Watch What This Student Does After His School Bans Him From Speaking About His Christian Faith (Video)



WATCH this powerful address from California high school senior and salutatorian Brooks Hamby, who was warned– 3 times — by the school administrators NOT to mention his Christian faith

Brooks Hamby is a remarkable, standout student — mock-trial star, cross-country runner, U.S. Senate page and high school salutatorian — yet his high school administration refused to allow him to speak openly about his faith at his graduation.

That didn’t stop the California high school senior.

“In coming before you today, I presented three drafts of my speech, all of them denied on account of my desire to share with you my personal thoughts and inspiration to you: my Christian faith,” Hamby said. “In life, you will be told, ‘No.’ In life you will be told to do things that you have no desire to do. In life, you will be asked to do things that violate your conscience and desire to do what is right.”

And then he quoted “the bestselling book of all time”.

Well done, Brooks.


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