First Taylor Swift Posted to Their Facebook Accounts — Then Something Awesome Followed


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Just hours before ringing in 2015, Taylor Swift posted a video online revealing some of the amazing things she did to surprise her fans during the holidays in 2014.

The clip shows Swift very carefully preparing dozens of presents in her New York apartment to send to fans — all including her handwritten, personalized cards.

Each gift had been personally purchased by the music superstar over weeks of shopping, catered to each fan.

Swift had identified some of her most dedicated fans on social media and personally delivered those handwritten personalized cards as well as the gifts that she purchased and wrapped.

The video details how — after Swift released her new album “1989,” she began “Tayl-lurking” — or using social media to learn “every detail” about her most dedicated fan’s lives.

Swift would then comment on their account with “a single Santa emoji,” (see below) indicating they had been selected to receive something special from the star.

Then “large FedEx boxes began to appear on the doorsteps of certain fans in what became tenderly referred to as ‘Swiftmas,’” the video says…

“They have no idea we’re coming,” the music star said as she drove to the home. “They’re supposed to be home because they think there is a package being dropped off by UPS — but UPS is me.”

“Oh my God!” one of the children says as Swift walked through the front door.

The amount of time and effort Swift spent learning what these fans like to select their gifts is simply incredible. We can’t recall ever hearing about another celebrity that has taken so much time, or gone to such lengths to show their appreciation for their fans.


Nice to see a celebrity — who certainly isn’t hurting for publicity anyway — go to special lengths for her most dedicated fans.

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