RINO GOP Rep. Who Funded Obama Amnesty Threatens Protester: ‘I’ll Drop Your Ass’


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Rep. Stephen Knight (R-CA) — who was one of only 75 House Republicans that voted for the so-called “clean” DHS bill that funded President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, threatened an anti-amnesty patriot over the weekend, warning him, “If you touch me again, I’ll drop your ass.”

The confrontation, which was caught on video and posted on YouTube, started after a demonstrator named Mike, while firmly gripping Knight’s hand, told him, “You told me you didn’t vote for amnesty and you did. I looked it up on the Internet. You lied to me.”

After Mike patted Knight on the shoulder, the freshman California Representative said, “Hey, if you touch me again, I’ll drop your ass. All right? Don’t, don’t touch me. Don’t, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.”

“One more time, Mike,” he warned again.

The protester was correct.

As Top Right News reported at the time, Knight was one of just 75 Republicans to betray their base and back the Harry Reid-written new bill to fully fund DHS — while fully funding Obama’s executive amnesty for more than 5 million illegal aliens.

176 Republicans voted against it, and Speaker John Boehner rammed through the bill anyway — using all 182 Democrats in an unprecedented betrayal — violating the 1990s-era “Hastert Rule.” that required a Republican majority to pass any bill.

Knight was one of those turncoats. The record is irrefutable. but that didn’t stop the testy RINO from lying in front of protesters yet again:

Knight told the protesters who held up “Stop Illegal Immigration” signs that, “I never voted for amnesty.”

“The first version had the amnesty in it,” he said. “I voted to not allow the president to do that. I voted not.”

Knight then told the demonstrators that he needed 60 votes in the Senate, which Knight claimed “stripped out the amnesty” before a protester corrected him and said that the Senate bill that got sent to the House stripped out the “defunding of amnesty.”

A complete lie. Knight voted to fund Obama’s amnesty, even though 2/3rds of his Republican colleagues opposed it.

And he clearly doesn’t like being called on it — or being reminded that he will face a well-deserved primary challenge next year for his betrayal.

According to The Hill, the video was reportedly “posted online by We The People Rising, a group that is opposed to illegal immigration.”


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