death Mr. Garner , IS GUILTY AS SIN !!!!!! Negligent manslaughter , police brutality and or excessive force .

          • Cranky Steven

            GibbyD, you got anything to say about the rookie officer’s supervisor who was a BLACK FEMALE PO? She was right there on the scene.

          • GibbyD

            YES , She should have commanded the officer to release his tight hold around Mr. Garner’s neck . She is accountable and should also be sued in civil court for negligence. Both officer’s were wrong .

          • Cranky Steven

            Gibby, I’ll go along with you on that one but consider this. The man was supposed to be in a choke hold but managed to hollar, “I can’t breath!” eleven or so times. Really? I have worked in EMS for years and know that if your airway is constricted you are not able to make any noise at all. But you are correct, imo. Both should be accountable; she all the more so due to her experience and supervisorial position.

          • GibbyD

            What Mr. Garner may have sensed as, “not being able to breathe”, was probably constricted air but more accurately , a decrease in blood to his brain by having the officer’s tight grip around his neck . I doubt he had the composure to articulate rather by saying , ” I am having a more difficult time breathing and would you please lesson the tight grip of your arm around my neck “. . Do you understand what I am saying ? He panicked and said what anyone would say if they felt as if they were headed into a physical trauma that might cost them bodily harm or death . He felt as if he could not breathe but the damage of even constricted air and blood flow is enough to possibly cause death , especially since Mr. Garner had existing healthy problems besides the stress of trying to support a wife and six children . Mr. Garner had been arrested on several other occasions for the same minor infractions . The police force knew he has health problems and they also knew that he was not a physical threat to anyone .

          • Cranky Steven

            Boy, Gibby, you take the condescending and snotty cake! Hey, this orca managed to sound his distress 11 or so times. I think it was total garbage what they did but the fact remains that if he had complied with their orders he would be alive. Assuming his lard encased heart didn’t explode due to the exertion of walking to the prison van.

          • GibbyD

            You can keep your cake . I am upset because people do not see the injustice nor the dangerous precedent that will be set if law enforcement are allowed to use force that risks death on people that are innocent until proven guilty ,citizens that are no a danger to anyone including the officers .

          • Cranky Steven

            Well, Garner or whatever that orca’s name was is no longer a danger of any kind. Unless his bloating, swollen corpse explodes and burys passer-bys with rancid thug fat and suffocates them!

          • GibbyD

            Your cruel and unloving words reveal the content of what is in your heart , or lack thereof . I strongly suggest you consider repenting toward God and placing your faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21)KJB. Only a child of the devil would make a remark like you just did Stephen . God is patient but there will be a time when His offer to you of salvation will be over . Once you die , it will be top late to avoid the everlasting judgement of a literal Hell . I am sure you would tell Mr. Garner’s wife and six children what you posted on here . Jesus would tell you what He has said to all , ” Ye MUST be born again ” ( John 3:3; I Peter 1:23; 2 Corinthians 5:17)KJB

          • Cranky Steven

            I am cruel and unloving to strangers or threats. Tough. As for Jesus, he said he’d be back soon. That was what, 2,000 or 2,100 years ago? Keep waiting if you wish. Can’t hurt I suppose. As for the orca’s wife and pups, this is publicly posted and they are free to read or ignore it as they wish. I really don’t care.

          • GibbyD

            “Life is short , death is sure . Sin the cause , Christ the cure” . Concerning Christ’a appearing , that happens instantly for every born again believer when their physical body dies . “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” ( 2 Corinthians 5:8)KJB. For the lost though , that moment upon death presents a different outcome . If you knew what awaits you , you would do something now to avoid it . The only thing you can do to assure that you will miss hell , is , ” ..repentance toward God and faith toard The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21)KJB. . Those believers that are still alive on the earth when the promise of his literal physical appearing and return to the earth occurs , will be caught up into the clouds to meet Him in the air instantly and then will come back seven years later with Him when The LORD actually sets foot again on The Mount of Olives . “And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.” ( Zechariah 14:4)KJB

            “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
            Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” ( I Thessalonians 4:16,17)KJB

            Your words of doubt about His coming only support what The Bible says people will be saying before He arrives .

            3Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. 5For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: 6Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: 7But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.
            But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” ( 2 Peter 3:3-9)KJB

            “Believe on The LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved …” Obey from your heart not your heard ” ( Romans 6:17)

          • Jeff Lachance

            Dont go there…. im a child of the devil and senseless violence really grinds my gears

          • GibbyD

            Then , “..repent toward God and place your faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21)KJB You don’t want to be on the wrong side when God pours out His wrath on those who did not .

          • Jack Savage

            You have worked EMS? How often has an asthmatic said those words as things circled the drain?

          • Cranky Steven

            Never. If an airway is closed off they lose the ability to speak. Someone in that much trouble we would intubate immediately and that prevents speech as well.

          • Jack Savage

            Not as you are getting there. If you have ever been in the back of the bus, you know full well they start saying they cant breathe, long before they actually get to that point.

          • Cranky Steven

            If they are flapping their lips and bitching about not enough air, they are not in acute distress. And not in a life threatening situation. No, I have not been in the back of a bus that becomes so loaded with passangers that their lives are threathened. I do not intend to either.

          • Jack Savage

            Her color was what? So what? ME called it homicide, GJ just called it justifiable… not negligent, or causative.

            THE MEDICAL EXAMINER has a few years on all of us in training. Im gonna bet he might jnow what he is ralking about.

            The color of the boss means NITHING…ZERO… ZILCH. She is just as culpable ass the officer using, as cited, an ilegal chokehold.

            Read this article, then follow the links.

          • Cranky Steven

            Her colour means nothing? Then why does his, pray tell?

          • Gerald

            NO, he broke NYPD’s standard of what a choke hold is.

          • Jeff Lachance

            The worthless pigs absolutely broke the law and blatently ignored dept procedure…

          • James

            sorry folks —-police called in to do their job !!!

          • Justsomeguy151

            Their job is NOT to murder. Maybe write a ticket but NO ONE was in any imminent danger…until the police showed up.

          • sward14

            He died from being a lazy fatass and his heart quit, try reading and comprehending what you read. Stop with all this racial crap it doesn’t work anymore.

          • Andy Rossi

            Well I’m glad we live in the Soviet Union where it’s acceptable to get violent with someone who is non violent as long as you work for the State. Sounds as Un-American as could possibly be. I’m tired of people defending state sanctified thugs.

          • random guy

            I’m tired of sanctimonious thugs….

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong, you brainwashed POS. The coroner ruled it was a homicide. And I NEVER play the race card, fascist dumbass. YOU should heed yr own advice “try reading and comprehending what you read.”. Why not write a ticket, cheerleader for murder?

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            look up the definition of homicide… it does not mean murder. Someone died during an altercation… homicide

          • Jeff Lachance

            There the same…. only time they are different is in statutes

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            all homicide means is that someone died as a result of an altercation… homicide does not automatically mean murder

          • Terry Melvin

            Homicide actually means the killing of a human being literally…Homi( or homo, Latin) and cide (Latin referring to extermination).

          • Rhoni

            Homicide is listed as cause of death on a person put to death on death row.. It does not mean “murder” depending on how you look at it I guess

          • Jeff Lachance

            To bad he died while being cgoked…. talk about reading you should try it

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            he was not being choked. Look at the officers hands. They were not locked. He was being held around the neck. He died in the ambulance… heart attack. He was a fat, lazy, asthmatic. He could have died walking home… he was a time bomb waiting to go off. Too bad he chose to break the stupid law that New York chooses to waste their law enforcements time on. Go after your money grubbing city that thinks they have to impose fricking rediculous taxes on cigarettes and send officers to enforce and arrest offenders

          • ackeegrl

            he died on the street…was not moving at the end of the video for 5 minutes…ambulance took a while to get there…he was already dead….

          • IBUYRMP

            Soooo what LAWS are OK to BREAK? IF he did NOT RESIST none of this would have happened! Everyone NEEDS TO WATCH THIS!
            Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police!

          • J.J.

            “A white friend can be the difference between a ticket and a bullet in the ass”

          • Justsomeguy151

            You mean, if he hadn’t been harrassed for nothing, this wouldn’t have happened, you fascist. Selling untaxed cigarettes is NOT breaking the law. Why not write him a ticket, you dumbass cheerleader for murder?

          • Tom

            Yes it is. And it is a crime he was previously arrested for. Look up his arrest priors.

            “Garner had been previously arrested and was out on bail for selling untaxed cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession, and false personation. Garner had a criminal record that includes more than 30 arrests dating back to 1980 on charges such as assault, resisting arrest, grand larceny”

            So to recap. He was out on bail for selling untaxed cigarettes, and had 30 priors, including resisting arrest. Now tell me again, if he was indeed selling untaxed cigarettes, why wouldn’t he be arrested? Even if he is out on bail and they cannot try him twice for the same crime, him breaking the same law permits police to arrest him again and build a stronger case against him.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Do you know what a crime is? A crime needs an injured party. Who suffered loss or injury by untaxed cigarettes allegedly being sold? Who was filing charges? The STATE? The STATE is a corporate fiction and cannot be injured. And if he had been arrested in the past couldn’t be less relevant. Was he a danger to anyone? He didn’t break any laws. He might have committed a violation which would entail a ticket. Bottom line, it was unnecessary and the danger to the public was wearing badges and uniforms.

          • Tom

            Crime: an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. (as per Oxford dictionaries)

            If selling untaxed cigarettes is against the law and can be prosecuted by the state, it is a crime. Considering he was on bail for the sale of untaxed cigarettes and was awaiting a court date. I think that constitutes it as a crime. Perhaps you need to learn terminology before you start running your mouth.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Injured party – the person in a legal action, prosecution or set of facts who has suffered loss, damage or injury

            Since the injured party did not lodge a formal report with the police, the police cannot make any arrests.

            If anything it was a violation and there was no need for violence. But its apparent that you are a treasonous dmbass that thinks murder is OK over a few nickels and dimes. Hopefully, you can be on the receiving end of this “justice” you seem to love so much, you dumbass POS.

          • Tom

            Injured party: The store owner who’s sales were being negatively impacted and called the police and lodged a complaint. Got it. Wait…

            And yes, if I ever resist arrest, I expect to eat pavement. Fortunately for me, the few times I’ve been on the receiving end of justice, I smiled, produced ID, and followed the officer’s instructions. Thus far I’ve not only not been arrested, but have only gotten warnings. And since getting said warnings, I never again did the thing that I got the warning for. I’ve even joked with the cops upon seeing them again about the infractions I would have otherwise gone to jail for.

            Also… Injured party only applies to Penal code. Not tax code which was what he was being arrested under anyway. At least I’m pretty sure. It has been a while since I’ve taken my law classes.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong, pig sucker but everything about yr dumbass is wrong.

          • Jack Perry

            You argue against facts in evidence as though they do not exist. Perhaps you want to actually look at the facts.

          • Jack Perry

            In New York it would be “The People of New York” collectively and the case would be “The People of New York v Eric Garner”

            The applicable statute is N.Y. TAX. LAW § 1814 : NY Code – Section 1814: Cigarette and tobacco products tax which provides that it is a crime and depending on the amount of untaxed cigarettes involved is either a misdemeanor or felony.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong, NOT a CRIME, idiot. MAYBE a violation. But yr pig sucking ass wouldn’t know the difference or cares. You’re just ecstatic that a pig got away w/ murdering a n@#$%r, like they ALWAYS do.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            the police came because of a call by a vendor who sells cigarettes legally. Him selling illegal cigarettes hurts the vendors business so, yess, he was injuring another party. This was not just a violation… this is a New York law. He was breaking it and so was being arrested…which he resisted. He died in the ambulance of a heart attack because he was a fat, lazy, asthmatic and his body couldn’t take the stress. Even his wife said he didn’t work and was on SSI because he was lazy

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong, kunt. It was a VIOLATION, you dumbass bitch. How would you feel if a loved one was murdered for nickels and dimes in taxes? YOU are a fat lazy brainwashed kunt who cheers a murder because she’s a bigoted POS.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            yup… you’re a liberal. I can tell by your excellent command of the English language. Try reading the article. It was a law. Know your facts before you go and make a fool of yourself. New York wastes the law officers time making them enforce dumb laws to generate the extra revenue. But, then, New York is another of those ces pools of a city that is going down the shitter because they are run by democrats. Just like Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis… the list goes on

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            it wasn’t nickels and dimes… New York State imposes an excise tax on cigarettes at the rate of $4.35
            per package of twenty cigarettes. New York City imposes a local excise
            tax at the rate of $1.50 per package of twenty cigarettes, bringing the
            combined tax rate in New York City to $5.85.

          • Justsomeguy151

            It IS so many nickels and dimes, you murderous kunt!!!! YOU are the brainwashed Libtard here, hypocrite!! Human life is so cheap to you, you’re probably OK w/ unborn babies being murdered out of convenience too. No matter what the stupid tax was, multiply it by a TRILLION, it will NEVER EVER be equal to a human life. EVER. That’s a FACT.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            I am pro-life, conservative and a Christian. I do not trust most cops so all the more reason to cooperate if you want to go home that day. This man broke the law and resisted arrest. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack in the ambulance. End of story. Now… you need to work on your anger issues and clean up your filthy mouth

          • Justsomeguy151

            Nice of you to pigeonhole yrself into so many meaningless designations. If you were pro life, you’d stop excusing these cowardly monsters multiple murders. He did NOT break any laws. He MAY have committed a VIOLATION. Statutes are NOT laws. When the remedy is worse than the actual “offense”, what does that say???? So you’tre saying that if you had a loved one murdered in the same exact manner that it would be OK???? He RIGHTFULLY resisted arrest!! The law supports him on that. “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).
            The heart attack was a result of being choked out with 4 pigs piled on top of him. When your lungs have no oxygen, you go into cardiac arrest, genius. And stop calling yrself a Christian. You are the hypocrites Jesus warned us about.
            Matt 23:27 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto
            whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within
            full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.”
            You should pull the log out of yr own eye before you criticize anyone else, hypocrite and cheerleader for murder.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            where did you get the idea that this was a violation instead of a law??? And, no, you do not resist arrest. If he was innocent, as you say, he wouldn’t have been convicted of so many crimes in the past

          • Justsomeguy151

            Its easy. A crime REQUIRES an injured party. If there is no one who can show loss or injury, then it is a VIOLATION. When the STATE goes after him, it would say “The STATE OF NEW YORK vs …….”. The STATE is a corporate fiction and can NEVER be injured. The ONLY law is the Constitution, everything else is STATUTES. —– Wrong again. Does a previous arrest mean you will always be guilty when arrested in the future? Or does it mean you were targetted? Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Whatever BS charges he was arrested for in the past couldn’t be less relevant. I’d like to see yr face ad hear yr answer when God asks you why you cheered this man being MURDERED for NOTHING.

          • drkervorkianjr

            Actually NYS does not require a human injury for a crime to be committed. He actually committed numerous crimes in his act of selling UNTAXED cigarettes. They include conspiracy, retail sales without business certificate, tax fraud, interstate transport (smuggling). The People of NY are entitled to every cent they can squeeze of people. Resistance is futile, you will be overtaxed. If you are in poor health don’t resist.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong, wrong, wrong. Garner had been kidnapped fr that in the past. At the time he was murdered, he had just broken up a fight and was doing nothing else. He had filed a complaint against the pigs who kidnapped him the last time because they robbed him. This was revenge and a MURDER. Also, where no force is necessary, you are not to use force. The pigs could have easily written a citation but pigs don’t become pigs to write citations, they become pigs to initiate violence on those who won’t or can;’t fight back. These little fagots get erections when they violate people’s rights and break the law. The main murderer had already had FOUR complaints filed against him and should have been FIRED long ago but pigs are allowed to investigate themselves and they ALWAYS lie to protect each other.

          • drkervorkianjr

            Give it a rest if the Police want to murder someone, they wouldn’t do it in broad daylight, on video. If you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind.

          • Justsomeguy151

            YOU give it a rest!!! Pigs have murdered plenty of times on video!!! Most of the time they don’t even know its there. Sometimes they don’t even care ‘cuz they KNOW they’ll walk, even on MURDER. Yes, pigs will pay for their murders, just not in this lifetime and sure as hell not when they are allowed to investigate themselves.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            this is also the point I was making…

            I think there’s something bigger than just
            the individual circumstances. Obviously the individual circumstances
            are important. I think it is important to know that some politician put a
            tax of $5.85 on a pack of cigarettes so they’ve driven cigarettes
            underground by making them so expensive. But then some politician had to
            say we want you arresting people for selling a loose cigarette. For
            someone to die over breaking that law, there is really no excuse for it.
            But it doesn’t alter the fact that he was doing something illegal… even if the law is stupid… and it is stupid

          • IBUYRMP

            Hay Ass Hole, the Fascist are t he democrats’ in control of your Shitty City. The FACTS ARE IGNORED by you. Tom’s comment below will educate you. JSG151 if you don’t like the LAW tell Mayor Bill de Blasio no more cigarette taxes to fund the city, Help Businesses CREATE JOBS.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Hey, you hypocritical pillow biter, its not my city but it doesn’t meed to be my
            city for me to hate when pigs murder for NOTHING, you bigoted POS.
            Libtard or a hypocritical POS bigoted neo con like you, it makes no
            difference. When the fascist boot is on your throat, does it really
            matter of its the Left or Right boot, you stupidass pillow biter?

          • IBUYRMP

            So much bitterness & stupidity from a koolaide drinking liberal. Tom said it all, but You choose to ignore the facts. Good day.

          • Justsomeguy151

            So much pig bootlicking and hypocrisy from a pillow biting homosexual who’s so stupid he freely admits that he believes in the fake game of “Left vs Right”. Tom ran his big stupid mouth and you being as stupid and gay as him, tried to copy him. YOU choose to ignore facts, retard but yr also the same idiot who thinks there’s a difference between Libtards and hypocritical neo cons. OK, if there’s a difference between either cartel, idiot, then why did Boehner sign off on a BILLION in taxpayer money for illegals? Brainwashed dumbass. Its because of your stupidity that these career criminals have robbed and raped America.

          • Guest

            Well in NYC those demoncrats think it is, in fact depending on how much you have they will even call it a felony. Now a felony is not really a crime, but it does mean a whole lot of time in prison, where, you get to continue your trade of selling untaxed cigarettes.

            Oh… the coroner did not call it a murder… just a homicide and we have those justifiable homicides and those unlawful homicides too. The unlawful homicides are the ones that can lead to other visits to the courthouse… the biggest problem with the garner case is while the choke hold while a factor in the cause of death it was the only factor of death. Reportedly garner was not able to sleep on his stomach, but how would the police know that? Without definitively proving that the choke hold (and where he is saying repeatedly “I can’t breathe” he is obviously breathing to be able to say this repeatedly – 11 times per the record) was the cause of death it’s reasonable doubt.

            Perhaps in your career as an attorney you can across these silly terms.

          • Jack Perry

            Well in NYC those demoncrats think it is, in fact depending on how much you have they will even call it a felony. Now a felony is not really a crime, but it does mean a whole lot of time in prison, where, you get to continue your trade of selling untaxed cigarettes.

            Oh… the coroner did not call it a murder… just a homicide and we have those justifiable homicides and those unlawful homicides too. The unlawful homicides are the ones that can lead to other visits to the courthouse… the biggest problem with the garner case is while the choke hold was a factor in the cause of death it was not the only factor of death. Reportedly garner was not able to sleep on his stomach, but how would the police know that? Without definitively proving that the choke hold (and where he is saying repeatedly “I can’t breathe” he is obviously breathing to be able to say this repeatedly – 11 times per the record) was the cause of death it’s reasonable doubt.

            Perhaps in your career as an attorney you can across these silly terms.

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            yes it is against the law in New York city. Stupid Democrats made the law and were enforcing the law. The cops are sent out to enforce it whether they want to or not. That whole state is Blue and and every department and position is controled by Democrats… see how that is working out for you…

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            he had nine priors for the same crime. Selling loosies… cigarettes without the New York stamp on them forcing consumers to pay horrific taxes on them. Actually, he was out on bail waiting for his court date for the same offense

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong, lying fat lazy kunt, the pig that you can’t stop blowing was the criminal here. He’s been sued by 3 other civilians for strip searching them and fondling their genitalia in public and Garner had sued the city for being robbed by the pigs that you can’t help but bootlick, bigoted kunt. So YOU are the one supporting a criminal. Garner wsasn’t a criminal. Being arrested does NOT make you a criminal. Was Jesus a criminal? Garner committed NO CRIME, get that through your statist brainwashed head.

          • Bethany

            you’re stupid, he’s making a joke of a horrible truth.

          • Jeff Lachance

            You know thays a satirical skit right?

          • Libralee

            Tell that to the black female Police Sargeant in charge! Why aren’t the protesters targeting her? She gave the orders!

          • Justsomeguy151

            They all should be held culpable. If they write a ticket, none of this happens but because pigs are fascists, they couldn’t wait to use force even tough no one was in any danger until they got involved. Selling something you own is NOT a crime.

          • Tom

            Selling untaxed cigarettes is indeed a crime, since it bypasses the tax laws of the area you are in. It is not only a punishable crime, but one he was previously arrested for and on bail for.

            Edit: also considering that you have to be a certain age to buy cigarettes and it is a crime to sell to anyone under said age, is further reason why it would be illegal to sell untaxed cigarettes on the street.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong. It can only ever be a violation.

          • Tom

            Incorrect again. The law states [tax law 1814] and I quote “Any person, other than an agent licensed by the commissioner, who
            possesses or transports for the purpose of sale any unstamped or
            unlawfully stamped packages of cigarettes subject to tax imposed by
            section four hundred seventy-one of this chapter, or who sells or offers
            for sale unstamped or unlawfully stamped packages of cigarettes in
            violation of the provisions of article twenty of this chapter shall be
            guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person who violates the provisions of this
            subdivision after having previously been convicted of a violation of
            this subdivision within the preceding five years shall be guilty of a
            class E felony.”

            Evasion of tax law is still a crime no matter who it does or does not hurt.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong again. As I said, if there is no injured party it is a violation, NOT a crime.
            From the 16th volume American Jurisprudence, Second Edition, Section 177:
            “The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail”. This is succinctly stated as follows:
            “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. As unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.”
            “Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no right, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…”
            “A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, in so far as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it is superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
            Any court, government or government officer who acts in violation of, in opposition or contradiction to the foregoing, by his, or her, own actions, commits treason and invokes the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment and vacates his, or her, office. It is the duty of every lawful American Citizen to oppose all enemies of this Nation, foreign and DOMESTIC.

          • Tom

            Perhaps I’m missing something. I don’t see from that where you get “A party must be injured for it to be a crime.” Also, the verbiage of the law I quoted for you was quite clear on what the infraction was, a misdemeanor, which is by definition a crime. A violation constitutes no criminal record, as it is a misdemeanor to evade taxes and a repeat offense a felony, it is indeed a crime.

            I’m honestly no longer sure where you are getting your information from. If you can cite where it says someone must be hurt for something to be a crime that’d be great. As it stands, NY State law states that tax evasion by selling tax free items on the street, is at the very least, a misdemenor if convicted, and a felony if convicted again withing 5 years of the initial offense. That is indeed a crime. Not a violation which doesn’t go on your criminal record.

          • IBUYRMP

            SOOO now your concerned with The US CONSTITUTION? Where is your outrage as Obama ignores our CONSTITUTION? The INJURED PARTY IS THE STORE OWNER, Gardner was taking Business from his store! A store that PAYES TAXES!

          • Jack Perry

            The injured party in a criminal proceeding are the people in the jurisdiction. and in NY it’s the “People of New York”. And when you bother to look up the facts you will see that he had been arrested three prior times for the same type of criminal act.

          • Jeff Lachance

            Well he already bought and paid tax on them so hes free to do as he wishes. …

          • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

            he bought them out of the area to avoid the New York tax then brings them in to sell the cigarettes cheaper.

          • Tom

            They didn’t have the NYS Tax stamp on them. Therefore he didn’t and thus he is evading NYS taxes. Which is illegal to do. Which is why he was arrested THREE times before for the same crime. He was on bail for selling untaxed cigarettes and awaiting a court date. He was being arrested for a crime he was awaiting trial for. Had he complied he would have just had to pay bail (again) and wouldn’t have been charged again, since you cannot be charged for the same crime twice before your court date.

          • johnpd

            The fat tub of lard committed suicide. He over-exerted an over-taxed body by resisting arrest for the crimes he was committing.

          • J.J.

            You are a mean, angry person.

          • GibbyD

            They failed to ” do their job ” in this one because the officer VIOLATED the police force rule that said they COULD NOT use choke holds !!!! Zimmerman was innocent and Wilson was innocent . The officer that choked to death Mr. Garner , IS GUILTY AS SIN !!!!!!

          • drevulphd

            NOt according to the grand jury and his supervising officer was black also could have stopped him!

          • GibbyD

            Then the black female supervising officer should also be charged and held accountable . When you choke someone and restrict or cut off the flow of blood and oxygen to the lungs and brain , you risk killing that person if you do it long enough . Mr. Garner also had preexisting health issues that made it more likely that he was a higher risk . The police force was very well aware of Mr. Garner and his health . They had arrested him several times before . This will all be brought out in the civil suit when the Garner family , his wife and six children are awarded millions of dollars because of the police stupidity . You should be upset , not just because of the unnecessary force used but because the tax payer is going to have to end up paying .

          • Jeff Lachance

            Moron…. because sociopathic pigs ever get indicted….

          • mir

            A CHOKE HOLD causes a person to pass out. That’s the PURPOSE of a choke hold. This guy never did pass out. Clearly he wasn’t choked at all. That’s what the Gran Jury determined. Also; he wasn’t murdered. He died an hour later in a hospital of hear failure. Information is our friend.

          • Gerald

            The NYPD has a much broader definition of ‘choke hold’ than the literal, clinical one. The officer, by NYPD standards, did put him in a choke hold.

          • Jack Savage

            What kind of chokehold has the purpose of passing out? An esophogeal one? or a crotid chokehold? Do you roll the hold, brace it, or counter pin it? Learn what those mean, and then come back with that broad reaching statement. The chokehold, on an asthmatic, can cause serious issue.

            ME called it homicide. Ill go with his expertise over yours. What was that about information?

          • Justsomeguy151

            Zimmerman was a POS cowardly murderer who started the whole thing. Wilson was a POS murderer who murdered because he KNEW he would get away with it. These pigs are murderers too and again, they knew they would get away with it. Pig brutality is out of control and as long as they are allowed to investigate themselves, it won’t change.

          • colnzgprnts

            Color was very much involved. The Sargent was black. If anyone should have been charged it was this woman who condoned what went on by her silence and failure to direct something different in the handling of this arrenst.

          • G. W.

            He resisted arrest. That said the cops shouldn’t have used a choke hold and should have been indicted for using it.

          • Justsomeguy151

            He had every right to resist an illegal kidnapping.

            “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right, and only the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” State v. Robinson, 145 Me. 77, 72 Atl, 2nd.260, 262 (1950)

            “A citizen illegally arrested “cannot initiate the use of force” and neither do “words alone justify an assault.” However, “when the officer initiates the assault by physical contact, which is usually the case, and there is an unlawful arrest, the citizen has the right to protect his liberty to the extent of killing the officer.” See Green v. Kennedy, 48 N.Y. Rep. 653, 654 (1871) and/or Hicks v. Matthews, 266 S.W. 2nd. 846, 849 (Tex. 1954)

          • G. W.

            He wasn’t being kidnapped, he was being questioned about selling untaxed cigarettes which even if you don’t agree with our tax laws IS ILLEGAL period. He knew he was in the wrong didn’t wan’t to be arrested and started walking away or fleeing, that gave the cops the right to detain him but AS I SAID EARLIER not to use a choke hold on him.

          • G. W.

            Are you a lawyer, law student or just someone who habitually misreads old law books so you can follow along with the cases on old Law and Order reruns?

          • SheFlungDung

            My guess, he’s a 1L. Busted up cites, old cites, cites from other jurisdictions.

          • jcb

            You have just shown that you are not a lawyer, law student. You are mistaken about him misreading it also because he just put the actual text in his post so YOU CAN READ IT. Since you have the actual text, explain how he has misread it.

          • G. W.

            I never claimed to be or started spouting case references and challenging the world to look them up to prove how clever you are. If you need that kind of sad pathetic validation in your life seek professional help.

          • drevulphd

            your out of our mind!

          • GibbyD


          • GibbyD

            amen , because there was already in place a police policy not to use choke holds . That policy was in place to prevent what happened to Mr. Garner .

          • drevulphd

            Nope not according to the grand jury!

          • aberdeem

            Were you there?

          • Lisa Starke

            Really? Really the police broke the law? Stop watching the lying assholes and believing in what they say and show. THINK FOR YOURSELF. And you really don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Really!

          • Bethany

            obviously you’ve never opened a history book, Nazi’s we in their complete legal right to collect and execute large groups of minorities because idiots like you believe if its the law its right.

          • Melvin Miller

            We see what we want to see, don’t we? Where was the resistance? He was more annoyed from the constant harassment probably.

        • fuckyou

          I think the poc’s have their own network too, I’m pretty sure it’s NNN!!!

          • Matt

            Do mean, BET? Lol

          • Mary

            Anyone who uses such a nasty name to “discuss” things is a troll.

        • Ryan McQuary

          this has nothing to do with color….at all…thats why you have no trouble….this has to do with people making laws that are trumped by other laws and police not being taught what is and is not lawful…

          • colnzgprnts

            If you are saying the law that puts a tax on each pack of cigarettes sold in NY at $5.25,then I would have to agree that this incident was fueled by ‘bad law’! I am totally at a loss of what you are saying about laws being trumped.

          • EspressoME

            That’s just the state tax, then there’s an additional $1.60 city tax and then obamacare adds another dollar and change as a federal tax. The cost of a pack of cigarettes for the consumer is $11-$13/pack. The black market for cigarettes in New York City is huge and it is thriving and it’s the government that’s created it. Here’s the rub… the mayor’s office sent those 5 officers to arrest the tax evaders and when one of those arrests went south, you see how the mayor of NYC reacted towards the entire police force.

          • Law Abiding Citizen

            Ryan you must just hate cops. These police did nothing wrong to stop someone from committing a crime. I agree that this crime was very petty, but selling un-taxed cigarettes is still a crime. If Garner would have just put his hands behind his back and not tried to fight then he would have paid a small fine and still be alive today.

          • Justsomeguy151

            So what? Cops hate civilians and they act like it w/ all the crimes they commit against them. But this man didn’t commit a crime, not even close. If anything it was a violation which should have resulted at worst, in a ticket, NOT his murder.

            “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right, and only the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” State v. Robinson, 145 Me. 77, 72 Atl, 2nd.260, 262 (1950)

            “A citizen illegally arrested “cannot initiate the use of force” and neither do “words alone justify an assault.” However, “when the officer initiates the assault by physical contact, which is usually the case, and there is an unlawful arrest, the citizen has the right to protect his liberty to the extent of killing the officer.” See Green v. Kennedy, 48 N.Y. Rep. 653, 654 (1871) and/or Hicks v. Matthews, 266 S.W. 2nd. 846, 849 (Tex. 1954)

          • Justsomeguy151

            Police are absolutely clueless about law. They are only taught violence and how to generate revenue.

            “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right, and only the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” State v. Robinson, 145 Me. 77, 72 Atl, 2nd.260, 262 (1950)

            “A citizen illegally arrested “cannot initiate the use of force” and neither do “words alone justify an assault.” However, “when the officer initiates the assault by physical contact, which is usually the case, and there is an unlawful arrest, the citizen has the right to protect his liberty to the extent of killing the officer.” See Green v. Kennedy, 48 N.Y. Rep. 653, 654 (1871) and/or Hicks v. Matthews, 266 S.W. 2nd. 846, 849 (Tex. 1954)

          • SheFlungDung

            Justsomeguy giving busted up, old, out of jurisdiction and out of context cites. Why don’t you stop trolling with these busted up cites that mean nothing. Have you even read the crap you’re posting? Setting aside the fact that the Matthews case is from another jurisdiction and has no binding effect in NY, that case concerns a civil suit for failing to take the prisoner ‘immediately’ before a magistrate. Matthews has very little to do with criminal violations, police abuse, but rather, deals with the issue of remittitur. As far as the one NY case, it is also out of context. In Kennedy, the NYC officer arrested a suspect. The suspect alleged that was a false imprisonment when he was held for 8 days without a hearing before a magistrate. The court held that there was no question about the legitimacy of the arrest and that case dealt with whether the detention in a holding cell for 8 days was false imprisonment.

        • Justsomeguy151

          Well, that just means yr due, traitor to America.

        • ackc1992

          Because u were obviously raised with morals and ethics, I had a rough time raising 2 boys by myself- but I was strong on these two things – they know morals and ethics, respect for themselves and others- people that believe they are victimized normally have something that has warranted it- that goes for people of all colors – my older son had a couple run in with the law- got roughed up a few times as a teen by the cops- he learned quite quickly mama advice was correct respect the law.

        • Terry Melvin

          I have to side with the dead victim on this..when he said he couldn’t breathe, the cop could have loosened his grip. There were plenty of other policemen there if Garner had tried to do anything. This isn’t the same as Michael Brown, where that thug attacked an officer and tried to take his gun. Garner did not attack anybody.

          • GibbyD


          • Jeff Lachance

            Yea wilson executing brown while he was on his knees was so justifiable

          • Terry Melvin

            Yes, and you were there and saw the whole thing, all that evidence was really just bogus.

        • Kathy Stuart

          I’m a POC, just barely (Hispanic with light skin) and I suffer racism daily and have been stopped twice by the police for apparently no reason other than to question me about destinations on the hwy.

          • Kathy Stuart

            Oh, to clarify I do not think the largest problem, at least in this instance (
            Garner), is race. The larger problem is that LE can murder unarmed civilians, even children asleep in their own beds, and not face any consequences. They can also beat you to within an inch of your life and face no judgement as well. NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE!

            As for the BS in this article it is NOT liberals who are screaming about race. We are screaming about unfettered violence and a very broken justice system. That this event was predicated by racial prejudice (or not) does not change that stand.

        • Jem S

          Wow, way to see the big picture. Are you an entire people group?

        • J0ann

          Amen Kevin, thank you for speaking up. And I bet you don’t have a criminal record either as opposed to the majority whether it be POC or whtever race they are. More than likely they have a pretty lengthly record and therefore are more than likely to give an officer a hard time and get pretty much what’s coming to them. Everyone knows your not suppose to argue with cops. Don’t give them a hard time and you won’t get one back, just save it for your trial and plead your case then. People wanna talk about cops thinking they’er above the law when in fact it’s the criminals that act as tho they are. People just need to use simple common sense and except accountability for their actions, plan and simple. I don’t have a criminal record and if I we’er of color I still wouldn’t have a criminal record cause my skin isn’t what makes me do the wrong things to get arrested it’s my actions and choices that would do that, noting to do with color of skin.

        • ackeegrl

          Wow….look how many clicked here and he is obviously lying……How do I know? He has zero issues with police…even black police have issues with the police…..

        • Juliet Christian

          Lucky you. Don’t think it can happen to you, because i’ve seen it happen to innocent people minding their own business because they “fit the description” You are living in a fantasy world if you don’t think things like this happen to innocent people.

        • raven

          U lie

      • Dennis E. Bos

        The police were called there by the shop owner in front of which Garner was selling illegal, untaxed cigarettes hurting the shop owners legal sales of cigarettes. So there was every reason for the cops to be there. They were dispatched due to a call to police headquarters concerning illegal activity.

        • RacerX

          The entire southern Border has illegal drugs coming through on a daily basis, and this guy gets man handled by a cop for selling cigarettes? Yep he’s a threat, I saw the video, and as human who cares about human life, I think the officer’s course of action was completely unjustified. Nice of them to indite the camera guy too.

          • fulredy

            Well then, let’s let everyone break the law, I mean who cares?

          • Mickey Sticks

            That is the point it is coming to, sadly. People are so tired of being labeled and discriminated against and profiled, that many of them figure ‘what the fuq? I’m going to get hassled and beat anyway; might as well make it worth the trouble. One more circle round the drain…

          • Ryan McQuary

            who broke the law other than the police? I didnt even see him resisting…and no one has been able to show me yet…he didnt have the chance to resist

          • Allen Hoffman

            You must walk around with a white stick with a red tip!

          • Mary

            Apparently New York arrests you for selling individual cigarettes. Dumb law, I agree, but you still don’t resist arrest.

          • Cranky Steven

            Did you see him complying with the officer’s orders? Nope. He had already been warned verbally by the police to cease and desist selling smokes like he was doing.

          • colnzgprnts

            A person who breaks a law is a criminal; a person who breaks bad law is a patriot in the eyes of people who espouse the principles of liberty!

          • fulredy

            Reality, a person who breaks a bad law is still a criminal. Liberty does not give one the right to make up his own law.

          • colnzgprnts

            fulredy, you misinterpreted my remarks, If liberty exists there are no ‘bad laws’. It is in tyranny that we have bad laws. Our colonists broke the laws as put down by King George. We call those men patriots. Had King George’s troops been able to put down the rebellion those who broke the laws would have been called ‘criminals’ and would have been put to death. In this country there were ‘bad laws’ dubbed ‘Jim Crow Laws’ The black lady who sat in the front of the bus in Montgomery Alabama was a law breaker and would have gone down in history as a criminal except public sentiment went in her favor and she is considered a patriot – so you are correct that liberty does not give one a ‘right’ to break laws, however by breaking laws, we can sometimes achieve liberty.

          • GeckoCA

            And your 100% for abortion. So do not lie about being for Human life.

          • Sunshine Sally

            You’re… Level 1 English bro

          • Apartheid World

            Wow Sally! Your such a idiot, Is that the best that you can do ? Make a point or shut the fk up bitch

          • fredhauserjr

            LOL she just did

          • Billy Beacham

            so , stop being a ass hole Sally

          • Sunshine Sally

            Billy B., you are killing me.
            “AN Asshole”

            I cannot stop and for that I will (not) apologize.

          • iseegreyhounds

            Excuse me, but you need to be corrected. No one is FOR ABORTION. We are pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Choice means just that. You choose what’s right for YOU for any one a thousand reasons.

          • Crapper

            Abortion is murder,not a choice.

          • PaulRevery

            Does the baby get a vote in this? Oh yeah it’s just a lump of cell until it exits your womb right. You’re disgusting

          • Jamal22

            I bet iseegreyhounds is highly offended by the ISIS beheading the Christian children, but not he unborn children.

          • fredhauserjr

            There just a good example Paul as to why Condoms where invented, and it really is to bad there Father (if they kno whim) didn’t use one,

          • Jamal22

            Pro-choice, Pro-abortion, Pro-child murder, all the same thing.

          • Apartheid World

            Well pro-choice is not pro human life. If pro-choice was pro-life we no have Abortions, oops pro-choice. I wish your mom was pro-choice and aborted your stupid azz.

          • Beedogz

            I wish Barry Obama’s s l u t mother had loved abortion as much as Barry does.

          • fredhauserjr

            and its no wonder you life in Ca. with the rest of the worthless Liberals

          • Antonio Betancourt

            It is a slippery slope, next euthanasia. Your being put down may be good for the rest of us..

          • Ryan McQuary

            murder is murder either way…

          • colnzgprnts

            Iseegreyhounds, does the baby get a vote in those incidents when “you choose what is right for you”? Is choosing to take an innocent life similar to a decision to set fire to another person’s home or to the person’s business. Could being pro-choice be extended to the rapist who chooses to have sex with a woman because it is right for HIM for any one of a thousand reasons?

          • Nancy Robbins

            the camera guy was not indicted for taking photos., its about the gun he had in his waistbank, apparently unregistered. taking photos no crime, gun in waistbank, that’s a different story.

          • Molly B

            Since when is having an unregistered gun in your waistband in NYC is not a crime? smh

          • R.Pgh

            Except they didn’t catch him with a gun in the waistband. The cop claims he saw him hand the gun to someone else, the suspect claims that is untrue. So you can go to prison based upon 1 person said this and the other said that. Fan-fucking-tastic.

          • Jamal22

            Gun in waistbank(?) waistband is only a crime in NY and a few other unconstitutional areas.

          • bobk

            That’s not reasonable or fair RacerX. The police were dispatched to the scene and they were under orders from BLACK officer (whom was filmed only once before it disappeared) who supervised the entire effort to arrest, and when interviewed said that she saw or heard nothing that indicated the perp had any problem other than an officer taking him down when he resisted arres

          • Ryan McQuary

            but he did not arrest and no one…I repeat…NO ONE!!! Has been able to show me where he resisted or where they had the authority to arrest him

          • Antonio Betancourt

            We have the Governments people from NY want. The Feds are suppose to enforce border issues. The State of NY enforces Sales tax issues. Hussein Obama doesn’t want to enforce the first. therefore we have all kinds of criminals coming in through and about to get amnesty. Cuomo has put together a Task Force to enforce the latter. Meanwhile in NY we are criminalizing sales of Loosies.Thank God it wasn’t over a 44 oz Soft drink! Are big government Liberals happy?

          • Ryan McQuary

            I am still looking for someone to show me where he resisted arrest

        • sylvia v smith

          I­­­­­’­v­­­­­­e s­­­­t­­­­a­­r­­t­­e­­­­­d m­­­­a­­­k­­i­­­­n­­­­g 8­­­­­­­­­5 b­­­­u­­­­c­­­­k­­­s­/­h­­­­­­o­­­­­u­­­­r­­­l­­y s­­­­­i­­­n­­­c­­e i s­­­­­­t­­­­a­­r­­t­­­e­d f­­­­r­­e­­­e­­­l­­­a­­n­c­­­i­­­n­­g o­­­­v­­­­e­­­­r t­­­­­h­­­­­­e i­­n­­­t­­­e­­­r­­­n­­e­­­t h­­­­­a­­l­­­f a y­­­­e­­­­­­a­­r a­­­­­­g­­­o… W­­h­­­­­­a­­t i d­­­­­­­­o i­­­­­­s t­­­­­o w­­­­­o­­r­­­­­­­­­k a­­­­­­­­­t h­­­­­­o­­m­­­e s­­­e­­­­v­­e­­r­­a­­l h­­­­r­­­s e­­­­­v­­­­e­­­r­­­y d­­­­­­­a­­­­y a­­­n­­­­­­d d­­­­­o s­­­­­i­­­­­­m­­p­­l­­e w­­­­o­­­r­­­k i g­­­­­­e­­­­­t f­­­­r­­­o­­­­m t­­­­h­­­­­i­­­­s c­­­­­o­­­m­­­­­p­­a­­­­n­­­­y t­­­­­h­­­­­­a­­­­t i f­­­­o­­u­­­­n­­­­­d o­­­­n­­-­l­­­i­­n­­­e… I a­­­­­­­m v­­­­e­­­­r­­y e­­­­­x­­­c­­­i­­­t­­e­­­d t­­­­­­­o s­­­­­h­­­a­­­­r­­e t­­­­h­­­i­­­s o­­­p­­­p­o­­r­­­t­­u­­n­­i­t­­y w­­­­­i­­­t­­­­h y­­­­­o­­­­u… I­­­­­­t­­’s a­­­­­­n a­­­­w­­­e­­s­­­o­­­m­­e s­­­­i­­­­d­­­­e j­­­o­­­­­b t­­­­­o h­­­­­a­­­­v­­­­­­­e
          -> RE­A­D H­E­R­E W­H­A­T I D­O <-

        • sylvia v smith

          I­­­­­’­v­­­­­­e s­­­­t­­­­a­­r­­t­­e­­­­­d m­­­­a­­­k­­i­­­­n­­­­g 8­­­­­­­­­­­­­5 b­­­­u­­­­­c­­­­­­­k­­­­s e­­­­­v­­­­e­­­­r­­y h­­­­­o­­­­u­­­r s­­­­­i­­­n­­­c­­e i s­­­­­­t­­­­a­­r­­t­­­e­d f­­­­r­­e­­­e­­­l­­­a­­n­c­­­i­­­n­­g o­­­­v­­­­e­­­­r t­­­­­h­­­­­­e i­­n­­­t­­­e­­­r­­­n­­e­­­t h­­­­­a­­l­­­f a y­­­­e­­­­­­a­­r a­­­­­­g­­­o… A­­­­l­­­­l i h­­­­a­­­­­v­­­­­e t­­­­­o d­­­­­­o i­­­­­­­s t­­­­­­­o w­­­­­o­­r­­­­­­­­­k a­­­­­­­­­t h­­­­­­o­­m­­­e s­­­e­­v­­­­­e­­r­­­a­­l h­­­o­­­­u­­r­­s e­­­­­v­­­­e­­­r­­­y d­­­­­­­a­­­­y a­­­­n­­­d d­­­­­­­­­­o s­­i­­­m­­p­­l­­­e j­­o­­­­b­­­­s i g­­­­­­e­­­­­t f­­­­r­­­o­­­­m t­­­­h­­­­­i­­­­s c­­­­­o­­­m­­­­­p­­a­­­­n­­­­y t­­­­­h­­­­­­a­­­­t i s­­­­t­­­u­­­­m­­b­­­­l­­e­­d u­­­p­­­o­­­­n o­­­­n­­-­l­­­i­­n­­­e… I a­­­­­­­m v­­­­e­­­­r­­y g­­­­l­­­a­­­d t­­­­­­­o s­­­­­­­h­­­a­­­­­r­­­e t­­­­h­­­i­­­s w­­­­­i­­­t­­­­h y­­­­­o­­­­u… i­­­­­­t­­’s a­­­­­­­n a­­­­­m­­­a­­z­­­i­n­­g j­­­o­­­­b
          -> RE­A­D H­E­R­E W­H­A­T I D­O <-

        • bad white guy

          He had a organized little set up, he probably handed the cigarettes of to someone before the cops got to him and if they let him by with selling untaxed cigs then why get a business license I agree we are taxed to death and it sucks but he was resisting. I agree with you but getting through to some of these people is like talking to a wall they are suffering from a narcissistic epidemic and it is aimed at white people.

          • colnzgprnts

            The guy is a hero in my book for demonstrating contempt of the $5.25 tax on a pack of cigarettes!

          • bad white guy

            I do not make nor do I agree with that tax but I also do not agree with marijuana being illegal so if I try to do either then I know that if caught I will be arrested and if I resist arrest then I will be restrained just as this man was and I am white so why are they making a big deal about it, because he was black and the arresting officers were white but the sergeant was black. White people need to realize that non whites are being given special treatment and start fighting for equality but now I am going to be called racist once again but I could care less the real racist are non whites.

          • drevulphd

            Of you dont agree with a law go and change it but until then its a law so obey the law!

        • Marianne Sandy

          So let me get this straight? Police are the thugs for corporate america? Squash the competition. And resisting arrest jus ifies murder. We are innocent until proven guilty. We are not guilty based on accusation. They could have issued an appearance ticket. The cop used an ILLEGAL choke hold. Enough said.

          • Cop for life

            It’s not an illegal choke hold, this isn’t boxing. If you resist arrest them you will be delt with swiftly. It’s sad that he died but until you deal with criminals on a day to day basis you need to keep your mouths shut…

          • Kimberly Rock

            See.. That was my problem with this initially… So many people said that choke-hold is now illegal… So, that isn’t true? So many conflicting stories when looking it up…

            Also, there are thousand of terrorists destroying property and causing injuries in the name of protesters, that are absolutely getting away with it, no matter how many laws they break…

            I never, for even a second, thought this had anything to do with race.. I just thought the cop went overboard for a victim-less crime…

          • underthepalms

            The crime is NOT victimless for the honest, hardworking store owners, who PAY their taxes, in front of whose shop this criminal was selling ILLEGALLY.

          • Beedogz

            And Garner was a tax cheat. He was not paying taxes on his illegal sales.

          • PaulRevery

            You’re right it’s not illegal however it was banned in the police policy handbook. The prohibition was read on air at fox news straight from the handbook by former Judge Napolitano. As far as dealing with criminals on a daily basis Mr. “Cop for Life” I guess that morning squadroom meeting is pretty uncomfortable for ya

          • Crapper


          • Navybuckeye

            So, lets have these criminals set up shop outside of your house. You don’t mind them, let them deal on your sidewalk.

          • Karen McDonald

            There ya go. 😉

          • Sunshine Sally

            I would be more than happy to let african american youth set up a little crack stand in my front yard… Just so I can run out there with a water hose and get ’em real good.

          • Ryan McQuary

            that is different….selling crack is illegal….selling private property is not selling drugs…

          • Sunshine Sally

            Tomatoe, tomahtoe

            Potatoe, patahtoe

          • Ryan McQuary

            what criminal? tell me a law he was violating on a public sidewalk selling private property

          • Allan S Muller

            Ryan for pete’s sake [whoever he is] get a education about “real” life and death in everyday life.

          • Karen McDonald

            Still missing the point of this story. It’s not about whether or not he was committing a crime. It’s about all the race baiters claiming RACISM!!! Obviously with a black Police Sergeant in charge of the situation, that theory is debunk. But “POC” who blame everyone else for their problems will never admit it. I am NOT a racist. I had NOTHING to do with slavery. Yet “I” get blamed for everything bad that happens to African Americans. Yep, that makes sense. smdh

          • gingerpal

            Murder? There was no intent to murder. He died after the incident in the hospital. So what should cops do now.. Don’t bother to enforce the law?. Is this what we are going to get. He probably would have died even with the use of a taser due to health problems.

          • chuck

            ok have you watch the videos? The man was not breathing on the ground, before EMS got there and unresponsive. The EMS personnel was suspended because of the actions that they failed to take. The medical director who suspended them took on look at that video and probably asked one question. Time of death at the hospital is the time the doctor called it, that does not mean that person didn’t had a cardiac arrest on scene

          • Parrish Quick

            It’s not the hold that put his life in danger, it’s a big man with medical issues unknown to the Police and a circumstance called positional asphyxiation. All int the presence of the supervisor on scene.

          • Chris

            The cop used a legal headlock. And no one was murdered. Someone died from health complications exacerbated by a take down maneuver after resisting arrest

          • underthepalms

            The guy’s physical condition made ANY confrontation a health risk. His size made him difficult to apprehend. The cop did his job. Also, the choke hold was NOT illegal, just against that particular department’s policy. There IS a difference.

          • Beedogz

            And Garner was resisting arrest. If he had compiled with the LEGAL orders of the officers on scene he would still be alive to sell untaxed tobacco (and the tax evasion of his profits) today.

          • mark

            Nothing illegal about choke hold. It might be against department policy but not illegal. Get that straight. When someone breaks into your home at 2am and the police come to get him and he refuses to comply we will issue an appearance ticket and then leave. You can handle him from there.

        • Joe Tokoph

          Dumbasses you live in a state that your government tried to limit how much soda you can buy and a 5.00 tax on cigarettes is criminal. Hey NY aren’t those democratic pieces of crap running your state? NY is a cesspool of slime.

          • Billy Beacham

            sorry its 6 buck tax on smokes

          • R.c. Bottles

            The Tax on the cigarettes were PAID when they were bought..this is a senseless killing…

          • fuckyou

            The smokes come from Indian reservations where the feds cannot tax them dummy!!!

          • Ryan McQuary

            so what? they were still bought lawfully….and second of all no they did not…they have the record of where he bought them…he simply bought them out of state….he paid the correct tax for where he bought them and the free trade law between states at the federal level trumps New Yorks law about it…

          • hereatpsu

            if you buy it out of state, you can keep it for personal use. Not for resale. If you do resale, the legal view is that you should pay tax. now it is another story that the use of force was excessive etc but this is being made out to be a racially motivated act which it does not appear to be, especially if a black police supervisor was involved. But that said, the general profiling of civilians who are black, hispanic by the police (of all colors) does lead to problems of unequal application of the law.

          • Cranky Steven

            Maybe because blacks, Hispanics and others commit an unequal amount of crime.

          • hereatpsu

            In this country, criminals are those who are caught. Several others of all races, including whites commit crimes but are not under close scrutiny. Also those who can afford lawyers (in the affluent, white community) typically get their first time offenses pardoned instead of being slammed into jail like others. How is Elizabeth Lauten doing

          • D Sanders

            @Ryan. The sale of untaxed or lower taxed cigarettes in New York State is a lucrative business. The problem for New York (city and state) authorities is that it is so easy to undercut the cigarette tax. The police officers were enforcing this silly law and Mr. Gardner tragically lost his life for what could be at best be described as a misdemeanor offense. In my opinion, Mr. Garner bears some (but not all) responsibility for the tragedy. He should have quickly and unambiguously complied with the Officer’s instructions. I don’t think that this is a racial incident but it sure doesn’t make the police look good either…

          • ThatOneDude

            You have been sorely misled if you think that is how this works…

          • Agent T

            Actually, once the cigarettes are brought into a new state with the intention of sales, the taxes for the new state must be paid. Selling cigarettes without a license to sell tobacco products is in conflict with several laws and regulations provided by ATF(Federal Jurisdiction), as well as the state. He was breaking at least 2-3 Federal laws, as well as 4-5 state/city laws in this instance. He knew it. That’s why he was resisting arrest, and with his size, I believe the officers did what they felt was necessary to subdue him with as little collateral damage as possible. Personally, I don’t agree with the chosen action, but this is far from a senseless action, definitely light years away from “Hate Crime”, and Mr. Garner was definitely in the wrong for resisting. Some people just can’t take responsibility for their own actions and face the music (or police, in this case) when they get caught!

          • reggie98ud

            You’re assuming they were bought. Like in the Ferguson incident Brown stole the cigars while assaulting the store clerk.

          • Jeff Lachance

            Theres video of paying for the cigars…..

          • reggie98ud

            Link? I haven’t seen that video and given how much the media wants to villainize the Police, chances of it existing and not being plastered all over the news is pretty low.

          • Ryan McQuary

            ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! And it is within my rights to resell my personal belongings…hence why places like Ebay came about…

          • John Q. Public

            Ebay is one thing but not in front of someone’s business. That would be like me going to Costco buying a bunch of sodas and then selling them in front of 7-11. A big no-no.

          • ThatOneDude

            And if you resell them in NY without the appropriate stamp on them, then you are breaking NY law. Just because Federal law allows something doesn’t mean that state laws can’t prohibit it.

            Here is all the NY tax info you need.


          • Allan S Muller

            You’re reselling an item that is taxed in New York, it’s not personally property, he’s engaging in business which requires a license to operate and taxes due on cigarettes to be PAID. Thus he is selling cigarettes that the State and city of New York taxes have NOT been paid. You CANNOT sell cigarettes on eBay.

          • James

            Any killing is senseless as in thousands of blacks murdering fellow blacks and they shout out that black lives matter !!!!! THEY SHOULD PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH !!!

          • Cranky Steven

            aint gonna happen. how would sharpton, jackson, wright and fartacan make livings?

          • Jeff Lachance

            Give up thay ass excuse already…. why dont you put together a flow chart or some graphs if your so sure…. moron

          • Allan S Muller

            Funny he was being investigated as part of cigarette smuggling ring. What part of untaxed do you not understand?

          • Frank Grasha Sr

            The ciggaretts were bought out of state at a lower price !

          • vince campos

            right on !

          • reggie98ud

            Biggest reason why I have never gone and have no desire to go there.

          • joemar4

            Yea, NY is a cesspool of slime, that’s why your State is ranked 18th in violent crime and NY is 24th! Sounds like your actually in the cesspool….and knee deep! Now who is the dumbass?!


          • colnzgprnts

            Joe, the tax on cigarettes in NY and in most cities/states is criminal and is an affront to the American ideals of liberty. I choose not to smoke, but it is not my business nor is it the business of elitist politicians to tell someone that he/she cannot smoke. The tax and the issue of smoking was a bonanza for trial lawyers – it was also a major milestone in this nation’s march toward tyranny. And the irony of the fiasco is that many anti-smoking zealots are the very people who want to make marijuana legal! Someone much more intelligent than I once said liberalism is a disease of the mind!

          • Cranky Steven

            NYC is the biggest unflushed toilet in the world, outside of Frisco.

          • Allan S Muller

            very not intelligent and not relative comment to the discussion.

          • Joseph

            Just don’t look over the fact that he has been arrested 30 times. How many times do you intentionally break the law before you become classified as a criminal? The logic of some people is just confusing right now. Not to mention that teenagers, aka an age group that is not allowed to smoke, are generally the people that buy untaxed cigarettes. Mainly because they can’t purchase them legally like adults can. I agree with the article, race meant nothing in the arrest and his death.

        • gingerpal

          Right, again it goes back to the tax levied on cigarettes. Government is the problem.

          • tammy

            Greedy politicians are the problem. They make the stupid laws and demand the police carry them out to fill their coffers. Cop was doing his job. I am sorry the guy died but he should not be breaking the law, was way too heavy, got too wound up and could not breath with so much weight on his chest when they put him on his stomach. He had a heart attack in the ambulance. People said they treated him like a piece of meat, well, does anyone know how hard it is to move 350 dead weight pounds??? It is almost impossible. As a nurse, I have had to move people who wei

          • tammy

            Continued: I have had to move people who weighed 300#. It would take 6 of us and it was a struggle. That is the main reason I am disabled with a back that does not like anything. It bulks, even to bend.

          • gingerpal

            Sorry to hear that. Yes, they were just doing their job responding to complaints. Can you imagine how this will stymie the cops now. Police have a hard job and a dangerous one, in more ways than one, obviously. This shouldn’t be. All the guy had to do was obey the law, he wouldn’t be dead.

          • Ryan McQuary

            so police are allowed to illegally search people and it takes that many of them to “just respond to a complaint”? This JUST response…involved a man…not a BLACK man….just… A MAN…selling cigarettes which he purchased legally in the United States and paid the tax when he bought the, which grandfathered them into the NYC bill via Federal law of free trade….the police came up to him….asked him a question…and using the tape as evidence tackled him mid sentence causing him to stumble sideways and fall with them on him….these actions were unlawful…not racist…unlawful…he didn’t break any laws that I can see…

            he has an extensive ARREST record yes…but not an extensive CONVICTION record…

          • gingerpal

            Sounds like you have a problem with the police. i wonder why? All the guy had to do was not resist arrest and he’d be alive today. Okay, it was a little overkill for a minor problem, but they had a job to do. Hindsight is wonderful isn’t it.

          • Allan S Muller

            He “may” have purchased them out of state, okay for PERSONAL use. If you’re going to sell them on the street you have to pay NY tax on them. At that point it has nothing to do with ‘free trade’ laws. He should NOT have resisted, he would be alive today.

          • Ryan McQuary

            the tax was paid however when he bought them and the NY tax was factored out by federal law…free trade…

        • Samuel

          Quote:” Garner was selling illegal, untaxed cigarettes ” Really? Those cigarettes weren’t taxed the 1st time around? This man was providing a service to those who are already the poorest of the poor. Where is your entrepreneurial American spirit? You are just a mouthpiece for the rich slave masters whom have no mercy. Whether white or black, yellow or red, WE are ALL slaves. You apparently just don’t know it yet.

          “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

          Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

          • mamabear1966

            I guess if he’d stolen them they’d have been untaxed. It doesn’t mention how he got them in the first place.

          • NowThen

            You are slaves of your own action and should not blame others for your problems.

        • Dutra

          I rather doubt that the shopkeeper sells individual cigarettes.

        • colnzgprnts

          From what I have been able to learn here was no call from a shop owner. My understanding is that DeBlasio ordered NYPD department heads to issue a crackdown on street sales of cigarettes. Concentrate of cigarette sales and let the other crimes go!

      • JohnL1313

        The police didn’t approach him because he was black. They approached him because he’d been arrested 31 times and was once again breaking the law.

        However, this shouldn’t have even been a crime for the police to enforce. The Progressives caused this due to their cigarette taxes which created a black market. Progressives need their tax money and sent the police as enforcers rather than as protectors.

        • bigmurr

          Who would you like to enforce the law the shop Owner?

          • JohnL1313

            You are missing the point. The job of government is to protect our rights and our property from others. The police department is the entity who carries this out. However, in this case, the police weren’t protecting anyone. By selling “loosies”, Mr. Gardner was depriving NYC of tax revenue Thus, NYC was literally sending the police to the streets to make sure their tax income wasn’t going to take a hit through the black market that they themselves had caused with their sky-high taxes on cigarettes.

            The government caused this whole situation with their actions. This would never occur under the limited government as intended by our Founders would

          • GlockG22shoots40s

            What about the right of the shop owner to run a legitimate business without being undermined by illegal competition right out front of his store entrance?

          • JohnL1313

            I agree this was a crime. My point is, it wouldn’t have been a crime if NYC wasn’t charging a $4.50 tax on each pack of cigarettes. This is what caused a black market with people smuggling cigarettes in from other states. Is this really the proper use of government force? sending police officers to the street to round up people selling cigarettes? I personally think smoking is disgusting, but I think this is not the proper use of government/police and it certainly is not reflective of a our small and limited government ideal.

          • GlockG22shoots40s

            And the fact remains that this shmuck was committing a crime. Another fact that everyone over looks is: if the guy would have complied with the arresting officer and done what he was told, he’d be alive today. Once you’re told you are under arrest, comply. Resisting never makes your situation better.

          • JohnnyIronic

            Legitimate that’s a laugh 80% of the delis in that neighborhood sell loose cigarettes behind the counter, and even some go as far as selling packs for food stamps at $4 higher than they would normally.

          • Brett Tucker

            They come to get the taxes yes, but the true fact is we ALL PAY TAXES so someone undercutting taxes by buying out of our country for no tax. then sell in america for no tax. Helps no one but themselves and other countries. Therefore AMERICA doesn’t make money. Your obviously blind and a Liberal.

          • JohnL1313

            The cigarettes are bought in another state and smuggled across the border because NYC charges a $5.85 combined tax on each pack. Progressives caused this behavior with their confiscatory taxation. Anyone who is familiar with the principles of a limited government as laid out by our founders and their influences such as Locke and Cicero knows that the primary responsibility for government is to protect our rights and property. The tax code is used for social engineering whether its a tax on cigarettes, soda, or on income. This does not fit our ideals as laid out in the Declaration of Independence or the role of our government as explained in the Federalist Papers.

            Is this what you see the government’s role as being – rather than protecting someone from violence, they are combing the streets to make sure someone doesn’t make a buck on a cigarette as it would deprive them of their tax revenue? In the end, it is law and the officers have a duty to enforce the law. But again, is this what we expect from our government?

          • tammy

            Facts laid out well. It is the job of cops to carry out the laws. The politicians made this dumb law to suck out every dime they can get out of everyone. It is up to the people to get rid of the politicians who are making the stupid, un-American laws. Vote and get rid of greedy politicians. NYC is like Chicago, run by democrats/liberals.

          • colnzgprnts

            JohnI.1313, you are saying in effect that our laws often fail us. It is a concept that progressives cannot grasp. Unfortunately, this poor man died on the streets of NY because anti-smoking zealouts were successful in putting ‘bad law’ on the books. Now, we are in a situation where progressives are attempting to implement further ‘bad laws’ which will neuter our police and such laws will bring about additional pain and suffering by the citizens of this nation – isn’t progressivism wonderful?

          • Karen McDonald


          • JohnL1313

            So you are supporting high taxes and a police force combing the streets as active enforcers of the tax code in everyday activity…and you have the gall to claim I’m the liberal?

            This pretty much sums up just a few of the list of grievances in the The Declaration of Independence.

          • Brett Tucker

            Actually i like how you twisted my words to make me seem like an idiot. No i do not want those things, what i do want is the “thugs” to quit stealing.

            Was it that hard of him to go ask for an application instead of buying a pack of cigarettes and selling them illegally? Doing that would net him a job steady income and not dying. Dude was a criminal look at his rap sheet.

          • JohnL1313

            No, I think we mostly agree actually. He was a thug with an extensive rap sheet and it was his “own” people who called the police to get him off of their sidewalks.

            My point was simply why should he, or anyone, have to buy a license to resell a pack of cigarettes? I don’ need a license to resale my car or my home or pretty much anything else I own. The reason he needs a license is so the city doesn’t miss out on its precious income. We have become a nation of statute law where we have to pay for a license in order to be able to act freely.

          • gailannr

            Yes, we see what happens when shop owner’s try to enforce the law. Can you spell Ferguson?

      • bigmurr

        You are full of It

      • Ken Steiger

        Oh it’s “POC” now??? Well I’m a “POC”..
        I’m kinda medium beige.

        • Brett Tucker

          XD im kinda pink.

      • Morgan Ary

        Are white cops not supposed to arrest people who commit crimes, if their skin happens to be darker? It’s called equality. It would be racist if white cops could only arrest white criminals.

      • Carol Marie

        you are clearly an obama supporter

      • Herman Vogel

        WOW, that’s not Racist at all. Sad lady, just sad…Did you grow up in the projects are were your parents just Haters too?

      • Molly B

        If someone is a POC- why are they selling illegal cigs? A little common sense here please. 1- don’t do illegal things 2– don’t ever resist police when apprehended. That goes for all of us: orange, purple, green, striped and polka dotted. Why do people not see that THEY are their OWN worst enemy, and carry the full brunt of the responsibility of these situations? If they were at work, or home with their families, rather than hustling in the streets…. is there anyone too empty headed to not be able to finish that sentence?

      • tax man

        Garner was a criminal and retailers called the cops on him for selling cigarettes illegally. He had more arrests than the average criminal. All he had to do was peacefully submit to his arrest and go to jail! He resisted to his demise. Nothing more here! RIP

      • Billy Ray Holden

        im so fed up with this BS about how mistreated “POCs” are. before you talk you need to read up on facts and quit repeating falsehoods spoken by politically motivated egomaniacs. whites are treated no different than blacks if anything we have it harder because they know every time they come in contact with one of you guys you’re going to cry racism. while i actually do agree with this particular incident being E XCESSIVE FORCE. i dont agree with it being intentional, or with it being racist. if i sell drugs or cigs or stolen stuff and get busted i know they are going to watch me, pull me over when they see me, ……………….. when are you going to learn its not you against me its us against them. quit destroying an entire nation when the nation could be coming together and making changes. these changes will never happen as long as these approaches are being usedit just alienates the opposite side. t shuts down all communication instead of opening hearts and dialogue.i never met a vietnam vet that was afraid to show their face

      • Lisa Simoneaux Jones

        I have seen a white person get harassed by the cops first hand and it was because they knew he was a criminal just like this guy was.

      • Golfer1113

        So if he was up on a murder charge waiting for trial, it would be ok for him to murder again and the police should not enforce the law? That is one of the most ridiculous arguments I have ever heard. Here is the best advice to ALL. Obey the law and you won’t have any of these issues

      • bobk

        That’s a damned lie Juliet. Why do you post crap like this? You’ve never witnessed a cop beat the crap out of a citizen who did not resist. It doesn’t matter if there is no reason for a policeman to stop you, or even arrest you, the price you’ll pay for smart mouthing and rebelling will be the same. Wait and plead your case under the law as most of us do.

      • dot_bat


      • wbw

        The police were called there by the shop owner in front of which Garner was selling illegal, untaxed cigarettes hurting the shop owners legal sales of cigarettes.

      • Susan Lenard

        Looks like you didn’t bother to read the article either. How about STOP resisting arrest? He was breaking the law, they were arresting him, why resist?
        I am well aware there are LEA that abuse their power, but it isn’t only against blacks, and not all blacks are criminals, yet there again, not all whites are racist. You can’t just lump an entire race into the same category as the preson you decide not to like. Why aren’t you outraged about the black on black crime rate? Or the black on white crime rate? You don’t like cops, or whites , so this is you mantra. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

      • Tim G

        Upcoming court date does not translate to “I can do this crime until I am officially convicted of it in a court of law”, now does it?

      • StoptheInsanity

        It’s up to the POC to change the way the police look at them. I know POC are questioned and already deemed suspicious in most interactions with law enforcement. Why is that? Look at the criminal statistics and there is your answer. It’s not law enforcements fault that when a car is stopped with four young black males, that one of the occupants has a warrant, the other has drugs and another has a weapon and the car is stolen. It’s not the fault of anyone but the person breaking the law. POC can continue to rally along the sides of the likes of Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Jackson who continually pray upon a whole section of society who wants POC to remain victimized. Without a victim they would be penniless. If you want change, start with the person in the mirror, and encourage your family to break away from this ideology.

      • Dutra

        Your POC argument falls apart when it is understood that the supervising, on-the-scene, sergeant was a black female.

      • Guest

        POC are the most dangerous and the proof is in the jails and POC murder rates.
        While there are really nice and respected blacks, there are very scary thugs !
        I recently was threatened by a black gang banger ,who was huge, and barely avoided contact.After vthat , I’m going to bear a weapon

      • hope4ever

        POC are the most dangerous and the proof is % in the jails and % POC murder rates.
        While there are really nice and respected blacks, and there are very some very scary black thugs !
        I recently was threatened by a black gang banger ,who was huge, and barely avoided contact. After that , I’m going to carry a weapon.
        Anybody that disrespect a cop, or resists, or assaults a cop ,will be taken in, taken down, or taken out, doesn’t matter what color !!

      • Billy Beacham

        your full of crap , so your saying its OK to brake any law you wish ? Stupid fuc. If the man just did what the police officer ask of him , he would be alive today that’s the point duc head

      • Tim

        So if someone has an upcoming court date for committing armed robbery and are in the act of committing another armed robbery, should the police just say, “well, we don’t need to stop this criminal act because he has a court date for the same type of crime.” I suggest that he was not being harrassed at all. He was admittedly committing a crime and law enforcement has an obligation to act upon that. It was the perpetrators choice to resist arrest and ultimately his own actions of resisting is what caused the outcome. Had he simply complied and been taken to jail, he would be alive today… right?

      • fuckyou

        No harassment was observed in that video and if a white person told a black cop “I’m not gonna allow you to arrest me” the beat-down would be on and not a one of your “race baitor” buddies would say a word about it and not one peep about it wwould come from the LIBTARD’S media sevices ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN nor any other NNN’s………oh yeah also the Huffington Post {which should be called the Bullshiters news}!!!! The last time I heard anything about the law, if you are being arrested you have the right to stand there and say “I’m not gonna let you arrest me” and everything would be OK and the police would just go one about their day and say thank you, have a nice day!! Good Gad, you libtards sure have a perverse view of the law and what “RIGHTS” you supposedly have!!!

        • fuckyou

          And you can ready between the lines about that acronym NNN!!!

      • Ben Tew

        Not if you obey the Law and do what the officers say!!Your an Idiot!

      • Aeryn

        Ohhh, it couldn’t possibly have ANYTHING to do with his outrageous arrest history, is that what you’re saying? I mean seriously, maybe he should have thought about it and been like, of hey, I’ve been arrested for this x amounts of times, MAYBE I shouldn’t be doing this…

      • James

        BULL !!!!

      • gbp91

        if you follow the law the chance of being arrested goes down by 100%

      • Justice for Darren Wilson

        We get a black President and then it sets race relations back fifty years. Obama and Holder are the worst thing to happen to our country.

      • foghorn_legghorn

        A black business owner called to complain about him selling illegal cigarettes and taking away his business. The officers told him numerous times that they would NOT arrest him if he would surrender his contraband and leave the area. He refused. Do you suggest that the police should just walk away anytime somebody says “hell now, I won’t go”. If so, why don’t we just get rid of cops and go to whoever has the biggest gun wins.

      • Greg

        Yes their was a reason the police were there. The were responding to complaints from business owners and others people. INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE. The media has so blown this out of proportion it is not even funny. If there was any fault at all it might be that the police did not render enough aid. Whether due to lack of training or whatever. Though I think if police are trained in things like sleeper holds, which is basically what it was, then they ought to be trained in first aid as well.

      • Oliver Douglas
      • mr lenny

        the Minority business owners called the police on him,

      • Badkarma060

        You all bleeding hearts forget he was committing a crime, however insignificant it is to you, the police were called there. He had been arrested 23 times before because he is a pillar of the community…not. Had he not resisted arrest he would be alive today. Why do people think you can commit a crime then fight the police when they come to arrest you, and what are they supposed to do, say “oh you don’t want me to arrest you, okay” and leave. Wake up and smell what you are shoveling, it stinks.

      • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

        er……cigs ten dollars a pack. state and city split 6 dollars tax. store owners call cops and tell them garner is taking away business with his illegal cigs. city hall and police want tax law enforced. this special unit of nuisance & petty crimes spots garner, black female sargeant make call and tells lower ranking cops to “take him down”, he resists arrest and it ends badly. blame the cop, but also cuomo, comrade deBlasio, bratton and the rest of the players. do you know the difference between a choke hold and head lock. a retired NYPD instructor has said he will testify for the cop that it was taught at the police academy. police brass need a scape goat…..they will try to make it the white cop and not the affirmative action diversity queen black sargeant….why am I not surprised?

      • sward14

        He was selling cigarettes on the corner read the story moron. Stop with the poor ol black me BS.

      • HateIsAChoice

        He was illegally selling untaxed cigarettes, outside of a convenience store. The store owner repeatedly told him not to commit this act in front of his store. When Garner ignored this request, the store owner called the police. That is not harassment. That is the police, responding to a very specific call, about a specific person, in a specific location. Regardless of the horrendous outcome, with all due respect, the officer’s reason for being there and speaking to Garner in the first place, was not a malicious one. He was doing his job and following up on a legitimate complaint.

      • Les K

        He was not harassed. He was selling cigarettes and was reported by a local business. The police were called about him, and have no choice to respond. That is not harassment.
        So just cause he has an upcoming court date, other offenses and crimes should be ignored? No. that is ignorant.

      • johnpd

        The tub of lard was committing a crime. What good are the police if they are prohibited from enforcing the law? Do you feel POC should be exempt from following laws?

      • ywastetime

        totally untrue, I was in a case of mistaken identity where there was a burglary I was pulled over and instructed to do many things like put my hands on the ceeling of the auto, get out facing away, reach behind myself and lift my shirt, walk backwards, get on my knees and was handcuffed, at that point I saw three additional patrol cars with the officers pointing guns at me, the police investigated the situation, realized I was not the burglar, apoligized and released me with no brutality or harm to me, If you respect and obey the police they will respect you, the problem with all this is these people and stories are all when someone does not respect athority even when there could be a mistake, they need to stop blaming race as that only shows who is a racist, just like why white people cannot use the “n” word but I have been in public where someone is playing rap music by a black person and every fith word is the “n” word

      • tonyc

        This man had eleven repeated offenses for the same infraction. What caused
        the police action was the constant complaints from legitimate business owners,
        who were selling cigarettes legally, as well as Garner harassing patrons who
        were entering their establishments. Do you really believe the police would
        refrain from enforcing the law, even if the police knew of the perps impending
        court date? Your retarded logic, is similar to telling a police officer that he
        can’t stop and harrass you for a traffic violation, because you already have a court date
        set up for a previous infraction. It’s about the rule of law, whether you’re a POC or not.

      • ezeggs

        How, exactly, is being arrested for committing a crime openly in public the same as being harrassed?

      • Cranky Steven

        You a real authority on what it means to be black in America, are you, Juliet?

      • Tracy

        I think Juliet you missed this sentence “Because New York City has the highest taxes on cigarettes in the world” and he was selling loose cigarettes which is a crime in New York.

      • drevulphd

        He wasn’t being harassed he was resisting arrest for selling illegal cigarettes. even if he had a court date it does not make a difference does not give him pass do it while he is waiting to go too court. You are making an ignorant statement!

      • DoucheBigallo

        Yep. And if you knew anything you’d know that since you’re not law enforcement, you would have no clue how difficult or dangerous their job is. I’ve been stopped by the police a few times as have many people I know & I have witnessed the police detaining someone as well. In every instance, when people cooperate with the police, no one gets hurt. You take your case to court if you disagree with the police. That’s how it works. You would think your liberal arts professor (who probably taught you that stupidity you write above) would have taught you that also.

      • Lisa Starke

        You are the problem. Get your head out of your ass and listen and listen good. He was illegally selling cigs on the streets where NY was not receiving tax money. He was committing a crime. But for your dumb ass lets say he was being harassed. When the police come to harass you you still listen and obey them no matter what. The serve and protect and you should respect no matter what. If your not doing anything wrong you got nothing to worry about. How do you not see what is going on? Really I don’t get it? People like you is what is wrong with this country. You follow lies instead of thinking for yourself. The terrorist running this country for the time being, and is comy democrats or doing this for their self gain. They don’t care about you and we the people. Wake up and get your head out of your ass. Ignorance will get you no where!

        • Juliet Christian

          You are amusing at least.

    • hope4ever

      White ,black, yellow,or brown, if you resist arrest or assault police you will be taken down, and the force will be elevated to the next level.
      All of these guys have been huge ,and with the adrenaline rush of an arrest , cops need to take them down, or take them out.
      I learned this thru the school of hard knocks, running with the wrong crowd can and will be fatal.

      • Vietnam Vet

        AGREED hope4ever.

    • Ryan McQuary

      please show me where he resisted….I see the cop walk up say something to him and then wait a second and tackle him mid-sentence…

      Why did he resist? Because it was within his rights to resist….he did not break a law and the cop could not do what he did lawfully without a warrant…which he did not have….I still dont see where he even got the CHANCE to resist….

    • Vietnam was stupid

      You’re an idiot

    • Jessie

      Also, regardless, it’s not a racist issue, it’s simply a police brutality issue. It happens not just to blacks. The media only wants it to be about race.

      There’s really no excuse for the choke hold the cop put on Mr. Gardner. That said, this officer should have been indicted, because the man was restrained… there was no need for the choke hold.

      HOWEVER, you are correct. If he did not resist arrest, this wouldn’t have happened to begin with.

    • Justsomeguy151

      “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right, and only the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” State v. Robinson, 145 Me. 77, 72 Atl, 2nd.260, 262 (1950)

      “A citizen illegally arrested “cannot initiate the use of force” and neither do “words alone justify an assault.” However, “when the officer initiates the assault by physical contact, which is usually the case, and there is an unlawful arrest, the citizen has the right to protect his liberty to the extent of killing the officer.” See Green v. Kennedy, 48 N.Y. Rep. 653, 654 (1871) and/or Hicks v. Matthews, 266 S.W. 2nd. 846, 849 (Tex. 1954)

      • Vietnam Vet

        Sorry, but most people who are placed under arrest cooperate to avoid a physical struggle, and let their attorney handle the case of legal or illegal. Only those with a hostile attitude would make it a physical incident.

    • Badkarma060

      He had 23 prior arrests for similar crimes. This time if you hear him say, you always harassing me and it ends now. Go figure he was right…

    • Tammie Marshall


  • Kachina

    In the videotaped confrontation, Garner is heard hollering at the two
    cops, “Every time you see me, you try to mess with me. I’m tired of it.
    This ends today.”
    As the cops move in, Garner protests, “Please
    don’t touch me.” Garner, who had more than 30 offenses on his rap sheet
    and three open illegal cigarette-sales cases, was described as a gentle
    giant. The forbidden choke-hold used by a cop to take down a Staten
    Island man in a deadly encounter Thursday did not damage his windpipe or
    neck bones, sources said. He died of cardiac arrest in the ambulance on
    the way to the hospital. Police Abuse or reckless resisting of arrest? Professional Agitator like Sharpton have their own agenda for provoking riots…WE cannot allow ourselves to fall for fools like Sharpton, Jackson and even Obama who has said, WE must build a Civilian Army in America…so who is to blame? Tax on Cigarette’s, Garner, Police Brutality, or Obama and gang?

    • Juliet Christian

      ohhhhhh that explains the harassment! He had a court date for tax on cigarettes. That explains everything. A cop in KY was just fired for using a choke hold on a man. Of course he was white………. so because they didn’t like the guy, it’s okay to continually harasses him. I get it now. It was ruled a homicide by the corner. Who’s to blame? Over zealous cops who can’t contain their anger and racism and the good people that stand by and do nothing.

      • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

        no, he was breaking the law… again…selling the cigarettes with out the New York tax stamp on them… 9th arrest for the same thing. So was he being harassed or was he just a career criminal ??

        • Lolly

          and isn’t resisting arrest also a crime?

      • joe mama

        Are you really this ignorant? Police don’t go looking to harasses people , (your word not mine) they were called there by a business owner who didn’t appreciate a criminal conducting illegal activity on his property. A BLACK POLICE SUPERVISOR, who must hate her own race according to your stupid logic, was on the scene and had no problem with the officers use of force to subdue A CRIMINAL REISTING ARREST. What part do you not understand dumb ass?

      • That cop in Kentucky was fired for grabbing the suspect by the throat and strangling him while his hands were already behind his back. And he wasn’t fighting. HUGE freakin difference.

      • Larry Stephens

        Juliet I will type this real slow so you can understand the police were sent to his location on a call for service they are required to resolve the situation he was breaking the law. All he had to do is comply with directions and he would probably be alive today. Please tell me your evidence this was racism. So if the police are sent to resolve a problem by dispatch that is over zealous. I hope you realize you don’t have a clue about what you are talking a about. I assume if you called for police service you would want your complaint resolved

        • Molly B

          I agree, Larry. And while I’m sure the police would love to say “oh no, I’m not going out on THAT call, in THAT neighborhood, for THAT crime again”, I’m also pretty sure they don’t have the luxury to refuse. How can you ever think this is something they WANT to deal with? THEY are the ones with a big bullseye on their backs. When a 400 lb giant refuses to comply with a police directive, and resists arrest- what would YOU do in their place? Plead with him? “Pretty pretty please, Mr 31 times arrested huge man, pretty please let me cuff you for breaking the law, as I must do?” Grow up all you ridiculous libs out there. Get those blinders off, and put your thinking caps on. It’s not hard, I assure you. Just try.

        • Harley Quinn

          I don’t believe the speed at which you type a response, has any significant impact on another person’s ability to understand it. Grammar and punctuation might have been a more successful approach.

          I’m glad I found this thread though; I hadn’t realized that selling untaxed cigarettes is punishable by death in NYS.

      • solo1

        Let’s blame the shop owner for calling the police in the first place. Cutting into his business selling cigarettes cheaper.

      • Kim Schmitz

        You are an idiot or a troll, My daughter lost her license due to under age drinking. She continued to drive and was pulled over several times and charged with driving without a license. She WAS breaking the law. I finally told her they know your car, your license #, YOU. I finally told her stop breaking the law and they will leave you alone. It was not harassment it was there job. I am also sure you would be the first one out there protesting against the police, if the police knowingly let someone break the law on video and didn’t do there job and another crime happened, for not doing there job correctly. The last thing I have to say is if you don’t like how the police do their job, become one yourself since you can do it better

        • Brett Tucker

          exactly dont do illegal things and you wont get into trouble. easy now only if the rest of the world would understand that we would be golden.

      • Lolly

        there was no racism in this situation, Juliet. You keep hanging on to your narrative, but the hanging on won’t change the facts.

      • Karen McDonald

        They continually harass him because he continually , OPENLY, sold illegal cigarettes . What the hell do you not understand about that?

      • Kachina

        Juliet, may you never need to call 911 for help.

        • Juliet Christian

          What would calling 911 for help have to do with out of control cops?? Our town happens to have one of the best police departments I have seen so far. Professional, highly trained and not raging lunatics. I wouldn’t have any problem with calling for help. It’s shining the lights on the bad ones. That is the whole point. If these cops can’t handle a situation like others in their field do, then they have a problem.

  • Monica L. Messenger

    The fact is, he was not being violent, or resisting. When the officers went to cuff him, he put his hands up and took a step back. Whether you want to call it racially motivated or just an abuse of power, it is still, in my opinion, a violent and unfortunate event. I watched the video and never saw a reason for the cops to feel threatened or feel the need to use force. I am a 140lb woman and nothing he did would have frightened me…The fact that the person filming was indicted and not any of the officers is absolutely sickening.

    • Peter Grecinger

      I don’t recall reading of any of the officers stating they were “frightened” by anything he did! The facts remain, he was breaking the law, and when confronted about it, he resisted arrest! Stepping away from officers trying to handcuff you while raising your hands would NEVER be considered “complying”! A career criminal like Garner should have known better! Get cuffed, get booked, get bailed out, sell cigarettes illegally agin, repeat! Don’t blame the copsfor doing their job, balme the criminal for breaking the law, and the criminal justice system for putting him back on the streets repeatadly!

    • Juliet Christian

      You hit the nail on the head right there! If both parties had been the same race, whatever one you choose, this would have been a case of police violence. An officer in KY was just fired for using a choke hold and the guy didn’t die because of it. And yet,he was fired. That says something right there.

  • Juliet Christian

    so because she’s an asshole too makes it okay? You didn’t see the video for yourself? idiots

  • Jack Schmitt

    And the liberal media never will bring it up. They’ll just stand by and allow Obama, Holder, Sharpton and their cohorts to concoct a massive racial crisis that doesn’t even exist.

  • IndyMason

    The truth is many of the people perpetuating this myth do not care about the truth.

    • jr

      Those people he talked to didn’t have a clue.

  • akansan

    We have to fight the lies regarding the racism in our country more vigorously. I have a child in school at the #4th ranked law school in the country. As a school they wore black today in support of the people of Ferguson and New Jersey and the “unequal justice system”.

    Our kids need to know the truth. #truthmatters

    • John McMickle

      Sounds to me like a lower ranked law school might be a better choice. The #4 appears to be overrun by that brain eating disease called liberalism.

      • akansan

        I’m going to answer this seriously. Degrees from the higher ranked law schools, 1-10, most always guarantee you stellar jobs. They are also bastions of liberalism. Hence my post. We have to keep uncovering the truth!

        • John McMickle

          There is an old saying in the south, “if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.” I understand the desire to get a stellar job but is it worth the potential cost to your soul by being exposed to unhealthy level of liberalism. Some of the stuff you are exposed to will stick, you have to worry about how much.

          The problem with lawyers is they think that law license entitles them to practice engineering, medicine, accounting and any other profession they have a desire to without a license in that profession.

    • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

      how do they feel about all the looting and destruction…. they all going to wear hoodies to school, too??

      • akansan

        I don’t know. We start talking and he thinks I am far right. I think I am moderate and he goes left. He is a good Kansas kid though.

  • Guest

    Perhaps it is important that there be social unrest in order for there to be a “reason” for martial law. Most of us are not racist and in fact believe that humanity is one race.

  • bobomack

    I’ve had it with the “racist” tag being thrown around by people who are the perpetrators, rather then the victims. This situation had nothing to do with racism. Excessive force, the blue protecting the blue, quite possibly. The media picks and chooses which battles to wage, as well as omitting pertinent facts which changes the narrative of their of the story at hand. One thing is for sure, the liberal media puts out half truths to sell their story and sway the publics opinion of what happened. It’s unfortunate this man died, but it was not from a choke hold and the grand jury saw through these false accusations.

  • Ednar

    Once upon a time, there were journalists who WERE REAL

    journalists & obsessed with finding the truth regardless who was president

    They were non-partisan in their obsession. But since the invasion of
    socialists permeating & inundating in our countries academia …

    our media, our congress, our citizens & our presidents have had this
    communist ideology.

    The media fawns over liberal socialist candidates while excoriating,
    denigrating, berating & crucifying all Republican & conservative
    candidates, always holding them to higher ethical & moral standards.

    They forgive their partisan colleagues as easily as they burn their

    The medias blatant disregard for their traditional role as the

    4th estate & government watchdog has endangered America & eroded
    the notion of a free & fair press.

    Their one-sided
    coverage of President Obama has shredded Americas trust in journalism by
    surrendering its integrity &

    objectivity, thus endangering our democracy & free society.

    Remember when Obama passed a law w/Sen.Coburn

    requiring more transparency via public database of all federal spending?

    Obama complained of the Bush White House as being “most secretive
    administrations in our history” Even chided Hillary for NOT releasing
    her White House schedules.

    Obama has stonewalled
    info about his own; legislative, personal health, education, financing,
    & background records.

    The press, usually banging at the door for candidates to make “full
    disclosure” is strangely quiet about Obama’s stonewalling.

    Anyone know why?

    Our PRESS, aren’t they remarkable? They can find every woman Tiger Woods
    has had an affair with, their text messages, photos, recordings, cause of
    family fights even golf wedge she used on him & the car!

    But same press corp can’t seem to find
    Obama’s BC, college papers, or anyone who knew him in college, how he
    paid for it, what passports he used or how he applied for financial aid
    available only to foreign students!

    In re: to Obama 62 million voted w/o prior knowledge thanks to our press
    corp & media.

    In 2012, people had a choice for more jobs with Romney or more poor people
    & more food stamps with Obama.

    Voters did NOT pick the businessman.

    Voters did NOT pick
    the candidate with the “content of

    character” …

    voters picked a
    candidate b/c of his skin color. more food stamps, more letting the government
    give them everything, they didn ‘t want jobs … they didn’t want to work! They
    wanted wealth redistribution.

    Three significant historical events have been eclipsed by Obama:

    1) Jimmy Carter will no longer be looked upon as the worst president in American

    2) Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton will no longer be recognized as the
    greatest liars in presidential history;

    3) Clinton’s stain on Monica’s dress, and what that did to White House in
    general and the office of the president specifically, will forever pale in
    comparison to the stain and stench of B.O.

    • Harley Quinn

      The fact that you think Jimmy Carter is “the worst president in American history” leads me to believe you never made it past middle school history class… or that you were homeschooled.

      • Ednar

        Harley Quinn,
        Before KING EBOLA came into the picture … CARTER was the worst.
        Read my post again. Try not to make me suggest you failed English comp.
        Now … any other questions before you are dismissed?

        • Harley Quinn

          Let me rephrase… The fact that you consider either Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama to be “the worst president in American history” leads me to believe you never made it past middle school history class… or that you were homeschooled.

          Also, I clearly never asked you a question but I can dismiss myself all the same. 🙂

          • Ednar

            Harley Quinn,
            If you are giving just an opinion, then leave with your tale between your legs.

            But if you are stating a fact, then PROVE IT.
            Engage me & let’s discuss this at length.

            So … what is your comment as to WHOM is the worst, president & why?
            Am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  • really confused

    Everyone wants to make this big huge issue about white killing black then when the blacks don’t get a punishment they see fit for it they destroy towns and lives and whatnot, but no one cares too much about the blacks killing blacks and they don’t run off to destroy anything when that happens!

  • Marc Abbott

    I could have sworn he died from compression of the neck & chest & ruled a homicide by the medical examiner NOT from heart complications as this story states. I don’t believe race had anything to do with it though, just a cop that lied on the stand (stated he had his arm on the guys torso & it slipped to his neck) & broke department policy.

  • Gary

    This was an unfortunate murder. The cop should be held responsible. The Grand Jury got this verdict wrong.

    • Gail

      Who made you the jury, judge, and prosecutor? Were you there? Are you a doctor? You clearly don’t know what murder is….stupid!

      • Gary

        I do know what their departmental policy is. DON’T choke suspects to death!

  • William Stearns

    I have watched the edited video several times and I am still unable to see how this man resisted. Police in this country are constantly overstepping their authority and harrasing citizens instead of protecting and serving. It is far easier for a police officer to harass and stop a random person for questioning with no probable cause than it is to just patrol and root out real crime. Our Government, and the media are hell bent on creating a racial and class warfare climate in this country. The outcome of this agenda will not be the happy switch to socialism that they want but another civil war that will result in countless needless deaths of Americans and when it is done our real enemies will step in and annihilate the winners

  • Jay Page

    There are more than a few people here in Alaska sharing views in Alaska and elsewhere that think the perp was under control and when in the video he repeatedly pleaded that he could not breathe – would have been the time to release the choke hold.
    You know damn well since this guy had 31 previous offenses that the police knew he had medical conditions and that was not taken into consideration when they kept the choke hold in place. They have a big file on him and cops knew what his condition was. This stinks.

  • Pam

    100’s of years did not lead to this. Racism had been getting better until you get two of the most racist people in the administration that support the media and even bigger racists such as Al Sharpton and Jackson

  • Bryant Hill

    Why are WE not going after the media? Are the pussies in D.C. scared?

  • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

    If Garner was being “choked” then explain how the hell he was able to say that he couldn’t breathe? If he can talk he can breathe, it is that simple. Don’t believe me? choke yourself to the point that you can’t breathe and try to talk…..

    Now, do a google search and look for other things that can cause you to be short of breathe, HEART ATTACK, really? An overweight black man having a heart attack? I don’t believe it!!

  • James Donahoo

    This whole thing goes back to the laps of the city and state legislatures,who think that we aren’t smart enough to take care of our own lives,and in this they invade our lives with stupid laws they enact in the pretence of protecting us.The police have no choice of which laws to enforce,and which ones not to,but our elected officials that are of the people;for the people,think that they have the right to make that choice.They either ignore the law completely,or circumvent it by executive fiat,especially the Potus,and the DOJ,using the excuse that 5 million illegal immigrants have not broken any laws,but when they chose to enter this country illegally,they broke the law.What if the american people decide they want to pick and choose which laws they want to obey and which ones they don’t,we will then have an anarchy,they work for us so we should be the ones choosing which laws should be enforced,if you don’t like the law,eliminate it the proper way by introducing legislation and let the people vote on it .Each time we let them take care of us we lose a little of our freedom.

  • Sonny

    If it’s illegal, it’s illegal. You can’t decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore. There are laws for that reason.

  • pjsolarz

    I’d like to see the original video

  • Stephen H.

    So because a black woman was there, the officer was justified in his use of lethal force? That is the most moronic thing I have read all day. There is a problem in the country in terms of law enforcement, and it’s bigger than race. Granted race absolutely plays a part but it’s not the whole story. At least I have one less news source to read.

  • Lion Heart

    According to you people, the new way to approach racism is to deny it ! You’re all racist and I’m glad are being exposed !

  • Richard H

    There was another mention of store owners complaining of Garner selling cigarettes on the sidewalk.
    Garner had a list of about 6 things wrong with him like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, morbidly obese, etc.
    A properly applied “choke hold” does not truly choke the person. It causes the flow of blood to the brain to be temporarily stopped. Calling it a “sleeper hold” would be more appropriate.
    There was a mention of “positional asphyxiation”.
    When Garner did not submit to arrest: With 4 officers, 2 on each wrist, you would attach 2 sets of handcuffs (1 on each wrist). With the arrestee pushed up against a wall or taken to the ground, interconnect the 2 handcuffs. He would most likely be complaining about his breathing at this time. Question him or stand him and question him. If he needed his inhaler, get it. Summon an ambulance to take him to a hospital or to jail to get medical aid.
    There are procedures for all kinds of situations. It is a matter of training.
    If he had not resisted, he might very well be alive today.
    He was a very experienced criminal and should have known to submit to arrest.
    Sometimes things happen without intent.

  • Hank Smith



    The way you use that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means so quit using it as a tool to act the fool.


  • Cpl. Cam

    The issue isn’t whether this or that cop is a racist individual, it’s that racism is inherent to the system. So the supervising officer was a black woman, so what? She clearly knew that when it comes to black men there is no such thing as “excessive force.”Blacks would be better off with individual racists as cops and a system of laws that actually protected them from police predation. What’s the point of not hating someone for the color of their skin if you don’t care whether they live or die anyway? All this is is another message to cops that black lives don’t matter, that’s where the racism lies. What’s in these two cops hearts individually is irrelevant.

  • Kevin Stall

    Re-watching the video, it should be noted it took 4 policman to get the man down, And also pay attention to what he said. “I told you last time (when they arrested him) that he didn’t do anything. He knows after 31 arrests how to behave and the fact that he had no cigarettes on him means nothing. Drug dealers learned to have them in a 2ndary place to store the goods, you pay him the money and then go and pick them up from a friend with a car or someplace. This just makes it harder to catch him. This has nothing to do with his colour just the fact that he is a career criminal who knows the ins and outs of the system. He knows what to say. As a big guy myself, Those first 2 cops he could have batted them around easily. The guy who put the choke hold on him did so knowing that he was in a position to be hurt quite badly. All Gardner had to do was back him into the wall and he would have been in severe pain.

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    I would like to see the video of the other 31 times he was arrested. I’m betting he had to be wrestled to the ground those times as well… stupid is as stupid does. If you resist arrest, you’re in for a fight. If he complied, and allowed himself to be cuffed he’d be alive today. Nobody’s fault but his own.

  • Bill Lins

    New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio angrily told how he instructed his own Black son to “act differently around police”.

    How should he “act differently around police”? By treating them with civility & respect? Isn’t that the way he should treat EVERYONE? DeBlasio’s an idiot.

  • white lightning

    Do they still use tasers and pepper spray in NYC?

  • Real Deal

    That gang was ENTITLED to a piece of that cigarette… It’s how they get paid. That black man was trying to take food off their plates!

  • Town Hall Editor

    A naked woman with a butter knife. A 12 year old with a toy gun. A disabled vet in a wheel chair. A fat man selling illegal cigarettes. A 78 year old man suffering dementia. The aforementioned are descriptions of disturbed people dying needlessly at the hand of a militarized law enforcement apparatus. Cops trained to serve in a military style are not obviously not trained, or failed training, as to how to diffuse volatile situations.

    You can go and through the dailys and see whites and blacks are being dropped at a disgusting rate by the very people that are suppose to be there to serve. In fact, I’ve read 2 stories over the last week of people suffering mental disturbances and the family called the Police to get their loved ones professional help and the cops ended up shooting the disturbed family member. Two phone calls I know the families regret making.

    Let’s get past the race baiting and political partisanship and look at the real problem. I believe the problem is police training. Perhaps they can take a que from Certified Nursing Assistants who work in violent dementia wards that have their lives “threatened” everyday, but seem to walk out alive.

  • mrb

    Read yesterday of 3 black taking the tips of one female. Where is that in the neews of the big 3 and CNN?

  • Kara

    Oh a black person was there…well surely that makes the entire debacle acceptable. Eye roll.

  • Debbie Hillman

    So why was the cop allowed a choke hold? His life could not have been in danger if other cops were there to help contain him and the only time you can use a choke hold is when your life is in danger. Answer that. Plus the Sergeant was there. She should be fired. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  • Judith Koenigs

    Hey some cops are good some are bad just like the rest of the human race . Some people react different when confronted in different situations, come on I have seen grown men freak out over a spider or some other bug, So the guy freaked out over the police officers .

  • Carol Marie

    garner was a career criminal who made an executive decision that day, to resist arrest. period, end of story.

  • lorenvpf

    As I said in one of my earlier posts, all this over paying “sales tax” on the sale of individual cigarettes? So, for not paying 5 cents in tax for the sale of a cigarette, the guy looses his life. Great society.

  • Matthew Evans

    The discussion should be not about race, but about police who aren’t doing the job that they are hired to do. I’m a WHITE man and I’ve been dealt with by the police like this many times. It’s not a RACE issue, it’s POLICE issue.

  • George Murrey

    As we all know, for the most part, the media is the lapdog of the pres. They will always show us what they want us to see, not what actually is and what really occurred. Welcome to obame’s world.

  • Sauger_stockBC

    Ironic that it was a quality of life type of beef. Think he ever sold a smoke to any underage kids? The quality of Mr Garner’s life is what led to his death . He had no respect for anyone’s life even his own.

  • BeFreeIL

    I agree with Vietnam Vet that the biggest issue was Garner’s uncooperative response, making the takedown necessary and justified. That said, it’s alleged, by lefties and the race baiters, that he was essentially choked to death by Officer Pantaleo and that the whole episode was motivated by racism against a POC. The latter is debunked by this article and other details. Unfortunately, the former is perpetuated by repeated reference to a “choke hold”. There’s no way this was a choke hold.
    – Garner was audible and therefore breathing throughout the scuffle.
    – There was no injury to his trachea.
    Hence, not a ‘choke’ hold. It was a headlock.
    His breathing difficulty would be fully attributable to his asthma, which, while unfortunate, was no fault of the police. In the end his death was entirely due to his very poor physical condition. While it could be said that the altercation created the anxiety and stress that lead to the cause of death, in no way was it manslaughter or murder.

  • tax man

    The Grand Jury got it right AGAIN! Nothing to do with race, just a criminal resisting a legitimate arrest! If the Sargent had done the take down it would not even be news! If you don’t commit the crimes these bad results will not happen to you!

  • Sarge1retired

    if you can talk you can breath

  • graybuffalo

    Once again before the FACTS are in… if only they (Dems) spent this much time investigating Benghazi. And Fast and Furious. And the Pigford scandal.

  • douglasdileo

    so how did she become a sgt…of course affirmative action did this for her…same in my job..they take the lowest qualified(I thinkt they can tie their shoes) and make them foreman…haven’t a clue about the job or how to lead anything..but here we have affirmative action at work as usual…biggest blight on the American public….smfh…

  • I wouldn’t go as far as to say race has NOTHING to do with it. Clearly it does, otherwise the fact that the seargent is black woulnd’t be a “destroying fact” which it really isn’t anyway.

  • maxwell_brown

    at point here is the fact the guy had 31 prior arrests and knew the drill……..we all would learn the drill after being arrested 2 or 3 times……31 times and resisting arrest…

    • Mark Yarbrough

      Yup, the police knew who they were dealing with; 30 priors that included assault and resisting arrest. Why else would you send that many officers to arrest 1 person? And why would they act so swiftly and decisively to take him down?

  • Ken Williams

    Spread this.

    • Sunshine Sally

      That’s what she said…

  • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

    they are not African americans, they are americans. I am tired of everybody saying african americans, german American, Italian American. unless you were actually born in another country YOU ARE AN AMERICAN regardless of color or where your ancestors came from. let the politicians worry about their jobs; WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND VOTERS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • And the fact that there were black slave owners makes slavery OK?

    • Sunshine Sally

      Sure sounds good to me.

  • David Michael

    Actually, DiBlasio is tying the cops’ hands when it comes to enforcement of the “garbage crimes” that led to such success against larger crimes. Selling “looseys” and the windshield washers are now allowed to harass passersby with impunity.

  • tyrannyofevilmen

    Another fake race riot sponsored by the media.

    In the Trayvon Martin case, ABC alters the 911 tape to make it appear that Zimmerman brought up Martin’s race. In Ferguson, the altercation had absolutely nothing to do with race. And now we find out that we’ve been lied to again and that a black sergeant was in charge of the scene in New York.

    There is definitely a pattern here and it has absolutely nothing to do with the police. It has to do with radical left wing activists in the Justice Department and there sycophants in the media.

  • Pat Warden

    Democrats have never been concerned with truth or justice. They care about pandering to their voting base and fueling the myth of racism to buy votes from welfare blacks and racist blacks.

  • iseegreyhounds

    Race comes into the equation when the cops approached this man and tried to handcuff him for selling single cigarettes. There was no reason to handcuff someone for what amounts to less than a misdemeanor, had he been charged. The tax on 1 cigarette in NYC is about 50 cents. He was clearly being harassed when multiple cops approached him for this ridiculous crime. This would NOT happen to a white man under the same circumstances.

  • mamabear1966

    He was a POS who was in the system with the police already. If he didn’t have anything to hide (maybe those cigs were obtained illegally?) then why resist? The fact of the matter is, you OBEY the police when they tell you to do something! He didn’t obey. I don’t care what color he is, you challenge the police and you get what you deserve! He’s a POS who is off the face of the earth. I’m not wasting any sleep loss on him.

    • PaulRevery

      I’m not OBEYING any unlawful order. What if the officer tells you too walk into traffic or jump off a cliff. Or how about he tells you to stop filming him during his encounter with you. It’s you 1st amendment right and to tell you to stop is an illegal order. I’m not gonna blindly follow any order and OBEY. You’re a special kind of stupid.

  • tom

    Once again “race” is injected into a police brutality story. Why is this fact important at all- that there was a black woman officer present when Garner was in the choke hold? The main issue here is not what color the skin of the participants was in this episode, but the TECHNIQUE that an officer used that has been declared illegal by the NYPD itself and led to the death of a non-compliant suspect. That’s right- Garner WAS non-compliant but this should not be a ticket for cops to endanger lives unnecessarily! I am sure race DOES come into play when many cops have a tendency to “profile” people of color

  • Glenn Kulich

    what so now pigs have doctor degrees. Sorry your a pig you are not capable to make a health call ass hole pigs.

  • Hal Jordan

    That report from “Pix11” says that the supervising officer was Sergeant Dhanan Saminath. So which is it?

  • Tim

    Point is go out and get a real job and don’t break the law and you won’t have any problems with the police no matter what color you are…..TOOOOOOO MANY DUMMFUKS PLAYING THE RACE CARD WHEN THEY HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE LAW!!!!…. I get all the shitty work cause I’m white. Does anyone care?…. lmao….

  • Jerry Dodgin

    Pantaleo is not white, he is Italian.

  • dany

    hey, i’m not north american but latin american. Guys, i admire your country that was supossed to be founded under God. you are lossing your country, react, you guys are lossing your country in front of your eyes. White liberals and most (not all) blacks are your greatest threat!

  • NowThen

    Who wants hustelrs in their neighborhood. Most people don’t. We have laws for a reason and expect people to follow them, regardless of your color or who you think you are.

  • Jens Pedersen

    Race Baiting for Glorification. False Flag from the President down to the Media.
    Lies make their World turn, This is how they get what they want, The Truth will Destroy them.

  • StoptheInsanity

    The irony is that the Mayor wanted to crack down on the illegal sales of cigarettes because of the lost tax revenue. On one hand the government wants to save you from the harmful effects of cigarettes but they still want the revenue that comes from the sales.

    • PaulRevery

      Democrats in action. Nanny state and taxes. Exit NY it’s an authoritarian cesspool.

  • Frank Loftice

    Woooops, once again the race thing blew up in their faces

  • Dutra

    I am still confused; why does it take more than a dozen police officers (uniformed and plain clothes) to subdue this man? He was selling cigarettes! He was frustrated, but certainly not aggressive or in the least bit violent. It just seems like an excessive use of force on the part of the NYPD. Surely not a shining moment for the NYPD. What next, the NYPD SWAT taking down lemonade stands?

    • BuddyLuv

      I agree with you Dutra. The excessive force used to execute search warrants, many times on the wrong house, have resulted in civilian deaths.

  • alnga

    wow that does change the perspective a lot for me. Grand Jury problems occur every where because if a case goes before them they are not allowed to hear from the defense and minds are made up entirely by the evidence that the DA either with holds or gives to them in bits and pieces. Grand Juries are a joke in most cases. Fine folks will be on them but great decisions are not made easily. The grand jury is drawn up and sits for several months at a time on call. The DA will call them when he needs to look good on any given case. Politics and law do not fit well together.

  • THOT Provoking

    Bottom line: A MAN GOT CHOCKED TO DEATH! People can justify anything they believe in, but the fact is HE GOT CHOCKED TO DEATH WHILE IN A PRONE POSITION! THE END

    • BuddyLuv

      He did get choked to death, and that really is a tragedy and frankly shouldn’t have happened. I really do think the police go overboard many times, so I’m not defending them. I nearly got a night stick across my skull for trying to park (illegally albeit). However, I didn’t push the issue. It was ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ until I was able to get out of Dodge. So, why would Eric Garner, who was not in the fittest condition, resist arrest? Why invite trouble? When the police say ‘you’re under arrest’, guess what? You’re under arrest.

      • THOT Provoking

        Do police not have to tell you WHY you are under arrest? I don’t think I would comply right off if someone told me to put my hands behind my back for selling m&ms. Especially if you have plain clothes on…Even if the police say you are under arrest, they are NOT supposed to choke you no matter what. THE ARREST IS NOT THE PROBLEM, NOR IS THE RESISTING PART, ITS THE CHOKE HOLD

        • BuddyLuv

          Well, we don’t know what happened BEFORE Mr. Orta started recording the video. It’s my understanding he was told he was under arrest for selling loosies. If you resist arrest, then the police can use whatever force necessary to affect the arrest.

          • THOT Provoking

            …not true! Police still have to abide by the law but in too many cases, they believe that they are the law! They are only supposed to enforce the law, while still abiding by the law

          • BuddyLuv

            …and here is the problem. The use of force can’t be clearly defined.

            Police Use of Force

            Police enforce social order through the legitimized use of force. Use of force describes the “amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject”[1]. The levels, or continuum, of force police use include basic verbal and physical restraint, less-lethal force and lethal force.

            Police officers should use only the amount of force necessary to control an incident, effect an arrest, or protect themselves or others from harm or death.

            Police should also:

            Ensure that those injured receive medical aid.

            Ensure that the family of any injured person is notified.

            Officers receive guidance from their individual agencies, but no universal set of rules governs when officers should use force and how much.

            The level of force an officer uses will vary based on the situation. Because of this variation, guidelines for the use of force are based on many factors, including:

            The police department’s experience.

            Federal and state mandates.

            Available law enforcement technologies.

            The complex relationships that may exist between the police and citizens in a given jurisdiction.

            Excessive use of force is rare [2].

            The frequency of police use of force events that may be defined as justified or excessive is difficult to estimate [3].

          • THOT Provoking

            …when a policy is put in place to define one aspect of ‘excessive use of force’, that means that if you do whatever ‘IT’ is, it is considered ‘excessive use of force’!…Police STILL have to abide by the law and that is not happening

          • BuddyLuv

            I don’t totally disagree with you. Does NYPD have tasers? Perhaps that would have been a better way to go. However, they cannot just walk away from someone because they don’t want to be arrested.

  • BuddyLuv

    That #CrimingWhileWhite is ridiculous. Just a bunch of white guilt ridden, privileged, liberal hipsters confessing they were let out of speeding tickets five years ago. What a bunch of useless idiots.

  • Beedogz

    Garner was resisting arrest. If he had compiled with the LEGAL orders of the officers on scene he would still be alive to sell untaxed tobacco (and the tax evasion of his profits) today.

  • StoptheInsanity

    Really pisses me off when my posts are deleted by the narrator! So here it is again.

    It isn’t the fault of law enforcement when a citizen breaks the law. When are POC going to wake up and realize the only way to face this problem is to change the way POC are looked at by law enforcement. If you break the law, you can expect to have a run-in with police. POC can continue to rally along side the likes of Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton which has actually hurt POC. These old goats are perpetuating a 50 year ideology on a new generation. They need POC to remain the victim so they can continue to line their pockets with money under the guise of “civil rights.” If POC wants change, then change. Start with the person in the mirror and encourage your family and friends to break away from this ideology and become law abiding citizens. I am fully aware that majority of POC aren’t breaking the law but why are you allowing the thugs to dictate your destiny?

    • StoptheInsanity

      Thanks for repeating my posts. I think I’ve figured it out now with the help of “buddyluv.

  • StoptheInsanity

    Really pisses me off when my posts are deleted by the narrator! So here it is again.

    It isn’t the fault of law enforcement when a citizen breaks the law. When are POC going to wake up and realize the only way to face this problem is to change the way POC are looked at by law enforcement. If you break the law, you can expect to have a run-in with police. POC can continue to rally along side the likes of Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton which has actually hurt POC. These old goats are perpetuating a 50 year ideology on a new generation. They need POC to remain the victim so they can continue to line their pockets with money under the guise of “civil rights.” If POC wants change, then change. Start with the person in the mirror and encourage your family and friends to break away from this ideology and become law abiding citizens. I am fully aware that majority of POC aren’t breaking the law but why are you allowing the thugs to dictate your destiny?

    • BuddyLuv

      I see your post on here twice now. Try the drop down “Sort by Newest”. Maybe yours is on “Sort by Best”, in which case you won’t see your post as it’s not been favorited enough times.

      • StoptheInsanity

        Thanks. I’ve deleted the duplicate but my response to another post was deleted. This was the third time I made this post. Looks like it finally passed.

  • Lee Ames

    “cancelling the successful “stop and frisk” program” The stop and frisk program was the most nazi and unconstitutional program of all. You can not be for freedom and the constitution and agree with such a program that allows police to randomly stop people, the majority of who have not done anything, and frisk them. That is a violation of the 4th Amendment, PERIOD!!!

  • Big Dog9MM

    It was not harassment, it was arrest of a known felon for breaking the law that was passed by the legislature of NY and signed by the governor. The man could have surrendered and put his hands behind him to be arrested but chose to resist. His weight and health issues caused his death.

  • reggie98ud

    Let’s even the playing field, here’s some good hashtags to describe these animals. #ChimpOut #PantsUpDontLoot #BlackPrivilege #MonkeyLoot #LootingWhileBlack If you have a problem with any of these, but not with the ones at the beginning of the article then you are a #Hypocrite.

  • Ty H

    admittedly, I didn’t go thru ALL the comments but nowhere do I see ANY mention, in this article or the reference, of the fact (assuming the article is unbiased, all inclusive & factual) that this would make the sergeant & officer accomplices and I personally believe the officer would have the higher responsibility since he carried out an immoral, unethical & illegal order,

  • How do we even begin to deal with the outrage of over 1,000 citizens being executed in the streets each year without trial? This is the number of police shootings estimated by press compilations since the government and law enforcement don’t even track the real figure. When 84% of surveyed officers admit to witnessing and not reporting excessive use of force, the entire system is corrupt. You can’t call these murders isolated incidences anymore. This brand of pig’s head soup is bitter to swallow at where we’re burning it down.

  • Rizzan

    Saying a black person was in charge invalidates racism is silly.

  • datadon

    It is not the color of ones skin,it is the fact if an individual is going to sin!!!!!!

  • how

    The black business owners in the area called police numerious times to complain
    about Garner and others hanging around their stores and driving away customers. 31 arrests should give us a good idea what the police were dealing with here, #32 didnt go so well for Garner but it could have, he just made a very bad choice to resist arrest.

  • Shutthehellup

    I don’t need to know anybody’s color involved, all I need to know is this was excessive force. That’s that, end of story!!

  • Robert Brumley

    At no time did the officer have him in a choke hold, and the man did not die from smothering to death. Where’s the fu@king proof this was a racial conflict? NONE. This is by the Obama’s media to make it racial to fulfill their agenda. It’s about the Liberal mayor in New York not getting his tax from cigarettes, as he has ordered the NYPD to enforce his tax law on cigarettes. They’d be much better off enforcing laws on drug dealers and rapist.

  • Joe Neuman

    So you’re saying that blacks can not be prejudice against blacks?

  • Rick

    The author of this article has no idea what “racism” is. If you think this article is anywhere close to the truth than please educate yourself on the system.

  • Leigh Monroe

    I don’t care if he was selling crack, when some one is telling you I can’t breathe & goes limp, pretty much any idiot but some of you would at least lessen your chokehold.

  • tomyty

    Resiting arrest doesn’t equate death that the issue

  • american121

    Cigarettes are selling for $13 per pack in New York with the majority of the price being made up by windfall State profits aka Taxes.

    The government has once again created a condition much like that of Prohibition. If the State cannot get their share of the profits, all Hell breaks loose.

    New York created the Black Market and for that, the officer Should Have Been Charged With Murder.

    He died because the State Tax was not being paid!!!!!

  • Jerry Verdugo

    The official report declares that Mr. Garner was being placed under arrest for illegally selling cigarettes without a license in the city of New York. Well, okay, sign the citation, and go to court. That stupid idiot Mr. Garner refused to do so, now he being taken forcefully. It is the law!

  • Cindy Cooke

    Juliet, as Mr. Garner (with more than 30 previous arrests) well knew, selling loose cigarettes is a crime in NYC. The owner of the store outside which Mr. Garner was committing his crime called the police to report the crime. The owner of the store was understandably upset that, because he was complying with the law and charging customers the very high NYC cigarette tax, Mr. Garner was interfering with the store owner’s business. Now, do the police ignore the law because selling so-called “loosies” is a fairly minor crime? Do they let the honest, law-abiding store owner suffer because we don’t want to bother Mr. Garner over such a minor crime? Mr. Garner could have avoided his fate by: 1. Learning from the 31 previous arrests that crime doesn’t pay or 2. Submitting to the arrest without resistance. Police are not required to risk death or injury in order to arrest someone.

  • John Gagne

    I don’t understand why so many officers went to answer a complaint about someone selling cigarettes loose from the pack. I think we may be missing something here!!

  • GibbyD

    race was not an issue but it was still a crime for the police officer to choke to death this man . It was wrong because the officer knew that it was against the police force policy to use choke holds . Since he disobeyed the policy he should lose his job and be charged with man slaughter . Excessive force and police brutality . Zimmerman was innocent , Wilson was innocent but the police officer who choked to death Mr. Garner , should be charged and jailed .

  • L3

    Obama wants an excuse to declare martial law. Think about it.

  • mr lenny

    he was a large man, he resisted, This was tchnically not the choke hold that is banned, the choke hold that is banned i one in which you use the batton to the neck to bring down, he was put down in a headlock a wrestling move similar to a sleeper hold if you watch the video the hold was for no more than 10 seconds you cannot b choked in ten seconds, secondly when you exclaim you cant breath you are in fact breathing, the autopsy showe no damage to the throat, he died from heart , blood pressure and asthma which the officer did not know, you cannot let up on a suspect just because they complain, you need to handcuff them first then they can be assesed, it was the felons fault for not complying, dont judge unless you have been in that situation, police work is a very tough and mostly unthankful job, and as for that asswipe deblasio trying to make this racial, let his kid walk thru bed sti at 2 am and then let me know who he fears police or thugs.

  • Jeremy Parks

    Whew, the fact that it wasn’t racially motivated makes it all ok then. Case closed. Everyone can sleep soundly now!!! Thank goodness!!! *eye roll*

  • BoBo Le Roy

    He died from excessive FAT, not force. He had 31 prior arrests, which makes him a career criminal and more than likely a mental midget. Another big win for the good guys.

  • Daniel Savio

    You think that because the pigs super is black there’s no racism involved? You’re an idiot.

  • keylo

    There is no reason why he had to put him in a chokehold no reason at all

  • BrownGuy

    Can’t believe you guys are extending the truth by so much to push your white agenda. Way to go Right!

  • Stewbert

    This article is irrelevant because I do not hear anyone saying that the cop should be charged with being a racist. Whether he is a racist or not is not relevant to whether or not he should have been charged. And the fact that there was a black female sergeant in charge who did nothing to stop the chokehold, is more an indication of her incompetence rather than proof of anything else. The cry of racism is inevitable because of the pattern of white cops killing black unarmed men but it is not essential to the case against this cop. I hope the family files a wrongful death suit against the police department and the police officer as that is the only way to get a semblance of justice for the death of Eric Garner.

    • Infinite_Spiral

      Why would they sue the police officer? They should be suing the politicians that passed these idiotic laws that led to the confrontation. The police officer was doing his job.

  • dlbTexas

    How is it clear that he is resisting arrest? and just because a black officer was supervising in NO way guarantees that race was not a factor. It is a naive to believe that.

  • jcb

    How come Adoni’s arms are whiter than the white police officers? Why don’t they have a photo of her face? That is kinda strange.

  • donnie

    its all clear to me what the liberals up in Washington are trying to do is have a race war so that they can declare martial law to try and take away you 2nd amendment rights away.

  • Sean Andersen

    Wow that was quite simply the stupidest thing I have read in a long time. It wasn’t racist cause there was a black lady there and we all know black women can’t be racist. What a tool

  • Joey Lynn

    Please stop using terms like “black” and “white” to identify people. Its a sign of ignorance, acceptance of inequality, and it only supports hatred, violence and dischord at a time where we all need to be fighting together

  • Randy Watson

    Without offering my opinion on whether the officer’s use of force was justified, I’ll note that this fact does not “destroy” the racial narrative. It indicates that the use of force may not have been motivated by race, but it does not indicate that the grand jury was not motivated by race. I would be more interested in the makeup of the grand jury. If it was composed largely of black people, then the racial narrative would be “destroyed.”

    • Infinite_Spiral

      The “racial narrative” cannot be destroyed as long as people keep thinking it matters. The make-up of the Grand Jury with respect to race is irrelevant. If you think it is relevant, then you believe race is relevant. If you believe race is relevant, then you believe a decision is not based upon facts, but on people’s bigotry. If you are accusing 23 people (that sacrificed 9 weeks of their lives pouring over 50 witnesses and 60 pieces of evidence) racists, I think you are the one with the problem.

  • UncommonSense

    Democratic tax greed? or simply breaking the law and selling cigarettes on the streets, the only reason you would do that would be to sell them to underage kids, otherwise why bother and just buy them at the store. It wasn’t like he sold them cheaper than what he bought them for. Lets cut the bullshit if you are pretending to cut the bullshit

  • Sharinali

    I am a Democrat and I take offense to your comments. So because you hurt my feelings, can I sue you Jason DeWitt?
    As far as pulling a race card everytime a black person gets arrested…that is getting tiresome.
    If you’re not doing anything wrong and the police want to arrest you, no matter what color you are, you give in and allow the police to do their job. Everything can be squared away down at the police station once you get a lawyer. But to fight being arrested is stupid.
    Where do you think this country would be today without the police officers? How many homes would be broken into? How many cars would be stolen? How many stores would be looted? How many children would be raped? How many spouses would be abused and beaten? How many drunk drivers on the road killing people? Most of these are avoided because of police officers keeping our homes and our lives safe.
    So stop pulling a race card, and give up when the police officer says you’re under arrest. If you didn’t do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. If you did something wrong, get a lawyer.

  • Infinite_Spiral

    Eric Garner case:

    1. The Grand Jury sat for nine weeks
    2. The Grand Jury heard from a total of 50 witnesses. 22 of the witnesses were civilians, the remaining 28 were police officers, emergency medical personnel, and doctors.
    3. 60 exhibits were admitted into evidence. They included 4 videos, records regarding NYPD policies and procedures, medical records pertaining to the treatment of the deceased, photographs of the scene, autopsy photographs, and records pertaining to NYPD training.
    4. The Grand Jury was instructed on relevant principles of law, including Penal Law 35.30 regarding a police officer’s use of physical force in making an arrest.
    5. The Grand Jury consisted of 23 members. All 23 attended every hearing. It takes 12 of them to indict. The Grand Jury filed for dismissal.
    6. At least 12 of the 23, and as many as all 23, after reviewing the evidence, determined there was no probable cause that the police officer had committed a crime.
    7. The Grand Jury was a group of citizens. They are not cops, lawyers, judges, or politicians. They saw much, much more than anyone else has. I think their opinions on the matter have more weight than ANYONE that is bloviating about it.

    The real problem – the one EVERYONE should be upset about – is the victim-less laws that exist all across these United States that cause confrontations between law enforcement and citizens. Every time these confrontations turns tragic, the fact that it should never have been occurring in the first place rests squarely with the politicians that pass these invalid laws and those that continue to elect them.

  • colindenronden

    Guilt does not get
    diluted by sharing it.

  • Juleen

    Someone please tell me how in the hell the sergeant, who was supposed to be in charge, could see what was going on from where the picture places her? Racism is a lazy excuse to cover people doing harm to others, no matter if they are police or not. It’s entirely possible for the black police sergeant to be racist to the black man. She could easily discriminate against him for being an overweight black man. The chokehold was wrong no matter which way you slice it

  • serieberta

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  • Guest123

    A white man must write this bullshit

  • just me

    All I know is when a cop tells you to stop you stop. You don’t get smart you don’t yell and you don’t try to resist. If there was more than one cop on him in public mind you there was a good reason for it. It doesn’t matter if your blue orange black white or purple pocka dotted or striped follow the law won’t have to worry about police point blank period. You want to condemn every officer anytime the do something to a person who is African American yet you.Don’t see tons of riots in the streets if it’s a Caucasian person.

  • Lloyd N Smith

    The Reason why race played an issue is because of all the killing by police officers dealing with African Americans.. I believe that race is brought up because its the only way for us to get attention and say enough is enough. Since everybody don’t want to talk about it… I think thats its the only foot we have to stand on in America because. I also feel that the Eric Garner Case could have happen to anybody but! it didn’t just happen to anybody it happen to a African American that did not deserve what he went through.Now that everybody wanna be politically correct you cant talk about it and solve the issue you have to say everything in a way you won’t offend anybody but. people need to be offended in order to see the dame bigger picture. people need to get out of their comfort zones and get offended because if they don’t then nothing will get better.

  • Alxndr J Khn

    A cop murdered a citizen and got away with it. And some Americans are defending him, for god knows what reason. Wait until you’re on the receiving end of police brutality, and you’ll change your opinion.

  • aberdeem

    Merry Christmas Everyone. Are you one of the ones that are allowing Satan to win?

  • Helen Giles

    Obama and Holder did not comment on the shooting death of Melvin Santigo, Jeffrey Westerfield, Perry Penn, Allen Bares, and Charles Dinwiddie. They are white police officers that have been murdered in the last six months by black men. No one is marching for them. No one is raising money for their families. Sharpton is not speaking up for them. It might be time for whites to stand up for white police officers who give their lives to keep our streets safe. Do you think blacks would march with us. I don’t think so.


    It’s the system that’s racist, you idiot. The cops – whether white, black or brown – work for a system that is inherently racist. Open your eyes and stop being so desperate to prove that racism wasn’t a factor because it absolutely was. You are the problem.

  • motion

    I agree about resisting, but the initial interaction between the police and individual is often race related. Even if racial profiling isn’t used by officers it often is used by people who call police about “suspicious activities.”

  • heykyleinsf

    as an independent without a dog in the fight..
    I see the left cry “racism”
    I see the right cry “it wasn’t racism”

    I see the tape, read the background, watch the comments..

    To me.. it’s on the cops not obeying the law like the rest of us.
    Why should the law only apply to some people?
    And others be exempt?

    If we could get past race for a minute..
    maybe we could see how badly our legal, political and justice system have deteriorated
    because people are too blind to see the over-riding issues.
    after all…. didn’t it say “… And justice for all” somewhere?

    • guest

      Agree fully, said something similar but doubt it will pass moderation. Cops are in the wrong far to often for it to be isolated incidents.

      • guest

        it didn’t

  • Leo Zhao

    Do you not realize that black people can internalize, facilitate, reproduce and collude with white supremacy? How clueless can people be? It is astounding.

  • Stan Sands
  • Hagbard Celine

    That is just plain ignorant claiming a white cop can’t be racist if he has a black supervisor. I don’t think it was racially motivated because most rogue cops hate everybody who isn’t a rogue cop themselves. Not every cop will beat your ass but every cop will testify you resisted.

  • Andrew Glasgow

    You think black people can’t be racist against other black people, you’re nuts.

  • A Fox Among Wolves

    You forgot to mention that the cop has been sued in the past…..

  • Cynthia A. Marshall
    Think about this clip from a documentary being produced……In communities – not just – in Black communities…..have thousands of dollars taken from them instead of being arrested…..if what Mr Garner’s father is saying is true……and I believe it is…..then this sheds an even different light on the subject……Why did the officer say…..This is a ‘personal matter’! when someone tried to intervene on the scent……. Hmmmnnn!

  • Syd Vishus

    TRUTH. Garner had been previously harassed and SEXUALLY harassed by these officers because they were repeatedly shaking him down for money!! Eric was filing a formal complaint against the police officers for this corrupted behavior. It was a retaliatory move and an act of vengeance!!

  • Ravenravings

    The presence of a black supervisor–if in fact she was that– doesn’t make it nonracial or racist. U people r so ignorant. Moreover, if is difficult to accept that she was supervising 15 feet back, peering through others crowded around. Also, hard to believe because she doesn’t appear at all in the aftermath when the officers are mulling around, treating Garner like a slab of meat. Further, an officer’s trstimony in support of another officer in s hearing meant to expose an officer’s misconduct isn.t we oryh the punctuation with which I end this sentence. Police rewuire esch other to lie in that setting on threst of death. Finally,, may the treatment u deem as justice for the D e unsrm men be urs. Who doesn’t want justice.

  • dcb

    So by analogy, if you’re a man and your boss is a woman and she witnesses you feel up the female secretary against her will, and then when asked about it she (the boss) says “Yeah, she has a nice rack so no harm no foul.” that means that sexism wasn’t involved in your sexual harassment of the secretary? wtf?

  • Linda

    It was not seen because it would not inflame the the idiots walking the streets. They are more interested in being criminals than the truth.

  • drevulphd

    Two things here its not Democratic tax greed, these taxes were voted in during 2 republican administrations, Pataki and Gulliani and also Bloomberg raised taxes on cigarettes. Laws are put in place for a reason the law makers are put in place by voters of districts and communities. The Police enforce the laws of the Government. Now to say who is the injured party here? The people of the State of New York, The People of the City of New York where the taxes from the cigarettes is supposed to be reinvested back into the state and cities.are the damaged parties. Not just the store owner its every store owner that does business legally are the damaged parties.
    I am sorry that this man died, I am sorry his family lost him, but in reality he is to blame for aall that has taken place as the police never would have been there if he did not start the process of Illegally selling the cigarettes in the first place and then resisting arrest! Once someone resists arreswt anything can happen, they try to do things carefully but it also has to do with the party being arrested and how he is reacting. So Garner is at fault for the whole process.

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