School Takes 3rd Graders on Field Trips to Colleges – But White Students Were NOT Allowed


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Liberals always preach about racial equality. But they certainly don’t practice it very well.

Everywhere you look, liberals are favoring one race over another, and diving us all by skin color.

But to actually go back to policies of segregation we all thought America had left behind? Beyond the pale, right?

Well, school officials in South Bend, Indiana are actually reverting to that pre-Civil Rights practice during field trips to colleges — by allowing only Black students and excluding all Whites.

“Um, what?”

Read it and weep…

From Daily Caller:

Public school officials in South Bend, Ind. are segregating elementary schools students by race and ferrying black students — and only black students — on visits to local colleges.

The students facing racial segregation in America in the year 2015 are third graders at seven elementary schools, reports local ABC affiliate WBND.

School district officials say they do not “intend” for the taxpayer-funded reenactment of Jim Crow-era race racial segregation to be discriminatory. Instead, they say, the intent is to inform black students about college because low numbers of black students attend college.

“I want these third graders to have the opportunity to think of themselves as college students,” G. David Moss, director of African-American student and parent services, told WBND.

“We take them to a college campus, have them meet African-American students, modeling the idea that as a black person, college is a great place,” Moss explained.

It was not meant to be exclusionary,” Moss said. 

Of course not. Because nothing says “equality” and “inclusivity” like discriminating against a whole group of students according to their skin color, right?

College is indeed important for many children. But only Black children?

Isn’t preferring one a group of students based on skin color the very definition of “racism”?

If you don’t think what they did is racist, then ask yourself a simple question: how would people react if the school had excluded Black students from a field trip, instead of Whites?

Exactly. Only liberals could take us back to 1950s segregation — and get away with it.


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