Ted Cruz: My First Act As President Will Be To Undo Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that if he’s elected President, one of his first actions will be to undo all of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, including amnesty for illegal aliens.

“Absolutely,” Cruz replied when asked if one of the first things he would do if elected would be to undo all of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, from his “DACA” virtual amnesty to Obama’s rumored orders on “climate change” to get around treaties the Senate refused to approve, he told Breitbart News.

The next 20 months are going to be very dangerous because President Obama, unfortunately, seems to have decided to disregard the United States Congress and disregard the American people and instead is trying to force through as much of his extreme agenda as possible via unilateral executive action—and I think we’re going to see that only accelerate through the end of 2016 with more and more unconstitutional executive orders, more regulatory abuse and more and more efforts to go to the United Nations and foreign war tribunals in an effort to end run Congress. In January 2017, we will have a new president and if I am elected president, the very first thing I intend to do on the first day is rescind every single unconstitutional or illegal executive action from President Obama.

Cruz jabbed at Obama’s line where the current president said he has a “pen and a phone” as well.

“President Obama is fond of saying he has a pen and he has a phone,” Cruz said. “Well, live by the pen and die by the pen. Every illegal executive action that he puts in place can be undone in an instant by the next president through the same mechanism. The proper avenue for creating law in this country is not unilateral decree. It is rather passing legislation through Congress that is signed into law by president pursuant to the dictates of the Constitution.”

Cruz was in Houston on Tuesday for the public grand opening of his presidential campaign headquarters.

Right before this interview, news broke that Obama is planning executive action to enable and implement U.N. climate rules. “The White House is seeking to enshrine its pledge in a global climate agreement to be negotiated Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 in Paris. It calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by close to 28 percent from 2005 levels within a decade, using a host of existing laws and executive actions targeting power plants, vehicles, oil and gas production and buildings,” Reuters’ Valerie Volcovici wrote about Obama’s newest potential end-run around Congress.

Cruz slammed Obama’s executive orders unlawfully providing amnesty to over 4.5 million illegal aliens, which is being fought out in Federal court, where 26 U.S. states, led by his home state of Texas, have sued the president:

“The president’s executive amnesty — it is wrong. It is unfair to millions of legal immigrants who followed the rules. And it’s patently unconstitutional. … And indeed, someone who styles himself a constitutional scholar 22 times publicly made the point that it exceeds the president’s authority to do that, and that person of course is Barack Obama, who 22 times previously said he had no authority to grant amnesty. In fact, in one of the times he explained, ‘I am not an emperor.’ Well, apparently after this last election after Democrats got walloped he discovered he was an emperor, and so he 
illegally and unconstitutionally granted amnesty to 4.5 million people.”


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