Stanford Band Mocks Border Wall, Texas at Alamo Bowl… Gets Mega Dose of Instant Karma

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

At the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio Saturday, the Stanford Cardinals took on Texas Christian University (TCU).

And during the halftime show, with the Cardinals leading  21-10, the Stanford marching band decided it would be fun to make fun President Trump and his border wall with Mexico, the State of Texas — and even Texas-based food chain Whataburger.

KSAT reported:

The Stanford marching band poked fun at Texan’s state pride, the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump, horned frogs (the TCU mascot), and Whataburger (the iconic Texas hamburger chain).

Audience members booed the band loudly when they mocked the border wall, and it got worse from there.

The band opened the show, entitled “Texas: Too Big to Fail?” by claiming the show was sponsored by the White House Press Office. After swarming onto the field, the band quickly assembled the words “Fake” and “News.”

As the show’s announcer read some “fun facts” claiming that Texans rank last in state pride and that “Texas is really, really, small,” the band formed the word “TEX.”

The announcer then said, “If you tried to build a fifty-foot wall along the entire southern border, the cost of it could only pay for the tuition of about 20 million college students.” The boos quickly began.

Then the band takes on Whataburger, referring to Texas’ favorite hamburger restaurant as “Waterburger” — “a food chain that apparently only serves water.”

The boos became louder at this point.

But TCU and Texans had the last laugh when halftime ended.

Because TCU responded with a dramatic, come-from-behind 39-37 victory over the visiting California team.

Will California liberals ever learn not to mess with Texas?


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