Teacher Acts Out Trump ‘Assassination’ While Showing Inaugural Video in Class

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Many Americans are reacting with shock after a video posted to Instagram that shows a school teacher acting out an assassination of President Trump on Inauguration Day in front of students in class.

The teacher is shown screaming, “Die!”, as she fires a water pistol at a projected image of Trump. 

She deleted the post…but we captured the video…

Incredibly, the teacher appears to have posted the video herself.

It was uploaded on January 20 to the Instagram account of Payal Modi aka payelemm, with the caption, “payalemmWatching the #inauguration in my classroom like….#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday”

In the eight second video clip, the teacher is seen approaching the whiteboard at the head of the class holding a water pistol in her right hand and aiming it close range at a TV image of Trump projected in the board. She squeezes the trigger about a dozen times, screaming one time at the start of the imagined assassination, “Die!”

UPDATE: TRN has just received information identifying the teacher.

A reader from Dallas has reported that the teacher’s name is Payal R. Modi, and she teaches at Adamson High School in Dallas…

Her Twitter linked to her Instagram account confirms her employment for Dallas ISD:

UPDATE: The Secret Service in Irving, Texas, told Gateway Pundit Wednesday evening the agency is “aware” of a video, and is reportedly investigating.

Remember the 2012 story of 7-year old in MD who was suspended for “chewing a PopTart into the shape of a gun”?

This teacher, Ms., Modi actually pointed a water gun at the President of the United States in class and yelled “die!”

She has absolutely no business being anywhere near impressionable young children, and must be fired.

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  • Laura Mullen

    This just is not right!

  • Dan Thomas

    Should terminate her. Who knows what else she’s teaching those young mindless children!

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    • Merrill Henderson

      I don’t think you really wanted to have us believe you think children are “mindless”. Perhaps (I am hoping) you meant impressionable minds?

  • Merrill Henderson

    Some people will try to claim that this is just a bunch of Conservatives trying to get rid of a Trump hater, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the President (other than the fact that the Secret Service is now involved), instead, this is about a teacher who would use anyone’s picture and stand up in a class and act out murder in front of our children. I (or we) should be just as incensed had she used a water pistol to shoot at Obama or Clinton or a homeless person. It has no business or place in one of our schools.

    • David Hill

      Well said, Merrill.

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  • Greg

    What has the school district board say about this? This teacher is not a teacher and needs to be removed immediately. Because she’s union, she’s likely to keep her job.

  • Mike Bish

    Actually she needs to be arrested for that. You cannot even jokingly state that you are going to do that or act like you are doing that like this twit did. She just threatened the President (don’t matter who it is) and that is a Federal Law.

    • Mary Stevens

      She needs to be required to sit in on at least a month’s worth of Trump meetings and speeches.

  • John Lantz

    Ms. Modi, you should be terminated, now, get to da’ Chopper! Wait for it, …

  • Ezra Tank

    And people wonder why “arts” gets cut first. Because you have loonies like this woman teaching them.

    If my children attended this school district I would be DEMANDING she is removed. Whether kids were in the room or not she’s not fit to teach.

  • savetheRepublic2017

    The teacher should be expecting a visit from the FBI and Secret Service shortly.

  • Mary Stevens

    She needs to be sent out of the country and must not return.

  • Mary Stevens

    Better yet…..she needs to be required to sit in a month of meetings with Donald Trump.

  • Golfer1113

    Had this been done during an Obama inauguration, the firing would have been immediate. What’s the difference?

  • grumpyolman

    Due to schools’ “Zero-Tolerance” policies, students can’t bring a butter knife to school or even point their fingers at someone as if it is a gun. She needs severe punishment.

  • Skinnythia

    This is one sick puppy! And with foster kid-o’s? She needs placed in a mental facility.

  • Sam Green

    The lesson that imbecile should have given to impressionable kids is that threats to the President carry a 5 year federal sentence.

    If I printed up a poster size image of President Trump, brought it to a firearm range, then shooting it ten times all while yelling, ‘DIE’.

    Well joke or not two things would happen, I would be thrown off the range, and I’d probably be expecting a visit by the Secret Service, and rightly so.

    This art teacher is firmly stuck on stupid, the fact that she herself posted the video is proof of that. I’m sure there will be those saying it was just a squirt gun… Fair enough, except a squirt gun can be filled with acid or worse.


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