First Taylor Swift Posted to Their Facebook Accounts — Then Something Awesome Followed


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Just hours before ringing in 2015, Taylor Swift posted a video online revealing some of the amazing things she did to surprise her fans during the holidays in 2014.

The clip shows Swift very carefully preparing dozens of presents in her New York apartment to send to fans — all including her handwritten, personalized cards.

Each gift had been personally purchased by the music superstar over weeks of shopping, catered to each fan.

Swift had identified some of her most dedicated fans on social media and personally delivered those handwritten personalized cards as well as the gifts that she purchased and wrapped.

The video details how — after Swift released her new album “1989,” she began “Tayl-lurking” — or using social media to learn “every detail” about her most dedicated fan’s lives.

Swift would then comment on their account with “a single Santa emoji,” (see below) indicating they had been selected to receive something special from the star.

Then “large FedEx boxes began to appear on the doorsteps of certain fans in what became tenderly referred to as ‘Swiftmas,’” the video says…

“They have no idea we’re coming,” the music star said as she drove to the home. “They’re supposed to be home because they think there is a package being dropped off by UPS — but UPS is me.”

“Oh my God!” one of the children says as Swift walked through the front door.

The amount of time and effort Swift spent learning what these fans like to select their gifts is simply incredible. We can’t recall ever hearing about another celebrity that has taken so much time, or gone to such lengths to show their appreciation for their fans.


Nice to see a celebrity — who certainly isn’t hurting for publicity anyway — go to special lengths for her most dedicated fans.

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  • Hao Ngo

    more of this and less over everything else…I don’t understand all the hate towards this wonderful role model.

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      • Regina Boutwell

        Y a m i Scammer again

  • StellarStella

    Awesome job Taylor! It is so nice to see someone who appreciates the fans who helped them reach celebrity status, instead of acting like they don’t matter. Well done!

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  • Connie

    Very cool

  • Matthew Arthurs

    That’s nice of her.

  • Federico Gialone

    Very nice of her to do that!

  • Harry Pennington

    Miss taylor is the role model of what this country use to stand for and can again by role models like Miss taylor, she is aces in my book, Happy New Year taylor and may this year be better than ever.

  • Gary

    What a kind and thoughtful gesture, this woman shows class.

  • milehisnk

    I don’t like her in any way, shape or form, but this is classy and pretty cool. Kudos, Ms. Swift. I’ll never like your music, but I like that spirit.

    • Neva White

      To Milehisnk:

  • Steve Novotny

    I now have a new perspective and respect for Taylor. I have never been a fan of hers because she sounded too whiny about past relationships. If that is what it took to see the real her then I congratulate her for the success she has and the ability to share it with others. May she always continue to rember how blessed she is for meaning so much to those who connect with her and her music!

  • askthechef1

    An excellent role model for a lot of people to follow.

  • Lei

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  • Barbara

    Taylor is a very smart natural business savy young woman. I would say more so than musically talented. Taylor just made a major shift in her target audience – and this whole Swiftmas, while it has noble connotations, is a marketing grand slam.

    This act by Taylor rewards the STALKING BEHAVIOR of her fans, defines them as the most loyal when in reality they are being “randomly” selected from a very small percentage of her HUGE LOYAL FAN BASE. Sad.

    Why not reward some truly random fan because they bought your album, attended their once in lifetime first ever concert and chose Taylor’s.

    I know a young lady – 14. Who has admired Taylor since before her breakout and remained loyal despite Taylor’s shift away from country music genre. This young lady works every Saturday grooming dogs at her mother’s small business. She attends church every Sunday and is an active member of the youth group. She is very active in a local play house…and has performed in plays acting, singing, and dancing for local audiences. This young lady has remained a true fan in very healthy meaningful ways – listening to and buying Taylor’s music, keeping update on Taylor’s career – not stalking, but being informed, and always promoting herself as a fan of Taylor.

    This young lady loves Taylor Swift. However, she does not have the time to STALK Taylor’s fan pages. Her parents scrapped pennies to take her to a Taylor concert – they cannot afford to be groupies. Why does her heartfelt healthy loyalty mean less than a Stalker’s?

    Perhaps someone reading can get this point across to Taylor – there is a much larger group of fans who love you as much as those you are rewarding – in much healthier ways than stalking.

    This young fan is not my child – she is a the daughter of dear friends of mine that I have known since she was two years old. I admire her work ethic and commitment to her passions – one of which is being HUGE TAYLOR FAN – if someone passes this on to Taylor I promise this hardworking young woman is in heart equal to any of the STALKER FANS who got a Santa emogi.

  • Dennis Wesley

    Miley Cyrus could learn something here

  • RN01

    And she’s so humble she has to record and post her actions. Sounds like just more PR to me.

  • Don Williams

    She is a marketing genius. Period!

    • Bryan Bell

      You, my friend, are correct!! She’s smart enough to see that if she does positive, uplifting, giving and caring things, they will be paid attention to… it’s win/win. Brilliant!

  • Don Williams

    I’m not a big fan of her music, but I do think it is “fun”. And regarding this marketing gesture, she is living proof of the validity of the Adam Smith quote:

    “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker,
    that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self
    interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their
    self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities but of their

  • Jack Duncan

    It is great to remember that at one time you may have been just a fan !
    Love and kindness matter the most !!

  • redeemed357

    What a great way to show appreciation for her fans. I love her music but never thought to post and tell anyone. Hope she returns to her roots at some time in the future. SHE IS A SUPERSTAR! She is selfless and humble. Very savvy business woman and astute model for those young women who think they can never do what she did. Amaze yourself and I am sure Taylor Swift will be on the sidelines of your life rooting for you to succeed in whatever you want to do. Thank you Taylor for being a GREAT ROLE MODEL FOR WOMEN EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • KimberleighEastwood

    Good for her!

  • bigblueeyes41

    What a sweet young lady. May God Bless you for making so many people happy with your music and your big beautiful heart.

  • Kenneth Clark

    Dear Taylor, this video and story made me cry tears of joy. That in itself is a gift and I thank you so much.

  • Flyingbull

    Nothing wrong with that, very cool.

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