Sheriffs Plan Huge Gathering in Washington to Oppose Obama’s Executive Amnesty


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Sheriffs across the country – furious at Obama’s upcoming executive amnesty for illegals – are planning a “massive gathering” in Washington, D.C., to speak out against it, hoping to ignite a national uprising.

Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson of Bristol County Massachusetts sent a letter to organize a meeting of sheriffs in Washington, D.C., on December 10, two days before the existing government-funding bill expires, to meet with congressmen and encourage them to take action to secure the border, NRO reported.

Never before in our nation’s history has it been so important for the American sheriffs to stand united and speak with one voice to secure our nation’s borders,” Hodgson wrote. “Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator David Vitter and other members of Congress have agreed to join us at the Capitol to demand immediate action to secure our borders as the first step in achieving legitimate immigration reform in the future. Several sheriffs have agreed to work in a spirit of cooperation to assist in recruiting at least 200 sheriffs to travel to Washington, D.C. for this historic meeting and press conference with members of Congress.”

As Ryan Lovelace speculated, the timing of the sheriffs’ meeting with conservative congressmen suggests the congressmen may expect the showdown with President Obama over executive action on immigration will go down to the final days before government funding runs out on December 12.

Sheriff Hodgson told NRO he thinks the American people will rally around the sheriffs’ stand for secure borders.

He says the sheriffs will send the message that: “We are sick and tired of being marginalized in our ability to protect our citizens. We want the border secured. And until you do that, until you secure these borders, which you’ve been telling us since Day One, you will never ever have legitimate comprehensive immigration reform.”

TRN is hearing reports that among the Sheriffs attending may be Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke (below), but their spokespersons would not confirm or deny it at this early stage.


The secure borders Sheriffs are urging Americans to contact their local Sheriff to ask them to attend the December 10th event.

You can find your local Sheriff HERE.


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