BREAKING: Texas Passes Legislation Banning Sharia Law, Muslims ENRAGED

welcome to texas

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Muslims in Texas and all over the world are collectively up in arms, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it.

We have reports this evening that Texas has officially passed a law that bans Sharia law from existing in the state! This is a monumental win for American ideals and freedom over Islam, Muslims, and all they oppress and stand for.

The Texas Senate passed a measure that would prevent any ‘Sharia law’ or ‘international law’ from being used in Texas civil courts.

Predictably, Muslim detractors and some of their far left allies have denounced the bill as ‘Islamophobic,’ reported

State Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) didn’t mention Islamic Koranic law, or ‘Sharia Law’ in her bill.

She didn’t have to.

Everyone in the legislature knew perfectly well what she meant — which is why the radical Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has fought so hard to try and stop her.

They utterly failed.

Her bill guarantees that no laws for ‘foreign courts’ will be adopted by Texas civil court judges.

“It’s just to provide some belt and suspenders to make sure that, with judicial discretion, we don’t trump Texas law, American law, with a foreign law regarding family law,” Campbell said.

Muslim groups say the bill is a ‘solution looking for a problem,’ and claim that the bill has its genesis in an anti-Muslim demonstration on the steps of the Texas Capitol last year in which the proposal was cheered.

But it has been clear for years that Muslims are determined to push their religious doctrines on the American people.

Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and several airports have kicked out blind passengers with guide dogs (dogs are “unclean” in Islam). Somali Muslims on welfare have demanded that their free food comply with “Islamic requirements”. Muslim groups have demanded that their women be permitted to wear full face and body-coverings, even on drivers licenses.

And Muslim pressure groups like CAIR have pushed to force Sharia Law on our courts and law enforcement — with some U.S. judges insanely agreeing to comply.

New Jersey judge recently cited Sharia Law in refusing to grant a Muslim woman a restraining order in a horrible case of sexual assault and abuse, because her husband said his abuse was acceptable “according to his Muslim beliefs.”


And right in the heart of Texas, a group of unlicensed Muslim “judges”set up an “Islamic Tribunal” which they say will “resolve disputes” in law, family and businesses using, of course, Sharia Law — not the U.S. Constitution.

That “tribunal” turned the tide of opinion in the Lone Star State — with a showdown in that town, Irving, providing the impetus for this state-wide bill.

As Top Right News reported, the mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne, made her stand against Sharia, and was viciously attacked by the New York Times, CNN and every liberal media entity in America as “Islamophobic.” But she prevailed, passing an anti-Sharia resolution to ban that Muslim tribunal from enforcing Sharia edicts in any way.

And now her fight has prevailed state-wide with the passage of this bill in the House, and Gov. Abbott’s signature America’s 2nd most populous state will be Sharia-free.

  • Highwayman

    Islam(Sharia Law) is not compatible with the Constitution.
    The religion needs to drag it’s knuckles into the 21st century.

    • Not Anonymous

      political ideology. by conning people into thinking its a religion, it puts it on a completely different level then it really is. Its a sick and twisted 7th century political ideology created by power hungry arabs of that era.

    • David Edward

      Lol, “… drag its (fyi, ‘it’s’ means ‘it is’), knuckles into the 21st century”. I’ll be using that line eventually. Anyway, you’re totally right. Anybody who thinks islam is about peace is either doing it intentionally, because they’re so stupid they think muslims will for some mysterious reason, not include them in their law, or, they’re so stupid they became politicians.

    • sgb1

      I love your last sentence.

  • Harry Butch Schexnayder

    It’s a good thing,we are in the UNITED STATES not some back country!! We have our own laws and if they don’t like them or agree with them “GO HOME”!!!

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  • David Pendleton

    Other states could learn a thing or two from texas!

  • francesca9

    Texas “gets it”, now the other states need to do this!

    • LaFlare1017

      Sharia “law” is not recognized as law in any US civil court in any state already. This bill was a symbolic gesture rather than something that will change the current court system. I do like the message this bill sends, but whether other states do this or not will not affect whether sharia “law” is recognized as law in any US court, as it’s not recognized as actual law in any state(fortunately), is is not law in the US.

      • Adam

        then why are leftist judges embracing it?

  • Rob Winburn

    Drown this muslims infidels in pig blood

    • Bob

      I think it’s funny that they are or could be living on old pig farms. Even their mosques could have been built on pigs farms, but since there is no one old enough to tell, they will never know.

      • Al McDerment

        whats funny is that our laws read ” There shall never be a mosque built on American soil.

  • Tesla Rawks

    Poor guy having a bandage that size after his brain was removed.

    • calypsodancler

      They found nothing, so they sealed it up

  • RuthGGrimes

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  • Not Anonymous

    They should have made the sign out of bacon!

  • Kentucky red

    I would like for KY to pass a law like that!

  • jaje

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  • Mark Muylaert

    Time to move to Texas.

  • billioned

    If they want to live in our country, they should live by our laws….if not Delta is ready when they are

  • Daniel O’Brien

    No such thing as Islamophobia. A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear. There is nothing irrational about fearing the onslaught of Islam and Sharia Law.

    • Ed Woodson

      My thoughts exactly.

  • rahul09

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  • Chris Gough

    “Freedom of Religion”. …. That is an abused realm of the Constitution for groups to rule as they wish… no matter how twisted , violent, abusive, or outlandish their practices….. It’s really good to see that “Lines are Finally Drawn in the Sand”…… No freedoms should be denied or forced suffering should take place by the hand of a man without a Recognized court body of people that act to enforce the Rights and Freedoms of The POPULATION in general….. USA Doctrine = UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION…..
    ……….Talk to the red, white and blue HAND…….. LOL…….

  • Larry C Mason


  • jtak101

    Why hasn’t this already been made into a Federal law??. No one has ever been able to bring their own set of laws and rules to the US, why the hell do these goat humpers think they have that privilege??

    • Paul MacKay

      Apparently you’re ignorant of The Amish, The Quakers, The Mormans, Orthodox Jews……all various peoples who have their own internal laws not all that much different then the concept of Sharia law to America with them.

      Somehow the republic still stands.

      I really don’t think most of you even slightly understand that Sharia law is a family law court for members of the Islamic faith. I’d imagine some of the more extremist right-wing Christan sects have something very similar. And those people are every bit as bad at extremist Muslims.

      If not worse in terms of the threat they pose to the USA.

      • usahou

        I am at a loss by your statement, do you think women should be treated as property/2nd class? That is how their laws treat them. For example, if a women wants to claim her husband has been unfaithful, she has to bring forth several(male only) witnesses to say it’s true. However the man only has to say his wife has been unfaithful and the law excepts that as true. No witness needed. And if she brings the charge against the man, and can’t back it up, she is punished(in Iran that could be death, not sure if they could get away with that here). Their law also allows for what they call “honor” killings. This could be for anything a women does that in the man’s mind brings dishonor to him or the family or even His name.

      • jtak101

        You’re the ignorant one of you think muslims are pushing sharia law only to apply in their closed communities..they already claim sharia law trumps the Constitution, so perhaps getting informed would benefit you greatly. Read the post is spot on!.

        • W Dawes

          Correct! It is all about taking over the world to set up a worldwide caliphate. Always was about this point, and it has not changed.

        • patriciaicon

          One only has to see what problems sharia law has caused in Great Britain and Dearborn, Michigan.

          See what steps Japan took re Moslems.

      • WrinkledThought

        You are a special kind of anthropomorphic simian, aren’t you? An analphabetic one. I don’t see any Christian sects anywhere doing anything that remotely resembles mozlems. Please do tell us where any Christian sects are using their children and women as suicide bombers or force others into slavery.

      • Unjust System

        When was the last time am Amish, Quaker, or Morman brought a law suit to any state court and requested the case be heard under their “law” – NEVER! When was the last time a Muslim requested a dispute be heard in a state court under Sharia law just about a year ago, in Texas!

      • matteroffact

        Mr. Paul MacKay: Thank you for your un-sinned vision. Pure and crystal.

      • W Dawes

        Sharia Law violates the rights of women. Why do you Left wingers keep protecting it.

      • Jonathan Miller

        And what % of people claiming to be Amish are bombing, beheading and committing mass shooting? Somehow, the Amish manage never to express support for overthrowing the Constitution… Shallow thought leads to stupid statements…

  • Robbie Hans

    They denounce it as ISLAMAPHOBIC hahahaha Just like the GAYS as Homophobic!!!
    Call it what you will! WE DO NOT WANT IT PERIOD!

  • Ron

    All states need to follow Texas

  • Rudedog

    I think they are texaphobic and afraid of our laws and our way of living. Im sorry but if you gonna move to Texas then you need to behave like a Texan and follow Texan law.

  • Kypat

    The cult if Islam is not compatible with the culture and laws of the USA. Take it somewhere else. We need a federal law just like the one in Texas. GO TEXAS!!

  • JustStop

    Finally..Sanity prevails. Texas lead the way for all the states to follow.

  • More proof that they have no intentions of assimilation whatsoever, and don’t view themselves as Americans.

  • Second most populous state…If things keep going the way they are, I think that it’s a decent possibility that it will become the most populous state as people leave their increasingly liberal hometowns and head somewhere more conservative.

  • Safety1

    Kinda reminds me our Harris County Sheriff that just quit. He allowed a deputy to wear a turbin instead of the uniform cowboy hat!!!! WtF!!!

  • Jrush

    Theocracy’s are not welcome here.

  • formercanuck

    Thank you Senator Donna Campbell and the Texas State Senate! We are a nation of laws – and in the US. Constitution: The Rule of Law No one is above the law in respect to enforcement; no one is privileged to ignore the law

  • kaligirl

    God bless TEXAS!!!!!

  • sansured

    Our sacred individual liberty & freedom upheld under U.S. Constitutional law will forever remain non negotiable/ nor will any competing legal system ever be tolerated.

  • Brian

    Texas is on my short list of places I want to move to.

  • Paul Marceau

    It wasn’t that long ago that we were executing people for witchcraft. Nor was it that long a go when a slave was considered property and the slave owner could commit rape, torture, or murder against human beings howsoever he wished. Christianity is 630 older than Islam, but we have only recently given up our beastly ways. “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    • Curtius Simplus

      So what about witchcraft and slavery … thus your whole ‘argument’ is flat relativist gibberish. Notice that the second your moralizations are not accepted as being important than your WHOLE ‘case’ is nonsense and just a guilt trip really.

    • FM505

      Let the guy who throws the first stone, be the one with the best arm.

    • Wiggle D

      Slaves still are property to Muslims, that includes all women.

  • Kim Pennebaker

    God bless Texas

  • independent_az

    Just more right wing propaganda and pandering.

  • Johnathan Huntington

    I agree. Sharia Law must never be used in deciding any cases in the Judicial system. All states should adopt laws banning foreign law in or Judicial system.

  • HeavyC

    What an intelligent guy? He can’t even spell. Kind of makes you wonder about the level of intellect involved in Carroll’s CAIR group. Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

  • gkim66

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  • Jason Pique

    Good move Texas. It’s time to get all religion out of our laws. ALL religion OUT of our laws. I don’t care who your god is, it does not belong in our law.

  • Labley

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  • Daryl

    Enough with the fake signs. I can photoshop better than that.

  • quoine09

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  • AWESOME! God Bless Texas!

  • Unjust System

    1) When someone resorts to name calling and labeling they have run out of legitimate arguments to support their position
    2) as the director of CAIR stated they believe they are above the law of the land so watch your backs Texans
    kudos for having the strength and courage to take control of YOUR state 😀

  • Harriet

    The constitution is the law. What does sharia law have to do with this country?

  • matteroffact

    How can you ban a law that has never been regulated ???
    The childish rejoicing over the ‘supposed’ ban on sharia also means that all christian biblical, quranic, hindu, buddhist, jewish, amish laws practiced internally by respective devouts are null and void against our constitution/laws, as it should be when it comes to the question of supremacy.
    BTW, how many of us practice the basic tenets of Jesus (christianity)….Love and forgiveness…praying ‘twice’ for your enemy than your own loved ones ? That kind of soul wouldn’t carry any anger ‘whatsoever’. Mercy

  • Al McDerment

    CA will be sharia free also with or without Brown. I don’t think Brown has the BALLS to push it through and if he believed in the Constitution he would put a stop to sharia law right now.

  • Bennie McGarry

    While I applaud the action that Texas took to clarify that religious law has no place in State law, the accompanying “fake” sign chose cleverness over sense. A decimal point instead of a comma? Setting my watch forward 1.4 years (the zeros are superfluous) instead of 1,400 years ruins the story and makes the writing staff look like amateurs. Proofread much?

  • Renee Curry-Harper

    Conforming to foreign laws such as this should never be in question in the first place no matter where in this country it may raise it’s ugly head

  • hk770

    I cant believe this is even an issue

  • Connie Miller

    All U.S. should follow suit. Shiria Law does not belong here. Its about coming here and living by American law, don’t like it don’t come here. You sure as H would not like it if we imposed American law on your country.

  • William Black

    We have our own laws and if they don’t like them or agree with them “GO HOME”!!!

  • Ted Allen

    Live here in peace by our laws, or leave here in pieces because of yours. We know you CAMEL FUCKING BASTARDS are only here to try and take us over and I can’t wait till you try so I can start killin you like the sick animals you are. As for the Media, you better pick a side and get on it because you SON OF A BITCHES will see your day come as well if ya keep runnin America down.

  • Arlene Peters

    I finally feel like we might be getting our Country back… and in 11 more months, we will “FINALLY” be on our way to becoming the Great Nation we once were… One State with the gumption to “STAND UP FOR THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”, and now only 49 more to follow…… WTG TEXAS… WE ARE PROUD OF YOU….

  • GRusling

    Texas has not done any such thing! The Texas Legislature is NOT IN SESSION so no “LAW” at all has been created! The TEXAS Legislature meets EVERY OTHER YEAR and this is NOT that year. Our new legislature will meet in 2017, not in 2016, so NOTHING has been approved by the Texas Senate…

  • R3Stripes

    If our nation can be saved it will be because Texas leads the way.

  • Pumpwater

    Excellent, some common sense from some of our friends in the US. Many oppose Sharia courts here in the UK but our weak government is so eager to appease Islam they have incorporated it into English law. Many of us continue to oppose this but we are labelled racists, islamophobes and bigots. Many have forfeited their careers for speaking out and are courts are criminalising criticism of Islam, calling it ‘Hate Speech’. Our British Labour Party is the worst, they are discussing introducing a Blasphemy law under pressure from the Muslim Council of Britain (our equivalent to CAIR). Only Muslims want a Blasphemy law, the previous one was repealed in 2008. Almost all Muslims in Britain vote for the Labour Party.

    At lease in the states you still have time to do something about it, and you have your 1st amendment, make sure you cling on to that, to be able to speak your minds is the best thing you have, don’t throw it away.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    They better learn to assimilate in Texas or get run out of the state.

  • Jeanette Davis

    Mohammed is a false profit! A vary evil one at that!
    My vote is for #DonaldTrump 2016!

  • Baylor Ladnier

    I am moving back to Texas as soon as possible. A state with common sense and great leaders.

  • dpierce

    I know of law abiding Muslims that are not into enforcing Shariah law here, but for those who are: We will stop you. “Islamophobia” was invented by a muslim working for the New York Times, by the way, upset that someone did not want muslims to buy our ports..and called it islamophobia. The author was Ali Akbar, their idea of a joke on us.

  • Greta Rich

    I love Texas!!# may be one of the sadist places to live by the time Obama’s reign of terror ends.


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