RNC Planning to BAN Donald Trump From Future Debates Unless He Caves to THIS Demand


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

I’m not exactly going out on a limb by saying that the Republican party doesn’t want Donald Trump to earn the GOP nomination in 2016.

And the party’s latest moves against Trump is making that more clear than ever — and also threaten to alienate millions of his supporters from the GOP.

Now, it appears the RNC will ban “the Donald” from the next debate unless he pledges to not make a third party run.

From Federalist Papers:

According to renowned investigative journalist Ben Swann, founder of Truth In Media, the Republican National Convention believes that its alleged status as “private club” gives it the right to prevent 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump from participating in anymore primary debates.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reportedly asked all the Republican candidates “to pledge that they will not make a third-party run” and hinted that “[t]hose who do not pledge might not get an invite to future Republican candidate debates.”

Here’s Swann with more details:

And it gets worse — the RNC may itself have an anti-Trump “War Room” to try and take down the billionaire maverick that sounds a lot more like a Democrat operation.

CNN reports:

Republican consultant (Roger) Stone told CNN that he’s absolutely convinced the Republican Party is trying to knock the celebrity billionaire out of the race because he’s not the candidate of the establishment elite.

“I talk to a lot of reporters on a background, and sometimes off the record, basis. Sometimes, when I say to them, ‘Where did you get this hit piece of information on Trump?’ They’ll tell me, ‘Oh, a source at the Republican National Committee.’ Come on. This is the game. It’s the way it works,” Stone told CNN’s John Berman Wednesday.


For the first time in 30 years, we have a real chance at electing a true conservative and the GOP is doing all they can to scuttle that.

But they didn’t count on the likes of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and they are just wetting all over themselves because they feel they’ve lost control. Karl Rove is hiding in a hole somewhere trying to sabotage things and put us back on his Progressive path to destruction and subservience.

If Trump is banned from future debates, you will see a revolt and a shattering of the Republican Party. I used to think that a third party would be handing it to the Hildebeast. Now, I’m not so sure. Trump might get even more popular if he does that. He’s becoming a political force to be reckoned with and he loves to hunt the GOP.

Nice party you got there, RNC. Watch it.


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