When These Teenage Thugs Body Slammed Parked Car Hoods – Instant Karma Was Waiting for Them


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A group of teenage thugs that went around town body slamming hoods of cars as part of the growing “Put ’em in a coffin” trend, instead got a lesson in instant karma.

A friend filmed the teens as they walked through town at night, stopping at random cars and jumping onto the hoods. The teens rotated their bodies mid-jump, and then slammed themselves down on the hood of the vehicles.

You are supposed to cross your arms to maximize your impact on the hood — and thus maximize the damage to the car, according to those who describe this vandalism technique, which is popular on Vine.

The teens in this neighborhood had carried out a spate of such vandalism in recent weeks, causing “hundreds of thousands” in damages, according to police.

The “youth” with the camera kept uttering words his friends should have listened to (“Dumb nigga sh*t“) and avoid the bad fate that awaited them. No such luck.

As they roamed the street smashing hoods, a black Impala pulled up with tinted windows and its lights on. The two main “slammers” pretended that they were going to body slam the Impala before skipping over it and moving on. It never occurred to them who might be inside that darkened vehicle.

They soon found out.

They choose the two cars parked behind the Impala, and barely made it past them before it whipped around off camera, and two police officers got out and began chasing them. The teens were apprehended and arrested immediately.

Reddit ridiculed the teens after video of the incident was posted online.

“What I don’t get is how they didn’t realize that was a cop car…. I mean a blacked out Impala pulls up quickly and parks next to you right after your large group of friends did some illegal s**t,” Redditor IRaceCars said. “Yet they don’t get out of the car and are staring you down. So the best course of action is to play around like you’re going to jump on their car, then proceed to jump on the car directly behind theirs.”

“This is one of the dumbest trends I’ve seen on vine. Its called ‘put em’ in a coffin’. In case you want to see more stupid people jumping on things,” Reddit commenter JumpSalty said.


  • martin

    This is just different breed…cannot be homosapiens…

    • Bob Petersen

      The camera boy called the breed correctly. He just didn’t realize he was a conspirator, sucks to be him.

  • Guest

    Dumb ass niggas should have for it with their lives!!! –

    • treynich87


  • Herman Vogel

    Put their butts to WORK to pay for any and ALL damages,,,it’s the ONLY way to stop this crap. But we all know the “judicial system” is full of bleeding heart idiots that want to feel sorry for these Animals. So they will get off with NOTHING and laugh all the way home. Disgusting.

  • Jonathan Miller

    damn monkeys anyway

    • teejcee44

      Porch monkeys are spreading their wings.

      • mongeau

        the morons in the video are being stereotypical as are you…that is to say as thuggish as they are you’re just as racist…neither justifies the other

    • aww phuuck

      You racists piss me off!!!

      • treynich87

        These thugs piss me off.

      • Ferrari fan

        so you condone their actions?

  • Bob

    And blacks wonder why “they don’t get no respect”.

    • 950

      Right Bob,just running and tearing up people’s cars that they work for,its getting out of hand and something needs to be done to stop the thugs,look at Detroit,that shouldn’t be in this country,we’re getting tired of it..

      • JMH

        If you Americans refuse to get a segment of your population in order then Canadians may begin to consider a border fence.

        • Byron Shutt

          Canada has similar problems…..don’t kid yourself.

          • JMH

            Point taken. We are veering back to the right on immigration and crime policies. An admittedly small step but at the very least in the right direction. You guys, not so much.

          • harrythomas70


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    • A. Wolfe

      This was not a Black thing, it was a stupid TEEN thing.
      No different than white teens doing the same sort of stupid stuff.

  • Evony Master

    It’s like watching a sci-fi flick where a bunch of 5 years olds get swapped into teenage bodies. To say they are behaving like children is an insult to children.

  • Patrick Bembry

    No respect for ANYTHING

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    These guys are being recruited by Kentucky for hoops. They will fit in well.

  • Behning Brad

    Feral blacks. Enjoy prison fellas where your asses are going to be the car hood…..

    • Robert Lents

      LMAO, ah good one

  • Geo Williams

    Why is it always black kids that get in gangs and destroy other peoples property, or steal other peoples property, then complain nobody gives them jobs, or credit, or respect and then wonders why there are so many young blacks arrested or in prison.

    • Thomas Meadows

      Not all of them are black,We have this STUPIDITY across ALL races

      • Not in this amount. Not every weekend, somewhere in this country. After all, if there was this kind of stupidity from other races (you meant to say whites), the racist news media would be ALL OVER IT.

        Nice try.

  • Les K

    Maybe if the #BlackLivesMatter people were out stopping this kinda crap, instead of protesting in brunches & stopping traffic, the movement would get some traction and respect. As it is, it’s just a nuisance people are just waiting to go away.

  • Minerva

    This is why roving groups of urban teens are not trusted and stereotyped as dangerous, thieving thugs. If you don’t want that label then stop acting like animals.

    • paulinnaples

      Stereotypes generally don’t form randomly.

    • Wedge

      it is in their blood, nothing you can do about it. animals act like animals, civilized people act ..well. civilized. It is a failed experiment,

      • A. Wolfe

        Better doing this then what WHITE KIDS are doing – SHOOTING up schools and mass murdering their fellow students…yes ONLY white kids have been doing that for 25+ yrs…NO shootings/killing in any black dominated school..
        So if they have to be bad, better doing this dumb stuff then killing other teens like white kids do

        • Brian Medlin

          So why does the media enjoy promoting the story of the “great white high school loner” blasting away his fellow students? Conversely, why doesn’t this happen more often at all-Black (or Hispanics) schools?

          Let’s answer the the second question first:

          1. All-Black (or heavily Hispanic) schools in America are basically mini-penitentiaries. A cadre of Resource officers – and in many cases, probation officers – roam the halls to keep the peace from warring gangs, bathroom sex, violence, random beatings, and student-on-teacher beatings from occurring.

          2. Every student must walk through metal detectors before entering the school, to ensure no student is carrying a weapon. Just like the predominately white airplane travelers who are considered automatically terrorists by our TSA, all high school students at predominately Black and Hispanic schools are considered potentially dangerous before they enter a school and must be checked for weapons (or drugs).

          3. The most violent Black people are either already in jail, a statistic in the ongoing Black-on-Black fratricidal war, or have dropped out of school entirely, depriving these high schools of the caliber of intellect that could have found the cure to cancer. Or, they don’t bother showing up to school, even though many all-Black (and Hispanic) school districts have decided that paying them to show up is a good option to cut down on truancy.

          4. Black high school students primarily save their shooting to outside of school grounds, such as this recent shootout in Atlanta details:

          Eleven young men — including two juveniles — face street gang terrorism charges after a shootout at a Spalding County subdivision on Feb. 20., authorities said.

          Spalding County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Amberwood subdivision after reports of shots being fired on the evening of Feb. 20. A description of the vehicles involved in the shooting were given to deputies, who found one vehicle on Cowan Road. The Griffin police department found the second vehicle on the North Expressway near Ellis Road, authorities said.

          Investigators said both vehicles contained bullet holes from the shooting, which they said was gang related. Drugs and a weapon were found in the vehicles and 11 people were arrested, according to Sheriff Wendell Beam. All 11 were charged with street gang terrorism, a law that recently became available for law enforcement to use when they can identify suspects as gang members, Beam said.

          The 11 suspects were charged with aggravated assault, street gang terrorism, marijuana possession, and marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

          Police say six of those arrested are affiliated with a gang called the Ratchet Boys. They are: Deontvious Dewberry, 18; Tobias Keyundra Parker, 17; Shonderrick Jamall Williams, 23; Anthony Lamar Parks 19; and the two juveniles, whose names were not released because of their ages.

          The other five suspects — charged with aggravated assault and street gang terrorism — are affiliated with the Southside Gang, according to authorities. They are: Khari Miller, 17; Decorius Williams, 17; Jotavious Brownlee, 17; Darryl Smith, 21, and Robert Harps, 20.

          How many of these high school Black people were being recruited by Division I (FBS) college football and basketball programs is not known, but I’m sure their coach will still describe them as a “good kid.” You can be sure their mama will. The father? Probably excited his son will be joining him in jail. Father/son bonding time.

          5. Many of the white students who have engaged in high school violence have psychological problems that – were we a healthy society – would have been noticed in the first few years of school (K- 4th grade) by personality tests administered via the school. They would display characteristics of extreme introversion – their fellow students would already notice something strange about this child – and be removed from the general population. Because we as a society still refuse to acknowledge human biodiversity (HBD – I hate that term), we will continue to blame “poverty” for the reason why of those diagnosed with learning disabilities, 20 percent are Black people.

          6. The white kids who engage in this type of violence usually have some convoluted, insane reason for their actions (i.e. – they were bullied, etc.); Black violence is more capricious and wanton instead of premeditated.

          So why does the media decide to highlight only cases of white violence at schools – turning it into a national story – and refrain from even mentioning the almost daily violence that is found at all-Black, 75 percent Black, all-Hispanic, 75 percent Hispanic, or the dreaded half and half Hispanic/Black school?

          It’s depressing and confirms all of our prejudices. We already have local nightly news shows to watch, which depict an endless parade of grown-up Black people (and increasingly Hispanic) engaging in criminality, helping to confirm why we no longer live in “those dangerous cities.”

          And it’s still fun to blame slavery and white privilege, and white racism for the failures of these grown up Black and increasingly Brown people. Knowing that a sizable percentage of Black students K-12 will only augment these ranks is too depressing a thought (hence the patheticTeach for America campaign).

          Besides, a white kid using a gun on his classmates is a tacit reminder that violence can happen in these pristine Whitopia’s too!

          The take-a-away is that whitey does it too.

          Strange though, don’t expect this story to get national play:

          A 13-year-old East High School student suffered first-degree burns after two teens dumped gasoline on him and set him on fire.

          The boy was rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital after the flames ignited. His face and hair were burned, according to police.

          The boy was walking home from East High when he was accosted by two other boys about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

          He said he made it to his home on Quincy Avenue when one suspect physically barred him from entering. The second suspect grabbed a red gallon gasoline can and said, “This is what you get.”

          The second teen then used a light to ignite the gasoline, which “produced a large fireball burning the face and hair” of the victim, according to a Kansas City Police Department report.

          The boy’s 36-year-old father said he wants to prosecute the suspects.The boy is white. The two suspects are black. Police are reportedly investigating whether this was a hate crime.

          Kansas City Police Department Detective Stacey Taylor said detectives were concerned about damage to the boy’s eyes and lungs. He said this was a particularly heinous crime.

          “It was pretty bad stuff,” he said.

          Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the two suspects who are described as being around 16 years old. One was wearing a blue beanie, blue jacket and blue-green Nike Air Jordans with #23. The second suspect was wearing a black hoodie and black sunglasses with silver on the side.

          • A. Wolfe

            Here is Reality for you Brian, where REALITY by WHITE RUN FBI shows the Truth

            REAL STATS from the FBI Table 43:

            Total arrests :

            White – 69.3%

            Black – 28.1%

            here are some more real violent crime stats for you:

            Forcible rape:

            White – 65%

            Black – 32.5%

            Aggravated assault:

            White – 62.8%

            Black – 34.1%


            White – 67.1%

            Black – 30.8%

            Larceny Theft:

            White – 68.2%

            Black – 29%

            Violent Crime:

            White – 58.7%

            Black – 38.5%


            White – 73.6%

            Black – 23.6%

            Motor Vehicle Theft:

            White – 66.6%

            Black – 30.8%

            Sex offenses (except forcible rape and prostitution):

            White – 72.7%

            Black – 24.5%

            Drug abuse violations:

            White – 67%

            Black – 31.2%

            Offenses against the family and children:

            White – 65.8%

            Black – 31.4%

            Weapons; carrying, possessing, etc.:

            White – 58.2%

            Black – 39.9%

            Overall, WHITE people are the ones who have
            the LIONSHARE of all crime , especially for sex offenses and drug abuse.
            Reality must be hard for you huh?

          • JimBob22

            Just so you know, those stats consider all Hispanics to be White. If you look at all major populous crime reporting that actually break hispanic out as a separate category, then those numbers change drastically. For instance, look at NYPD crime stats for 2014 murders and non-negligent manslaughter. 61.8% of all arrestees were Black, 31.8% Hispanic, 2.9% White, and 2.7 % Asian. Now if you include Hispanic and Whites in the same group you get 61.8% Blacks, 34.7% White, and 2.7 % Asian. That paints a much different picture than what is really happening.

            That same exercise with the 2013 numbers since that is the year your FBI numbers came from: 54% Black, 36.5% Hispanic, 6.5% White, 2.7% Asian vs. 54% Black, 43% White, 2.7% Asian
            The difference here between NY and the National numbers isn’t that much. Table 43 lists 45.3% White and 52.2% Black for national Murder and non-negligent manslaughter category.

            Either way, these stats create a much different picture than what is reality. You have to really dig into exactly how they collect the data and what is behind the numbers they report. They are supposed to be changing that for the 2014 or 2015 numbers so we should get a better picture of that soon.

          • Anton

            Also, you have to look at those numbers in comparison to percentage of population. If you have 13.2 percent of the population committing 38.5 percent of the violent crime, something is amiss.

          • Sammy terry

            At least the white people aren’t killing their own at such a high rate.

          • fafhrd

            Sorry to be jumping in on you, 5 months late to the game, as it were, but those “statistics” you presented, are just part of the “raw data”.
            If you check those crime rate percentages against proportion of population (blacks make up {nationwide} 13.2% of the American population)
            Every statistic you presented, has black population disproportionately represented. In other words, blacks are statistically more likely to engage in violent criminal behaviors.
            Not every one is a criminal.

          • David Pendleton

            Considering they only account for 13.2% of the population, those numbers should be much farther apart for your theory to hold water.

          • Denawc

            Shared your reply Brian. Very well done and factual although A Wolf may never understand reality. He comes across as one of many who hate whites for no other reason than they are white and has no understanding how pathetic and illogical that is. Just like when so many whites (and MANY other blacks) hated blacks because of their darker skin. Cowards.

        • Edward belliveau

          I don’t know what friggin world you live in but theres more shootings and crimes committed by blacks than white people I mean take a good look at the prison population nationwide you will see. yeah I know its because blacks are discriminated against right! the race thing again! the white man keeping the black man down bullshit!

          • A. Wolfe

            No one said anythign about keeping the black man down, if anything, white folks like yourself are so arrogant in past glories, that you overlook how YOUR kids are fallign behind in every category and YOUR white politicians are sellign YOU out for foreign interests AND illegals (non european) on our own shores.

            So keep focusing on black folks and watch as YOUR world crumbles away.

          • Edward belliveau

            There your polititions too you asshole oh yeah I forgot the blacks don’t vote

          • Denawc

            Rofl Edward, they multi-vote and always for the same libtards who keep them down in the slums.

          • weikamis

            A. Wolfe, Your President is letting in more illegal aliens than ever and wants open borders! AND he is supposedly HALF-BLACK, lol:)

        • JTTRI

          Yous must bees a intelagants kneegrow, right travontays??

          • A. Wolfe

            Leave it to a low born crass person like yourself to turn to insults.
            you must HATE that a black man is more intelligent than you.

            I love the fact that no matter what you and those liek you say, you focus on the hatred of black folks while your OWN WHITE liberal politicians are selling you out in favor of illegal latinos and foreigners…
            So keep focusing on black folks and keep thinking you are superior, when, in reality, you are falling behind.

        • Denawc

          Black kids DO kill in school and they also kill each other because of the dumbass gangs they are in. Just keep voting for those libtards who love using you guys. Get educated and grow up, be responsible, get jobs.

        • Sammy terry


          • A. Wolfe

            Yes YOU are…glad you know that about yourself

        • Emmit Morehead

          thats because black thugs are to busy killing each other off, way to go black lives matters, between planned parenthood and the gangster thug mentality of the inner city blacks yall dont stand a chance, your dragging yourselves to the grave, ya cant blame whitey, whitey aint killing ya, your killing yourselves off, the reason prisons are filled with blacks is because they commit 85% of the crimes in this republic, imagine that, 12% of this countries population commits 85% of the crimes,

        • Asphalt_Ranger

          35 blacks shot by other blacks in Detroit in one night a couple of months ago, but those shootings don’t count…yeah, right.

        • Carrie O’Baugh

          Well then, what about all the killings going on every day from blacks on blacks? Have you heard about Chicago, Detroit, and so many other communities? This is every single day!

        • weikamis

          The FBI National Unified Crime Report.

        • Ron Smith

          I don’t believe you wrote “that black don’t shoot up their
          schools”. Have you got your head I the sand? You may be correct that most mass shooters are white but go to Methodist hospital in Gary Indiana ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, and see how many black on black shootings there are. You’ll find there are far more Black shooters than white.
          By the way do you remember John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd
          Malvo? The two black men who randomly
          killed ten, and critically injured 11 people in 2002.

      • Than T Ng

        So true:)

      • Ne’er-do-well

        Bless your racist heart.

        • weikamis

          “Racist???” I am sure I heard the word, “Niggas” sooooo many times you imbecile moron!

      • Jason Kulisek

        It’s not in their blood as much as it is in their culture. The “urban” culture puts down law, law enforcement, respect for others (it only matters that others respect you), education, and hard work.

    • MCM

      That is an insult to animals. These types of characters have no brain.

  • uther9

    oh yes they did!

    • teejcee44

      This man is the most UGLY person on earth, calls himself a “reverend”. Nothing about him fits that title.

  • uther9

    Later that day, the cop was fired for being “racist”.

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    Americans of all races are done with this crap from this group of people. They better start behaving or major lessons are gonna be taught big time.

  • Rick Seconds

    I would “accidently” put their heads through a side window.

    • pitty bull

      I would accidently slam their heads off the sidewalk , but then they may pull out their guns .

  • RHaav

    Come on folks, these are just kids having fun on their way to their college to study brain surgery.

  • Suzanne Hughes

    And the rest of black educated America wonders why they cannot be treated seriously I think this is the issue that they need to address is the stupid fools who continue making problems for the rest of us who are just trying to keep our heads above water! Disgusting

    • A. Wolfe

      yeah, btu when white kids are the ONLY ones shooting up the schoold and killing other kids fo rNO reason, you wonder why there is a push to BAN guns

      • JimBob22

        What about Nathaniel Brazill? Robert Butler, Jr.? Alvaro Castillo? Send Hui Cho? Wellington de Oliveira? Bruco Eastwood? Robert Flores? Kimveer Gill? One Goh? Biswanth Halder? Jason Hoffman? Wayne Lo? Gang Lu? Tyrone MItchell? Sorry, do these names not fit your narrative? The truth about school shootings is that there is no real profile for the person who carries out these attacks. The only true common thread seems to be depression. The fact is that people of all races carry out events like this. There are even a handful of cases with females.

        Also, the push to ban guns is insane. Did you know that as gun sales continue to rise that gun crimes are actually declining? Did you know that about 2/3 of all gun related deaths are self inflicted? Depression is a much worse problem than guns. Its just harder to make swift political actions to try to eliminate depression. Just some food for thought.

  • Hopeful Independent

    “White man holding me down”. Yup, down on the pavement, in cuffs, cause you’re an A$$hole criminal, destroying other peoples property.

    • treynich87

      I hope those cops threw those little criminals on the ground hard. Hopefully, it hurt.

  • Wedge

    hmmm black kids? Say it isn’t so? Who woulda thunk it huh? I never would have believed it had I not seen it wif my own two eyes.. pppft.. must be part of that wonderful parenting they do?

  • Mark Muylaert

    just another example of feral animals in the United States.

  • The truth

    Stupid hoodrats. I guess the media will portray them as gentle giants too.

  • Anubis13

    The cameraman called it right…

  • James Smith

    Slam their heads under the hoods.

    • paulinnaples

      And share down white businesses.

  • sacj7

    Let’s remember: they were all good boys and had never been in trouble before!

  • Mac

    All thise dumb niggers should gont jail. He ones that were along for the ride and the cameraman were just as guilty

    • Mike

      You might want to run spell check before you post something about dumb people, unless you like looking dumb too.

  • Charlie

    Does the guy filming no how to say anything other than “dumb ni**ers”? Obviously it’s not a raaaayist word if they can say it over and over. Free speech is a two way street. BTW, they aren’t just “dumb”, they are law breaking, vandals, and probably real assholes to boot.

  • Christine Cuneo

    sterilize these creatures.

  • Jason Kulisek

    Damn, they took that kid down hard. That’s what happens when you run or fight though. Good job, officers. I love how the camera man just keeps calling them stupid.

  • jhk

    The one filming got arrested too! LMAO!

  • Jason Bruce

    “Dumb Niggas…”

  • Lisa S. Linder

    get over here, you’re under arrest too, “who, me”? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apartheid World

    It is Obamas Kids.

  • Ray Hicks

    just hoped the little pos Dan Spodaz got their asses kicked before jail one tried that on my gf car and I caught then red handed body slammed his gang bangin ass so hard into the concrete he’ll never forget everyone scattered when this “white boy” went off on him holding his body above my head being the ignant pos he is he said to me : “I’ll f up anybodies car I want to… I replied ;”WRONG ANSWER” ka blam threw him so hard to the ground he couldn’t move then in an arm lock I put him into the 7 foot fence as I whispered into his ear ;”if you f with my car yo will come up missing , you will disapear get my meaning the cockroach crawled up over the fence.. two days later and two alleys down ???

  • Syclonedave

    Nailed those niglings good.

  • Terry Garcia

    poor kid just havin’ fun! if Obama would have a son, he would have looked just like him!

  • grammysam

    Reinstate the draft. These kids have too much time on their hands. If they are drafted, they can learn something, help out our country, and go to school when they do their two years. It will change them from being hoods to being more responsible adults. Plus, we need more soldiers for what’s coming….

  • JustStop

    Because it was Dumb nigga sh*t“.

  • IRemainUnrepentantKolokotronis

    Ignorant street monkeys.

  • ZaphodEpicurus


  • loverofcats

    More evidence of obummers model ‘sons.’

  • Steven

    This kind of act would be funnier if they were jumping on the hoods of moving cars.

  • Guest

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  • HarryTheCat

    Awww…these fine young men are all really good boys who are good fathers to their babies and love their mommas/grandmas. They would never have done nuthin’ bad, and were just taking some time out from their med school studies to blow off a little steam. I’m sure they’ll all make fine doctors some day. It’s clear that a couple of evil, racist cops were profiling them and sneaking up on them in an unmarked car.

    Oh, wait…what’s that? They aren’t med students? Oh well then, never mind.


    Gotta love the American kneegrow

  • Guest

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  • Denawc

    The guy doing the filming was telling it like it was…dumb nigg*rs, dumb as f*#k. Their parents should be insisting those kids be taking extra classes in school, working part time jobs, etc. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to roam the streets like this.

  • joe

    If Obama had a son these would be his

  • Bryan Bennett

    The narrator had it right from the beginning.

  • Terry

    Mama will be proud.


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