Road-Raging Black Racist Terrorizes Texas Woman and Her Child (Video)


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

An Austin woman said a man cut her off yesterday afternoon in a residential area, making her slam her brakes and honk her horn at him, with her 4 year old daughter in the car.

She says he then pulled over and lunged out at her. She took out her iPhone and started recording him.

When he saw the camera, she says, his aggressive posture calmed somewhat, but what he did next was repulsive.

WATCH (Language warning):

The Black man approached the mother and child, spat on their windshield, and yelling racist obscenities at them.

He pumps his fist in the air and says, “Black Power.”

You can hear a scared child whimper in the background.

Thankfully the man returns to his car.

Good thing for the racist creep that her foot didn’t  “accidentally” hit the accelerator.

If you live in Austin and know this scumbag, please let us know at

  • Barbara Fahey

    should have run him over

    • Chewable Germ


      • Miss Jenni

        The pig in the video is the racist

        • Chewable Germ

          Well, he has the right to be, for what happened to his ancestors.

          • Sandy

            Chewable Gum, your name says it all. And his ancestors????? He is a disgusting kid who thinks he can bully people. Like someone said “too bad her foot did not slip” Oooops Sorry

          • Judy Kirkham-Beville



            I’d have left off the sorry. Justified in running him over, she was in fear for her life and the life of her child.

          • Linda D

            A lot of white people were considered slaves, back in the day, too, but their descendants are not blaming all today’s problems on yesterday’s wrongs. They take responsibility for their own actions and lives, and make the best of it. If he had threatened me, I’d have made him question his decision, one way or another.

          • on_the_right

            The Irish were some of the first slaves that were brought here.

          • ken

            Well said.

          • Dolly

            All of our ancestors at one time or other had bad things happen to them , go farther back in history .White , Black or Yellow . The Blacks are not the only ones.

          • Robert Strovink

            You can say that again. My grandfather was an Irish cop in NYC. He didn’t like anybody….

          • ki-lee

            but they don’t know that because it servers no one purpose. I’m so tired of the waa poor me I’m
            black mentality I puke

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            They seem to think so. The ignorant apes are continuing to enslave themselves right up to the present. They will never be free if they continue to act as if they just came over on the boat, quit complaining about anguish in a past present day blacks never experienced. They just want something to complain about and they appear less and less civilized daily. Screw them! All of our ancestors suffered at some point in the past.

          • Robert Strovink

            No excuse for that…it didn’t happen to him.

          • nan

            blacks were enslaved by their own … then sold to traders… ever heard of indentured is a white way of saying we were slaves

          • Rizzan

            Nope. Indentured service was a voluntary system to work off debt. At the end of the contract you were free to go. Chattel slavery was for life and any children were automatically enslaved.

          • Roderick Reilly

            Actually, the earliest black “slaves” in N. America, while introduced involuntarily, were indentured, and freed after a given period of time. The practice was eventually changed into permanent slavery when a black owner refused to release his black indentured servant, and won in court. As a result of this black owner’s victory, white owners began to follow suit with black indentured servants.

          • Rizzan

            Where can I look this up? The terms “involuntary” and “indentured” are contradictory in my opinion.

          • Roderick Reilly

            Anthony Johnson 1655 Virginia. Vs John Casor. Google it.
            Remarkable case.

          • Rizzan

            I have googled it. Remarkable indeed, thank you. I remain, however, against the idea that anyone, of any race, can own anyone’s children for any reason. I think i’m drifting from your reply a little bit though, as the thought of humans being property makes me want to… well…never mind.

          • Roderick Reilly

            Rizzan: yes. Involuntary and indentured would usually be different. But African servants were given the full rights of English common law in 17th century Virginia. Blacks eventually lost these rights after the Johnson/Casor case set a precedent. It was a white neighbor who alerted authorities to Casor’s plight and Johnson’s duplicity.

          • ken

            You see that! Thanks Roderick.. That little fact right there should show these whining bitches and ho’s that they need to take some accountability for their sad lives. They are simply the saddest race that does more harm to their own and then plays victim and points a finger at everyone else.

          • Larry C Mason


          • marg

            My grandmother came to this country with $8 in her pocket, when she was 12 years old. ALONE. She was an indentured servant. She was NOT a slave, and it is not “the white way of saying slaves”. That means that the person you are working for paid your fare to the country you are moving to and you are paying back the debt you owe them for doing so. When the debt was paid the person no longer worked for that person unless they wanted to.

          • Deb

            Oh excuse me, Germ, but NONE of us were here when what happened to his ancestors happened.

          • Deb

            AND every one of those unfortunate Blacks who was dragged away from his or her home and people to be sold to the slavetraders on the coast, EVERY ONE OF THEM was stolen from his or her home and people by – wait for it – a BLACK person. Yes, the beginning link in the entire African slave industry was BLACK slave traders. So it’s about time to put away that “innocent victim” act.

          • Paul MacKay

            Well, the rest of the western world gave up buying these slaves about a 100 years before the USA did. So there’s that. And if I recall half the country tried to break away at one point ,and while certainly not the entire reason for the civil war slavery was certainly an issue.

          • JoJo Calling

            Paul MacKay – the Democrats simply refused to end racism as it was cheaper to operate farms. The primarily Republican Northerners forced the issue and won the day for freedom.

          • Rizzan

            Correct. Since then though Republicans have become the standard bearers for racism. Ask any white power enthusiast today who they stand with, repubs or dems.

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            Black trash stand with Democrats due to hand outs.

          • Rizzan

            I agree with you. But that is the same reason the wealthy stick with repubs.

          • iaapcapoi

            You are so full of Sh$t I can smell it from here.

          • Rizzan

            If you can smell it from where you are it’s you.

          • Florida Rebel

            That’s bs, Those standard bearers for racism that you refer to have names: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and others. If you think for one minute these 3 men give a hoot and holler about blacks and helping the black community you need to get some counseling. The only people these three are concerned with helping is themselves. They do not want to see educated blacks that think for themselves. They want to be the ones to “explain” to those less educated that they know what is really going on and they will tell them what is happening and give them the truth. The only ones they are concerned with is themselves and gaining more and more power. They are using “their own people” for their own personal gain and power struggles.

          • marg

            That is simply incorrect. I would like to see your proof (since you seem to be on a proof kick.) I am a conservative Republican. I did not start the KKK, southern white DEMOCRATS who lost the war started it!!! It is the same party that now wants blacks to basically “stay on the plantation” to keep THEIR party afloat, that is why they push all the freebies they can think of!!! White Power people tend to vote communist actually……or libertarian. Why do you drink the kool-aid of Al Sharpton so easily???? Stop listening to people like him, and actually talk to a Republican for once, one on one and find out the truth. You probably never have in your life.

          • Renita Lee

            but it is so hard to find time to actually talk one on one with a Republican…..WE ARE ALL AT WORK!! LOL

          • Jules

            Your comment shows your ignorance. You obviously don’t actually know much about American history. At that time, the Democratic party was the conservative party in the US and the Republicans were the liberal party. maybe before you go spouting off about things you should learn a little about what you’re talking about. Uneducated people like you are exactly what’s ruining the Republican party. Keep running your mouth. Just making yourself look like an idiot.

          • Renita Lee

            trolling again I see

          • mogul264

            Yet, it was the Democrats who fought the Civil War over slavery, it was the Democrats who wrote and enforced Jim Crow laws, It was the Democrats who fought Eisenhower when he de-segregated the schools. And it was LBJ who said, after signing a bill, WRITTEN by the GOP, said “This will keep those n—-s voting Democrat for the next 100 years!” The Democracs have been pulling the wool over the eyes of blacks since the late 1800’s. And they STILL do not see!

          • Kristie Williams

            Actually the way this played out was more like: legislation was passed involving tariffs on the import and export of goods namely raw material…cotton and tobacco grown in the south to Europe. This made it too expensive for Europe to buy the goods and trade with the southern states the finished products as it had been cost effective for a very long time. The northern states were not making the profits off the southern states this whole time due to the fact what they wanted was far more than what the European countries were willing to trade for. THIS is why the tariffs were passed. Northern states sole intent was to monopolize the market by FORCING the southern states to trade only with them. Although they were also dependent upon the southern states for not only cotton and tobacco but also food. In short they were only interested in the all mighty dollar by whatever means was necessary. NOW…the north was in the midst of the industrial revolution…there was no need for “slaves” if you will, there was more than an OVER ABUNDANCE of IMMIGRANTS arriving daily who were looking for a new and better life. These people were in need of work, food, shelter, etc…THIS was provided FOR A PRICE…”you work for me in this factory and I will allow you to live here for $x a day and $x food rations…this will come out of your pay”…THIS is a never ending vicious cycle that proved damn near impossible to escape.These people were worked to death, when one died, it was understood that another was more than willing to take their place to provide for their families. This also included CHILDREN who were also worked to death. It was many years later before laws were passed protecting children as far as the workforce is concerned. This is slavery…probably at its worse…IT WAS SLAVERY HIDDEN BENEATH THE RUSE OF LAW. At the very least the southern states presented slavery as it was…and while slaves may have been considered “property”…at least they held VALUE to the “WEALTHY PLANTATION OWNERS” that owned them. The immigrant of the north held NO VALUE to the factory owners (majority were government officials or close associates of those government officials). Least I also remind you, very FEW WHITE MEN of that time in the south were “WEALTHY” or “OWNED LAND”. Which leaves the majority of the southern population to be just as poor and working in the fields with the slaves to provide for their own families.

          • bhmommy

            Wow – someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Thank you for this comment. It was worth the time to read!

          • Jackie Treehorn

            Finally – yours is the one complete, lucid, and accurate commentary on this thread. THANK YOU!

          • Rizzan

            And then dems and repubs switched places.

          • Rudy Malmgren

            Even though Johnson was President it was the Republicans that got the numbers to pass the Civil Rights Acts. The Democrats fought against them.

          • Steve

            But the slave trade still exist in parts f Africa

          • Jennifer Keaveney Kain

            The slave trade still exists in all parts of the world. Including the US.

          • Rizzan

            Yes it does.

          • Nordey

            Where? Give facts…..if you know this info and don’t disclose it you are just as guilty! Tell us where and how…………………..(waiting)

          • Joe Ehrfeld

            LOL you will be waiting FOREVER!!!!

          • Rizzan

            Stop being lazy and do some research. Sex slavery especially.

          • Renita Lee

            well that was an intelligent answer……same one my kids once used when they were about 4 years old.

          • Nordey

            “including the US”…..give details and facts please….

          • marg

            Where are there slaves in America??? Really??? Gee, there is the sex trade slave owners. They don’t care if the girls are black, white purple or green……there are no actual slaves. You still drink the sharpless kool aid.

          • ken

            1/4 of all freed slaves OWNED SLAVES. The first slave owner in America was BLACK as midnight. Victims of the actions of their own race as it always has been and from the looks of it will always be.

          • Rizzan

            That makes slavery O.K. then.

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            I believe the point is that the ignorant heathens have little to complain about the white man. They sold their own. Suck it up! Yes, they are victims of themselves.

          • roghel

            Correct again!

          • merrakesh

            I am a historian and people like that guy make me hate this field. ..White people were duped into using slaves by the Muslims and 400 years of subjugation and terror blacks experienced on this continent is the fault of the Africans themselves.

          • Mike brown

            Muslims suck

          • roghel

            YES! So much truth here. Do not expect the Black Americans to learn this anytime soon. It is not taught in schools, that is for sure. The average Black knows absolutely nothing of their own true history.

          • merrakesh

            You numbskull, I was being facetious! As a historian I can tell you that MOST Americans don’t know much about history. They get their history from tv and movies And if you think that chattel slavery used in the mass production of cotton tobacco and worse yet, sugar was same as slavery in pastoral African societies…you are dumber than I thought.

          • Samantha M Craigie

            You may be a Historian But…. you have no tact with people and how to talk decent I’m sure with that combination you are a very Lonely asshole !! no one likes a know it all , it leaves no room for debate or research and everyone is a numbskull to you put your face back in your books because no one likes a smart ass!!!

          • roghel

            YOU are the idiot.

          • mogul264

            The idea of slavery was sold to the Americans by blacks AND Arabs with the understanding that the Africans were a lower intelligence, cheap labor source, and were somewhat docile, if a firm hand was applied. Having no experience with them, this was accepted as ‘fact’. After a while, this ‘fact’ was rejected by the northern settlers, primarily as the blacks weren’t really acclimatized to the inhospitable winters , with many dying, PLUS, it was discovered they DID have comparable intelligence. In the South, the demand for cotton had become astronomical (after Whitney invented the cotton gin, making it feasible!), and massive labor was needed to harvest it. I’m sure the same black intelligence was noted there, but avarice overrode their compassion, as they continued to need slaves for labor.

          • iaapcapoi

            Did he say that? Didn’t think so. Don’t try putting what you think as someone else’s words.

          • Nordey

            What it makes is a ridiculous comment to blame white people for slavery, that’s what it makes! No one said it was OK…….ok?

          • marg

            No one said that. The point they are trying to make, which I guess you are not a very good reader since you are not comprehending well, is that slavery has always been in this world, still is in many countries. What they are saying (clearly) is that blaming whites NOW for something that happened well over a hundred years ago and trying to make it out like we all wish it was still here, is false and a total lie!!! They are also trying to point out to you that blacks themselves played a major role in the slave trade itself, so there is plenty of blame to go around. Just stop with the race baiting!!! It is getting old, and it is very annoying. I personally, would never have approved of slavery, ever. But because I am white you ASSUME I would of then and still would now. This is WRONG. It is in itself RACIST.

          • Rizzan

            My reply was meant to address the overall attitude of blacks did it too so they should stop bitching about it.

          • Renita Lee

            Troll much???

          • Stevie G.lfc1

            What a titless table dancer you are…!

          • bill45colt

            why are you lying about what was said? Have you an agenda? Yep?? No one said that and you know it. Also, you weren’t a slave, and don’t know anyone who was one, just as I don’t know any and never owned one. Matter of fact, my relatives came here under those circumstances, and after it was all over, we remember it as a point in history, if it had not happened, we would never have been born in such a nice place as America. Im not supporting slavery so don’t say I am. If you want to be heard here, as well as in your daily life, its best that you tell the truth, liars are not respected, nor heard.

          • merrakesh

            Black as midnight. … obviously a man of great eloquence.
            and as for your stat about 1/4 of freed slaves owning slaves… Wouldn’t it make sense to buy your friends and family to protect them from abusive slave masters and the practice of going north and kidnapping freed slaves and forcing them to be slaves again?
            And why don’t you provide proof of the first slave owner in America being black?

          • jc36921

            research Anthony Johnson

          • Nordey
          • Renita Lee

            that was the whole plan you know. To get someone else to do the work for him. Typical.

          • Renita Lee

            are you capable of typing “Anthony Johnson” into the computer you are sitting at??? If you are capable, this “proof” will magically appear for you.

          • roghel


          • Heylottylotty

            So…. in order to make things “right” or maybe reduce some of the pain of remembering people (you never knew), you find it proper that any person considered to be “of color” has the right and an obligation to disrespect and abuse any other person who is not “of color”? Even though there is no proof that this person (who you pick out by race) had no one in their lineage ever that had anything to do with slavery? Does racism negate past racism? Would this not be genocide? (wiping out any race one does not consider worthy of life).

          • Judith Spisak

            And that would make you an enabler?

          • Darrell Huffman

            Really honey they are still buying and selling slaves in Africa. Or don’t you pay attention to what is really going on in the world.

          • Joe Ehrfeld

            The race card is just an excuse! if it was not that it would be something else.

          • Rudy Malmgren

            24 Million in the North, 7 Million in the South so only about 1/4 tried to break away.

          • ken

            AMEN … or as homies say it … ‘Hunnit’. (for 100 %)

          • Patrick King

            correct, I wish everyone who talks about slavery would research their lies before they tell them, but Deb you should also include tribal leaders too as they would sell their own people for trinkets, also Americans get the blame for slavery when this country is only accountable for 15% of all slaves yet south america gets no blame with 35% of slaves purchased. don’t get me wrong, slavery is wrong but please people get your facts right before placing blame

          • Christine Demetroff

            I have to laugh when Black People blame us for them being Slaves,. I hate to burst their bubble BUT we didn’t have slaves they were called servants when they where brought here, and depending on their CONTRACTS be it 7 to 14 years , they were given land to farm for themselves they owned the land after it was given to them,… Slavery would never have come to be if it was NOT FOR A BLACK LAND OWNER ( who was given land to own and farm for himself.) He had SERVANTS (BLACKS) that worked for him, After one Servants contract was up he left to (WORK) for a WHITE MAN . Anthony Johnson (FIRST BLACK LAND OWNER) went to court to get back his servant who he said that he didnt let go,GUESS WHAT HE WON and from that day on John Casor became the first slave and he was owned by the first SLAVE OWN A BLACK MAN so if you want to BLAME someone BLAMEYOUR OWN RACE
            because they started SLAVERY


            Anthony Johnson also had white slaves. I believe it was one black and 3 whites.

          • doodlebug

            Most likely Irish. There were more Irish slaves in the US than black.

          • mogul264

            The reason many do not know this, is that they were called “indentured servants”, not “slaves”, however they were treated the same! As lighter-skinned slaves were desired, owners would BREED blacks and whites, men AND women of both types, to get mulattoes, worth more than dark ebony types. The Irish white slave situation eventually died out, probably as these Irish were too headstrong, rebellious, and independent!

          • Jerry Sisemore

            Right. I was just going to say there was also white slaves not just blacks. So thank you

          • roghel

            True, true, true, true true…and the Democratic Socialist party teaches Blacks how to be ‘Victims forever’. It’s how Dems get votes.

          • Darcy Jackson

            So what you are saying is, “A little slavery is healthy slavery”?

          • marg

            Don’t believe anyone said that. Why are you putting words into people’s mouths? If you can’t stand the truth then don’t read it.

          • Renita Lee

            troll much????

          • Stevie G.lfc1


          • Samantha M Craigie

            HUH? how many u’s in that word ? I cant sai ?

          • Stevie G.lfc1

            English major or fact based investigating? Stick with what was the subject and the obvious double standard reactions from a muted public venue when whites are the victim of black hate crimes. Your ignorance of this is amazing…

          • roghel

            People do not know History. The first slave owner was a Black Man. The Chieftans in Africa back in the day ‘SOLD’ their ‘slaves to the White men. Africa, to this day, enslaves, tortures their own people. Get a life. We today here in America, had nothing to do with the past, but Blacks today use it as an excuse. The democrats taught them well how to be ‘Victims’. Since Obama, it keeps on getting worse. Get on with life and move forward and progress
            as the great Martin Luther said.

          • Janice O’Neil Field

            Also, this man, nor anyone alive today was a slave. This is just a lame excuse for being an a$$hole!!!

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            Try telling the ignorant blacks that. They are happier being pissed off at the white man for no reason. I seriously agree with some who challenge the entire race’s intelligence.

          • Mike brown

            So few people know that.

          • Louise Mitchell

            The first person to have a slave was a black man and the muslims still have slaves, and guess what the american, they are still slaves because of the democrates who love to see them on welfare, and welfare keeps you a slave to the govment

          • roghel

            Right on man. The first slave owner was a Black man. Africa still to this day, enslave and tortures it;s own people.

          • Craig Bass

            He has the right to become a statistic.

          • Miss Jenni

            The people in these generations had NOTHING to do with it. I am Native American so don’t give me that entitlement BS!

          • Florida Rebel

            Native Americans refused to free the slaves THEY owned after the Civil War ended and the US Gov. could not do anything about it. I’m not knocking the Indians but slavery existed, still exists and will probably never be completely wiped out unfortunately. Look what the white man did to the Native Americans. I don’t hear them crying 24/7/365 and rioting and destroying their own homes and businesses or their youth killing each other because of “colors” and “turf”. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, because stupid stuff like that happens in white areas as well, but nobody goes on and on and on about it except the blacks of certain geographical areas of the USA and instead of trying to build themselves up and make something of themselves they want to be paid [again, I am NOT talking about the average black person in America just those that are so comfortable living off everyone else because “it’s owed them”]. In my eyes, if any ethnic group should receive monetary recompense, it should be the Native Americans. Those blacks wanting money for “their” pains should go take that up with tribal leader in Africa.

          • Susan George Brown

            Seriously? That woman had nothing to do with his ancestors. He is a racist PIG. They need to get over the past and improve their future. This is NOT the way to do that.

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            They are slaves to their own ignorance and nobody can be blamed but them!

          • weikamis

            Chewable Germ……..nice name GERM:) “ancestors???”

          • srcarrvt

            My ancestors were Irish and starved and sold by the English, but you do’nt see the Irish acting like this…

          • amethyst

            Ah yes, the civilized English.

          • Anna Rose

            He does not “have the right to be,” because no one alive today did anything to his ancestors. No one has the “right” to be a racist. NO ONE!

          • Chewable Germ

            He does have the right! That white chick should have given herself to him and his friends for what happened to female slaves!

          • Nina Carman

            ARE YOU KIDDING?

          • LVR

            “It’s” a troll, ignore it.

          • Kalifornia_Refugee

            Yes they lost a war, were taken by Obama’s Arab ancestors and sold into slavery.

          • You make me sick


          • ssn708

            Not in the least. Not even close. That is like saying I have a right to be that racist against Blacks because one raped my best friend. I’m White as they get. My people came from IRELAND. They didn’t really have a slaver history with African Nations. MY people came here after the civil war, and were treated really poorly as well upon their arrival.

          • ssn708

            BTW, in addition to my last, Black slave owners owned White slaves long before America was ever founded. Look up Egypt and the Hebrew race.

          • ki-lee

            people have NO idea or do they care to learn fact

          • Bob Edwards

            hopefully yourw joking

          • I think we should put a price on him ..wonder what we “slave traders” could get for an obvious uneducated hood rat with violent tendencies??

          • Guest

            I’d buy this one just to beat him. Ha! They wonder why we hate them.

          • Nonya

            You are absolutely ridiculous!!!

          • Jim SP Reichert

            Ok here’s a real idiot

          • Guest

            freak need to get over it i had nothing to do with what happened 100 years ago dunbasses

          • blujnbabee

            It’s time to stop talking about slavery, except in history. The hate is being spread by those who don’t understand that blacks actually owned slaves too!

          • mtin

            That’s a tired excuse. I’m to the point where I wish slavery would never have happened. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about something that happened over 200 years ago by people that are dead and buried. But every time a black person opens their mouths, it’s all about the past. I’m to the point where wish I could go back in time and stop black people from ever being brought to America. Just imagine if no black people would have been brought here, just think about how different America would be right now, the US with 90% less black people in it. Everyone of the people that cry slavery would still be in mother Africa living in the same conditions that the Africans do today. If slavery didn’t happen, there would be no one to cry slavery or racist every time they opened their mouths. The US would most certainly be different today if that happen.

          • ken

            Would be MUCH BETTER!! SAFER!! Less LOUD MUSIC. Less BAD MUSIC. Less use of the N word (by their own). Less ATTITUDE at the DMV. Less ATTITUDE at the Post Office. Less ATTITUDE at fast food restaurants. I could go ON and ON! …

          • David Mills

            Really? It is “OK” to act like an animal, because your grandparents were sold into slavery by other blacks in Africa?

          • David Mills

            Want to act like an animal, go back to Africa and be an animal!

          • amethyst

            I think you’re just a nasty troll trying to irritate people for your amusement. Go crawl back to your sewer–your name suits you.

          • Tim Halfman

            bullshit he does

          • Larry C Mason


          • Chewable Germ

            No, this will be their country! More and more white women are mating with them. Most of you will have black grandkids or great grandkids.

          • Mike Stern

            you’re an idiot

          • dave

            And you are an “f”ing idiot

          • on_the_right

            Chewable, did you go to school to become stupid? Why were you running away from that woman? You on the limp wrist side and didn’t want some young cracker mom to whup your ass.

          • Chewable Germ

            Many young cracker mom’s have been breeding with blacks.

          • slappy

            Let me guess, nobody loved you as a child.

          • i call bs

            how is that when blacks sold blacks. And what about the Indians. Color does not give you the right to intinidate others. he wasnt a slave so he is complaing why

          • heilbama

            What a load of bull.

          • Endentured Offspring

            I wish every “ONE” playing the black race card would stop and thank, the slave owners, traders and the liberal minded government as you think about where you would be without them…hmmm… that’s right Africa. And probably in a war torn country with no rights enslaved by a tyrant or worse and wishing for a way out. As I see it you got it pretty good right now and all you can do is bitch about what was, what is and what you don’t have. so tired of it and yes some of us can actually see through your BS for what it really is!


            I think if a slave were alive today they’d slap the blacks up alongside their mouths and tell them to shut the fu*k up, you got it GOOD!!!!

          • disqus_a6dfIvuXA8

            Shut up chump..Start reading the fauxing history ..Blacks did it to ya..If you keep reading assholes white Irish people were slaves , too.What you need to do is go to school and you would know this..Poor you..That happen number moons ago ..Just a lazy ass moron and whines poor me..

          • Heylottylotty

            So, by your logic; IF I had a grandfather that was murdered by a black man: Using your concept, I should be allowed to hunt down and abuse every one of his family, their family, and their family’s family and friends as long as they are people of his “color”. You believe that no one should care if I spit in their face, knock them to the ground and beat them? If they own a store, I should be able to walk in the door and take anything they own, breaking the windows out as I leave??? Does that make sense even to you? It IS the same thing. No human alive (the so called Civil War ended in 1865) was ever a slave in this country. It has been over a hundred and 50 years since the “War of Northern Aggression”.

          • Calvin

            Not bloody likely

          • Nathan

            Yeah and he has the right to have his head blown clean off his shoulders, along with that chip also!

          • Jim Reed

            You are truly an idiot. So you believe the sins of the father should be paid for on the backs of the sons. Guess what stupid, the chances are about 75% that his ancestors were not ever slaves also it’s about 95% certain that a caucasian person was not related to anyone that owned a slave. Almost all slaves were sold by blacks in the first place and slavery started in Africa. All of those are facts that no one admits too. One last thing, even if my grandfather was a slave owner, his debt is no more mine than this mans. It’s time that racism stop being excused regardless of the race of the racist. If you allow one race to be discriminated against because of their skin color, you will be one culpable in the future for the racist activity you are excusing today, according to your logic.

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            What a moron. He is just a pathetic piece of black trash with an attitude. He has no reason to beef about his ancestors the idiot suffered nothing that they did. It does not entitle him to act like a jungle reject.


            How do we even know his ancestors were slaves? Have all blacks traced there ancestry back to a slaves? There was a post last week regarding a black actor, I think he was the one who played in Hotel Rwanda,. He found out his ancestors were owned by Indians. Think it was the Chickasaw Tribe or something like that.

          • iaapcapoi

            How do you know any of HIs ancestors were slaves you twit? And if they were they were sold by black people, possibly even were slaves for black people. My Irish ancestors were slaves, does that mean I should be resentful to the descendants of the slaveholders? What a stupid and ignorant thing to say. NO one in this generation has ANYTHING to do with slavery, so stop with the stupid BS.

          • bobfairlane

            ROFL. Millions of negroes moved to America on their own. No one owes blacks anything.

          • Les Williamson

            Hey Dumbass, you do realize that slaves were sold by their own people or do you not know history, and yet it was a white man that set them free!! Really?

          • Nordey

            “he has the right to be for what happened to his ancestors”? I’m calling BS on that one! It didn’t happen to him….and you have no idea where his family came from. So do you blame all Japanese for Pearl Harbor? Oh wait, you probably have no idea what Pearl Harbor was huh? Or all Germans for Hiltler? All Italians for Mussolini? It’s apparent you know nothing about history or you wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous comment. Well slavery was started in Africa… flash… they sold their own people to other countries, THAT my friend is not our fault, it’s their own doing! He has no right to act like an idiot! NONE!

          • Jim Sanderson

            One thing i havent seen anyone mention is that even at the hight of slavery less than 2% of white makes in the united states owned a slave or were involved in the slave trade, yet for some reason black people want 100% of white people to take the blame for what less than 2% did? Could you imagine the cries of racism and stereotyping if white people tried to blame ALL black people for what 2% of black people did?

          • Janice

            See the movie “AMERICA” by Denach D’Sousa, and you will get a clear picture of Slavery!!!!

          • Daaave

            Lol. That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

          • Jobeck74

            oh my one of these really, I don’t know what race you are but every race on this planet has been enslaved by another, oh wait maybe your trying to funny or sarcastic???? please let that be the case……

          • Mike brown


          • roghel

            You didn’t by any chance get filmed on video during the looting of innocent Black people’s businesses in Ferguson did you? Just askin.

          • pepjrp

            You have no idea what happened to his ancestors… but we know the racist things that happened to this lady. Good she had her camera going. Maybe you will meet him on the road. Now that would be justice.

          • James Tomlin

            That’s BS , I’m white and from England the Romans took us as slaves , I guess I need to attack Italians . He needs to get out of his car and spit on my windshield , his day would change considerably . Just like a black man to pick on a white woman . I’ve never had a black man by himself give me a hard time , it was always when he had two or three with him ,cowards

          • Stevie G.lfc1


          • wernerpd


          • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

            I don’t think so. Same stuff happened to whites also.. You need to read a real history book…

          • Anonymous Me

            Bad stuff happened to plenty of peoples ancestors. I bet he has no proof any of his relatives were ever slaves, and no one alive today caused slavery, so why hate us? Oh yeah, Because of our skin color, that’s racism…

          • Bob Delich

            The only thing that happened to his ancestors is that his own race turned them in for money due to a lot of tribal warfare, which incidentally is still going on in 13 African states. He’s just an ignorant fool living off the fat of the land that supports him and his 10 children with 9 different women.

          • akcita

            Since I am a Native American I am justified in doing what to you?
            Hmmm, we have Genocide, Rape, Theft, False Witness,…

            In your mind what actions are justified for American Indians on You and your family?

            Yeah, thought so.

            Blaming people for the actions of their ancestors is BS.

            Teach your kids to study rather than demand reparations. It is a much more effective use of their time.

          • Chewable Germ

            Well, not for me and my family, but I do have some neighbors you could get reparations from. The women aren’t very hot, but neither are your women. Have at it.

          • akcita

            Sorry pal, you either believe in the slop you are troweling out or you don’t. You are living on the selfish deeds of your ancestors, so either accept that it is in the past and it is up to you to make your own place in the world or go back to whatever European or Asian patch your progenitors came from as you are living on stolen land.

            I guess you don’t feel that strongly about it then…?

          • Chewable Germ

            No, don’t really care that much…

          • CmE

            Are you on something? Apparently!

          • KWT

            Seriously? When are people going to stop playing THAT card.. it is getting rather old and BORING !!!!

          • jack goode

            yeah, take it out on a woman with a kid…….F’N Coward

          • Chewable Germ

            That’s what happened to blacks.

        • Mike brown

          Pig or nig

        • kazoober

          I kept looking, where is the pig?

          • Miss Jenni

            You are so right! I should not insult such a gentle animal by comparing it to such a disgrace to the human race like the one in that video. My total bad. Allow me to rephrase it ..That pathetic POS in the video is the racist…there ya go! all better now!

      • LVR

        Obvious troll is obvious

        • Guest

          Sometimes I’m a little embarrassed at how easily white folks can be trolled….How can you not see that one?

          • Chewable Germ

            Best troll site ever.

      • franciscosvilla

        Please, don’t feed the troll…….

      • roghel

        Learn how to be a victim: “How to be a victim 101” , as now taught by the Democrat Socialist party. Coming to a school in a town near you. Register early.

      • Random

        Blacks aren’t racist only us whites are.

    • Eric Walter

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Especially with a child in the car.

    • Mike Goff

      that would be wrong unless he was white

    • How many points would he have been worth?

  • Robert Farrell


    • Rizzan

      Ask your mom.

  • Robert Farrell


    • Rizzan

      Yoo a tuff guy niggs whoo post on here stoopidly.


      I believe it wouldn’t have mattered to him if it had been a man. Blacks, but not all, seem to be easily agitated. Not much self control or logical thinking.

  • Rebel

    I would have ran him over. I’m guessing she didn’t get the plate number…

  • Tesla Rawks

    Got his DNA.. track him down..

  • Jimmyjack James

    She was a liberal. A conservative would have run over da NIGGA.

    • Dolly

      Conservatives are not Racists only the Liberal’s are.

  • Ragman69

    Spitting at or on someone is considered assault. No one knows what caused this but clearly the guy is a racist.

  • Glarry

    Being Texas and a right to carry state, he just might do that to the wrong person just once too often

  • Herman Vogel

    Bear Spray and a .40 Cal….I carry both. And THIS is why.

  • Robert Strovink

    Pull a gun watch him run!

  • treynich87

    Folks, don’t listen to Chewable Gum. I know the guy, he is White. He is just joking around with his “racist” comment. He is just trying to troll you guys.

  • Gerianne Bruce

    my foot would have hit the pedal or been up his ass!

  • Kenny Amos

    I am thinking if she thought her life was in danger by law she might have the right to flee and if that included running him over,, It might be allowed in the law to do so
    plus this is texas,, he better be careful who he does that to

  • j

    Should have gont. Is lisnc plate number and call the cops

    • Wiggle D

      She has the video. Maybe :10/:14 could be enlarged for more details.

  • weikamis

    This is how a piece of garbage that is acting out what his parents taught him and following the things being put out by Obama and Holder and all the rest of the lowly evolved crap, attempting to divide our country!

  • Kalifornia_Refugee

    Camels spit, monkeys throw poop, toads pee. Rabid animals are put down.

  • fed up

    I’d have stomped the accelerator..

  • fast eddy

    Wouldve been one dumb,dead ass if he pulled that on me.

  • Tex

    Phucking nigggers.

  • Christine Demetroff

    I hope they find him and charge him what a very ignorante young man,,,,

    • Jones Smith

      I saw a headline for a article with him saying sorry,only reason he is sorry because he was caught on tape.may he rot in hell.

  • alnga

    What she was not carrying?

    • Al Parsons

      .38. .45, .357, 9mm–any other stuoid questions?

  • George Busby

    Should have of ran his sorry ass over! Then got out a spit on him!

  • Ron Taggart

    This kinda thing is rare in Arizona where everybody can carry concealed…Not knowing who’s armed makes for a more polite society.

  • jay2010master

    That when I would have gased the car and ran over his black ass.

  • wildoutlaw4440

    they need to arrest his ass for being stupid and a racist

  • ED/PHX

    I’d just like to know him for a few short minutes….

  • mtin

    I would have blacktopped the road.. lol

  • Hoot Gibson

    “If Obama Had a Son”….

  • ross mcglockness

    that’s an idiot whose remaining travel that day would’ve consisted of a visit to the local morgue.


    I CCW, if that happened to me he would had a full diaper running back to his car!

  • Elisa

    Rocket launcher equipped vehicles would surely take care of his butt!

  • Larry C Mason

    The RIGHT TO CARRY… 2nd Amendment PROTECTION…

  • Christine Bodor

    I hope she was smart enough to get his plate number…what an idiot ! smh !

  • Robert Chambers

    hitting the gas in a panic situation would of been justified

  • Christine Bodor

    In regards to this racist lost cause of a human in this vid…My great grand parents grew up in the ghettos of Hungary…they barely ate, had to beg for work and were finally set free from homelessness by some random act of kindness but it took a life time to get past it all…sickness, theft, abuse, miscarriages, no drs in sight to help…dont talk to me about ancestors being in pain, kept down or owned…and how it affects you as a person now…are you kidding me ? Be a responsible human…dont keep others down bc you can get over the past…Black humans are NOT the only ones whom have suffered at the hand of other humans…I could cry about how bad my ancestors were owned by poverty and who is responsible about poverty ??? Another human of course…but you dont see me disrespecting people bc I still feel the pain of what they went through…Grow up be a ‘ real ‘ man and own yourself before someone owns you in jail…when you make choices like this guy did…you will eventually be ” owned ” by financial issues bc you were a harassive jack wagon and someone sued you OR you really hurt someone bc your attitude is out of control aka ” jail “…Can you say ignorance is blind as a bat and this guy is the bat ! ugh !

  • The Truth

    I would of ran the monkey over.

  • Neil

    ooops, sorry…I didn’t mean to run your ignorant ass over. I damn sure did!

  • CaneRVa

    The reality is that the overwhelming majority of black Americans at some level dislike or outrightly hate white people. It’s really not hard to figure out.

  • Jenn

    If anyone ever gets out of their car and comes at me, I hope they can move fast because I’m gonna play chicken with them and I won’t swerve.

  • ken

    I would have FLOORED IT! …and ran over that COON!

  • JoJo Calling

    The man is obviously an ignorant loser. Rather than discussing racism (Yes, he IS a racist), we need to spread the word so he can be arrested after he is publicly chastised by social media. Did he commit a crime? ABSOLUTELY! A NUMBER of them. Spread the word. Let’s find this waste of human space and give him a little time out.

  • cassie1655

    Why is it that we never, NEVER hear ANY black person THANKING the white people who fought to free their ancestors? Why do we NEVER hear them denouncing the black man who was the first to OWN an African slave, which by the way, also owned WHITE slaves? Why is NOTHING being said about Saudi Arabia, along with other Middle Eastern countries, who STILL has Africans as slaves right now??? Native Americans owned Africans as slaves, too…but no one seems to want to talk about any of these FACTS!


      Or talk about the underground railroad and those who orchestrated it to help the slaves to safety and freedom. It definitely wasn’t the muslims. Muslims would turn them into eunuchs by severing their balls and penises.

  • jack b goode

    more like Black coward, picking on a woman with children

  • vegasfordguy

    Blacks are the most racist of all people, yet they get away with it!

    • Rizzan

      I think it’s Asians.

  • Heylottylotty

    We have not only allowed, but promoted one group of “Americans” to have more rights than any other. Whites can not use the “N” word because it is a “hate” crime and racist, yet blacks can and do, and flaunt it. Black comedians, black singers, black people on the street, etc are heard daily. Black people get away with riots that destroy homes, businesses, automobiles, and openly steal what others have worked for; and get away with it. Not any other race. WE, the American public have caused this. WE have caused the racist human in this video to have that “freedom” from morality, common respect, and the law. The only way it will stop is for America to get tired enough to stop it. All races. All communities. All faiths and the rest. To quote a line from a movie. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” MUST be the mantra that overcomes the fist in the air of defiance.

    • Rizzan

      Intelligent, thanks.


      IMO, the fact that they refer to each other by that derogatory term, the N word, shows they have little to no respect for themselves or others. The word Negro or the N with the ‘er’ or ‘a’ on the end of it is a word that has never been in my vocabulary. It is foreign. I have heard and read the word racist more in the last six months then I have in my whole life!

  • Guest

    Lol. Picking on a woman and her child. .. staight gangsta

  • mandy rinaldi

    Picking on a woman and her child…straight gangsta ?

  • mandy rinaldi

    Where’s Obama. Where’s Jessie. Where al???

  • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

    That is a shame. Texas is a right to carry state. This black POS should rightfully be splattered all over the landscape.

  • Ross RoscoRulez Pool

    Boy would have been laying under my car, then again, probably not cause he would not have even approached me, he is a Mary boy and has no balls!

  • John Spurlock

    If Obama had a son…

  • Darrell Gibson

    He has been identified, has a lengthy arrest record in Central Texas, went on the local news admitting what he did was wrong and apologized (we call that a confession) and was charged with reckless driving (warrant issued) and will likely face additional charges.

  • Dan

    Yes they were drug from there homes, by other africans and sold to white slavers….need to take some responsibility now don’t we. And that gives him no right to live in the past, he is the problem not the lady and her child. accountability is a shared historical event by all parties and carrying to the present is a sign of no progression in the process by him.

  • Damn straight! She should have nailed the gas when he approached her car!

  • Jason craig

    Here’s how to deal with this lowlife and his kind. Get your CHL. Put him down next time. I guarantee next time it won’t be his spit splattered all over that windshield.

  • Guest

    muslims spit at the people they hate “infidels”

  • cracker

    Is that all the nigga had?

  • gregzotta

    Another one of Obama’s son’s.

  • blutooth

    bottom feeder..

  • Mark Derscheid

    Thump thump….screech………thump thump….screech….click…..thump thump…..vroooom

  • Janice

    I would like everyone to watch the movie “AMERICA ” by Denasch D’Sousa, and you will get a good history lesson, some of witch is not in the history books, ( I think on purpose)..

  • Chris Louther

    Wonder what the CHILD learned from this ?

  • jig

  • Bring out your dead

    This same thing happened to me near Philadelphia on Friday night. Black guy pulls out in front of me. I slam on my brakes & laid on the horn. He gives me the finger so I laid on the horn again. He stops in front of me, jumps out and throws a cup of soda/ice at my windshield. He takes off but I got his plate number and reported him to police. I guess I deserved it cause I’m white and his ancestors were slaves.

  • Susie

    Metal to pedal time …

  • Mike brown

    This boy would get his ass whipped if he did this to a man. He’d be another Brown idiot.

  • gimpy

    I just got rid of his black power, took a dump and flushed it, more like skunk power.

  • Peter R

    Hate Crime!! Double his sentence….

  • Sick of racist minorities.

    No, then she would have been charged with a hate crime. Didn’t you know that only white people can be racist? This is a sick sick world. Of course it will be said that this piece of crap was just scared of the racist white scary lady and little racist girl.

  • Ernie Williams

    Just who in the hell do these people think they are. They will tie into the wrong person one of these days and will die for their thuggish efforts.

  • James Tomlin

    Slavery still going on in Africa , go over there an argue.

  • Stevie G.lfc1


  • Jim Monk

    If she had a .45 in the car he’d have run back to his car.

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    These jigaboos need to learn a permanent lesson. All they do is show us how stupid they are. .

  • Seabass120

    The solution to this: BOOM….BOOM….BOOM. Problem solved.

  • John Aumend

    she should of gotten his license plate for the police

  • Frisco1522

    Karma will find this POS.


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