Richard Fletcher: White Man Brutally Attacked by Mob of 49 Blacks – Media Buries the Story


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Who is Richard Fletcher?

Most of America has no idea. Why? Because he is a White man.

But if he were Black man, you’d be well aware of what happened to him. It would be on your nightly news each day. There would be frenzy over American “racism”, Obama lectures, and likely riots, looting and businesses burned to the ground.

But there have been no protests, no violence, and little to no media coverage — as it seems, the life of Richard Fletcher does not matter.

Fletcher was brutally attacked by approximately 49 students from a nearby Baltimore school on April 22, 2015. The reason for this terrible act is because he wanted the students, who were involved in a street fight, to stop fighting against his truck and he wanted to stop the one student from jumping on the hood of his truck as if it was a trampoline.

This is what they did to Richie:

This is what he looked like afterwards:


His injuries include broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs, bleeding on the brain and many lacerations. Rick also needed a blood transfusion.

He lies horribly assaulted because all he asked was for his property, his truck, not to be vandalized by a mob of Black teens. And they were so respectful, that like a pack of wild animals, they turned on him.

So far, 17-year-old Antoine Lawson has been charged with attempted murder and a 15-year-old faces an assault charge in the beating, according to police. More arrests are expected to be made.


Black mob nearly beats a White man to death — for nothing.

Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and others were made into months-long national stories, dominating the headlines and airtime, despite the fact that both were criminals.

Have you seen even one nightly news broadcast about this racial savagery? I can answer that for you: you haven’t. Because a search of LexisNexis shows it has not been mentioned even once on any network broadcast at any time of day.

We owe Richard Fletcher a lot more than that. America needs to know his name, so we can stop the lies about “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and the non-existent police war on Blacks, and focus on the real problem: the 7% of America that commits over half of its violent crime. Blacks youths. And the problems in the Black community that gets endless excuses, while Democrat politicians who run the hoods are never held accountable for their disastrous failures.

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  • NFZ1818

    This is all being intentionally incrementally created.

    • GenevaMTaylor

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    • dawn shellem

      Are you saying, it did not happen?

      • NFZ1818

        I’m not commenting on the validity of the article, I am commenting on actions like this happening across America. It is intentionally created and it will slowly get worse.

        • JMH

          I agree. It is already epidemic in my view. Who is creating it though?

          • NFZ1818

            Those who would benefit from it and have the money to make it happen.

          • mjl61

            Well, Obama DID promise in his first campaign that his intent was to “fundamentally transform America”. Only people didn’t “hear” what he really meant. I believe he came into office planning to escalate racial division over time, to the point where it would be an effective distraction and destabilizer while he did/does his damage in other aspects of our national situation. Even his “stimulus”, “Obamaphone”, “cash for clunkers” and Obamacare were conceived for the purpose of creating race-based resentment and chaos, as the implementation of each raised the volume of the entitlement sector a thousand-fold. As he steps off the presidential dais and reads from the presidential teleprompter for the last time, he will say what GW said on the deck of that carrier: “Mission accomplished”… only he will mean something entirely different. Thank goodness the American spirit is resilient enough that she won’t stay down. The crappier the straits he leaves us in, the grander the potential for better times ahead. All the conservative voters who stayed home from the polls, hope you have learned your lesson. It has cost a lot of people a lot of things.

          • Leslee Bean

            Reagan started the phone program and Bush also read from a teleprompter. The blame falls squarely on the media that is, unfortunately, a joke.

          • NFZ1818

            I agree, Media is partially to blame, but at the end of the day… they are a tool. I doubt anyone in this room remembers a good president. And if anyone thinks they do, I would suggest it is a misconception.

          • OldNYFirefighter

            It was originally only for Landlines, but Obama increased cell phone giveaways by giving the cell phone companies incentives for giving them away.

          • JMH

            Well stated. I still don’t get who really benefits by Obama purposely causing racial division. And I agree wholeheartedly that he is doing it on purpose. It has to be more than just to distract us. It is frightening to think what he may really be aiming to accomplish before he leaves office.

          • dee

            He has no intension of leaving the white house.. lol.. divide Americans create civil war, envoke marshal law. Remain in the white house with no chance of removal. Slaughter all of whom is not of Islamic faith. Mission accomplished..

          • Bluesky001

            Obama Uses Saul Alinsky Tactics to Foment Class Resentments: Three of Barack Obama’s mentors in Chicago were trained at the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by the famed godfather of community organizing, Saul Alinsky. In the Alinsky model, “organizing” is a euphemism for “revolution”—where the ultimate objective is the systematic acquisition of power by a purportedly oppressed segment of the population, and the radical transformation of America’s social and economic structure. The goal is to foment enough public discontent, moral confusion, and outright chaos to spark the social upheaval that Marx and Engels predicted….
            you should read up on Saul Alinsky if you haven’t already.

          • JMH

            I’ve really only know Alinsky because I’ve heard the name and a few anecdotes. I will study the pr*ck a little deeper.

          • NFZ1818

            Follow the money.

          • NFZ1818

            Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat….. Anyone still stuck in this right-left paradigm should take a close look at the system.They all are put into office by the top 1% and they all owe favors to the top 1%.

  • Herman Vogel

    Thanks Obama Voters, YOU put a monster in office, this man’s blood is on YOUR hands. “Hope” you are happy with the “Change”.

    • James Pope

      Yea OK its Obama’s fault, I guess i should blame him for the flat tire i got also. Your stupidity amazes me. SMDH

      • PeggyBrown

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      • Herman Vogel

        So, you think having Al Sharpton in White House meetings, supporting a Racist AGs investigation of a shooting that was self defense, “The police acted stupidly” when they were DOING THEIR JOBS, “Keep doing what you are doing” ( yeah, Obama said that to rioters in Ferguson), NOT investigating the “new black panthers’ in 08 for voter intimidation, and it keep going on and on,,,so YEAH,,,this IS his fault because he not only incited this kind of behavior, he made sure they wouldn’t be prosecuted as would others who did it because of RACE. Nuff said.

        • Leslee Bean

          Prove it.

          • Herman Vogel

            Prove what,,,look it up, if I do you will say. “that’s just a right wing site”. do some research only WITH a just and open mind this time.

          • Eric

            “With an open mind this time”?

            Okay, can you “prove it” as Leslee said by using an unbiased site? You can tell others to have an open mind, but your mind is not open in the least if your argument stems only from one side of the coin.

          • Bluesky001

            There’s no such thing as “an unbiased site” anymore.

          • Eric

            You don’t visit many sites then.

          • brittany

            All sites contain bias because bias is just a preference based on personal perspective. True journalism is supposed to report facts; all facts and in relevant order. But that sort of journalism doesn’t sell anymore. Now you have to have spin, take a side, create sensationalism that you just can’t achieve with straight-forward, unbiased reporting of facts. As a result we often get the reporter/author’s stance/view via their methods of collecting information and passing it to the audience.
            However, it is still entirely up to the reader to read between the lines, put things together in a way that makes sense to you and in your own rational way of thought.

          • Eric

            Just because a certain type of journalism doesn’t sell anymore doesn’t mean that it no longer exists. Reuters, for example, is often criticized for being TOO unbiased. BBC is also a trusted source by both sides of the spectrum and everything in between, making it far less bias than many other stations / sites. A news site / channel can’t be trusted by Conservatives if it is a Liberal station and vice versa.

          • Smarter than u

            Prove it didn’t. All of those events are easily verified.

          • DanaLanders

            Leslee, it should be the other way, you idiots should prove none of what Herman says is true! BTW. IT’S ALL TRUE!!!!! Your boy is a inept, feckless fraud who is hell bent on destroying this nation and none of you see it!!!!!

          • Smarter than u

            Libbies see it, they share Obamas views.

          • Marie Hodges

            So true he is a another hitler that’s why all the fema containers cause he wants to do what hitler did in nazi germany in the beginning of world war2 why won’t people wake up and get that

          • Gary Gary

            Just st remember that: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder that affects the reasoning ability to make rational decisions. In other words, it turn your brain into a cow pod, like crazy Nancy.

          • Joe

            Why do you Right Wingers always have to resort to insults to get your point across? It makes you look ignorant!

          • Dave McManus

            It’s better to appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, Joe. So keep your mouth shut….

          • Gary Gary

            Only ignorant lefty liberals are incapable of understanding, because it requires a basic education, and being a bonified moron does not get you job. Being ignorant, and not having the ability to know that you are leaves little hope that you reasoning ability will ever return to normal whatever tgat may beso be good little liberal and stay clueless. Hey slick it’s not rocket science, facts are what they are, and You can’t change that.,

          • Anubis13

            Try reading the news, if you can, or watch it on tv. You’re a mook…

          • Evdokia_Vasilieva


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          • Betty J Rousey

            They cannot prove it. They’re still all upset at the President taking over Texas…lol And they wonder why people think they are crazy racists…

      • Paul MacKay

        The flat was Bush’s fault. He’s got a lot of free time these days.

      • Mark Allen

        Your blindness amazes me, obama has done nothing but promote racism. He and his whole cabinet and wife continue to do so. Where do you get your information?

        • Gary Gary

          Ever see Obama with his mouth closed. Ever hear anything that’s not bashing Christians, or Fox news, or conservative, or what’s wrong with our country. The answer is you elected a a extremely racust bozo that could care less about our country. That’s what’s wrong with America right now. If you don’t like our country, get the hell out.

          • Keri Lynne Hays

            Maybe if you don’t know how the election systems work you should get out of America. The electoral college elects the president and vice president. A person win the votes of the American people and still lose the election.

          • Gary Gary

            Gee mom, tell me more. If you don’t wise up, you won’t have America. Don’t you dare mock me, I’m a vet and fought for your sorry butt. And for what?

      • texray

        Drink your koolaid and keep your head in the sand.

      • proud American

        James Pope – you leftists blamed, and continue to blame, Bush for everything including a hurricane!

        • J.J. McCampbell

          Honey, I hate to tell you this…. but politics doesn’t do anything for anyone. We exited the era of Democracy and the Republic right after WWII. Welcome to the age of the plutocracy, where money swings the politicians on both sides, 100% of the time. We are not helping by being “Left” or “Right”… We are separating people, dividing them up to make them weaker, to the great relief of the ones selling the bombs and the bandages and the medicine and the oil.

      • 19mad74


      • Glori

        Yes it is Obama’s fault. Blacks now seem to think they can get away with murder with no consequences, which is exactly what is happening. Obama could have taken the side of law and justice, rather than play the race card.

      • Cissi Sherlock


      • Dave McManus

        t’s about time you blamed that flag burning pot smoking scum bag…

    • Leslee Bean

      Yes because no Caucasian was ever beaten by black individuals individuals before 2008. You sound super duper smart!

      • Bill Bunce

        Rodney King riots LA in 1992

        • Eric

          You mean the riots that were caused due to police brutality?


          • David Carpenter

            Maybe black people should stop breaking the law.

            Oh….I know, they are targeted for just anything and cuz they’re black. Please!

          • Eric

            And white people don’t break the law?

          • David Carpenter

            Of course they do, but it’s likke if a black guy is committing a crime, the cop isn’t suppossed to do anything. So, maybe there wouldn’t be and issue in these cases had the black guy not been a f’ng criminal!!! That goes for everybody that complains about cops doing their jobs. Stop breaking the law you idiots!!!!

          • Eric

            If someone ACTUALLY believes just because a black man is committing the crime then nothing is supposed to be done, they are a bigger idiot than the criminal.

            But on the flip side, a police officer shouldn’t be beating a suspect to death, ever, not to mention if the crime was hardly severe enough to warrant even a takedown.

          • OldNYFirefighter

            Holder’s exact words! “I will not prosecute my people”! He was talking about federal crimes not local, but some of these less than brain surgeon material thinks that means all crimes. Are there some bad cops? Of course there are, but eventually they get weeded out. If you resist arrest or assault a cop, expect a beat down at least to get the thug cuffed. Color doesn’t matter, as I have seen some unruly whites get their beat down too. I will never be one of them, because I obey our laws.

          • OldNYFirefighter

            Not violent crime, that is almost exclusively black youths, both male & now females too.

          • Eric
          • Lolly

            YOU MEAN the riots that were caused by a group of people CHOOSING to act like jackwagons because of their anger? Uh…

          • Eric

            Yes, because the smart thing to do is to ignore the major event that happened before the riot.

          • J.J. McCampbell

            Are you in support of the riots?

          • Eric

            Where did I suggest I supported the riots?

          • J.J. McCampbell

            You didn’t. I simply asked a question.

          • Maya_Finch


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          • J.J. McCampbell

            Do you support violent civil disobedience in the light of police brutality? Mind you, I am no fan of the cops. I think that many of them are out of control power freaks who abuse the very people they are charged to protect. I am a rational anarchist, and I just want to know your opinion. I’m not trying to piss you off. Rational conversation.

          • Eric

            Support how? Morally? Logically?

            Logically it’s very easy to understand and even possibly support civil disobedience in the face of those in power (through upholding the law) abusing that power.

            In the instance of the LA Riots, by my own personal morals I do not think an entire city should have been looted. I don’t feel the line had been that far crossed yet.

          • J.J. McCampbell

            How about now? Has the recent rash of police brutality pushed people over the edge to the point of creating a situation where every incident creates a riot? When this occurs, more violence will occur toward the police and local residents and business, compounding the problem, making the police more likely to respond with violence, further compounding the problem. It’s a slippery slope, one that does not end well, with large areas being placed under martial law. I would prefer this didn’t happen.

          • Eric

            I prefer this didn’t happen either, but then again, America is very familiar with internal strife and revolutions.

            At some point, if one side continues to feel that nothing is ever going to change for the better, they may feel they need to repeat history. Which will either be a failure again or a change that shapes the country.

            Whether or not that’s good or bad has yet to be determined, however, the side that is rioting is still in the minority (as in, we’ve had less riots connected to police brutality than we have connected to sports teams losing / winning).

          • JamalJenkum

            Actually, no police brutality ever occurred before the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson. The police were found to be completely justified in the force that they used.

          • Eric

            …we were talking about the Rodney King riots.

            Keep up.

        • Carol Upton

          My hometown, 1968. They didn’t need a reason.

          • CarolDTaylor

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          • lafayette


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          • lafayette


          • Martin Vontray
      • Lolly

        yes, but no group of 46 white people beat up a single black person, not in recent history anyway. Something that happenes 50-150 years ago doesn’t count. This is what is happening NOW.

        • Eric

          No, they simply “hunt for black people” in smaller packs and run them over with cars.

          • Dave McManus

            Thanks for the idea, Eric. Never thought of that….

          • Eric

            Probably because you just don’t know how to think in general…

          • Dave McManus

            Yes, Eric. I can think very well. And I think you don’t show your face because you’re so dog faced you’re ashamed to show it. Or maybe you’re so stupid you don’t know how to operate a simple camera. There is one on your phone…Sorry. You don’t know how to operate it either….

          • Eric

            Thank you for proving, with that laughably idiotic post, that no… you don’t think in general.

            Someone who thinks wouldn’t spew out such a stupid post and think it had any weight to it.

          • Dave McManus

            You must be proud of the slime that beat that man. We all expect that from a fat all slob….You shouldn’t talk about stupid with your 23 I. Q…..Also your vocabulary is extremely limited…. The ISIS is afraid to show their face as well….

          • Eric

            I’m proud of them? I didn’t know calling you an idiot when you act like an idiot translated into being proud of something or someone. Weird.

            I generally use a more limited vocabulary when dealing with stupid people, as you won’t understand the larger words.

            Ninjas don’t show their faces either, am I now suddenly in league with the Japanese?

          • Betty J Rousey

            Are you sure you can think? As in abstract reasoning, and picking out the most salient points of a debate? Because calling someone dog-faced ugly might make you FEEL better, but man did you negate your previous statement, “I can think very well.”

          • J.J. McCampbell

            All of the white people do that, huh? I just love blanket statements. C’mon, there are racists, and non-racists. Some of us po’ white folks actually like other races. It would be boring if we were all the same. I enjoy talking to people of all cultures, be they not idiots. I am a bit prejudiced against idiots, I freely admit.

          • Eric

            I notice you haven’t gone after the many people who have said “black people need to stop breaking the law.” Or the equivalent of such a statement.

            Thought you loved blanket statements?

          • J.J. McCampbell

            I haven’t actually read any of their comments, or I may have said something. The point is that everybody is their own master, the owner of their own actions. I read your post, and responded. That’s all. You wish to paint me as something, that’s fine. I simply am who I am, and I expect nothing from anyone. That way, I am never disappointed.

          • Eric

            You haven’t read any of their comments…

            Interesting, considering some of the comments I mentioned were in this very thread.

            My statement regarding the hunting was not a blanket statement, you however took it as one.

          • J.J. McCampbell

            You said, and I quote, “No, they simply “hunt for black people” in smaller packs and run them over with cars.” That was the blanket statement I was referring to.

          • Eric

            That is not a blanket statement. If you had read the previous comment I replied to you would understand the context. I was not implying all white people do X, the comment I replied to said “white people don’t do X” so I gave an example of what white people have done.

            There’s a fairly giant difference between “all white people have done” and “white people have done” when you understand context.

          • J.J. McCampbell

            The context was “They”. You didn’t say “Some white people have done x” You said “They”, which is very broad. You are well spoken, obviously not an idiot. I applaud you for not letting the argument degenerate into name calling. Freedom of speech is one of the last things we have true freedom over under our legal system, but the court of public opinion tends to crucify anyone for being politically incorrect. I am NOT politically correct, I simply call them as I see them.

          • Eric

            “They” is broad, but “they” does not automatically mean “all”. The context of the comment i replied to specifically stated a smaller group.

            “no group of 46 white people beat up a single black person”

            So my reply continues the context of the smaller group, especially since I say “in smaller packs”. Last i checked, this did not translate to meaning “the entire white race hunts blacks in smaller packs” when replying to a comment that specifically mentioned “no group of” followed by a specific number, therefore speaking less generally.

            Never mind the fact that “no group of 46 white people beat up a single black person” is a statement of assumption and not 100% fact.

            If you “Call them as you see them” then you seem to pick and choose how you see fit.

      • travlinjack

        you’re right Leslie…ignorant jungle raised black people have been beating on caucasians 4 years and years

      • Sparky1313

        Did you even READ his comment? Talk about STUPID! All u needed was that someone) didn’t like your master.

      • lafayette
      • flag1aa

        the Watts Riot of 1965
        the Detroit Riot of 1967

    • J.J. McCampbell

      You, sir are a credit to your political affiliation. You demonstrate to all of us that the only answer you have for every problem is “It’s Obama’s Fault”. You root for your political party like you would for your favorite football team. The joy in this situation is that by making such ridiculous comments, you allow everyone to see your true idiocy. I thank you!

      • Herman Vogel

        FACT,,,and this is ONLY ONE

        According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating.
        And the list goes on for MILES Wake the He!! UP. this IS Obama agenda and his doing. Along with George Soros who has funded most of these riots and “Protests” if that is what burning peoples lives to the ground is called.

        • J.J. McCampbell

          Ahh. So, this would NOT have happened if George Soros din’t get directly involved? Or if the current president was a republican? Brother, you gotta realize how crazy that sounds. I am no fan of either party, I am a rational anarchist who believes that the ONLY responsibility lies within the individual. We each choose our own actions. Herd mentality, no matter where it lies, right or left, should be beneath us. Each person who chose to engage in violence made their own choice. Do you think that Liberals actually have this type of agenda? They are made fun of as tree hugging non-violent types who want to make the world a shining happy place. This goes WAY against that stereotype. You paint them as psychos who want to burn down the entire country. Where is the profit, spiritual, physical, emotional? Doesn’t make sense. Lay off the Glenn Beck for awhile, let your head clear, and you will begin to see truth. The truth? PEOPLE SUCK.

          • Keith Hudson

            The truth is that people across the whole spectrum have many things in common. But, for some reason we have to choose a side. Dems / Reps – White / Black – Catholic / Protestant – Sunnis / Shiites. The other side is always evil, because we cling to opinions and not facts. You’re right. People Suck.

    • Cissi Sherlock


    • Keri Lynne Hays

      It’s not fair to blame the Obama voters. No one could have predicted what a monster he would turn out to be. Not to mention the electoral college elects the president; the president can win the popular vote but also lose the election. The blood lies with Obama and the racists that beat the guy.

      • Herman Vogel

        Then it’s not fair to blame the German People for Hitler, the Venezuelan people for Chavez or the Cuban people for Castro…Oh Wait,,they DIDN’T have the Internet, that Obama is trying to silence, to research this MONSTER, did they,,,Dreams from the Father,,,ever hear of that, How about ALL his campaign interviews where he SAID he would do what he is doing NOW. And, how about his background which Google tried to cover up but you could Still find. Like his Communist Grandparents, or his Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis who the media is now trying to wash and clean up. How about his Mainland Mentor William Ayres, who bombed OUR White House, Police stations and the Pentagon which most Americans KNEW, whom he LIED about “Just a guy who live in my neighborhood” when in FACT he worked with him on a regular basis building projects like ACORN, which is another FACT you over looked. The list goes on, his supporter where just looking for either Free Crap or Revenge or were just Racist Animals. Yup, all the evidence was out in the open yet the idiots that voted for him were too lazy to do their research,,,just wanted Free Crap without having to do anything…in short YOU are WRONG.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Many of us did our research long before the first election. His connections to the Black Panthers & Bill Ayers should have given those voters a clue. Statements he mad while a Senator & also things he totally avoided while a Senator should have been a warning sign, it was for me. His loyalties are to Africa, not the USA. Read his two books, it explains a lot about him. He thinks the USA should be more like Europe because that is his Ideology, not American Patriotism. He made statements while campaigning that he wants gas prices $7 to $8 @ gallon, like Europe. In one of his books he said if the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will go with the Muslims. What supposed Christian do you know that would make a comment like that. There were many red flags, but all people saw was a good looking black man that was a good talker, but had no actual experience doing anything. That is how we got Obama.

    • beef

      Idiot. This has nothing to do with who is president.

      • Herman Vogel

        YOU voted for that Marxist,,,didn’t you? figures,,,More Free Crap at the cost of working people’s lives,,,you must be Proud.

    • JamalJenkum

      Unless all 50 of these ‘teens’ are caught, prosecuted and given the MAXIMUM prison sentences for their violent crimes, this will never stop.

      In the meantime, why are we still feeding them? Most of this kids live off of food stamps, many in section 8 housing. It would be wise to cut the off from both of these for the rest of their lives. We tried to help, it didn’t work. Why throw good money after bad ?

      • Herman Vogel

        Understood, however, the Dumbocrats NEED a permanent underclass of poor, uneducated and delinquent young people to maintain their hold of congress and the White House. If everyone worked for a living they would SOON realize just how badly the Liberal taxes and regulations are Killing our country and these Godless, faith hating, work ethic destroying morons would soon be out of a job. Sad, huh. This is the price WE pay for THEIR positions.

    • Rosalee C

      Obama, has DIVIDED, the nation, in to a racist fight… it started at the “beer summit, back in 2009. It has gotten worst, ever since.

  • moon80

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  • Oingo Boingo

    Richard I suggest you carry a pistol and protect yourself against these subhumans. You were nearly beaten to death and have the right to use lethal force if necessary to protect your own life.

    • J.J. McCampbell

      Better to be Judged by 12 than to be carried by 6….

      • OldNYFirefighter


  • Reader

    And this is exactly why people that believe that an ‘unarmed’ person cannot pose a threat to justify lethal force are absolutely wrong. (I know people that are convinced that Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman must be guilty of some wrongdoing based solely on the fact that both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were ‘unarmed’.)

    This is exactly why a person should be armed with a gun, decent capacity magazines, and a readiness mindset.

  • David Carpenter

    Darwin’s theory of evolution is at play here. No one in Africa will try to stop a fight between apes or chimps because they know it will end badly for them. The apes and chimps in Africa are strong and mindless while in the throws of a territorial fight. This man in Baltimore was beaten by mindless un-evolved humanoids. The only way to stop them would have been with a shotgun blast!

    • Frugalone

      I agree with the shotgun blast.

    • dee

      Which is exactly why Obama wants our guns. Notice they are only big and bad in their prodominatly black neighborhoods . I would love to see them March their ignorant rearends into a prodominatly white redneck neighborhood and try that crap.. This is all politics people . Keep the citizens divided of which will weaken America, and leave us open for Islamic invasion.. I know you all think war only happens on the soil of other countries. How naive you all are. Do you really think that it will matter what race you were born into ? ISIS Hates all Americans the same. Obama is not going to save the black, asian , red ,purple or white American citizen from being slaughtered like little sheep .

      • J.J. McCampbell

        I think I hear ISIS outside my door right now. They ain’t taking MY T.V.!!!!!

        • OldNYFirefighter

          That is probably why you have guns to protect yourself, but the Liberals will never stop trying to take that right away from you and the RINO’s keep snoozing. Never ever let the government get your weapons. Right now about 30 Democrats are supporting another ammo grab. No Internet purchases & government notification if you buy more ammo than they think you should have. It will never get passed, but they will never stop trying. Radical Islam is here & has been for quite a while. Just enough of them to instill fear in some of our population.

          • J.J. McCampbell

            They will keep trying, but the thing that they fail to realize is how many gun toting democrats there are. Middle America loves guns. Only the far left fringe is for taking them away. There are something like 400 million guns in private ownership in the US, and only a detailed, door to door search would yield any real results, and that simply won’t happen. The ammo is a large issue. That would stand a chance of passing, if all the right elements were in place. But it didn’t happen after the Colorado theater shooting or the Newtown Connecticut shooting, so I am really not worried.

  • Eric Cox

    Thats what happens when you live in the ghetto with the animals.

  • Mickey

    Every life is valuable, whether you are a law abiding citizen or yes even a person with a criminal record. No one deserves to be beaten by anyone no matter what your race is. Where is the love and respect we should have for one another? Slamming the President is not going to solve one thing, but take every platform you need for your voices to be heard to say nothing that offers no resolution to any problem.

  • riffraft

    I hope this thug enjoys being a big guys bitch, that’s where he is going to end up once he is in jail!

  • Smarter than u

    Incidents like this are why I carry every time I leave home. I’d have taken 15 of them before they got me.

  • Anubis13

    #RichardFletcher Pass it on and make him known.

  • JamesTactical

    He does not seem to be feeling the “white privilege”.

  • JamesTactical
  • kathy

    I’d rather have 3/4 of Mexico enter our country than have all the Black Thugs and Muslims here. The Blacks and the Muslims both want us dead. I guess we will be pushed into defending ourselves and having another war, not just to save our country, but to save our lives. Both of these situations were brought on by obummer. He has continually sided with the blacks even in the face of facts, He has let Sharpton, and all the other Liberal stooges incite this problem. He did nothing good when all the riots, looting and burning was going on. He told the Blacks to Hold Strong. We didn’t have any of this crap when Bush was president, but yet you still are pushing the blame off on him. We may have had some Muslims, during the Bush years, but not to the extent they are here now under obummer, trying to change all of our customs and rights and laws. That’s not hearsay that’s fact! I wish the Great Christian Leader and America Loving Bush were back…things certainly would be different in our beloved homeland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Lapple

    If I was him, when I recovered I’d start hunting these scum.

  • jennifer9999

    SAVAGES! Under 18 years of age – they’ll get a slap on the wrist and be out to terrorize more people.

  • Been there

    The media is the main problem with this country.

  • Diana Robertson

    Just want to know if this story is even true.

    • SadeNKing

      ☛☛☛ St@rt PR0FIT with Google Sitting -H0ME-@nz35!!!


    • Keri Lynne Hays

      I’m not sure how much of it is true but I do know a Richard Fletcher got beat up by a gang of blacks.

  • Gary Gary

    If you’re a white make, better start arming yourself, because the local governments don’t want to protect you

  • Gary Gary

    Obama is the Ebola of our time. Turning regular black folis into raging wild animals, that will attack a white man any & every chance these animals get .

  • bbbaaabbb

    That is why they make Guns

  • Who failed to properly raise, nurture, supervise and imbue these children with a sense of compassion, empathy and respect for their neighbors?

    Is it caregivers like Baltimore mom/grandmother Ms. Toya Graham who grew up witnessing other moms building large families that struggle and experience hardships, and at eighteen-years-old began building a large family that she irresponsibly introduced to the same struggles and hardships?

    Despite advising CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “At no time is my son a thug,” Ms. Graham raised at least one extremely angry, depressed, frustrated male child who joined other depressed, angry, frustrated children attempting to cause grave harm to peaceful people charged with protecting their community from depressed, angry, frustrated children, teens and adults.

    Or are the caregivers to children like American rapper Kendrick Lamar (born June 17, 1987) who in his 2015 Grammy award winning Rap Performance, “I”, writes, “I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”

    Quoting a January 2011 LAWeekly interview with Kendrick:

    “Lamar’s parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. “My mom’s one of 13 siblings, and they all got six kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton,” he says.

    “I’m 6 years old, seein’ my uncles playing with shotguns, sellin’ dope in front of the apartment. My moms and pops never said nothing, ’cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like ‘Average Joe.'”

    Or are caregivers like the people who ‘created’ popular American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur (born Lesane Parish Crooks; June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), responsible for causing Tupac to rap/write and clearly describe the horrific child neglect and maltreatment he suffered as a developing human child?

    In one rap titled ‘Dear Mama’ Tupac writes about his love/hate relationship with his mom, his anger and great disappointment with his dad…in another rap titled ‘That’s Just The Way It Is’ an emotionally abused and neglected Tupac writes about harming his peaceful neighbors and frequent thoughts of committing suicide.

    Does anyone have ANY idea who is failing these kids?

    Why are the people our society says are legally responsible for raising and nurturing peaceful children, NOT being investigated and charged with child abuse or maltreatment offenses for failing to supervise their children…why?


  • Cissi Sherlock

    This man’s mistake was in thinking that he could take on an angry mob instead of calling the police. Even a Black person would be stupid to step out in the middle of a bunch of raucous teens and not expect retribution. In this case, if the group was comprised of a group who were already reputedly disgruntled, why be a lone wolf and take them on. It was merely circumstantial that it was a white man that got beat when he decided to take on a mob by himself.

  • daly55

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  • Cissi Sherlock

    might as well add this one to the list.

    Personally, I blame the hiring and screening processes of law enforcement. See: Two Baltimore City Jail Correctional Officers Caught On Video Looting A 7-11,

    In the big scheme of things, Richard Fletcher would never have been beaten, Freddie Gray would never have died and the angry mob would never have been anywhere near Fletcher’s vehicle if the law reinforcement in Baltimore were not corrupt.

  • Cissi Sherlock

    Now that I have vented I do want to end with the fact that those kids were WRONG to do that they did and I hope all 49 of them get fried in court.

  • John Vorel

    Too bad he didn’t have a gun to defend himself. I bet he wishes he did now.

  • child80

    you and toprightnews < Don't miss my roomate's step-aunt makes $61 an hour on the computer . She has been out of a job for 9 months but last month her payment was $13946 just working on the computer for a few hours.
    official website .. Find More Here

  • Norm Thompson

    The media is going to cause the race wars that Charlie Manson was trying to start,

  • hobblergobbler

    At least he got one hit in. You see those swollen lips? My god! he must’ve hit them lips with a 2X4.

  • 3VWdriver

    I certainly Hope that “More arrests are expected to be made”.

  • Dave McManus

    Antoine looks like he’s puckered up to kiss Barack….

  • You_R_Responsible

    Too true this is no where in the liberal news. Took me a few searches to find anything on this story which came to my attention on talk radio this a.m.

    Just one more reasons why the average person does not want to be anywhere near a black community. It is not racist. It is a matter of safety and survival.

    Where is the outcry from Obama, Jackson, and Sharptongue? This was an innocent man trying to protect his property who was brutally beaten but a bunch of yes, THUGS! Don’t like the name, too bad

  • travlinjack

    anyone have anything positive or helpful to say on this thread?

  • B. Rad

    And this is why this country is having race issues because of the Media. If you are going to report then make it proportionate and not one sided so that people can see it happens to all races and not just one.

  • Carol Upton

    They should ALL be arrested and locked away for the rest of their miserable, ugly, disgusting lives!

  • tony delmonte

    give everyone a gun and see how brave they are then……jews run the news…..own all the media…want races to fight so we forget theyre stealing all our money

  • Neverly

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  • Betty J Rousey

    What we are hearing about nowadays is police brutality, with the victims primarily being black. This would have made news had they all been police, I assure you.

  • Clayton W. Petrosky

    From the picture,it looks like he got his ass kicked too. Just look how flat his nose is…..and how swollen his lips are.

  • Darren Weldon

    But, but, but they were all “unarmed” teens and gentle giants that were on their way to Sunday school. They could’ve been Obama’s son. And people wonder why cops dont allow themselves to be put into a position to be on the ground to be beaten to death.

  • Weepleget

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  • armoredsaint

    In a democracy where the citizenry votes for the elect, a nation gets what it deserves. Had this man a right to bear arms his attackers would have seen a deterrent and forced to move on.

  • lafayette

    obama stooges

  • Bill Mercer

    send those nasty animals to Jail.

  • SheKnows

    Well Thanks to you’ll racist selves, everyone will know.

  • Standing for What is Right

    Why is this even being debated back forth by people!!! Wrong is wrong no matter what a person’s race! Besides bickering back & forth like children over what color the person is that is victimized, People need to start standing together against such crimes. People should be ashamed of the division that is being pushed today. Everyone should be standing for the victim, which in this case of senseless violence was a white man almost beaten to death for no reason.

  • MarcusErectusDelCactus

    Of course, the video no longer exists. protect the poor young thugs…oops, i mean “angels”. “angels” like t.martin and m.brown. haha.

  • Rich Homie

    The sheer stupidity of this article amzes me. The fact that you have so little knowledge on the reason behind the riots and you dare to even create an article like this is incredible. The people are rioting because of police brutality and justice. These horrible human beings who beat this man are going to jail. The Police officers that murder innocent civilians, due to race or whatever, are not going to jail. That is why people are rioting. It isn’t a race issue. The Media didn’t hype this up because the offenders are going to jail, what difference would it make to have them cover it? Would it make you feel better?

  • Martin Vontray

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