SHOCK VIDEO: DHS Caught Moving Somali Muslim Illegals Into California


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Activist Anita Fuentes and her family ran across a DHS vehicle with its windows covered late at night at a gas station in California. Later they discovered it was one of three such buses.

They filmed their encounter with a DHS employee, who admitted that they were transporting  “Somalis and Africans” who were caught at the border and moving them to “detention” facilities. Readers of Top Right News from last summer will remember how Obama took tens of thousands of illegal aliens — only one-half of whom were “women and children” (one half teens and older men) and shipped them from the Texas border into states across the nation.

At that time, those transports were scheduled and announced. But since citizen patriots began to turn out to block those buses from entering their communities — most notably in Murrieta, CA — it seems apparent that Obama is now doing the same thing covertly.

Only by chance was this illegal alien transport busted late at night.

“Illegal aliens being transported late at night by DHS to “Detention Centers” in Victorville, CA on the corner of Route 395 and Bear Valley Rd.” (Video: Anita Fuentes)

Note that this is 161 miles away from the Mexican Border.

These “hundreds” of illegal invaders, mostly Somali Muslims, who — like the hundreds of thousands Obama let in last year — are not being given background checks, but are being “resettled” in California, and many other states across America, using tens of billions in DHS funds that is supposed to be sued for border security.


And all they have to do, under Obama DHS orders put in place under Janet Napolitano — is to cross the border, find an agent, and say “I am in danger in my home country, and want asylum in the United States.” Once they say those magic words, the Border Patrol is forbidden from deporting them, and must turn them over to DHS resettlement specialists who distri bute them around the nation, where they will be immediately eligible for welfare benefits, and later, to bring in other family members.

This is an invasion. Period. The American people never voted for it, but we sure are paying the price.

  • Judy

    So funny how someone that comes illegal can get all this help, people that come in legal has to pay and prove they can do a job here that is needed. We need to stop all the illegals from coming in to this country. And telling them what to say and do so they can’t be sent home, isn’t right.

    • John Michael Hutton

      JUdy, were you born a moron or did you have to work at being one? They were brought here by the government so they aren’t ILLEGAL, YOU MORON.

      • Rizzan

        The government is completely able to do illegal things.

      • xmrax

        John as one of the last true believers , you should just sit down and shut up. You are the moron

        • imbobim

          xm… I’m sure John’s remark was meant to be funny

          • xmrax

            yeah right he’s just an an Obama loving moron,simple as that

  • Helen Decker

    I don’t believe this. If this were true, somebody other than Obummer would know about it and tell someone who in turn would tell someone etc, etc. The members of our government who aren’t on the take, be it as few as it is, would be yelling from the roof tops.

    • Robert Chambers

      They were talking last week about moving them but did not say where. In my opinion it should be back across the border

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        • John Michael Hutton


    • John Michael Hutton

      HEllen, are you really that dense? This article is about what Obama is doing supposedly. You are a very confused person or maybe you just aren’t very bright. I think I’ll go with the second one.

      • sonny

        John, I agree with you. Helen is not very bright….but then, that describes ALL of the Obama supporters. You just can’t fix STUPID.

        • Helen Decker

          Excuse sonny boy, I didn’t vote for the sonof a bitch either time. You dumbass, your mistake is assuming. Tch Tch Tch Ignorant

      • Helen Decker

        You make no sense, John. Obama is ‘supposedly’ doing? Supposedly? Did I agree with the article? You make it sound like I did, as you did go with your second guess. Well, guess again, jerk off. DA

    • Larry New

      You are in denial. Get off your liberal television media and start looking for the truth.The ones not on the take have been yelling for about 6 years.Did you have your hearing aid turned on?

      • Helen Decker

        Larry New, you are one of those that if anyone disagrees with you, they’re either stupid, deaf or dead. Why don’t you get with ‘sonny’ boy and go bitch together? You would enjoy each others company. Hmmmm, maybe enjoy each other too much, eh? Denial? Just because I read something, one time, don’t make it so. So you believe everything you read? Uh huh, there’s your problem. Go share it with ‘sonny’ boy. LOL

  • Megamimi

    If true, not good, not legal & most troublesome for the integrity of rhe Republic. Write your Senators & Representatives!

  • 1SuperObserver .


    • John Michael Hutton


      • Jerry Fleming

        Off your meds again I see…

      • xmrax

        no confusion there bucko, it’s surely obama

  • Daryl Ann Manson

    And this is why I moved….

  • bweez b-wildered b-wise

    I had heard that the government was giving asylum to hundreds (?) of Somali Muslims… refugees from war, which, if I understand it correctly, is legal. I’m not saying I’m thrilled with that… but it makes me wonder why they were hiding them. Were they really from Somalia? I’d really like to know the truth.

  • madalon baum

    So now they’ve posted, publicly, the “magic words” that will prevent deportation!!!!


    Here on LA area, it will be difficult for you not to come across muslims driving your cabs. These are probably some of those Somalis, and they are arrogant bastards to boot.

  • Tired American

    They are pumping Idaho full of them. You can see them walking around Boise. WHAT BUSINESS DO THEY HAVE IN THE USA LET ALONE IDAHO???!!! I can tell you Somolia is not a good place to live… and its not because of the rocks- but the PEOPLE. Trash in, trash out. GTFO.

    • sonny

      “Trash in, trash out.” That about describes Washington doesn’t it?? Also the trash that PUT THEM UP THERE….remember the 51% that voted for Obama??

  • John Michael Hutton

    How did the get here illegally?

    • sonny

      Stock up on ammo, John. We’re probably going to NEED IT before 2016.

      • Rizzan

        Didn’t you already stock up for the 2012 uprising that never happened? The 2008 uprising that never happened?

        • xmrax

          No that was dear leader buying up the ammo.your rose colored glasses need cleaning.

          • GetOverYourself

            I will be checking back in 2016 before taking sides here.

        • PG

          2016 is much different,an exchange of power and I don’t believe it will be peaceful.

    • PG

      As an Indonesian Student with a Visa.

  • moon80

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  • Davey Dunn

    Obama is bring quran pigs the goat F;ing allah people in here

  • gjm11653

    Unbelievable! I dislike that man so much! This country cannot take in half the world’s population that is oppressed and still survive as a nation. We will in the not too distant future have acres of resettlement camps just as many 3rd world countries do. The refugee camps will string across America from sea to shining sea only we won’t have the shining seas anymore. We will have waves of no skill, no education, and criminals having offspring by the hundreds being fed, clothed, and taken care on the backs of the working men and women struggling to survive in this country and struggling to pay for these people from other countries to survive also. No country can take in halp

  • gjm11653

    Unbelievable! I dislike that man so much! This country cannot take in all the oppressed people from other nations! There is not enough money and enough room to offer refugees sanctuary from over half the world’s population and that is how many want to come here and be taken care of! These people are uneducated with no skills other than having babies and simple farming. In the not too distant future there will be refugee camps from sea to shining sea only the seas won’t be so shiny. The working American will be struggling to take care of themselves and all the millions upon millions of illegals that will need permanent support due to lack of ability to do for themselves. When is enough, enough? This man has no care for the American worker. He supports Muslims totally and has a strong dislike for the working man in this country. Before he leaves office he will ruin this nation and laugh all the way as he leaves office. Disgusting, so very disgusting. He is waiting and thrilled to think of another terrorist attack to as he would say put the American in their place.

  • gjm11653

    How does this happen to a free nation? Because there is no revolt. No uprising. This man who many thought would bring America more together and better had an agenda from day one. He intends fully to ruin the nation and bring it to it’s knees. He favors Muslims and is hoping to wreck havoc on this nation. He is succeeding because many wrongly believe he cares about the country. He does not. He believes the citizens feel entitled and better than other countries and he wants to destroy the country to show Americans they are not so great and they can be brought down.

  • hattiet

    Am I living in a parallel world. I still believe in the “Rule of Law”. What is happening in that other world?

  • Neverly

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