Texas Mom Says She’ll Home School Her Child After The ‘Truly Frightening’ Thing a Teacher Told Her


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A Texas Mom was so “horrified” by what her child’s kindergarten teacher said that she is planning on home-schooling her daughter after Christmas break.

And it should chill other parents to the core — Common Core, that is.

Cassidy Vines recently began noticing a change in her daughter’s behavior. The kindergartner began to “snap” at her mother when she tried correcting the little girl’s homework.   “She told me that I was her mommy, not her teacher.”

Mrs. Vines, in a stunning interview on Glenn Beck’s radio program, said that a few days after her daughter first snapped at her, she started pronouncing a word incorrectly. Vines corrected her daughter “in the most gentle way possible,” but her daughter broke down crying, saying “that’s how she was taught, and I can’t tell her something different because I’m a mommy, not a teacher.”

Horrified, she asked her daughter,  “Is somebody telling you this at school?”

“She said, ‘Yes, I’m only allowed to learn from my teacher,’” Vines remarked.

As recounted on TheBlaze, Vines requested to meet with the teacher several times, but said she never got a response.

So she went to her routine parent-teacher conference “armed with a slew of questions,” hoping her daughter had misunderstood what was being said at school.

Vines said she explained what was happening, and kept waiting for the teacher to deny it, but it never happened.

“[The teacher] goes on to tell me that they try to discourage parents from introducing contradictory concepts to ‘our’ children,” Vines said. “Our children. As in the school’s children? I was a little baffled. And so when I started talking about my daughter, I emphasized mydaughter. So I asked her, ‘Am I not allowed to help her with her homework?’

Vines was shocked when the teacher responded that no, they “don’t want parents confusing the kids.”

It got worse. Much worse:

Vines wrote on Glenn Beck’s Facebook wall about the incident, sharing how, in the same parent-teacher conference, the teacher said in front of several parents that the pilgrims were “essentially America’s first terrorists.”


“I don’t even know what to say about this,” Beck said. “I get so uptight about this stuff. This is the stuff that enrages me.”

Beck saluted Vines for making the decision to home-school her daughter, but asked how much longer parents will even have the option to home-school. Beck said this was approaching “Hitler Youth stuff.”

Islamic indoctrination. Spying on their parents’ medicine cabinets. And now excluding parents entirely from the teaching process? This is your nation’s educational system on Common Core.

WATCH the entire interview here:

  • Gloria Haynes

    This is utterly astounding.

  • john

    indoctrination plain and simple

    • canucksam

      The dumbing down of America’s chldren through brain washing.

      • Jason Pritchett

        Indoctrination is FAR worse than “dumbing down”, in my opinion. They are different, neither are acceptable.

        • Boganis

          Both are wrong and it is painful to watch our country being destroyed by our government.

          • Ralph Joseph

            There-in lies the problem Boganis, instead of fighting, we’re WATCHING our country being destroyed.

        • Bo Treat


      • Pelon

        There is no dumbing down of Americans children. The U.S. scored below the PISA math mean and ranks 26th out of the 34 OECD countries. On average, 13 percent of students scored at the highest or second highest level on the PISA test, making them “top performers.” Fifty-five percent of students in Shanghai-China were considered top performers, while only nine percent of American students were.

        One in four U.S. students did not reach the PISA baseline level 2 of mathematics proficiency. At this level, “students begin to demonstrate the skills that will enable them to participate effectively and productively in life,” according to the PISA report.

        Even the top students in the United States are behind: This year, the PISA report offered regional scores for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida. Massachusetts, which is a high-achieving U.S. state and which averaged above the national PISA score, is still two years of formal schooling behind Shanghai. http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2013/12/american-schools-vs-the-world-expensive-unequal-bad-at-math/281983/

        • A.b. Eberly

          Those numbers are not factual and were manipulated by the US Government and the teachers union. While I agree we need better educated children in America the fact is that American kids are not as dumb as led to believe by bogus test scores.

          • Ronda

            I don’t agree. Have you ever watched “Watter’s World” on Fox? They go to colleges and ask questions about things kids should know. They seldom get an intelligent answer. It would be hilarious, except that it’s just pathetic. I have a friend who is a teacher. She says that teachers “teach to the tests” and I just don’t have the heart to tell her that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. They should be teaching the basics. Let the rest fall where it will, as long as our children are learning how to read, write (yes, cursive!) do math and learn history, geography and science, they will be able to function in a well informed society. And when they go to college, they won’t have to take remedial courses to learn what they SHOULD have been taught in high school.

          • joeprovideo

            My daughter writes all her notes in cursive, the kids around her can not read her writing. The teachers are baffled that she writes cursive. We home schooled for a few years, then private school. We went to public now because we can not afford the price of private high school. My brother is a public school teacher and he indicates that we must include all scores in our testing even from the lowest of special ed. Thus creating a false narrative that our students score even lower… This allows for the NEA to get billions more for education. None of the other countries include Special ed scores in their systems…. always follow the money, especially gov. run anything…

        • munkeephun

          Even if those numbers were accurate, is it any wonder? There are 1.8 million illegal aliens in our school system, 22.5% of school-age children live in homes where a language other than English is spoken and 25.8% of kids’ families live below the poverty level. What do you think they are leaning?

          • Monica Jean Potts

            They ae learning how to live off the government

        • Ronda

          What do you mean, “there’s no dumbing down of Americans children.”??? You go on to prove that it’s true and has been true for generations now. Our children consistently prove lower intelligence than a lot of other countries. Especially Japan. It takes more than 12 years for our children to learn 1/2 as much as Japan’s children learn in 6 years. All you need do is look at the quality of the tests from the 20’s – 50’s and compare them with the quality of tests from the same age group now. The difference will leave you stammering, duh!

        • candys

          There is no dumbing down of American kids because that goal has already been accomplished by our benevolent government! Carter federalized our schools and they have disintegrated ever since. We are busy teaching useless PC to the kids while other countries are teaching math and science.

        • DTL

          In central ca. my 5th grade son’s school has 215 english learners out of 256 total . K – 6th . Any wonder scores are low . I’m glad he does’n have a bi-lingual teacher . My 8th grader comes home and tells me half the class time was in spanish in some classes . How great is america ?

  • 3VWdriver

    ALL parents NEED to go to the School Board, en mass, and CONFRONT them… PERIOD.

    • bigsurprise

      E X A C T L Y ….Parents need to be speaking up about a LOT of things, including what the school feeds their children , and how much homework, and saying NO to those HEAVY backpacks that are causing scoliosis !!! Decades ago…children were allowed to be children and age 5 was kindergarten, and that grade they played mostly and got use to socializing and learning to share and took naps…NO MORE !! Now they are starting school at 4 and Texas Newly elected Governor wants to give 4 year old standardized tests…. BRING school back to putting prayer and the pledge at the beginning of the day, which puts kids in a mindset to be kind to each other and be proud of the free country they live in….TEACH them while they are IN school…and give minimal homework…SO THAT they can have extracirricular activities and a LIFE …AND put PE and Proper recess back in school…KIDS NEED TO EXPEND THAT ENERGY , and in a day of too much TV and Video…They NEED the exercise !!!! And schools need to be providing natural good food again …not GMO,s prepackaged foods with food colorings and preservatives…Use the Jamie whoever project who went to some schools to teach them how to prepare good healthy food …. FIND OUT what they are PLANNING to teach your children ahead of time…and DO NOT ALLOW them to be indoctrinated . PARENTS need to go to the school board and DEMAND these things !!! PARENTS….YOU OWE THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN ….

      • Dodging bullets in Salinas

        You would make a GREAT teacher! 🙂

        • Hanzo

          Sarcasm, right?

          • Fair1

            This is what parents get when they allow the state to raise/educate their children so they can have both parents working full-time. We Americans ,as a majority, have bought into society’s pressure that you are not providing for your family if you don’t have at least 3bedroom 2 bath 2000 square ft house with 2 nice car payments in a “safe” neighborhood. The majority of Americans cannot afford that with the father as the sole provider and the mother being a stay-at-home mother raising/educating the children. And don’t tell me it can’t be done because we did it as a nation up until WWll, as a majority. We Americans just absolutely refuse to live within our means at the sacrifice of the true “family” life as we ALL know it was designed to be

          • Hanzo

            Yeah, next time try to tell me something I don’t know, or that I didn’t already post, as above. lol. 😉

      • Thesystemiswrong

        I am with you right up to the prayer part. What God are you going to pray to? This is a country founded on the ideology of freedoms. And one is the freedom of religion. I myself am atheist, but I believe that everyone has the right to their own God. So when you bring prayer into school, whose God are you going to pray to? I agree with the pledge. You are in the USA, you should pledge your support and allegiance to your country. I agree on feeding children good foods. I also agree with the PE and recess. We also need to put more effort in actually teaching for knowledge and not teaching for tests. In a perfect system children would be evaluated throughout elementary (not by testing, but by observation) and their strong subjects would be noted. Then from middle school on they would have an individual plan that focuses on their strengths. If the child shows a particular skill with math, then mathematics would be the focus. Same with science, arts, music and such. We are too concerned with everyone being the same and not hurting feelings. That is why the US education system is failing.

        • bigsurprise

          Does not everyone who has a religion, and worships the God of their choice call them “God” ..so saying a prayer to their God in heaven should fall under everyone who has a religions God . And I believe it is a way to bring a persons mind to consciousness of kindness and caring, which benefits all the children in school…..Where is the harm ?? And for those who are ahiests….how about just observing a moment of silence to meditate on the day to come….who is it harming for them to just sit quietly and do their own thing if they do not want to participate in a prayer that incorporates doing to others what you would want them to do to you ?? Surely even an athiest would want that ?

          • LawrenceB

            Not everyone who has a religion calls their deity “God” and many would actually take offense to their deities being called something that could in their minds associate their religion with another they disagree with. Also, there is a ridiculously huge number of different ways of prayer for different religions. Your lack of concern for these issues, as well as the way you say “Surely even an athiest would want that” shows how much you look down on anyone without the same religion as you.

          • Thesystemiswrong

            I understand what you are saying, and yes it would be nice if it were that simple. But the reality is that every religion does not call their god by that name. Some call him Jehovah, Allah, and various other names. The word God is actually a title, not a proper name. Add to that the fact that there are many different customs to the way they pray. Also, it is harmful for children to “sit quietly” and not be a part of the group. It opens them up to ridicule by their classmates. It puts the social pressure to fit in. Why do this? I do not believe that religious practices should be a part of public school. Yes I believe in teaching wrong from right. And yes I agree that children should be taught to respect others and have empathy for others. And all of that can be taught without interjecting religion.

          • bigsurprise

            Perhaps a good alternative is not to say a prayer , per se then, and call it a pledge …and incorporate some positive energy words like…. Today is a great day and I will do my best and make the most of it. I will be kind to others as I would want them to be kind to me. ”

            Just something to get a positive mindset and make the kids realize tht they need to treat others like they want to be treated , so that the cruelties and bullying can be squelched through starting the day in a positive way ….What woudl you think of that ?

          • Hanzo

            Yeah, more groupthink and positivity crap, that’s what we, and our children, need. How about tossing the social engineering garbage in the dust bin of history, where it belongs? Instead we could focus on the fundamentals of true learning. I’m so glad I chose to homeschool my 3 children.

          • Hanzo

            Gone full retard, have we? Let’s refute one, just one, of your “points” you spewed on your pc monitor screen. When using God, with a capitalized ‘G’ it’s a name, not a moniker. Derp. Go back and try for that GED again.

          • DirkPotters

            Wrong @Roybot007:disqus
            The word “God” capitalized is a title; in the same way the word “President” is a title.

            Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;

            Translation to more modern English and using the correct name…

            Exodus 20:7 You shall not take the name of YHVH thy God in vain.

            The Strong’s Concordance to the King James bible shows the name of God as “YHVH”, and the Hebrew word means; “the existing one”.

            Just as Rene Descartes pointed out that “I think, therefore I am”; that is, “I exist”. The LORD (“YHVH”) told Moses at the burning bush that “I am that I am”, when Moses asked for His name.

          • Ancelmo Pederasty

            The word God is actually a title, not a proper name.

            Where did you pull that one from? Yes, God is a proper name. I think you’re confusing God with “Christ”, which IS a title.

          • GuBEE

            God has a name, and it is not “God”, which is a generic title like “Dad”. To a Christian, “God” with a capital “G” refers exclusively to the Christian God, but it is still not his name.

          • Hanzo

            Wrong. God with a “small g” is the generic form like “dad”. Come on.

          • Jenny Garnsey

            In Christianity and the faith in our God, God is his title. As well as the King of Kings. You also need to please stop calling people names. It is uncalled for. The word Retard should never be used as an insult. Only ignorant people use such words as a bad name. Lastly, calling someone a name because you believe their thoughts to be wrong and then telling them to go back to school is uncalled for and juvenile. Respect for others is a fundamental that all children and adults should learn.

          • Hanzo

            You need to stop telling other people what to do. Who do you think you are …. God?
            Get a life, read a good book on the proper usage of the English Language. Just because you’re a so-called Christian doesn’t mean you have to be illiterate.

            Btw, ‘retard’ shouldn’t be capitalized in your post. Retard means to slow down, contrary to your pc beliefs. You need to get your head on straight. Also, “King of Kings” refers to Jesus, not God. You do know they are not the same entity, right?

          • DirkPotters

            Also WRONG @Ancelmo Pederasty
            The word “God” capitalized is a title; in the same way the word “President” is a title.

            Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;

            Translation to more modern English and using the correct name…

            Exodus 20:7 You shall not take the name of YHVH thy God in vain.

            The Strong’s Concordance to the King James bible shows the name of God as “YHVH”, and the Hebrew word means; “the existing one”.

            Every time you see the phrase “the LORD” in the Old Testament it is referring to the actual name of God (YHVH)

            as Rene Descartes pointed out that “I think, therefore I am”; that is,
            “I exist”. The LORD (“YHVH”) told Moses at the burning bush that “I am
            that I am”, when Moses asked for His name.

          • Hanzo

            ….. we’re discussing proper use of the English Language, not our preferences of which Bible translation we cherry pick our usage of grammar from. Try again. You’re patently obfuscating the issue, with lame attempts at perceived philosophy, somehow tying it into grammar? Huh? Wow.

          • Jenny Garnsey

            I’m a God fearing woman, but I have to agree with Thesystemiswrong. Suggesting that kids who are non-believers just sit in silence while the other kids pray is the same thing we’re getting angry over with indoctrination. That and the children who are not praying would feel left out.

        • Dave Andre

          I’m not an atheist but I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. I like the idea of a curriculum based on a child’s strengths. I do think a students should still be taught all the basic subjects like math, English etc.

          • Hanzo

            …. and just who, and how, in the hell would decide what your “child’s strength’s” are? How about sticking to the “3 R’s”?

          • Dave Andre

            My strengths were art & music and I make my living in graphic design. I agree that students need math, English and history. Is there a reason we can’t find a balance?

          • Hanzo

            For over 150 years our country had no “public school system” and we seemed to do ok.
            The DOE is a construct of the 70’s, the 1st true advocate for centralized public education was John Dewey, he pushed for public school education in the 1930’s and 40’s.
            In today’s hyper-taxed, over regulated society we find our families need 2 incomes just to survive, let alone flourish. Where’s the balance there? For all of the vaunted efforts of government to educate our children, what have we received? Illiterate, unprepared kids who are taught sex ed at younger ages, and are only set up for failure.
            The 1st step we should take to insure a true, quality education is to abolish the DOE and dissolve the teacher’s unions.

          • Dave Andre

            No argument with anything you wrote here. I’d be fine with getting rid of the DOE and getting back to having school boards elected locally by the parents.

          • Hanzo

            I think we’ve found the balance you speak of, friend.

            At the least we’ve found common ground for a new beginning.

        • doh

          If you are atheist then you don’t count. Go away.

        • faye Paolino

          If you don’t believe in God why are you afraid of him and especially for those of us who do believe in God. So stop hurting our feelings about our God. I am not offended by you being who you are, you should not be offended because I and other’s pray to God.

        • Mr Tony

          If I am praying in school and you are an atheist, why don’t you just look the other way? What business is it of yours? Oh, by the way, you better be right. For your sake.

        • guest01010101010

          you pray to the God you CHOOSE to pray to,,,,, or if you are a non believer… skip it. its BS that those of us who DO believe are forced to abandon our beliefs simply because others MIGHT be offended….. what about what might offend ME??? it highly offends me that I am told I cant do something that is a big part of my day… and as a free American… my constitutional RIGHT…. as a human being my “GOD GIVEN” Right….. I am not out to offend others, but I’ll be DAMNED if I let them offend me…. My children pray in school, and also at lunch…. I DARE someone to tell them they cant…

      • Rachel

        Well said!!!!!!

      • Chris Stallworth

        I agree. How are you going to apologize to your kids years from now, messed up because you sat on your ass?

      • budsma

        Jamie Oliver from England…

    • Herman Vogel

      Yes, over the past few decade the old PTA meetings have been run, more and more, by the Teachers with Less input by the parents. Why, the parents have become lazy. They take there kids to games, weekend sporting events, dance lessens, tennis coaches, etc but complete ignore the One important thing,,,the Schools, where they learn most of what they know. During this time I have also noticed that kids Hate more and more of OUR history and like More of someone else’s. This is the fault of the Parents and NOT the Schools. Remember the Parents ( well the ones that actually PAY taxes) are the ones that Pay for this crap,,,so why don’t they participate in what they Paid for,,,huh.

    • nosocialism29

      It amazes me that Parents are giving up on their responsibilities and letting the school/Government take over. We must get rid of the social programs, and put CIVICS class back in the schools or we will have dumbed down voters forever.
      We MUST abolish DOE !!!

    • cole leblanc

      not gonna happen american idol and monday night football are more important

    • R Home

      The moment you drop your child off at the doors of the public schools, you are admitting to your child that these people are the experts equipped to teach you and not your parents. You are also admitting the very same thing to the educators you are handing them over to. You are giving them the power to make decisions about what your child needs to know without your input. It happens every day. I taught math years ago. I often told my students that there was more than one way to solve a problem, yet they would tell a parent that was helping them with their math, “That is not how my teacher does it.” If you want to have control over what your children learn, then teach them yourself rather than handing them over to the “Experts”. Teaching is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. Your children are your responsibility, not the public schools.

      • Monique Maryssa…

        Thank you thank you thank you! I 100% agree.

      • Blunt Belief

        Teaching is not rocket science, and technically anyone can do it. However, not everyone can do it well.

  • illegalgarbagegohome

    This is what we get when we allow unlimited amounts of foreigners into our country.

    • Idiot, this country was founded by foreigners.

      • NVcountryboy

        When does a person stop being a foreigner and start just being a person living in this country? Did my ancestries have to “travel” here 10,000 years ago or is “just” 160 years good enough??? YES EVERYBODY was an immigrant at one time yet our families have been here for generations and some people still think we are “foreigners.”

        • candys

          You stop being a foreigner when you legally apply for and become a citizen.

        • Amanda

          When they learn our language.

        • Adan Starr

          Not only are they foreigners but the first thing they ever did in America was break the law.

      • candys

        No, it was founded by people who were born here. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, John Adams, Sam Adams, John Hancock, Ben Franklin. Before you call others names, maybe you should actually know what your talking about!

        • @candys They weren’t Native Americans(Indian) so technically.. They were just part of an lengthy invasion of North America.

          • candys

            Indians are not Native Americans, they can’t be native to a country that didn’t exist. That is a term coined by the PC crowd. Indians were not from this continent either, they crossed the land bridge to get here. People make counties not geography. They were killing each other off before the English showed up.

          • Prejudice much? I guess you prefer “The new world” to “The America’s” which people sailed too? Here first means it was theirs. And let’s not talk about killing each other off. lol The English were the pros at that!! Remember the crusades? I bet you also believe this country was founded on Christian beliefs as well. Jeez

          • candys

            Yes, I am prejudice against ignorance. FYI, my grandmother was Indian, by blood but 100% American by choice. Being “here” first does not make a country, The Indians were at war with each other, so which tribe does the continent belong to, the 1st tribe? I guess the Canadians & Mexicans should leave too according to you. The crusades were a defensive war again the Muslims who had terrorized Europe. Yes, this country was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

          • okay I am done here with you. Why? Because you are an ignorant moron. Please take some real time and become educated on your history. For example: This country WAS NOT founded on Christian anything. The crusades were just another fine example of pushy ass Christians trying to force-feed the world their fairy-tales.

    • Lee Ames

      Yes, the last time a bunch of foreigners came to this country en-mass, they ended up taking it over from the people who were here before they were…

      • Pelon

        Lee Ames: your are right, the bunch of foreigners took all the land from the Native Americans.

        • Jimmy Smitty Smith

          And, all of the Indians just popped up out of the ground.

        • candys

          The Indians were foreigners to the land before the English so they aren’t “native” Americans.

    • Pelon

      illegalgarbagegohome: What your statement is saying, is Foreigners are way smarter than Americans.

  • Gidget

    This is what happens when you have parents who believe that the schools are suppose to raise their children. Parents who do not want to be involved and who do not show up. This woman is definitely the minority in parenting nowadays. I give her kudos for what she is doing and wish more parents would do this. Yes we do need to take back our schools, our children need to learn how to do math without a calculator, they need how to pick up an encyclopedia and do research not just run a computer, our children also need to go back to the basics of learning and also need to learn cursive. It is preposterous where our children are headed, followers and non thinkers.

  • Wuz nt Me

    Uhhh, what’s so surprising? You send your kids to a state run school and expect something other than Hitler-youth-type programming.
    You don’t trust the government with your privacy, your health, your finances, or your personal safety but your kids; what could go wrong?
    This article might as well be “I stuck a needle in my eye and I cannot believe it hurt!”

  • Breezepop

    Last February my second grade daughter was learning about Presidents and she asked me to name some of my favorites. I answered Ronald Reagan and George Washington. Her response floored me, she said Dad GW was a bad man. When I asked her why she said because he owned slaves. True story.

    • mcastleton928

      Exactly. Except they fail to tell students that Washington freed his slaves upon his death: http://www.mountvernon.org/george-washington/slavery/ten-facts-about-washington-slavery/. I am finding myself becoming less and less trusting of any “public” institution. I find that I learn much more by relying upon my own endeavors and desires for knowledge than I ever could otherwise.

    • shirley doughty

      can you see a one sided story to what they are teaching our children now a days? It’s about black, muslims, free sex, abortions, anything that is against what good Christians and conservatives want to teach their children. It is becoming more like Hitler. Work with the children and teach them all the way up.

    • candys

      I’m sure they left out the facts that the 1st slave holder was a black man, Anthony Johnson.

  • moi2u

    My daughter said the same thing to me once upon a time… I gently reminded her that I was her very 1st Teacher Ever and that’s how she initially learned to read and write, go potty, etc… and to remember that I was older than her teacher (who mispronounced a lot of words). I, too, called several times and then went to have a talk with her teacher one morning and she wouldn’t agree to make time for me, so I brought my hubby with me to see her in the Parent-Teacher Conference wherein I caught her in a lie–in front of my hubby and several other parents. Afterward, I went to the Principal with my concerns and told her I wanted to volunteer as a 4th grade aide. She agreed. I chose to keep my daughter in the school and keep that teacher in check, although I had gathered all the materials and resources to homeschool. My daughter’s other teachers in that school were really good for the most part. But, this was before Common Core took over and the older teachers retired–so they have a whole new crop who are very young and may have been totally brainwashed in college to accept the Anti-American propaganda being taught them in the predominantly liberal colleges of the USA today.

    • TeachingIsALifestyle

      This has nothing to do with Common Core. I am 40 years old and just graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education three years ago. I have taught Kindergarten for two years. (My second career.) Yes, Common Core is different than the old standards, but they do not mandate this type of garbage. It is not Common Core–Liberals with way too much power maybe, but let’s put blame where blame belongs.

  • avengeflipper

    This is bizarre. I’m a teacher. I love every student in my classroom. But, I am not their parent. I have my own children. I encourage parents to help students with homework. Please, help your children with their homework. Please participate in their schooling! There are too many kids whose parents are not participating. Study after study has shown that what goes on at home has a direct impact on education. Let love of learning be what goes on in your home.

    This teacher is not doing this because of Common Core. There is nothing in Common Core that says to do this.

    I have yet to encounter any Common Core requirement that describes pilgrims as terrorists. There may be some curriculum out there that stamped Common Core on it that teaches this. I would not endorse that curriculum in my classroom. The problem is revisionist college history teachers teaching impressionable younger students who were not taught to think critically.

    To say that parents cannot teach their children a concept is intellectually lazy. If a teacher truly believes a concept is that difficult, put videos on your class website demonstrating to parents how to do what you are teaching.

    • bigsurprise

      As in life….teachers are people too. and UNFORTUNATELY some of them should not be…My 6 year old grandson was bullied his teacher. He LOVED Kindergarten and his teacher and her aide…But this first grade teacher, and her aide did not like this very lovable and agreeable, polite , kind child who has a little ADD/HA , not even that badly … which could have been easily dealt with IF SHE had allowed him to stand by his desk and have something to fiddle with in his hand WHEN he felt that need to expend some internal agitation coming on. He was on honor roll all year until a couple of months ago. His reading teacher and the rest of the school already do this, and it IS part of their practice….but she refused it and told his mother,, that she did not want to because children who do that tend to wander around the class….without even trying it with him….and THEN she blamed him for something he did not do because another boy said he did….she did not even ask his side of it, and sent him to detention and gave him demerits…and when the detention teacher heard about this was very upset and said she would be talking to that teacher and also make her revoke the demerit…and you know what happened the very next day …She told my grandson a soon as the day began , that he was to go to detention for the ENTIRE DAY …because he was such a ” bad boy ” yesterday ….when He did not even do anything wrong …SO my daughter and son in law when to talk to the principal, who said they would call her in and speak to her about this, that this is not the schools practices on any of this …but unstead of loving school as he did the year before…Because of THIS TEACHER he hated to go every day ….So my daughter is homeschooling him….Schools and the school boards decisions and what they are being taught needs to be SERIOUSLY looked at ….I am GLAD she got him out of this environment..and she is highly intelligent and will give him time to expend extra energy when he needs it , will be going with other mothers who she knows who home school children his age , on combined field trips, and she is keeping him in Boy Scouts which meets at that school he has left…so that he can still see his friends. WAKE UP PARENTS and do what is best for your children …whatever that is ..and GET INVOLVED with the PTA and help at school whenever you can . You owe this to your children no matter how busy you are ! LOVE your children…put them first !

      • Terri

        I had a really bad teacher in the second grade and I hated school ever since. A bad teacher can destroy a child. She did the right thing for her child. He’s lucky to have such a good mother. Good Luck.

  • Bonione

    This has been going on for abt 20 years or so but was disguised somewhat and not every where. Now it is out in the open where the 1st and 2nd generations are easier to deal with for their children of common core. Only the parents can stop this debachery til someone says enough somewhere near the political top!!

  • Ann Kelly

    I can’t say I wouldn’t beat the sht out of that communist “teacher”

  • James Smith

    Common Core is the least of your problems folks. Please watch this. Share it. Wake some people up. Public school is not the place for kids any longer. Why do you think schools disbanded PTAs.


  • Nadine Faber

    This mom and the other parents need to start organizing, confront all of the school boards, administrators, superintendents because this is where it has started. We all need to tell them no. I am so thankful that the school district I work in is not doing this, but I do hate the math or a lot of it anyway. It has confused the kids, especially grade schools and I hear a lot of high school kids are failing too.

  • Teresa Hobgood

    The school board is elected by parents, therefore parents have a right to question the way their children are being taught by said elected officials…..time to throw the bums out and start over, people!!!!! Before it gets any further out of hand!!! It’s getting to be ridiculous now, that parents complain, but won’t go down to the school board and hold these idiots accountable for pushing this crap down their kids throats!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! You pay their salaries with YOUR tax dollars!! So TELL them to stop, or they LOSE their JOBS!!! It’s just that simple….so stop whining and FIX IT!!!!

  • mom58

    scrary, your children are not your own, they belong to the state, mentality
    only tell those the ones implementing this and their own children do not belong to the state but them

  • NCMom

    It’s almost impossible to help your child with the common core math because they don’t send a math book home and the bazaar way that the math is done is impossible to understand unless you are familiar with it! After reading this, I’m wondering if that is intentional.

  • sharon

    I am as appalled at this as everyone else…but, truly, if you want to comment on the rapid downfall of the public school system and education in general, please at least use spell checker.

    • pelon

      If you do not like the education system blame the Republicans for cutting the funding for education over the last 20 years.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham


  • Elisabeth Dunagan

    This is what happens when schools monopolize our children’s time with non stop classes for 9 hours a day, mountains of drivel home work, and only teach them memorization, not critical thinking. Schools prepare children for the military or prison, depending. They do NOT prepare them for life, to be viable members of society, or higher education. They shun parental involvement, they destroy a child’s imagination, and children have no concept of privacy. Children are being institutionalized en masse, training them to work at McDonald’s, at best. Plus, teacher’s present so much material that they depend on parents to do the actual teaching of the child. It’s only then that the parents find out about the drivel that children are exposed to.

  • canucksam

    Need a repeat of April 19, 1775.

  • vta615

    The teacher needs to be fired and her certification revoked. She probably needs counseling as well. She is obviously not “playing with a full deck” and is a disgrace to our really good teachers!

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    Another reason I would not want to bring up kids nowadays!

  • MBW

    We do have some bad teachers out there! bringing their politics and racisim into the class room. better to home school or private school if you can. most of us had their parents help them with homework.Nothing wrong with that.

  • rhjunior

    Like I’ve said for years…. they get MAD if you get involved, but if the kid fails to learn it’s THE PARENT’S fault for not “participating in their education…”

  • jwyoming

    This is nothing new! Way back in the early 70’s we were told the exact same thing at Alief ISD in Texas

  • bigsurprise

    .Parents need to be speaking up about a LOT of things, including what
    the school feeds their children , and how much homework, and saying NO
    to those HEAVY backpacks that are causing scoliosis !!! Decades
    ago…children were allowed to be children and age 5 was kindergarten,
    and that grade they played mostly and got use to socializing and
    learning to share and took naps…NO MORE !! Now they are starting
    school at 4 and Texas Newly elected Governor wants to give 4 year old
    standardized tests…. BRING school back to putting prayer and the
    pledge at the beginning of the day, which puts kids in a mindset to be
    kind to each other and be proud of the free country they live
    in….TEACH them while they are IN school…and give minimal
    homework…SO THAT they can have extracirricular activities and a LIFE
    …AND put PE and Proper recess back in school…KIDS NEED TO EXPEND
    THAT ENERGY , and in a day of too much TV and Video…They NEED the
    exercise !!!! And schools need to be providing natural good food again
    …not GMO,s prepackaged foods with food colorings and
    preservatives…Use the Jamie whoever project who went to some schools
    to teach them how to prepare good healthy food …. FIND OUT what they
    are PLANNING to teach your children ahead of time…and DO NOT ALLOW
    them to be indoctrinated . PARENTS need to go to the school board and

  • ross mcglockness

    FK that ignorant teacher.

  • pastrami

    Yeah, it’s getting worse, but this all started decades ago, and most parents would be appalled to realize what “educators” have been doing to our kids. “The pilgrims were America’s first terrorists.” “America had little to no impact in winning WWII.” “All here lived peacefully and in harmony before Europeans came to America.” Etc, etc, etc. They are defining everything as hate, excepting the ridicule & disrespect of white Americans, who bear the blame for all the world’s ills. Equality isn’t enough for these fools.

    • pelon

      pastrami: you are right “All here lived peacefully and in harmony before Europeans came to America.” so move you white ass out of America and go back to where your ancestors came from.

  • History teacher

    This is absolutely ridiculous! As a middle school social studies teacher a) I cannot believe that the teacher didn’t automatically respond b) would tell a parent that they cannot help with homework- they are a child’s first teacher

  • lpizzle

    Check your facts, Texas doesn’t use Common Core!

  • LarryECollins

    Conservatives have ALLOWED the liberals to take over the schools. You can DO several things: (1) RUN for School Board, (2) Campaign for a conservative who IS running for School Board., (3) GO to School Board meetings, (4) Organize other conservative parents, (5) MEET the Principal and ALL of your child’s teachers and let them know you are watching EVERY assignment, (6) Join the PTA and be an officer (7) Go to every school event and open house, (8) Question your child every day about their lessons that day. Read their books and see what they are being taught. I DID this (all but #1 – the but the Superintendent definitely knew who I was). I came pretty close to getting one 3rd grade teacher fired for using unapproved curriculum I discovered at an Open House. They are YOUR children. Do your job and be THEIR parent!

  • Lorilei

    Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me they have all that. That is their whole world. What this incident did was threaten that way of life, and that is why they are acting out. Ferguson, it’s not legal to be a gangster or a criminal in this country so stop making it your lives dreams. Do something to change the image of the black man instead of perpetuating it.

  • Gary Morrison

    Welcome to Texas! My daughter came home from school one day & said the had dissected a “fatal” pig. I said “Do you mean ‘fetal’ pig?” She was insistent that the teacher with a rather thick west-Texas accent said “fatal pig” We had a good laugh & GOT OVER IT!

  • Railroad Wife

    What I love is that Texas will proudly claim that Common Core was kept out of the state. Horse lucky. It’s called TEKS and it’s the EXACT SAME THING! I wasn’t happy with public school, so I sent my son to a Catholic school and it wasn’t much better. I had enough. HOMESCHOOL IT IS! Best decision I’ve made for him. <3

    • Lpizzle

      It’s about the same thing, except put into law by our conservative state government. It seems like the people complaining about common core are some of the same people who voted for politicians who put the same things into law here. Crazy.

  • kbielefe

    This “mommy, not the teacher” attitude is pervasive even among otherwise involved parents. I once posted to a parenting site a description of a learning activity we do with our kids, which we started long before we started homeschooling. I got multiple responses along the lines of, “That’s kind of weird. What’s the point?”

    This is from parents who consider themselves highly involved, who help with homework and maybe even volunteer in the classroom, but can’t fathom the idea of a parent teaching their own child something the school didn’t assign.

    If this is the attitude of the involved parents, I can’t even imagine the attitude of uninvolved parents. Before we can change the schools, we must change ourselves.

  • Lynn Nielsen

    CPS will use homeschooling against you and snatch your children…be careful. Hitler’s regime is already here.

  • Rob W Prelle

    The continuation of parents becoming fed up with Liberal/radical islamic/socialist indoctrination on our nations youth while a welcome change of pace is not occurring fast enough. Welcome, to Obama’s America the radicals control the public school system and most if not all of the highly corrupt police forces throughout this nation. Sadly, I fear if America does not react and take back the schools this nation will become to far gone. Also, I am 40% Native American and I will be one of the first to say no the pilgrims were not terrorists.

  • Pelon

    This problem is only in the Republican State of Texas.

  • mrsoneill

    This story cant be true, Texas hasnt adopted the Common Core standards, it is one of the seven states that aren’t teaching them.. it seems more likely that either the school district is going against the state or the mother is completely making this up to scare other parents into home schooling… i agree with everyone who says common core is horrible, but i dont like stories that are made up, if texas hasnt adopted Common Core and actually wrote a law against it, this mother isnt telling the truth.

    • Texas1

      Listen to the interview in the video, it clearly says TEKS, not Common Core.

  • Texas1

    Not Common Core… Listen to the actual interview. It’s TEKS.

  • Darcy Brandon

    I’ve heard from Bill McCallum’s mouth a week ago that schools should only send homework home that parents know how to do. Essentially, keep the CC schoolwork at school and send home the “old style” homework so parents won’t see the curriculum that is being used under the CC standards. I’ve read the same thing by another educrat somewhere….welcome to the insane asylum of CC implementation.

  • Pelon

    You can blame Republicans for the problems with schools. Check out this site and find out for yourself. http://educationvotes.nea.org/2014/08/01/radical-gop-governors-attempt-about-face-on-school-funding/

  • Biff

    The Pilgrims: America’s first terrorists. “Thee shall quake in fear” BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • FM505

    Public schools… enter at your own risk.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Protests and sick outs need to happen. When children don’t show up to school the school loses the funding for that day. This is to the point of insane. Parents are not just the baby makers and they need to TAKE

  • Imtoooldforthis

    their right back. Too many have been taken away and this world is going down the toilet because of it.

  • MarieJ27

    Plenty of groups and parents have gone to the school board about Common Core, but it does no good. The fix is in. Our government run schools know better than parents and this will grow louder with the Progressives now in power.

  • Buypass

    Teach your kids who the enemy really is.

  • Bo Treat

    pretty much what i was taught, but they left out the mommy not a teacher part. they did expect utter attention and respect.

  • Tracie Peterson

    The only problem with your lame argument is that Texas is not a Common Core state. Check your facts, fools

    • BuddyLuv

      As I responded to Texas teacher who also must have been taught reading comprehension skills with Common Core.

      There was no mention of Texas teaching Common Core in this article.

      There was a mention of Common Core at the end of the article, but it didn’t attribute Common Core to the main issue of the article.

      Let me guess, are you a ‘teacher’ too?

      We already know you are the fool that you proclaim others to be.

  • wa2pu

    Yet people still scratch their heads in amazement asking themselves….”Why are school shootings on the rise?!?!”” BECAUSE TEACHERS AND THE GOVERNMENT ARE RE-EDUCATING THEM! WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!

  • Earthgal

    <- Home schooling Mom….. There are more parents than politicians! Stand up for your rights or you'll lose them all!!

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    This evil is actually pretty old. Woodrow Wilson’s “experts” desperately wanted to get children away from their parents’ influences and sought to do it through compulsory government schooling.
    These days I am beginning to think that we need to get the government entirely out of education, or go to a no-strings voucher system.

  • TGrade1

    Thank God we haven’t adopted common core in Virginia.

  • stilteddu

    This is exactly the reason I oppose religion, including creation “science”, being taught in public schools. The government should not be indoctrinating my kids in any belief system.

  • Texas teacher

    One way you know this article is fake….Texas doesn’t even teach Common Core

    • BuddyLuv

      One way you know a Texas teacher doesn’t have very good reading comprehension skills….There was no mention of Texas teaching Common Core in this article.

      • Lpizzle

        It says Texas mother. I would INFER if she is a Texas mother than her child attends a Texas public school. That’s one of those new skills!

        • BuddyLuv

          Do you know that you just proved my point about Texas teacher’s lack of reading comprehension with your very own lack of reading comprehension? If you look carefully Lpizzle, you will see that I was replying to the commenter above me, whose Disqus handle is: Texas teacher. I will INFER that your greatest and oldest skill is making a jack@ss of yourself.

  • Beeinformed

    I don’t need a visual of the abominations within a fallen society as I get to the comment section. Thanks!

    I’m a substitute teacher, and I realized the other day just how they are teaching fuzzy math.
    Third grade…the question was basically…, one girl read 14 poems, another girl read 33 poems. About how many poems did the girls read? Well, the aide worked the problem on the overhead, she reduced each number then added them together. Well, I didn’t think that was correct so I went to another 3rd grade teacher. She explained that it was the correct way to teach it. So in recapping the information, I said round down the numbers, she said no, don’t use the word down, use nearest. I said, “really”. She said, yeah I know, she said round the numbers first, then add them together. But that’s not right! If you have a blouse that’s $14, jeans for $33 and all into the store with $40 you walk away with a broken heart but no new outfit. In thinking about it further, if politicians tell you they spent 14 million on a project (pick one), and $33 million on another corresponding project, they have actually spent closer to $50 million of tax dollars. No wonder why they believe their deceptions. The teacher suggested that I write the board of education with my concerns….I think it’s a good idea!

  • Dodging bullets in Salinas

    Sooo, the way we learned math is NOT the correct way then? As it’s been for DECADES??? That’s why Common Crap and it’s teachers don’t want parents helping their kids! This is just beyond unreal! The old way of teaching math WORKED!!

  • ShawnTX

    One correction. Texas is not a Common Core state. This story has nothing to do with Common Core. From an educator in TX.

  • miny moe

    She SHOULD have raised HELL with the School Board… preferably an organized hell raising with them…and the administrators!!!

  • Contrary

    This is Hitler talking. Where the hell do these people get the right to tell parents what to do and how to do it?

  • Lois Elmore

    Remember Hillary’s comment many years ago…it takes a village to raise a child??? Dems think that they know more than parents and there fore should raise your children.

  • Margie Siers

    The schools and government want to parent your children their way. That would not happen with my kids. Thank God they were in school in the 80’s. It was starting to get harder being a parent back then. Parents today need to reclaim their children and to hell with the teachers/ government.

  • Kristin B

    As a teacher I will say this, parents can hinder a child’s learning. I have seen plenty of parents try to correct their child’s work before it comes back to us. It may seem like you are helping, when in fact it is a detriment. We want to see the mistakes so we can get a better picture of their understanding of a topic. Homework can be a great way to see how much is retained from the day’s lesson. We don’t want perfection, especially corrected by the parent. I know it’s hard but kids now are so afraid to fail and sometimes they need to. However, I will say state testing doesn’t help either. It puts undue pressure on both student and teacher to achieve and can create a wedge in a nurturing relationship. I will also say that looking at the Pilgrims in a not-so–positive light isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My students look at history from many perspectives, often studying the same event. It teaches them that history is all based on perception, no one is wrong but you should take all accounts with a grain of salt. I will also beg you to realoze that home schooling isn’t the solution. There are a lot of positives to kids being with their peers. Just keep an open mind and open communication with the teacher!

  • Chris

    It is not the school board, it is a national standard that is being introduced. However look at where the children of Obama and Bill Gates go to school. Private schools which do not incorporate Common Core.

  • Mule chick

    Ok, for one thing, Texas opted out of the Common Core–vehemently. I could see this happening in a state that uses Common Core, but really don’t see this in Texas. For another, please don’t judge all schools and teachers by this one idiot. That’s the same as condemning an entire race based on the actions of a handful; how does that make you any better? Social media has commercialized the ability to create public frenzy with a few well placed “articles” and actions. Teachers would love for parents to truly get involved and understand what is going on in the schools, in the classrooms. But all to often they don’t want to be bothered; they tell the teacher who calls with concerns: they are your problem 8-4 or I don’t know what to do; they act that way at home, too.

  • A Name

    Well, the part about pilgrims being America’s first terrorists is kind of true. I mean, what else would you call an armed group that invades a foreign land, massacres the citizens and takes over in the name of religion?

  • A Name

    What the teacher is saying makes sense, but should have been worded better. The risk of parents who are trying to help confusing the child is real. When I was in school and asked for help with my math homework, my parents confused the hell out of me and made me get everything wrong, because they had no idea what algebra was, that stuff wasn’t taught when they were in school so they were just guessing. As for the word pronunciation thing, a LOT of people pronounce words wrong but then think someone else is pronouncing them wrong when they hear it pronounced correctly, so it’s entirely possible the mother was the wrong one in that situation. I bet at least half the people reading this pronounce the word “mischievous” wrong and would assume I was wrong if they heard me pronounce it correctly.

  • HereWeGoAgain

    I can’t get out of here fast enough!

  • kenstaff

    Texas passed a law 2 years ago banning common core. This is some teachers attitude not “core”.

  • TisSheilah

    More everyday people NEED to serve on the school board.

  • Guest


  • David Criola

    liberals trying to bran wash our kids, and destroy this country’s foundation !!! approaching “Hitler Youth stuff.” ? NO ! this is “Hitler Youth stuff.”

  • boyd2

    “This is your nation’s educational system on Common Core”

    No, this is your educational system AT its core. We labor under what amounts to a medieval guild system of school organization teaching our children in a manner more suited to the 19th century than the 21st. All parents can and should pull their kids out of this while they still can. Understand that in some places in Europe it is already illegal to teach your kids at home. That is where Common Core wants to take us and it’s only a matter of time before we are there.

  • This happened to me and my kids some 15 years ago, when I had taught my second grader how to write in cursive. She only took three days and had mastered it. When she started to write in longhand at school, her teacher said not to encourage her, because none of the others could do it yet and it wasn’t fair.

  • Jobeck74

    Home school!!! These are our children. My kids are mine till they are grown, go away government.

  • vicki8881

    I call bulls**t on this. Texas DOES NOT have common core education. If this really happened, it had nothing to do with common core.

    • John Smith

      Yep. This is a teacher problem. A SEVERE teacher problem. I don’t love the core, but the problem here is the teacher (and maybe the school, and/or district…)

  • Sam

    Bull. I’m a teacher. I encourage parents to be involved with their students. This is one school (or just that teacher) taking things too far

  • Teachers are taught that they are something special and know better than parents. They are taught this or at least led to believe this in college. They are people who went to school like most of us, then went to college like some of us and then went back to school to teach children about the world they never were a part of. Teachers are people who have never left school and are so into themselves and their ability that they do not believe they should be questioned by the unknowing public. I see them as part time seasonal workers who suck up far to many tax dollars for the small amount of learning children receive. Each year graduates from high school are less educated than the students from the previous year. I know in some parts of the country teachers salaries are not that great but near where I live there are teachers in public schools who make over 100K plus benefits. It is an affluent county in Pa. If you are one of the few teachers who do this job because of your love of children and to educate them to your best ability I am not writing about you. There is nothing worse than an educator that thinks they know it all. Remember they are not your children or are they the children of the school. They are the children of parents who have the right to have their children educated as they see fit. Parents should always be portrayed to the student as the person who guides their education. The teachers are there to help the parents educate them.

  • Ancelmo Pederasty

    Leftists COUNT ON Americans’ complacency. Most parents don’t WANT to raise their own kids. They want the schools to do it for them. The left takes advantage of this and the public schools are now little more then left wing indoctrination factories.

    This will continue as long as most Americans are complacent. It’s great that this one mother woke up. But what’s needed is not home schooling. What’s needed is for concerned parents to run for seats on school boards where they can approve…and DISapprove….of the curricula being taught to our kids.

  • Kimberlly Batura-Myers

    My kids school say that a Parents Role is an important role in a Child’s Education.

  • Jon R Shoemaker

    This totally out of control. It must be stopped now before it goes any further. I read an artical on common core reading that our king obama read to a class and it was nothing but glorifying the illegal changes that he is making.

  • Rock Peterson

    Any conversation in which Beck’s mouth isn’t stitched shut with his own urinary tract is grievously lacking in tangible quality, but that said, any teacher who doesn’t want parents highly involved with a child’s education (discounting abusive parents, and those intent on a doctrine of ignorance necessary to support faith) is freakishly incompetent, and should not be tolerated by any sane school administration… but I suppose those aren’t really in vogue anymore either.

  • Barbara Thomas

    Actually, it was Columbus who was this country’s first foreign terrorist, although our Native Americans had terrorized each others tribes within the country before foreign terrorists arrived. The Pilgrims terrorized mostly their own people, and hung several of them as witches when they did not follow their rigid doctrine. So, the teacher got it wrong. The teacher sounds like an Adult Child (Trauma Syndrome), like most teachers now who are now indoctrinated in the authoritarianism of Common Core and Arne Duncan’s “Skinner Nazi Management Style”. Our country has done its share of terrorizing within and without, so I don’t think we can point fingers at terrorists. The US Military is has been training our soldiers to be terrorists since before Viet Nam. We need to face the dysfunction in our own country, especially the ACoA Trauma Syndrome that has become normal.

  • Martha Cortez

    I live in Pearland, TX and my daughter’s still recites the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, the Texas flag, and the school pledge, followed by a moment of silence. We are expected to help our children complete their homework and with any other subject they need to brush up on. No common core here.

  • Porphyry

    Common Corpse reeks again!

  • lcuvillier

    There only one solution. Do what this parent is doing. Yank your kids away from these monsters. Going to the school board will not make a difference. Pulling your kids out by the thousands across this nation will. Because schools are given a budget based upon the student load. You can make a difference instantly by affecting their bottom line. That would get their attention faster than anything. And it will save your kids

  • BoobieTheRocketDog

    The only way to “confront” a school board is for the ENTIRE board to be up for election at the same time. Locally only one board member is up for election per election, just in case a conservative is elected, the other six board members can shut him down.

  • North Texas

    I thought Texas declined Common Core!

    • Blunt Belief

      They did. It’s an incredibly poorly written article.

  • Durp

    I find it funny that Glen Beck and the conservatives are all upset about this, considering they contributed heavily to the problem. Or did they think that cutting school funding was going to bring BETTER teachers?

  • R Home

    This is bad journalism. Did anyone ask the principal or school district if this was a policy or just this teacher’s opinion? I think it was wrong of the teacher to do what she did, but Beck draws the conclusion that she was teaching common core. Texas does not have common core. I am not a proponent of public schools. I taught there and it was horrible what they do to kids. I homeschool my child. I just think Beck should be held to a higher standard of journalism then this shoddy piece of emotionalism.


    more communism;they are speeding up the agenda, attepting to create an internal civil war… mark my words. do your homework

  • Jim Austin

    The basic question is: do public schools exists for the children or do the children exists for public schools? It’s becoming more and more obvious that public school officials believe the latter.

  • Aaron Seaman

    Texas is one of the few states that did not adopt the Common Core State Standards. So this is not a problem that you can attribute to Common Core.


    The REAL name for this “method” should be called COMMIE CORE. At least that way there is some truth in advertising.

  • Monique Maryssa…

    umm… yeah, NO! The parents are the first educators of the children… not some stranger. That’s just nuts!!

  • Naomi

    Where in TX is this?? I really want to know! The minute I hear of my district doing this, my kids are out!

  • Blunt Belief

    This article doesn’t make sense and is fear mongering at its finest. It refers to Common Core more than once, implying there is some connection between the Common Core and the family mentioned in the article, but states that the mom is TEXAN. Texas doesn’t follow Common Core. Texas follows its own set of standards (TEKS–Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and has for years, long before Common Core. The mom in the video even mentions this, which leads me to wonder why the writer of this “article” even mentions Common Core.

    I agree that standards and goals for kindergartners seem more ambitious than I recall them being for myself. However, I acted in a manner much like the kindergartner in this story toward my own mother. I was a teacher pleaser, a teacher’s pet, if you will. I was a perfectionist. This trend continued throughout grade school. Could it MAYBE be that this kindergartner mentioned in the story just has a similar personality and her actions toward her mother have little, if anything, to do with educational standards?

    Furthermore, the kid is a KINDERGARTNER. I know when my own kindergartner tells me things like, “My teacher said I can only do it this way” I take it with a grain of salt. It is often the case that my child has misunderstood the teacher OR has told me it must be done that way because she thinks that is the only way to please the teacher, which she so desperately wants to do.

    I spent several years as a Texas high school teacher myself, both in public and private schools. I can recount numerous occasions where a student told mom and dad that I said such and such when it simply wasn’t the case. The student had either misunderstood OR deliberately lied to their parents. And again, those were high school kids, who are certainly more cognitively developed overall than a kindergartner.

    The article also seems contradictory because it says the mom never got a response from asking to meet with the teacher, but follows that with a story about what happened at a parent-teacher conference. If there was a parent-teacher conference, then they did meet, didn’t they? This makes no sense. As far as the teacher saying they don’t want parents to introduce contradictory concepts, this makes perfect sense from a teaching standpoint. For example, you probably don’t want mom teaching “King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocolate Milk” at home if the student doesn’t yet even understand what a base system of 10 actually MEANS. Having parents, or siblings or tutors or whoever else, teaching different methods or concepts at home CAN indeed be counterproductive and confusing to students. I’ve seen this firsthand on many occasions.

    I also don’t find anything inherently offensive about a teacher referring to students as “our children”. When I was a teacher, I loved my students, and yes, I felt a responsibility for them. I did think of them as MY students. And referring to them as “ours” is a way to let parents know we are on the same team and are in this together.

    I cannot say that these points above explain what happened to this Texan family, but I hope it gives some people food for thought. The article doesn’t talk to the teacher or the school to get their side of the story, so it certainly doesn’t paint a complete picture. Instead the writer chooses to imply that this family is under unreasonable stress and pressure due to Common Core. There are many reasons to be concerned about our children’s education. This article doesn’t even attempt to address them, instead resorting to fear mongering.

  • Terrie Springer

    Texas doesn’t participate in Common Core. She needs to complain to the principal, then the superintendent and then her state rep in that order. http://truthinamericaneducation.com/common-core-state-standards/texas-house-makes-it-clear-no-common-core-here/

  • smoothsk8r44 .

    ahgain…where was this “teacher”…and why was she not found in a dumpster?
    Stop bitching if you wont respond

  • Judge Not

    One teacher does not represent all teachers in every school system. By the way, how is this even connected to common core? Before you begin judging public schools, become educated in your child’s school. Step up and parent- participate in your child’s education. Come to parent conferences. Volunteer. Get to know the teacher and communicate frequently- not just when you are upset. As a parent and a teacher, I see many aspects of education. My kids come home and say that the teacher explained it a different way. I respect the teacher’s explanation but I also tell my children that there are many ways to problem solve and I show them other ways. Teach your children to be thinkers! There are ways to do this and still teach your child to respect others. Confrontation is not the answer- if we, as adults don’t teach our children to problem solve, rather than confront, what kind of world are we creating for our future?

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