RNC Planning to BAN Donald Trump From Future Debates Unless He Caves to THIS Demand


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

I’m not exactly going out on a limb by saying that the Republican party doesn’t want Donald Trump to earn the GOP nomination in 2016.

And the party’s latest moves against Trump is making that more clear than ever — and also threaten to alienate millions of his supporters from the GOP.

Now, it appears the RNC will ban “the Donald” from the next debate unless he pledges to not make a third party run.

From Federalist Papers:

According to renowned investigative journalist Ben Swann, founder of Truth In Media, the Republican National Convention believes that its alleged status as “private club” gives it the right to prevent 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump from participating in anymore primary debates.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reportedly asked all the Republican candidates “to pledge that they will not make a third-party run” and hinted that “[t]hose who do not pledge might not get an invite to future Republican candidate debates.”

Here’s Swann with more details:

And it gets worse — the RNC may itself have an anti-Trump “War Room” to try and take down the billionaire maverick that sounds a lot more like a Democrat operation.

CNN reports:

Republican consultant (Roger) Stone told CNN that he’s absolutely convinced the Republican Party is trying to knock the celebrity billionaire out of the race because he’s not the candidate of the establishment elite.

“I talk to a lot of reporters on a background, and sometimes off the record, basis. Sometimes, when I say to them, ‘Where did you get this hit piece of information on Trump?’ They’ll tell me, ‘Oh, a source at the Republican National Committee.’ Come on. This is the game. It’s the way it works,” Stone told CNN’s John Berman Wednesday.


For the first time in 30 years, we have a real chance at electing a true conservative and the GOP is doing all they can to scuttle that.

But they didn’t count on the likes of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and they are just wetting all over themselves because they feel they’ve lost control. Karl Rove is hiding in a hole somewhere trying to sabotage things and put us back on his Progressive path to destruction and subservience.

If Trump is banned from future debates, you will see a revolt and a shattering of the Republican Party. I used to think that a third party would be handing it to the Hildebeast. Now, I’m not so sure. Trump might get even more popular if he does that. He’s becoming a political force to be reckoned with and he loves to hunt the GOP.

Nice party you got there, RNC. Watch it.

  • dawn

    then the GOP will lose. period.

  • Tina

    If they do this, it will backfire on them for sure

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Hildebeast. Epic LOL!

  • Arizona Willie

    Oh c’mon. If they BAN him all they would be doing would be to give him a good excuse to run Independent … in fact … virtually FORCING him to run Independent.

    • Kevmo

      I don’t think he wants to run independent. It’s a lot more effort to start a new party than to take over an existing infrastructure.

  • Larry Lynn

    Ban Trump and there will never be another Republican POTUS ever. We will not accept the RNC trying to force their choice down our throat. We WANT Trump as our candidate. If he has to run as a 3rd party candidate because the RNC thinks they are smarter than us, then we go 3rd party with Trump.

    • Michelle Drake

      A third party candidate CAN NOT win. No matter how many people vote for them. It is actually the electoral college that votes in the president and they are all republicans and democrats.

      • ruthslater


        • yes my mother ís making
          a few thousands per month símply
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          profile that shows you

        • Skyrunner01

          Ventura Never ran for president, read and catch up!

          • ruthslater


        • Michelle Drake

          Not a presidential candidate.

          • ruthslater


    • Hugh Everett

      “We WANT Trump as our candidate.”Donald Trump is the front runner for the GOP nomination, and the odds on favorite to win. He will probably make a great leader of the party. But if he is unwilling to pledge loyalty to the Republican Party and the ultimate nominee, Donald Trump must be kicked off the ballot and the stage.If he is going to act like Ross Perot, he needs to go form his own party.

      • Ann

        He will never be strong armed. Alpha male. Never compromises.

        • tabathagshuff

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      • Brandi Andrews

        You cannot ” FORCE” a candidate to take the pledge, or manipulate them into it. Donald said if he was the front runner he had no problem with it, Why would you want him to take the pledge and ruin his chance of becoming president, by going 3rd party? His followers will still vote for him regardless.

        • Hugh Everett

          At some point in the near future, Trump will be given a choice by the GOP. He will be asked to proclaim his loyalty to the party he wants to represent in the general election, or he will be asked to leave and form his own party.This is not complicated.

  • Ken Beasley

    The Republican National Committee is going to ensure the Democrats will win the election. They will force Trump into a third party run and split the Republican vote. I think they don’t actually want to win the election. That way, since their agenda is not that different from the dems, they can blame the dems while secretly rejoicing at the changes made.

    • furtive

      The professional power brokers who make up the RNC/GOP “establishment”
      would rather see Hillary Clinton win an election, allowing them to remain in their power position, than to lose their place at the trough via a “conservative” or “outsider” who would take the executive branch and possibly remove their power. There are Billions, even Trillions at stake.

      • ruthslater


    • Kevmo

      That’s only if Trump loses.

  • JRD

    Should he be banned from the next debate it will increase his lead over the rest of them by up to 14% if that happens he will be riding at around 38%. GOP will welcome him to the next one and ask him what kind of treats he would like in his dressing room.

    • Kevmo

      How do you know it’ll be 14%?

      • JRD

        Based on current GOP undecided.

  • kderose

    There was an interesting caller on Rush’s program today … she suggested that Trump should buy time FOLLOWING the next debate (whether he’s in it or not in it), and spend an hour giving his own answers to all the questions brought up in the debate … and he will have all the time he wants to say what he wants, without interruption or gotcha questions from the moderators.
    Interesting concept.

    • Kevmo

      He could stream live on the internet DURING the debate, or buy time on another network during the debate that would directly compete in ratings.

      • Peter S. Jennings

        Or buy out the debate time with a better offer making it so the RNC/GOP can’t have their debate just Donald time (He is rich enough he could do that.)

    • Frank Loftice

      Great idea, I hope he sees your post.

    • Bart Manson

      Yep. I agree. He should do that, and take out full page ads the next morning in whatever major news publications remain.

      “Since I was banned from last night’s debate even though I am the Republican frontrunner, here are my thoughts on the issues that were brought up…” and then give a full page of his ideas and thoughts on everything brought up during the debate.

    • Sandra Lewis

      Good idea.

  • Douglas Andrews

    If they attempt this I will sit back & LOL at them as the party goes down the tubes & I am a member. They had better gain some INTELLIGENCE in this primary & election real DAM FAST.

  • Bill Steinbach

    I call BS, unless I see this from another source.
    And if I don’t see this from another source, TRN has jumped the shark, trying to make news, instead of reporting it.
    I’m not a Trump fan, but this makes no sense. Trump is making people pay attention to the Republican party again. To take him off the stage while he’s still popular would be idiotic. (Almost as idiotic as letting the liberal media choose the Republican candidate… =8-P

    • Kevmo

      Nice way to stake out a position. Hopefully you got it right.

    • concerned long islander

      Bill…you can believe it. I heard straight from CNN this morning that the Koch Bros. are putting-in $849 MILLION to run anti-Trump ads. They want another “fair-haired” Bush they can manipulate and a return on their investment…AT ANY COST TO THE USA…and, who exactly do you think is puppeteering the RNC and GOP?…just as they did with the Gore win! This election is Jebby’s payback for manipulating the Florida vote … That took it to the SCOTUS … which “appointed” kid-brother Georgie! To them, our country is just a game of chess, which leads to “Battleship.” We NEED Trump to rid us of the scumbags who believe “enough is just never enough.” Unlike the RNC, GOP, Rove & the Koch Bros., Trump LOVES HIS COUNTRY MORE THAN HIS MONEY!

  • chatty60

    Please don’t think that only republicans are for Trump. Many on the left are tired of Obama and don’t want Hillary. Trump is the only one not beholden to those that care only about themselves and their money.

    • George Patrick Shiflett

      Not True you forget about Bernie sanders, In fact you need to remember, Trump is part of the Corporate Oligarchy that is running the republicans and the dems , the only one not taking money from the Corporations and the rich is Bernie Sanders , now who do you want another corporate puppet , of some one that says fuck the rich and the corporations

      • concerned long islander

        George…we sure as hell DO NOT WANT A SOCIALIST running the USA. It’s been a long, hard 4+ years with the Marxist…we’ll never survive socialism.

        • George Patrick Shiflett

          You seem to forget we have been living under democratic socialism since FDR or you don’t read history , or know history

          • concerned long islander

            There’s a huge difference between having a few common sense policies, which you may deem socislistic…than living under a socialistic government. I think you may need a refresher course in civics.

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            So you do know that our Gov has been a demo socialist gov since FDR and the NEW DEAL right , these are the socialist programs that have been implemented and run since FDR and i bet sure as hell you use a lot of these and don’t even know it

            Government Worker Programs
            Civil Service Retirement Systems
            Federal Employee Retirement Systems
            Railroad Retirement System

            Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Programs
            Public Housing
            Rental Vouchers & Certificates
            Section 8 Housing Vouchers
            Shelter Plus Care
            Single Room Occupancy
            Low Income Home Energy Assistance

            Social Security Programs
            Social Security (OASDI)
            Unemployment Insurance
            Temporary Disability Insurance
            Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

            Welfare Programs
            Supplemental Security Income
            Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
            Food Stamp Program
            Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
            National School Lunch Program
            School Breakfast Program
            United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

            Programs That Threaten Liberties in General
            Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
            Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
            Import Tariffs

    • Bart Manson

      Trump will pull support from across the political spectrum. He’s got widespread appeal.

  • Ben Cottman

    RNC…DNC… One in the same anymore! Both parties need to be abolished! Perhaps Trump running and winning as a Independent could be the best shake up of the parties that could happen!

  • NVCardinalfan

    If Priebus does what this article implicates, it will be the end of the GOP forever!!

  • Blakely1

    When your teenage daughter tells you that she loves a jerk, the worst thing that you can do is berate him & try to keep them apart. Keeping Trump out of the debate
    is too dumb to contemplate.

  • caligirl1960

    Wait a minute! I thought I was in america!

    • concerned long islander

      Caligirl…this is the “new” America, thanks to liberal/socialists, much like those who run California and New York. We live in a fantasy world, where inside is out, upside is down…and the RNC is the DNC. God-willing, President Donald J. Trump will “Make America Great Again.”

  • formercanuck

    They are in a corner and have come out swinging.
    If Trump pledges allegiance, they have leverage over him, and will screw him over to get Jeb in. If he doesn’t pledge, he ‘may’ have to go on his own.

    If I were Trump… I’d make them sweat. He can wait until they attempt to pull him from the next debate. If/when that happens, GOP will have a war to deal with, and will probably lose to the Democrats. If that’s the case, they’ll have to prop up Joe Biden.

  • furtive

    It us inevitable. Priebus is a puppet.

  • You_R_Responsible

    I would love to see a 3rd party president and who I vote for is my choice, not the RNC’s or the DNC’s. Trump has support from both sides who are tired of lying, in effective career politicians.

  • Don Erickson

    I officially change my party affiliation from R to I

  • TN

    This is how the “establishment” works and Americans are sick of it. Go ahead and ban Trump, it will be your last move and the end of the RNC!

  • Kevmo

    This may be the historic beginning of a breakout third party. The Whigs couldn’t deal with slavery, and the GOP was the result. Now the GOPe can’t deal with modern slavery in the form of illegal immigration, and the True Republican United Might Party (T.R.U.M.P) begins.

  • John Hillman

    Demoplicans and Republicrats. Not much difference.

  • Richard Latsch

    Ok so they wanna stop Trump and only reason they really wanna stop him is because he is actually helping American People no other Canidate said they will do what Trump wants to do. They are all afraid of Mr Trump because he has the guts to tell it like it is

  • DonKar

    I switched from Democrat to Republican when I thought the dems were getting to liberal and socialistic. I will not hesitate to switch from Republican to independent if the Republicans do this. I am fed up with a few people trying to tell us what we can and can not do.

    • calypsodancler

      too bad it wasnt before you voted for the muzzie in the rainbow hut..twice!

      • DonKar

        I changed my party before Obama was elected in 2008. I never voted for him, I would never vote for him or any candidate that thinks like him. That would leave Hillary and Biden definitely out, along with Bush

        • calypsodancler

          my apologies.

  • William Stearns

    Trump is not a puppet and never will be. That scares the hell out of the establishment. Trump might actually destroy the status quo with his common sense, no nonsense aproach to the major issues.

  • Jerry

    Ken Beasley is correct, there is really no difference in the Republicans and Democrats in Congress, they are all bought and paid for by the same people and those people have an agenda. It is called a one world economy ( Global Economy ) and to do this they have to control the people so they can pay them what they want and set the prices of goods at what they want and keep robbing us blind and making record profits. They are called the powers that be, the people with money and corporations. Trump said he would make them move their manufacturing back to the US and put the US worker back to work. They can not have Trump saying the things that would be good for the US citizen, it goes against everything they have been working for, and it has been in the works for many years.

  • Janet Dillon

    The RNC is showing their true colors. Not much difference between them and the left in how they view their constituents.

  • Charley

    when a party has a chance to win and because the front runner has the brains to see how corrupt both parties are controlled by deep pocket fat cats wanting to maintain their hold on government and then some person with a brain and using it and not listening to the party backers they get a hissey fit, thanks to Mr Trump he does have to listen but to the people he wants to assist in returning America back to the people. any political party not controlled by the people is a party of destruction.

  • Michelle Drake

    He should make that pledge, if he truly shares the republican values. By running as an independent, he could NOT win. All he would do is make it more probable that a democrat would. By not pledging, it looks like it has more to do with his ego, or getting his own way, then helping out the people of this country.

    • Bill Pittman

      Why should he have been asked to make such a pledge? The Republicans are self destructing quickly with this business. The only way he can be beat without doing damage to the Republican Party is if they beat him at the Republican National Convention. I was the Vice President of the Young Republicans at the university that I attended back in 1972 and these antics by the Republican Party are the things that they used to tell us the Communist Party did to maintain control.

  • ruthslater


  • Frank Loftice

    Holy shit, that sounds like Fox news

  • drattastic

    The republicant party will effectively end if it tries to ban Trump.

  • calypsodancler

    Hey RNC(rinos) just cause the new kid on the playground wont play by your rules, trying to exclude him will only result in his coming back again and again and again, and he’s not trying to take your balls away, YOU already lost them!

  • concerned long islander

    Do they really want to see the Second Revolution…because, if they play games with THIS election — like they did with the Gore win– the tides will rise up against the whole corrupt system! If they draw that “line in the sand,” WE THE PEOPLE will teach them that Our Word Is Our Law…and Trump has our word and support. We’re disgusted enough in the direction of this country, that we’ll move and heaven and hell to put this country back on track and to “Make America Great Again. President Donald J. Trump”. ??????

  • myspiritrocks

    Email them here and tell them we won’t stand for anymore controlling socialist politics. We have the right to choose who WE want whether one makes a “pledge” or not. ecampaign@gop.com

  • jd

    IF they do not keep Donald Trump in the GOP, and he goes Independent, Than I’m Going with him and so will Millions if not more people.

  • jd

    I read a few comments that Donald Trump could BUY time and do this or that, BECAUSE he’s rich enough. He did not get Rich by being a fool, there are other ways to take the GOP down a notch or two if they think that they are above it all.

  • Edward Kaminski

    Everyone is attacking Trump, they are afraid. They know he could win and ruin there party, money train. The mediia,The left, the other GOP Canidates (politicians)., except, Cardonand Carli And now the RNC/GOP, could have a canidate that they do not control. How fresh is that. it is the will of the people to have a canidate that is beholding to no one. Donors, Special Interest Groups, Wall Street, Big Bisness. A free thinker. SCARY!! If this RNC cuts off Trump the country will get worse, the RNC will fail, they will have forced its will on the people, ( Nazis),and the people will react, not a threat, a fact.

  • Robert Bowdish

    Wait, did you say that the Republican Party doesn’t want to nominate the people’s choice? OMG!! When did that start????!!!

  • Ann

    Let’s hope they ban him!! Seems he can do no wrong.

  • Golfer1113

    Yep, let’s just concede the election Republican Party. That is what you are doing here. STOP BEING STUPID and give the people what they want not what you want to ram down our throats. I will start voting all third party candidates if you don’t get it.

  • tmg13

    screw the RNC bunch of liars like most of the politicians in there now

  • billy Bob

    If they do that, it will guarantee a Trump win by a landslide.

  • Catsrule2015

    And I will withdraw from being a registered Republican,

  • dkag7

    I think Trump would be better off never debating again because you know there are many more megan kelly’s waiting to get their turn.

  • pana2

    go ahead try it. I’lll not watch any further debates w/o Trump and will support him all the more. We the people can play your dirty game.

  • CNS74

    Reince Priebus is a terrible disappointment as RNC chairman. I had high hopes for Reince, a fellow WI resident, when he was named chairman. But it is obvious he has not learned from either the 2012 and 2014 election. He is too controlled by the Republican elite and has sold his soul to them versus supporting the grassroots who are in a rage over the betrayal by Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the so-called Congressional Rpublican leadership.

  • Brandi Andrews

    They cannot ban a front runner from a debate, it is in the debate rules. This article is a bunch of crap to get people riled up again. Google the GOP debate rules and you will see. Just another lame article by the crappy media people.


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