Texas Executes Illegal Alien Cop Killer — Despite Pleas from Mexico and John Kerry


 by John Urban | Top Right News

Thank you Texas!

After a disgraceful wait of 20 years since Edgar Arias Tamayo murdered Houston police officer Guy P. Gaddis in 1994, and despite repeated pleas from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and demands from the Mexican government, Tamayo was finally executed minutes ago by lethal injection.

Although his execution was originally scheduled for 6pm Texas time Wednesday evening, an Obama-appointed judge senselessly threw the case up to the U.S. Supreme Court to review his absurd “appeals” (based solely on the “consular” nonsense — Tamayo has never denied his guilt).

Finally at 9pm EST, the Supreme Court denied his appeals, 6-3, and the execution was on. At 9:32 Tamayo was finally put down.

If you’re one of the more than 100,000 people who have read our reports of the shameful attempts by Kerry, Mexico and the U.N. to browbeat Texas into sparing the life of this snake, then you will know how deserved was Tamayo’s punishment.

What is truly sad is that Officer Gaddis’ family had to wait so long when the facts and guilt of Tamayo were never in dispute — only ridiculous international politics.


Above: ‘Officer Down’ Memorial Page for Guy Gaddis. Tamayo shot Officer Gaddis, 24, three times in the back of the head.

Now let’s see if the Mexicans who so angrily demanded his release, will now give Tamayo a hero’s funeral, as they did with  another cop killer, Javier Suarez Medina, who was executed in Texas in 2002. Medina’s funeral was attended by 6,000 people and his casket was respectfully covered with the Mexican flag. The service lasted over four and a half hours.


Above: Protesters in Tamayo’s hometown in Mexico demanding his release Tuesday night.

At last, he got his “justicia” tonight in Texas. Adios!

UPDATE: The execution of Tamayo is dominating Twitter at this hour, with truly idiotic tweets like this one:


A “very good person”? Remember Tamayo executed a Houston cop with three bullets to the back of the head and never denied it.

On the other side of the range were tweets such as this one…


[Editors note: Our apologies: we mistakenly reported the execution earlier, based upon an incorrect AP wire. They retracted the story and we held off…until now!]



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