That Extra Loop on the Top of Running Shoes? Turns Out, We’ve Been Using it Wrong All These Years.

by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

Kyle Becker of IJReview discovered a video clip that is blowing people’s minds:  something that’s been right beneath our noses all these years – what that top loop on a pair of running shoes is actually for…

While a lot of people can easily guess that it’s for better ankle support, there’s a twist: The best way to get the maximum value and support out of that top hole is toreverse loop the laces through.

Then you make some “bunny ears” with the loop (watch the video for how to do that), and then lace the ends through each side, and come back to tie your shoes.

This not only gives you better ankle support, but it makes the heel fit more snugly against the shoe, preventing that all-too-familiar abrasion and toe-cramping that can come from your feet sliding forward in the shoes while running.

I can attest to the fact that since I have used this method, I never, ever get a blister on either ankle.

What else have we been using wrong all these years?


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