Teacher Stuns Audience When He Reveals Why He Wrote the ‘Common Core’ Education Standards (Video)


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A teacher who wrote much of the controversial Common Core State Standards informed a shocked audience that he was motivated to do so because he wanted to end “White privilege.”

Dr. David Pook, a professor at Granite State College and chair of the history department at the Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, had just been introduced at the event at New Hampshire Institute of Politics on Monday night when he delved into his ties to Common Core.

“The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a White male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn,” he said.

In the video posted by Campus Reform, the audience can be heard gasping and laughing, stunned and revolted by the comment that exposed the disturbing, left-wing racial motivations of ‘Common Core” propaganda.


Pook went on to say all kids deserve an “equal opportunity to learn how to read” and the same advantages he had.

Pook’s role is documented at the pro-Common Core website, AchieveTheCore.com, which confirms that he “worked closely with Susan Pimentel and the Council of Chief State Officers in drafting the Core Standards for English Language Arts, and currently has several projects underway with Student Achievement Partners on work aligned with the CCSS.”

Ironically, as Campus Reform notes, the Derryfield School where Pook works does not use the Common Core State Standards and has a student body that is 91 percent white. It is also ironic since the “standards” have been especially hard on Black and Hispanic students, who have seen their test scores plummet since the introduction of Common Core.

But perhaps that is all worth it to Pook, to achieve Common Core’s distortion of American history to portray Whites as evil and privileged, and minorities as victimized by them. If your objective is not education, but indoctrination, Common Core fits the bill.

Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and many others have written extensively about the abject disaster that is Common Core, and as Americans have been exposed to examples of its instruction, and motivations of its backers, they have increasingly rejected it.

  • Anja J

    and his point is? Since the drop out rate in schools is much higher for blacks and latinos than whites, this clown believes making learning even harder HELPS minorities? You just can’t fix stupid can you?

    • sjc0116

      no, can’t fix it but can give it a picture and a name… this man and liberal

    • KenPrescott

      He can’t build anyone up, so he has to tear others down.

      You have to be a very, very disturbed person to have that attitude.

      • Darin Sunny McCullough

        And it is TERRIFYING that he teaches children.


      I agree with you, 100%

    • Carolyn Burton

      When my kids were growing up (in their 20’s now) we taught them to read before they started school and worked with them on their homework and anything else they were interested in learning. That’s the beginning of raising a successful adult. Why are there some races who don’t teach their kids positively? I don’t consider that to be “white privilege” – it’s doing the best you can for your children

  • Scooter Tramp

    Just what is “white privilege”? … The right to work and support lazy fuckers that wont work?

    • stonemike

      You got it, there is no way to explain some whites “deranged self hatred ” !

      • AndreaNY

        He does not consider himself white.. just check out his background … he really despises white Christians is all I am going to say

    • Robert Mack

      It should start being called “White Guilt.”

      • IwantmyWhitePriviledge

        Guilty for what?

        • Jason

          For being a stupid liberal, probably.

      • Norm

        White guilt propaganda.

      • Get Real

        It should be called INSANITY and these people should be put in an insane asylum. And he should have any teaching credentials pulled forever and never allowed to teach anyone anything and any kids he has should be taken from him. And NO position of power or influence allowed for him to be in

        • REV. JAMES G. BORDEN

          I agree with you, 100%.

    • freedomseaker1 .

      YOU got that right!!

    • Dana Davis

      White privilege is what got me a rusted out old car, a futon to sleep on, and three part time jobs working sixty to a hundred hours a week, off the books, for LESS THAN minimum wage, in the ’70s. There isn’t a black kid in America today that has THAT kind of “privilege.”

      • toptenart

        And that’s what McDonald’s type jobs are for…convincing the young that they don’t want to flip burgers forever.

        • JudgmentDay

          But in our society today, why flip burgers when you can suck the welfare tit and get fat and happy while you smoke weed all day long and suck down a 40?

          • ShannCosentinofus

            my best frends daddy just got an almost new black Chevrolet Equinox SUV only from working parttime off a pc. see post….>> -> READ FULL REPORT!!!! <-

        • moi2u

          Not in areas where they pay $13-$15 an hour for burger-flippers.

      • MsChristine

        I had the same white privilege of working my way through college. My parents never so much as bought me a pencil. It was hard but I worked and I learned. I guess working your *ss off is just a matter of me being lucky and white….go figure. Common Core is a crock and I feel so badly for my grandkids, what a fine mess we have left the children of today.

    • badman400

      “White privilege” is just another one of those catchy phrases, like “Global Warming, Assault Rifle, War on Drugs and Homeland Security”, that some marketing genius cooked up to sell yet another steaming pile of dung to the trusting and gullible American people, while taking more of our freedoms and sowing decisiveness at the same time. The tool they use is the media they own. All the networks repeat the same lie over and over, and it becomes the truth. Meanwhile, the corrupt get richer and We The People get the shaft again.

      • Get Real

        And it is truly Racist

        • Carolyn Burton

          Racist against whites – it’s reverse descrimination


        I agree with you, 100%

    • Baub Knaub

      You sir have won the internet with that comment! Many of us white privileged slave masters do feel the same. For you fans of Common Core the previous statement has sarcasm mixed in, slavery is now illegal in the United States. Is legal in many other countries though you would never know it because of all the evilness that is the United States. Yes there was some more sarcasm in the previous sentence. Better yet, why don’t you Common Core proponents just read each other’s coloring books so the truth won’t make you feel bad.

      • Jj Martin Jr.

        I have at least one ancestor who fought on the Union side during the Civil War. What was the Union fighting for? To end slavery. My ancestor even survived imprisonment at Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Don’t know it? Look it up.
        There’s no guilt whatsoever in my family for this. I believe my g-g-g-g grandfather is owed some gratitude for what he endured at Andersonville. All of you SOB’s who write your own fictitious history to suit your own PC’ness you can go to hell. Do some unbiased research on slavery as well…who practiced slavery in Africa and who sold most of the slaves to the westerners? This doesn’t make the westerners right but at least share some blame here.
        There is no one alive today who was ever a slave in the U.S. If I am correct President Lincoln freed the slaves by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. Anyone would have to be over 150 years old to have ever been a slave in this country. Get over it for shit’s sake!
        I even have ancestors who were kings and queens all over Europe…I also have ancestors who were slaves at the same time especially during the times of the Roman Empire.
        I’m sick of the race baiting agenda and of the term “White Privilege.” I spent 20 years in the US military and I never experienced any “White Privilege.” As a matter of fact if you ask me there were other races experiencing privileges and taking advantage of what the military was calling “Race Relations,” and then “Human Relations,” then “Social Actions,” and heaven knows what followed after that.
        I know what reverse discrimination is and experienced it first hand. The folks who ran the Social Actions programs in the military claimed there is no such thing as reverse discrimination…but they are ones who benefitted from it. Of course they’re going to claim it never existed. That would surely mess up their agenda to say otherwise.
        I might be going off onto some wild tangents here but my underlying point is that there is a mechanism pushing this crap on us and it’s got to stop.

        • Lyle Miller

          Slavery was not the reason for the Civil War, just a sub factor. It was about States rights and the right to property. For 170 years slaves were farm equipment and only 1% of slave owners owned more than two. Now wouldn’t a good farmer take care of his farm equipment they depend on so much for their livelihood? So it’s like the government coming in and saying you can’t own that John Deere tractor, you have to rent it. Additionally, you can only sell your harvest to the factories in the north and not to any foreign countries, thus comes the economical reasons for the war and the Naval blockade that started it all. Sure,slavery was a factor, but not the reason….States rights and the right to property. As we can see today, the only good thing to come out of the war was the liberation of the Black people.

    • esbee

      well said

    • Anti_Femastasis
  • stonemike

    Burn his assss, turn him black, he deserves it !

  • Americal1970
    • Evan E. Stone

      The American people have proven that they aren’t all that intelligent. Just look at the last two Presidential elections.

      • Amazingfluffman

        It isn’t just the last 2 , it has been for many more than that.

        • Dana Davis

          I haven’t seen an intelligent presidency in my lifetime. And I’m old. Although I think there is something to be said for those like Reagan who reintroduced the American image, the American ideal… Still, he didn’t make the best decisions, did he? Nixon was probably more capable.

  • cowboysdude

    What the hell is this idiot talking about?

  • Tarantula2

    Guilty white liberal…

  • IwantmyWhitePriviledge

    Exactly what is White Priviledge? Where can I get it? Everything I have, I had to work for. I will be paying for my college loans way into my 70’s as well as my morgage. Is that White Priviledge?

    • WaRottie

      Your SEVENTIES???? Is that hardly worth it? Depending on how old you are now you either got a real late start on your education, you make really small payments and are getting SOAKED in interest, don’t know how to manage your money, fell for the lie that everyone MUST have a degree to survive in life or is just telling a lie and don’t really even have any loans.

      • teejcee44

        Why are you questioning and CHASTISING this person for his desire to be educated, are you one of those ASS Liberals?

        • WaRottie

          Not hardly. But you really must make a cost benefit analysis when deciding on if going to college is going to be worth it. Most people don’t do that. They simply buy into the lie that everyone must have a degree to get a job that will pay them enough to survive and this is not true. People are finding out that after they pay back their loans and other normal debts they incur in life there is little left. So you really have to ask was paying for the education worth it? Many people don’t go to college and gain experience though work and do just fine. They go in early, stay late and learn how to live within their means. And they will not be paying on a loan for school until they are retired.

          The government got into the student loan business and it drove up tuition and it also suckered people into going because it is “guaranteed”.

      • sjc0116

        guess reality and you aren’t acquainted. degrees DO matter depending on your job.. and as a parent with 2 in college I can tell you, we the ‘white privileged’ don’t get financial aid on tuition and interest rates for student loans. So soaked.. is part of the reality for the majority of ‘white privilege’. and it has NOTHING to do with how to managed money. It is simply reality. Look it up.. you seem to have difficulty with it

        • Dana Davis

          And most minorities go to college for free.

        • WaRottie

          The government ruined it when they got into the student loan business. Now an education costs more than it is really worth because schools can raise rates forever because they know they will ALWAYS have a fresh stream of students willing to get “free” money. The publishers got on board and it is one big scam. A kid is much better off leaving high school, in many cases, getting a job learning a TRADE that is recession proof. Or better yet, learn multiple things. Yes, it takes work and you often don’t learn this by going to class three or four times a week. And managing money has a great deal to do with it. You have to live within your means and make it work. You can also SAVE and take classes as you go and not have student loan debt until you are in your seventies if you are smart about it. Believe it or not there are people who do this. They might not have all the gadgets, 60″ televisions and game systems and nice cars in their 20’s and 30’s but they live better later in life and don’t count on the government just to eat and heat their homes.

        • Kizar_Sozay

          Most certainly degrees DO matter. When I see a degree in Social this or Multi-Cultural this or Women or Black or Hispanic studies, I immediately see a malcontent and a future lawsuit based on some kind of perceived discrimination. The application is placed on file in case we ever feel like we need to be sued.

          Hey, you think DOCTOR Polk, PROFESSOR of History and department CHAIR believes he earned all those titles. I’d wager he thinks he deserved every one of them because of his hard work.

    • Dana Davis

      White privilege is a myth created by children of the rich during the ’60s. It’s born of an inner angst; why do they harbor such inner angst? Because their privilege, Daddy’s money, has served to deny them their own independence. They are not free, economically, and so strike out at establishment in rather extreme form.

  • Bobby Riviere

    … and this moron is supposed to be an educator.

    • yardoe

      Exactly! We have the same problem now in our colleges. Go figure.

      • Texan1st

        Colleges are where these educators were indoctrinated. They then carry their message of progressivism into the K-12 classrooms, effectively indoctrinating the next generation. Some of these students will eventually go to college and earn teaching and journalism degrees, where they will be taught the evils of white privilege and the ‘virtues’ of everyone not a white male. Wash, rinse, repeat.
        You don’t see Japan teaching the evils of Japanese privilege. You don’t see China teaching the evils of Chinese privilege. Only white people are afflicted with this self-destructive idiocy.

  • proud_native

    The “teacher” needs some education…. and a healthy dose of reality. What he is experiencing is media induced white guilt. Some advice … get over yourself and grow up!

  • Just my opinion

    So why doesn’t they school he teaches at use the Common Core? It is the most stupid thing they could of come up with and he shouldn’t be proud in any way, shape or form!

  • DanaLanders

    This so-called educator disgusts me! How dare he talk for me as a white person. Maybe he’s experienced “white privilege, but myself and everybody around me have not. We have had to scratch and claw for every little thing. I’m offended enough by his babbling that if I ever run into him in Manchester….

  • Silvergryphon

    There is no such thing as “White Privilege”! It takes families that support their children in school and have BOTH parents involved in their children’s lives to raise a successful child. It doesn’t matter what race you are! Perhaps instead of blaming whites for being more successful due to their hard work, maybe you need to turn the PC Bullcrap off and start pointing the finger where the blame truly lies! Its just like when they want to scream about the high minority % in prisons, fix the underlying problem, not the symptoms!

    • cathy

      When I hear about the “racism” and “racial profiling” connected to the number of prison inmates, I think “well, maybe if these people quit committing crimes they would not be in prison”! STOP committing crimes!! Get a job, stay out of the gangs!! Very simple fix! I did not go to college, am a single mother..have grown children, none of which went to college. They all work for a living, paying their own way! none have been in jail because they were taught a young age the difference between right and wrong, and the consequences they’d pay! They show respect where it’s due, and pay for everything they have! They seen me work their whole lives. I totally agree with you, well, maybe not so much the part of “both” parents involved..I raised my kids a single mother, apparently father didn’t feel it was his “problem”. My kids are grown, none of which went to college. One didn’t even graduate high school (which was the one thing I swore they all had to do!). But even he works a full time + job. Busts his butt, sometimes working 40 hours overtime in 2 weeks! They all work for a living and always have since they were old enough for their first job! When in highschool and they worked they paid rent or helped out by buying some of their own school clothes! It’s called responsibility! If kids grow up learning respect, being shown that you get up every day and go to work, it becomes the normal!! It’s how I was raised and I’ve always worked!

  • Jon Weiss

    So he wrote the Common Core to generate confusion, because he’s a bigot.

  • This is rather disturbing IMO.

  • Gerald

    This guy is a special kind of stupid!! This system is nothing but crap, and needs to be done away with.

  • McCabe

    David Pook has got to be the biggest idiot on the planet.

  • flyphish

    Look to your children, people.
    They are in serious danger.

  • Robert Gillispie

    Nobody seems to get it. He doesn’t want to create racial equality by helping Blacks get a better education. He’s doing it by harming everyone.
    Stupid sheep are easier to control.

    Funded by The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Dano

    Defy EVERYONE who is out to sell “Racism – Only available in WHITE”

  • fulredy

    And some of us wonder what happened to education in America. In 1960, nearly every high school student graduated knowing how to read, write, and do basic math. Today, we are lucky to have half the students know how to read and write. We throw billions of dollars at education and have less success than at any time in our history.

    • Pat McDaniel Kuntz

      In 1960, students with disabilities were kept at home & uneducated. Drop-outs were not accounted for nor offered alternatives to conventional programs, There were fewer non-English speaking students, and minimal emphasis on test scores. College was a dream for most. Majority of families had 2 parents with Mom at home. Teen pregnancies and family dysfunction were hidden in shame. Definitely not the standard for excellence in education to use…….

  • jlow

    … and the best thing any decent responsible human-being can do as a PARENT today with a school-aged child… in these nazistic, government engineered, experimental and endocrinational camps called classrooms and schools today… is to REMOVE THEIR CHILD FROM ANY CLASSROOM where these guilt-tripped ridden imbecilic political union-hacks have taken over. Get these psychotropic-driven, narvana-seeking nut-job dreamers out of the classrooms of our kids. classrooms.

  • Porphyry

    Dr. Pyook: Just another guiltmonger.

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    There are kids academically challenged and special Ed. Are they being taught common core. Why don’t you tell history the way it was. Tell about when Blacks were slave owners of whites. They don’t want to hear that because it takes away their reason to be assholes. They think we owe them something. Look at the mess they have made of their race. They have caused most of their own problems. Hey, if you are poor, don’t have so many kids without their fathers. How is that our fault. I have not met one black person who acts like those people in Furguson. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. Not all white people are privileged. Only the very rich and there are a lot of them in our government. I am appalled at how some cops and judges treat blacks. But if you do the crime you will do the time. You have given yourselves a BAD name. No one handed me my life on a silver platter. I don’t feel guilty because I haven’t done anything to the blacks and I don’t owe them anything. You need to start teaching them the truth if they can handle it.. They don’t even know for sure if their ancestors were even slaves.. This is no reason to use common core because it is a totally asinine way to teach. It just creates more drop outs. I hope you are proud of yourself Mr. Pook because most parents intensely dislike you and your common core along with your idiotic reason. A lot of schools have stopped using it. You may think you are smart but you have no common sense. Why don’t you ask the black parents how they like it…

  • teejcee44

    Why, in HEAVENS name do we ALWAYS elect LIBERAL GOOFBALLS for jobs like these, and BLINDLY go on, and try to FORCE this CRAP on everyone, knowing is is an ABJECT failure from the very BEGINNING? WHY Why why? STOP IT, GET RID of these losers! DAMN IT!

  • fed up

    I am an old fart and I don’t recall any privileges. I just did what I was told to do. Went to school, got a job, worked hard and retired. I believe that this fellow should reconsider what he wrote. What you do with your life is up to you. Just do what you are told to do. Scooter Tramp got it right…..

  • wyrosjr

    Yet there seems to be no “Asian privilege” or any other type of privilege. Methinks it might be something made up to take advantage of whites?

  • Dana Davis

    This doesn’t explain Common Core. I think what he means to say is that if we remove ourselves from the right/ wrong paradigm, they can award partial credit for partial answers to children who will never be intelligent enough to grasp even simple math. I can relate to that; it makes sense to me, but I would never put my child in that school. Because my children actually ARE intelligent. Which is what they want because that will allow them to create huge hordes of the alternatively educated who hate everything American.

  • Alan Riedel

    Any intelligent person could see that Common Core was idiocy before. Now that we actually see what kind of babbling, drooling imbeciles took part in writing it, it all begins to make sense. Common Core is a travesty and a fraud, just like its authors!

  • tedsteiner68@yahoo.com

    Dr. Pooky probably has been receiving things he doesn’t deserve, as a tenured professor.

  • Chris

    Another Leftist has been given some authority and as we have seen in the past….Head up the ass decisions being made again!!!

  • catherinedeanni

    It is so easy to blame others instead of looking at yourself. Could be that instead of teaching people to be responsible for there own future it is easer to give them a handout, like given money to unwed women to have more babies out of wed lock so they get more money and benefits. Or given all there fathers a pass not to support these children. There are many reason in our social service which keep people depended on hand outs but left out is forcing them to be accountable for there choses, which would help them and there children to become more responsible people.

  • tedsteiner68@yahoo.com

    How in the hell do the Progressives talk themselves into this contorted reasoning, anyway?

  • wabby99

    Funny no body gave me anything because I was white. Truth be told I had to compete with minorities that were getting placed into position to meet quotas not because they were qualified then those of us that were qualified had to clean up their mess. I worked hard for every penny I earned. A 16 hour day (without overtime pay) was a normal day for me and I worked 7 days a week. When I took vacation time I could usually be found working in my office at home. I thought vacation time was time for me to lay out new plans for the future of my team. Or work on new ideas that I could not work on during he normal course of my working day. This man is a nut case and this is just one example of what is teaching our children in college. We are paying huge amounts of money to send our kids out to be indoctrinated. I wouldn’t send a child to college for any reason. Home School your kids and teach them how to be self sufficient.

  • blue_persuasion

    Where dafuq is this “white privilege” these self-loathing white boys keep talking about, and where do I get me some??

  • wabby99

    So what makes this idiot think that ALL children do not have the same opportunity to read? They talk like we are out here putting poor kids in schools without teachers, loads of money and books. The poor schools get more money today than high performing schools and they have since ESEA was created back in 1965. And has it helped? NO it has not. You know why? Because it isn’t money that helps kids achieve it is PARENTING.

  • alnga

    I have been WHITE most of my life and have yet to be treated as privileged because of it. However I have been color blind most of that time also. My privilege, that comes to me, is equal for all Americans in that my family decided that they needed the opportunities of the USA. Now to me that is the real privilege for all colors and ethnic origins. Praising God I was born in America.

  • Norma Kinsey

    Soo making more white kids frustrated and drop outs helps minorities how? So many trying to tear this country apart from the inside. And we the people sit by and let them.

  • Maggie Allen

    what a total idiot…reason I think most teachers are idiots….Keep on Brainwashing…

  • Consider This

    White privilage is simply not having to deal with cumulative effects of prejudice and false assumptions. For me, this is more of a constant nusance than a dibilitating condition but the cumulative effects of having to deal with it is painful and in the case of young children, harmful to the self-esteem and causes some to close their eyes to oportunities that are available to them and causes others to over compensate into arrogance.

    I am a professional who constantly encounter White people who question my credentials and competence because they are not accustomed to seeing many Blacks in my profession. My White colleagues are instantly given the benefit of a subject matter expert and their credentials and competence are only called into question if they make a mistake.

    Depending upon which of my colleagues I am working with on any given day, I typically can never go an entire day without some reference to my race. I am proud of my ethnicity so from the perspective of it being mentioned, it’s not that big of a deal, but it reminds me that in their eyes, I am a Black man before and above anything else. Whereas in my eyes, I am first a Christian, then a man, then husband, then father, then professional, then Black.

    You might ask how is it that my colleagues can make reference to my race without some type of EO complaint? Well, first of all, we have a relationship that makes for a family environment that gives them the impression that they know me well enough to be a bit more relaxed around me. Next, I see no malice in their references and I would prefer them to be real rather than conceal their true personalities. For the most part, I consider my colleagues to be my friends and work family so it is more important to me that I know who they are than it is for me to squelch their voice.

  • badman400

    More blind leading the blind. Sickening that some are so mentally screwed up with “White Guilt” that they will go to such great lengths to harm whites, and ending harming other races even more! Meanwhile all other nations laugh at us and continue to leave us behind in education.

  • mackey moore

    It’s hard to believe a teacher white, or black, would help write anything to help our present government, destroy our country any more then they’ve already done, this is just plain stupidity on all involved.

  • Rich Kardell

    He’s a child. All children have “privileges they didn’t earn”. Now, go out and earn something so that your ancestors can prosper. Indeed, he is a child.

  • lorenvpf

    Oh ya, all whites live in a state of luxury. Anybody else getting tired of the Liberal Bullies who are now in transition to Liberal Idiots?

  • Dustin

    If he didn’t earn it and feels guilty about it, then he is welcome to quit and allow his job to be taken by a non-white male. Otherwise, he is welcome to shut up. That’s right, put up or shut up!

  • Norm

    What they didn’t say about this guy is that he is also gay. This in itself is a problem. Gays like blacks want to blame all their problems and White males of America because we want to work and be productive. Now it is time to take action against the people who allowed this man in our school system. White privilege is another effort to place guilt on us for working, we have no more privilege then anyone else, the only difference is we enjoy having a safe neighborhood, making our children respect one another.

  • Dave Andre

    If “white privilege” means coming from a 2 parent household with parents who are married and have real careers and have never been arrested then I am all for it. I wish the same for all Americans no matter what their ethnic background is.

  • Gwendolyn Craig

    Those that want to learn will learn and those that don’t want to learn will not learn. If the parents have any common sense will teach their kids common sense then the student no matter what nationality ( WILL LEARN ). Most teachers never bothered to learn common sense or forgot it while being brainwashed into Liberalism…

  • Glenn Kulich


  • Glenn Kulich


  • RSB

    Pook’s a KOOK

  • A. Taylor

    Where do I get in line for all the “white privilege” I missed out on?

  • siouxbee

    White privilege is that fact that whites were here in America first, along with the Indians, and blacks were brought here as slaves later, many sold to whites by their very own people. So, if that gave us the advantage, then so be it. However, tell me that the slaves were not better off coming to American than staying in their African countries. They have been given countless opportunities that would not have occurred otherwise. I’m sorry that many were mistreated by their slave owners, but that wasn’t me or my family, and our current black population today were never slaves either. Statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the “Uniform Crime Reports.” They determined, “In the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence. Now, if whites racially profile – maybe those statistics have something to do with it. Bill O’Reilly was correct in saying that part of the blame is the breakdown of the traditional black family. Many times fathers are not around to discipline or help raise the kids. I will not apologize for being white and I am proud of it. I was raised to treat everyone with respect and I have tried to live my life that way. White pride was not an issue in this country until we (not me) elected our first partially black president. He could have been something great for this country, but has been the great divider instead.

    – See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=14864#sthash.rLKEd2jD.dpuf

  • lifebiomedguru

    I am a proud liberal. But if this is true, the radical liberal left has hijacked the education of millions of American children because they think that teaching methods of the past made the content more accessible to white males. Their answer? Make the content equally inaccessible to everyone. Brilliant.

  • Charlie Vest

    I notice he “says” he has some must be top secret privileges that I don’t know about. Put them on the table for those of us lumped into a group of white males,to also take advantage of !! Even though I am Native American especially using the same rules as Obama uses to call himself the first black president. I grew up poor, worked 84 hour weeks and on call 24/7 ( now retired ) and still struggle to keep my old (last century) car running and home repaired, plus buy my medications and keep food on the table. OH I DO have one luxury !! I have two very small rescue dogs that I provide food, housing, and love for…..

  • siouxbee

    Sorry, I’m not apologizing for being white. I will not buy into this bullshit.


    The time has long since past when we should have expelled all the leftists and avowed enemies of freedom from this country.

  • FreedomCzar


  • siouxbee

    So Mr. Pook is not only white, but also gay. That explains everything. I don’t even remember the term White Privilege until Obama took office. Let’s stop crying about everything, add a touch of common sense to our decisions, and get this country back on track.

  • fred

    we’ve had 50+ years of leftist leadership and influence. are we any better off? has all the money spent on busing improved education or race relations? my city has spent hundreds of millions on busing. studies show bused minority students do worse. not to mention the 9000 incidents of fights, bullying etc that are occurring each year on the buses. the school system has a bloated bureaucracy that is used to hide failed educators that are moved out of the schools and hidden until retirement. people like Pook haven’t got a clue. they just think they know better than anyone else and if we’d just do it their way all would be well.

  • Paul Beaver

    If white privilege upsets him so much, why don’t he go out and stand in front of an am-trak?

  • littlefox

    Teachers hate common core. Tell me why the average child should dummy down for kids that do not want to learn. We need a system that inspires all kids to want to learn. This does not, it is a joke in class rooms all over the country.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    There is no such thing as white privilege and this guy help to totally screw up our
    education system. If he has white guilt, he can give away everything he owns and go work with poor minority kids. But he won’t.

  • Braveheart

    A good reason to dump them…and some states have already started.

  • SD Williams

    Mr. Pook, Why would you starve any child of a creative teacher because YOU feel badly?

  • everytime those cupcakes speak, it’s with a lisp!

  • Charles Edward Akers

    Pook? Spook would be more appropriate.
    The dumbing down of America via Common Core is absolutely stupid!

  • wabby99

    This guy is fake. If you look at the list of the teams create by Achieve-NGA-CCSSO to create the standards, provide feedback on the standards and the validating committee this man is never mentioned. I think he is a fraud and a nut case as well.

  • canucksam

    He might be called a professor but he’s a moron. He didn’t mention to the parents that Common Core recommends students read pornography among other things. As for that ridiculous curriculum helping black students, he is so full of it. Black students were doing better until Common Core came on the scene. I wonder why Derryfield School doesn’t teach it to their students? Could it be because their students do well and they know Common Core would see them struggle with it’s stupidity. If my children were still in public school I would have pulled them out and homeschooled them or sent them to private school.

  • Jesse

    Though I accept the premise that “white privilege” exists, there’s no way to fix it. People judge you in life. Building systems to combat the problem will only make “Black Priviledge.” Sorry but judgemental @holes exist. Laws won’t change that. Just gotta fight through it. As far as I know though, the legal system is setup to give everyone equal rights.

  • Gramma76

    Why is this fool teaching anyplace?? He should be fired and never be allowed to teach children again!

  • john klingenberg

    I’m only in my mid years but when I was a kid we got up before school to feed animals, milk cows and in winter bring in fire wood for the day. Same process after school and homework or whatever the parents needed help with then it was our time. Maybe we show some privilege to the inner cities. Build a community farm downtown with the billions in food stamps, issue one cow, 1 pig and some chickens to each family. They take care of it, if it dies they starve.

  • Rhonda

    If he wants to give minorities a better education, then fixing their homes…not all, but most…would help tremendously. It isnt just minorities, it is the lower income homes. Parents dont value education nor do many respect education or teachers; therefore, they do not support what their children are learning nor their teachers. Oh, they do support football, but they don’t care if their child doesnt know how to read. You want to give them something, teach them to value education, teach them to work hard and not expect handouts. Please do not misconstrue my comment, it is not just minorities but also poor white people too. Sorry but true!

  • Since he is not authorized to do that…………………….don’t do it…..

  • By using the term ”white guilt”, this ”teacher” really believes blacks are not as smart as whites, so he use coded words. If I was black, i’d be offended.

  • Laura Griffin

    This is why I keep saying that liberals are the biggest racists on the planet. What this guy is saying is that in order for minority children to get ahead, we have to dumb down white children. Is that not the biggest racist insult ???

  • Pro American

    If you hate yourself because you’re white, a hom osexual and atheist, please do us all a favor and prove to the World your sincerity and off yourself.

  • John Helmes

    OMG what an IDIOT… Where was Planned Parenthood when this TWATS parents were pregnant smoking Meth and COke…

  • Tom

    “All kids deserve the opportunity to learn”? In a teaching environment (classroom), all kids have the same opportunity. Opportunity should not be confused with desire to learn or ability to learn. What is missing for many is the ability to get reinforcement at home also!

  • Peter Castle

    Is anyone else tired of this “white privilge” B.S.?

    See “Guilty of Being White” at http://wp.me/p4scHf-17.

  • Peter Castle

    Yes, he was given a lot of privilege – privilege to make a fool of himself. But other racists will use him for their agenda.

    See “Ann Coulter Takes on the Racial Grievance Industry” at http://t.co/YgG2rpgZIc.

  • Pat_riot_1

    That guy is a serious jackwagon.


    He should have kept his guilt-complex to himself instead of infecting American with his B.S. problem.

  • Ben drake

    What a total dipshit. Now noby can do any math since this total idiot can’t add 8 plus 2 and get 10. Total moronic doctor.

  • Mark Dietzler

    My response to him at his admission, “What you call privilege is just me being better than you.”

  • John Sullivan

    If he really feels this way, with truth in his heart – I encourage him to actually lead by example and not text… Give it all away to those who you feel earn it. You first good sir. We are all now looking to you to lead by example.

  • gpearl

    I guess Obama is President only because he is half white? Shouldn’t Biden be president? He has white privilege. How does that explain our AG? He somehow got white privilege, maybe by mistake? Condoleeza Rice? Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Oprah, Clearance Thomas, Frederick Douglass…how did these people get ahead of so many whites when we have privilege? JayZ, Beyonce, somehow moved ahead of white privilege without anybody knowing? Michael Jordan needs to sit down and let a white man move up, cuz he’s white.

  • moi2u

    Didn’t go over well with his predominantly mature white audience according to their vocal reaction. I think I would have gotten up, thrown up on him and walked out. Being a Senior in high-school during the age of the early Affirmative Action push and entering the job-market thereafter, there were 2 instances of Affirmative Action that let me know firsthand that the days of ‘White Privilege’ were no longer–that was nearly 40 years ago. Both times opportunities that I’d worked hard, diligently, and long for (scholarship-job promotion) were, literally, taken from me because of Affirmative Action (and the career opportunity of a lifetime that made my Ambitious Affirmative Action-oriented high-school counselor a household name in my city.) That was looong before Common Core was ever thought of. Nice try, but this fella is much younger than me–makes me sick to hear him refer to ‘white privilege’ when he’s merely a politically correct stooge, or ‘useful idiot’ for the PC crowd.

  • moi2u

    Common Core is merely another band-aid approach to a totally defunct educational system (not to mention society). It will in no way bridge the delusional educational gap of ‘white privilege’. Any educational disparity that exists is a matter of lack of parental involvement and/or encouragement in a child’s education, schools that do not have a good parental support or funding and parent volunteers, students worried about being unduly hassled in some way at school, students who continually defy and disrespect teachers and authority, and teachers that teach progressive politically correct BS instead of sticking to basic education and learning innovative ways to teach instead of continually being require to teach-to-test. That approach has proven to not make anyone smarter or more educated. Common Core is just an intensification of this already proven failed initiative, only with a curricula twist of dumbing-down the material to the lowest common denominator intellect.

  • moi2u

    Let’s be real, here–these days most parents must work–some even two jobs and use the public schools as convenient day-care. Today’s public school teachers are merely better paid Nannies with benefits, despite the fact they deserve more respect, more money, and more of just about everything else for the BS they must put up with on a daily basis. Until we fix our society, that will remain the case.

  • esbee

    My grandparents on both sides came to America from Italy to give their children/grandchildren the opportunities that did not have. They got nothing from the govt except the opportunity to work and make something of themselves. My parents were born dirt poor but were taught to work hard and raised me with a work ethic. They helped me go to college where they had to quit school early and to respect authority and that we live in a great country.
    The idiot may have the right motives but the wrong approach. He cannot make others suffer for those born in poverty or in lesser circumstances. Especially lessons that teach hate about our country.
    What if one day we are invaded —all those kids brought up in the common core will not be there as soldiers because they will have been taught our country is not worth defending.
    I am glad that teachers are finally speaking up and saying things against Common Core.

  • lpwallace

    So what he is saying is that Common Core is politically motivated. What a surprise!

  • BrendaK

    Well. Given the comments he made, it is apparent that he has been given a lot of privilege that he has not earned. I tend to think, however, that he was given that privilege based on his progressive agenda rather than his race. In any case, we can be sure that intelligence has never been a requirement in his various fields of endeavor.

  • rangerbanger

    I look back from my perspective and recognize both successes and failures as well as unintended consequences in politics, education and general culture since the fifties. Obviously universal civil rights was a goal that is unquestionable except by sociopaths. That said, the intent was to provide access and opportunity legally to the mainstream community for those whose color or ethnicity had prevented previously. It was a noble goal and it has been achieved–except in cases where people have chosen to forego those opportunities through criminality, disrespect of education, laziness or simply seeking the state to provide for them rather than to do it themselves.

    Along with the civil rights movement, not quite so obvious at the time, nor recognized for its insidiousness was the indoctrination through the academic establishment–where rather than teaching skills ideologues sought to teach “ideas” and “social engineering theories” with a Utopian fantasy despite the historical evidence that previous Utopian attempts had been disastrous. It took literally a generation for those who followed, the Bill Ayers and other acolytes, to rise through the “politically correct” establishments to power.

    People such as “Doctor” David Poo(p)k represent the culmination of these dreams of engineering a society along these visions (nightmares) where they literally substitute theory for fact, agendas for goals, and play on manufactured “guilts” where the obvious scapegoat is the hated privileged “white male” who did NOT in their pin-headed theories ACHIEVE success through effort and good fortune as well as services and products the market place wanted, but through STEALING from the (imagined) poor, downtrodden, disadvantaged masses WHOSE WORK and GOOD WILL somehow magically was the source of the products and wealth the despised Whites acquired?!

    One need not be hampered by questions of logic and common sense because these theories DEMAND acceptance without inquiry.

    In the O-word, they achieved their “dream”–half a male of color (and privilege from the Whites in his closet, but we won’t question his “blackness”) whom they made into this savant and savior–

    Obviously allowing these bastards to continue their indoctrination of the next generation through “Common Core” and other programs created FOR these social goals will create a new generation whose skills are so marginalized and compromised that they WILL REQUIRE government assistance to simply survive–the entire construct of this future is that it is UNSUPPORTABLE because it CANNOT generate the necessities of life. It is like the person who called in to condemn hunters (and by extension ranchers who slaughtered animals) because one could find all the meat one needed at the supermarket!

    We have created a very interconnected complex society which can only be sustained day to day by the streamlined production of animal and vegetable and grain products (which have sacrificed so many nutrients and instead have toxins which have entered the food chain)–any disruption of this product for even a short time will render this complex society unable to feed itself–then there truly will be catastrophe.

    People like Dr. Cook disgust me–I view him as a traitorous enemy, not an educator

  • Curtius Simplus

    I broke my back at work with my White Privilege. And I also have sleep under a bridge and been to prison with MY WHITE PRIVLEGE! I earned none of this and was totally unequally treated because of my race and not the nature of my activities! * end BS *

  • Biff

    give an asshole an education and all you have is an educated asshole

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    So, this “professor” wants to end White Privilege by making everyone stupider. This is why academic tenure needs to be ended and it is past time to get rid of these Regressive Liberal Neo Marxist out of the education system.

  • Ron Hancock

    So in order to end “white privilege” he wanted to make everyone dumber? That is offensive to every minority member who has worked hard and achieved the “American Dream” and not relied on racism, hate and government handouts. He is in fact a racist.



  • Wakeup

    Funny how a history major was in control of changing how the youth of america learns math…everyone know history majors are not numbers people. Gotta love the left and their silly logic!!!

  • Sean Keeler Doyle

    Good job, that is what they’re up to. What I call the law of opposites. Whatever they say they’re against they’re actually for. Whatever they say they are for, the truth lies somewhere in the opposite direction

  • tiredofbs

    If we raise them stupid, they will never know their freedom is being taken away.

  • Laura Bradford

    mike huckabee seems to think “common core” is the Best thing that’s ever happened to our school system!!! I think the Federal Government needs to stay the hell out of our schools!!!

  • Brian Newman

    You know what makes all races equal? A good education.

  • donkeysandelephantsarethesame

    A lot of dumb people here that don’t understand what white privilege means. Unlike common misconception it doesn’t mean you were born with a silver spoon

  • Antigreen2008

    This national socialist pig(nazi) should be eliminated and find himself taking a dirt nap.

  • Anti_Femastasis

    ‘White privilege’ is basically female logic (‘men are privileged and women have been oppressed’) applied to gender relations.

  • cathy

    Thank you!! finally someone that gets it!! Do people not get that anyone can go onto “Wiki” and edit it? They can add or take out anything they like which makes it no longer a reliable source of info!!

  • JudgmentDay

    Yeah, and the sad thing is, I can’t even afford an Xbox with both myself and my wife working in the healthcare industry.

  • okijiu05

    (++)=_=_=_=_(++)dears 77dollors in one hours with toprightnews —- Find it More (++)=_=_=_=_=_(++)

  • Mr. Ed

    Yep, and they are all liberal, progressive Marxists with either no brains or nothing but pure hate for the freedoms that we used to have.

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