Shocking Video Shows Two Women in Savage Walmart Brawl – But Child’s Reaction May Be the Worst of All


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A disturbing video posted online shows two women engaging in a brutal fight at an Indiana Walmart late last week.

But it was how one of the women’s sons behaved during the brawl that has alarmed viewers most of all.

It isn’t clear from the first part of the video what started the fight, but it began with a blonde woman on a Jazzy, who suddenly leaps out of it towards a brunette woman, yelling “You want a piece?” and beginning a nasty fight that saw the women fall hard on the concrete floor.

(Caution: strong language and violence)

As the video progresses, a boy is seen and his mother, the brunette, who managed to get atop the blonde woman, starts telling the young boy, perhaps 9 or 10, to punch her opponent in the face.

The boy obliged and was can be seen throughout the two videos repeatedly striking the woman on the ground, with his hands, feet and even bottles of shampoo and conditioner – some of which end up all over the woman and the floor.

When an onlooker told the child to stop or he would be taken to “little boy jail,”the feral kid refused.

“You can’t tell me to stop! Do not even tell me what to do!” the child shouted, adding “I’m not playing right now!”

Walmart spokesman Aaron Mullins told TheBlaze Monday that about 90 seconds after the fight began, management responded by calling police.

“I believe police showed up about eight minutes after,” he said.

Mullins said that Walmart policy prohibits security from interfering with physical confrontations, but added that the store had personnel stationed around the brawl to “monitor and make sure customers were safe.”

After police arrived, the two women were escorted outside the store.


  • Connor J Mitkowski

    and nobody got the kid out of the danger zone

    • Lady TNY

      Why should they? Did you see the little brat? Just like his momma and like the people on the video say: It’s a law suit waiting to happen if you intervene in any thing these days.

      • Connor J Mitkowski

        he is a kid pretty sure most of us were that way around his age, and yes being sued by a two people on trial for assault and destruction of property pretty sure the judge would laugh both the lawyer and client out of the courthouse.

        • Linda D

          Do some research. You might not e so sure.

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            i have most children will instinctively protect their mother psychology 101

          • imwolfman2020 .

            No most of us didn’t act like animals at that age, that kid was threatening the lady who was trying to keep him from kicking the lady in the head. But I guess that’s just the way you were raised, my mom would have never been in a fight in the first place…

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            do you really thing he saw it that way or did he just see his mom in a fight

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            i would have respected your argument more but you just had to pull the personal attack are you so insecure with your own ability to win a discussion you need to slander your opponent

          • imwolfman2020 .

            Conner if you are talking to me about slandering you, all I did was put in the exact term you used. ” I guess that’s just the way you were raised ” if you feel that is slandering you better take a look at yourself before calling me insecure, or look up the word in the dictionary because you may not know what the word means, and just a little bit of information for you, I’m 55 , been married 26 years, have two wonderful grown children and a beautiful granddaughter, GOD has blessed my life, I am probably a bunch of stuff and definitely the worst of the bunch but I really don’t care about anything outside of my family enough to be insecure, but I apologize to you if I came across in a way you felt I was saying anything negative to you or about you, that was not my intent at all !

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            I guess that’s just the way you were raised is a ad hominem logical fallacie you assume i was raised badly because i am argueing that the kid is too young to understand the newance of the situation all he sees is his mother and another woman in a fight and instinctively goes to protect her

          • imwolfman2020 .

            Lots of whining there for a guy who was trained to give plenty of room while he was getting punched in the face a lot of times protecting his mom from being raised by a follicle full homogenized newences and being slandered in your own mind by people wondering WTF you are talking about because you’re using words that aren’t real words ! Wow man you’ve had it really tough

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            was their a point in that i just read a whole lot of projecting.

        • Linda D

          Do some research. You might not be so sure.

        • imwolfman2020 .

          No Most of us were not like that at his age, I guess the younger you are the possibility that more kids are growing up like that because less people have God in their lives and less people learn to respect their elders and the law.. Going in a Bad direction and soon we will be past the point of no return… Stinks Doesn’t It…

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            really so you wouldn’t protect your mom from an assault i rember jumping infront of multpul punches to protect my mom but i guess that’s just me

          • Marti

            If you really had to jump in front of a number of punches to ‘save’ your mother , were in an environment you should have never been in.

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            well unfortunately thats the hand i was delt couldnt change it then cant change it now

          • Marti

            Well, I am sorry the right interventions weren’t in place for you then. You deserved better than that…

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            its ok it made me the man i am today and i wouldnt trade that for anything in the world

          • Nadine Sharp

            This child was not protecting his mother from anything. He was helping his mother batter another person by kicking and punching the head of a woman and striking her with bottles of product while his mother held the woman down. The mother was screeching at the child to strike the woman. What kind of parent does that? Hopefully these people will get some help.

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            do you think he saw it that way or was he just thinking he was helping her

      • Jay

        The kid is innocent. He does not know any better. He has a horrible mother and role model.

        • No2stupidity

          He won’t be so innocent in a few years.

          • Jay

            Let’s talk about NOW, the present time, NOT a few years from now. It is irrelevant.

          • Chloe Rowles

            Well, let’s talk about NOW, right now, he behavior is not acceptable.

          • Jay

            How do you think he got that way? Reading a book called “10 ways to be a ghetto talking 7-year-old”? No, his mother was a profound (e.g. 100%) responsible.

          • anonymous

            Who gives a *hit how he got this way? It’s irrelevant! It needs to be fixed before it’s too late. It’s not about “blame”. Who do you blame if you get hit by a car and die? Do you really give a rat’s @ass who was to blame? NO! You’re dead!

          • Jay

            Sure, dump this issue on a 7-year-old. That is crazy.

          • anonymous

            Are you serious? You don’t see a need to correct his behavior now? Wait until he’s 15 and holding up a convenience store? Or 10 and molesting a 5 year-old girl? When?

          • Jay

            Of course his behavior should be corrected. You are missing the point. It is not the kid’s fault, poor parenting “shaped” his behavior.

          • No2stupidity

            Actually it is relevant. It’s ignoring this fact that makes it a bigger problem.

        • Logan

          At 9 or 10 years old he knows right from wrong. He’s not an innocent child when he acts like this.

          • Thor Alexander Michelsen

            At 9 or 10, you know right from wrong based mostly from what your parents thaught you. This is probably right from his upbringing. Furthermore, a kid refusing a command from his parent (pre teens) is not something you can demand, expect, or even think he/she should do.

      • Michelle Mexico

        The child was doing what he as told (and clearly taught) to do.

        It’s revolting. White trash at its finest.

        • No2stupidity

          One was Hispanic.

          • Michelle Mexico

            I didn’t notice. Trash is trash. Sickening.

    • Jay

      No one did. I think his mother encouraged him to hit her enemy in the face.

      • Connor J Mitkowski

        i heard that part however in secureity you are trained to give a wide area for the fight to play out untill leos get their so part of that would be getting the kid out of the hotzone

        • Jay

          To me, the child is the victim. He was raised poorly and needs to be removed from his mother’s custody.

          • Connor J Mitkowski

            i agree however with the person i am i would get any bystander away from the hotzone so they dont get hurt because thats the way i was trained

    • ann

      Seriously. The kid was a huge part of the problem. Nobody was going to tell him what to do. Someone should remove this boy from this woman’s custody and place him where he will learn some respect or down the line he’s going to be in worse trouble than this.

      • Jay

        No he is NOT part of the problem. The mother is a bad influence. A child does not know any better. She is a poor role model. You must be trolling.

        • GlendaK_Marry

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        • Linda D

          When he was an infant, he was NOT part of the problem. Now he IS—after spending time with poor role models, like his mother. (I’m pretty sure there are more in his life—like his dad, if he’s even around, and probably brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and others). Some children see other kinds of behavior around them and choose to imitate that instead of this, but he clearly has not made that choice. So, I agree with you in part, but not all, of your conclusion.

          • Jay

            He can’t be more than 7 years old. Are you kidding me? He is powerless compared to his mother and that other nutcase that fought with her. He learns right and wrong from a parent.

          • Linda D

            Exactly. He HAS learned from those around him and now IS part of the problem.

          • Linda D

            Oh, and by the way, the “other nutcase” you’re referring to probably didn’t do anything more than tell the fat blonde that she shouldn’t be using the riding cart that is intended for customers with real disabilities. They are not for obesity and laziness. She was defending herself from the attack by the blonde, who clearly, DID NOT need the cart. I see people like this abusing the use of these carts on a near daily basis and would like to kick their asses, and I will if one of them ever attacks me. I’ve also told more than one young kid riding one of them around the store like a go-cart to put it back for legitimate use. Now, if the kid belonged to the dark-haired woman who was attacked, I have a whole different attitude about him trying to help his mother. It’s still a bad situation, but there’s a difference between aggressive violence and self-defense. Guess I’d better research this a little more, and/or wait for more info like everyone on here should.

          • Nadine Sharp

            Linda, I get your point that there are some people who use the carts when they don’t need to, but you should also consider the fact that some disabilities are not visible. The person in the cart could have just recently had a major surgery, they could have a severe heart condition, cancer, arthritis, MS, or any of a number of other health problems that you cannot see. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

          • Karen

            Look again. The blonde was the was on the bottom being attacked by the brunette and the little boy. And when I was recovering from my broken ankle last summer… but no longer needed the crutches, I DID use those carts when I went shopping. I could not have made it around the large store without one.

          • Linda D

            That’s what they’re intended for. And I’ll bet you didn’t jump up off of it and get in a fist fight with anyone like this blonde did, did you? At the beginning of the video clip I saw, the blonde was on the cart going past the brunette and her child.

          • Jay

            OK. Slap the handcuffs on him, Linda. He will be the first 7 year old to go to a juvenile detention facility. 😉 I see him as a victim of bad parenting and then some. We’re clearly not even close to being on the same page.

          • anonymous

            7 years of being in that type of environment is PLENTY of time to shape the attitudes of that kid. I’ve seen 5 and 6 year old kids who are the most defiant little pieces of work that you’d care to witness. They ignore their parents, do as they please and the parents are too stupid to correct the child. Trust me, this kid has had plenty of time around white trash to have bad behavior ingrained.

        • Marti

          I don’t think Ann is trolling. I also think her comment has merit.

          Yes, most children learn by example and the poor kid doesn’t have much a chance given who his role models are. But that doesn’t change the fact that of regardless HOW this kid learned the behavior, it still needs to corrected and it’s not going to happen over night.

          Judging by the video, I can also guess that this kid is also probably a nightmare in the classroom

        • ann

          Nope I’m not a troll and you are right about the adults being a bad influence over him, however, in this specific situation, the child became part of the problem and a big part kicking the woman in the face, squirting shampoo in her eyes and behaving as he did. I believe my comment that authorities should look into possible placement of the boy with a family who would be a role model and teach him better indicated my intentions were not to just lump the boy in with the Mother like he was an adult and capable of knowing right from wrong.

        • paul jones

          Jay, you had better get a band aid on that heart before you bleed to death !!!

      • Linda D

        You’re absolutely right. And just think how many of this kind of people there are, and they’re multiplying like rabbits.

      • Clyde Crow Jr.

        that kid is going to have a hard life, there is always someone going to be telling you what to do, you will have bosses you will have to answer to, in life it starts by when your little your parents, than its the teachers at school, than your employers at work, than your wife than when you die than its GOD

    • AmmyTomas

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    • Linda D

      The kid could have gotten himself out of it, but he chose to join in. If Walmart employees would have tried to do anything for, or with, him, the mother would most likely have gotten Federal Assistance to sue them. 🙁

  • SausageAway

    More American exceptionalism!

  • McHale72

    The first thing I noticed was how much the blond woman “needed” to be riding the scooter. Who knows, maybe she deserved everything she got. She’s obviously a pretty lazy, worthless individual.

    • QuantumVirus

      Yeah and if you end up being sick soon maybe you’ll deserve it too.

      • No2stupidity

        She can fight, she can walk and work

        • QuantumVirus

          So you’re telling me she deserved to get hurt because she was riding a scooter?

          • Doug

            There are plenty of people who are truly disabled and those scooters are there for them. If she can get up like that and start fighting I can’t believe she is disabled enough to need it. Even at the end she got back up off the floor pretty quick. She also had a pretty good kick for someone needing an electric chair.

          • Eric Nichol

            seems like it…but appearances can be decieving

          • Pamela Ramsay

            I agree. It’s people like that lazy pig on the store scooter who take it away from people like me who truly need it when we get to the store. I’m 100% disabled. I was hit by 2 drunk drivers and cannot walk the store to get my groceries. I use a walker and a wheelchair. After 3 steps my legs go numb and I fall. Those scooters are what I use and when there are none available, I have to turn around and go home. They are MEANT for the elderly and disabled only. Not for lazy people or for kids to play on which I’ve seen as well.

          • Doug

            Agreed Pamela, it’s one of my pet peeves to see people who can get around using those scooters because they are too lazy. I’m a disabled veteran. I could use one but there are people who need them more than I so I don’t. It really irks me to see people who obviously NEED the exercise driving around like they own the world while people who obviously have a hard time getting from the car to the door of the store grimace in pain with every step.

          • Marti

            No, he is saying she is LAZY trash…and the woman she was fighting was just plain old trash.

          • QuantumVirus

            It’s interest that when a person insults another person it reflect’s on them.

          • Marti

            Then by your own statement, you are also projecting. *yawn*

          • QuantumVirus

            I don’t know you could call it projecting. And if you interpret my statement as an insult than that was just your interpretation.

    • rvsandy

      She has the scooter (which could belong to the store) to show she is disabled and collect government money.

      • Pamela Ramsay

        The scooter IS a store scooter, so it does NOT show she’s disabled and collects government money. She’s CLEARLY NOT disabled if she can attack another woman into a fist fight brawl and roll around on the floor and get up and down and keep fighting. That’s not disabled.

    • Pamela Ramsay

      It’s people like that lazy pig on the store scooter who take it away from people like me who truly need it when we get to the store. I’m 100% disabled. I was hit by 2 drunk drivers and cannot walk the store to get my groceries. I use a walker and a wheelchair. After 3 steps my legs go numb and I fall. Those scooters are what I use and when there are none available, I have to turn around and go home. They are MEANT for the elderly and disabled only. Not for lazy people or for kids to play on which I’ve seen as well.

  • vondutch

    Ha, even in a Walmart it takes the cops 45 min to get on scene. Hell, the store could not even manage to get a security guard there within 10 min of the fight starting and they were only 50 yards away.

    • Wiggle D

      None of the employees are allowed to interfere with the fights. Not Even ‘security’.

  • WhatMeWorry

    If she can do that, the cuntrag as zero business riding around in the cart.

  • Gordon Harvey

    Both apparently Obama supporters.

    • mary witte

      leave politics out for a change

    • TheCenterist


  • Michelle Mexico

    White trash, nothing more.

    • No2stupidity

      One Hispanic, one White.

      • David Martin

        I did not see a Hispanic at all. There was a blond and a brunet.

    • David Martin

      Just because people have a fight does not make them white trash. If the people in the fight are white trash, what does that make all of the people standing by watching and videoing the situation and not doing anything to stop it or call the police.

      • Michelle Mexico

        Are you serious? It was just a fight? In the middle of a Walmart store respectable women tend not to get into a fist fight while telling her son to join in and hit the other woman in the face. You are a disgrace to the human race when you don’t see the problem and the person filming it? He’s at about your level.

      • Logan

        Yes, yes it does.

      • Linda D

        Read more of the facts. Walmart people kept others from getting into the area UNTIL POLICE GOT THERE.

      • Marti

        If two women, one’s who’s fat butt was just scooter…get into a fight in an aisle of walmart store, rolling around like a couple of pigs fighting for the one juicy apple in the slop isn’t white trash..then I don’t know what is.

      • Chloe Rowles

        Grown women do NOT get in physical fights like this; that’s why people are calling them ‘white trash’. They are part of the deviant underbelly of society.
        What it makes the people around watching is ‘shocked’ to see that kind of behavior, and too afraid to intervene because they would probably get sued or arrested or both….that’s what is makes them!

  • CraxyD

    FTA: ” Walmart policy prohibits security from interfering with physical confrontations”

    Because Corporate are nothing but spineless, hand-wringing cowards. Doesn’t matter if it’s white trash, crackhead, thug, hoodrat or other caliber of social vermin you can think of, the Security Officer is most always going to be wrong.

    The ‘official’ company line is that it’s for “The safety of employees and customers.” which is bull$#it. Corporate lawyers are afraid of the social vermin bringing up lawsuits

    • Aubree

      Exactly. What’s the point of even having “Security” Officers if they can’t do anything about, you know….security?

      • Marti

        To observe and report of course…

  • Theojob

    So women are becoming more like animals then men. Good luck Bruce Jenner!

  • Aloanstar

    What is so shocking about it?? It’s at Walmart….it is normal with their customers.

  • JoshuaJMadison

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  • joe

    She just lost that kid for telling him to hit the other women. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor means by mom I’m of to a foster home

    • Jay

      Don’t look at Ann’s comment below; she essentially says that the child is a big part of the problem.

    • Taegan Goddard

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    • EmilyA_Marry

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  • Lecia Tallman

    wow can we say intelligence , people , you act like a bunch of maggots sucking blood out of a piece of rotten meat. what were you fighting over a fricking bottle of shampoo or something just as stupid

    • Jay

      Have you ever considered writing poetry professionally, Lecia?

  • Diane Frank

    Ever wonder why this craziness happens at walmart? Is it a socioeconomic thing? I have never seen this happen in Macys, nordstroms, or even Pennys or sears for that matter not even a Kmart or Kohls which are lower priced on their items,Do they have a sign out that says Lunatics please enter here! You could not pay me to shop there,few RARE times i was there always a disaster.LONG LINES, surly sales help, dirty restrooms,horrible quality to their clothes,poor return policyBUT at least i was not pushed through a plate glass window during a major sale..AND to boot their policy is NOT to intervene if someone attacks you,makes one feel real safe.

    • Wiggle D

      Walmart is known to have lower prices on everything and are known as a ‘one-stop’ place, unlike what you listed above. That might be why white trash flocks to those places. I used to work at one and I refuse to go back.

  • Mac

    Why the hell are you fools just standing around and watching? I would slap that boy across the floor and then bust those two idiots up. Then i would go back to that boy and really show him
    What “not playing” is. All you cowards make me

    • Wiggle D

      Yeah, people simply cannot afford to get involved these days. Especially the Walmart employees.

    • Marti

      I wouldn’t have harmed the child but I also wouldn’t have been afraid to take him by the arm and pull him out of that mess.

  • Scotty P

    And nobody breaks up the fight. The knee jerk reaction of the dozens of people is to grab a phone, and hit record.

    I weep for the future.

  • Celeste Tina St Francis

    Embarrassing, that is what it is, that woman shouldn’t have kids. This is what is wrong with the world today, nobody has been shown to act properly. Raise your kids to respect you and respect others. God help us all.

  • Brian MacKay

    Two white trash women, funny how the lady was using a handicap cart to get around but she can easily get up to rumble, I’d be willing to bet se is on disability and we are paying for her disability, if she is we should stop her payments.

  • jimnbubba

    The woman was hauling her fat ass around on a handicapped cart ,yet she can roll around on the floor fighting

    • Wiggle D

      Yeah. It’s pretty common with fat people to take the carts from those who really need them. It happens all the time at my work and their fat asses end up breaking them too.

  • Tacjam4

    It will only be a few years before we see a tattoo of a tear drop on the kids eye and tattoos on his neck, as he’s telling his story to the, “Lockup Extended Stay” crew!

  • kittenblu

    Aw…more trash raising trash….

  • Eleanor

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  • Scott Loyed

    What was that lazy blond doing on a handicapped cart to start with? Some poor feeble old lady painfully shuffling thru the store because this bitch it too lazy to walk, Smack her for me Kid!

  • Connie Stahlman

    I found it interesting that she needed a scooter to get around but had the energy and strength for a ‘fight’

  • rascallyrabbit


  • avengeflipper

    Nice to know Walmart security wouldn’t protect someone.

  • zinta48

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  • Fam Sol

    Why were they not arrested?

  • Eladio

    Isn’t America great since becoming an antiChrist nation? Empty the churches and fill the Walmarts with white trash entertainment.

  • LaFlare1017

    Disgusting….. Also disturbing how the crowd watching is completely helpless.

    “I don’t think you can touch them because you’ll be involved in the lawsuit, that’s how sh!t is now days” – Fool oblivious to the law and her rights

    That may be how it is for a teacher in a class room, but that’s not how it is otherwise, especially when it’s on camera and the people you are breaking up are adults, you are within your rights to break up the fight as long as you don’t attack anyone. This is not a school fight with an adult breaking up minors, that’s a totally different scenario.

    At worst, you will be subpoenaed to be a witness(which might not be necessary with the film), but if that can help these two women get the repercussions they deserved, I wouldn’t mind.

    Often peacemakers get arrested in cases where no one is filming, and or when there is a mob of people involved. In a case like this, with people filming and plenty of witnesses, this fight could have been easily broken up within the first 30 seconds of the fight.

    In my opinion, the people watching are uninformed cowards. Of course the two women fighting are far worse, I am not excusing their behavior at all.

  • Sheri MacMaster

    That child should be taken away and she should be put in jail for assault and never get the kid back again this is so disgusting such a display and what do you think you are teaching theses kids

  • Dawn Appelberg

    Please tell me that the kid was removed from the parents.

  • Theres

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  • White Woman

    I guess she got a piece of her!

  • LauraJCrooks

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  • DJ

    What was that woman doing driving around the handicap cart? She looks perfectly fine on video!! Idiots!!

  • Poted1932

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  • jimjimi69

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