Ted Nugent Just Spoke the TRUTH About RACISM in America – Liberals Are ENRAGED

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by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Just when you think Ted Nugent has said every eye-popping — but typically dead-on — shredding of liberals that there is to say, he manages to surprises you yet again.

This time Ted has sparked liberal fury by blasting the “Reverend” Al Sharpton and Obama for their obsession with making race the issue on nearly every issue.

On conservative Mike Broomhead’s  show in Arizona, Nugent remarked on how he has never experienced racism like this in his 66 years on Earth — until Obama came into office.

Nugent said that he was “shattered” to learn of racism against Black Americans as a young man, but that:

“By the late 60s, the 70s, I couldn’t find racism. I never saw racism. I never heard of racism. I thought it was a thing of the past in isolated pockets of inbreeding and cannibalism and spiritlessness.”

Nuge remembered growing up in Detroit, where he was surrounded by mostly black musicians during the Motown era. He says that he never judged people by color, he judged by “spirit and soul,” and others did the same, regardless of race.

But once Obama started injecting race into issues for his own political reasons, Nugent saw the real face of racism.  Nuge recalled the controversy early in Obama’s first term, surrounding the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, who is black, by a white police officer — where Obama, before he had any facts — wrongly accused the (White) police of “acting stupidly.”

Ted then blasted Obama’s disgraceful gas-pouring ” If I had a son” comment about Trayvon Martin.

Ted delved into just why Obama taking ownership of Trayvon Martin as a “son” was so disturbing. Why would you want to say that someone who did drugs, got in fights and attacked a community watchman could be your “son”?

Nugent zeroed in on the key problem:

“I never heard of any racism (in the daily lives of Americans) except the celebration of divisiveness in the media, academia, and by our own government.”

Then Ted courted major controversy, calling Al Sharpton a “racist mongrel”, and then making a brutally honest observation by asserting:

 “Nowhere can I find racism EXCEPT COMING OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!”

There is no doubt Ted Nugent has made some seriously zany comments in the past, but this was a seriously logical and well-reasoned description of where we are in America today.

We have made HUGE strides in race relations since Jim Crow, and the turbulent 50s and 60s. We seemed to have finally moved past race as a nation — and then came Obama. And now, thanks to his reckless, calculated divisiveness, race is a more poisonous issue than ever. Obama — the first so-called “Black President” — has set back race relations in America by decades in just 6 years in office.

I’m glad Ted had enough integrity to tell it like it is. We need more brave souls to step into the fray and challenge our racist-in-chief and his shameless minions on the damage they are doing to the fabric of our great nation.

Listen to his interview below…

Already, Liberal heads are EXPLODING. Media Matters — the propaganda arm of the George Soros machine that put Obama in power — in going nuts attacking Nugent as a “racist” for daring to go after the repugnant hate-monger Sharpton.

What do you think? Did Ted hit the nail on the head, or did he go too far?


[h/t Lindsey Bruce]

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  • Debbie Harris

    Nailed it, Ted. Thank you for having the balls to always tell the truth and speak your mind.

  • America_Woman

    The residents @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are bigoted. IMHO They’re actions show they hate caucasian people.

    • Carla Sacco

      They HATE AMERICA with no doubt.

  • Otter58701

    Uncle Ted is right. Racism flows from the White House. It was never that way before Obama moved into it. Obama has divided this country with his race baiting. And allowing Al Sharpton to preach his anti White rhetoric. Together they have torn apart all that was gained. We’re now back 60 some years. To the point of almost needing segregation again. I really hope people have learned something from all of this. And think before…they vote. Obama should be jailed for treason. Al Sharpton should be jailed for inciting riots & tax evasion. Eric Holder should be jailed for inciting all of that in Ferguson.

    • Paul MacKay

      Anyone who doesn’t think that there wasn’t racism in the USA until six years ago has obviously never tried having a skin color other then white.

      • WanderingStray

        So, I guess if someone cuts in front of you in line at the grocery store, gives you a “funny” look when you opine something, or mentions a like or dislike of watermelon, all of that is racism, right?

        • Paul MacKay

          I was referring more to episodes in my life such as being told I couldn’t date someone’s daughter in high-school because of my skin color or when I was 23 and shit-kicked by a few good old boys for “being off the reservation”.

          Ya know, real harmful things that have occurred to me because I’m not white. Thanks for playing along though.

          If someone cuts in front of me at the store that’s just rude and quite frankly I don’t really care for watermelon myself. It’s a lot of mess for very little flavor.

          • Ray Sosebee

            So you are one of those two Wrongs make a Right kind of people huh? Fool! I’m white and I’ve experienced racism my whole life living in S. Texas where the majority are Hispanic! It’s just a different kind of Racism. So get over it!

          • Paul MacKay

            Hardly. I’m just saying that racism never went anywhere and anyone who thinks that’s the case is looking through rose colored glasses.

          • Reese Daniel

            And it never will go anywhere as long as RACIST people keep reminding everyone and stirring the pot………………..

          • anon nona

            I too experienced racism from Hispanics. I learned the Spanish cuss words and derogatory phrases and some Spanish so I could understand and give the insults back.

          • rollin in my chair

            And that “being off the reservation”.crap dont happen in Harlem or most projects

          • Paul MacKay

            I’d imagine it does. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been to a project outside of work. I do know that I’ve never been assaulted by a black person because of the color of my skin though. But this is just from my own experience.

            Maybe people that have been fucked over by the white man give each other a free pass. I’m not sure how that works.

          • Nova Male

            Gee, white people are never attacked by blacks because of the color of their skin. Cough cough….

          • John Richardson


          • Bruce Keyes

            I will agree with you there, I have lived in the south and plan to return after retirement. It IS a whole lot better, though there have been some instances of racism but not nearly as bad as the north

          • Richard Smoker

            I’ve never been…

          • Bruce Keyes

            I have

          • TacticalYoda

            “THE White man” that’s very interesting. We’re getting to know you now, Paul.

          • rollin in my chair

            Neither have i, but it’s happening and you cant denies it

          • Bruce Keyes

            Growing up race was never an issue (born in Highland park general) it still was not and I have some good experiences with people of color, though, anyone who is looking today can see how it has turned very ugly in the last 6 years, race is involved in every thing our president does and everyone he brings into his cabinet, just look at the new attorney general, MUST be black and have a zeal against whites determined to inflict as much hate and misery to whites as possible,, that is the mantra of this administration, this will hurt everyone and wont last, and it will never bring us together, but the media spews BS and spin, and they are telling people with little ability to think for themselves what to think and that is scary

          • wendy

            Can you please give an example BESIDES the police brutality issue (which is totally a made up concept that NEVER happened), where race is brought into ‘everything’?

          • Bruce Keyes

            Well Wendy, just listen to the news once, and note how many times racist is brought up, or anything race related and you will have your answer, it seems people like you just love to stick their head in the sand. I have nothing further to say to people like that..

          • Reese Daniel

            I’m a white female and I got attacked viciously by a black female in middle school. She slammed me up against a locker and began to pull my hair and pound on me with her fist. All because I had “ugly feet” in some sandals I wore that day and she and her little cronies (also black) made fun of me all during class and I never said a word to them and got attacked after the class ended. I never fought back either, never really got a chance to, she came up from behind me and blind sided me. All because my “feet” were ugly. So I guess I should hate ALL black people and should have hated them all these years. What was I thinking??

          • Marcus Antonius

            You being somewhat of a thinking person, I am curious if you feel that there was any positive to slavery?
            By the way. I was arrested in uniform in 1961 in N. Carolina because I stood up to a restaurant manager, who did not want to serve a fellow Black Soldier in uniform.

          • Paul MacKay

            I don’t think anything is entirely negative Marcus. Do I think slavery was 99.9999% negative? Most certainly. White people who came over as indentured servants were basically slaves too, something that many seem to miss but in their case after their contract was up they were paid off and had a chance to start a new life that they never would have had in Europe.

            In some cases they became quite prosperous, which never would have happened to them in Europe.

            In terms of those brought here to be slaves from Africa they didn’t have any say in the matter or if they did were outright lied to about what would happen to them once they arrived. And there was no end to their contract besides merciful death. Even after slavery was formally eradicated there were new sets of laws put in place that basically meant they were still slaves. The effects of those laws still linger.

            Would Africans have been better without colonialism? Quite possibly so, who’s to say modern advances wouldn’t have made their way over there if free trade was established as opposed to them being conquered. I’m Cree but I very much live in the white mans world. So obviously there’s nothing genetic preventing me from doing so.

            Heck I kind of have to live in the white mans world. The world my ancestors lived in was virtually eradicated by the settlers. That’s OK though. I like living in a house, owning a nice truck and having the internet. I don’t even like camping so I doubt Teepee living would thrill me.

          • Marcus Antonius

            Good reply and a laugh at the end

          • Paul MacKay

            Certainly Africans have made some huge positive impacts on American culture. It would be foolish to deny that but at what cost? I dearly love jazz but I’m not sure if great music justifies the pain that was suffered to make that kind of music exist.

            There’s no saying that Africans wouldn’t have created a culture comparable had there been our current model of free trade. The Chinese and Japanese were never enslaved (as overtly)and yet they created some great cultural things.

            But at the end of the day the world is what it is. No one can change what occurred centuries ago. But you can’t help but notice that the Chinese and Japanese are doing quite well for themselves and some of the greatest thinkers of history have been Africans.

          • Robo

            Pain is like the fire that forges the sword for individuals and groups of people. If it doesn’t destroy you it makes you stronger.

          • bonnie

            Sorry to have to tell you this ,MARCUS I too am a jazz lover ,but Jazz was originated here in the good old USA !! LOOK IT UP !! I love Jazz, I am a total music Lover from the Classical, to the Heavy Metal groups! I go big for Bluegrass which is also an American music ! Not hep on NEW Country, but love the older REAL Country music ! Love classic ROCK and have a music library that dates back to the early 1900’s! Before they ever made a flip side on vinyl ! Just had to jump in there on that JaZZ thing !! Carry on !!

          • Marcus Antonius

            thanks for the input Bonnie, but Jazz came from the African slave in this nation and black hymnals and blues were the lead ins to it. WC Handy was one of the early greats. White people also played Jazz and wrote Jazz. My father wrote some Jazz in the late teens and early twenties. I wrote one piece about 4 years ago in my early 70s, called “Cass and Vine”. About dancing at a night club in Detroit. There has been a long dissention about the origins of Jazz, and I am always willing to listen. I personally like 30s and40 big band, and Progressive from the 50s, like Parker, Garner, Horace Silver, Monk, and of course Cannonball Aderly !

          • Tom Foolery

            I didn’t realize MacKay was a Cree sub-group. It must be that Scottish sect we hear little of throughout history. Paul, you live in the white man’s world because *cough* you ARE a white man. Don’t let your egotism fool you. Also, if you’re going to approach both sides of the fence in your arguments, you might want to rethink your avatar which is very incendiary. The book isn’t that great either. If it were me, I wouldn’t advertise liking such drivel, but that’s just my two cents.

          • Paul MacKay

            Actually I’m of 1/8th Scottish decent, 1/8th Dutch (from my grandfather on my father’s side)and from what is understood 3/4 Cree, although given inter-tribal relations that’s up for debate. Apart from slightly reddish hair I’ve never been accused of being white. Both of my parents identified as First Nations people and so do I. I never claimed to be of pure Cree blood, but most people who call themselves Irish aren’t of 100% Irish decent either. I have full tribal rights and I certainly have legal treaty status. When people throw slurs at me it’s either Redskin, Wagon burner or some such thing.Probably because I look native, something to do with being mainly of Cree origin.Thanks for asking! I’m glad I could explain how genetics work to you!

            In terms of the book cover that’s as much to do with the Republican’s Southern Strategy as anything else. I put it up there as a lark one night and to be honest I really don’t care how good a book it was I think the world would be a better place if the USA had become two nations.

          • Robo

            Have people seriously called you redskin or wagon burner? Sounds so ridiculous it’s hard to believe.

          • Paul MacKay

            There are some pretty backwards people out there who are lacking much skill in communicating in the English language. It’s not uncommon for people to be called cocksucker or whatnot. It’s not that shocking really. It’s happened a handfull of times in my life but it’s happened.

          • Bruce Keyes

            I agree with the two nations but the problem would be that one couldn’t live without the other to feed off of. as one would be a nation of users, those who live off the work and earnings of others stating they deserve it or somehow they are entitled because of their blood or skin color, so there would be war and the takers would in fact loose

          • Nova Male

            Remind me agin, who sold the blacks to white people… Oh that’s right, other blacks sold them!!!

          • JW Appling

            Actually it was other tribes selling them to the Arab slave traders who sold them to the White (and Arab) slave traders. Any one that thinks a boat with a hand full of people on it went into the heart of Africa and captured slaves is an idiot.

          • Bruce Keyes

            Your right, if the whole slavery thing didn’t happen, there would be many people of color here, look at what Africa is today warring murdering tribes, it would be like something good came of something bad, that is the best way to look at it, As for the American Indian, that was a sad state of affairs as well though today in America they have separate laws and rights and for them that’s great, though they lost many in the beginning. I do hope we can heal, for the sake of America, the greatest nation on the planet, at least it once was but has a chance of loosing it, and now China is pushing to become the worlds default currency under this stool sample in office

          • John Richardson


          • Marcus Antonius

            I am sorry, but tens of millions have benefited as the descendants of slaves vs: having had to live in Africa. That is the reality of it.

          • Sharon D

            Marcus. Maybe that should be taught to the one’s who still feel owed from slavery. I was in South Africa in 1982. My dad and step mom lived there for 1 1/2 years and I was able to visit. They had a maid, which is or was very common then. She was paid more than most, but refused to take much more because she did not want to get accustomed to it. While I was there, we went to Kruger National Park, and she was invited to go, and did. She would not sit in the front seat, the bathrooms had different entrances for white and black, even though they went into the same bathroom. While she was at my parents house she had to sleep in a maid room which was about 1/2 the size of an average kids room here. We would take her back to her home for the weekends and it was a hut. This was AFRICA! I can remember hearing “if you don’t like it, go back to Africa” when I was a child. I am from Detroit, I have seen a beautiful city be trashed. My mom and step dad were told if they sold their house to a black family it would get burnt down before they could sell it. I have been raised around racism my whole life. I am white, that is just a color of skin. I am also a female and my ancestors had to fight for my rights today. I have learned from this. I don’t blame anyone today and would never imagine torching my city, community, family to make a point. I have also seen the racism start really heating up again when Obama got into office. And I am sure if we look at media clips from the years prior to this, you won’t see as much about racism. I may not have been arrested for being black, but I have been treated differently for being white! There is no reason for it. I don’t care if you are black, white, red, yellow! We all are equal and need to start treating eachother as equals!

          • Marcus Antonius

            Sharon a nice post, and I have spent many a day and night in Detroit from the early 70s on, until we moved from Washtenaw County to South Eastern Virginia for the nice weather and such. I also grew up in a time when we had Black servants. My mother was a very definite racist. I have however, led a life where I treat every person I meet with some rare exceptions, as equals and do not look at them based on the color of their skin.
            I also have seen discrimination in rest rooms and also schools as I went to school in Florida in the early 50s for a year and a half, where the schools were segregated. I was arrested in South Carolina on my way to Ft. Gordon Georgia, because I would not accept that a Black soldier, in uniform, could not eat in the bus stop restaurant we stopped at.
            I have been very concerned about a number of the police incidents reported over the last few years, where Black men have had what is very obvious a racist run in with Police. Not all, but a high percentage. I am not going to say that protests are not in order, but what we see in Baltimore and Ferguson and such, is more teenage miscreants and even more serious criminal types, acting out their ignorance and using the incidents to show what tough guys they are. Burning down and robbing businesses and homes, destroying cars does not settle anything. In just incites negative action on the part of those who do not accept the violence.
            If you are going to use those tactics, then you should be prepared for even a higher response, which in Baltimore they have for the most part not gotten.
            Using the resources that are available in a society such as ours, can be much more effective. Sit ins and boycotts are 2 examples. The vote and public non violent but assertive protests is another.
            I am sure you get my points. I should add that my above post, can be substantiated when you observe the vast contributions that the descendants and even former slaves have made in our culture, and wouldn’t have if in Africa.
            Thanks for your reply.
            One other thing. The government at almost all levels has become a very unresponsive and self serving entity, and in my opinion, needs to be seriously reduced in size and influence in our society. At the highest levels it is operating outside of the Constitution a great deal of the time and has become an international rogue outlaw.

          • Bruce Keyes

            Marcus, I don’t believe there is a person alive expecially a white person that is glad slavery ever happened, we fought, (MY FAMILY DID) to get rid of it, and IT WAS OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO, NOBODY ALIVE TODAY WAS A SLAVE OR OWNER, AND THE FEW THAT DID HAVE SLAVE, RICH WERE FEW) SLAVERY IS SO MUCH BIGGER IN OTHER PLACES BUT IN AMERICA BLACKS THROW IT UP IN THJE FACES OF GOOD WHITE PEOPLE WHO NEVER DID A BAD THING TO THEM, SO STOP IT, F%^&ING STOP IT!!! YOUR HURTING THINGS AND HURTING YOURSELF BY DOING IT, I hate the fact that there was slavery in America, but it is alive and well in other nations today. Thank you for your service, and I do hope we can heal as a nation, but we need to let the past go.

          • Reese Daniel

            Another thing they don’t tell you is that a lot of the black slaves DID NOT WANT TO GO FREE after the Civil War because they LOVED THEIR WHITE OWNERS! They were well treated and became a part of the family to a large extent and did not want to go free. The spin doctors who alter historical facts will not tell you this. Most of the stories about evil slave owners beating their slaves to a pulp is fiction. Slaves were a LUXURY and treated as a fine commodity because only the rich could afford them. You don’t mistreat a Luxurious item (no insult intended just to prove a point).

          • Robo

            Very good for you though as are a lot of traditionally or stereotypically “black” dishes. You’re not buying organic watermelon if there’s no flavor.

          • John Richardson


          • Bruce Keyes

            Well Paul as for not being able to date someone’s daughter I think everyone has had that perhaps not the color of their skin which is perhaps the dumbest reason but perhaps there are other things about that person that a parent (father) I did stand between my daughters on some boys as they were simply not worthy and I stand by that as there are some that have bad intentions, no ambition to make something of themselves and just want a good looking young lady, when my girls were looking for a man and perhaps husband and father, so having said that, dads do have the right and the duty to be involved.

          • Bob Barnes

            Nope you arent racist at all either. All that awful stuff was because you arent white. Had you been white, none of it would ahve happened. Had you been brown, black, yellow or purple, it would have been exactly the same. but man, if you had just been white, everything would have been so great!

          • Reese Daniel

            Just because their are JERKS of all skin colors doesn’t mean you have to lump every soul into one category because of what a certain group of people did. THAT is racism! It’s not about skin color, it’s about evil. Evil always has a “scapegoat” and in some cases it uses a person’s skin color to scapegoat them. But there are many other scapegoats uses by evil people. And evil people come in all different colors.

      • Otter58701

        Yeah…..well suck my WHITE dick Pauly. Cause thats not what I said.

        • Paul MacKay

          You said “racism flows from the Whitehouse” did you not? It was never that way before we had our first non-white president. And there’s anti-white rhetoric…..so I guess what you said was for the first time in America’s history whites are feeling the sting of racism and you’ve decided you don’t much care for it. Awwww. Jeez that’s too bad.I feel really sorry for you.

          • Anna Rose

            You’ve fallen for it, Paul. You’re doing exactly what Obama wants you to do. Of course there’s been some racism, but it’s been scarce considering what it was before MLK came along. And what there is of it goes both ways. I’m white. Do you think that I’ve never been discriminated against by Black people because of my skin color? You need to learn how to be fair.

          • The point is those of us who were alive in the 1950s and 1960s knew there was “Racism.”

            Some places it was obviously worse than others.

            People like to give MLK credit, but, his initial message was the races could share the same continent, but, in a separate venue. He put a qualification to Segregation that simply made it Separation.

            At the end of the day, there were a lot of people on both sides who worked, compromised, figured out a middle ground.

            Maybe, the Kennedys don’t get considered because the people who had out the awards and credit do the skin color routine. President John Kennedy and his brother Robert The Attorney General and later a senator did a lot to move race relations in a positive direction, but, people always seem to forget the Kennedy brothers.

            America did work and move in a positive direction. Senator Strom Thurmond was the most anti-Black white man in America and his power finally eroded away and he retired from Congress.

            Governor George Wallace in the wheelchair tried to clarify his position on race, but, few listened because he had burned too many bridges behind him.

            Then, the 21st Century arrives and Obama turns out to be the Ultimate Black Racist.

            The only thing Obama lacks is a black sheet and hood because he has become the reverse of the KKK, but, he doesn’t even tell people why.

            It makes no sense that he would roll race relations back 25 to 50 years, but, he seems determined to do so.

          • John Richardson


          • You just showed your racist side.

          • Paul MacKay

            It’s racist to say that racism doesn’t exist?How about if I just call it religious freedom? That seems to be the last place bigotry is allowed to hide anymore.

          • John Richardson


          • TacticalYoda

            Sounds like you’re more interested in being on the right side of a wrong than you are in seeing right prevail over wrong.

          • rex freeway

            I could care less of someones race, TROLL BOY. If your Purple with Orange dots, Black, White, Latino or Asian. If you cant accept the rules of Modern society then live in a third world country where law is nonexistent. You seem to enjoy the fact that a community organizer with zero business and management skills is our President. You reek of Liberal hippie.

          • Paul MacKay

            I enjoy Obama as much as I enjoyed the rich spoiled brat who had never really done much despite having everything in life handed to him who preceded him.To be honest I probably respect Obama more. He seems to have more scruples. Although it would be impossible to have less moral fiber then Bush the 2nd. I thought his father was a fine president though.

            For all 12 years of his term.

            I think race matters to you, why else would you have told me the color of your cock before you told me to suck it. Try not to back-track on what you said. It’s quite unbecoming.

            If you’d like to call me a troll that’s fine but if you’d like to read the comments you might note that those that reply in a respectful manner to me get a respectful reply. Not agreeing isn’t trolling it’s enjoying my right to free speech.

            If I reek of hippie liberal to you that’s fine. To you I probably am. I’d imagine 80% of the country qualifies as that from where you stand.

            I love the country enough to question the president no matter what party he runs under. Sorry about that.

            Good day.

          • Richard Smoker

            Paul – 2 Rex – 0

          • John Richardson


          • Richard Smoker

            What about Bush? The guy was an idiotic frat boy. Yet that’s ok?

          • Tammie Smith

            It certainly isn’t the racism that creates a problem, it’s the stupidity that flows so freely trying to get a white to give a damn. Blacks are just annoying.

          • DRC

            Hey Paul , why dont you try walking down the street in one of our detroit neighborhood and see what comes of it?

          • John Richardson


          • susanjmaki

            Don’t forget that minorities gained

          • Richard Smoker

            Ha ha ha! That was awesome Paul!

          • Noel Tarlinton

            sarcasm – not helpful

        • Robert

          You need to tone down that kind of talk.

          • Otter58701

            Or what Robert?

          • Noel Tarlinton

            or Robert will get support…

        • John Richardson


          • Otter58701

            Bend over John and I’ll give you a parting gift. You jack ass!

          • Marvin Edwards

            Bet you were/are a McCain supporter

      • Donna Sims Howell

        There was and is racism. BUT it goes both ways and the White House of the last six years has only inflamed it.

        • Donna Sims Howell

          No, they’ve capitalized on it which is worse.

          • Angela Meola- Henry

            Donna, you hit the nail on the head. How much can I make off of this or how many votes can I get from this, is all they care about. Its a damn shame.

          • Sharon D

            That’s not all of it, have to keep the people separated and against each other so they don’t go against the government! I grew up in Detroit as well, and agree 100% with Ted!!

          • John Richardson


          • FED UP WITH PC

            Well, I AM from Memphis, TN, and believe me, Memphis is 75% to 85% black and if there is racism, it is not white on black racism…

          • America_Woman

            Sharon lived in Detroit. She doesn’t have to make a trip to Memphis to see it. She’s had to live with it.

          • Sharon D

            I’m from Detroit John, trust me I know racism!

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        • Akbull


          • jsay

            If you are saying that anything obama has said makes him more racist than our slave owning presidents I think you are revealing more about yourself than you are about obama.

          • dongee

            Slave owning presidents? You do know that was 200 years ago?

          • jonathon1st

            I bet they treated there slaves better than Obama is treaty us.

          • jonathon1st

            Did you know that there are more people being held as slaves today then any other time in history. Did you know that all races of people have been slaves at one time or another.

          • lwainscot

            Absolutely! Go to Saudi Arabia, and the slave trade is booming. Muslims are said to hold slaves who are infidels, something allowed by the qu’ran.

          • jonathon1st

            Hi Iwainscot, Is that a Swissy?

          • Mike Stern

            Remember it was BLACKS who sold OTHER BLACKS into slavery.It’s a historical fact. And here is another one: THE FIRST SLAVE OWNER WAS BLACK. AND ONE MORE: NOT ALL FARMERS AND PLANTATION OWNERS IN THE SOUTH OWNED SLAVES. Look it up.

          • Reese Daniel

            Great point. And also, some of the slaves were Irish and Scottish people. They leave this out of historical teaching because it does not fit into their “Divide and Conquer” agenda.

        • Tom

          you are so right

      • bigmurr

        It certainly does flow from this racist president and racist supposedly first lady!

        • Guest

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      • Bob Edwards

        and thats right,paul whites are the only ones who could ever be racist i guess you dont see all the black racists or spanish

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      • Bruce Darling

        “Oil Can” Barry has done his utmost to inflame matters.

      • Sam Black

        Paul there was a lot of wrong , but it had nothing to do with race . Because it was happening to all people . So stop being foolish ..

      • AlbuqBill

        His experiences, not yours. The biggest problem surrounding racism now days is the real racist projecting that image onto others for every little thing they don’t like. “Oh, you don’t think like I do, you’re a racist!”, “he got more fries than I did, you’re a racist!”. The racists have accused everyone else, the people of every race, of racism so much that the term is meaningless! Yes, there was racism before six years ago but it is worse now than it was 40 years ago!

      • Fran Bello

        There has always been racism but now it’s at a level that i haven’t ever seen and i’m a senior. What politicians have done by creating a welfare state that’s huge is take away pride and ambition. During the 60’s for instance when they decided to bus blacks into white schools it did almost nothing to improve the life of poor blacks. It would have been much netter to keep these children in the schools they had been in but reduce the classes to 10 children with two teachers per class. BUT those who decided to bus didn’t want black kids to become more educated they just wanted to make them think this would help. Think about what this concentrated form of education would have done for the poor blacks in the 60’s and the snowball effect it would have had on the offspring of these educated black children. Education not generational welfare is what would have made a huge difference. Ask yourself this question….how better to control a segment of the population but by keeping them uneducated????!!!!!

        • Paul MacKay

          You make some good points Fran. But keep in mind the busing programs in the 60’s were a reaction to internalized segregation. For example; In some southern states they were required to provide schooling to all children regardless of race. Now the white schools were proper buildings with heat and washrooms and the black schools were basically shacks. Children would have to defecate outside! That’s hardly fair. And there was an over reaction which often happens in these case.

          Instead of providing funding to build proper schools in every district they just shut down the shacks and bused children in to the existing schools. Which led to over crowding.

          In my fathers case the reservation had had a very nice building put up for a school. Probably better then what the white kids had. There weren’t many schools but in the name of integration that school was shut down (and it was the nicest building on the rez by far) and the kids were bussed an hour each way into town.

          It was an insane policy.

          I don’t think it was any sort of grand plan, I don’t give the government that much credit in terms of long term thinking, but it was a case of too many people pulling in different directions and too many politicians wanting a piece of a pie that hardly has enough to fund the basics.

      • Sharon D

        To be honest, these days, white people are treated very different!

        • Paul MacKay

          They’re not differed to so I’d imagine yes, yes they are.

      • Timothy Loew

        sure Paul.. like Miss BLACK America, Black Panthers at the VOTING BOOTH… you are an ignorant piece of crap….

        • Richard Smoker

          I’m with you Tim! David Duke 2016!

      • susanjmaki

        I think we’ve just replaced white racism with black, brown and red racism. Now we have schools where minority students can’t get suspended without special permission, thugs rioting and getting paid when the police needed to use tear gas, etc, etc, etc. this is not a solution. It’s just trading places. And it’s always been my belief that your character tells people how to treat you.

      • Doug1@gmail.com

        Are you kidding me? Employers go past white qualified candidates to hire black to meet the requirements to hire them. Sports teams and colleges go out of their way to make it a point to favor the black athletes. Imagine how outraged the black community would be if there was an “all white TV network,” or if there were a “White Only college fund!” The race card has NO PLACE IN OUR CURRENT SOCIETY! Those who work the system and violate the rules are the only one’s playing that card and it is unjustly so!

      • Donny Gee

        White people are not the ONLYpeople that are racist in this country and you do not know what your saying just spewing schit out of your mouth

      • Richard Smoker

        I agree paul. I look around and see a lot of white folks talking about the non existence of racism. They should come check out the midwest!

      • Lolly

        He was saying it from HIS young experience.

      • lwainscot

        You know, I’ve worked side by side with people of color, all my adult life, and in those 50 years, seldom did I see evidence of racism, as I do today! With affirmative action, people of color were given jobs over whites who were better qualified because of government tax credits and incentives.

        Race riots, protests, the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., school bussing, I lived thru all that and experienced the process of overcoming fears of people who looked different from our own. And integration worked! There was no more talk about whites having better schools than blacks, more educational opportunities. Those things were available for anyone who wanted them, and were willing to work for them.

        Then comes Obama, elected in part because of his skin color, a way for Americans to prove racism was almost a thing of the past. What did he do with the opportunity? He created division, problems, stirred the race pot till it was boiling hot. Then he threw a pound of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the others who insist their people are still being kept down by whitey. What was done to stop those people? Absolutely nothing, and the Obamas both participated. They are definitely to blame for fanning the fires of racism.

      • America_Woman

        Who said it all started 6 years ago?

      • Mike Stern

        Special kind of stupid aren’t you? Boo Hoo, blame the white people for my problems.

    • David Ward

      So…..tell me again how you’re not racist 🙂

      Otter58701 okoktime 3 days ago
      Yeah ok boot lip jigga boo. Climb back into your tree monkey.

      • Richard Smoker

        I’m with you David! David Duke 2016!

    • David Ward

      Or how about this one? 🙂 warms my heart to know you are not a race baiter 🙂
      Btw, I am a moderately conservative small business owner, that did not vote for Obama, and who strongly supports our 2nd amendment rights so that I can continue to enjoy the priveledge of concealed carry. You are the kind of schmuck that jeopardizes that right for me.

      Otter58701 4 days ago
      Bring back segregation. I don’t want my family or friends being forced to socialize with these monkeys any longer.

      • Richard Smoker

        I’m with you David Wart ! David Duke 2016!

    • Tammie Smith

      You are 100% spot-on!

    • Beach Actor

      Honestly I see more racism among blacks toward whites in the media than whites toward blacks

    • FeedyourHead

      Hahaha you are a stupid idiot, your comments baffle me!! You must have severe brain damage and I sincerely hope your genetic line of reasoning dies out! 🙂

    • ILJ

      Truth is this administration and its Fundamental Change agenda, as radical as this may sound has brought the country closer to the doorstep of a second civil war by creating an elevated racial tension and disparity as well as ideological disparities by embracing a strongly socialist leaning domestic policies

    • anon nona

      Don’t forget Soros. He paid for people to be professional race baiters, paid to bus them to different cities, paid them to incite riots and looting. He needs to be investigated, but it will never happen. Too bad a group of black thugs won’t go to his home and rob him and beat the guts out of him.

  • Connie

    Hit the nail on the head!!! Love it!! Run for President Ted

  • Clay Burruss

    I think Ted should be president of our great country he loves it more than Ovomit ever will.

  • Weebal

    He’s such an absolute nugent that the righties lap it up.

  • Ralph

    Hell yeah, Ted, you speak the truth. F#@k, the occupants, of that, racist White House, and that racist POS, Al Sharpton. Keep on, speaking the, truth, and telling it, like it is.

    • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

      Ralph you sure have a thing about commas don’t you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

      • Ralph

        I shure do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Brad Tjapkes

    If the Libs hate it, it must be true!

  • Ron

    Sure wish liberal heads would explode. They are THE problem with our country. Race is a big issue because liberal idiots want it to be.

    • Robert White

      if the black community, would see that their dems want them to remain dependant. so they have someone to take care of. thats what they do. they dont want everyone to have a job and be happy. they need crap, to fix. and they dont fix it. they just make sure, it gets cemented in place.

  • keribari

    I agree with Mr. Nugent…I am 70 and have NEVER seen racism in my life and never heard talk from ANY black people about being attacked racially..

  • Tim

    Hit the nail on the head and buried it…

  • Nelson Stanley

    READ -TED ,White and Blue !!

  • Guest


  • greg


  • Wiggle D

    Yes, sell your body, while you can.

  • RonCade

    Yo , Ted. You want to really get upset? Try reading “White Frugality”. What a bunch of irrational thouvht, in my opinion. Cheers!

  • shaganasty

    thank you sir for speaking up, us unknowns love that you can speak the truth for all…..

  • steve

    Ted is 100% correct and I wish more people had the courage to speak the truth. Right on Ted.

  • Scooter Tramp


  • greg

    Nugent 2016 has my vote.

    • America_Woman

      I like Ted but can you picture him shooting a flaming arrow on the White House grounds? 😀

      • greg

        With wild game all around. Plus I would love to hear his foreign policy.

  • gofer1

    Affirmative Action is the definition of racism. Its says minorities aren’t as smart, so they have to be helped by lowering test scores, etc. It treats them to a lower standard. Govt programs have made them paranoid and destroyed self-esteem. If a native African can come here an fly by everbody else, its telling that efforts to succeed just are not being made. Just rely on the govt.

    • Dennis Morgan

      Affirmative action works both ways, a white person in a black college is the minority there and does not have to score as high a GPA as the black students

  • truthsayer49

    I feel the exact same way Ted, I am also 66, race relations take a long time to heal and they were definitely on the right track until this racist came into office.

  • I love that you got our own Mike Broomhead’s show on this(Yes Broomhead is his real name). While I wouldn’t say that there was no racism, it certainly has ratcheted up to eleven since Obama took office. And not coming from the political Right wing… It’s the racism of blacks against whites(and Hispanics). The refusal of the federal government to prosecute discrimination cases against whites, and Latinos. And there has been a circling of the wagons so to speak protecting a man who is no better than GW yet gets a pass on all of his mistakes from the mainstream media outlets(with exception to Right wing media outlets) that no white president could have gotten away with…

  • Ronnie Verne

    Never was a truer statement Spoken. Long live America!!

  • new Texan

    Keep speaking the TRUTH , Ted !

  • David Mulloy

    Ted is “Right”, as is often the caseI grew up, the grandson of a “Vicious Biggot”< and my father was not much better. I lived in a town

    • Buck Sunset

      Very well put, Dave.

    • beingstill

      At the risk of sounding like I’m trying to be REALLY anal here, the title of Obamass’s book is “Dreams FROM my Father.” And the only reason why I bring it up here is because of the difference in meaning, so people can properly know that it was Obamass’s father’s dreams Obamass adopted as his own. Rather than just simply stating what his father’s dreams were… I thought that was significant enough to write about it here. (Again, I mean no harm in bringing the distinction.)

      • David Mulloy

        I stand corrected, and dispite being a Marine I am not too proud to admit when I am Wrong……………. How I wish we had a POTUS who felt the same!!

  • MCM

    More people agree with Ted than disagree. The problem is the leftwing government run media. And the sheeple that fall for it…

  • steve

    great ted you nailed it

  • Guest

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  • Stephen Semore

    Its really hard to imagine anyone listening to that speech, and coming out with the idea speaker is racist. To be a little bit extreme, anyone who comes out with the idea that Nugent is Racist, should be arrested for inciting a racial conflict.

    To be a little more politically correct. As an American I do believe that anyone who is in a position of authority should strongly consider the spirit of the message presented and do what they can in order to fix this racial bridge that has been broken.

    I fully and completely agree with his statement made about “judging others based upon their soul and spirit”. That is exactly what MLK, undoubtedly the greatest contender for racial unification of all time, said in his famous “I have a dream” Speech.

  • Matt Foley

    Nothing racist about commenting on racism, if there is, the whole mainstream media machine is racist then.

    • Robert White

      they mislead. they have promoted the far left agenda for years. and years. blindly. they dont like responsibility. for anyone.

  • Auntie Enn

    I imagine there were pockets of racism strewn across America as recently as 2004. But since the current POTUS has been in office, those pockets of embers have been fanned and fuel added until the progress that had been made since 1965 has been reversed. So many young people today see ‘leaders’ spouting hatred and discrimination, that’s all they know.
    Ted Nugent is spot on with his observations. Those of us who remember the days before the peace walks, sit-ins and strides made through the work of caring concerned people of ALL colors are amazed at how far back we’ve fallen.

    • Buck Sunset

      Racism is alive and well but not in the way you think. I have experienced racism when working among groups that are predominately Mexican, Black, Oriental, Arabic or White. Seems the human thing–to reject a person who is the odd ball in the crowd. And racism does not feel good when you are on the receiving end.

      • kittykat

        Buck, the primary racism that exists today is against white males. With affirmative action and all the advantages given to blacks and “minorities,” white males have less chance of getting a job than minorities, even if they are by far the most qualified. The government and other employers still have to report on “diversity;” and as long as they have the correct numbers, they’re good to go, even if they didn’t hire the best candidates.

        • Paul MacKay

          Private companies are not subject to affirmative action. And most civil jobs are not either if they are union jobs, which in many states they are.

          Affirmative action currently works on a gender basis in this day and age and there is a lot of work to be done on that issue.

          The simple fact is for any job where “qualifications” matter most it comes down to the best qualified. I’m a paramedic of First Nations decent and I wasn’t given the first or even the fourth job I applied to based on my skin color. Oddly enough after I built up my resume and training I became quite sought after. But not until I did that.

          20 years ago my dad was passed over for a job after they had hired him sight unseen but based on his resume. He wasn’t the right fit, after they saw him anyways. Three years ago I was hired sight unseen, it didn’t seem to matter that my skin is “red” . Times change. We both have a “white” name.So that’s my experience on that matter anyways.

          If the white people you know are having a hard time finding work maybe you should tell them to pay more attention to their education then enjoying their youth. It certainly worked for me.

      • Auntie Enn

        I don’t know how old you are. I’m old enough to remember the riots of the 60’s. I remember the push for black people to be able to vote, go to college and use whatever water fountain or lunch room they wanted. You cannot force people to trust or like everyone. You can present your best face so that people will see who you are, not what you are. Today, if I go into an area of predominantly Black, Mexican or something other than white, I feel the change in the atmosphere. “What’s she doing here? She doesn’t belong.” are some of the things I’ve overheard. I have done nothing to spur those remarks. I just ‘am’. The issue is, the ‘powers that be’ in our government are making things worse instead of working on communicating with each other. Instead of looking for our ‘sameness’, folks are encouraged to look for differences. And even before they find something, they are already angry.
        We’ve regressed to worse relations among groups since the 50’s.

  • eddiekimberly

    They kinda proved his point. He calls them out on inventing racism where there is none, so what do they do? Call him a racist of course.

  • Pat_riot_1

    Right on Nuge

  • Al Parsons

    Right on Ted! Obozo and his minions have set back race relations in this country to the 50s and earlier. When they get to the point that White Americans are totally fed up with the race baiting, hate mongering and attitude of “You owe it to me”, and start hanging blacks from the nearest tree, Obozo and his boys will say, White Racist supremists! What a crock. We can only hope the NEXT president has the balls to say enough is enough, and start to undo the damage Obozo has already done (and that will take years). God give us the courage to survive the next 2 years.

  • nolllegals

    I do agree however, George Zimmerman was clearly guilty of stalking and shooting that young man. His behavior and continued violence and arrests since only prove what we all know about him.

    • armed grandpappy

      WOW! What was he ever convicted of? And, before you open your ignorant mouth with more foolishness, I will tell you that he can still legally own a firearm.

  • montreed

    It’s been a long time comin’
    It’s goin’ to be a long time gone
    Speak out you got to speak out against the madness
    You got to speak your mind if you dare

  • WanderingStray

    Spot on. Nugent’s take on racism exactly mirrors my own thoughts. And the reason Obama, et al has brought rampant racism back is only the produce a “reason” for blacks who are un/underemployed, on welfare, etc. to have something other than themselves to “blame” for their low life. Well, I am working poverty, who the hell do I get to blame my situation on?

  • Rich

    He is dead on.

  • Buck Sunset

    Spot On! Obama.his family and his minions have pushed racism to a level not seen since Jim Crow. This strategy is of course part of the Saul Alinsky plan to cause hate and discontent among the population.

  • BuckTard

    Teds right on this one. Obama has inflamed racial relations and he used Al Shart on to do it along with Holder. Obama ALWAYS came down on the black side of every issue. What a colossal failure as not only a president, but a man.

  • GuyBB

    If you make race the primary issue, you are racist.

    It is not racist to despise the thug culture that many young, black men embrace, for they show no remorse for their misogynistic, lawlessness. No, in fact, they seem proud to be criminals, yet blame any repercussions for their actions on racism.

    • Marvin Edwards

      Right on GuyBB, I despise bad BEHAVIOR – not color.

  • redneck

    Ted is dead on,until obama come racism was gone in america,now its like we went back 50 years,and the tides are turned.Its now the blacks are racist to the whites,Thanks democrats your hope and change is really working to ruin this great country.

    • Wiggle D

      “Racist”, and not just that, but murdering scum bags.

  • disqus_TVD7CM13Dv

    I totally agree with every word he said………………Obama has set race relations back 40 years at least. Its really the behavior of thugs that has caused most of the problem. Succesfulful african americans are put into uncomfortable situations with co-workers and others trying to defend horrible behavior by others in their race or be called traitors or house negroes. This is the entitlement mentality.

  • Cecilia Robarge

    Blacks seem to be the most racists now especially with their black leader in the black house in DC…duh… Goooooo Ted Nugent…. Hope you upset all those liberal/socialist/marxists…… duh….

  • guamjeff

    The left/Democrats/Blacks are the biggest racists on the planet.

  • Rick West

    With all the intermarriage and illegal immigration going on, in another hundred years there will be no racism. Everyone will look alike and speak Spanish.

  • kittykat

    Ted is spot on, and not afraid to say it. The more outrageous the race-mongering blacks and left become, the more I am seeing conservatives, little by little, starting to grow some cojones and stand up for what is right. The left just calls everyone a racist because they know they can get a rise out of them. If conservatives just ignored them and refused to respond, the left would eventually realize their racist ploy was no longer working, and they would have to find something else to mouth off about.
    Of course, most of our Republican politicians are still kowtowing to the “politically correct” and not wanting to offend anyone; but if anything is ever going to get accomplished in Congress, they need to get off this platform and DO something responsible. It they don’t, they will be voted out of office as fast as they were voted in.

  • bigmurr

    Ted is spot on! Like he always has been. This guy gets it. I would love to have a guy such as this as president to bring integrity back into this country I was born and raised and love!

  • Buypass

    He spoke the truth about the butt naked “king”.
    The left must have his head! But Teds too fast
    for em.

  • Joe G Amrhein

    Only thing worse than Nugent’s political views is his music!

  • Willowpen@msn.com

    Hit it on the head. The truth hurts,

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    I agree with Ted, been around a long time, even longer than him. Nothing like this in my lifetime before. Not even in the 60’s when civil rights was still a hot issue. MLK had dignity, there is none in what is being done these days. My Message to Obama on this image.

  • Anna Rose

    Racism isn’t only practiced by White people. It’s practiced by stupid and unfair people of all races, including Blacks. I have been cursed at just for driving my car through a Black neighborhood. I was shoved out of the way by two fat Black women in a department store because they wanted to get to the register ahead of me. I and my children came way too close to being murdered one night by several Black men…. so racism isn’t a White to Black issue… it can by practiced by anyone. It’s not any more fair of Blacks to target Whites than it is for Whites to target Blacks. IT NEEDS TO STOP, PERIOD! Obama has only made it worse. I have never treated anyone unfairly for any reason in my entire life, but now I am intimidated by angry Black people because there are some very stupid Black people out there who consider anyone with white skin the enemy, and it’s entirely Obama’s fault, so Ted is right!

  • Frank Loftice

    Yes he did.

  • John Bunker

    I share the same feelings as Ted. The strategy, that put forth by our president and his MSM suck ups, that of Divide and Conquer is setting race relations back 50 years. As we, the people, get weaker, they the power hungry get stronger. Black or white is the same under the boot of opression.

  • Quithating!!

    This is such a bunch of baloney! Every one conveniently forgets the beating of ” can’t we all just get along” Rodney King in LA? What year was that? 1991? Racism has been alive and well since I was a kid, born in 67 folks. It has gotten much better, but I hear it all the time, and guess who are the ones calling them names? White male reptards! I’m one of the few white folks that speak up and against it when I hear someone say that kinda crap. I have yet to experience reverse racism, but I am sure it’s out there, but it always was.

  • aww phuuck

    This guy is an idiot! An un-American racist that needs to be kicked out this country!

  • yardoe

    Right on Ted.

  • Scott Starrett

    Racism is just a leverage used by some blacks to be unaccountable for their actions!

  • Docmath

    What many people have to know is that many white people have black blood running through their veins…my self included. How can I be racist when I am also black?

  • Lori

    Ted Nugent is absolutely right, in my opinion.

  • AntiObama

    I’ve been saying the same thing since Obama started up with his hate filled anti American speeches. Obama is nothing more than a race baiting punk ass bitch.

  • Dave

    This racist American flag burning idiot that calls himself a president has destroyed everything that John Kennedy brought us. I’m just sorry I had to live through this mockery of biased leadership. Obummer has done one thing for us. He has deleted black presidents for the next 200 years… By then, sadly, the white population will be the minority.

  • Robert Brumley

    Well Ted nailed it, and it’s what most people that have any common sense can see it and know it for what it is. You would have had to have lived through 60’s and 70.s to know exactly what he’s saying is absolutely true.

  • Guest

    Speaking of racism – actually, it’s far more than that – does anyone else know that in the African country of Mauritania, black people are currently, today, enslaved by black people with more money? What, you thought it was Christian capitalists? Guess again. Educate yourself here: http://www.atheistnexus.org/profiles/blogs/islamic-mauritania-s-modern-slavery

  • Dan Barrett

    Speaking of racism – truly, it’s far more than that – who else knew that in the African country of Mauritania, black people are today, enslaved by Arab Berbers and the like who are – wait for it – Moslem? What, you thought it was Christian capitalists? Educate yourself here: http://www.atheistnexus.org/pr

    • Paul MacKay

      There is some fact to that but it can’t be denied who bought them. In terms of capitalism there will be no good or service provided that there isn’t a ready market for, I’m sure we can all agree with that.

      Those “Christian” capitalists that bought those slaves were more then free to free them or at the very least let those people work off their purchase price and then start paying them wages.

      Heck when you get down to it that’s what sharecropping was, but it wasn’t done out of Christian kindness or morals it was forced upon them and that system was made as close to slavery as legally possible.

  • Michael Junghann

    Seems right on the money to me.

  • mtin

    Anytime Ted speaks, liberals heads explode. lol

  • AlbuqBill

    The truth hurts, need I say more?

  • Don Jenkins

    Should have seen this coming when it came out that Obama attended the church ran by that racist POS Jeremiah Wright, I refuse to call him a Reverend. Can’t believe that got swept under the rug as fast as it did. If that had been a white candidate (McCain) attending a racist church, they would have been ruined, political career over. But it just so happened that in over 20 years of attending that church, Obama was never in attendance during a racist rant. Ya, right.

  • trixy

    Go Ted Go, As always , he’s on point !!

  • Whats Yours

    CNN is the center for stirring the racial pot.

  • TgerEyes1


  • Robert

    When white beaten black, it’s called “Hate crime”, when black beaten white, it’s misdemeanor. I call racist on black on white.

  • Peter L Marzullo

    Hit the nail on the head,squarely. Not a glancing blow but one that drives the “nail” deep and counter sinks it.

  • Fran Bello

    i have always thought that the injection of race in every issue where they can claim a white person harmed a black person is being done on purpose to cause race rioting. The fact that black on black crime is ignored and black on white crime too proves this fact. If people riot the government can declare martial law….confiscate guns…ignore the entire constitution and keep their choice of a dictator in office.

  • DanaLanders

    Ted is absolutely correct and for those who cannot handle the truth, here’s a pacifier and bag of diapers for you to wear…

  • Denise in Idaho

    Yes, he hit the nail on the head.

  • Kim Blackburn Genovese

    Ted is correct. What he lacks in credibility, he makes up for with courage to say what others just think. I was ready for a black President, but he is a disappointment. Living in South Florida retired recently from teaching. I saw dramatic increases in racist talk, by black kids and they are not alone; tremendous racism is evident between Hispanics as well. And all of these children spend all day comparing how dark they are teasing each other about being ashy or poor. It is terribly sad and depressing.

  • Russell Atchison

    Thanks Ted tell it like it is

  • rhodes autry

    I absolutely agree with what he is saying here. I thought the same things.

  • Joyce Beach

    It is exactly what we have all been saying for the longest. Glad he had the nerve to come forward and say it publicly.

  • Rick Hill

    Ted for President and Jim Crowe for VP!!

  • bob

    everybody seams to forget they sold there own white didnt sell blacks blacks sold blacks and now let the idiot comments begin

  • Mark Wurz

    Dead on Nuge

  • Jerry Barnes

    Without fanning the flames of racial division and different income levels, the Democratic party would not win another presidential election. It is truly pathetic the quality of people Obama surrounds himself with. The Democratic party use to not be so horrible, but the current Dems are just plain evil…

  • Swiss

    I agree. I grew up near Detroit during the same time as Ted. No racism in my school or friends. Obama brought it back.

  • Anti Fabian

    Racism is par for the course for Progressives. They race bait on purpose, for by keeping racism alive they effectively cause us as Americans to fear and mistrust each other. As long as we are divided on issues like race, sexual orientation, religion, etc., it is much easier for the Progressive powers that be to usurp power and control over the masses of the people. Sure, there are still people in this nation who are true racists, but they are the minority, not the majority! The best thing we can do to overcome the race baiters is to make an extra concerted effort to love and serve each other. We white people need to reach out and do extra acts of kindness and service to people of other races. Love and service mixed with random acts of kindness is the only way we overcome what the progressives have sewn amongst us.

  • Big Daddy 103

    He sure dose tell it like it is. I grew up in California when we had the big riots . but after that it was like you never herd of race being a big deal. My Dad was mad when my sister married a Black guy. But after he got to know Nick everything was good. in fact my dad sold his house and moved in with my sister and Nick and kids. But now hearing all the Raciest sht from the President of the USA. And his race baiters starting all this BS. I am 61 years old and I have never seen it like this. .. And to have a President even getting involved the way he is was unheard of .. Like the LA Riots back then the President mite have said he would like to see all this stop. But not get involved like Oduma is. Its sad to see it getting so bad. I haven’t talked to my Niece or my Nephew about how they feel they are half black. .But they went to schools in Arizona very small like one class room for all the grades up to 8th grade ..And never did I hear anything about my niece or nephew… And you would think if it would have heard things it would have been from a small school

  • John Richardson


  • AddisonRose

    Telling the truth. Racism is an Obama creation. We all used to be one. Sad.

  • David Ellis

    Rev. AL is here for U….

  • Barb Trombley Rix

    TED NUGENT 2016

  • Raul

    Dito Ted

  • Cheryl Thies

    Thank you Ted for saying what a lot of us have been thinking. Everyone’s afraid to drive him out of office but we won’t survive if we don’t!

  • Tim

    Ted is right on. My neighbors on each side of me are black. I couldn’t ask for better neighbors. All of the problems are coming from Obama,Holder, and Sharpton, and the mainstream media are fanning the fire.

  • Keith

    I know that there was racism in America but never this bad and Ted is right about OB making it worse. We as a nation need to stick together all races and keep our country safe so they don’t devide and conquer as they are doing. We need to teach our kids to not hate but love all Americans even if we do not agree on everything. If we stick together we can keep the best country in the world in which everyone wants to live. Its sad that people hate just because of skin color.

  • M

    I wonder when the liberals are going to try to change the name of “The WHITE House” because they think it’s racist.

  • clodhopper

    Nugent is the definition of racist. Conservatism is a disease. Not all republicans are racists but all racists are republicans.

  • John P. Breakfield

    I would absolutely LOVE to see his name on the next ballot! He would HAVE MY VOTE!

  • Beach Actor

    Dammit Ted run for office in your State. We need your voice at the state or national level.

    I also did not see much racism as I was growing up. But I see more hatred among blacks right now since Obama took office than any other time in my life.

  • JoAnn Barrick

    TED is sooooooooooooo right on ! LOVE THAT MAN !!

  • Todd-72

    Al Sharpton is first an opportunist,

  • SMH2much

    I’ve the same observations & often tried to voice it, thanks for speaking what I knew to be true in my own life.

  • forrest

    Thanks ted. The truth will hurt them quicker than anything. ROCK ON!

  • CrankyHuman

    I worked, for years, with some African immigrants who told me that they were shocked at how racist our home grown blacks are. Of course, I already knew that.

  • Uncle Ted for president

  • bill penrod

    A black guy (estranged finance) brutally murdered a beautiful back woman and her brother. This black woman started her own business, a 24/7 day care center for people that work nights and weekends. This black lady has many community awards in Columbus, Ohio but is gone forever. Didn’t make national news.

  • Anna Fago

    I was A teen in Buffalo New York.. 60’s An & 70’s there was no animosity among Black & White! Grow up People!!!

  • Jim Monk

    Teds right agaiN.

  • Michael V.

    the only racism i see comes from obama and al sharpton trying to incite black Americans into rioting, looting and burning the cities they live in

  • Donnie Smith

    Every one has some racist in them. .Its how willing and how well we are able to reject it in our own minds..Like the painters always needs painting , the racist are the first to scream racist..Race baiting is the only hope they have in keeping the democratic party alive…

  • Bruce Keyes

    Leave it to uncle Ted to get it right. This is EXACTLY what is going on in America and what the racist Obama, Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, along with many more in the media are doing, to use race to divide and destroy relations in America for their own gain. Our media glorifying carrying out attacks on whites perpetrated by blacks, while the government lead by the likes of racists in power attacking good people and calling them privileged

  • Mumblepeg

    I have asserted for years that every time the racial sh1t dies down the gov’t injects something into the mix to stir it up again, only the O has accelerated it exponentially to the state it is now. Remember the old adage? DIVIDE AND CONQUER!. If the gov’t can keep us peons fighting each other they can SCREW US ALL !!

  • roxymcd

    Regarding racism, slavery, and black peoples bitterness…here is a question brought to me from my grade school age child…mama, why are black people mad about slavery? If it wasn’t for their ancestors being slaves, they wouldnt ever have been born or would live in Africa still and its scary over there! Shouldn’t they be grateful for slavery?

    From the mouthes of babes….

  • AZBrownEyes

    Yep. Obama has a hate-on for white people. So does his wife. I saw that way back before he was ever elected. You can always tell people like that if you really just listen to them and pay attention to who their friends are and where they associate. It’s not that difficult to spot a racist. Obama is a bad guy. Always was, always will be.

  • davevg

    Obama is the king of race hustlers!

  • Rboo

    I’m not going to go as far as Ted and say there was no racism in America, but in the area I grew up in was the same way as he spoke of. We didn’t judge each other by skin color, people were and are just people. I was born in 1970 and I’m sure there was places that had racism and we unfortunately had KKK members living up in East Texas, so I knew it existed even as a teenager but it didn’t effect me and my friends are the way we treated each other or anyone. We treated everyone with respect the way we were brought up to. I totally agree that it is 100 x’s worse since Obama took office. All this hate he’s causing is disgusting.


    Ted is right! Obama has done nothing for racism except resurrect it from the dead and bring it back to the forefront. I am sick to death of the race card. At this point, I would doubt anyone who told me they had been a “victim” of racism. There is no credibility in that argument any longer.


    Am I to believe that without the race card and subsequent racial victimization, blacks cannot get ahead? I call B. S.! Seems like it has become a shortcut…

  • John McMickle

    Well there is one thing for sure ted will not be playing any mini concerts at the White House. Of course Ted really does not care. Got to love someone that will speak their mind when it is not the popular thing to say.

  • disqus_22iqFVV4qK

    So completely one sided. The white side.

  • Kurt Ho;;and

    Ted is right. I grew up in the 50’s -70’s. during the Watts riots and never saw it this bad.

  • uglyamerican

    Sharpton is a racist and the simple fact of the matter is the current occupants of the White House hate white people. Naturally they pretend not to, but they love minorities in any form to cover their racism. They have an office of La Raza (Latino’s “The Race”) down the hall from Obama.
    How would it have been received if Clinton had an office of the KKK in the White House as advisers? And what’s worse is this is a foreign organization working for the rights of foreigners to ignore our laws!
    It was Sharpton who said their feelings best “White people are white! That’s Racist!”

  • texexpatriate

    Right on, Ted. Blatant racism had just about disappeared until Obama was elected. His election was proof of that. Had the U.S. been a racist society the fool never would have been elected. These days many Negroes are racist.

  • Ghost Rider

    Ted is RIGHT and I hope he keeps on “telling it like it is”. I have many white friends and many black friends and have very little problems than any of them. I was in a military unit with 62 black soldiers and two white soldiers, We were a UNIT not two units of white and black. I can be in town and pass a black person and, 90% of the time they will smile and ask how you are or at least say something. I agree with Ted in that MOST of the racism is coming from the White House.

  • JW Appling

    Nail on the head.

  • e1313ruth

    I went to bi racial schools in the 40’s and 50’s and 90% of the blacks were racist and bullies and loved 10 on one white victim. fun…That is how I learned about racism…..

  • e1313ruth

    Blacks are so racist today they think they are above the law, do not have to obey policemen, etc.. And the president executive branch of our government is feeding their agendas..They are 100% racist…

  • Bryan Miller

    Good for Ted.

  • bonnie

    I know this person and HE IS THE MOST RACIST PERSON I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE !! He is a liar in so many things i’m beginning to think he may run for President ! (GOD HELP US) I used to live very close to him in MI. he was known as the Motor City MADMAN ! Believe me he is Nothing like he presents himself to be, he is NOT a patriot and was a DRAFT DODGER back in the Vietnam era! He went to vile sick actions to avoid being drafted !! Lets just say HE WASN’T ANY ELVIS PRESLEY !! He served his country with HONOR !! Right in the prime of his career !! TED was just the opposite ! You would think with all of his hunting skills this would have been right up his alley, because he is a marksman you don’t have to ask him he will tell you he is and also a survivalist ! YES TED is EVERYTHING TO TED !! HE is a Narcissist to the worst sense of the word! Please don’t be duped by this MONGREL, just ask anybody who knows him Well, I am surprised someone has not come forward before now,as to his TRUE Character ! If he won’t defend our Country then what kind of person could believe in anything he said or did, which in reality is NOTHING ! Just mouthing off hoping to revive his dead career as a Rock Artist Guitarist !

  • wendy

    The only thing I would change about this article are the words integrity and brave and replace with attention slut and spewing his negativity

  • wendy

    Mr. Nugent must’ve been born yesterday. Because we all know the racism didn’t start until 2008. Oy!

  • wendy

    Best solution to racism is to mix them all up, the future generation won’t have race issues anymore. Sadly something new will become what divides us.

  • ILJ

    Uncle Teddy has always been raw and real…contrary to popular belief never a drug or alcohol user etc . He calls them like he sees them and he is on point — Denial is not a River in Egypt

  • bobbyalpy

    I knew before Obama was elected that he was a racist nihilist at best,a communist at worst.He will go down not only as the worst piece of human shit ever to sit in the big chair,but also as a clearly dim moron playing far out of his league.

  • OneConsciousGod

    Lol people really believe racism has disappeared and all the racist from the 60’s are dead and don’t have any power?

  • Debbie G

    This is so not true, not at all, my family and I traveled in the South during the 80’s. We witnessed racism. There was even racism directed toward us when some noticed our license plate, from Ohio. A number of times we were told, in low tones, “Yankee go home”. I was shocked, my kids were scared. In every instance it was white males who said it or something similar. It existed then and remains so today.

  • winrockywin

    I have never considered myself to be even a bit racist; but, unfortunately, over the past year I have had more racist thoughts than I have had in my entire life. I agree that Obama has caused this.

  • anon nona

    And now we have muslims to deal with. I have dealt with muslims and they are as bad as racist blacks.

  • Mia Trampstomper

    Ted is a complete moron. The only reason it is an issue is because the right made it an issue before Obama was even elected.

  • Sean

    “The Race/Grievance Industry” here in America and its corporate race baiters and professional race hustlers hope for a day when our racial problems will go away about as much as the oil industry hope for a day that the oil dries up.

  • Quantcast

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