Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens with Contagious Diseases Across the Nation (Video)


Above: A child with ‘scabies’, one of the diseases spreading like wildfire by illegal aliens overrunning the border.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

It gets worse.

Obama is now dumping contagious disease carrying illegal aliens all across the country.

Arizona’s ABC-15 has reported that illegal aliens are being found with scabies, chicken pox, MRSA, and other contagious viruses.

As we detailed previously, Obama is provoking this deliberate, unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens. His allies are spreading the word that Obama has essentially shut off all immigration enforcement. And in nations like El Salvador and Honduras the media is urging women and children (mainly teenagers) to make the grueling trek to cross the U.S. border, because Obama will never deport them, and they can receive jobs and taxpayer-funded welfare for life.

The problem is, thousands of them are infected with disease, and this is not Ellis Island c. 1914, where immigrants with diseases were quarantined or deported. Under Obama, the border is wide open, and all women and minors are being released into Texas and Arizona, and told to “report” to an immigration hearing in places as far away as Hartford, CT.

The vast majority — more than 75% — never show up, and are thus lost in a town near you — with their diseases unchecked and untreated.


The flood of contagious illegal aliens has Border Patrol agents sounding the alarm:

“U.S. Border Patrol agents are worried that what’s coming over into the U.S. could harm everyone. “This time the focus is not on the women and children that are crossing over in droves. “Agents are worrying about a viral outbreak. “We are sending people everywhere. The average person doesn’t know what’s going on down here,” said Border Patrol agent and Rio Grande Valley Union representative Chris Cabrera.

“Our Border Patrol agents check on us all the time and they told us about the outbreak of scabies,” Garcia said. “Cabrera says the sickness doesn’t stop at scabies. “We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, we are starting to see different viruses,” Cabrera said.

“Garcia believes the viruses are not confined to the detention center. Not long ago, a group of border-crossers came knocking on his door. “It was a 7-month-old baby. It was shaking, it had a fever,” Garcia said.

Dozens of Border Patrol agents have already contracted scabies and he fears it will spread quickly.

It’s contagious, we are transporting people to different parts of the state and different parts of the country,” Cabrera said.”

Below: Victims of “scabies”, a parasitic skin disease being spread by illegal aliens in Texas.


 And these infected illegals are now headed to a city or town near you. You may have heard that Obama is dumping thousands of illegal aliens (mainly teenagers) in Arizona cities. But did you know that just today, 600 of these illegals were shipped to Oklahoma — and thousands more to California. And that is the destinations DHS will confirm. 

This is your new, lawless nation, under King Obama.

“Immigration reform”? Not on your life. The only way America will survive this is to jettison GOP traitors like Eric Cantor, and retake the Senate in November, and for states like Texas and Arizona to stand up to Federal tyranny, and detain these illegals themselves. What are they waiting for?

(h/t Gateway Pundit, ABC-15)

  • Johhny “the rat”

    Nuff said?

    • Dennis

      Look at all the happy immigrants! Waiting in line for their free medical care and food. Doesn’t it just warm your heart? NOT! Just more mouths to feed that will soon disappear into the entitlement state rank and file.

      • Carl Falk


        • Paletero

          actually white people have more sick among them compared to rural peoples such as the Amish and Hispanic migrants illegal or legal since they have more resistance.

    • Shod Pell

      Here is how they show their appreciation for being in this great nation, This is the Democrat of the future, the people that will continue to build and watch over this country. All border states call up the guard and send them to the border to repel this invasion. All prisoners to the camp on the border with the in door on this side the only door out on the other side. STOP all money to mexico, Foreign Aid, wire transfers from private individuals in the US to private individuals in Mexico. After all, it’s all about the money, stop the money and you stop the invasion.

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        NO, Really Don’t be such an Idiot, First of all, no all the immigrants are from Mexico and that is a fact – Second, this people if they could have money for wire transfer that means that was from a job or working – which means they generate “TAXES” and those “TAXES” will never will be claim because they Don’t have a SSN so We are talking about 7 BILLION in Dollars per year that Gov gets! – So in your face AssWipe.

    • Ilse Grubbs

      You guys are so funny. These people on the picture could have been in line for many other reasons. What proof is there that they were in line for benefits in the U.S.? If there is an actual link as to where the picture came from ill shut my mouth but otherwise this is no proof and many humans are rude and uneducated in manners not just these Americans/Central Americans. And Mr. Pell, with all due respect, let us be educated on the issue, not all immigrants are from Mexico, most are actually from Central America, it is not the same thing as Mexico.

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        RIGHT! Agreed – This is just a orchestra a crisis to win voters to put citizens to be afraid and to be worried and to stop our President and the Democracy because its time to bring the rich party the ones that they do tax except to their millionaires buddys and daddys friends – the ones that we pay 33% tax rate and the Rich People only pays 17% – and they will do anything in their power to see us more poor and them more rich!
        So If you income isn’t one million dollars and you here debating and talking shit about something crazy political campaign you’re a STUPID

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        Like the other picture some People on a train and they put as title RIO GRANDE CROSSING and that picture was taken in INDIA! so they just misleading lying so that is no a lot of difference of that gov does to you!..

    • Mel

      Who is on the other side of this photo and why would she do this? No one gives the bird for no reason and where is this photo from?

      • Johhny “the rat”

        I got this image quite a while back. I believe it was from a LaRaza protest/march here in Los Angeles. The “undocumented aliens” are always protesting something or other here in Los Angeles. I don’t know exactly why they were protesting on this particular occasion Sorry I don’t have more info for you. But you are right, without a caption they could be protesting anything.

        • Jon Palermo

          Because Cali is a bleeding heart lib state. Its no wonder thier coffers are empty…if nor for the movie industry, Cali would have gone the way of Detroit, bankrupt, dead, decaying and delapidated.

  • Josiah Peterson

    That traitor needs put back in his place. Put him and his family in lockdown with these illegals.

    • Lynette

      Absolutely AGREE!

    • Paletero

      what do innocent children such as his Daughters have to pay for this ?

      • Josiah Peterson

        What did the innocent children found to have diseases, here illegally, do to deserve forced relocation to Phoenix and Tucson and abandon outside with temps above 105 and soon to be 110+?? Put Obama, his wife, and children in with rest of common illegals until we can fix things and deal with them spprioriately.

    • SniperRanger

      traitor? HAHAHA – Did you know what the federal reserved did to help the banks ? You want to call someone traitor look at you in the mirror your gov creating more gov control and you don’t do nothing about it

      • Josiah Peterson

        It is, “….. don’t do anything….” and I do know. This is why I have signed multiple petitions and tried to inform those I can of the issues. Nobody can put every problem into one paragraph and expect it to do more than just confuse. This is why you give people a small dose to start so they can be prepared to handle larger dose. Much like medical profession attempts to get population addicted to pills, some of us try getting people addicted to truth.

      • Jodi

        You must be a typical Liberal for making this comment. Talk about swaying off the talking point here. This has NOTHING to do with the Federal Reserve….

      • lia watson

        When they are dumped in your area and everyone there becomes ill, you MAY CHANGE YOUR MIND, but you sound like a Corruptocrap, so not likely to make any difference to you. THIS IS A NATIONAL HEALTH CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    • WeimMom

      Bus everyone of them to DC!

    • Jodi

      And he is a traitor and Obama is committing a crime here by putting all Americans at risk..why no one holds him accountable is beyond me…

      • Nancy5128


    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      traitor ? YOU’RE THE TRAITOR !! — wELCH and the Bankers too the majority of the federal reserve for their well being and what you did about it? NOTHING ! —

  • http://forumsforjustice.com/forums/showthread.php?p=211#post211 Forums4Justice

    Focus on the root of the problem; if illegal immigrants couldn’t get a job or collect entitlements they wouldn’t come http://bit.ly/1oXTbej

    • Raymond M Ursillo

      that so true STOP GIVING THEM FREE housing , food stamp , health care are jobs !!!

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        Don’t be a RETARD Have you Even walked to a Healthcare office or a Social Services Building and READ the Requirements ??? You need a SSN to Obtain those kind of services but I do See a bunch of BLACKS! … what you say about that ?

    • rudy88

      The jobs that they get, are for the most part, jobs the the white man won’t touch!

      • Kathie Blackwell-Wright


        • rudy88

          I lived in CA for well over 50 yr. That’s So CA! You may want to believe it’s bull, but it’s a fact! The lazy white man doesn’t want the jobs they do, nor the lousy pay they receive!

          • Kathie Blackwell-Wright

            Well, it’s NOT true in NM! I am seeking employment right now. I’m not considered as employable because of my citizenship. They don’t want somebody who they believe wouldn’t work for less than minimum.
            I hold an intense resentment that government forces employers to pay a minimum, because it blocks willing hands from an income , unless we go crawling to their welfare offices for government registration. ,(serfdom) . If some joe-bloe offers me $1.75 per hour & I, (with eyes wide open) , agree to this, it is NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS! Instead, I cannibalize my retirement account, &sell my family heirlooms, until I find someway to make it
            So, Don’t blame THIS white as too lazy!

          • rudy88

            I would say that you are an exception to the rule. Good for you. But if there were no minimum wage law, we would go back to the old days where business owners would take advantage of everyone while they lined their pockets!

          • Kathie Blackwell-Wright

            Again, I respectfully disagree. If corporations failed to treat their employees fairly, they would lose their diligent workers to better employers.
            The only reason people have for being lazy workers is the welfare state.
            I would rather WORK for what I get and maintain my dignity, than be worthless to other taxpayers.
            An intelligent business owner knows mistreating workers cuts his own throat.

          • rudy88

            Maybe you didn’t live in Southern California for almost 60 yrs as I did. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I’ve worked on farms in MAS.,Indiana, and CA. I’m white and I saw very few whites on most of the farms I was around. I’m speaking from experience, and not what I think is happening!

          • patriot4life

            BS !!

          • Josiah Peterson

            This country has more than lazy white men in it. Perhaps if those jobs were made to require legal citizen to work it and unemployment benefits required being willing to work it, the problems of government debt could fix themself. Oh, I don’t have a college degree or live in California so clearly would have no clue how things can work. Sorry for wasting y’all time.

          • rudy88

            Josiah – I agree with you partially and that is the fact that there are more than lazy whites. But I don’t understand at all how what you say would in any way fix the government debt problems. You might want to consider what would happen if the farmers were required to pay their workers a livable wage. We all would pay for that wage at the grocery store!

          • Josiah Peterson

            I believe the thoughts of livable wage is part of problem. An adult should never settle for minimum wage job. Helping farmers and working in fast food industry is for those in college or fresh out of high school to get work experience. It is not a career to stay in, which is why they have such a high turn over rate. When you don’t make enough you get a second job. If they want you to quit other and keep you because they value your work they will pay for it. I worked from helping farmers up to in a sawmill. Later bartender and now am a technician. Many side jobs in between but every job I left was for better opportunities in future or immediate bump in pay with better benefits. A kid out of high school does not deserve a livable wage. They deserve as much as they can earn for job they capable of, if they want more they need to earn it. Parents and schools should be ashamed if they did not teach them this prior to high school.

          • Josiah Peterson

            If you enforce laws making employers hire legal citizens at whatever rate of pay works, then those citizens no longer collect unemployment benefits paid for by our taxes. Instead they contribute towards tax base. To simplify, if you have $100 taxes your budget gives $5 to unemployed leaving $95 for roads, schools etc. .. now ifiinstead of allowing ex CEO to milk system for $5 you make them take what they can get. Then ex CEO takes $10 job because it is more than $5 so better for him/her, also we no longer contribute $5 via taxes to ex CEO. Instead ex CEO pays back $1 to tax base. This means taxes to spend on schools, roads, etc is now $101 instead of $95 helping us improve debt issues.

          • lia watson

            WHY do you ONLY mention WHITE MEN? Are other races exempt from being lazy and welfare cheats?/

          • Josiah Peterson

            No other races are not exempt. Which is why if you read closely, “this country has MORE THAN lazy white men” meaning other races have lazy handout abusers as well.

          • WeimMom

            I have worked with many, they do NOT work as hard as the media would like you to believe, in fact I have yet to work with one that has any work ethics!

          • Mel

            You must not speak their language because they probably love the work and think your a hero. Im bilingual thank the lord and can understand them- thanks to education- and therefore they are so often misunderstood.

          • lia watson

            blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Josiah Peterson

            Being greatful to have a job and actually working hard to do job are two different things. A good high school education is capable of bilingual. I will say as a general race stereo type, Mexicans along with many illegals are great at saying how hard they are working while accomplishing nothing.

          • Mel

            The immigrants will be thankful for low paid jobs as a most of us would be like what? Thats not minimum wage?

          • patriot4life

            Oh BS … You Lib @$$ !! .. They get hungry enough they will do it , I DID !!! .

          • Rob theisen

            No The white man as you say doesn’t even get a crack at the job because if they hire illegals they skirt taxes, any kind of worker lawsuit, any benefits at all, and they gain an advantage over their competition who is fallowing the law.

          • Josiah Peterson

            Which is exactly why those breaking law inthese ways during hiring process should be sent to prison under a lesser treason charge.

          • Rob theisen

            You just pointed to true immigration reform…Anyone caught hiring illegals should spend 2 years in prison and be finned $1,000,000…Once there are no jobs and no welfare for illegals, they will self-deport saving the taxpayer trillions.

          • Josiah Peterson

            Some states already have these laws on books but fines are not as good as yours.. I would like them to add your substantial fine and make the million go to a general fund to be divided as a tax break to all households making under $50,000 that year. Politicians don’t need that kind of money corrupting policies.

          • Eileen Kuch

            Josiah, you’re so right. Add that $1 million to a general fund to be divided as a tax break to all households earning less than $50K that year; keep that $$$$$$$$$$$ away from politicians who will only corrupt the system even further.
            I’d even make the laws dealing with hiring illegals even harsher by increasing the prison sentence from 2 to 5 years in prison and double the fines from $1 million to $2 million. This would better deter employers from hiring illegals in the first place.

          • Jodi

            Screw you, are you serious? It is obvious our a racist idiot as you so loosely use the term white man.

      • Anita Moore Fussell

        There is no job that a white man won’t touch…white men and women did and will still do any job they can. There are people like yourself, that may feel too good for some jobs, but not as a society. If you need work done and no one wants to do it, you raise the amount you pay until someone takes the job, or you do it yourself. The propaganda you’re spreading is laughable. When you allow illegals to come do the work for less than wages than the native society wants to pay, it’s a form of indentured slavery and hurts everyone. It creates societal class warfare like we have now. Please note that those that are pushing this illegal immigration at the middle class expense, are NOT the ones that will suffer because of it…

        • rudy88

          Anita – Were you talking to me? If you were, you must not have read my post where I said I had worked on farms on my life time!

      • Josiah Peterson

        Majority of citizens won’t touch, regardless of race or skin color, however legal immigrants would be happy to have the opportunity to work extra jobs and hours… At least those applying for citizenship through correct legal channels that I know would work more if they could find work.

      • Jodi


      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        That’s Right, They want to make 11dls per hour and work mon-fri be off Weekends.

    • Rob theisen

      I agree lets put anyone employing an illegal in prison for 2 years and fine them $1,000,000. The illegals will self-deport saving the taxpayer trillions while opening up around 12 million jobs for the 20 million Americans either needing work or needing full time work. PROBLEM SOLVED!!

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        oh WoW, GENIUS !! You should be a President or Be in the Congress! You DumbAss – there is already penalized hiring an Illigal Immigrant ! and they Keep Hiring them because they work faster and better and they don’t have to deal with fucking lazy old farts like You! …

  • Dink65

    If this alone Isn’t reason enough to kick this ash hole Obama out of Office, I don’t know what is!!!

  • Dan Ramirez

    We have or will be soon a THIRD WORLD NATION! Thanks to our government

    • Paletero

      thanks to greedy corporations who buy the government and in tern would rather have slave labor.

    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      OMG !!! oMG !! Yeah Another freaking Smart Guy Here. sure and that’s why our National Education Global level is like 47 ! no even in the top 10! yeah Genius!

  • merrywriter

    Bergdahl gives congress the absolute law for impeachment – I encourage them to use it. He’s not protecting the border and not doing his job.

    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      His Job is to Rule No to DO what you say! …

  • Joel Rivera

    Thank good ole Barack. He never ceases to piss Real Americans off with his recklessness.

    • Eileen Kuch

      And, that’s the top reason he must be arrested and prosecuted for HIGH TREASON. What he’s doing and has done to this nation since first taking office is to destroy it. This is a great deal worse than Benedict Arnold plotting to hand over West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War. At that time, had not British Major John Andre been caught with the papers for the handover on his person, heaven knows where this nation would be today.
      The current POTUS has been plotting and acting to destroy the US since he first stepped inside the White House; since, he truly hates the nation. He’s a secret Marxist/Bolshevik; although, since after his re-election in 2012, he has stepped out of that shadow and made his Marxism/Bolshevism open for all to see. This is treason; he’s handing this nation over to its enemies through a completely open southern border.

  • Keely Shaper

    First scabies are everywhere. I got it once from a dog, which is highly common if they have sarcoptic mange, and let me tell you it was the worst itch I’ve ever had. Second, this isn’t just a “Mexican” disease, and to say that it is, is wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Obama, and letting illegals immigrants stay here is wrong, BUT this, this has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. To say that it does only shows the author’s ignorance, and those who think that.

    • Dink65

      So you’re saying “to make a bad situation even worse” doesn’t make a difference? This only shows your ignorance!

      • Keely Shaper

        No, nothing I wrote states that at all. How you came to that conclusion is beyond me. All I’m saying is the way the author wrote this piece, makes it out that one can only get scabies from Mexicans, and nothing could be further from the truth. I dislike Obama, a lot, and doing what he’s doing is completely wrong, but scabies is very common in America, and most people get from animals and it sucks.

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        You are showing yours not Knowing !!! LMAO

    • dan3333333333

      What kind of f’ing moron are you, your trying to defend mexicans from mexico who are bring their third world diseases here and you think we want to talk about it as if because other races have this disease that dicounts the reality that in this situation mexicans are who is is bring it here! Id love to slap your dumb a[s]s face into the next world! FU!

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        You’re the Moron to think that there is not diseases in this country. PLEASE! REALLY!
        and HE is not defending the mexicans he said Be smart and know more about it, This is just something for political campaign to gain voters don’t be Stupid! and another I can see that you’re double stupid because if you have follow the whole news they said that this immigrants the majority are from HONDURAS AND EL SALVADOR So Go back read news and learn more about it. So You dont look Dumb!

    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      Agreed – this is another orchestra a crisis – gain some political advantage and win some votes – we all have seen this to win voters – if you would have to vote right now obama or someone in the Republicans for who you will vote?

  • Donna Cheshire Holland

    Obama and those terrorist county’s hate America because we were a wealthy country and i mean were! If they would just realize we became wealthy because God blessed us because we followed His commandments and loved our God! If they turned to Him as well they would reap the rewards!!!

    • rudy88

      Bullcrap! What god? Prove to me that there is one, instead of giving a made up entity the credit for everything. If you’re going to do that, give him the credit for creating all the pedophile that all work in his church

    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      Oh SHIT !! — Dont bring religion here ~! ….

  • Donna Cheshire Holland

    If this is true, there needs to be something done sbout our borders! I feel for these people but letting them into the us and sending them to other states we will have epidemic of each one of these diseases which is just one more thing Obama wants to bring down America!!! Congress what’s your problem do something!!!

  • dan3333333333

    Obama was the biggest disease to ever enter the USA!

    • chaz

      really? i know he is bad but people say that with every president this is by no means the worst read some history and you will find many worse presidents.

      • Rob theisen

        While you might be right, the stakes here couldn’t be higher. If they get away with their amnesty plan you will see huge unemployment numbers and the disintegration of our social safety net. This could actually destroy the country.

        • Nancy5128

          Bye, bye Miss American Pie!!! Hello Third World!!!

      • lia watson

        How many do you know that the Supreme Court has slapped down 13 times – 9/1? Not even Nixon, as bad as he was.

    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      No really YOU ARE !

    • Nancy5128

      You got it!!! An anti-American who was not even born in this country. He’s a KENYAN!!! Now how did he get to become our president fellow Democrats!!!

  • dan3333333333

    Congress, senators etc ought to bypass impeachment proceedings and go directly to the military and start drawing up plans for a coup NOW!

    • PANZER357

      Sorry, no help there as Obama fired over 100 top military personnel who believe in the Constitution…the ones replacing them all have their noses up his butt….

  • GoAwayLib

    Time for Jail Barry!

  • Jon Palermo

    This needs to be stopped before this epidemic unleashes a full on pandemic.

    Once again, Obama’s deriliction of duty to keep America and her citizens safe, has Teed us up for death and desruction. As is ALSO the case with the Bergdahl prisoner swap. He, and he alone is responsible for the hell that has befallen upon this country. There is no more blaming Bush.

    • Mel

      If you think for one second that these diseases werent here I would love
      to tell you this. Ive worked in the medical field since 2000 and
      theyre here! Theyve been here. Its just really sad their country wont
      help them. But name one single person who wouldnt seek help as a woman
      and for their child??? You would, you know you would.

      • Jon Palermo

        First of all Mel, I would NOT enter a country ILLEGALLY!!! Second, I know these diseases are here however these people are bringing an influx of these AND others. Third, Obama is putting the people of this country at risk by allowing this influx not only with the disease but drugs and human trafficing whilst breaking the law himself.

        Here is a suggestion, why don’t you take a few of these criminals into YOUR home; feed, clothe, and care for them 100% . And you better hope that the females you take in don’t have babies under your care…its another mouth to feed. But they NEED the help after all…they can’t function in society because they can’t speak English, they have babies so they can’t be productive members of society lets NOT forget, they have no “papers” to get a job, furthering their NON-productiveness. You WILL and I can gaurantee, get fed up paying for them. At what point is enough enough?? After you’ve spent your last dime, home forclosed on and your starving? But, hey, they needed the help..right???

      • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

        And I agreed with you this people here, THINKS and BELIEVE everything that they see and read in the internet.
        Like we didn’t have those diseases here before, like they haven’t been here before! PLEASE! they need to stop being Dumb and Stupid.
        Now, this is just another political campaign gaining voters using orchestra a crisis based on almost NOTHING and this is all what it is. misleading people and creating lies so there is not much difference for what is in the house right now!

  • Janice Vincent

    I do wish Congress would get off their dead ends and start doing more than just talk!! They don’t have to wait until November to start impeachment proceedings. Start it now and let’s see how Obummer shakes in his shoes!!

    • http://yourMomReadyToFUCK.com YouMOMreadyToFUCK

      And do you really think that the president is the problem ? WOW! you must really Dumb! –
      All are the same, everyone their are the same, you take off one, the next one is the one that have already planned to put up there, DONT BE STUPID!

  • jammerk65

    impeachment asap !!!

  • Sally Gardner

    When we all wake up and see he wants to destroy america while he can he will be done with his dirty work.

  • Al Mahany

    So why do the states not detain them? States have the power to detain someone with a dangerous disease, even a US citizen.

    • Carl Falk

      Send them back.

  • Sally Gardner

    go to my page or youtube and watch obama over the memorial day weekend tell our troops and afghans that we are there to end the war responsibly and target counter terrorism targets (us)

  • Richard O’Connell

    And yet all you people come on F.B. everyday and make your cute comments – then feeling better about your self you go about your business,. —- WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE?? Before you F.B. your next comment, sit down and write a letter to your representatives TELLING THEM YOU WANT Obama OUT OF OFFICE for a growing list of violations of our Federal Laws and Constitution. Congress has the goods on him now, but being in Obama’s pocket will do nothing without hearing from you – The American People. —– YOUR REPRESENTITIVES ARE NOT ON YOUR F.B. FRIENDS LIST AND CAN’T SEE WHAT YOU POST HERE.- MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

    • Melissa

      Listen up people, this is our right, USE IT! Write your representatives who we elected to be OUR VOICE and let them know what WE WANT! There is difference made in numbers, they get over-flooded with this and they will have to ACT. Every American should take the time to write it, doesn’t have to be long, just make your facts and sign it!

  • Clay Cooper
  • Richard Webb

    its time we kick his ass to the curb. Or maybe to Egypt where he is wanted for crimes against humanity

  • Utahlady

    This country will not last for the rest of his term.

  • Dennis

    And after these illegal ALIENS are processed and given a court date, the US INS and ICE are shipping them off to destinations far and wide throughout the country to appear in court on their own recognizance. How trusting of the administration.

  • Dennis


  • Dennis

    Impeach Obama

  • Denise Edgerton


  • greatgrandmasue

    Soon these illegals will be handling your FOOD WITHOUT GLOVES! You voted for this incompetent jackass. TWICE!

    • PANZER357

      Not me I did not vote for him even once. I knew better than to vote for some one who thinks we have more than 57 states. I have quit eating out…

  • Jerri

    Lets send obama and moochelle to live with this crap awhile bet they change their tune wait till one of their kids get infected with scabies see how fast their tune changes it will be too late then

  • Nancy

    This is domestic terrorism being perpetrated by our own president and his administration. They are breaking American laws doing so. SERIOUSLY, why has he not been arrested, impeached, and imprisoned for this and all the other crap. I demand that the Congress, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, US Attorney General and the Head of the Justice Department do their JOBS and get this man out of office before there is even something worse done by the president and his cronies.

  • Jacki Livingston

    The whole thing is bulls%$#. You act like there have never been immigrants in this country who had skin or other diseases. Irish, German…come on. Use a wee bit of common sense. I agree that something must be done about illegals, but Obama didn’t create this problem, it has been going on for decades.

  • Richard Neal

    As a Progressive-Liberal who foolishly voted for Obama 18 times in two election – I, personally, can’t wait until I catch some filthy third-world disease so that I can use my new Obamacare Silver Plan with its $15,000 deductible…

  • psymom

    oh NO! People with viruses – most that are relatively harmless and/or treated easily – are crossing the border. (e.g., scabies – treat with a cream and it’s over). Man, that Obama is EVIL. I mean, a country with the biggest GDP in the world, on a continent with 5% of the population in the world. Clearly, letting more people in is going to RUIN America – and now these individuals also bring mostly treatable illnesses!
    It’s preschool all over again. Some big adult tells us we have to share our toys, and wouldn’t you know it, the kid you share your toy with has a cold, or hand and foot disease, or SOMETHING. Then you’re out a toy and you have a mild virus. It’s so UNFAIR!!!! Sharing SUCKS! Selfishness rules! (for those without a sense of humour, this post is dripping with sarcasm).

    • Kevin McAvoy

      I had MRSA and Strep. Necrotising fasciitis contracted post-op in a nice hospital that serves a bunch of diseases illegals. Believe me, it is no fun.

  • SniperRanger

    I wonder if the Native Indians were thinking the same way as you do back in 1620 bringing all your sickness and your two face killing and raping – White men tell the children that their ancestors “Settled” here, when the truth is that they “INVADED”, they MURDERED and they RAPED until they barely existed …. so right back at you! fuckers.

    • marauder

      HUH ????????

  • Lionel

    why cant we just dump them over the border? i dont pay taxes to support these fuckers

  • WeimMom

    Illegals / Immigrants come into WalMart, purchase ALL their groceries
    with Food Stamps & WIC, eating better (Tilapia, Shrimp, Steaks,
    Chicken Breasts, fresh Fruits / Veg) than anyone I know!

    Then off to the money center sending 1000s to Mexico! This happens on a
    regular basis, always a line on the weekends! Living off American

    Central America Newspapers Tout Open US Door for Illegal Minors

    Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens with Contagious Diseases Across Nation (Video)

    Housing illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $252 per child per day!

    Immigration, Poverty….

    Why Has Illegal Alien With 7 Kids Gotten Food Stamps, Housing And Social Security For Decades?

    Illegal Aliens Claim BILLIONS in Fraudulent IRS Child Taxhttps://www.youtube.com/wat…

  • Ronald Hinton
  • Rob theisen

    Unbelievable..Obama and the other democrats (and republicans who favor amnesty) should be removed from office, stripped of their pensions and thrown in prison..The idea that these government officials would exploit children to further their political amnesty agenda is sickening. By the way if they are busing these kids to their illegal parents in the US or just dropping them off in any major US city – isn’t that aiding and abetting in a crime.

  • Ana

    I don’t understand why Janet Brewer and Rick Perry don’t start loading them on buses and sending them to Washington, DC. The politicians want them, so lets give them to them. Once Washington is overrun with illegals maybe then they’ll do something to stop the influx.

  • Be So

    Ship these diseased kids back, we can turn our backs for 30 seconds as we dump them back

  • Be So

    Spread the word to friends of diseases let it spread on websites put pictures up of diseases and mews headlines so people believe wht will occur in our nation. Cdc has a right to inform americans breaking news conference email them

  • http://n/a Deb

    And worse yet, if you have a loved one who workds onthe base, its like they have no rights at all to expect a clean healthy environment. The only ones that seem to have rights are the illegals! I have a relative who has been constantly sick, and with pneumonia twice, having some weird flu then cold, again and again along with most of his co workers..this is not right. the taxpaing citizen has to stand up for themselves, this is not only not right but an outbreak is only a matter of time! And this is our govt that is doing this to all of us. The bases are not hospitals, and many of them having nothing but a small Dr. and office facilities, nothing to handle what is likely to happen. but the mere fact of workers sick, then sick again is a slap in the face, what happened to our rights? Im furious!

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  • DJE

    As a recent fan of Game of Thrones… (we just got Xfinity and watched all 4 sessions in about a week)… I would like to share a comment for those who understand that Obama now sees himself as some sort of imperial “king”.

    In the words of “The Hound”… “F**K the King”

  • schwinndog


  • Ross R Blankert

    The CDC has been told not to warn anyone about this problem. More cover up

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  • Nancy

    Don’t accept any of these people in your state!!! States rule over Feds. It’s in our Constitution!!!

  • john doe


  • Nancy5128

    Get these illegal aliens out of here and seal the borders!!!

  • Moe

    Extremely rare virus, enterovirus 68 spreading across the middle USA states in key cities, our children are effected. The new Obama invited illegal aliens have not been quarantined long. Enough to protect our children from rare diseases. If you ask why you are labeled a racist, un-American, a bigot, or against poor children. However, most that came were adults, pregnant women with kids. Moved in secret and spread across the USA. Hey, there is nothing we can do, it has been decided for us, they stay and are to be care for by local and state taxes. Most are struggling to feed their families, and despite the majority’s belief in honoring the law, it us the few you decided for us. Now that isn’t enough they have rights to demand amnesty immediately. Look everything is a lie, they lie more than Bush their enemy ever could lie. The only wAy to close the border is to vote, even Obama’s attempt to create racism so we fight amongst ourselves cannot work if we legally vote. Maybe we are tied if being lied to and insulted for being a critic of those who violate and yet hide our behind the constitution. We are destroying the military, yet have billions to give to illegal aliens just arrived. Whatever happened to enforcing all the laws and not the ones that keep the law breakers in office. Keep the illegals and give amnesty, only after you close the border and make illegal entry a punishment of immediate deportation. I wish those who want illegal immigration had to pay for it and not the majority of us who oppose it.

  • Nancy5128


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