Texas Tells the NFL: Your Gun Rules Don’t Apply Here

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by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Back in December, TRN exposed the National Football League’s hypocrisy in banning a pro-gun ad while permitting anti-gun ads during the Super Bowl.

The NFL had banned retailer Daniel Defense from running a clever ad that endorsed the 2nd Amendment — without even mentioning guns or showing on onscreen. The League at the time told TRN it was trying to avoid “controversial subjects.” But this was proven false when the NFL permitted the very controversial anti-gun ad featuring Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino, who head Mayors Against Gun Violence.

Now the NFL has passed a new rule that bans off-duty law enforcement officers from bringing guns into stadiums. Fans across America have expressed outrage. Minnesota police associations have sued the NFL.

But Texas is simply rejecting it — telling the NFL: your gun rules don’t apply in the pro-gun Lone Star State.

While the NFL memo states “off-duty officers who attempt to bring firearms into an NFL facility will be denied entry,” KTXA-TV reports Texas state law allows off-duty officers to carry so long as they check in at designated gates and let stadium officials know where they are sitting.

This flies in the face of an NFL memo that declares that off-duty officers who “attempt to bring firearms into an NFL facility will be denied entry.”

Ron Pinkston of the Dallas Police Association told KTXA that the Texas law is “sensible.”

“Our officers are 24/7, on or off duty, and if they run into a critical incident – they are required to take action,” Pinkston said. “Our officers will be allowed to carry their weapon into AT&T Stadium and other football stadiums in the State of Texas due to Texas law.”

Off-duty police officers in Texas are known to carry their firearms at all times because their oath requires them to “protect and serve the public.”

Radio host Glenn Beck, who recently moved his entire company to Texas said he simply can’t understand the prudence of publicly acknowledging a certain area is essentially gun free. Though the NFL believes its stadiums already provide adequate security and, therefore, armed off-duty police officers are unnecessary.

“I don’t understand,” Beck said. “Really, it is like, ‘Hey, come and shoot a bunch of people here because nobody has any guns. Wasn’t there just a study that actually all of these mass shootings have been done in no-gun zones? It’s like 95 or 99 or 100% of them,” Beck asked. ‘There’s a reason people don’t attack police stations.”

Once again, the NFL seems to be out of touch with an American public — their viewers — which is more pro-gun than ever. Thankfully in Texas, sanity — and the Constitution — prevails.

Gina is a Texas Mom of 4, an avid hunter, and passionate defender of our Constitutional rights.

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