Watch What This Student Does After His School Bans Him From Speaking About His Christian Faith (Video)



WATCH this powerful address from California high school senior and salutatorian Brooks Hamby, who was warned– 3 times — by the school administrators NOT to mention his Christian faith

Brooks Hamby is a remarkable, standout student — mock-trial star, cross-country runner, U.S. Senate page and high school salutatorian — yet his high school administration refused to allow him to speak openly about his faith at his graduation.

That didn’t stop the California high school senior.

“In coming before you today, I presented three drafts of my speech, all of them denied on account of my desire to share with you my personal thoughts and inspiration to you: my Christian faith,” Hamby said. “In life, you will be told, ‘No.’ In life you will be told to do things that you have no desire to do. In life, you will be asked to do things that violate your conscience and desire to do what is right.”

And then he quoted “the bestselling book of all time”.

Well done, Brooks.

  • Mark Watson

    Amen Praise God.

  • fatbandit

    Now that’s stickin’ it to the man.

  • Lion Heart

    Imagine all the HATE and BACKLASH if this student was not Christian and said these things. lol

    • Gloria Haynes

      Can’t say that I follow you on that one, If you have a meaning, it’s not coming through.

    • Howard Wright

      From whom? The only hate I see is from liberals, atheists and Muslims and if they said such a thing, then good for them if that is the source of their inspiration. The difference is that they don’t get censored . . . and jeered . . . for expressing themselves anyways by the so forth mentioned.

      • Hoimaha Coin

        Hey. .I am an atheist…I admire what he said hate from me …just because I am an atheist doesn’t mean I hate christians …your assumption is actually really judgemental to categorize all of us together as haters…I am also a patriot and conservative libertarian and gun owner……just sayin being Christian or atheist or what ever does not make a person…the person they choose to be is what makes them …not their religion or lack thereof

        • Texan1st

          I applaud your willingness to demonstrate tolerance towards this young Christian man as he speaks of his faith but the fact remains, as an atheist, your tolerance is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to those that don’t believe in God. Your anecdotal example of tolerance does nothing to stymie the tide of disdain atheists share for anyone publicly professing their Christian faith. The various forums on ANY article about science or Christianity never fail to bring out these people, mocking Christians as believing in an “invisible man in the sky” or other derogatory terms. Again, I applaud your tolerance but it is not the majority opinion of other atheists to tolerate public pronouncements of someone’s faith in God.

      • Foq

        from all the zealots who call themselves “christians” these days.

      • Foq

        from all the zealots who call themselves “christians” these days.

        • John McDonald

          Did you just post the word “All?” I think you just verified your prjudice.

          • Foq

            Seeing that you can’t even spell prejudice I wonder if you know what that word means..

      • kidicarus

        Where are you seeing hate from Muslims on this?

      • kidicarus

        Where are you seeing hate from Muslims on this?

      • Courtney Gaspard Buell

        Hey, I am an atheist by your terms and I support what he did. I don’t hate anyone and feel like we all have one life on this Earth. If being a part of a religion makes you happy then great. We are all responsible for making our lives the best we can make them. I find that Christians are more quick to judge and damn others to hell if they don’t believe the way they believe. There are people of all kinds on this Earth and we must try and accept each other with open arms. Jesus preached about LOVE, not religion. Jesus doesn’t prove there is a God, Jesus along with many other great prophets prove that their are great people on this Earth that can move and inspire others. BTW, I’m a strong republican!!

        • chopper

          Please don’t judge all Christians any more than you don’t want to be lumped in to a group. I am Christian, and I do not judge, my Lord told me to leave that up to God. I personally believe in living my life as a good person and letting others live theirs as they see fit. If I am asked, I will give the reason for my inner peace, but I do not force the issue.

          • Courtney Gaspard Buell

            What do you think happens to me when we die?

          • chopper

            I could not answer that question. I do not make those decisions. 🙂

          • Courtney Gaspard Buell

            That’s a dodge of the question. If you believe in any kind of religion, then you believe that people who do not worship your god will go to hell. All of the major religions teach this. You judge literally by belonging to a religion. Assuming you follow it and are not just attending for the popularity contest in your local community.

          • chopper

            I am sorry, but it seems that the non-judgmental one here is doing the judging. Seriously, popularity contest….sigh

        • Debbie McGee

          I am Christian and I would like to tell you that we believe that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We believe the Bible. We know what God said and what he thinks as it was recorded in scripture by his chosen prophets. He has offered us the gospel of Jesus Christ. The only way you can be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven, according to what Jesus said, is that you must accept him as our Lord and Savior-to accept his death upon the cross on our behalf, and to be baptized by immersion for the remission of our sins, and to endure to the end, doing our best to obey God’s commandments. We do not want to see any of our brothers or sisters cast into hell b/c they turned away from what God desires for them. It is not us “Christians” judging and damning you. We know by scripture what God has said. We want to offer what we have to you, so that you will enjoy God’s inheritance as your own, after this short life is over. We don’t want to see you cast into hell, b/c if you deny God and his holy Son, it shall be done. I would love you to at least sit and offer a prayer for your unbelief, and tell God that you want to believe. Ask for His help, b/c He will help you. And then spend some time reading the Bible. If you allow it, maybe your heart and faith will be touched, and how wonderful would that be? It’s not a selfish “happiness” we as Christians seek for ourselves. We want it for you, as well! I will pray for you, that God will touch your heart/ life, and you will seek Him. THAT is what happiness is. When we can share this divine gift with others, and have them come onto Christ ♥

        • Alexander M. Burnette

          I would just like to say that in the modern day non christians speak more about christianity then actual christians do. There are those who are out spoken yes, but in the majority the christians feel backed into a corner, and has gotten to the point where we can’t put our symbol of faith on our own buildings because, as some atheists would say (as they did at the 9/11 memorial) that it hurts them mentally to see that symbol. But I digress.

          • Courtney Gaspard Buell

            When was the last time you had an atheist come to your front door to convert you?

    • Joseph Isaiah Benjamin

      oh I imagine he’s already got plenty of both *because* of his being christian and saying these things.

    • John McDonald

      There would be no backlash if he was non christian. Non Christian speech is protected and tolerance is expected. The same tolerance does not apply to Christians.Thats why the school forbade any mention of Christianity.

    • brucethedrummer

      Open your eyes. If your worried about discrimination hatred and racism then take a look at what is happening to the christian faithful in the world. Where do you stand?

      • Lion Heart

        I stand with Satan 🙂

  • Patricia Batherson McKelvy

    Congratulations on showing by example this awesome message!

  • Flerty Qwerty

    I’m not religious, but I do believe in spirituality, faith, and the First Amendment. I support this young man’s right to flip a proverbial middle finger at the school administrators. God bless!

  • Stephanie Hafferty

    Awesome. But I was seriously distracted by her cap being so far back. Looks unprofessional, like it’s about to fall off.

    • Roberta Knutson

      I agree with you 100%. School administrators can tell the young man what to say or not say but have yet to teach the graduates the proper way to wear a mortar board!

  • Jimmy Nevel

    Good for you young man… God bless

  • gator37

    Good Man. Defy Incompetent School administrations.

  • gator37

    Good Man. Defy Incompetent School administrations.

  • Les K

    Bet if he wanted to say his greatest inspiration was something LGBT, they wouldn’t have said one word to him.

  • Willie

    Jesus is LORD..

  • Judy Selich

    The politically-correct “Thought Police” foiled again! This young man is dynamite.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    And what did the little marxists school officials do in response? Perhaps they got an earful from some of the local taxpayers.

  • chopper

    I just hope that he was not penalized in some way for this. Though, his diploma has been earned, what can they do? He is a brave young man and will go far in this world, definitely not as a yes-man.

  • Edward Conservative

    YES!!!! Somene with guts !!! Thank God for the new generations that are brave enough like this man.. NOT a boy but a man for this day he stood for his convictions and for his God.

  • Debbie McGee

    God bless this young man for having the heart, the faith, the conviction to step up and do what he knew was right, in his heart. If his “leaders” in the school system are cowardly and neglect the things that are righteous, they will stand before God at the last day and account for THEIR actions. This young man can stand before the Lord, knowing he did what honored Him. God’s choicest blessings to you! May you always lead in righteousness.

  • JB

    religion is Not Christianity

  • Marilyn

    Who said he was warned 3 times? Once maybe.. not three.

  • Texan1st

    I failed to hear what was so scary about his speech that it warranted being supressed by atheist overlords in the school administration. Further proof that public school systems are leftist indoctrination centers rather than places where the free flow of ideas are encouraged. And yet we are ALL forced to pay for them as they indoctrinate the next generation with their ‘progressive’ ideology.

  • Danleoslena

    God bless Brooks Hamby

  • hooyut

    How can such petty people expect to suppress God? Haha such futility.

  • Maynard

    Well, the Liberal school teachers hasen’t clouded his mind yet. Mark one up for the Lord.

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    He is his own man. Very proud of this young man. God bless you…

  • brucethedrummer

    This young man is an example we all need to see. Christ is the pattern. Together we stand. Dont know if you see it like I can, God is leaving america cause as a nation we tolerate evil and celebrate sin. The church in america is dying out with our grandparents. We are failing as a nation cause we are failing as christians.

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