Texas Salon Owner Tells Bernie Her Business Can’t Afford Obamacare… His Response Says It ALL

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A small business from Texas confronted Bernie Sanders about exploding health care costs under Obamacare, telling him she simply can’t afford to provide insurance for all of her employees.

During CNN’s Ted Cruz-Bernie Sanders debate, the business owner, who operates several hair salons in Texas, asked Sanders how she can comply with Obamacare without passing on costs to customers or lowering her employees’ wages. She said she has just under 50 employees.

“Let me give you an answer you will not be happy with,” Sanders replied. “I think that businesses that employ 50 people or more… I’m sorry, I think that in America today, everybody should have health care. And if you have more than 50 people, you know what, I’m afraid to tell you, I think you will have to provide health insurance.”

The business owner quickly shot back:

“So my question is how do I do that without raising my prices to my customers or lowing the wages to my employees?”

Sanders went on to argue that it’s “unfair” that there might be “somebody else in Fort Worth who is providing decent health insurance to their employees,” but they have to compete with her business that doesn’t provide an employer-based health care plan.

“I think you’ll find the profit margin in my entire industry about the same,” the business owner replied.

The reactions to the exchange were harsh:

So THIS is the “New Democrat leadership?”

A 75-year old Communist who has utterly no comprehension of how the economy works, a 73-year old House Leader showing clear signs of losing her mind, and their “top 2020 prospect” — an unhinged Senator from Massachusetts who lied about being a Cherokee Indian to advance her career, but lectures the GOP on “character“?

Has the Democrat party ever been more out of touch?


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