The Difference Between High School in 1970… and 2015


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News



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  • Herman Vogel

    The reason? Well, at that time we had MORE Two Parent families and ONE was at home when the kids got there,,,and the FAMILY did things together and not on a piece of electronic JUNK.

  • Herman Vogel

    WE and ONLY WE brought this on ourselves. By being irresponsible and Not teaching our KIDS right from wrong. Not being Good parents and there for our kids instead of being wrapped up in ourselves and our jobs and letting the schools teach immorality and not correcting it. Disgusting what we have done to ourselves.

    Where are we now?
    These things we have done and these results we have allowed to happen.

    We have gone:

    From bondage to spiritual faith
    From spiritual faith to great courage
    From great courage to liberty
    From liberty to abundance
    From abundance to complacency
    From complacency to apathy
    From apathy to dependence
    And From dependence back to bondage

    Where are we now, and where are we heading???

  • Matt

    “Capitalism has created perverse incentives” believing this inaccuracy is part of the problem, not the solution. The socialist agenda, everyone gets a trophy for showing up, hurt feelings aren’t fair and whether anyone wants to see it or not, the concept of prayer (not the ideology) propelled the fundamentals of respect for higher power forward. Whether it promoted a belief or “pitched a religion” is a moot point. Today’s entire society is breeding ground for apathy, poor poor me syndrome and let’s use our smart phones to record this: gang rape, violent ass beating, shooting, drug overdose etc. and radical Islam is not Islamic…seriously.

  • Joyce Riebe

    Kids are no longer allowed to be kids. Sad world that don’t let kids learn from their mistakes and lets them become responsible adults.

  • Janet Kerce Weir

    Gonga, I do NOT and WILL NOT accept your defeatist attitude. You are describing the current administration. It is corrupt and amoral except for a few true Americans. The majority of our population supports them, not the abusers you describe. They are NOT AMERICANS. Please do not confuse the two.

  • American Combat Vet


    You elected them…Why not fix it.. oh yea your AMERICANTS and don’t remember how to think for yourself…

  • Dewey Patnode

    I think they asked Lars if he wanted brains. He thought they said trains and didn’t want any, This politically correct crap has been going on long before we ever heard of a guy named Obama. Lars get off the racist kick.

  • ardentdg

    lol what a joke, trust you? the mantra of the person that knows they are talking out their ass but have to convince themselves and try to convince others too.

  • ardentdg

    In a perfect world all parents would do their job preparing their kids for adulthood, but you can’t sit back on your haunches and live in an ideal caricature of the world just because you have some things figured out (well I guess you could but you only point yourself out as not living in reality). Some of these kids spend more time at school than with their own parents, it is the equivalent of a full time job, and yet they are basically allowed to do whatever they want, if they do anything bad enough they get a time out and then get to stay home for a few weeks… I know kids that would get suspended just because they knew all they would get was a vacation. The system is screwed up. If you want to keep the charade alive, then you need to feel responsible for all the kids that end up basically getting NO parenting at all because the schools can’t and the parents wont. If a child doesn’t need discipline they don’t get it, this isn’t brain surgery. But keep living in your dream world where you tie the hands of adults that want to help from guiding youth, while you turn a blind eye to all the adults that don’t give a crap enough or work so much they don’t have the ability, or just plain don’t have the ability, lol, a lot of that going on now too.

  • ardentdg

    lol laughable, primarily because correlation doesn’t equal causation. It clearly couldn’t have been lawsuits by parents, or children divorcing their parents, or teachers that really were abusive, or budget cuts at the state and federal levels… CLEARLY because people didn’t bow their heads for a few seconds every day ALL the problems in schools happened. But you know eating margarine will make you divorce in Maine… Wake up.

  • ardentdg

    praying doesn’t teach those things, and religion has been around forever and yet there still are people who are jerks, but back then teachers could DO something about it. At least until parents started suing the holy hell out of the system for it. Society has changed, but the religions are still booming keeping steady representation and influence. You can keep trying with the false logic and clear misunderstanding of correlation and causation, but it is not a parallel or even grounded in any rational thought. Religion doesn’t have a monopoly in being a decent person, all the pedophile priests will prove that to you. People are tied by the law, and people outside of schools made all those laws. what happened in the schools is hardly the issue… especially prayer. Pray in your homes, because if you believe prayer works then it wouldn’t matter where it happens.

  • Lee Hanscom

    What changed?

  • raghead

    We let in all the politicians that approved this crap. We are stuck with it now. Had my 38 stolen from my 66 Plymouth in 73 and got it back from a passing Tampa Officer as he had caught the guy. I was 15 at the time so he kept the bullets and advised me to keep it in the trunk instead of the glove box.
    Used to keep my 30-30 and 12 in the car during hunting season as my buds and I would cut class and go hoggin, not old enough for the bars!
    Never locked our cars or home back then and you could expect to get plugged if you violated that trust.
    Could go on but what’s the point, we can’t go back, we can only go forward.

  • no

    too bad none of this has anything to do with him.

  • rosytoesies

    How true! What a great post. We have gone to the dogs. And through no choice of the majority of the American people!

  • Sue Achramowicz

    Unfortunately these scenarios are only to true – we and our country desperately needs to go back to using “Common Sense” instead of the ‘coddling’ and ‘extreme reactions’ that has taken over our society and school systems !!

  • lesly fernandez

    make california its own country

  • lesly fernandez

    make california its own country!!!

  • DannyTRocha

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  • roxie

    I still say “video games”

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  • Don’t get me wrong, I hate his guts and my head isn’t stuck in the ground. You should see my Facebook page. I’m NOT a fan of this President and never will be!!!

  • Robert Schwartz

    You are right it begins with the Bush family and gets worse with Oasshole!!!!


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