SHOCK VIDEO: DHS Caught Moving Somali Muslim Illegals Into California


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Activist Anita Fuentes and her family ran across a DHS vehicle with its windows covered late at night at a gas station in California. Later they discovered it was one of three such buses.

They filmed their encounter with a DHS employee, who admitted that they were transporting  “Somalis and Africans” who were caught at the border and moving them to “detention” facilities. Readers of Top Right News from last summer will remember how Obama took tens of thousands of illegal aliens — only one-half of whom were “women and children” (one half teens and older men) and shipped them from the Texas border into states across the nation.

At that time, those transports were scheduled and announced. But since citizen patriots began to turn out to block those buses from entering their communities — most notably in Murrieta, CA — it seems apparent that Obama is now doing the same thing covertly.

Only by chance was this illegal alien transport busted late at night.

“Illegal aliens being transported late at night by DHS to “Detention Centers” in Victorville, CA on the corner of Route 395 and Bear Valley Rd.” (Video: Anita Fuentes)

Note that this is 161 miles away from the Mexican Border.

These “hundreds” of illegal invaders, mostly Somali Muslims, who — like the hundreds of thousands Obama let in last year — are not being given background checks, but are being “resettled” in California, and many other states across America, using tens of billions in DHS funds that is supposed to be sued for border security.


And all they have to do, under Obama DHS orders put in place under Janet Napolitano — is to cross the border, find an agent, and say “I am in danger in my home country, and want asylum in the United States.” Once they say those magic words, the Border Patrol is forbidden from deporting them, and must turn them over to DHS resettlement specialists who distri bute them around the nation, where they will be immediately eligible for welfare benefits, and later, to bring in other family members.

This is an invasion. Period. The American people never voted for it, but we sure are paying the price.


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