Riots, Mass Looting Engulf Ferguson, Missouri After Protest of Shooting Death

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News


The situation has escalated  in Ferguson, Missouri where people have been protesting the police shooting of the unarmed Michael Brown on Saturday night.

This town just North of St. Louis has become a powder keg, starting when the crowd started hurling bottles at a police line they had faced off with earlier tonight.

And now hundreds of idiots, who seem to be a majority in this crowd, have started looting nearly every single business in town.

“Don’t these people realize we have to wake up to this tomorrow morning? This is insanity!” One shocked business owner shouted as she fled her store.

More video of looting below:

We are also hearing reports that rioters have destroyed police cars, ransacked nearly every business on the main thoroughfaire, West Florissant.

Even supporters of the protesters are appalled:

Uh, don’t you think it’s a little more than that?

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