Rev. Franklin Graham Calls for HALT to Muslim Immigration to Protect America


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News


Franklin Graham didn’t mince any words today with Fox News host Gretchen Carlson on the 30 Christians from Ethiopia that were slaughtered this weekend — and yet another series of arrests of Muslim “refugees” in America, this time in Minnesota — for joining ISIS.

He both condemned the White House for their inaction against ISIS and called for a complete halt to immigration of Muslims from countries with active Islamic terror cells in them — which would include more than 80% of the Islamic world.

When challenged by Carlson on whether this halt would draw criticisms of discrimination, Graham responded vehemently ‘of course’, suggesting people will obviously cry ‘discrimination’. But Graham says we are at war and that “You’re going to have to discriminate if you’re going to win the war.”

EPIC…this will have a major impact.

Here is Graham’s important video:

Already the far-left appeasers at Media Matters are attacking Graham as “racist” and “un-Christian.” But Graham just wants to make sure that we know who is being brought into this country, especially with Muslim “refugees” like the Tsarnaev brothers, and the over 400 Muslim refugees in Minnnesota and Michigan who have so far been arrested for joining ISIS.

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  • StevenE

    Yes, I agree with Graham.

    • gingerpal

      Absolutely I agree with him.

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  • mrb

    Detroit is shutting off water to 29,000 homes. Just shut off the water to Dearborn. Maybe they will go back home.


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  • John Lowrey

    We are at war and killing people should be discriminating, so yeah I guess a little discrimination is in order.

  • themires

    Absolutely. It’s like oil and water, this race/religion of people do not mix with American values. It’s not working in England and you can see what is happening in Africa and other countries where Islam is literally taking over. It will happen here if they are not stopped.

  • frankie

    yes, finally a man with some BALLS to say what needs to be said, NO MORE MARXIST LIES FROM THE MUSLEM IN THE WH

  • Jim McCormack

    It’s like letting your enemy in. Cut them off . Send Dearborn back to Saudi Arabia.

  • dirtbikegirl

    She needs to shut up and let him finish sentence!

  • Dominick G. Cizek

    no more Muslims in this country

  • Maria De Fatima Moraes Rodrigu

    Confirmation that the Reverend’s right, are actions taken by migrants in host countries …

    You have no doubt they are invading the West, with the worst intentions …

  • Tim

    Rabid dogs need to be terminated…

  • David Serra Sr

    gram is right

  • blackyb

    Graham has that right. Hope he can holler louder than we all have for 6 or so years.

  • Rylan Mims

    I think Graham is wrong. He is playing right into what they want being driven by he own fears. He is giving them the reason to fight and shows how he allows insecurity in his own beliefs to control him. Change starts from within, if our goal is to disempower ISIS then we first look for any false beliefs that we have that feed into, that empowers, that supports it. We must face our own demons because ISIS is using them to jusitify what they do. It starts with having enough faith in your own beliefs that its ok for others to believe different. That you can see that darkness is in all beliefs and that is where we apply the light. OK city bombing might be a good place to start.

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  • Elliott Baker

    Deutschland Deutschland, uber alles, uber alles…


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